EA releases new FIFA14 commercial featuring star-studded cast


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13 Responses to EA releases new FIFA14 commercial featuring star-studded cast

  1. Drannix Nakrahad99 says:

    Goddammit I hate Drake.

  2. Good Jeremy says:

    I wasn’t going to buy it until I saw Drake.
    I love the underdog story of a guy who played a wheelchair-bound teenager on a Nickelodeon show, then emerged as a rapper coming from a tough background to overcome the odds.

  3. Amanda Bynes says:

    Drake is ugly

  4. Rory says:

    I recognized Chicharito and Bale. None of those other people were familiar so I’m gonna question the “star” power of this commercial.

    Wait, was that one little girl one of the gosslin kids from Kate plus 8?

  5. Danny says:

    Drake is the man.

  6. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    As a creative advertising executive I just see a missed opportunity. Where’s the big idea? It may have some stars, but not all of THE stars. More importantly – It was flat. At our agency we would have said to the team that conceived it – “What else ya got?”

    • Mostly says:

      Anybody who actually works at a decent agency would never refer to themselves as a “creative advertising executive.” Sorry, junior.