Goodson, Corona headline list of USMNT replacements for Mexico qualifier

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The rash of yellow cards that led to a handful of suspensions on the U.S. Men’s National Team for Tuesday’s match vs. Mexico forced Jurgen Klinsmann to call in reinforcements and he wasn’t shy about calling the cavalry.

Joe Corona, Jose Torres, Clarence Goodson and Brad Davis have been called in as replacements for the team, stepping in for suspended regulars Jozy Altidore, Matt Besler and Geoff Cameron, as well as injured star midfielder Michael Bradley, who has officially been ruled out of the Mexico match.

The U.S. team also released German-born defender John Brooks, who leaves the club still not having been cap-tied to the United States. He still has the option of playing for Germany or the USA.

Brooks departure makes it very likely that Clarence Goodson will be called on to start alongside Omar Gonzalez against Mexico. That was supposed to be the centerback tandem that faced Mexico in March before an injury forced Goodson out of the eventual scoreless draw at Estadio Azteca.

What do you think of the replacements? Happy to see Goodson called in? Think Corona and Torres can make a difference? Disappointed to not see Sacha Kljestan called in?

Share your thoughts below.


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224 Responses to Goodson, Corona headline list of USMNT replacements for Mexico qualifier

  1. James Fine says:

    Brooks released right when he could possibly start for the U.S.? Slightly suspicious I would say

  2. Frank says:

    Only one I don’t understand is Davis. Definitely don’t think he was needed and I don’t think he’ll see the field

  3. AC says:

    No surprises really. Davis played in the first game in Mexico (0-0 tie). Surprised Goodson wasn’t called in the first place for both games. Torres with experience against Mexico, and of course Corona who plays in Mexico. Don’t know how much playing they’ll receive outside of Goodson, but hope they go with the 4-4-2 from the start.

    • Long Time Listener says:

      I wasn’t. Goodson scares the living daylights out of me. His picture above says it all. A frightened deer-like creature constantly in headlights.

  4. euroman says:

    Has to be addition by subtraction if anyone saw the match last night!

  5. John says:

    I like Torres and Corona but I don’t really see where they would fit into the line up. I don’t understand not bringing in a Kljestan unless Bradley isn’t that bad. I don’t really understand not bringing in another striker either even if its Wondo on the bench.

  6. Ah says:

    Off topic but this has been bugging me…

    Tim Howard gets a free pass in player ratings. That third goal was horrible. Not the failure to stop the shot, which is always tough on a breakaway, but his utter failure to read the play beforehand. That ball came from the top of the Costa Rica box and tooled almost to our 18 yard box before the C.R. player even touched it. Howard failing to come off his line and clear the danger with his feet before the C.R. player ever got there was inexcusable.

    I know we might not want to split the locker room over a switch, but does anyone believe that Howard is a better keeper than Guzan at this point in their careers?

    • Ah says:

      Rolled, not “tooled”.

    • AC says:

      Howard is a great keeper but can stay on his line too much. Granted, he should have come out on that 3rd goal, but I was a little more perplexed on the 2nd one where he just seemed to freeze and not attempt to dive. He can have some incredible saves and then some where he’ll freeze on a goal and watch it go in. A lot of countries would still love him as their keeper compared to their options, but I agree, I think Guzan is on par, if not better, right now.

    • John says:

      I’ve watched a good amount of Guzan last season and I’d say right now its a coin toss. However they seem to be going in different directions, so maybe you just make the change now.

    • bryan says:

      People need to stop complaining about Howard because you look ridiculous. The guy was not to blame for the goals. He also made multiple key saves to prevent an even higher score line. It wasn’t his best game but come on people…

      • Ah says:

        Bryan, Howard is an excellent goalkeeper but he absolutely was at fault for the third goal. And Guzan, for me, is better right now.

        • bryan says:

          right, Howard is at fault because his defense left him 1v1…

          i understand he almost got it and then it went under his legs. but to BLAME him for Campbell coming in 1v1 is absolutely ridiculous.

          • Matt says:

            Not Blaming Howard for not coming off a line that went literally penalty area to penalty area is absolutely absurd. My keepers in U13 soccer would have cleared that for crying out loud, Howard is going downhill Guzan at this moment in time is much better. Howard has been playing poorly even with his club, wheres Guzan has been phenomenal

            • bryan says:

              Well he was a good 8 yards off his line, it’s not like he did nothing. I also don’t count, “my U-3 team would do better than that,” as any sort of real response.

              All I’m saying is to blame Howard for that goal is nuts.

              • matt says:

                Again it is a routine off the line save. No forward in the world should EVER get to that ball. Howard had a beat on it. Heck even Hussain Bolt shouldnt reach that ball before any competant keeper

    • Georg says:

      Howard’s best days are behind him. I would be much happier to see Rimando between the pipes. Outside of free kicks 20-25 meters out, where his size hurts him no keeper in the U.S. is better.

      • Ah says:

        I wouldn’t go with Rimando but damn if it isn’t a pleasure to watch that man distribute the ball.

      • bryan says:

        so Howard’s best days are behind him but Rimando’s aren’t? they’re both 34 and Howard plays in the EPL. i happen to agree his best days are behind, he’s 34, that makes sense. but to say you prefer Rimando because of that makes no sense. i like Rimando, but that logic is so flawed.

        i’m not even a Howard fanboy but some of the comments about him are incredibly knee-jerk.

      • bryan says:

        so Howard’s best days are behind him but Rimando’s aren’t? they’re both 34 and Howard plays in the EPL. i happen to agree his best days are behind, he’s 34, that makes sense. but to say you prefer Rimando because of that makes no sense. i like Rimando, but that logic is so flawed and to call him the best US keeper is ridiculous.

        i’m not even a Howard fanboy but some of the comments about him are incredibly knee-j3rk (yes, i had to moderate that…).

    • David M says:

      While I also think Guzan is a better keeper right now than Howard, I’ve just watched the replay of the third goal, and there is no way on earth Howard could’ve possibly gotten to the ball before the Costa Rica player.

  7. Noodles says:

    That’s why I was so upset to see AJ brought into the Costa Rica game instead of Brooks. The game was already lost at that point, and Johansson was already tied to the team. If Klinsmann had put in Brooks, it would have cap-tied him and there would have been at least one positive coming out of an otherwise poor showing. Now Klinsmann (and the rest of us) have to stress over whether or not Germany will come back for Brooks.

    • Oh No! says:

      He could have saved Besler by subbing him out and subbing in John Brooks. It was a poor showing of coaching in JK part but there’s nothing else but to move on and hope we don’t at least lose to Mexico.

      • beto says:

        +1 jurgen did not manage the card situation very well. as soon as the game go out of hand i would have taken Besler, Cameron or any of the other carded players off.. the drop off to Brooks or Beckerman wouldn’t have hurt our chances, and we could have cap tied JAB… the Jozy situation was just stupid. i blame Jozy for that one..

      • Long Time Listener says:

        This^ EXACTLY what I was thinking while I was screaming at my laptop.

    • USAmr says:

      I felt this was possibly Klinsmann’s biggest mistake of the evening. Why not cap tie him at that point?

    • Mister JC says:

      Don’t allow yourself to believe that Klinsmann just overlooked an opportunity to cap tie Brooks. These kinds of things are discussed well in advance. This was probably just Klinsmann giving Brooks the chance to do two things: 1, except a call up to an “A” game, and 2, experience what it’s like to be with the US team camp for a game that matters…

      • Long Time Listener says:

        What are the laws regarding involuntary commitment in your state?

        Are you freaking kidding me?? Anyone who believe those two things is a fric—no, you must be winding us all up. lol, funny you!

  8. Oh No! says:

    We don’t have a true RB and JK doesn’t call either Lichaj or Chandler smh I’ll be surprise if we draw not a good September at all.

  9. Jeff says:

    I’m surprised that Torres and Corona both got called ahead of Kljestan given his form of late.

  10. rainORshine says:

    yes Ives – i am disappointed not to see kljestan. thank you for asking. going to assume he only called players already in north america for logistical reasons.

    would love to hear a discussion about sacha on your pod cast

    just does not add up that this guy has been ignored at every turn since JK took over

    1 start in 2 years

    • John says:

      Kljestan is in New York at the US open via his twitter

      • Ah says:

        Sacha deserves more, I’d agree. While he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire on previous chances with the national team, I think he’s always been competent and those who say he’s blown his chances are exaggerating.

        • John says:

          Half the time he has been put on the wing where he doesn’t even play. I don’t know why you’d expect too much from him playing out of position.

      • rainORshine says:

        well, i guess he didnt bring his cleats

  11. Oh No! says:

    Isn’t Brad Davis injured? Where’s Kljestan? Jurgen what are you doing!!!!!!!!

  12. Ryan says:

    Considering Kljestan has never played an impactful game for the Nats against a good team, I’m OK with it.

  13. John says:

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Unless Donovan just puts this team on his back we’ll be lucky to get a draw.

  14. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Repeat Gold Cup’s midfield with some Euro : Beckerman Mix

    F. Johnson Donovan Bedoya

    Kevin Bacon has start over Eddie Johnson, Eddie Johnson is worthless stronger teams.

    If Aquino kicking Beasley’s ass on left, then move F. Johnson to leftback.

    • John says:

      I wouldn’t even mind if he just put the whole Gold Squad out there. They played together for a month.

      • Scott e Dio93 says:

        Just forward position is minor issue, Eddie Johnson isn’t top international forward, Aron is a streak and has natural understanding with teamates.

        • John says:

          Actually Aron hasn’t scored in his last couple starts for AZ and half his streak were PKs anyway. Look I’m excited about him too but we need to stop jumping on every young player as the one to save us.
          EJ had good chemistry with Donovan during the Gold Cup and has been preforming well.

  15. ANM says:

    I know he’s been used on the left more often, but I’d consider pairing Torres with Jones in the center midfield.

  16. Ah says:

    Beasley shocked me by putting in some solid performances at left back for us over the last year but we have got to find a better option or two there before Brazil.

  17. Mike in Missouri says:

    All we need is a draw. I mean a win would be nice to clinch it (and keep Mexico down), but a draw, provided Panama doesn’t win @ Honduras (fat chance) and we still clinch against Jamaica in KC.

  18. David M says:

    Strange choices. Hopefully neither Torres nor Corona nor Davis see the field on Tuesday. Is Orozco going to start at right back again?

  19. user222 says:

    this is a disaster….

    • Ah says:

      I’m worried about this game. Mexico might play a decent game now that the players successfully scapegoated Chepo.

  20. Len says:

    I don’t mind the CR loss so much as the fact that the accumulated yellow cards have removed three valuable players from consideration and we still don’t know about Bradley , whose absence would be a huge loss (I’m hoping, but you can’t expect a player to risk further injury unless the injury is very minor). Add to this Dempsey’s limited fitness and the “captain precedent” which tends to require that he start as well as JJ’s poor form lately and it appears that we are not exactly at our best. JJ will probably start and we have to hope he steps it up.

    I’d be concerned about a Goodsen/Gonzalez pairing against Mexico (I’d be happier with them against a team with more aerial presence such as Panama) (I know Chicharito is good in the air but that’s more about him finding open spots and it’s a marking issue more than height) because I think the Mexicans may just run around these larger men. Although he had a bad game at RB, I think Orozco still might warrant a CB spot especially if Parkhurst is doing OK in practice. Would like to see FJ at LB with either Mix or Corona in the middle with JJ. Donovan and Bedoya or Zusi on the wings, CD withdrawn striker and I’d settle for EJ up front (despite the flak he takes for slowing the atttack when not up top, he actually wins head balls and his holdup play is not that bad. OK with AJ (it’s really about what he does in practice and none of us see that) but really how can any of us think he should start after what, 30 minutes or so of USMNT experience?

  21. Len says:

    Almost forgot. As far as I could tell, the only Mexican player with yellow card accumulation is Torrado, I think. Is his absence likely to have a major effect on their style of play or chance of success?

  22. Ah says:

    Goodson and Omar might be too similar to pair well at center back. I prefer a ball winner to be paired with a more cerebral back. That’s what Besler gives us, but with him out I might pair Omar or Goodson with Geoff Cameron.

  23. Len says:

    Sorry. Reading comprehension. Missed “Bradley who has been officially ruled out of the Mexico match”.

  24. Jeffh says:

    Did JK slip and fall on his head? Where Lichaj, Chandler and Kljestian????

    • Bobb says:

      With red hot Juan Agudelo, being snubbed while mediocre players like Goodson and Brad freakin Davis are called in.

  25. beto says:

    Bradley being officially ruled out is terrible.. not too excited about watching Beckerman and Jones in the midfield but it could work. Still Believe.

    Mexico is going to attack the hell out of our full backs, glad to see Goodson back on the team as there will be a lot of crosses.

    • John says:

      Does Mexico have to go for 3 points from this one? If so maybe we just go with a very defensive lineup and hope to counter. I’m kind of coming to terms with this one being a loss. Just hope everyone is healthy in a month and get the 3 points in KC.

      • todd says:

        Mexico needs a win to keep qualification in sight. After the US, they play home against Panama and then away against Costa Rica. Both tough games. That said, I have a hard time thinking JK is going to play defensively at home.

      • Dirk McQuigley says:

        With only 8 points, Mexico probably needs at least 7 to have a shot at clinching a spot or ending up in the playoff against New Zealand. Lose this game, and they need lots of help to even get that third or fourth spot. The other thing working against them is their pitiful home record in the Hex, 0-3-1 with a -1 GD. They have two road matches, at the US and CR, and a home match with Panama, a team they twice lost to at the Gold Cup. Can they win three straight? Clearly they have the talent but unless they get a result on Tuesday, they’re watching the Mundial on TV.

    • todd says:

      Why does everyone commenting here think Beckerman AND Jones will be playing at the same time? Aren’t both typically “destroyer” CMs?

  26. Ilya says:

    With Brooks release we have Goodson-Gonzales in the center and Orozko as a backup. What will happen if one of them will be injured? It is scary.

  27. Jj says:

    Why can’t fabian Johnson play right back? He did it at azteca in 2012. I would love to see FJ as the RB and then maybe have zusi and bedoya on the wings and landon as a forward with clint. But seriously FJ as the RB would be ok right? I mean he is right footed so why not

    • todd says:

      I think you’re onto something. Bedoya could play RB actually since he’s been playing defensively for Nantes. I see that happening. I doubt Brad Davis is being called in to warm the bench. He is Houston’s all-time assists leader.

      Potential Line-up:


      • bryan says:

        ONE game is not “playing defensively for Nantes.” come on dude. he’s played a traditional RM since the ONE game he played at RWB.

  28. Jj says:

    Ives what do you think about the FJ at RB idea???

  29. Jj says:

    I feel you but putting bedoya at RB I think is too experimental and risky for a qualifier against mexico. And davis is just not skilled. Enough to start. I mean he’s a great player but overall he just doesn’t hav the complete skill set to start. Maybe corona but idk. At least with fJ at RB ur gonna have someone whose an actual defender in the bundesliga. He just provides more safety.

    • todd says:

      Do you really think Beasley has locked down the LB position though? I can imagine Klinsmann having nightmares about that set piece going in off of Beasley’s head. What other options does he have at LB other than FJ?

    • bryan says:

      correct, it is silly to think Bedoya can play RB simply because he played RWB in a 5-man defense…a formation we don’t even remotely play…one time.

  30. Mike R says:

    The three players carded by count Chocula were all carrying cards. Coincidence ? I think not.
    Jozy made a dumb move, BUT was it really a yellow without prior warning? No! Count Chocula was obviously gunning for him!!!!!!

    • jacknut says:

      It was a yellow. Every ref has to make that call. That’s all on Altidore.

    • ur an idiot says:

      very deserving of a yellow

    • u b r-tard says:

      very deserving of a yellow actually

    • Dirk McQuigley says:

      It was a stupid foul. Those kind of classless fouls deserve to be called. That being said, the yellow against Besler was ridiculous. Other than not red-carding the CR keeper for being the last defender who fouled Fabian Johnson, the refereeing was adequate by CONCACAF standards. These are the kind of stupid fouls that Altidore made at Hull a few years ago. I thought he was grown up. Obviously he hasn’t. And the team will suffer for his immaturity.

  31. Jj says:


    Ok ik landon is better as a forward but u need width! Lack of dynamic wingers killed us against CR. if u hav EJ and clint up top, thats two target forwards that can get in the box and be able to get great service and crosses from LD and bedoya. Plus EJ’s speed and Clint’s passing compliment each other well. And from a tactical standpoint, each of your 4 attackers can inerchange/ overlap and swap positions with each other if necessary of if there caught out of position. U need beckerman only bc JJ can be a spaz at times and sometimes get caught forward. With beckerman, ik he doesn’t look like the best option, but he always stays back and can slow down the pace of the game and stand as a true consistent #6. If need be, MIx can always come in as a sub to provide offense and pace. And If EJ is ineffective, put in JOhannsson in the second half. He just may provide a spark and just a different element

    • todd says:

      this lineup confuses me because you’re setting up in an attacking mindset yet playing TWO defensive central midfielders? JJ is horrible going forward (we saw that against CR) and is too hesitant to make decisive passes on the ground. I could see Beckerman replacing him to start the game especially after his stinker in CR.

    • BrianVT says:

      Do you have any idea what it does to your credibility when you write in text-speak? It’s bad enough that you don’t know what you’re talking about… …but to also not know how to not know what you’re talking about??? Sheesh.

      • Drew says:

        This jj cat is a moron beckercakes is absolutely worthless. Go with corona or Torres attack el tri. They can’t hold the ball

  32. Jj says:

    I mean he rlly doesn’t. This is a bad situation but at least beasley has the experience of these games. The thing abt Beasley is he has pace. And klinnsman also has castillo too. Ik he may be a train wreck ready to happen but they both play in liga MX and aren’t terrible options. But Beasley has the spread to keep up with anyone from mexico so thts y u just need him there

  33. Natsalways says:

    I saw a picture on another site of Bradley’s injury and it was pretty gruesome. He has been my favorite player for a long time: I am praying the injury is not as severe as the picture made it look. Get well, Mike! We need you!

  34. Bac says:

    1. Don’t read into Brooks being released early, that was agreed on before he was called in
    2. Article this week – Timmy Chandler was recently demoted to the “b” team. He said this week was the low point of his career and hoped he could regain his spot so JK will consider calling him up in the near future. I can’t see why everyone is still infatuated with him.. he’s off his game
    3. The most likely reason Brad was called in and not Sasha probably means JK is thinking of playing Fabian Johnson at LB or RB… therefore another outside mid for the scrimmage squad

    Look guys, everyone played terribly. Picking out your favorite whipping boy right now is useless when an entire team $h!t$ the bed.

    JK made 2 questionable decisions to start. Orozco over Cam, but I’m sure he did it to save Cam to use as a sub to save MB, JJ, or Besler late from a yellow.
    So when Bradley went down, we got what 75% of you have been asking for, Cam at CM, and he was just as bad as everyone else….
    The 2nd was starting Deuce and Donovan up top together without a pure striker. Go back and look at all the comments when Jozy was scratched.. at least half of the predicted lineups on here wanted Deuce and Donovan up top….
    It wasn’t a mistake to put in Jozy down 2-1. He obviously wasn’t ready to go 90 so it’s not a bad sub, it was stupid for Jozy to get that yellow

    JK has made a lot of decisions that put us on a good path, well he gets paid to make decisions when the chips are down too…

    The talk of replacing your captain at a time like this is ludicrous. What u do is rally, and JK should have a private talk with him and lay out his expectations and challenge him in a positive way… in private

    Last week everyone was pontificating how deep we could go in Brazil, and now people are scared we won’t qualify, we stink, The Captain should be replaced, the keeper should be replaced, everyone should be replaced….

    I even read a good number of posts that said the field was too dangerous and the game shouldn’t have been played… sounds like some sour grapes after SnowClassico… come on man…..

    The game is over.. and it was a collective breakdown….
    We got a tough match against a wounded dangerous animal…

    And WHEN we win, you know what everyone will be saying?
    This team has so much character and guts and guys stepped up and we should be proud!!!!

    Forget last night… it’s over

  35. H says:

    what is the yellow card rule? two yellows during the whole Hex and your suspended for a game or is it two in a certain amount of games?

  36. H says:

    i would have brought it Klestjan and Bocanegra

  37. Alex says:

    Depending on the formation, I could see:




  38. Abel says:

    ——————————————————- Eddie—————————————————–
    Fabian————————Omar——————————–Goodson———————Orozco —————————————————–Howard——————————————————

    • EspinDOHla says:

      Looks good but I don’t see JK dropping Jones.

    • jd says:

      Didn’t we clearly see that Zusi and Orozco do NOT work together. Parkhurst? Jones is a bruiser – so make him one who sits behind Diskerud. Beckerman is just too slow to cover this ground especially against a team which always seems to be faster than we are. Eddie Johnson? Don’t see him being effective unless he is the second option where he can fly under the radar. Can we just clearly see that whatever notion we had of the team clicking over the last however many games of this streak comes down to chemistry? Klin has never had EVERYONE together and it is clear this will take some time to balance.

    • YO says:

      I would sy no EJ but we need the hight and would take Dempsey out and replace with AJ and there is no way JK leaves JJ out. Beasley is also inand i think Zusi is out and Donovan moves and Fabian keeps hs position. The only head scracher is Orozco, JK need to look at the match ups and go from there.

  39. Birgit Calhoun says:

    I don’t understand why Jones should be playing. Shouldn’t he as a midfielder have supplied good passes to the “four strikers?” Either he is not that good or he doesn’t know what he is doing in the position he was supposed occupy. Beckerman would do much better. I don’t understand why Klinsmann doesn’t see why the B team won all those games. The players are more compatible. How does he not see that someone like Jones would still be zonked from jet-lag. Many of those players had little playing time in the position they were supposed to play. Give me the B team any day. They would have won he game.

    • Matt says:

      or his other midfield partner didnt do squat the entire game so Jones was able to play his role as he was covering two central midfield positions?

    • Drew says:

      Yo dog your post is prolly the dumbest thing I have ever read. Jones is our best option at cm right now with Bradley out.

    • David M says:

      The B team won all those games because they played at home against the likes of Belize, Cuba, and Panama.

    • Paul Miller says:

      Our B team would have beaten Costa Rica’s A team? You are free to think that all you like, but others are free not to agree.

      Points of comparison. Look how Donovan dominated the Gold Cup. What did he do against CR? What was our best game in the Gold Cup – probably the win over Panama in the finals? How did Panama get to the finals? By bringing an A- team. Ives called that one before the first kickoff. How is Panama doing against A teams in the Hex?

  40. Pullingthegoalie says:

    Klinsman is starting to lose it again. Brad Davis. He’ll call up Spector and put him midfield. He had good run when he played at West Ham. I would take Adu over Davis any day.

  41. eric says:

    God help us.

  42. Gino Panterista says:

    Klinsy should call Benny Feilhaber to USMNT cause he had a lot of xperienceใ

  43. biff says:

    Goodson, Corona and Torres is exactly what I expected. (Goodson should have been called in in the first place ahead of the rookie Brooks.) Surprised by Davis, though, after calling in two other midfielders. I would have called in Wondow. Yes, I am serious. If Klinsmann absolutely had to have Davis, then leave off either Corona or Torres. If yellow card accumulation from the group stage is valid, then Goodson is sitting on a yellow card, I believe.

    P.S. I am still hating on the new posts starting at the top of the list. Very, very irritating to have to read from the bottom up if you want to enjoy the chronological flow of comments, as I do.

    • Yevgeniy says:

      +1,000,000. I absolutely hate the reverse order and I now actually read fewer comments because of that

      • biff says:

        I also now read fewer comments, because with the new ones on top it is sort of an reflex reaction to go to them first. And as you read down the list, from new to the older comments, something is lost in the translation and I now often give up before reaching the bottom and move on to the next story, something I seldom did before under the “old not-improved version,” except when I was faced with a lot of boring comments from GW, in which case, I usually also quit reading. (Just joking—-not.)

        Of course, SBI, like Klinsmann, is the boss and can do whatever in the heck he wants. But it would be interesting to have a reader poll and see which format comes up, pardon the pun, on top.

      • YO says:

        You are right not it only take me a couple of minutes rather than 15 or 20 because I only read the top three or four.

  44. biff says:

    Unlike others on this board, I think Klinsmann did the right thing not cap-tying John Anthony Brooks. And, actually, as far as we know it might have been a gentleman’s agreement before the Costa Rica match that he comes in and sees what it’s like playing in Central America from the bench with a promise from Klinsmann that he would not get called into the game for the last 30 seconds to be cap-tied the rest of his young life. And then with that experience Brooks flies home to Germany and skips the Mexico qualifier and then digests the whole thing and decides what he truly wants to do in his heart.

    Under normal circumstances Brooks would have never been called for these important WCQ games with Costa Rica and Mexico over Goodson, because right now, despite all the silly hype from some USMNT fans, there is no way that Brooks is a better option in a key game than Clarence Goodson, who surprised with good performances in the Gold Cup. Not saying Goodson is great. He’s not, and is a chance Mexico will beat him bad. Nonetheless, he is generally solid and he is experienced and he can pass out of the back. Heck, Bocanegra would be a better option against Mexico than Brooks, but apparently Klinsmann has not yet forgiven Boca, as he has other players.

    • JoeW says:

      Well said.

      1. It’s a powerful statement (even if unintended) when guys who have never played for the US or even lower US programs come in and start big NT matches with no real prep (and that would have been the case with Brooks). Even if it isn’t intended to send this message, every other CB in the US pool would read “coach doesn’t like me/coach is biased against me.” It’s one thing when you get the start b/c you’ve been in a couple of camps or trotted out in a friendly or even played 15 minutes at the end of a match. It’s another when 3/4ths of the guys in the pool haven’t seen you play or haven’t played with you and suddenly you start.
      2. Soccer is the ultimate team game. I’m just not a big fan of throwing guys in to starting situations when they haven’t had at minimum…multiple practices if not a friendly or even minutes in a match here or there to work out an understanding. That’s especially true of positions like: CB, central midfield or strikers where you often play in tandem with another player (or in a triangle). Less of an issue with outside backs and mids. But there is so much that is about getting a feel for how the guy next to you plays….how you play offside, how you cover for each other, how you communicate on the field (especially when it’s too loud to be heard easily) that you can’t get by a meeting or watching film.

    • YO says:

      Yes…and after that performance, Brooks is changing his mind and is glad he did not play.

  45. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Don’t see this fetish of Dempsey being for a forward! Dempsey isn’t properly fit to start and Dempsey suck as a forward.

    Eddie Johnson sucks! No more! Coach’s pet (Eddie Johnson)


    Torres Donovan Bedoya

    Beckerman Mix

    F.Johnson Gonzalez Goodson Orozco?

    In case, USNT sucks creating from left flank, Klinsmann could sub Beasley for Torres, move F. Johnson to the midfield. Or lacks control from the midfield, Torres could move to central role, sub one DMs. Gold Cup USNT’s midfield was strong and won us glory.

  46. MikeV says:

    EJ to start? NO! Just doesn’t do it for me. Jones has some quality, but also has been playing awful lately. (he should sit) my picks would be these in a 4-4-2.

    These 2 are creative and could do real damage if they click.


    Have Beck stay back and allow Mix to link to the forwards. He has vision and a good touch. Bedoya can run all day if needed and can help cover on counters. If you have a problem with AJ starting then throw EJ in to run around and wear down the defenders the first half. Sub in AJ at half and see what he can do. I think he will be brilliant.

    • Jj says:

      No dempsey???????

    • OPMG says:

      This. Bedoya brings a work rate on the wing that can’t be understated at this point. He would be something Mexico would have to account for which I can’t say the same for Zusi. For me, there’s no way JK sits Dempsey and jones, but I wish he would. Individually those two are very good players, but I feel like they’ve struggled recently finding chemistry with the team on the field.

      • Jj says:

        I feel like dempsey is either hit or miss in these games. He either takes control of games and scores and provided great passes with lots of confidence, or he literally turns invisible and does nothing. JK needs to see this a see that if dempsey turns invisible in the 1st half and doesn’t really provide anything, then he needs to be subbed for someone with a high work rate and high pace. Ik he’s our best forward but sometimes dempsey just doesn’t bring it and JK needs to realize this.

        • Jj says:

          So I feel that dempsey should start, but if he has a first half where he doesn’t do anything, them JK should put AJ in right at the start of the 2nd half. He just may provide a different element and skill level that mexico is uncomfortable with and even if he doesn’t score, this may open up gaps for LD

          • MikeV says:

            In recent games, Shea has been a Mexico killer, because he is unpredictable. AJ brings that to the table from what I have seen and partnered with Donovan up top would could be exactly what would unlock the Mex defense.

            • Jj says:

              Yaa possibly. I think AJ should get a shot to start. Bring dempsey off the bench if need be. But I still think mix is a better option than Torres at CM

              • MikeV says:

                I definitely agree with Mix as a better choice. I just like the vision he has along with his passes which play the wings into open field.

              • Jj says:

                Agreed mix is better option. But idk the way jones is playing, beckerman might be a better option than jones. Beckerman doesn’t turn the ball over as much and u need a defensive mid that holds his position and doesn’t float too far foward whenever he just feels like it like jones.

              • Jj says:

                And our back line is soooo bad. We need our FB’s to be FJ and Parkhurst or FJ and Beasley. Screw orozco he can’t play fb and will get absolutely torched if he plays. We need FJ back there simple as tht.

        • Scott e Dio93 says:

          Dempsey isn’t in-form or forward.

    • Scott e Dio93 says:

      Agreed. Dempsey isn’t in-form for USNT, plus, Gold Cup base controlled every game.

  47. eh says:

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but I tried to work out the possible scenarios for qualification in the remaining games. (I believe the below are correct).

    (1) If US wins over Mex and Honduras win or tie vs. Panama, then clinch top 3
    (2) If US wins over Mex and Panama beats Honduras, then clinch 4th place finish, an additional tie afterwards would clinch top 3

    (3) If US ties Mex, then clinch top 3 with one more win or two ties

    (4) If US loses to Mex, then may need 2 wins to clinch
    (5) If US loses to Mex, then may need at least win and tie in the remaining 2 games to clinch 4th

    If Mex loses or ties US, they need help from other teams even if they win the 2 remaining games –
    Mexico may not clinch 3rd place even if they win remaining 3, but can clinch 4th (in worse case scenario for them)

    • EspinDOHla says:

      Thanks for this!

    • dan says:

      Mexico gets at least 3rd if they win remaining 3 games.

      • eh says:

        I dont think so. They could be 4th depending on tiebreaker. Consider: If Mex wins out they have 17pts.

        At the same time, if Costa Rica beats Jamaica in the next game and loses next two (to Honduras and Mexico) they would also have 17 pts.

        Continuing, the US wins the final 2 games against Jamaica and Panama after losing to Mex we would then have 19pts.

        Now finally, if Honduras wins out they would have 19 points or if they tie Panama in the next game and then win the last two they would have 17 pts.

        So in the above scenarios, if Mexico wins out they could be conceivably tied with Costa Rica for the 3rd and 4th spots or tied with Costa Rica and Honduras for 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

  48. Jj says:

    What’s with all the beckerman hate? He’s a #6 who controls possession. Rn he’s the best defensive mid option we have on this roster. JJ keeps turning the ball over and providing easy counter attack chances for the other team. He’s not this bad at schalke. He’s actually pretty good. Idk why he changes so much when he gets called in

  49. Omar says:

    For Mexico’s game i’d go with thos line-up,
    Beasley— Goodson—Gonzalez—F. Johnson

    • Jj says:

      I like this. Except I think mix is better than Torres.

      • Paul says:

        Mix is a mid who like to play higher up the field which won’t work well with JJ. Torres is a deeper lying mid which allows JJ surge forward like he tends to do a lot

      • ThatKidNandez says:

        Mix is easliy taken off the ball

    • Paul Miller says:

      Donovan on the right, Dempsey on the left, Bedoya in the middle. If Bedoya stumbles early, switch him to the right and put Donovan in the middle.

      DMs should be Jones and Diskerud, however I’d really rather have Diskerud playing ACM (given the names we have to choose from – otherwise, it should be Kljestan).

      Defenders – why, oh why can’t we play Johnson in the position he plays best; the position at which he plays better than any USMNT player before him ever has? Of all the JK oddities, that is the most puzzling to me. And it’s a solution tailor-made for our best option at left wing, who is Dempsey. We all know Dempsey will opportunistically float – up, to center, wherever. We need a LB that can cover any gaps that creates, and we have one on the roster.

  50. Jj says:

    From a tactical standpoint, the US needs to come out attacking mexico will full force and putting as many shots on goal as possible. In an environment like Columbus, u need to rattle mexico early like Costa Rica did to the US. With mexico rattled and under the intense pressure of winning a game in Columbus, they’ll make mistakes if under pressure. Idk if realize this but if mexico looses this game, the best that they could do is finish with 14 points which may not be enough points to get the 4th spot. So this is a must win for mexico and they absolutely must win or at least tie.

    • John says:

      I just don’t know if we have the midfield to do it with out Bradley. The attacking football Klinsmann wants to play is impossible with Jones constantly turning it over in our own half. Mexico probably has to go for 3 here so I say we just park the bus and hope to counter at least in the first half. It doesn’t sound great but realistically its how we’ve had success before.

  51. biff says:

    Torres played 45 minutes for Tigres yesterday, while Corona warmed the bench and k Greg Garza apparently shined in a 3-0 win playing in Castillo’s position.

    link to

  52. Andrew in tally says:

    Having watched the CR game, for me the biggest error was starting Dempsey and Donovan up front. Our two best possession players were left isolated on an island while the rest of the team struggled to hold on to the ball or kicked it long where there was no hope of either forwards reaching it. The game was over before either Dempsey or Donovan touched the ball. finally we need to settle our fullback situation.I am a big Beaseley fan but those two goals showed his limitations.

    • Paul says:

      Which two goals? The first one where he didn’t have much of a chance on a nice header? The second where it was 3 on 1 from a cross coming in from Orozco’s side? Or the third where he wasn’t involved? I’m not saying he was good or he should continue to start, but he didn’t have much to do with any of the goals

      • Andrew in tally says:

        Were we watching the same game?

        • Nate says:

          On the first goal, it was Dempsey and Besler who let the goal scorer get the clean header off with pace…would have been phenominal for anyone to have cleared it off the line with a header. Certainly, that was not a routine play.

          On the third, it was obviously Besler who got torched for speed on a 50 yard run from within his own half.

          • Brett says:

            Beas should have been closer to the post, so his contact would take the ball away from goal instead of into it.

            On the second goal he just kept falling backwards and let his man jump right over him for an easy header.

            • dawwilly says:

              Second and third goals beling to Howard and Besler. Both eere atrocious. That maybe Howard’s worst effort for the usmnt in a while.

    • Nate says:

      The goal scorer on the second goal made his run from deep midfield which should have been Jones’s mark. Besler lost his mark as well, leaving Beasley guarding 3 dudes. I know people look to assign blame after a loss like that (and for some reason, Beasley is a consistent target) but no one was above reproach during that game. Cant put it all on one guy…Team seemed shocked from losing Bradley during the warm up. That being said, they did dominate possession for the last 70 minutes…

      Good point about Dempsey and Donovan being isolated though…without MB, we had zero midfield possession, and JJ was killing us with long balls out of bounds.

      • Paul Miller says:

        Agree with the first point – players, coaches – that loss was a group effort. I would add to the second point about us controlling possession. CR is a tactically competent team. Not great, but not prone to idiotic approaches, either. When you get up by a couple goals early, it is acceptable tactics to sit back and focus on defending against the other team’s growing sense of urgency.

        Besides, by doing that, you have great opportunities at drawing the opponents too far up field, creating counter opportunities. From CR’s perspective, they obviously had some speed advantages, and there’s nothing better than finding ways to create open halves of the field in which three slower opponents are trying to defend two of your faster guys. All it takes is one moment of poor positioning and you’re creating a dangerous scoring opportunity.

        How many real scoring opportunities did we create with all our possession? A few, but unless the soccer gods are with us big-time, those handful of opportunities aren’t going to translate into the couple of needed goals most of the time.

        Possession is a defensive concept. You hold the ball to deny scoring opportunities from the other team. At some point, possession transitions into rapid penetration and hopefully a shot on goal. That’s true of Barca, Spain, the old Total Football teams, etc. So already up a couple and probably not needing to add more, Costa Rica was content to allow us to play possession. Why press the midfield and take a chance getting caught? They focused on the simpler task of preventing the penetration with their numbers back.

      • Paul Miller says:

        What a$$ came up with this comment moderation program?

  53. Paul Miller says:

    This one in Columbus will be wild. Mexico is down, but still not out. However, El Tri has been tactically dumb for a while now, so I can’t see that turning around quickly. But then there’s the reality that we’re bringing in Goodson and Corona for replacements. Oh boy. Our B+ team against a tactically poor Mexican A team. Who can call that one?

  54. EndangeredMD says:

    Tuesday Lineup

  55. EndangeredMD says:

    Lineup for Tuesday:


  56. Birgit Calhoun says:

    Goodson is fine. He should have been there to begin with. Torres is not exactly anybody I would chose, and Corona has not displayed the quality I would like to see on a US team. I would have liked to see Wondolowski in favor of Eddie Johnson. In my opinion Klinsmann’s better team would have been the B team maybe with Bradley as a sub. My favorite midfielder Beckerman. He should be supported by Diskerud. The team the way it looked on Friday was top heavy with wannabe strikers, lacking a trunk and having, i.e. no midfield, and a defense that couldn’t keep up with opposition.

  57. AlexH says:

    For all of the flack that Gonzo has been getting lately, one under-appreciated part of his game is that he hardly ever gets shown a card.