Report: Clint Dempsey to Seattle Sounders being finalized

Clint Dempsey Eddie Johnson.


The rumor that dominated the American soccer world on Thursday night looks to be moving closer to becoming reality, with ESPNFC reporting that Clint Dempsey and the Seattle Sounders are finalizing a deal to bring the U.S. Men’s National Team captain back to MLS.

Dempsey was spotted in San Francisco on Thursday, which sparked rumors of a potential move, and with sightings of Dempsey in Seattle, the steam began to build on a potential Sounders move for the former New England Revolution standout. The ESPN FC Report is the first to offer a concrete stance on confirming that a move is in the works.

There are no details available on the transfer fee that would be paid to Tottenham, or what mechanism the Sounders will use to land Dempsey, who left MLS after the 2006 season to join English side Fulham. At the moment, there has been no official comment made, and conflicting reports have included statements from Sounders officials claiming no contact had been made with Dempsey.

The move would be a stunning development for a player who just made an almost $10 million transfer from Fulham to Tottenham just a year ago, but it is clear the Sounders are serious about building a championship contender this year, and adding Dempsey to an attack that already features Eddie Johnson Obafemi Martins and Mauro Rosales will make Seattle just that.

For his part, Dempsey had glowing praise for Seattle during his recent trip to the Pacific Northwest for the June World Cup qualifying win vs. Panama.

“I’m good friends with Eddie Johnson and he’s always telling me what it’s like playing (in Seattle),” Dempsey said in June. “Playing in front of the fans and just how it’s an atmosphere that’s comparable to what it is in Europe.

“It’s great to see because I remember when I first started out in MLS things weren’t like that,” Dempsey added. “So it’s great to see that the game is building and that there are markets like this where people have passion for the game.

“I almost felt like I was in another country the other day when the Seattle Sounders game was on. I was walking to get dinner and just walking past a bar the TV was on and everyone was watching soccer.

“For me that was awesome.”

What do you think of this development? Excited about the news? Not going to believe it until he is holding up a Sounders jersey? Think anyone can stop a Dempsey-Johnson tandem?

Share your thoughts below.

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305 Responses to Report: Clint Dempsey to Seattle Sounders being finalized

  1. Hopper says:

    What the hell!?! Deuce is coming here to Seattle? From the Premiership?

    I’m happy and sad at the same time.

    • Mike R says:

      Say it ain’t so Clint!!!

      Almost a guarantee he’s going to be knocked out of the World Cup by all the hack players and hack refs in MLS.

      Sad to see you retire Clint the USMNT will be worse off with this move.

      • Tom says:

        Yeah, because it’s not like EPL hasn’t broken the leg of a USMNT player before. #StuHolden

        • Shawn says:

          That was the USMNT friendly with Holland. Though Nigel De Jong learned how to legbreak in the EPL.

          The 1st ACL was courtesy of the EPL though. Man United specifically.

          • Tom says:

            Thanks for the correction Shawn…and thought wrong on that I stand by my basic argument that the EPL manages to have plenty of horrible tackles too. Point being, both need to clean up, not both are OK.

          • krazymunky says:


            • the only intelligent reader on this site says:

              It’s a delayed April Fools joke. Don’t buy into it.

              • Eurosnob says:

                Here’s what Eddie Johnson said on twitter:

                I think everyone needs to calm down. If Dempsey was coming I would of been spilled the beans.

              • Gary Page says:

                I agree. Here are some pertinent questions. Does Seattle even own his rights? He previously was with the Revolution and the Sounders didn’t exist in the MLS when he left, so they would have had to trade for his rights. I can’t imagine a transfer fee of less than $5 million, would they pay? He is making $6 million with Spurs,more than any MLS player. Would he take much less since he still has 2 years on his Spurs contract? It looks very likely that Bale is going to Real Madrid. Why would AVB give up one of his best attacking mid in that case? Much of this makes no sense. I will believe it only if it happens.

              • Gary Page says:

                Here are a couple of other things to consider. How many people here would predict that Klinsmann would be happy that his star player is going from a top EPL team to the MLS? This is the exact opposite of what Klinsmann wants. Additionally, if Ives thought this were true, it would be a lead story. Notice that it is way down the list of stories.

      • Yevgeniy says:

        I too am surprised, but “retire” ?!?!?! How can we expect people in other countries to respect us as a soccer nation is our own fans disrespect our league?!

        • Mike R says:

          Sorry I do not enjoy the quality of MLS. I have season tickets because I want to support the sport but can’t stand lack o nice play lack of technical ability and all the hacking that goes on. Wish it were more like Holland Mex Spain etc and less like epl. The skill level in EPl makes it watchable not the same cam be said of MLS

          • beachbum says:

            for which team are you a season ticket holder?

          • Drew says:

            you’re a tool. outside the top five or 6 in the EPL I would put any MLS club up against the rest of those hacks(not TFC or chivas). Donovan went over to everton for a little more than a month and ran circles around people.

            • dcm9 says:

              Oh dear, you are completely delusional.

              • Drew says:

                newcastle, stoke, fulham, swansea, hull city, norwich, gimmie a break, everton, keep it going bud. at least half the EPL is on par with MLS you can tell me NY, KC, SEA, LA wouldn’t beat any of the teams above and maybe even a liverpool

            • kev says:

              Donovan was a very solid player on a decent team at Everton. A good addition, and well liked by the fans.
              He did quite well, but he didn’t run circles around anyone.

          • Oranje Mike says:

            Clint to Seattle is a horrible move and a step down for a player still in his prime. That said, I disagree with your comments about MLS. The league is much better than you give it credit for. It’s not on par with many European leagues but this league is an infant.

          • Kosh says:

            Yeah Pullis’ Stoke City was, ummm-mmm, sooooo sexy. Didn’t Barca copy off of him or something like that?

        • MLSsnob says:

          As you can see from my name I love MLS. That being said, there are only a few American players that can play at the premiership level and even fewer who can play on a team with the quality of Tottenham. I don’t want to see Dempsey in MLS yet. I want him to continue to trail blaze and gain respect for Americans across the globe.

          • Eurosnob says:

            I agree with you and, hopefully, this is just a rumor. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind if Dempsey moved to MLS after WC2014.

      • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

        Disagree. MLS is no way a retirement league. This isn’t 1996. At the same time I’m disappointed as it smells like he’s quitting. Anyone who says Dempsey wouldn’t get any playing time at Tottenham hasen’t watched him for the last 6 years or so. Every time he’s been counted out all he did was the little things, like rescue his team from relegation, lead his team in scoring, break the single season scoring record for an American in Europe, land a lucrative contract with a Top 5 team in the EPL, etc., etc., etc. He’s way too young in my mind to quit the EPL. Like someone else noted, if it was for Dallas FC and he was closer to home, OK. But if it’s to play with his buddy EJ in Seattle, I don’t like it.

        • Shawn says:

          Saying he won’t get playing time isn’t talking about his quality. You can be a quality player and not fit in a manager’s plans. At the end of the day, if the Gaffer says, “I’m sorry, we don’t have a need for you anymore” you’re not going to win the argument.

    • Kevin says:

      This is good new overall for MLS. I can expect Drogba to be announced shortly afterwards.

    • Drew says:

      maybe he and EJ gel together and create a very good relationship. with ej’s speed and dempsey’s awareness playing together and getting tuned up for the World Cup could be pretty dang sweet.

    • Adam says:

      Liga MX would’ve been a better option for him and the USMNT. If you ask “why” because it is a more prominent league with a couple of Copa Libertadores finals and a win in the Copa Sudamericana.

    • Mister JC says:

      Same here. Hard for me to process that this may actually be real. I’d be happy for Seattle and MLS at large, but man, I wanted to see him continue with the Spurs. Even if he couldn’t stay there, why not go to some other team in Europe? Oh well, as long as he is happy, healthy, and competitive I’ll support him…

    • Todd says:

      You know what….as long as he scores a couple of goals against Mexico in Columbus I don’t give a ish! Lets go USA!

  2. Alex says:


    • Old School says:


      Not going to lie. When I saw this buzz picking up, I thought it was just another Twitter rumor but seeing Ives officially report the speculation has me also saying, “WHAT???”.

      With that said, and I think people need to see the positive side to his, he’ll be getting ample amount of playing time. He’ll be playing in his home country and we’ll have our top two players (Donovan/Dempsey) playing in our domestic league.

      That’s a very strong statement, regardless of their age, of our domestic league right now and I love it from that angle. Down the road, perhaps WAY down the road, this could be a reality of retaining our top talent and that would be amazing for our league and the attention/viewership it garners.

      • the only intelligent reader on this site says:

        IVES – April fools was yesterday. YOU’RE A DAY LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Travis in Miami says:

        “He’ll be playing in his home country and we’ll have our top two players (Donovan/Dempsey) playing in our domestic league.

        That’s a very strong statement, regardless of their age, of our domestic league right now and I love it from that angle. Down the road, perhaps WAY down the road, this could be a reality of retaining our top talent and that would be amazing for our league and the attention/viewership it garners.”

        Perfectly stated!

  3. soccerroo says:

    I don’t understand it. He did well at Tottenham last year. He can still play in the EPL and most of Europe. Not sure what coming back does unless it is for Family reasons and then he would want to be in Dallas or Houston for that.

    • Shawn says:

      Tottenham doesn’t have him in their plans. And this is an easy move that gets him playing time now.

      It does make his power-play to leave Fulham last year look very bad, though.

      • Gary Page says:

        And you know he doesn’t fit into their plans how? Oh great seer of the future, will Bale be sold and for how much? Will Soldado play ahead of Defoe and will AVB play one or two strikers? What will happen with Adebayor?Since you know so much about Spurs plans, maybe you can enlighten us.

        • SFTony says:

          Dude, chill out. It’s not a stretch to think he wouldn’t play. Spurs front 6 is stacked. There are literally 5 players guaranteed to play over him and then stiff competition from 3 more. Considering this just happened, I would bet that the manager tipped him off and gave him his blessing to seek employment elsewhere.

    • lassidawg says:

      As a Seattle fan I love it.
      It isn’t hard to understand, I am guessing we are going to find out he is making a boat load of money.
      So lets see come back to your country and get paid or stay in europe and get paid.
      I am sure most of us would prefer to get paid here in the states.
      From an MLS perspective we should be overpaying for the US stars to play in the league.

    • Derek says:

      Only being third best goal scorer wasn’t good enough. All the English say, “he didn’t have a very good year.”

  4. Pace says:

    Why would he do this? Why? Not a euros ob, but he’s supposed to be our star European player! Does klinnsman really approve of this? Make it stop, Ives, make it stop!!

    • OPMG says:

      Easiest explanation for me. Tottenham were looking to unload him, his only suitors were mid-level clubs in the EPL (or mid-level clubs in the other big leagues). Why go back to that at age 30? He’s done fighting and scrapping to finish 9th in the table. MLS is a good league, he’s closer to home, and he can make Seattle a dangerous team. On top of that he will be the star of not only the franchise, but pretty muc all of MLS.

      • WeFo says:


        • DJ777 says:

          Outside of the top 6-7, some of the other EPL teams can be hard to watch (kicking bombs down the wings and constantly crossing the ball into the middle).

          And if this is true, I’m glad to see the MLS land a good player with some tread left on the tires. Plus he’s even american.

      • Gary Page says:

        Can Sounders pay both the hefty transfer fee and hefty salary? He is now making probably more than the whole Sounders team.

    • TomG says:

      I don’t buy it and I won’t believe it until the ink is dry on the contract. ESPN is infamous for these BS “reports.” I read the report and it reads like it was written by a five-year-old. I’ve yet to hear any rational explanation unless Clint has a guaranteed out at the end of the season and transfers back to Europe. Remember how Toronto was about to finalize a deal with Forlan just a month or so ago. How did that work out?

  5. TheRyan says:

    NO! I love MLS but this move makes NO sense. Best wishes however.

  6. SanFran415 says:

    I’ll be taking apologies from everyone that attacked me and people like me for saying Tottenham would unload Dempsey and it wouldn’t be pretty.

    Steal for Seattle though.

    • Mike E. says:

      Gotta admit you had it right.

      People on here were vicious toward anyone suggesting Deuce would be shipped away.

    • zztoppppp says:

      I was with you SanFran. I didn’t, however, expect him to come to MLS.

      • SanFran415 says:

        Oh me neither.

        Out of the blue completely.

        • Joamiq says:

          Yeah, I also figured he was on the way out, but I figured Everton or something. I’ll bet he gets loaned out to a club like that in the winter though. I can’t imagine he’s done with top tier soccer.

          And yeah, all the attacks were so silly. We’re all Dempsey fans but reality is reality. Spurs are absolutely loaded with attacking talent.

          • SanFran415 says:

            Yeah, and they just added a wealth of talent in the offseason.

          • John says:

            Donovan’s situation was very different I don’t see Dempsey returning Europe after this.

            • Joamiq says:

              It’s not about the situation. It’s that you can play in MLS and do just fine for the nats. And I would bet any amount of money on Dempsey going back to Europe on loan this winter, as Donovan has done.

    • Old School says:

      “Tottenham would unload Dempsey and it wouldn’t be pretty.”

      What is tumultuous about this potential move to consider it not “pretty”?

      “Not pretty” was his exit from Fulham.

  7. Eric says:

    As an MLS fan, I love it. Dempsey is my favorite player no doubt.
    But holy hell i live in Portland and support the Timbers. Fml

    • Steevens says:

      It gets worse for you. Check the schedule…

      Deuce is likely to get his first start against Portland.

    • Jeremy says:

      I love Deuce and I love the MLS, but this doesn’t make sense for him. He gains nothing from moving to a lesser quality league. And to the freaking Sounders of all places. He’s hurting my brain and my feelings.


    • jonk says:

      Seriously, I’ve been relishing the thought of Seattle missing the playoffs this year. And now this?

      • lassidawg says:

        They weren’t going to miss the playoffs before this and they won’t after this.
        They are in the race, have games in hand, and between injuries and call ups haven’t fielded their best 11 once this year.
        I’ll say they haven’t fielded their best 13 or 14 all year. The Sounder keeper right now was the 4th or 5th option going into the season.

      • Steevens says:

        It’s way premature in the MLS season to think of anyone except DC and Chivas as out of the play-off picture. Especially given Seattle has multiple games-in-hand.

    • A wise man once says:

      Wait, “holy hell”? That doesn’t even make sense!

      But yeah, this sucks :(

  8. Anthony says:

    no, Clint, NO! If (and BIG IF) you do it, do it after the World Cup. It has nothing to do with the salary (even though they will not pay you close to the $6million/year you are getting), but it’s about competition and prestige. Sorry, but we are not there yet.

    • Ben says:

      Yeah, I dont mind th move, but I question the timing of it. He will play half an MLS season, or less, then have a long break, and finally go intot he World Cup. I feel like he could have come to MLS next year.

      • Thomas says:

        potential loan spell back to the EPL come january? a la donovan

        • John says:

          What would be the point of going on loan for Dempsey? Donovan wanted to test the waters and see if he could cut it. Dempsey also has young children. If he is making the move I think his Europe days are over.

    • Northzax says:

      Oh, they’ll match his pay, or come really close. He’s probably the best player in the league day one (sorry, Henry, five years ago…) so say five million/year for a few years, better taxes, (a ten percent difference in taxes is $500,000 a year) and less travel for qualifiers and camps.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      I don’t get this type of comment. LD is a great example of how a top US soccer player can stay in MLS and still be great internationally. Deuce came up through MLS, went abroad and improved his game exponentially and will return. this is a great thing for the league and a great example for all developing US players. MLS is a very viable option.

      • Colin in MT says:

        I think you’re right on point Travis. As USMNT fans, we should want a strong domestic league for players to develop in. I have absolutely no problem with players going over to Europe to test themselves and further refine their game. But if we can have guys start their careers here (like Dempsey did) and then go succeed in Europe the USMNT will be better for it.

        On this move, we obviously don’t know any details, but Dempsey is likely to get more PT and MLS will not hurt his game.

        This move is, arguably, bigger then Becks coming over

  9. Big Silk says:

    Wouldn’t he have to go through the allocation process?

  10. SydneySounder says:

    Amazing news to wake up to

  11. Northzax says:

    I think dps are exempt from allocation.

    • Auguste says:

      If they are, it’s part of the super-double-secret portion of the MLS contract rules that contradict the published ones.

      And that’s not really snarking at you, just MLS – you may very well be right when it all shakes out. It’s just not the way it’s currently written.

      • Shawn says:

        They aren’t subject to allocation. And it is actually in writing.

        • Auguste says:

          Can you quote me the part of II (B) that supersedes II (A)? I definitely admit I may be missing something, so I’d like to see the part that says otherwise.

      • Prime Runner says:

        We never had a US player come back as a DP so I’m not sure what established/published rules you are referring too. I thought this was common knowledge and a reason why MLS teams were reluctant to have an American DP. I think this came up with the Mix Diskerud to Portland issue.

      • Northzax says:

        My reading of the rules is that the allocation process applies to US national team pool players who ‘sign with the league’ dp’s sign with a team, not the league. There’s your loophole.

        • Auguste says:

          Aha, okay. If that’s the loophole, it makes sense. Thanks.

          • Northzax says:

            Plus, just for good measure, there’s a line in there about the ‘Commissioner’s discretion’

            • Auguste says:

              Well, that’s the main thing I think I would object to if I were going to. (Not like anyone cares, I’m just saying.) Why set up a byzantine structure if you’re just going to have a Pope?

              • Northzax says:

                Every US league does it. At the end of the day, the commissioner can act in the ‘best interests of the league’ in one way or another. Of he does it too often, in an unpopular manner, he doesn’t keep his job. Otherwise, why bother with a commissioner?

              • Shawn says:

                In this case, the DP is an out. There’s also the issue of the TEAM putting up the transfer fee, or a major chunk of it. Not the LEAGUE. Portland isn’t going to be able to pay a transfer fee Clint would command.

                So both of those are outs that can legally be used to dispense with the usual allocation order.

  12. Wagner says:


  13. Shocked says:

    This is crazy. Better to be in MLS than on a Euro bench leading up to Brazil but nobody saw this coming. Let the Eddie/Clint chemistry experiment begin! 2 of our 3 top players playing in MLS, WOW!

    • Jerrod says:

      you think 2 of the top 3 usmnt players play in mls now?

      • elgringorico says:

        excluding keepers, donovan/dempsey/bradley are still our top 3 players, and now 2 of them play in the MLS

        • Biebs says:

          Meh Altidore scored 30 goals and dominated the qualifiers, I’d put him ahead of Dempsey (and maybe donovan and Bradley at this point)

          • SweeveZ says:

            IF this happens, Deuce will have to train over seas in the winter. Bank on this: Altidore becomes the new face of American talent in the EPL…

            I still hope he’s going to Everyon.

  14. DingDong says:

    I keep checking to see if it’s April 1st.

  15. DG says:

    oh dear god, its already made the front page of the Seattle Times:

    link to

    Man, I can’t wait for all my Portland friends to revive their “Seattle are corporate fans” text message campaign….

  16. paul says:

    PLEASE DON”T BE TRUE!!!! what in the world?!

  17. squirtlover says:

    Someone please tell him that only half of the games are played in Seattle.

    Trying to stay positive…this may end up helping him and the USMT. He left to refine his skill and excelled at it, and now he returns to become the leader of a team and put a team of his shoulders. No need worry about him getting enough playing time or (hopefully) not finding the back of the net. Plus, playing with EJ may pay dividends, too, for the USMT.

  18. EvertonBrian says:

    I would be okay if this were after the World Cup, but this timing is funny. We’re so accustomed to Clint fighting and earning PT, no matter where he is. I feel this is sending the message that he’s losing some of that fight.

    Love the guy, regardless.

    • Shawn says:

      You can’t win the fight if the manager is against you. If he’s flat out said, “You don’t figure in our plans this season.” There’s no way to argue that.

      • matt says:

        But surely Clint could land with many teams in “the Big 4″ leagues and every team in France that’s not PSG/Lyon, and every team in the Netherlands, or a CL team in Belgium or something. I don’t fault him for doing what he wants, but he’s always given the impression that he wants to be on the best possible team, so from that vantage point going to Seattle is “settling.” (Again, don’t blame him if he wants a pay day or to live in the States again, or whatever the reason, it just seems uncharacteristic of him).

        • Joamiq says:

          It’s getting late in the window. Not sure how many teams are still looking for a starting forward, much less one on the wrong side of 30.

          • Shawn says:

            This. Looking at it from both sides’ perspectives it makes sense. Spurs can extract better fee from MLS/Seattle than any other team or league. Dempsey to Europe is a 30yr old forward looking to start his decline, and out of favor with his club. That’s a salary dump transfer. And likely as not, Spurs wouldn’t get it done before the midseason window.

            For Clint, this is the one chance to get on a pitch and play ‘now.’ Otherwise he spends the first half of the season in the reserves or on loan to a Championship club (or worse).

      • Joamiq says:

        It’s not the manager. AVB likes him. But there is just too much attacking talent at Spurs right now. Even fighting and playing well would only bring so much playing time.

  19. John says:

    My only question is if he makes this move does Klinsmann give someone else the armband? After all of Klinsmann’s talk about pushing players to compete at the highest levels. It seemed like Dempsey was given the armband in some ways more of a symbol of that then even his leadership.

  20. Jess says:

    Are the eurosnobs going to start calling him Dempsycakes?

  21. Erik says:

    Wow. What a crash. From the time he whined his way off of Fulham to this…Sheesh! I’m sure Sigi will find a way to make sure the Sounders still don’t make the playoffs.

    • divers suck says:

      Last I checked, Sigi with the Sounders have made the play-offs EVERY year of their MLS existence.

  22. Clyde Frog says:


  23. Anthony says:

    I call bluff on this story and so does MLS (link to

    • Shawn says:

      Eh. This story is actually OLDER than the latest reports, including the Mirror story and the latest for ESPNFC.

      Generally best to look for the ‘latest’ news.

  24. Nicole says:

    So is this the birth of Dempseycakes?!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Bottom line, Clint wasn’t going to get much playing time with Spurs. Leading into a World Cup, Clint needs to find a place to play and play a lot and be one of the Big Men on the team. This is a smart move for Clint, IMO.

  25. Oculus says:

    Has MLS hurt Landon Donovan?no. Most likely he will get a loan before the WC.

  26. noname says:

    I think it’s awesome. First, MLS is getting bigger and this is one way to prove it. Second, MLS players have done well at the World Cup so it is not going to affect him as much as people fear. Third, he would be sitting a lot more at Spurs and pretty much everywhere else with an upper level Premier League team. He could go to a lower level team like Stoke but that wouldn’t necessarily help him more than playing MLS. The injury thing is a joke because he could hurt himself walking across the street anywhere. He is a soccer player and injuries happen.

    • Oculus says:

      noname, tight on all points. Has MLS hurt Donovan, no, in fact Donovan has got better. Also If Clint Dempsey needs to get in shape for the WC, he can go on loan.

    • justin says:

      I agree. Everyone wants mls to elevate the level of play and Clint is an internationally respected talent still in his prime. We should be excited that a player of his caliber may be domestic again. It’s another indication of the evolution of mls. Donovan is a great example that a polished player can still compete at the international level.

    • Joamiq says:

      Agreed all around. I do not understand the hand wringing. Donovan has done just fine in MLS for years. And you can bet Dempsey will go back to the Premiership on loan in the winter.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      ding ding ding

  27. el paso tx says:

    Wtf i was just eating my taco cabana nachos n margarita……. What is he thinking, he must have loved seattle when he played vs panama

  28. Ryan nanez says:

    ridiculous move and Seattle is my favorite team in MLS. Wish Everton rumor was true

  29. soccerboy says:

    Is Cliff bluffing Tottenham forcing a move or…?

    I don´t like him moving to Seattle. Unless the numbers are crazy and Clint´s set for several lifetimes.

    Even then, he could wait 3 years, continue playing in a MUCH better league overseas, and get a huge payday when he returns.

    But I wish him well whatever he decides.

  30. Travis says:

    If people thought my fellow Sounders fans were insufferable before, i can only imagine the explosion from this may be unbearable. Still not 100% sure how he fits into the side honestly though.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      Neagle warms the bench, EJ on the left?

      • Travis says:

        I just have trouble with Neagle warming the bench, frankly he has been one of the better players for the Sounders this year.

    • Michael V. says:

      Sigi stated that they were looking for someone who could fit into the midfield (I’m not too sure on the specific position) or act as a secondary striker. Dempsey can fill in at both of those positions.

      • Travis in Miami says:

        here’s the report :
        “How Dempsey fits with those two strikers remains to be seen; however, Thursday on Seattle-based radio station KJR, Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid said the team was looking for a central or attacking midfielder to fill the Designated Player spot freed up by Shalrie Joseph’s renegotiated contract. Capable of playing in an attacking midfielder’s role, Dempsey could allow Schmid to incorporate his new star without sacrificing any of his existing goal scorers.”
        link to

  31. Brant Thorstrom says:

    Ya MLS is terrible, I mean Donovan screwed up his national career for playing in the MLS, he is only the leading scorer and assist leader in UMNT history, playing in a terrible league. Duece’s game is definatetly going to suffer like Donovan’s has. People want the MLS to become one of the top league’s in the world it’s only going to happen when we have our top players playing here. Dempsey coming back along with Zusi staying is only good soccer in the US, and a better domestic league a better national team we will have.

  32. drrew says:

    The details will be interesting. A loan through the end of the MLS season to ensure playing time and then a transfer in January to another EPL club wouldn’t be the craziest plan.

  33. Ali Dia says:

    I would have to think that AVB very clearly communicated to Dempsey that his playing time would be limited.

  34. Jamie Z. says:

    April Fools?

  35. downintexas says:

    If MLS is going to be a top league by 2020, then things like this will start to be common place. Shocking now, not so much in a few years!

    Great job MLS! With more to come soon!

    • Travis in Miami says:

      +1 I’m very excited about this and how it will affect future US players when they are making decisions about joining the league (predraft) or returning to the league.

    • Michael V. says:

      This. It’s incredibly annoying reading all these comments lamenting the move, often disparaging the quality of MLS. As you’ve stated moves like this need to happen in order for MLS to approach the level of play found in the european leagues.

    • jai_brooklyn says:

      Spain: 2 team league. Germany: 1 1/2 teams France: 1 team Italy 4 teams EPL: 4 teams

      MLS has a great opportunity to put together an exciting league with more parity and attract talent from the Americas and Africa.

      This is a bellwether moment folks!

  36. sammysounder says:

    I’m stoked for this as Sounders fan and dispute that this is bad for the USA. The worst part of the premiership is that the players go into the world chip best up and worn out. Deuce will now be fresh… That is… If this happens. I won’t believe it until he is holding a kit

    • Hogatroge says:

      Would you be singing the same tune if he were going to Portland?

      That’s a question for you to ask and answer for yourself, not me.

  37. Bill Pa says:

    Screw the allocation process, and any other unpublished rules. If Seattle fork over the cash great for them and the League at large. If this transfer does in fact go through it is a sign of MLS quality.

    May be a bigger transfer than Beckham or Henry given real money will pass hands for his services.

  38. Dainja says:

    this HAS to be a joke!!! I’m a huge Dempsey fan, but man, this is a huge mistake. I support the MLS, but damn Deuce, you’re too good for this! after the world cup, do this. but not now!

  39. Scott e Dio93 says:


  40. chris says:

    WTF!!!? Clint No! Praying we dont crash out of the World Cup

  41. Super says:

    What is everyone complaining about. Just a whole bunch of whining eurosnubs. MLS is a decent league. The league that created a guy named uh….Clint Dempsey by the way. Welcome back Clint ! Don’t we need players in their prime? Well ? Shut your pipe hole and enjoy his play!

  42. markwriter says:

    The cynic in me thinks espn.fc is playing a dirty game for page views. No proof, and I could be wrong, but if I’m right it’s actually too bad, it’s English tabloid rag behavior. They were late to the party yesterday, so someone is saving his ass by stepping over the line.

    Logic (prestige and money for Dempsey would point to the EPL) and denials from Seattle lead me to doubt this report.

    But we’ll see.

  43. Steevens says:

    For those unaware: In the Sounder At Heart blog comments a Sounders supporter group member reported being notified in an email to be sure to be in their seats early before tomorrows match for a “special announcement.”

  44. Derek says:

    I’m not happy about this. Not one bit.

    Aren’t most Sounder fans USMT fans first? Is this going to help the National team?

    • downintexas says:

      why would it not help the Nats. It only hurts the Nats if the sounders bench him. Maybe he would not get playing time with the spurs, how would that help the Nats

    • Shawn says:

      Better playing in Seattle than sitting on the bench for anyone.

  45. markwriter says:

    The cynic in me thinks espn.fc is playing a dirty game for page views. No proof, and I could be wrong, but if I’m right it’s actually too bad, it’s English tabloid rag behavior. They were late to the party yesterday, so someone is saving his heinie by stepping over the line.

    Logic (prestige and money for Dempsey would point to the EPL) and denials from Seattle lead me to doubt this report.

    But we’ll see.

    • Joamiq says:

      Ives doesn’t post anything unless he’s confirmed it through his sources. He’s not often the first to run a story, but what he posts is generally reliable (which is so vital in the age of Twitter).

      • Moderation says:

        Ives sure sounded like he was very sure on the most recent podcast that there was no way this was happening … even joking about how crazy it was.

        • Mister JC says:

          Yep. Count me among the ones thinking that this was crazy, as well. No matter what happened during the twitter explosion, I can’t imagine many people honestly and realistically believing that this move would actually happen at the time…

        • Joamiq says:

          Indeed. But that was just chit chat. It’s safe to assume that when he posts something here, he’s got the sources to back it up.

  46. dantheblue says:

    I don’t buy it what with all Duece’s talk about playing in Champion’s League and forcing the issue to move away from Fulham. Don’t get me wrong, I love the MLS and the gaLAxy but just don’t see the soccer sense in this move.

    • zztoppppp says:

      I think you should start buying it because several credible outlets are stating that the Sounders are just some paperwork away from buying Deuce.

    • Todd Marsch says:

      I agree. I can understand a move away from Spurs, if he’s not going to get playing time, but to go from “I want to play in the UEFA CL” to MLS in one year is very odd.

      I don’t even think playing for Seattle will hurt his form. It’s just that he (along with Bradley and Jones) was one of our few US players at a big club, pushing the frontier of what is possible for an American field player. I feel like this would be a big step back on that front.

      • Joamiq says:

        Last year was kind of his one real shot at getting Champions League and playing a decent amount. He can go to a UCL team now, but he’s not going to play much. It makes sense to drop that and focus on being ready for the World Cup.

    • blokhin says:

      when he said “Champions League” did he mean CONCACAF?

  47. sly says:

    Why did tottenham even bid for him? Just to thwart liverpool last season? Sigurddson then the young guy from shalke, who’s name escapes me. Tottenham just being a bag of dicks. Could have left him at fulham where he would have played off berbatovs shoulder. Or let liverpool have him. So dumb.

  48. qow says:

    God no? Is this SATAM

  49. chris says:

    Ahhhh know i see it Duece. A couple Modelos and a legal joint. Cant beat that

  50. qow says:

    It makes 0 sense. He wanted CHAMPIONS LEAGUE football. Spurs pay him $5million a year. He’s the biggest US player in Europe. why would he throw that away for Sounders? Disgusting

  51. John says:

    This move will kind of open Dempsey up to like for like comparisons through out the league. Being in a bigger league was always going to a trump card over guys like Donovan and Zusi. There is no real reason to think he won’t dominate but sometimes guys struggle at first in MLS when other players aren’t on the same page.

    • NCM says:

      On the bright side, he is familiar with quite a few of these players. Joins USMNT players EJ and Evans. Played with Shalrie Joseph in the past as well.

      • Mike O says:

        Martins, EJ and Dempsey don’t work together on the same team. 1 of those guys gets put on the bench? EJ is good as gone if this happens.

        • Travis in Miami says:

          Couldn’t he replace Rosales? Not that familiar with the Sounders formations these days…

  52. jon says:

    this is bonkers. if true, something big happened with deuce’s thinking in the last year, and/or this is more aboute the famliy. bummed that i won’t get to see duece grit it out in the epl, but totally disagree with those who thinks this negatively affects our world cup hopes. at seatle, he’ll get plenty of pt and stay sharp.

  53. maverickman874 says:

    disappointing for some fans and that includes me. Hope Clint is happy though.

  54. Victor says:

    I read the rumor about this about 2 weeks ago and everyone shat on this guy for saying it was going to happen…..haha at those people….And to those who say this is a stepdown or whatever else, I seem to think LD did just fine by playing in the MLS and then doing pretty good in the World Cup….The league wants to be a power league by 2022, so teams need to start shelling out transfer fees to get the best players. I love this, more teams need to be amabitous like Seattle to get Martins and Dempsey in the same season, wow!

    Also Doug Macyintrre reported that all Americans who are DP’s don’t have to go through allocation process….so who knows when MLS changed that then lol

  55. bottlcaps says:

    Which MLS team hold Dempsey’s rights?

    Surely, the MLS, in it’s perpetual ownership of all rights to anyone who once played for the League, will want to arrange a high profile swap a la the Rogers-Magee “stick-em-up the the MLS foisted on the Galaxy when they wanted Rogers.

  56. falsify says:

    It’s all about the benjamins

  57. Travis in Miami says:

    MLS!!! More important to the league than Beckham coming.

  58. Chris says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I still think he got a couple years left to compete for a champions league team.

  59. Nick says:

    Here’s the difficult part with American fans. We want our Americans to go overseas during their primes and then we want foreigners to come over here during their primes as well. This is a step in the right direction for MLS and Clint did just fine during 2006.

  60. Joamiq says:

    Posted this above, but still do not understand all the panic here. Dear lord, get a grip people. He’s not going to forget how to play soccer in Seattle. And he’ll probably get loaned back to the Premiership in the winter anyway. This is better than him possibly rarely seeing the field for Spurs.

    • MesaATLien says:

      THIS. Thank you. Those that claim to love MLS are showing their true selves when something really tests that love!!! For those who say Dempsey is stupid and making a huge mistake, I have two words for you: LANDON DONOVAN. Talent is talent. MLS isn’t destroying him, and it certainly isn’t going to destroy Dempsey.

      HOWEVER, I might disagree with you on the loan part. Clint has a family, and packing up again and moving within 4 months won’t be ideal…

      • Joamiq says:

        It’d just be for a couple of months though. And it wouldn’t make sense to come to MLS for more playing time and then to sit for four months…

  61. zztoppppp says:

    Everyone, I understand that he was one of our two best players in Europe and there was still so much that he could have achieved, but does anyone think that maybe he was just ready to come home? He is 30 and after Brazil I’m sure he would be getting ready to lighten his yearly schedule anyway.

    Moving to Seattle will allow him to visit his family in Texas multiple times per year and he will be playing with one of his best friends in Eddie Johnson.

    To me this move makes a ton of sense from a personal standpoint, but I may be wrong.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      Could be. Maybe he’s just tired of the wackiness of having to prove himself over and over in a country full rampant with sophomoric fan culture. 12 goals in roughly 3/4 of a season, even after missing preseason, and he’s still maligned? AND they didn’t make UEFA… which was not in any way his fault! If I were him, I’d say screw it. Give me a million to play at the CLink, and I’m there.

      Still not confirmed though…

    • John says:

      I don’t think anyone would have been surprised if this happened next summer.

  62. QuakerOtis says:

    If this is true, then did Twitter make this possible? Did the local outpooring in Seattle and international interest in this rumor bring the parties to the table? Not at all likely, but an interesting idea to me.

  63. House says:

    It makes sense. He’s old and he wants to play Champions League. CONCACAF Champions League

  64. Brad C says:

    This just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem like Clint to want to go to a less competitive league one year before the WC. Surely there are teams in England, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, or Turkey that would buy Clint.

    I can’t believe all interest from European teams dried up. My hunch is that Clint has personal reasons; somebody is pregnant, sick, homesick, or something else personal.

    • Northzax says:

      Yeah, his bank account. I’m wagering on three years at five million per. At least. Plus, adoration. Why not? Would you rather be a sub against Sunderland in December or start in Seattle in September?

    • petedx says:

      So who captains the team in the next friendly? As I understood it that team would be all european based players, so Bradley is the obvious choice.

  65. petedx says:

    One of the reasons Dempsey became my favorite player was when he forced his way out of MLS because he felt he should be playing at the highest level. Don’t know if he just lost that desire after fulham/spurs or there is a family reason for coming back. But based on his previous comments about not wanting to come back to mls, this seems kinda weird.

  66. Javier says:

    I just read on Soccer America Daily section two Around the Net dated Friday August 2, 2013 there is a report in the British tabloid Metro that Dempsey is not going to Seattle he’s going to Everton. But this is all based on a fan who tweeted he saw Dempsey at San Francisco International airport going to a gate for a plane bound for Seattle. The fan than tweeted Dempsey went to another gate. This is the link to the article in Metro: link to

    It doesn’t make sense for Dempsey to come back to MLS. He likes playing in Europe and wants to play Champions League football. He may not get that Everton but he’ll still get top flight English football and possible Europa League football. If Everton can break in to the top 4 he might get Champions League football. It’s a better move for him than MLS.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      As much I think this move to MLS would be huge in its implications, and I hope it’s true, I would be pretty siked for Deuce to be a Toffee as well.

    • Northzax says:

      How old are his kids? Maybe he wants them to grow up as Americans. (I speak from experience, I lived in England until I was seven, then my parents took a less lucrative career path so I could be an American kid, little league and all that. I’m sure we’ll know why he’s doing this soon enough.

  67. John says:

    How is this going to sit with Klinsmann? Is this the end of Captain Dempsey?

    • Kelly says:

      Does Klinsmann care? Zusi, Donavan, Besler, Gonzalez, E. Johnson etc. play in mls…doesn’t stop them from being considered starters or being called up

    • alocksley says:

      Making Clint captain was a genius move. He is more motivated to make an impact every time out, carrying the team like a captain should. I think JK klnows this and will keep things as they are.

    • Joamiq says:

      You don’t think he ran this by Klinsi before doing it?

  68. Rob Jones says:

    I knew Dempsey would come back to MLS.

  69. Pingunça says:

    all the SSFC haters can’t believer the news….. lol


  70. Harry S says:

    Does this give Seattle the best attack in the mls and why would his euro career be over I could easily see him going on loan to Everton PR a team like that

  71. Mike O says:

    I’m so glad the Allocation order has been put in place to make things fair and prevent teams from just signing returning USMNT pla…..wait a second! Portland better be getting A LOT of money in this exchange.

  72. Beckster says:

    Very disappointed that one of the top American stars is leaving the EPL. I get getting out of the Tottenham situation but there are several EPL clubs that could really use him. I can’t imagine that Clint will improve as a player in MLS and in fact, could decline which won’t help the Nats. I think it is a sad day for US soccer for many reasons so hope that this is something that he really wants.

  73. Oculus says:

    $9 million. Dempsey will make $8/season on a four-year deal.

  74. Fat Albert says:

    Has he seen the turf at century link?
    As a fan of somebody other than Seattle or LA, I realize he is just one guy, and Seattle will have to start playing like a team if they want to succeed this year. I believe they’re out of the play-off picture at this point.

  75. Charles says:

    Funny as heck…all the guys that loved CD over LD, because CD went to England, now have to love them equally like me….funny….as….heck.

    I honestly can’t think of much funnier than that. And my Sounders are the ones picking him up.

    Go Sounders.

  76. inkedAG says:

    For a guy who kept saying he wants to play at the highest level, going to MLS is a wack move!

    • dudeinho says:

      For all we know this could be a move hes making for his family.. he has kids to think about… I Don’t fault the guy for wanting to come home. Hes proven he could play at the highest level.

      I’m surprised he even considered coming back he left on such bad terms with the league.

    • Beckster says:

      agreed! Geez…he could have just stayed at Fulham and kept on scoring without all that drama last summer. Gotta leave Fulham to play at highest level and then goes to MLS? There must be a story here that we don’t know.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      Are people allowed to change their minds???

  77. nic d "the tx 2 stepper" says:

    I don’t get all the hand wringing!

    If his name were Dempsey and he were not AMERICAN we would be salivating about this move and saying “Wow this guy has scored more goals than any player in history at Fulham and this guy finished in the top 5 in scoring just a year ago and he showed he had lots in the tank last year with a top 6 premier league side. Maybe we can get 3 maybe 4 years out of him. SIgn Him Up!”


    • petedx says:

      This is not even remotely accurate. Do you maybe mean more goals for fulham in the epl?

    • David M says:

      “I don’t get all the hand wringing!

      If his name were Dempsey and he were not AMERICAN we would be salivating about this move …”

      Yes, because this is bad news for the US national team and in general for Americans in Europe. If he were not American, let’s say French — we don’t care about the French national team, nor about the standing of the French players in Europe. There is a big difference.

      • Charles says:

        Yeah LD is struggling with MLS bring him down.

      • Sean says:

        I would say the opposite. If Dempsey want to go to the World cup in Brazil He would have more time to train with the USMNT playing in MLS.

  78. SLOLIFE72 says:

    The MLS needs great players to get stronger and the great players leave the MLS to get stronger. I like the move. Maybe others will be inspired to stay/come back.

    • petedx says:

      Yeah if they pay them $32 million over 4 years I imagine lots of players would come to MLS

  79. Beto says:

    Wow! I cant believe it, and i wont until its official! But hell, this is the advantage of a strong domestic league; year before a WC-get consistent pt!

  80. Andy Hickl says:

    Are we just doing away with allocation? How does Seattle get to sign Dempsey if they’re not at the top of the allocation order?

  81. nic d "the tx 2 stepper" says:

    Maybe we can get Tim Ream to come back and start fulfilling that promise that started so great in New Jersey! Who else should come home? How big a boost would be to get the Edu’s, Cameron’s, Jone’s and all the other guys home after the next World Cup?

  82. John says:

    Now what does LA have to do to match that move?

  83. mug says:

    Is this a special summer April Fools Day post Ives?

  84. John says:

    I guess now Klinsmann can call him and LD into the January camp.

  85. dcm9 says:

    I am not saying that MLS is an inferior league, so chill, but this sucks. He was one of the few US players that we get watch score against top competition. He was one of the few players proving that homegrown players can compete in Europe. He was the last people that I would expect to make this move. My biggest question is, What does Jurgen think about this after all his “You haven’t done shit” pep talks. He can’t be that impressed. Neither am I.

    God, what a heartbreaker. I guess I’m a Stoke City fan now.

  86. Travis in Miami says:

    the Galaxy with a late swoop?

    link to

  87. Brett says:

    His reputation must have really suffered if this is the most appealing move with the best chance for steady PT.

    This is good for MLS, but maybe not so good for Dempsey. Time will tell.

  88. And the English are saying he never went to Seattle but hooked up with Everton in SF.

    link to

  89. AC says:

    Looks like so many people are starting to be like the ignorant Europeans who stereotype MLS without ever seeing a game. Yes, the refs need improvement, etc….But many European players are now inquiring about the league, and players like Henry, Cahill, etc. are really giving the league a good name by telling others in Europe it isn’t what people “think it is.” Also, many members of the press in Britain will even admit the TECHNICAL level in the Premiership isn’t actually that good. It’s the crazy money from owners, tv deals, etc. that give it such great exposure. Now not to say it’s on par with MLS, because the Premiership is definitely a step above with better players overall, but the real technical leagues are Spain, Italy, and Germany. They just don’t have the crazy money tv deals like the Premiership. Stop being stuck in the era of the 90’s MLS. It’s nice to see Dempsey come back while still a great player, and not past his prime. It also shows the ambition of Seattle. Just like any sport, Dempsey made a business decision. Tottenham is stacking players and it is a World Cup year. Playing time should be in more quantity in Seattle. Remember, many players on the national team are from MLS, and it really has contributed to depth for the national team.

  90. Charles says:

    I agree with a comment above…international player in same situation no surprise. Let me see if I can find one who could make THam or play with lesser team…oh yeah Henry.
    Guys don’t want to lose all the time, with no chance of winning…Dempsey isn’t a loser, no different.

    He decided MLS to go to MLS because it was best for him, not because he couldn’t play at the top level…other US players too.

  91. Petaluman says:

    Wow…9 mil transfer fee and 8 mill a year???

    link to

  92. Dc says:

    This is an April fools joke, one day late. That, I guarantee.

  93. John F says:

    Huge surprise to me. But unquestionably good for the league. And the possibility of a Western Conference final with LD & Gonzo vs. Deuce & EJ has a lot to commend it.

  94. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:

    Worst. News. Of. The. Weekend. And it’s only Friday. SMH. I’m gutted.

  95. joe says:

    This is the most disappointing thing all transfer season.
    I guess he went for money, hard to believe he’s gonna sacrifice the US world cup chances to move there. This is a horrible move and anyone who says otherwise really doesn’t know much about soccer.

    • drew11 says:

      $40 million MLS deal for an American born soccer player. This is a milestone in US Soccer history. You are fool.

      • Joe says:

        There is nothing good about this move. Explain how this is good.
        Go drop your level of competition drop the level of your practices then go play in a World Cup. Be realistic

  96. Dc says:

    Maybe he meant “Concacaf” Champions League this whole time.

  97. whoop-whoop says:

    Lots of misplaced hysteria. Demps opportunity for a big move and CL was last year. Didn’t work out. That’s the chance you take leaving a place you were well established at 30.

    I am a huge Dempsey fan, but think we all have to be realistic about what type of player he is. A DAMN good one yes, but there is a reason he has had to fight for everything he has. He just isn’t a flashy player with eye popping speed or technical skills. He isn’t a prototype for a particular position. He is bit of a tweener who somehow, someway gets the job done through grit and uncanny instinct and a knack for pulling the amazing out of his arse… especially when doubted! But…. add the under-dog American tag and this just isn’t the type of player who has high demand with top 4 clubs, or a signing that will excite supporters/sell tickets…. but IS one who wins respect and loyalty through day in day out results and character over the long haul. Add to this the hard realities of being over 30 and options become limited. Tottenham wasn’t a good fit to begin with, and it seems it has gotten worse. Bale is likely on the way out w/ perhaps Morato and other young talent/ boatloads of $$$$$ coming in and a sexy retooling in the works. A veteran gritty workhorse doesn’t slot in so well to that blueprint. It’s a good bet he knows he isn’t in Spurs plans, that his agent has been sniffing around for options and found none better. Reports say that Seattle is offering the largest deal in league history, At this point in his career, for he and his family- that is worth a lot! Seattle is offering regular playing time, close to home, w/ a good side, in a great soccer town, w/ a good friend. Not a bad deal. Great signing for the league and Sounders… really psyched w/ MLS progress the last few years. Anyway, if all this is true…. Clint Dempsey will thrive in SEA, w/ the Nats and I look forward to seeing much more of him- including live and in person!

  98. joe says:

    i just shipped my pants

  99. Dawn Kiebals says:

    Anyone who thinks this is anything less than spectacular is an idiot.

  100. AC says:

    Funny how if a foreign player comes to MLS who can still play at a high level in Europe, South America, etc (aka Henry, Cahill, Beckham, Keane, etc), people get excited. But heaven forbid a good USA player come to MLS. Are we “trying” to keep the league from continually growing and continue improving year after year?

  101. Nico C. says:

    This could either be

    A.) Going back to MLS is the worst and most farfetched career move of Dempsey


    B.) THEE turning point for MLS, where the “American soccer dream” of playing in Europe is dead, and now the “American soccer dream” is to play here on US soil. After Dempsey, others will follow suit.

  102. the original jb says:

    I believe his oldest kid is approaching school age, and Dempsey always struck me as a family guy who would want his kids to grow up in the US. So I guess it makes sense in that respect. You also have to wonder if AVB approached him and told him he’s not in the plans/not likely to see much playing time and Dempsey figured he’d need more pt to keep his starting spot on the USMNT. I hope he can handle all the turf matches…

  103. Pingback: Clint Dempsey joining Sounders in reported $9 million transfer | Soccer By Ives

  104. KJ says:

    Why wouldn’t he go back home to Texas? Build the game there… Whatever. Just hope his knees hold up.

  105. thatkidnandez says:

    A move to dallas or Houston would make more sense! Hoping this is a joke! Swansea, Cardiff and Everton would be good fits!

  106. AC says:

    So I guess the Premier is such an awesome technical league, right. In the eyes if it’s own press in the U.K., they’d disagree. How many English players are in great technical leagues like Italy, Spain, or Germany? How “great” is the English national team? Only the top Premier league teams have good technical players because they bought foreigners. The mid-table teams usually just kick long balls or sit back and soak pressure. Dempsey would have been stuck there if he stayed in the Premiership because playing time doesn’t seem to be for him in Tottenham’s plans. Why not take advantage of this deal while he’s still good, wants to see his kids grow up here, and play in a great soccer city? Oh wait, the MLS how no right improving as a league to many people. USA players must always jump ship to other leagues. Give it up, MLS is growing. So what if it doesn’t have the prestige of Europe which is over a 100 years older! MLS has ambition and it hasn’t stopped improving and growing. Beckham (Only the face of soccer worldwide), Henry, and others want to be a part of it. Why not a great USA player? It can’t hurt his national team chances as Besler, Gonzalez, Zusi, DONOVAN, and others play here. He’s 30

  107. andy says:

    Good lord, why are some fans such whiners? Does everybody really think 3 months in MLS, a Donovan style winter loan, and another 3 months of MLS are going to ruin Dempsey before Brazil? Get a grip folks.

  108. jai_brooklyn says:

    At least I can sleep in on weekends now. MLS just got more exciting! Good for the game in the US in the long run.

  109. Troy says:

    First reaction: NOOOOOOOOOO!

    After I had time to think about it, I like it. As a Red Bull season ticket holder it will be great to really want to see Seattle roll into town. Plus, it will likely have me watching Seattle:s televised games. This is great for the league and shows that great things are to come.

  110. Deranged says:

    Psshh…. If anything the Cosmos are going to sign him…

  111. Alex says:

    is Bradley next?

  112. chris thebassplayer says:

    He’s going to miss the quality of his EPL caliber teammates and the expectation level will be sky high. On the surface it looks like a walk in the park for him, but I think playing with guys below his level will be a tough adjustment.

    Quakes vs Sounders just went from a tough physical battle to a knock down drag out donnybrook.

  113. Andy says:

    It’s August 2nd, not April 1st. SBI needs to check its calendar better.

  114. Reality says:

    I’m disappointed that he’s leaving one of the best leagues in the world, but who can blame someone for maximizing his earning potential? Doubtless, his income in England was quite substantial, but $32 million over the next 4 years is hard to pass up. Good for you, Clint, I’d have done the same (alas, if only I had that choice to make).

    The snob in me wants to see the best USMNT players go to Europe, but I also want to see MLS continue its growth… the league just landed a pretty big fish.

  115. Hush says:

    Definitely davestating news for most U.S fans. He is stil playing at a high level & it’s a shame it’s all coming to an end. MLS competition is way below average, I don’t care for any MLS hypebeast says. A move to Mexico or Argentina would have been less painful… Hope these rumors are just that,.. An ugly blasphemes rumor

  116. Bill Watkins says:

    Great!!! MLS is the fastest growing league in the world

  117. Kirby says:

    Is that Jason Sudeikis in a fake mustache?