USA vs. Mexico (SBI Live Match Commentary)



COLUMBUS, Ohio– The game of the year for American soccer fans is upon us, and it will carry with it even more importance than usual.

The U.S. Men’s National Team takes on Mexico in World Cup Qualifying at Crew Stadium (8pm, ESPN) and the match is a vital one for both rivals. Mexico is in desperation mode after last week’s surprising 2-1 loss to Honduras, while the U.S. enter needing a win to clinch a place in the 2014 World Cup.

The U.S. will be without several starters who are either suspended or injured. Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore, Matt Besler and Geoff Cameron are all missing the match, which will put pressure on some new faces to step up.

Mexico enters having just fired head coach Manuel “Chepo” De La Torre, and new boss Luis Fernando Tena will try to revive the spirits of a Mexican side that simply hasn’t produced in the Hexagonal Round of qualifying.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s commentary is after the jump):

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221 Responses to USA vs. Mexico (SBI Live Match Commentary)

  1. USA Number 10 says:

    GO USA!

  2. mr coolio says:

    I’m in st.Louis. what’s a good place to watch the game in the loop.

  3. SoundersOff says:

    Muck Fexico!


    I really hope that Johannsson starts…………

  5. Kevin says:

    I prefer the lineup Ives posted before with Bedoya on the right wing and F. Johnson at LB and Donovan on the left wing. The form of Jones and Dempsey really has me pessimistic about this game. A draw would basically clinch a top-3 spot assuming they can beat Jamaica at home with their full squad. A loss and things get dicey.

  6. Vic says:

    Twellman is so annoying and unprofessional. Why can’t ESPN get someone who’s an analyst and not a fan with some personality.

  7. Goalscorer24 says:

    Daniel, don’t curse the US with the never lost in Columbus statistics! Different game, none of that matters!

  8. Matt C says:

    Actually would feel good if RastaBeckerman starts. Dude may not have the gifts of Jr, but he’s composed and not prone to the stupid yellows and fouls….a la YellowcardJones. Kyle knows his limitations. Respect.

  9. Adam says:

    Oh man, how do I wish USA wins today. It will erase some of the bad memories of the two lopsided losses to Mexico in GC finals 2009 and 2011. Also, it would be a win in importance right up there, just a notch below, the 2002 WC QF destruction of Mexico.

  10. Jose says:

    Hope Mix plays, she should have come in as a sub against Costa Rica.

  11. Jose says:

    Sorry guys meant He!!

  12. OPMG says:

    Johnson and Bedoya on the right could cause Mexico some problems if they combine well. Lots of speed and Bedoya’s workrate is a huge plus.

  13. Adam says:

    Of my predicted line-up, Beckerman in for Orozco and Howard in for Guzan. I kinda knew that Klinsi was gonna start Howard, but another three-goal performance will turn him into first sub. And, Kyle would’ve been my next choice, I just liked Orosco fiscal’s speed more.

  14. Jose says:

    I dont know about Jones!!

  15. Adam says:

    A tie tonight is not bad, but a loss will be very debilitating.

  16. ed - houston says:

    the eagle in the Mexican crest looks PISSED

  17. Bac says:

    With this heat, subs will be crucial

  18. SurfGuy I says:

    Vamos USA! A ganar tonite!
    GO Chicharito!
    This going to be fun…

  19. matt says:

    There are 3 players I absolutely cannot justify starting right now. Howard, he had not been making big saves nor ones a keeper at this level should, and thats taking into account multiple games at nat and club level. Beasley, hes been ok as a place holder but he should not be expected to be a WC left back especially after what CR did last game to him. Dempsey, unfit and underperforming. Lazy on and off the ball getting knocked around and flopping complaining for the call way way too often

  20. Scott A says:

    Mexican friends of mine are much more nervous than American friends of mine about this game. Wouldn’t hurt if the case was the same with players.

  21. Shawn says:

    johannasson> ej
    mix diskerud> beckerman

    wtf klins

  22. Adam says:

    Is it just me or does anybody feel like Beckerman would be a bit quicker if he had a “normal” haircut?

  23. Brent McD says:

    Let’s go Yanks! Vamos USA!

  24. Adam says:

    Remember the Alamo!

  25. Lu says:

    What happened to Donovan’s face?

  26. fischy says:

    Who gave Landon a black eye?

  27. RK says:

    What’s up with LD’s eye? Is that from the CR match?

  28. KJ says:

    What’s up with Donovan’s right eye?

  29. Brent McD says:

    What is wrong with Landon’s right eye? Looks like he got poked with a sharp stick

  30. Timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Somebody’s gonna look like a dope with all this “dos a cero” chanting if the USA lose this thing

  31. Vic says:

    What happened to Donovan’s eye? Heard a Mexican fan threw some Salsa at him.

  32. Yep says:

    What’s up with donavans right eye?

  33. ThatKidnandez says:

    Man everyones bunching together and that ball is bouncing everywhere

  34. Mike R says:

    Does anyone on the squad today know how to complete a forward pass?

  35. Chomsky says:

    GOOOOOO USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a la chingada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. ThatKidnandez says:

    One of the mexican players has a puffy eye… did lando fight someone?

  37. Marcus says:

    God…fabian johnson is having a shocker so far…

  38. matt says:

    Seriously? Howard makes a very routine save and the commentators on this site gush over it. Wow howard!!!! And jones completely bails out our centerbacks and nothinf

  39. Patrick says:

    Jesus Crown pulls out the miracle save.

  40. Phil B says:

    EJ has some ups! Should be up after that one, though.

  41. ThatKidnandez says:

    People question landon commitment yet he’s out there playing with a black eye

  42. petedx says:

    Beckermann should wait ’till after the game before getting high

  43. Adam says:

    Bedoya had to take a card for Beckerman could not react maybe pulled back by the weight of the dreads.

  44. Griff says:

    Tense albeit uneventful half

    Liked Eddie getting back on D
    Fabian and Jermaine were very good as was Timmy Howard

  45. David M says:

    Let’s hope the team wakes up in the second half. Way too slow. Almost looked like they were playing scared. This is the second game in a row when the team came out very unprepared. Luckily, unlike Costa Rica, Mexico couldn’t take advantage of it.

    • Bac says:

      It looks like both teams are playing at 3/4 speed.. heat & humidity I guess…
      We look slow, and this definitely isn’t the Mexico team I’m used to seeing

  46. Bac says:

    For someone who is right footed, Fabian Johnson sure seems better with his left foot

  47. Adam says:

    I just have a bad feeling about this game and the timid way the USA is playing

    • Paul says:

      They weren’t timid. Mexico was always gonna come out with full force. They weathered the storm and started playing better towards the end of the half.

  48. Adam says:

    First half was a chess game, imo

  49. Zobob says:

    I’m glad the capos are at the game so I can hear some guy yelling next to the microphone by himself.

  50. Doug says:

    For those wondering about Landon’s black eye, Grant Wahl says he has an eye infection.

  51. Amru says:

    The only meaningful possession we have is when dempsey drops into the midfield. We need someone in the midfield to impose themselves on the game. Hurry back MB

  52. Bklyn says:

    Not to be jingoisitic, but: Are there really no American announcers available? No doubt it is because I’m on edge watching this game, but I really don’t need Ian Darke’s condescension and Jorge Ramos’s disdain for the USMNT to accompany the play. Seriously, these guys are killing me.

  53. Shawn says:


    sub MIX in for beckerman!!!

  54. YO says:

    How much longer do we have to watch Dempsey fall down…get AJ in there! Not good that MP just coming for FJ.

  55. ThatKidnandez says:

    Goodness gracious great balls of fire is that parkhurst?

  56. Brent McD says:

    Eddie Johnson is a Grown A$$ Man!

  57. Adam says:


  58. Shawn says:


  59. Marcus says:

    You gotta imagine Corona will be dropped after such a horrific decision. Nowhere near that corner…thanks for that!

  60. TomG says:

    EJ has become the second incarnation of Brian McBride in the air.

  61. divers suck says:

    All of you EJ haters can pee up a rope!!!

  62. ThatKidnandez says:

    Iceman!!!! Now!

  63. Steve-o says:

    EJ’s hurt – Bacon time!?!? Beggin beggin beggin bacon BACON!!!!

  64. ThatKidnandez says:

    Because i got high because I got high…. beckermans thoughts at the moment

  65. YO says:

    Who is keeping track of the times Dempsey has beenon the grass? I am willing to bet it outnumbers the positive touches he had all night.

  66. Joe A. says:

    Beckerman: “I’d rather be playing in Jamaica”

  67. ThatKidnandez says:

    Landon is our new lm/lb

  68. atletico man says:

    Am I wrong here or has Goodson been rock solid?

  69. ThatKidnandez says:

    Mix? We want iceman!

  70. ThatKidnandez says:

    Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandon DOS A CERO! 2-0!

  71. Brent McD says:

    beautiful goal. Mixx made that. Dos a Cero!!!

  72. Adam says:

    Dos a cero!!!

  73. Shawn says:


  74. Mason says:

    DOS A CERO!!!

  75. Adam says:

    some fast typing mfs here

  76. TomG says:

    Sick touch from Mixx!!

  77. Griff says:


  78. ThatKidnandez says:

    Graham Zusi you ruined my night

  79. ed - houston says:

    Turn out the lights, the party’s just begun. If Panama lose the US are in…….

  80. divers suck says:

    Again. All of you EJ haters can piss up a rope!!

    • meowmix says:

      Agreed. They’re still living 5 years ago. EJ shows every game how good he is and no one seems to notice. Great hold up player, good skill, almost always beats people one on one and gets a good cross off, and definitely the best player we have in the air.

    • TomG says:

      Ha! I’m happy to eat some crow on this one. I still don’t think he makes great decisions with the ball at his feet, but man is he sublime in the air!

  81. Brent McD says:

    sure would be nice if someone would tell us how much 2nd half stoppage time….

  82. TomG says:


  83. Steve-o says:

    Now that we have qualified probably, we can play some bacon time and other Newbies

  84. Griff says:

    haha Costa Rica tied

    I do not want them at the top

  85. Brent McD says:

    Penalty! Tres a Cero?

  86. ThatKidnandez says:


  87. Mason says:

    Did Dempsey miss that on purpose?

  88. Adam says:

    gd Dempsey

  89. Steve-o says:

    Damn, no more Pks for Dempsey

  90. Joe A. says:

    Jesus Christ, why is dempsey taking pk’s

  91. Adam says:

    Never again let that douchbag take a pk in us history

  92. petedx says:

    Let’s hope that miss was on purpose, sadly I think it was not

  93. YO says:

    How ironic, Dempsey falls to the grass for the last time on the night and get a penalty awarded — He deserve to miss it.

  94. Benny says:

    Dos a cero and you will like it Mexico.

  95. Shawn says:

    Again. All of you EJ haters can piss up a rope!!
    i wouldnt say hate i like him but i think at least 3 strikers are better right now and they are younger

  96. Bryan says:

    Sooo…when does Donovan start taking the PKs again?

  97. Adam says:

    That would’ve been the humiliating touch against Mexico

  98. Steve-o says:

    I don’t always score goals, but when I do, I prefer Dos A Cero

  99. Benny says:

    Please, no more penalty taking by demps.

  100. biff says:

    I will eat crow. Eddie Johnson was excellent and Jermaine Jones was man of the match. This team can do quite well, thank you, even without Michael Bradley and three other starters. And Mix Diskerud has just booked his ticket to Brazil and, yeah, and no more PKs for Clint.

  101. Paul Miller says:

    So, we’re in and Mexico is sweating, hoping it can hold fourth.

  102. Brett says:

    Mexico was in shambles. If we had Jozy or AJ on instead of Dempsey we score 4 or more.

    I still can’t believe he missed that PK. He knows he sucks at taking them. I wouldn’t even want him as one of my 5 in a shootout.

    Then again, maybe he did it on purpose to preserve the 2-0 score.

    • Scott e Dio93 says:

      I agree. Dempsey isn’t a forward and not very good penalties.

    • Neruda says:

      Doubt it. He looked tired. His approach to the ball was so slow. Penalties need to be hit with decisiveness. That was very poor at the end of the game. Dempsey should had Jones or mix take it. He was too gassed.

      Other than that Dempsey had some good moments and was hacked to pieces much of the game.

      • Brett says:

        His “good moments” were few and far between, and generally a result of several deflections in a crowded space.

        He does not move off the ball well at all. He drifts instead of attacking space, and he leaves himself in traffic waiting to pick up the ball instead of passing and moving. I’ve really grown tired of seeing his low work rate. It was forgivable when he was on form and pulling out wondergoals, but now we need more effort than he can, apparently, provide.

    • Patavia says:

      Deuce missed that penalty on purpose. It was obvious with his approach that it was the sportsmanlike action to take. Klinsi even nodded in agreement afterwards.

  103. Scott e Dio93 says:


  104. Chupacabra says:

    ESPN sent Jorge Ramos home early. Good riddance. His Mexi-homer commentary is annoying and worthless.

  105. Adam says:

    Panama 1-1 Honduras

  106. Squatchy? says:

    Panama now 1-1 with Honduras. Even if Panama were to win this game (am not expecting that), won’t be the worst thing to see Mexico fall into 5th place, even if it means we have to wait to officially qualify.

  107. TomG says:

    Great job by Klinsi, completely out managing his counterpart. JJ, Beckerman bossed the midfield. EJ was huge. Deuce and Bedoya were strong on the ball, LD was tireless and skillful and the back line was organized and disciplined. Timmy was magnificent in keeping up in the game in vintage Timmy form. Mixx was the shiny cherry on top.

  108. Paul says:

    – I have just one word: DEPTH. Bedoya, Beckerman, Mixx, Parkhurst. All played hard and all played well.
    – I thought this was one of Gonzalez best defensive games against a tough opponent. He partnered well with Goodson.
    – JJ atoned for Friday’s stinker against CR.
    – Not sure what to think of Dempsey. Yes, he was targeted every time he touched the ball, but was really ineffective for most of the match.

  109. Adam says:

    Honduras 2-1 Panama

  110. Brent McD says:

    Holy cr@p! Panama just tied Honduras in the 91st minute

  111. Adam says:

    We’re in; congrats JK and players

  112. AC says:

    World Cup bound!

  113. Adam says:

    Wow, Lalas just called Dempsey a great PK taker

  114. Mike R says:

    Theres a song played at a local sporting event here in Chicago and its appropriate for Mexico it goes like this…

    Sha na na na Sha na na na hey hey hey GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!

    If im Mexico I never call Vela up ever again after he abandoned them in their hour of greatest need.