Dos a Cero Again: USMNT topple Mexico to book place in World Cup

Landon Donovan

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Dos a Cero was more than just a chant that U.S. Men’s National Team fans were singing on Tuesday night.

It was the scoreline. Again.

The Americans booked their place in next summer’s World Cup with a 2-0 win over Mexico on Tuesday night, making it four straight times that the Americans have beaten their southern rivals in a World Cup qualifier at Crew Stadium by that scoreline.

Honduras helped the U.S. secure the berth by posting a 2-2 draw vs. Panama on Tuesday night, a match that the Americans watched the tail end of in their locker room before celebrating the 2014 World Cup qualification.

“This is a huge, huge evening for all of us and we’re all extremely proud of this team,” said U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. “They gave everything tonight from the first second on. The effort, kind of how they were dedicated, how they were helping each other.”

Playing in front of an electric crowd of 24,584, the Americans used a brilliant first-half performance from Tim Howard and second-half goals from Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan to push past an El Tri team that just cannot find a way to put an end to its misery. Clint Dempsey also had an opportunity to add to the lead with a penalty kick in stoppage time, but he mis-hit what was the game’s final kick.

The victory gave the U.S. 16 points in the CONCACAF Hexagonal while leaving Mexico with eight. The Americans joined Costa Rica as teams to secure a place in the World Cup based on Tuesday’s results.

“These opportunities don’t come very often and we wanted to make the most of it,” said left back DaMarcus Beasley. “Freaky it was 2-0, but to win here, to beat Mexico and to qualify for the World Cup all in one, it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

The first half had its share of chances, but Howard was the star of the opening 45 minutes. Howard made a string of fines saves, including a stunning full-stretch dive to deny Christian Gimenez in the 19th minute.

Howard also made a pair of quality saves late in the first half to prevent the U.S. from going down. Howard made a sure-handed stop on a curling effort from Giovani Dos Santos in the 43rd minute and got down well to incredibly push away a dipping Diego Reyes header two minutes later.

“There’s a lot to say about (Howard), but obviously he’s been a great goalkeeper for the past I don’t know however many years,” said centerback Omar Gonzalez. “Tonight, he showed it.”

Offensively, the U.S. came closest to scoring on a headed effort from Eddie Johnson just after the hour-mark. Johnson rose up to meet a corner kick from Landon Donovan, but could not get the ball past Mexico goalkeeper Jose de Jesus Corona.

That was not the case four minutes after halftime. Johnson beat Corona and put the Americans on the board on a similar play, nodding home a Donovan corner with authority to send the pro-U.S. crowd into complete pandemonium.

“I saw the opportunity to get inside my man and I think Clint made a good run to the near post and Clarence (Goodson) kind of took his guy away and Landon put the ball in a spot for us to attack it,” said Johnson. “We’ve got some great height in the box and this time I wanted to make sure I keep it down and on frame. I was very fortunate that it went in.”

Those festive scenes were repeated in the 78th minute, as the Americans effectively put the game out of reach. Mix Diskerud, who entered the game moments earlier, displayed some individual technical brilliance after a throw-in from the right and proceeded to unleash a low cross that Donovan blasted into the back of the net at the far post.

The Americans dominated most of the remainder of the match and had a late chance to add to their healthy lead with a penalty kick in the final minute of stoppage time. But Dempsey missed wide on his attempt from 12 yards out to leave the scoreline at 2-0.

“It’s this mystical thing. It’s like this ghost,” said midfielder Alejandro Bedoya. “Clint missed that penalty and I feel like there was something that’s haunting (for) that to happen on purpose because just to keep that Dos a Cero.

“What is that, four straight now? That’s crazy, it’s unbelievable, it’s such a weird thing, but we’ll take it any day, all day.”

Even with the win, the U.S. had to anxiously watch the Honduras-Panama game from insider the Americans’ locker room for about an hour to see if they would get the result needed to punch the their ticket to Brazil. The U.S. ultimately got just that thanks to a 2-2 draw.

“We were just waiting for this moment when this game is over and Panama came back last minute,” said Klinsmann. “It’s a huge milestone whenever you make it to the World Cup, the biggest competition in this sport, especially the World Cup that is hosted in Brazil, one of the biggest soccer nations in the world.

“It means a lot to all of us, to all the fans and to our country as well.”

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460 Responses to Dos a Cero Again: USMNT topple Mexico to book place in World Cup

  1. KutamaObama says:

    Mexico were not ready to play today……..period

    • Benjamin says:

      I think the ESPN analysts were right on: the longer the game went on, the less Mexico looked as if they believed they could get a result. The EJ goal took all the life out of their squad, and from that point on the 3 points never appeared in doubt for the Nats. A classic, textbook American performance in Columbus. Job well done.

  2. Scott e Dio93 says:

    I just wish Panama beats mex, for next qualifiers.

    Now Klinsmann needs stop playing with Dempsey, give Boyd game, cap-tied Brooks, and test a new young keeper, for next qualifiers.

  3. hi says:

    Dempsey su€ks

    • divers suck says:

      Fuque OFF!!!

    • Benjamin says:

      No he doesn’t. Dempsey has talent to spare and has plenty of time before Brazil to get both his game and his head right.

    • John says:

      Dempsey is a marked man at this point and if he doesn’t make that run Landon isn’t wide open at the far post.

      • TomG says:

        And he got a toe to that ball to nudge it to LD. Deuce gets the a$$ist on that goal.

      • dan says:

        Watch the replay. Clint didn’t even know that LD was behind him. CD was trying to score.

        • TomG says:

          How does the replay read Clint’s mind? I’d rather take Landon’s word for it when he called it a typical Clint play.

        • whoop-whoop says:

          Lol… as if that is a bad thing. Since when is a striker not supposed to be trying to score? You make the run all out with the assumption the ball will come and the caveat that if it doesn’t, you’ll provide space for someone else. I guarantee you Clint knew LD was running far post and went near.

  4. Mike E. says:

    Dempsey sucked worse than any person in a US jersey in years.

    Jones and Beckerman were awesome. Donovan is awesome.

    Muck Fexico!

  5. scweeb says:

    So who do we now turn to when MB is out thats right Beckerman NO MORE SECOND GUESSING

    • I watched the game says:

      ….u serious?

    • Paul Miller says:

      Gotta admit, he was okay tonight. Hit a stretch of bad passes and longer-than-the-field balls late in the first half, but otherwise not bad.

    • Benny says:

      Beckerman is solid and basically solidified his ticket to Brazil with a solid game

      • whoop-whoop says:

        I agree. He is a very solid, consistent workman who knows exactly what is expected of him and and his coach knows exactly what he will get out of him. This is invaluable and EXACTLY the sort of player a NT teams needs to provide depth for injuries, suspensions and strategic substitutions.

        Name a midfielder on either side that didn’t have a handful of turnovers. KB’s were few in the context of this game, were not in dangerous places and were a direct result of what Mexico was trying to do…. apply immediate, aggressive pressure, clog the middle of the field and funnel everything to the outside. Sometimes you do have to give the opposition a little credit.

    • g-dub says:

      Agreed. Beckerman just got himself a rasta plane ticket to Brazil

      • Nate says:

        Keep in mind, the US did not need to attack tonight…the strategy was conservative and counter attacking, which played to Beckermans stengths. He deserves credit though for a well played game.

        • Sounders fan says:

          We made 7 steps forward, and after this game, we make a step back?

          Beckerman played as a holding midfielder. His position means playing like the child of a libero and a CM. He is not conservative, but rather allowed Jones to take Michael Bradley’s role in the attack. Beckerman pumped the attack by giving the other three midfielders more leeway in the attack. No wonder Jones played better, since his role was better defined than when he had to played along toolbox-Cameron’s.

          Let’s not go back there. Beckerman is a solid backup in case that Jones, Diskerud, or Bradley need to be allowed more offensive creativity. Beckerman should go to the world cup

        • Barrett says:

          Not saying one way or the other on Beckerman, but I do think it’s funny how people overlook how things work on other teams. Are Xabi Alonso or Sergio Busquets asked to do anything other than break things up and give the ball to someone more creative? Yeah, maybe they’re asked to hit a nice long, over the top pass every now and then – wait, did I just hear a word-by-word description of the criticism of Beckerman? How do Real and Barca play without those two guys on the field? (hint: not well)

          Beckerman’s role is completely valid. It’s debatable whether the US want to play with someone in that role. Beckerman’s pretty good at it (and, no, I’m not saying he’s on par with those other two guys).

          That said, there can be too much of a good thing – I love the way Spain plays, but I get the boring comments and the 1-goal output when BOTH of those guys are on the field. One or the other, but not both. Same problem England had when they tried to field Gerrard and Lampard at the same time. England would have been better if they’d chosen one in each game and had them sub each other off.

  6. Hopper says:

    If Dempsey had scored, it would not have been Dos A Cero.

  7. divers suck says:

    Say what you want about JK, he’s been brilliant!!!…..Say what you want about EJ, he’s also been BRILLIANT!!!!

  8. Bac says:

    GOAL HONDURAS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kmac014 says:

    Brazil here we come!

  10. KutamaObama says:

    Though I dislike the Mexican team, I still want them to qualify for the World cup….though I know a lot of people in the forum will vehemently disagree with me……I just want them in the World cup so that if we meet them in the knockout stages, we would almost have a psycological edge on them & knock their azz out of the World cup…….AGAIN

    • John says:

      You really think this Mexico team is getting out of a group?

    • Paul says:

      Sorry, no. I’m fine with another worthy CONCAFAF entry making an appearance. Mexico is not WC quality right now. Furthermore, their so-called ‘fans’ are vulgar and revolting with the way they treat opposing fans, especially those who cheer for the USA.

    • Mike in Missouri says:

      I actually think that Panama would put on a respectable performance at the WC, depending on group, of course. Extremely disciplined and organized. Not a lot of depth, but could shock a team or two. I think Panama being respectable might do more for Concacaf than Mexico simply getting out of group again.

  11. DanO says:

    No more pk’s for Dempsey. Please. This problem is not new. He’s never been good at them.

  12. Ronster says:

    Time to cap Brooks, give Lichaj, Chandler, Gil, Yedlin a shot against Jamaica and at Panama! Also time to see if Herc can come back and give Bacon playing time!

  13. Benjamin says:

    Diskerud and Bedoya booked their tickets to Brazil as super-subs for this squad in this one. Now let’s get JAB cap-tied in Kansas City, get that right back situation figured out, and do some work.

  14. KutamaObama says:

    Hopefully JK relieves Dempsey from taking penalties……He is not good at them, it should be returned to Landon Donovan (in which I do not think he has ever missed a penalty for the USMNT)

    • Paul Miller says:

      Yep. Out of curiosity, who would be your five in a shoot-out? I’d have to go with (assuming presumed starters) Donovan, Altidore, Bradley, F. Johnson and Besler just given temperaments I’ve seen. I’m sure JK has run through the drill a few times though, so who knows what he’s seen.

      • KutamaObama says:

        I have heard that Bradley is not a good penalty taker…..He use to take some penalty kicks back when he was in Borussia Mochengladbach but was stripped off it when couple of his penalty kicks were saved…..I would say Donovan, Altidore, Iceman (if he is playing, pretty good penalty kicker), Jose Torres and maybe Fabian Johnson or Herc Gomez…….Eddie Johnson sucks in penalty kicking, that is why Seattle is no longer the defending champs for the US Open cup

      • Orde Wingate says:

        Brad Evans is a terrific penalty taker.

      • Increase says:

        Fabian and Jones obviously being German.

    • hi says:

      relieved of captaincy if u ask me

  15. AcidBurn says:

    Goal Honduras! Palacios just put a filthy, filthy move on Baloy. Froze Baloy in his shoes and then chipped the keeper.

    Usmnt should put the champagne on ice now.

    El Tri should buy The Lord of the Rings for their trip to Mordor.

  16. KutamaObama says:

    Feel really sorry for Mexico, every qualifying round, they always struggle unlike the USMNT

  17. bryan says:

    Cannot wait to see the October roster!

  18. Benny says:

    Dos a cero and Mexico and its fans will like it.

  19. Umlaut says:

    Assuming we qualify tonight, time start talking about who to bring in next camp. In general the core of the team should stay together I think to build chemistry. Aside from them, what fringe players get a shot? I’d love to see Chandler get brought in, as well as Lichaj. Also, go ahead and cap-tie JAB. If Brek Shea is getting time at Stoke, he should get a call; I’m really hoping he makes it to Brazil. Iceman, maybe Agudelo also come to mind. Mix definitely. Danny Williams? Dolo if healthy. Arriola maybe? Jose Torres? Kliestjan? I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head.

    • bryan says:

      You would think a good chunk of those players would be there. Can’t wait to see.

    • John says:

      Chandler pretty much decided to not be apart of any of this process. He missed his shot and isn’t so good that its worth disrupting the team for.

    • Pablo says:

      we still want to win the group so i think we’ll have the A team for the remaining qualifiers.

      I think JAB will get capped. Maybe bring Shea and Agudelo in.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      I want to see Bacon get a good spell with the regulars – a friendly…what ever. JAB too.

    • calidude says:

      Its a little late in the process to be bringing in new blood. What you see is what you get. They should just concentrate on solidifying their game plan and tactics. Qualification is over and done. Use the rest of the games as preparation for the World Cup.

      • whoop-whoop says:

        A team is ALWAYS looking to improve and JK in particular has harped on this. There is till plenty enough time for a player or two to emerge and I’m sure we’ll see some players getting a look… it’s one of the luxuries of booking your WC ticket early. FB could definitely be solidified.

  20. divers suck says:

    Is Panama still losing????????????????????????

  21. Brian says:

    Perhaps now might be the appropriate time for you Beckerman haters to, well, shut up. Fantastic performance holding the center of the park. He is not in the Starting 11, but he is a shoe in for Brazil. 100% steady and solid in possession, positioning and tackling. Enough of the bashing people.

  22. John says:

    I’m pretty happy that Dempsey missed that PK actually.

  23. calidude says:

    This game was terrible. Yes the USMNT won but it wasn’t a great game for them. Mexico looked like a bunch of amateurs. Mex was flat, slow, timid, without creativity, and truly sad to watch. I’m a big fan of Mexican soccer. It’s very entertaining. Some of the players that play for El Tri are great on their teams and terrible for their national team. I still think that they will make it to the world cup but what’s the point playing the way they’re playing now.
    The USMNT is practically qualified but now they need to work on better play if they want to get beyond the fifth game. I’m not sure there’s enough there to get past that point.

  24. Paul says:

    – Can we give the game ball to JK? He has just done a terrific job. A great rebound from Friday’s debacle with a makeshift lineup. Now he has the luxury of plugging the few remaining holes in the lineup before next summer.
    – The standouts from the GC stood out tonight. Bedoya was solid all night. Goodson was a wall on defense. Beckerman paired very well with JJ, and played another effective game. Mixx showed great poise on the assist.
    – I felt this was a total team effort. On a night when two key players (MB, Dempsey) were MIA, the ret of the team picked up the slack.
    – We are not lacking depth at CB. If Brooks is cap-tied, it’ll be a very strong set of CBs we bring to Brazil.

  25. Paul Miller says:

    Someone has to say it. That Mexico team didn’t look desperate – it looked resigned. It will be interesting to see if the new coach can turn this around.

  26. Paul says:

    Futbol Picante gave LD the MOTM. I disagree. They also said Demps had an awful game. I agree

  27. Nate says:

    Where are those guys declaring that EJ was useless and without touch or skill? Just sit down permanently please….

    • Juiced says:

      How bout the Beckerman haters?

      • PD says:

        They are in line behind the Howard haters at the Eat Crow soup kitchen….

      • OrangeJuiced says:

        What constitutes Becks playing great? Turning the ball over 3 times or less? If anyone impressed over their past performances, I’ll admit that it’s JJ. He didn’t play great, but he worked his butt off. Chasing. Tackling. As a fan, that’s all that I can ask for. Esp when one’s skillset is limited.

        • Juiced says:

          I don’t know if Becks played “great” but he did have that calming effect that Bradley has. So things down and find the right pass. Break things up when the opposition has possession.

          • Muy Loco says:

            Are you seriously comparing an average night for Becks to Bradley? Please exit the comment board stage left.

            • Increase says:

              As far as calm goes? Yah beckerman does that well. Often too well, thats the problem. For a game like this though its what we need.

          • Nate says:

            why do you attribute that to becks and not jj? jj was playing the bradley role tonight, not becks. jj just played 50 times better than he did against costa rica.

      • Chupacabra says:

        Beckerman did okay. Not great. Just okay.

        And it was the


    • Jody says:

      All he does is score goals.

    • Lil' Zeke says:

      Touch and skill still not his strong suits. All he can do is score goals.

      • meowmix says:

        How do I always miss this? EJ has a very solid touch. People were saying the same thing about Jozy for like the past two years for NO reason, until they all started gushing over him simultaneously.

        • Lil' Zeke says:

          It may very well be you that’s right, but I think he would play less negative if he had the touch for it

    • Fredo says:

      EJ does suck as a winger and with the ball at his feet. He’s pretty darn good in the air, though. As for Beckerman, I’ve always seen him as a mini Jr., which was absolutely needed tonight.

    • Gary Page says:

      Man, can he sky. He must get 3 feet off the ground on those headers. I’m sure he can dunk a basketball.

      • keithbabs79 says:

        Looks like he’s hitting the gym with Altidore too. Before he failed in Europe, EJ’s favorite move was falling down when someone touched him.

        • Nate says:

          he scores lots of goals for the us team too…he actually held the ball up under pressure tonight which of course requires…

  28. John says:

    Goal Panama 2-2 2 mins of stoppage left

  29. Paul says:

    Panama ties it with 2 minutes of stoppage time left

  30. John says:

    Now its official! Going to Brazil!

  31. Paul says:

    Final result: 2-2 Honduras & Panama. Rest easy US fans!

  32. Scott A says:

    Mexico out of the playoff spot too now. Ay-ay-ay-ay.

    • OrangeJuiced says:

      You willing to bet money that Mexico won’t make it to the WC? Thought so.

      • Scott A says:

        I’ve thought for months that Mexico would finish in 4th and end up beating New Zealand for a berth, and still think that now. But please, do quote me where I said that Mexico wouldn’t make the World Cup.

  33. TD says:

    OK. If the plane leaves today for Brazil, who are the four CBs? Gonzalez, Belser, Goodson….


  34. Fredo says:

    Landon was wise to reject Man U. and sign with LA Galaxy again. USA!

  35. bryan says:

    hahahaha Omar CHUGGED that Bud Heavy. And then LD looked like the Bud Light was too much! Get the IPA out!

  36. Amru says:

    My thoughts

    – EJ proved he is a capable back up to Altidore. He doesn’t provide some of the deft touches and passes that Altidore is capable of, but we need an outlet up top that can hold up the ball and help relieve pressure from the midfield and he did a great job of that tonight.

    – Jones was great tonight. I can’t even count how many times he tracked back and made a smart defensive play. I don’t understand why he doesn’t play that way when paired with MB, but he showed tonight that he is a fantastic defensive midfielder.

    – Donovan should take Dempsey’s spot and Dempsey needs to sit. Now if he goes back to Seattle and starts scoring some goals I’m all for keeping him there, but if this keeps up the team is better without him.

    • FG says:

      A few months ago, Dempsey was becoming our best player. Now I’m not sure if he’s in the top 3. Run some sprints!!!

    • Chupacabra says:

      Weed is legal in Seattle.

      That’s your problem right there.

    • Johnnypauly says:

      No. EJ proved only that he is valuable on a set piece. So dangerous, in fact!! However, he slows down the run of play & is not adept at helping keep possession. I’m tired of watching him. He has skill, true, but is often exposed at the international level (except on a set piece when he is an absolute beast!!!!!)

      Dempsey needs to be the late runner in the box, not the creative playmaker or striker role. Maybe on the left? Idk. Or bench. He definitely needs to stop being so soft. He goes down way too easily. So damn frustrating. Stay up!!

      Jones is an artist when he is given a role to play with definitive guidelines, a la Shalke

      • Amru says:

        I agree with you on EJ’s limitations, but besides altidore he is the only player that can play with his back to goal and that is something that was sorely missing against Costa Rica.

    • Amru says:

      dude we get it, you don’t like Dempsey.

    • Geno says:

      He will.

  37. SilverRey says:


  38. TomG says:

    Great victory by USA. Dos a Cero lives!!! Shocking effort by El Tri, though. I expected them to come out desperate like a cornered badger. Instead we got 15 minutes of cornered badger followed by 75 minutes of whipped dog. I know Mexico has pulled this act before in qualifying but I don’t ever remember it being THIS bad. They seem to lack any backbone or resilience. As soon as you take their first punch and hit back, they give up.

    • Gary Page says:

      Exactly right. El Tri fans have to be very concerned.

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      Spot on Tom, I thought they would push the game, but they looked like a broken team with no confidence after bringing some initial pressure. I’ve never seen Guardado that passive, granted we played steady team defense. Weird not seeing the Mexican players go after us 1 v 1 ….so many back passes.

      • Geno says:

        Agreed. I’ve never seen so many passive Mexican players make so many passive passes and to use Tab Ramos’ phrase act like they are “afraid of the ball.” There was no joy in their play, even when they were pressing. For the first time in my life, I am considering the possibility of a WC without them. I love beating Mexico, but I am not a Mexico hater. There plight saddens me.

        • Geno says:


        • chris_thebassplayer says:

          I’m not exactly sad, but I would rather see a strong Mexico. They’ll figure it out, they have too much talent not to. They’re missing a physical presence up top for Hernandez to play off. They need to find another Carlos Hermosillo. Mexico use to have a good number of physically intimidating technical players, but most of those players are gone…guys like Rafa and Torrado. Blanco could throw his weight around and hold the ball well up top in traffic. The”golden generation” are quick and highly skilled, but don’t have much physical presence.

  39. TD says:

    Seems to be two themes here:
    (1) Dempsye sucks.
    (2) Columbus should retain the USA-Mex match

    Dempsey didn’t suck. He was far from good however. My biggest problem with what I saw tonight is that Dempsey took about 55 minutes to contribute to the game. From ’55 to about ’75 he was actually useful. But really, we don’t have the luxury of having a guy give us 20 minutes unless he is scoring at least 1 goal every 2 games. He is not on that pace.

    Columbus should retain the USA-Mex match. I hate to agree since I live 2.5 hours north of Seattle and would do anything to see a USA-Mex WCQ @ the Link. However, 4 up and 0 down vs Mex in Columbus… I have to admit, it may be a our Saprissa when Mex is involved.

    • Lazy Eddie says:

      screw you.. Deuce was targeted by El Tri and hacked for the first 30 minutes

    • Travis in Miami says:

      He was very involved in the 1st 30 minutes and one of the reasons the game remained 0-0

    • Johnnypauly says:

      His first touch was often to the other team & he goes down too easily. That being said, I love watching him and hoping he pulls out a moment of brilliance.

    • USfan123 says:

      Dempsey is just a garbage, but the problem is JK, he is blind. Lucky for this time USA won. I cannot understand why a lot of people include JK did not see how “this garbage” played. He played many stupid balls + cheap passes + diving + complaining.

    • dan says:

      My issue with Clint is that he strives to be the BIG man, and by doing so loses sight of the fact that it’s 11 guys pulling in the same direction. His selfishness costs us a couple of really good opportunities each game. If he ever realizes that assists are just as valuable as goals, he’ll then start to really help this team.

      • Geno says:

        Like I said about Donavan months ago, Dempsey has one more WC in him. He is currently still out of form and will rise to the occasion….unless his EA gig becomes more important.

      • whoop-whoop says:

        Yeah… Clint is at his best when he is the scrappy underdog and a bit nasty. Just hope he doesn’t lose sight of this w/ expectations to be a Star player. His very best games were fighting for playing time and every ball at Fulham, covered in mud and blood stains… looking like a player John Madden would love. Some players need constant reinforcement and praise.

        Perhaps the best thing JK could do for Dempsey is doubt him a bit. Think that is comfort zone.

  40. Lazy Eddie says:

    I just put it in the goal like usual

    #EBFG !!!

  41. Benny says:

    If Panama and Mexico are tied with one game to go, I wonder if the U.S.puts out the z team against Panama. LLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL.

  42. Frank says:

    My only negative from this game is please make some1 else take PKs. It might actually matter at some point. With that being said, DOS A CERO

    • Johnnypauly says:


    • Nathaniel says:

      I think they had dempsey take it because the PK was off of his run, plus it was the last play of the game. That being said, I really wish he hadn’t effed it up and I’m sure Donovan will be making them in the future, when it matters.

  43. Michael says:

    Would it be completely unethical for us to tank on purpose vs Panama so Mexico doesn’t make the playoff vs New Zealand. I think it would be a nice f u to Concacaf and Fifa for their continued tomfoolery.

    • Scott A says:

      Eh, same standard of ethics as Dos Santos’ dive.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      If Mexico took care of biz themselves they wouldn’t have to worry about the US using the next two games to see how some of the fringe guys, young guys and newly declared fit into the squad.

      Mexico’s issues are of their own making. We need to look after ourselves.

    • Judging Amy says:

      As much as part of me would love that I can’t see the players or JK doing it. Too much integrity. Besides, I think even a second string US team beats Panama the way JK has the team playing.

      • Shawn says:

        While I wouldn’t believe in playing to lose, I have NO problem with the last two qualifiers using a B team. Cap-tying players to the US, establishing even more of the depth Klinsi has given us, and blooding players for the big stage.

        And if that costs us a loss in Panama, meh. Oh well. I don’t see the gain in risking our A-team in a match with no functional meaning for us. As we’ve already seen winning the Hex has little to no bearing on seeding for the World Cup.

    • Dimidri says:

      We don’t need to tank-we’ve already lost two games on the road, almost drew Jamaica(!) in Kingston, and only looked ok when drawing Mexico at Azteca-just by playing our fringe players and not caring nearly as much as Panama they’ll probably take care of business.

      • Taco says:


    • Lil' Zeke says:

      How about a tersely worded letter to editor? (sociopath much?)

    • Ben says:

      No, but we aren’t going to have our A team there.

    • Sounders fan says:

      It is time for Panama and Jamaica to face the mighty USMNT Z-Team

      Subs: Hahnemann, Gravaboy, Opara, Sapong, Adu, etc.

      You get the point. No world cup for Mexico!

      • Nate Dollars says:

        ah, the vaunted 4-2-4.

        also, i like that you have the ‘club team Adu’ starting, with ‘national team Adu’ riding the pine.

    • Geno says:

      Yes, it would. No integrity in that. We get angry when someone dives or fakes being fouled, and our reaction is to do a team dive?

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Every team has rivals… that’s great and I like the added hoopla and passion ours with Mexico brings. That said, vindictive obsession with one team is a losers mentality. It is my hope that the days of severely limited expectations, when beating one team and being King of CONCACAF was enough to satisfy US Soccer and its fans are done. The Mexico game is done, mission accomplished…. NEXT! The USMNT needs to worry about the USMNT. Now that we are qualified for WC, focus needs to be on doing whatever it takes to improve/get this team ready to truly make some noise in Brazil.

      • Dave80 says:


        DOS A CERO! is on my office door in LARGE RED PRINT but come October, it’s all about building toward Rio.

        I’d like to see some away game confidence built in Panama City.

  44. John says:

    How huge is that next Panama Mexico match now? pretty much for the playoff spot.

    • John Doe says:

      If Mexico can’t beat Panama with their back against the wall, they honestly shouldn’t represent CONCACAF at the WC.

      • Paul Miller says:

        Mexico didn’t play like a team backed to a wall tonight. They looked more resigned to not qualifying. Eight games in and something just isn’t working right. How could they be confident of anything right now?

    • ANM says:

      And how huge is that Panamanian equalizer? With it, they just need a tie in Azteca to be in control over their own destiny. Honduran heroics notwithstanding I can’t see Panama winning in Mexico. But a tie however…

      I can’t even think about it. It’s too delicious.

  45. Gary Page says:

    Now that we have qualified, for Jamaica, start Johannson and Brooks and maybe Boyd also. I’d also play Kljestan and bring in Lichaj. Time to see who can play among the fringe players.

    • StevieBob says:

      I’d like to see those players get quality time. But we must keep in mind that we only have so many games left to get in the best form possible.

    • Paul says:

      I agree with your thoughts on this. One would think a few first-stringers have earned a deserved rest from Nats duty, and why risk injury? Furthermore, I think we’ll find a few players may get excluded from the October games if they are in a risky position with their club (lack of playing time, etc.). JK has shown a trend to reward players who fight for and regularly earn playing time with their clubs, which shows match fitness.

      I think the potential pool for player selection for October will be derived from two major factors:
      – the opportunity to plug holes in the lineup
      – who is in good current form with their clubs

    • Ronster says:

      Lets play some subs and avoid losing key players like with Gooch and CD9 in 2009

  46. CrankyOldRef says:

    Ah yes, let’s dump Dempsey, who was within inches of the second goal, and reinstall Donovan, who was absent for the summer. Alas, Deuce was too. The biggest drawback in his move to Seattle is complacency. He is the big fish in the small pond now, just as Donovan has been most of his career. Does either have to really work for a spot on his club team?
    And let’s dismiss solid players who do have to work for their spots, right? Parkhurst must be terrible, given his lack of playing time as he has moved out of MLS and Scandinavia. Mmmhmm.
    Here’s the bottom line: Klins has done well in cultivating depth where he can find it. He’d like to have a second Big Center Forward. He’d like to have ink-in wingbacks. He doesn’t have any, so he’s made do with what he does have. Credit where due.

  47. SD says:

    so happy we qualified…..feels good that mexico is down in the dumps after what happened at the 2011 gold cup……guys did enough to win….mexico’s coach panicked after the 1st goal and took off their only effective player in gimenez…..

    • whoop-whoop says:

      I was pretty surprised and I might add, happy that he took Gimenez off. Guess you go with who got you there…. which meant, totally blind to what was happening on the field… inserting players he coached in the Olympics.

  48. A Train says:

    Give the PK back to Donovan. Please.

  49. Jj says:

    Beckerman looked really solid. He’s definitely ahead of sacha, edu, and Williams

    • John says:

      I think we need to start looking at our center mids as having really 2 different roles. Beckerman is a good back up to Bradley. They both control the game make smart passes to set a tempo. Cameron is a good back up to Jones as they win balls and can hit a long pass if needed.

      • Geno says:

        I’m a big fan of making the easy pass, but Beckerman should’ve turned with the ball when unmarked, instead of laying the ball off. Later in the half, his turns toward goal with the ball had good outcomes.

  50. Jj says:

    If mix keeps playing like this, is gonna make stuart Holden’s absence a lot less painful

  51. Bac says:

    Like Mr. PINK said, ” What we need here is a little solidarity man!”

    Props to JK for:
    – Preparing your team well & building the depth
    – Putting out a solid lineup & using your subs effectively
    – Keeping a positive attitude after last game and not making any rash decisions

    And thank you JK for not listening to certain SBI posters who wanted to:
    1. Bench Jermaine Jones
    2. Bench Tim Howard
    3. Bench Eddie Johnson
    4. Not play Kyle Beckerman cause he’s too slow
    5. Don’t start Gonzalez and Goodson together cause they’re too slow and tall
    6. Bench Clint Dempsey & take away his Captaincy

    (P.S. It’s ok, you can have someone else take PKs now)

    • ThatKidnandez says:

      Thank god he didn’t start zusi! Klinsi thank you!!!!!

    • Len says:

      Have to admit, I was concerned about 2 large slower players playing in the back together but they played really well (especially Goodsen to my eye). It did help that Mexico lacked creativity and I was also surprised that they played very low pressure allowing us a lot of time to move the ball around in our own 1/3.

      • Len says:

        Also, EJ can provide reasonable holdup play and actually wins some long ball headers, JJ stepped it up tonight, Beckerman played well and I have my doubts that Dempsey will be taking PKs (reminds me of old movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where Robert Redford is asked to shoot a tin can, I believe,and can’t do it from a standing position but then he asks if it’s OK to move and nails the target repeatedly) (sorry, ancient reference)

    • MiamiAl says:

      WOW! A Mr. Pink reference on a soccer blog!!! Kudos old timer!!! Mr. Pink would tell you we can act like professionals! :) And no tip!!! 😉

    • Big Red says:

      7. Start Aron Johannsson

      • Bubba says:

        Agreed, but I’d still like to see him get some serious time in the next few games to see what he can bring.

    • Paul says:

      It’s safe to say JK has won over most every skeptic. There were certainly doubters early in his tenure, but from a long-term perspective, he has been impressive. He has set the bar high for this team, and frankly for any future Nats coach. One would think he is pretty satisfied right now. The pressure is off on qualifying, and he can enjoy a little downtime back home in Cali.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        klinsmann nailed the lineup last night and has been steadily improving (aside from the CR game), but the real test is the world cup. if he can’t get us farther than arena or bradley did (with a deeper and arguably more talented pool), would he really be a success?

  52. umbro says:

    In addition to using remaining qualis for building depth I would really like to see JK tinker with the midfield some and see who pairs the best together. JJ and MB don’t always seem to gel. So who goes best with MB and who goes best with JJ? Or can we develop better chemistry between JJ and MB? These are things we need to know before we get to games that count in Brazil.

    • Left Wing says:

      Yes. Definitely this. Bradley/Cameron or Jones/Mix or Bradley / Mix etc.
      Same problem as 2010 albeit with upgrades around.. uncertainty of the best pairing..

      Two DMs like thurs and tonight is not best. Need a creaoter which Jones, Beckerman and Cameron are not.

      • White Kix says:

        The best combination is the same one that was best in 2010, Bradley and Feilhaber. I was at the game against Ecuador the first time they started together for the USMNT and Feilhaber was amazing (only outshined by Donovan’s hat trick). At the World Cup, the US was outscored 1-4 when Feilhaber was on the bench (their one goal a gift from England) and outscored our opponents 4-1 when Feilhaber was on the field.

        • Bilal says:

          Feilhaber did make a big difference in the world cup but when he was substituted in, it would be for findley so they would form a CM triangle with Fielhaber at the top. Edu/Clark were still on the pitch.

  53. SoundersOff says:

    I want to bring everyone’s attention to the pregame video shown by ESPN pumping up Mexico.

    First of all-F*( off ESPN and take your money-grab to Mexico. Secondly, Andres Guardado saying Mexico was “for sure” better than America made me laugh so hard the waitress at the bar asked me what was going on.

    Get bent Guardado. Dos a Cero.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      They did a profile of Beasley too. And it was during an hour pregame show on ESPN, Not ESPN2 – ESPN. Sportcenter was moved to ESPN2 to make way for the one hour pregame.

      The coverage was pretty good from ESPN IMHO. They spent the 1st 20 min of SC after the game solely on the match and went back to cover the celebration after the Honduras – Panama result.

      I like to hate on them but tonight was pretty decent i thought – despite the attempt at balanced coverage (very poor attempt – it was very US slanted)

      • Reuben says:

        I have to agree. The ESPN coverage tonight was most excellent! I thought they got it right. They covered the biggest sporting event of the night in the United States with the utmost coverage. Great post game, interviews, the celebration on the field with cameras 30 minutes after the game. We have never had such great coverage of our beloved team.

        With regards to Andres Guardado, what the hell do you expect him to say? Hes a great player and plays for a very proud team which is generally very good. He’s an athlete. What should he say, “uhh we suck and arent very good.” Hell no, those guys arent wired like that.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I do think ESPN has made a subtle turn towards internationalism that fans have not necessarily picked up on…..all the Mexico games but just the USA home matches, for instance.

      • MN Footie says:

        Does ESPN show Mexico away matches? I don’t think they do. Because it’s the home team who has the right to sell the TV license, and I think that beIN has the rest of Concacaf (more or less) locked up.

  54. bryan says:

    regarding Jones, “And what’s more, he lost the ball only nine times tonight. Against Costa Rica, he lost the ball 17 times in the first 35 minutes.”

  55. STEVE says:

    How many subs have scored within 2 minutes of coming on in the under Klinsmann?

  56. johnnycougar says:

    Dang, I didn’t realize it until I checked the tables, but Mexico has a grand total of 4 goals scored in 8 WCQ games. That’s just…. dang. Not how you qualify for the WC, even if you have the best defense in the world.

    • johnnycougar says:

      Oh man, and good grief, per the ESPN recap: “Mexico has now failed to score against Jurgen Klinsmann’s team in the past 443 minutes.”

    • BrianK says:

      Yeah,…but they have the great Chichirito,…don’t they? And they look real fancy when they play,…don’t they?

    • Bubba says:

      I feel sort of sorry for them. So high a year or so ago, so low now. Such a pity.

      Heh, heh, heh

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I don’t understand their tactical approach. Why are you hoofing the ball into the box when your strength isground ball perimeter possession to the point of exploiting sleepiness? Why are you hoofing the ball into the box against tall, athletic teams when you have medium size forwards? I thought Goodson and Gonzo was questionable until they started playing crosses the last 60.

  57. SoundersOff says:


    MLS Soccer is a joke. A flat, out, piece of trash, joke.

    Player grades?
    Landon Donovan a 6.5
    Clint Dempsey a 7.5
    Mix a 7.

    Clint Dempsey tied for the HIGHEST SCORE with Tim Howard and Gonzalez.

    THat site is sh*t.

  58. Travis in Miami says:

    US played 8 games after qualifying in 2009. I think the last game might ahve been a throw away -so 9. If this repeats there will be 10 games to warm up before WC2014. plenty of games for building chemistry and introducing a new face or 3.

    Looking forward to the coming months. when is the WC draw?

  59. USfan123 says:

    I have mentioned before Beck + Jones in the midfield will never work both cannot provide any good ball to the strikers also they have to cover “the garbage” . Not a good game until Mix came, USA won because Mexico is struggle. USA qualified but we keep play like last Friday and today, we will not go far.

    • Judging Amy says:

      lol. are you crying into your el tri flag as you type this?

    • Sounders fan says:

      And yet, twice it has worked once in the hell cage of the Azteca, and now in the American den of Columbus. I am afraid your ‘never’ already has already found two strong contradiction, specially against the regional giant. Or shall we say, “dead giant”?

    • Travis in Miami says:

      IMHO considering the US roster choices vs the Mexican roster choices, the match ups dictated the type of tactics played tonight. I agree with Lalas that this was a classic US win – with hustle, heart and defense. I’m glad to know this style of play has not been completely abandoned. It will be needed as the US plays deeper into the WC.

      this style of play would have probably been useful in San Jose on Friday.

  60. Sounders fan says:

    Eddie Johnson is the man. DOS A CERO

  61. TomG says:

    Props to Columbus, home of Dos a Cero!!

  62. MikeV says:

    Viva Dos a Cero!!!!
    Que Viva!
    Aye aye aye!
    of to be a fly on the wall of the Mexican locker room after the game.

  63. Javier says:

    Congratulations to the U.S. team. They played well. Probably the only thing I was not happy with is they kept giving away possession so much in the 2nd half after going up 1-0. At one point there could easily have been 3 goals but no one ran with Dempsey. Still the U.S. played very well.

    By my count there were 8 players from the Gold Cup squad (Donovan, Beasley, Beckerman, Bedoya, Goodson, Diskerud, Johnson, Parkhurst, ((Gonzalez only got a few minutes at the very end of the GC final)) that played tonight. And they played very well. I think it shows how much that tournament helped out some of the “fringe” players. There should be plenty of competition to make for a strong WC team.

    • Paul says:


      I couldn’t agree more. In the past, we trivialize the GC as a 2nd tier tournament for fringe players who would have no impact on the first team Nats. I think JK wisely used this off-year tournament as an open tryout for players with potential, and it paid off handsomely. I question whether we would have been as successful plugging holes right now if it weren’t for that added depth derived from the GC.

      • beachbum says:

        the GC no longer has off years; they all count towards qualifying for the Confed Cup now

        but as many here noted, that GCup team was possibly stronger than the team Caoch had been using for the WC quails. perhaps those posters were onto something…….

  64. Quit Whining About Soccer in the US says:

    There could have been 1 million to one odds that Mexico would be in 5th with two games left….there would not have been even one ten dollar bet placed….3 million to one even….why stop there ? 10 million….Dos A Cero !

  65. Atx-Colin says:

    I think the call for youngsters/new blood for the remaining games seems counterproductive. We need to solidify our playing style with the current core. Yes we can give some players like Johanson and mix some more time but to call in others would be a mistake.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      if history repeats itself there should be about 10 more games before WC2014. I tend to agree with your point but I think 10 games give ample time to mix in a few question marks. there are some players who will be coming back from injury – Dolo, Shea, Gomez, possibly Holden for example. And Brooks and Johanson should get looked at. and a couple fringe guys like Lichaj should get a glance considering he plays at a position that lacks depth.

    • tom behr says:

      JK is getting everyone to be comfortable with the style he wants — and given who’s played in qualifying and the Gold Cup. the “core” is a good deal bigger than 23 players. JK also seems to base decisions on his assessment of who’s ready (even if we don’t always agree with that assessment.) Suppose Dolo is in great form six months from now — and gets time with the first team in friendlies? Don’t see Johannsson pushing out Altidore, or even Johnson now, but suppose he gets on fire for his club and has a half-year more maturity and confidence? JK isn’t afraid of trusting MLS players. Suppose Bocanegra is playing out of his mind in March? One could add a bunch of other interesting possibilities,,,

  66. Gnarls says:

    Anyone else wonder if Deuce blew that PK to preserve dos a cero?…. Nah, he couldn’t have.

    • Since 82 says:

      Insane, but the rumor is going around.

    • Travis in Miami says:

      I actually said that I hope he misses…and cheered when he did. Much more fun for me to go to work tomorrow and sing dos a cero at my Mexican coworker.
      Not sure that answers your question 😉

    • Sarah says:

      no, it wasn’t on purpose…. it was an act of god. dos a cero.

      • Gnarls says:

        I like this explanation. Dios mio dos a cero!

      • tom behr says:

        In addition to the very sensible reasons mentioned so far (act of God, ghosts of previous victories, advance marketing by some as yet unnamed beer company — with LD playing “the most mysterious man”) consider what Dempsey’s nickname is…

        Great victory – hats off to JK and the USMT. Impossible to tell who goes to Brazil yet beyond the top 5-6 because there IS a lot of depth and a half-year for the players who really want it to prove it by what they do for their clubs. Expect a lot of debate in March.

    • Eric W says:

      Yeah, I only wish he did. He’s not having such a good summer.

      But I’m pretty sure it was ghosts of USMNT past and other mythical forces that actually diverted his shot.

    • MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

      Dos A Cero is powerful. It means Mexico will score 0 goals and US 2. Not 3. 2.

    • John says:

      The entire stadium was chanting dos a cero. The match was completely over. Maybe he didn’t do it on purpose but he also wasn’t trying to hard.

  67. junior says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  68. Maykol says:

    Missing our best striker, our beloved general midfielder, our best defender of the hex, and the versatile cameron, and we still kicked the jesus out of mexico. Three points to gryffindor! and klinsmann

  69. STEVE says:

    Now lets field a D-team and lose to Panama, knocking Mexico out of qualifying for the World Cup.

  70. g-dub says:

    Plane tickets to Brazil as of today:

    GKs: 1.Howard 2.Guzan 3. Rimando
    D: 4.Gonzo 5. Besler 6. Goodson 7.Beasley 8. Evans 9. Cam 10. Parkhurst 11. ?Dolo/Lichaj/Boca/Yedlin/Beltran?
    M: 12. Landon, 13. Bradley, 14. Jones, 15. Fab. 16. Bedoya, 17. Zusi 18. Beckerman, 19. Mix
    F: 20. Jozy, 21. EJ, 22. Deuce, 23. Ice

    Biggest question mark as per usual is outside back depth. Or do you go with thinner depth in defense and bring a Corona or Stu if he ever recovers. My preference would be to find and bring along a young outside back in part to groom for the future (ie. Lichaj/Yedlin). It’s a chronic weakspot for the team that we need to work on. I honestly think Yedlin should be in this picture.

    • Bernard says:

      You forgot Wondowlowski.

    • Maykol says:

      You forgot our best fullback chandler

      • g-dub says:

        You would think, but Chandler appears to be permanently in the Klinsi dog house for lack of commitment. I actually like that Klinsi has the balls to set this kind of example.

        • blag says:

          Actually, Chandler has been playing horrible the last times I checked in on the Nuremberg games. He is not playing well, which is why he is not playing on the u.s.a.

    • MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

      Stu won’t be going to Brazil. His latest injury really dashed any chance he had. Nor does he deserve to be on the 23 man roster. He hasn’t played.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      I think if Dolo gets healthy, he’ll come back in immediately and will take that 11. spot on your list. Not so sure about Parkhurst if he doesn’t play at all but he did a good job today and hasn’t been playing so you never know. And, right now, who would replace him? I think the ship has sailed on Chandler and, for whatever reason, Lichaj isn’t getting the call.

      I would have easily said Kljestan as well but it was pretty telling that he didn’t get called in after the Costa Rica match.

      Lastly, definitely not counting out Gomez yet either.

      • g-dub says:

        Yeah, I agree that it would be hard not to bring along a healthy Dolo for experience etc. Beasley has done an amazing job filling one of the back gaps, but as others have pointed out here, you really have to wonder if he is the long term solution. Concacaf teams have already tried to pick on him, and he’s not getting any younger. What if Beas gets injured? I suppose you have FJ to slot in at outside back, but he hasn’t looked amazing there. While things are working out well at the moment, you have to be pro-active to solve the problem before it arises. Parkhurst has also stepped up really well, but you have to wonder if he is World Cup quality – especially if not playing for his first team in Denmark. In short I think Klinsi really needs to focus on cultivating a good backup outside back option over the next several months.

        • EspinDOHla says:

          agree with that.

          if Dolo comes back strong I see LD pushing Beas to the bench with FJ going back to left back and LD taking FJ’s spot at left mid. hard to type that because I love Beas and have been pumped to see him work his way back into the team. regardless, i still think Beas has at least earned a ticket to Brazil even if he’s not in the starting 11.

      • MiamiAl says:


        If Dolo is healthy, he is arguably our best player.

    • Goalscorer24 says:

      Some tough calls. What about Brooks, as you said Corona, Klejstan and then Shea? Lots of choices.

    • Left Wing says:

      Good shout. If you are picking the team today for next month this is probably it.
      Will be interesting to see how / if this changes thru the winter..

      Possibles not mentioned..?


    • Gerald says:

      unless there is a rash of Injuries Boca has no hope

    • GW says:


      You don’t use the World Cup to “groom” a young player unless that player is already good enough to make a significant contribution, like AJ or it seems, Brooks.

      The way the rosters are every player might actually have to play. And if a Yedlin, for example, isn’t good enough to play significant minutes in 2014 then he is taking up valuable space.

      JK’s contract runs only until the end of the World Cup and he should only focus on 2014.

      • g-dub says:

        Good points, but I do think you need a mix of young and veteran. Sometimes in a WC a young player is thrust into the limelight to bring a spark and breaks through because of it.

        Examples: Deuce, Beasley first WC appearances

  71. EspinDOHla says:

    AHHHHH YEAH!!! Congrats to USMNT!!!

    Beckerman and Jones deserve some love from the doubters!!

    Mix was a ball of energy and can’t wait to see this guy get more minutes.

  72. Hi says:

    I am awful at life…

    • Dave80 says:

      Chin up, hi, we’re going to see the red white and blue on the field in Brasil. Anything’s possible for you and for me.

  73. leftfoot says:

    Great win. Solid showing from the back 4. Beckerman did what he needed to do and Mixx created the spark i thought would be made by Aron Bacon. EJ was solid and could of easily had 2. LD worked hard tonight and it paid off in the end. J Jones looked much improved tonight than on friday. Beasley cannot be the best option at LB a year from now. My BIGGEST Issue by far is Dempsey. No way around it.. he is lazy, looks for the foul and gets removed from the game far too easily. He acts like a #10 and he isnt. US cannot afford to keep playing him. US badly misses Bradley but Mexico played horrible and US took advantage with some key guys out… USA! USA! USA!

    • DR7_Liverpool_ says:

      Spot on leftfoot! great victory especially considering the absence of Bradley. USA USA!!!!

    • beachbum says:

      re. Clint, perhaps if he’s moved outside onto the flank, with those defensive repsonsibilites and the required hustle, he’d have to do more and that would push the work rate up and thus his activity?

      re. Michael, hard to argue about him being the most important player on the team, seems self evident

      Landon’s versatility is amazing, how he can produce from so many different roles

  74. RNG says:

    We are going to Brazil!! Yeah baby!

  75. Goalscorer24 says:

    Great victory considering I don’t think we played that well. We seemed very nervous early on, and then I think we gave Mexico way too much time on the ball. We need to have the confidence to pressure the opponent and not give them time in the ball, because a really good team will hurt us. The other part of course is the ability to win the important games even if it is a little ugly, which the US did! Hope to see USA do some good things in Brazil!

    • Socda says:

      Second half, we played well.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I don’t think playing through 2 DMs and EJ was working well, sometimes the best defense is an offense clicking. I was surprised how conservative we came out but maybe Klinsi assumed upon their desperation.

      • scott47a says:

        I have to disagree with this. This is exactly how the US should play soccer. That kind of approach leads to 2-0 wins.
        We do not need to be “more attacking.”

        • beachbum says:

          would say that it depends on the matchup, venue and situation. Nice to have flexibility instead of predictability in our approach

        • whoop-whoop says:

          Is that you Alexi? What we don’t need to be is inflexible, predictable and one dimensional.

    • MN Footie says:

      No Bradley, no Altidore, no Besler…

      We played well. Certainly a lot better than I (or most people, I suspect) hoped.

  76. Ryno says:

    I think they should seriously consider changing the name of the Columbus Crew stadium to “Dos a Cero Stadium”. Or at least make it a tag line!

  77. AlexH says:

    Totally happy about it, but I was stunned at how little grit Mexico showed. My daughter’s U-9 shows more fighting spirit than those turkeys. Enjoy the bosom of your countrymen for the next month gentlemen!

    • BrianK says:

      Alex,….are you really surprised at how spineless the Mexican team is? The USA has got to move past Mexico as any sort of benchmark. They are small and weak and will never have a GK worth a damn. They are paper pumas.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I’ve heard that argument made elsewhere and I think it’s a post-facto re-write because for about 25 minutes we were getting bailed out by Howard repeatedly, and then you had a classic road team fade that by the second half shifted to dominance.

      • Mr_A says:

        That’s how it looked to me, too. Little by little the Mexican team got tired. The 1st 20-30 min they were shut out by Howard and the US defenders, and the 30-45 min they were mostly stopped at midfield. Second half they mostly lost it midfield, with only occasional threats. I’ve never thought they were gritty, gradually switching from dangerous at the beginning to mean at the later parts depending on the scoreboard.

        And they’re having a bad year.

  78. John says:

    EJ, Shea, AJ, and Mix could be some seriously dangerous bench options next summer that we really didn’t have in South Africa

    • Joe A. says:

      Shea? No thank you.

      • CroCajun1003 says:

        Don’t sleep on Shea. At his best he can be a formidable contributor from the bench.

        • KGB says:

          Agreed. Dude is a horse who can overwhelm tired defenders with size and pace as a late game sub on the wing. His inconsistency in form while playing for the US is the biggest concern, but I’d like to see him make the trip to Brazil.

      • Hogatroge says:

        By all accounts, Shea has been doing great since the Gold Cup (and after the Cuba match, was pretty good there, too).

  79. Timbersfloating says:

    You don’t have to be from our galaxy to know that DONOVAN should be taking the penalties!

    • Trent says:

      While Donovan is a good PK taker, I have seen him miss more than a few.

      • ClayLaSoul says:

        While that may be the case, he’s never missed one with the USMNT.

      • beachbum says:

        he missed 2 when he returned this year from sabbatical, and the one in the final vs. RSL in 2009

        he’s an awesome PK taker. Below are his stats on the Galaxy per their website

        2012–2/2 Reg Season, 2/2 post season
        2011–4/4, 2/2
        2010–3/4, 0/0
        2009–3/3, 2/3
        2008–4/4, N/A
        2007–5/6, N/A
        2006–1/1, N/A
        2005–4/4, N/A

        That’s 26-28 regular season, 6-7 post season. Couldn’t find his USMNT stats, but the beeatch from the doubters on him for a looooooong time was that he scored TOO MANY from the spot for the USMNT

        he’s proven to be an awesome PK taker his whole career except for those 2 when he returned this year

    • KGB says:

      +1. Clint with two poorly taken PKs in a row, he was fortunate that the 1st went in. Give the opportunity to Lando “Pink Eye” Donovan

    • Duneman says:

      They should have let Howard take it just for fun.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Dos a cero mojo. It could only end one way.

    • M says:

      You only had to watch the game to see that Clint missed on purpose.

  80. OB Rick says:

    The crowd was insane. I have been to about 70 USMNT games and this may have been the best crowd yet.

  81. Mike R says:

    So this is Mexicos Golden Generation?


  82. Mike R says:

    This is the lineup I want to see against Panama

    Wondolowski Charlie Davies
    Rogers -Ricardo Clark -Edu-Brad Davis

    Mexico…no World Cup for you !!!

  83. CCJC says:

    With Qualification already in hand, I can now see JK calling Lichaj for one if not both remaining games.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Surely a joke

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      It’ll be interesting because Klinsi over time has been incremental with changes, tending to leave units intact. But early qualification obviously provides another Gold Cup-type opportunity to try players in games that, at least theoretically, mean something. But will he see it that way?

      • Josh D says:

        He has to. If anything, these past two games showed we need depth. And it’s one thing to play in the Confed Cup on home soil, it’s another for them to taste an away match against a Panamanian side fighting for the World Cup.

        Guys like Mix, Brooks, and Aron who are on the fringe need time in those situations and with the team. Guys like Boyd and Guzan who have been with the team, but seen very little time, need to get that time. And guys like Bedoya, Corona, etc. who have had time, just need more of it to catch up with the “pack.”

        He’ll keep a few players around, but we need to see the fresh faces of people who’ve earned their ability to show their worth in a qualifying game.

        • beachbum says:

          don’t you think our depth was on full display last night at least? though it’s always great to develop more and that opportunity is there in these next games, certainly agree with that. But no MB, no Jozy, no Besler, no Cameron, no Evans…….dos a cero :)

        • wandmdave says:

          While I agree with the principle is it meaningful at all if the entire squad changes as opposed to one or two?

  84. K-Town says:

    The pressure of qualifying is off, but the next 8 months will still be very exciting watching our guys fight for a plane ticket to Brazil.

  85. Jonny boy says:

    I’m not a fan if Dempsey he doesn’t offer anything to the team I feel like he tries to be flashy when he’s not really a flashy player and better off not trying any of that. He loses possession more than anyone else and just offer nothing going forward. Donovan is much better in his position. Dempsey is not really a number ten and not really a striker. I don’t think he should start maybe the bech and there are better players that could be in the field with him out

    • Chris2 says:

      Ud. viene de que parte de Mexico?

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Dempsey has been deteriorating since his Spurs move — hopefully Seattle eventually reverses that — but IMO the attack was much stronger once EJ got pulled and Landon and Dempsey shifted forward.

      I mean, EJ was anonymous, except…you know. But if you do that often enough I give you a pass as long as we keep winning and you keep scoring.

      • Josh D says:

        Dempsey has been deteriorating exactly at the rate of his “tricks.” Watching him for Seattle is embarrassing. He’ll do a behind the heel pass instead of laying off a simple pass, he’ll go for crazy shots instead of playing simple, and he does moves in circles.

        He’s undisciplined now and I think it comes from A. being cocky and B. at the same time, being scared of having the tag “MLS most expensive player ever” on his back. I think he’s trying way too hard to justify his price, at the expense of him justifying it by performing.

        But Dempsey has never been the type of guy who finds a game and digs a team out of a situation. He’s a guy who scores, and sometimes exactly when we need him to, but he’s not commanding on the pitch and he doesn’t get dirty. Except when he planks the moment someone touches him.

        EJ I thought played well. Better than I expected, but he’s still EJ-step-over-slow-minded. I can’t wait to see Aron for a full 90 in October. Aron and Mix together should be very creative.

        I’d like to see an article on the 23 in October. I’d like to see: Guzan, Brooks, Besler, Tijuana boys, Boyd, Wood, Aron, Mix, Bedoya, Shea at the least.

      • wandmdave says:

        Dempsey’s form deteriorated after his season ended and just hasn’t improved because his move disrupted his preseason training. He needs to get match fit and playing regularly again and he’ll be fine. He looked the same last year at this time because he moved to Spurs late and found his form quickly after the move was finally made.

    • RevvedUp says:

      I encourage y’all to watch the sequence leading up to the second goal. The ball is about to go over the end line for a goal kick, when Dempsey slides in and pokes it out to the side. Mexico gets boxed in on the subsequent throwin, leading to a US throwing, leading to the great move by Mix and the goal.

      If Dempsey doesn’t do that bit of dirty work….

      I’m not saying Dempsey is perfect, etc. Just noting one subtle piece of effort that made a difference.

  86. PTM9 says:

    Does anyone have Neven Subotic’s mailing address? I’d like to send him a postcard from Brazil since he won’t be there.

  87. slowleftarm says:

    Finals draw on December 6!

  88. beachbum says:

    What a great day

    qualified and beat Mexico all in one swoop

    Congratulations Coach Jurgen Klinnsman and Team USA!!!

  89. Dinho says:

    Posted this elsewhere, but curious as to everyone’s thoughts… thoughts on the game:

    (1) Tim Howard redeemed himself, good showing from him. I’d like to see Guzan play the remaining qualifiers in October.
    (2) Mexico’s coach made a big mistake taking off Gimenez
    (3) Gonzo played the best I’ve ever seen from him in a USMNT jersey. I remember one poor pass, but otherwise almost flawless
    (4) Beckerman seems useless, but I have to say that him staying home allowed Jones to wander (and not hurt us)
    (5) El Tri is ordinary
    (6) Landon’s first touch was phenomenal all night, he was a step ahead of everyone in his thought process. You can tell he is on form. Makes me wish (more) that he should have gone elsewhere during the transfer window
    (7) Fabian Johnson was bad. Every touch was hesitant. Picking up a knock and getting subbed may have been a blessing (even though it was Parkhurst)
    (8) Beasley seemed to have redeemed himself, but he wasn’t tested much.
    (9) Dempsey has lost “it.” I’m not sure what happened, but he looks very ordinary also
    (10) As much as I hate EJ, he actually played really well (even aside from the goal).
    (11) Diskerud is a genius. I can’t wait for him and Bradley to be running the middle in Brazil.
    (12) Bedoya was a VERY pleasant surprise. Worked his ass off, made good runs and wasn’t afraid to get stuck in. Zusi has his work cut out for him
    (13) Once again, Jurgen is the man. Even though I despise Beckerman, having him start with Jones was the right move. And, putting on Diskerud was the perfect sub.
    (14) Jurgen will likely have some very difficult choices to make on the 23 to bring to Brazil….

    Here’s my guess:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando (3)
    D: Beasley, Evans, Cameron, Gonzalez, Brooks, Besler, Dolo/Parkhurst, Orozco (8)
    M: Donovan, Bradley, Jones, Diskerud, Zusi, Bedoya, Beckerman, F. Johnson (8)
    F: Altidore, Dempsey, E. Johnson, Johannson (4)

    (Obviously, Beasley, Cameron, Donovan, F. Johnson, E. Johnson and Dempsey can play multiple positions…)

    What you got?

    • Mr_A says:

      Your post is so long that I don’t think you’ll get too many takers. That said, FJ did some solid defending, and Beckerman did a lot that made it possible for JJ to wander.

  90. Matt says:

    Welcome to the hotel dos a cero. Such a lovely place.