Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

JackWilshereArsenal1-Fenerbahce (Getty)


Arsenal are 90 minutes from qualifying for the UEFA Champions League group stage, an important achievement considering all of the players they are targeting before the transfer window closes.

Following a 3-0 victory last Wednesday, the Gunners host Fenerbahce at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday afternoon, seemingly in a strong position to move on. It’s a complete turnaround from the first English Premier League weekend of the season, when Arsenal were outplayed and defeated by Aston Villa.

In addition to Arsenal’s match, Schalke 04 visits Greece to face PAOK with the teams level, 1-1, on aggregate. Austria Wien hosts Dinamo Zagreb, Steaua Bucharest visit Legia Warszawa, and FC Basel face Ludogorets.

Finally, an early afternoon Bundesliga match is on tap as Bayern Munich, with their UEFA Super Cup match coming in Prague on Friday, have moved their upcoming weekend match against SC Freiburg to Tuesday.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

12:30pm – Freiburg vs. Bayern Munich – GolTV USA

2:40pm – Liverpool vs. Notts County – beIN Sport USA

2:45pm – Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce – Fox Sports 1

2:45pm – PAOK vs. Schalke 04 – Fox Soccer 2Go

2:45pm – FC Basel vs. Ludogorets – Fox Soccer Channel

2:45pm – Austria Wien vs. Dinamo Zagreb – Fox Sports Net/MSG Plus

8pm – Houston Dynamo vs. Arabe Unido – Fox Sports 1

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143 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. john Lowe says:

    Looking foward to watching Houson tonight

  2. M says:

    Lletget on the bench for West Ham

  3. Fred says:

    Sunderland stream?

  4. biff says:

    So sweet to see FC Bayern drop points against Freiburg, with the game ending 1-1. Hilarious after the game to see crazy Freiburg coach Christian Streich exuberantly shaking hands with a humiliated and ununhappy looking Pep Guardiola and patting him on the back.

  5. Dinho says:

    Jozy starting for Sunderland.

  6. J.A.B. says:

    Well, MK Dons just scored against Sunderland. 1-0 early on….yikes. Fletcher is also amongst the subs for today. It will be interesting to see if he makes it on the pitch today.

  7. Steevens says:

    Sunderland’s experiment not going so well thus far. It is taking too much time to implement a new style of play. Celustka looks out of his depth in the Premier League and keeps hitting inaccurate long balls.

  8. Dudester says:

    Jones with the mandatory yellow in the 19th minute.Doing a nice job of spraying the ball around though.

  9. mb says:


    live AUDIO stream.

    link to

  10. George Baldwin says:

    How many games without scoring until we can say that Jozy’s form and confidence will suffer?

    • Steevens says:

      I don’t want to say it, but it seems Jozy is reverting to his stand around and wait for service form. Not aggressive enough for Sunderland so far IMO.

    • J.A.B. says:

      I think the issue will be frustration moreso than confidence this time around with Jozy. I think he is playing well in terms of form. Unfortunately, he is having to do everything by himself.

    • GW says:

      Jozy went nearly two years and 12 games for USMNT w/o scoring and it did not dent his form and confidence since at the same time he was torching the Dutch league.

      Jozy is much tougher than you guys think he is.

  11. J.A.B. says:

    Jozy is doing well so far. He is taking guys on and drawing fouls. He is having to do quite a bit by himself. Fletcher is warming up as we speak. I figure he will be coming on up top to partner with Jozy.

  12. J.A.B. says:

    Jozy slammed one off the post. Dang…so close.

  13. Bac says:

    Awesome p@$$$ by Jermaine Jones to get Shalke up 1-0

  14. Dudester says:

    Jones with a pinpoint 50 yarder to unlock the PAOK defense, Schalke go up 1-0.He may play lax at times and give the ball away too easily but the guy sure can pick out a long pass.

  15. J.A.B. says:

    Announcers saying that Altidore is having to do it all by himself. He is getting no support in the attack.

    • Increase says:

      Yeah, they don’t sound impressed with the other attackers. Adam Johnson seems to be okay? But not getting crosses in.

      • J.A.B. says:

        Ji has been absolutely terrible. He is turning it over and missing on almost every pass. Johnson and OShea have been decent, but haven’t provided too much going forward. At least that’s what it sounds like.

  16. Ted in MN says:

    Danny Williams starting for Reading….which is losing 3-0 to Peterborough

    • Ted in MN says:

      Whitbread and Spector both starting and winning which means Tim Ream is the only man not out for his team after playing on the weekend but that’s injury related.

  17. Brian S. says:

    According to ESPN Gamecast, there have been a ton of shots from the midfield circle in the Sunderland – MK Dons game. Guys are feeling ambitious today I guess

  18. Ted in MN says:

    PAOK looks weird as heck with the fan ban. Too many empty seats .

    • Dudester says:

      Stadium isn’t totally empty, hear some chanting after he PAOK equalizer.

      • Ted in MN says:

        haha which you can hear because its so empty. there’s only about 30 people (they’ve showed em a couple of times) because there was some violence by PAOK fans last year against Vienna

  19. Ted in MN says:

    PAOK ties it up quite easily

  20. J.A.B. says:

    The announcers are dumping on some of Di Canio’s decisions. Ji was just pulled 3 minutes into the second half, as well.

  21. J.A.B. says:

    MK Dons just scored again…2-0. This is embarrassing. Cabral blew it and gave the Dons player a clear breakaway. Can Jozy get transferred out now, please?

    • TomG says:

      Yes, why don’t you quit your job after your third day when things haven’t immediately worked out. That’s a great way to make decisions. Do you realize how knee jerk you are being? There are about 60 matches in the BPL season and you are ready to give up after 2? Sunderland turned over their whole roster. YOu have to give it at least 3 months to see how things gel, not 3 games. Just relax.

    • TomG says:

      Yes, why don’t you quit your job after your third day when things haven’t immediately worked out. That’s a great way to make decisions. There are about 60 matches in the BPL season and you are ready to give up after 2? Sunderland turned over their whole roster. YOu have to give it at least 3 months to see how things gel, not 3 games. Just relax.

  22. Ted in MN says:

    Jones gets his yellow with a reckless one from behind after getting knocked off the ball

  23. J.A.B. says:

    The announcers are cracking me up. They aren’t holding any punches on Sunderland. This is a total joke. Good thing Jozy chose to test himself week-in and week-out in the “best” league in the world.

  24. Ted in MN says:

    and Shalke’s got the lead again on a neat through ball. goes around the keeper and neatly into the opposite netting

  25. Dubstepan says:

    I wish Altidore would stop diving

  26. Ted in MN says:

    Altidore goes down light apparently. Been there a couple times over the past week.

  27. Hogatroge says:

    Ramsey with a brace today. Famous people worldwide had better watch their backs!

  28. Tensnake says:


  29. Ted in MN says:


  30. Kodi says:


  31. Brian S. says:

    Finally Altidore!

  32. Francois says:


  33. J.A.B. says:

    Jozy!!!! That was huge. I new his work would pay off.

  34. SoundersOff says:

    Prediction of a Sunderland relegation by the third of the season mark is looking more promising every match.

    Holy god they are bad.

  35. mb says:

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. i don’t trust Jermaine Jones to play the shield role. cards, cards, cards and bad giveaways. $1000 says he gets benched by Klinsi, throws a fit, and never plays for MNT again.

    • slowleftarm says:

      $1000? Wow!

      • Ted in MN says:

        he’s gotten two yellows, the red and has been sent off. that deserves some concern though maybe not to that exaggeration.

        • SoundersOff says:

          He plays the destroyer role for the US and still has never been red carded. I believe Jones only has 2 more career red cards than Bradley does–with like 10 extra years of career.

          • Ted in MN says:

            According to, Jones has earned 9 yellow cards in the past two years (19 games). In that same stretch, MB has earned 2 yellow cards. Neither has a red. If we go off of recency, there’s some good reasons for concern. That doens’t mean you don’t play Jones.

            • GW says:


              Comparing JJ’s club card record with Mikey’s doesn’t really work.

              JJ is more of Schalke’s enforcer while Mikey is not that for Roma.

              Does that website explain the circumstances behind each yellow? You have to know that before you can make a judgment on what that tells you about a player.

              As you know, yellows are given for many different reasons. Some are calculated for tactical reasons, such as JJ submarining Neymar in that US vs. Marcelo game. Did JJ even get a card for that? And some are given because the player is losing their ability to tackle cleanly. Others are due to temperamental issues and some are because the player is stupid.

              JJ has been playing this way his entire career and he is still a starter. That should tell you his managers aren’t that worried about the card business.

              • Ted in MN says:

                its not club, its national football team. otherwise, JJ would obviously have had a red card…cause he earned one today.

              • Ted in MN says:

                Also, both of them have played more than 19 games in two years. I don’t extensively watch either at club, but there’s a reason Jones is criticized with the Nats: he earns a lot of stupid yellows. Are there reasons for a lot of em? Sure. Does that explain 1 every other game over 2 years? I wouldn’t say so.

                What’s more, the original intent was the comparison to MB as being worse which on the basis of actual statistics is ludicrous.

                Once again though, I still think that doesn’t mean you sit Jones.

        • bryan says:

          yeah, i was just “commenting” on the hyperbole given Jones has not had card problems with the USMNT…ever. and the fact that he played well today, including a sick @ssist. JK gave a very good description of Jones’ role so people understand his job is to pick up yellows sometimes. it just is what it is. but, picking up 2 is never part of the job and he deserves to be criticized for it.

          • Nate Dollars says:

            ‘Jones has not had card problems with the USMNT…ever.’

            he did have to serve a suspension in the preliminary round of concacaf quals due to card accumulation, so you can’t say he’s never had card problems. but i agree that this whole argument is stupid.

    • SoundersOff says:

      You’re going to bet a $1000 that a player who had his ankle slashed open beyond the flesh and continued playing in a blizzard with the open wound against the cold while wearing our colors–and who has never received a red card for the USMNT in 33 caps will throw a fit and never play for us again?

      Please go find Jermaine Jones and say that bleeping garbage to his face.

      • Increase says:

        I don’t understand the anti jones hate. He isn’t perfect but a pretty solid midfielder who has experience like no other player we have.

    • Peculiar trends says:

      As one poster said here re: Johansson & Brooks debate and Wondo & EJ debate… the striking difference in support of Bradley (and his red cards) and the hate for Jones (and his lack of red cards) really is, well, black and white.

      • Increase says:

        I don’t think its race… People seem to like Brooks more than Johnansson. Atleast until AZ season started…. after that I think its just goals.

        Wondo and EJ? no idea.

        • GW says:


          You’ve got guys who post that JK does not call in Lichaj because JK has issues with Polish people and you don’t think race is an issue? There is plenty of casual, thoughtless racism posted here.

          Jones has got lots of tats and has something of a thug look. He also happens to be an enforcer for Schalke a role a lot of USMNT fans don’t really appreciate, understand or like.

          If you pay attention JJ is arguably as skilled as anyone on the team but his value lies in other areas. He adds a lot of steel to the USMNT. Before JJ this team was often pushed around and intimidated by the big boys and not just because they were more skilled. Gooch , Boca and Pablo were tough guys but in a different way from Jones. JJ is more proactive and creative about it.

          At the highest level this game is a blood sport and not for the faint of heart.

      • David JS says:

        I am fascinated by the hate for Jones as well. From what I can tell, I think most of it is about a disdain for CMs who aren’t seen as being creative. It seems like most of the people who want to see JJ dropped from the team want him replaced with Mix or Corona (young guys who are viewed as potential offensive catalysts). I have yet to see an anti-Jones poster who advocates for Kljestian or Beckerman as his replacement, although some prefer Cameron to JJ. The other aspect is Jones’ age at the time he became a part of the USMNT picture: fans never had the chance to see him as the “future” of the team so it’s natural to dismiss him easier than other guys like Bradley.

  36. Dinho says:

    Liverpool…. ruh roh.

  37. Ted in MN says:

    Shalke has the third and is clear through

  38. Tensnake says:


  39. Ted in MN says:

    and we’re tied in stadium of light. jozy uninvolved in this one

    • TomG says:

      One thing about PDC, his teams are well conditioned. The new Czech RB with the assist on that one.

  40. J.A.B. says:

    Sunderland with the equalizer!!! Wickham with a big finish. Hopefully, they can get this in to extra time.

  41. Tensnake says:


  42. Ted in MN says:


  43. J.A.B. says:

    Sunderland goes up 3-2! Jozy with a good free kick that Wickham puts in off the rebound. WOW!!!!

  44. Ted in MN says:

    The Sunderland message boards have just exploded haha.

  45. J.A.B. says:

    I can’t recall a team going from absolutely dreadful to scorching hot in a matter of minutes. Crazy.

  46. J.A.B. says:

    Jozy is on a roll now. He is winning corners, drawing fouls, and playing with intensity. This is awesome.

  47. Tensnake says:

    It seems as if the Wickham-Jozy partnership is working well.

  48. Tensnake says:


  49. Ted in MN says:

    4 goals. this is just ridiculous.

  50. J.A.B. says:

    Sunderland scores again! My word 4-2! Johnson with the goal.

  51. SoundersOff says:

    Woah, woah.

    Guys and girls. This is still a mid table THIRD DIVISION side they’re playing against. The only thing to take from this is utter fear that they were getting rolled and a W to advance.

  52. Ted in MN says:

    Regardless of the score, ya still have to be uncomfortable with Paolo di Canio removing Ji three minutes into the second half. That’s just an insult and is so classless.

    • Increase says:

      Agreed, just do it at half like a normal person or wait til the 60th… or just not 3min.

    • USsoccerfan90 says:

      Yes how dare that classless coach remove somebody that had been playing porely all game. The worst part about it was that he pulled him for a player that helped spark the attack and scored two goals. He was just so mean to Ji, who cares if the team won he should have kept him on so he didnt hurt his feelings.

      • SoundersOff says:

        Pointless rant as he had the option to take him off at half time, which he should have done. There was absolutely no point to waiting THREE MINUTES into the half instead of doing it at half other than causing the player complete embarrassment,

        • bryan says:

          maybe something changed his mind…

          how are you guys going to sit here and have an argument about something neither if you can prove? maybe the media will ask for you all.

          • Ted in MN says:

            According to the radio broadcast, they had the man warming up to replace him before they even started the half and literally one trip down the pitch he’s taken off to a shower of boos. If you know you’re gonna make the decision, I’d argue you’ve got a responsibility to not humiliate him. That’s being the manager at any job.

            • bryan says:

              again, that doesn’t prove anything. all speculation. we have no idea what he said at half time. things can change.

              i could honestly care less, but watching people argue over their @ssumptions is just really annoying. but i guess it’s my fault for reading.

              he’s a professional athlete, i’m sure he can handle it.

      • TomG says:

        Yes, plus it’s very funny to think of PDC being concerned for a player’s feelings.

      • Ali Dia says:

        It’s hard to say given nobody seems to have actually seen it. But it would seem reasonable that Di Canio noticed that whatever message he had hoped to communicate at halftime to Ji had not registered (language barrier or whatever the case may be…) and decided it was best to hook the guy before it got worse. Seems reasonable enough… this isn’t AYSO.

        • Increase says:

          Now that could be true, maybe he told him to do something very specific then he completely ignored him. I would take him off too.

          Could have been anything like… mark that guy on set pieces. And he doesn’t? Pull him.

          But no way to know. Game wasn’t even televised.

          • GW says:

            “But no way to know. Game wasn’t even televised.”

            Why don’t you just read his mind? Everyone else here is good at it.

    • TomG says:

      Um… Not sure what you are expecting. If you are looking for normal and predictable behavior or coddling his players, you may want to google Paolo Di Canio.

      • Ted in MN says:

        its not coddling your players to do what every other manger would do in the same situation. It’s noteworthy because nobody does it for this exact reason.

        • Ted in MN says:

          Given, Jozy’s last trip in England was with a guy who made his entire team sit on the field during half time…in the Premier league. I don’t think they were even given orange slices.

        • TomG says:

          PDC has ruled that you can’t drink Coke with ice. Mind you, he hasn’t banished Coke… or ice. You just can’t drink coke WITH ice. We are not dealing with the most rational individual here. He’s a fascist, for chrissake. I’m not being metaphorical.

          • Ted in MN says:

            In baseball terms, Manny being Manny doesn’t mean its not ridiculous. That’s how you burn bridges and lose control of a lockerroom.

        • TomG says:

          Among the long, long, long list of things PDC has done that one might consider noteworthy, I assure you that pulling Ji 3 minutes into the half does not make the list.

  53. TomG says:

    Man, soccer fans have to be the most reactionary bunch of people you’ll ever find. Halfway through the third game of a TEN month season, everyone was ready to call for Jozy to put in his transfer request. Folks, Sunderland brought in ten new players and the window isn’t even closed yet. Just relax. We won’t really know much about how things will turn out for another three months minimum. The good thing is that Jozy is playing and seems to be well liked by his manager. That’s the most important thing. Hopefully the other pieces will come together but give it some time. Would you quit your new job 3 days in?

    • Brian S. says:

      How dare you bring a rational response to this website. That is uncalled for. If you’re not going to yell nonsense in the heat of the moment like the rest of us then you can just go to NPR or somewhere that a well thought out and rational statement such as this is acceptable.

    • away goals says:

      Forty-five minutes ago I pegged sunderland for the drop. Now I think they’ll definitely qualify for europe and they’ve got a real shot at fourth.

  54. Travis says:

    Ref in the Arsenal game was extremely poor today, he let Fener players spend half an hour taking cheap shots from behind on Wilshere. Bruno Alves had a full on body check at the top of the box that didn’t even get it booked. Really poor from the ref, he should know the tie is out of hand and that Fener would start to get frustrated.

  55. biff says:

    Speaking as a Jermaine Jones fan, want to inject a bit of reality into the discussion tha I saw below about his game today. With the lone exception of the long pa$$ for the first goal, JJ mostly sukked. And his second yellow card was totally stupid. He gave the ball away on a bad touch and then went in from behind for stupid challenge that left Schalke down a man with 26 minutes to go in game that would determine whether Schalke moves to the CL group stage for a 20-million payday or down to the Europa League and peanuts. And the thing is, Schalke actually played better offensively a man down after JJ64yyr left the field.

    And what is troubling form a USMNT perspective is that Jones has mostly sukked in every game so far this season for Schalke. I have no idea what is going on, but I do know he is in the last year of his contract and Schalke apparently has not offered him an extension on his very nice 4-million-euro per year contract. It could be Jones head is not in the game and when he saw the red card today he left the field almost with a smile on his face as if it didn’t bother him one bit. I am not saying it will happen, but I would not be surprised to see Jones move before the end of the transfer window, because he no doubt lost a lot of credibility after today’s game and his teammates most likely are not happy with him.

    • John says:

      It’d be kind of interesting from a USMNT perspective to see Anderlecht and Schalke drawn into a group together.

    • baropbop says:

      He does it all the time! Way too much of a liability in a tournament with card accumulation. Even despite this, Cameron is superior. It has been a long time since JJ fid anything to justify his nearly guaranteed starting spot

  56. ... says:

    For anyone else watching CCL, KC @ Olimpia is on Fox Soccer Plus now.
    Houston won 2-1 at home, let’s see what KC can do in the rain in Honduras.