Must-See Goal: RB Leipzig

Red Bull Leipzig crest

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20 Responses to Must-See Goal: RB Leipzig

  1. Looked like they were lining up for an onside kick. Interesting play.

  2. Jim says:

    Damn!! That’s some serious aggressive attacking pressure. Love it.

  3. sams says:

    Disrespectful to the beautiful game. The coach should leave this nonsense in The Might Ducks where it belongs.

  4. JJ says:

    That’s hilarious

  5. Josh says:

    I love it. Why not try to get an early goal? And it’s not particularly tricky. I mean, the other team can see all the RBL players lining up to charge downfield after the kickoff. So what you basically get is a set-play from midfield that has roughly the same effect as a corner-kick, only with the GK much less likely to come out for the ball. If the other team clears it, they clear it, but you’ve still got enough players back to avoid getting caught on the break.

  6. Dean Stell says:

    Goodness…..I assume the clip had to end because the keeper decided to fight his other 10 teammates to the death. Someone stop the darn ball. Pathetic.

  7. markwriter says:

    Sweeeeet. That looked to be nine seconds or so.

    I just googled what the record was and saw a video of Fred from Brazil scoring in 3.17 seconds

  8. Chris says:

    That’s the craziest kick-off I’ve ever seen.

  9. TomM says:

    What took so long?

  10. Al says:

    Glad to see Red Bull destroying soccer club identities across the world. Maybe some day we’ll get Red Bull Barcelona playing Red Bull Madrid in a Red Bull classico.

  11. Jeff Fulton says:

    Same tactic is used in every U-6 AYSO game.

  12. Mysterious J says:

    Actually, they are NOT officially called “Red Bull”. German rules do not allow corporate names (don’t tell Bayer Leverkusen!). Therefore, the RB stands for RasenBallsport!