Costa Rica facing sanctions as FIFA investigates actions during qualifier vs. USMNT

Marco Rodriguez, Matt Besler


The Costa Rican Football Federation did their best to put the U.S. Men’s National Team off their game when the squads met up seven days ago, but it appears that they stepped over the line on multiple occasions.

According to reports in Costa Rica, the Federation is under investigation by FIFA for three separate incidents that occurred on September 6 at the Estadio Nacional. The reports state that prior to kickoff, fans booed and whistled during the United States national anthem, the PA turned off Clint Dempsey’s microphone as he read out a statement about fair play, and Costa Rica supporters pointed lasers at U.S. coaching staff and players.

In addition, FIFA is investigating the actions of Costa Rica forward Joel Campbell during the second half, which saw U.S. centerback Matt Besler yellow carded despite video evidence clearing him of wrong-doing.

The secretary of the Costa Rican Federation’s executive committee, Juan Carlos Roman, confirmed the news, and said that FIFA could potentially force Costa Rica to play their next home game (October 15 vs. Mexico) behind closed doors, taking away a key revenue stream for the organization.

Roman mentioned that the Federation has until September 16th to respond to the complaints lodged by U.S. Soccer, and the investigation is currently going through the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

Costa Rica head coach Jorge Luis Pinto commented on the investigation of Campbell on Friday, though he likely did himself no favors here in the United States.

Pinto complained that when Costa Rica was at the Estadio Azteca and in El Salvador, fans booed their national anthem and lasers were pointed, but nothing was done. He also said that U.S. Soccer shouldn’t have been allowed to place cameras around the stadium, where they could catch certain incidents, like Campbell’s folly.

“I am worried about Campbell,” Pinto said on Costa Rican TV, transcribed by in Honduras. “I hate the licit gesture from the United States for putting a camera behind the coach’s area. They’re not going to refute that, but we should not allow that. It’s a camera that confuses regulations.

“It’s an aggressive act and it’s resentful of the United States.”


What do you think of these reports? Glad FIFA is investigating the claims from the match? Do you see Costa Rica’s next match played behind closed doors? What do you think of Pinto’s comments?

Share your thoughts below.

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289 Responses to Costa Rica facing sanctions as FIFA investigates actions during qualifier vs. USMNT

  1. Jacknut says:

    It’s nice having Sunil on the ExecCo.

    Only problem is that this could help Mexico.

  2. Joe+G says:

    If we were in a battle for qualifying with Mexico, I don’t see how it would be fair for us if the game were played behind closed doors.

    But no investigation of lasers on Tim Howard at Azteca? (we have video) or the pelting of CR players with bottles while trying to take a corner in the same place?

    • Paul Miller says:

      I had the same thought on lasers. It’s going to come down to people having to be frisked before going into stadiums, which sounds ridiculous, but so is fans who can’t control themselves and conspire to shine lasers at opponents.

      I’m glad something is being done about Campbell’s campbelling, because that, too, was outrageous. As bad as diving is, and it is bad (game destroying bad), this campbelling is so much worse. It takes a real piece of work to try to pull something like that off. And then for the coach to complain that the problem was excessive cameras…? What, is everyone from that country’s football federation a complete low-life?

      • Mason says:

        A few empty house matches will drive the point home.

        • West of the Cascades says:

          And a regular diet of matches in Denver and Sandy, Utah when there could be snow … could Anchorage be up for hosting its first World Cup qualifier the next time Costa Rica plays in the US?

  3. Lane says:

    There is a gif with the article on the MLS site. Pretty much some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. And from the sound of it they are arguing that the camera or videographer that caught it was there illegally! Funny stuff!

  4. David M says:

    It would be easier to have an opinion of Pinto’s comments if we had normal translation. But, regardless, for years, the Central Americans have been getting away with everything short of murder, and the governing bodies have always refused to do anything. Why couldn’t Campbell have been suspended the day after the US game and Besler reinstated? Why can’t FIFA (or CONCACAF) quickly make the only decision that makes any sense?

  5. Little Meow says:

    wait, he’s blaming the Campbell thing on us because of a camera?

    • Paul Miller says:

      Yep. That’s CR logic, I suppose.

    • Ian says:

      It’s not all that different from blaming the USMNT for mother nature’s fury in Colorado. Illogical all the way around.

      • John says:

        Get serious: nobody is blaming USMNT for mother nature’s snow, but for pressing the refs to play the game in unsafe conditions (not even the field lines were visible). Game should have been played after the weather got better.

        • JeffP says:

          That should have been decided before the U.S. went up a goal. The conditions were bad from minute one. They got ‘worse’ for CR once they were down. And when you see some of the swimming pool pitches on which Premier League matches are sometimes played, it’s not ridiculous to play the game out in that snow.

        • Mason says:

          The field was safe, and the groundskeepers did an excellent job keeping the lines visible. There was no reason to suspend that match. The Ticos can whine all they want, but they couldn’t even figure out how to file a protest properly, so they can suck an egg.

          • Ricardo says:

            Funny but in USA the second a drop of water falls in the pitch they suspend all the AYSO games for a week, double standard….

            • Mason says:

              Utterly and hilariously wrong, little ricky.

              Most youth leagues I’ve come in contact with will suspend play or postpone for two things: lightning, and field closures. Clearly the former is an act of god, and the latter is usually a call made by whomever owns the field. Usually, this call is made due to a desire to maintain the field’s integrity. A field might be fine after one mud match, but the typical field around me has between five and seven matches scheduled on it each weekend day.

              FWIW, the AYSO region I played and reffed in a kid (129) never had a field closure in my decade there. The rec and travel leagues I referee now have had a grass field closure once in seven years, but play continued on the turf fields.

              Face it: football is a game that goes rain, shine, or snow. So sad that the Ticos couldn’t handle it.

            • Mason says:

              Nevermind that you’re comparing amateur children to adult professionals.

              Do you think that its a double standard that U9s use size 3 balls and play ten minute quarters? Or are you suggesting that CRC’s moms should bring them Caprice Suns and Orange slices at half time?

  6. Dc says:

    I just hope that dive by Campbell gets looks at. Disgraceful. I’ll say the same thing if one of our players ever does that. And before you say it, Jozy falling a little too easily in the box is not even close to the same thing.

  7. Jersey2Colorado says:

    Assume the risks when your dealing with a region home to the most dangerous, poorly run nations in the entire world.

  8. GOYA-GOYA says:

    So cameras that catch potentially illegal acts are themselves illegal? That is the argument? Really? Sounds like the desperate remarks of someone that knows they are in trouble!

    • bottlcaps says:

      “Call the Waaaaaabulance. We were caught cheating” All because of the pesky cameras that caught us. Welcome to the 21st Century.

    • CSD says:

      Not just in Central America:

      “In May 2012, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the enforcement of a law that made it a felony to film police officers in the state of Illinois. This followed a case involving Illinois resident Michael Allison – who at one point was facing life in jail for recording cops.”

      • Mason says:

        Your point?

        • Mike R says:

          He has no point just spewing his liberal political views

          • bryan says:

            wtf are you talking about?

          • Mason says:

            Conservatives like arresting people for filming cops?

          • SoundersOff says:

            For real?

            You’re openly stating that the GOP position is that people should not be allowed to film police officers acting in official capacity as public servants on taxpayer money?

            That’s the argument you want to make? By all means go ahead.

        • CSD says:

          It really isn’t that complicated.

          • Silversurfer says:

            You’re a flipping idiot. If you’d like to discuss political philosophers, I’m game as I’m sure many others on this board are. Otherwise take your mental sewage to the NY Times. This is a soccer blog, not Politico..
            Also CR is a great country filled with freedom loving people. If you’ve never visited, regardless of Joel Cambell’s antics, I highly suggest you do

          • Mason says:

            It is, because you don’t actually say anything. You simply quoted an appeals court ruling saying that people can’t be arrested for video taping cops.

      • bryan says:

        this was just recording the GAME and happen to catch the incident. apples and oranges. he didn’t turn on the camera simply to film the ref handing out the yellow. and lets be real, it was obvious from the regular TV camera it was a dive.

        seriously though, i remember that ruling. unbelievable.

        • Gary Page says:

          After an undercover ASPCA worker in a slaughterhouse caught downer cows (i.e., cows too sick to walk) being mistreated and then sent to slaughter, endangering our food supply, several states have made it a crime to take video in slaughter houses. The point being that it is not just in Costa Rica where values regarding cheating and catching cheaters have become crazily skewed.

          • bryan says:

            for sure, i completely understand that and think it’s ridiculous those laws exist. another reason to get corporate money out of politics…but we won’t start that convo. but yes, i know the US has laws that are ridiculous about filming.

            i was just simply pointing out the difference. USMNT had that camera to record the game, not to catch anyone doing anything wrong. it just so happened they did. that’s unlike these stories of people intentionally filming police abusing their powers or farms raising their cows terribly.

            i don’t want anyone to think i’m defending those laws. just pointing out it’s not the best analogy.

  9. EMarcel10 says:

    That’s like blaming JFK’s assassination on Zapruder. What a stupid f%$k.

  10. Brain Guy says:

    Pinto is hilarious. He is, in effect, saying that it was unfair and improper for the US to take the video that documents all of this nonsense. I *guess* I understand his argument that similar things have happened to his team in other venues, but the argument that it’s unfair to punish CR because they got caught — and that it was unfair to document the shenanigans — is just plain silly.

    I noticed a weird flashing light (laser?) behind the CR goal right when Dempsey hit the post.

    I say these “surveillance” cameras should be part of every MNT trip to a CONCACAF away game from now on.

    • Paul Miller says:

      Look at that little turd sitting there. You have to wonder what’s going through his mind. Does he even feel the smallest amount of guilt?

      Yeah, Brain, I think the cameras will be standard issue for anyone having to play meaningful games in Central America from now on. They probably have been for a while, thus the discussion of these cameras.

    • John says:

      US Soccer almost always put out a field level highlight clip for awhile now so it’s not really anything new.

  11. alocksley says:

    Campbell should be suspended for at least one game of the World Cup, not just meaningless qualifiers. That would sting. And blaming the camera? Hilarious.

    • Benny says:

      Yes, that is hilarious…beyond hilarious.

      • Ricardo says:

        Ask the Patriots about cameras…..

        • Mason says:

          Spygate! As a Pats fan, I know the answer to this one! The NFL has rules on camera placement. The Pats broke them betting that the other teams wouldn’t rat them out because all the other teams were breaking them, too. Eric Mangini (now unemployed) thought otherwise. Why do you think Goddell destroyed the tapes so quickly? Because the tapes contained evidence of other teams breaking the rules.

          So far as I know, CONCACAF and FIFA have no rules on clubs placing cameras around the field.

  12. PD says:

    Regardless of whether or not sanctions are leveled, an investigation is a sign of progress. I’m happy to hear about it and I hope it’s a sign of better crowd behavior, though I hope it never quells the passion that these fans show for their teams.

    As an extension to this train of the thought, even though Mexico is playing very poorly in this cycle, it’s nice to see the level of play by teams like Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama elevate. The better the region is, the better smaller the margin or error for the US and Mexico. In the end, it makes all the squads better. I can’t help but feel that the MLS has played a large role in that by providing a professional league for many of these players to develop in. An increasingly professional and competitive CONCACAF region will only help Mexico or the USAs chances of ever winning the big dance, and that seems to be happening.

    Now, about the refs…

  13. Ian says:

    Booing during a team’s national anthem is the pinnacle of classlessness, but does it really warrant an investigation? I personally think not. Same goes for cutting Deuce’s mic.

    Now, the laser pointers and simulating a foul that got a player suspended the following match, those two deserve investigation and reprimand. Both affect play on the field, which in turn affects a team’s chances of making it to Brazil.

    • Brain Guy says:

      As do bags of vile substances, coins, batteries, etc. raining down on players.

      This is long overdue.

    • brent says:

      people get cards all the time because someone dived, 95% are dives with little contact. in all fairness, besler did step on his foot. ha ha

    • Gary Page says:

      I believe that Dempsey was acting as US captain reading the FIFA statement about fair play, so FIFA seems to be looking at cutting his mic as a slap at them as much as a slap at the US team.

  14. CSD says:

    In related news Costa Rica has asked FIFA to investigate if soccer games should put on television at all and ever be recorded. In the statement released they asked, “Why can’t people at the game just tell there friends about what happened”?

    • CSD says:

      In other evidence collection control news FIFA has asked QATAR to remove all thermometers from there country for the next 10 years. FIFA is reporting it is 75 and slightly overcast at all stadium construction sites in QATAR.

    • Mason says:

      Well… If that’s what CRC wants, they just might get their wish when the investigation is through.

  15. John says:

    One of the most disgraceful dives you’ll ever see in the sport. If an American did that I’d want US soccer to give them a 5 game suspension on top of whatever FIFA might want to do. I’m not even against a bit of diving. Going down easy or making a foul look a little worse to gain a PK or free kick is completely different. This was all out acting to a level that’s can’t be allowed. As for laser pointers and booing the national anthem, that’s just kind of par for the coarse in Concacaf at this point.

    • Paul Miller says:

      Not five games. To me, that’s at least a full year suspension, if not lifetime ban.

      Sorry, but when baseball wanted to get the message across to players that they were not to even talk with gamblers, eight heads rolled. This type of stuff isn’t going to stop until that level of message is sent.

      And I don’t see it as diving. Diving presumes something that sorta kinda could have been part of the play. It’s usually an attempt to gain a free kick or a PK. This was something completely different. Dead ball, and the only ‘gain’ for CR was the loss of something for the U.S., as in when Besler got his second yellow. It didn’t even have any impact on the CR game. Just a malicious attempt to deny someone else. That’s different.

      But for diving itself, I wouldn’t mind seeing red cards. Same thing. If we want it stopped, then let’s stop it. For campbelling, one year suspension or lifetime ban.

      • Kevin says:

        Come on, a life time bad? Have you forgotten the divas by Jones, Dempsey and Jozy?

        • Kevin says:


          • Paul Miller says:

            You’re missing the distinction. This wasn’t a dive. And if one of our players were to casually walk behind an opponent and then fall to ground blaming that other player for the sake of getting him carded, I’d say the same thing.

            There’s times when you have to send a message.

        • John says:

          Something that happens in the coarse of the action of the match is completely different then what Campbell did.

    • brent says:

      all i have to say is besler stepped on his foot. it’s a referee error. im done.

    • Gary Page says:

      You wrote “par for the coarse(sic)” when it should be “par for the course.” However, under these circumstances, coarse actually seems more appropriate.

  16. Bill Brasky says:

    I feel so relieved that FIFA has our back…I know that they’ll do the right thing.

  17. KJ says:

    “Their cameras caught our misbehaving player! No fair! We used to be able to get away with this and now the Americans ruined it!”

    • AristotleTimVickery says:

      this was probably the backup plan by both the US & Mexico should either football team struggle to qualify. If it had been the U.S. struggling, then the Mexican federation was probably prepared to go all out in monitoring every move by the Panamanians on Oct 11, all in the hope of providing favorable circumstances for the US vs Panama match several days later. Now that its the other way, with Mexico struggling, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mexico will play Costa Rica behind closed doors. This will improve Mexico’s odds. Nicely done!

  18. Ben James says:

    Nice. When given a chance to show some sort of class, Pinto goes and proves that he doesn’t even have an ounce of integrity. Some of the most ridiculous logic I’ve ever heard. Not only does he not apologize, he also goes and somehow blames it on us. I like to believe that if one of our players did something like that, we would still be against it. In Costa Rica, it’s almost like it’s seen as an act of patriotism.

    • WK says:

      no kidding. coaches like this set the standard for behavior for the rest of the staff and players alike. way to make your country proud there, pinto.

  19. Kevin says:

    I can already hear the Ticos whining about a conspiracy to help Mexico from this. Next we’ll hear about Panama complaining about the ref they get assign when they play against mexico.

  20. Mike R says:

    Looks like FIFA is looking to help Mexico at the expense of the US.
    This happens all the time. Now when they have a game against Mexico who might get knocked out NOW they care? How convenient

    If they are legit they should look at firing the referee Count Chocula

    • broadsthooligans says:

      The ref was good all game. He made a call that his AR told him to on the yellow card. Everything else around this game was Costa Rica and had nothing to do with the officiating. The AR should be liable in some way for such a terrible call. The play was behind Chiquidracula, he’s within reason to assume that his AR saw an actual foul if that’s what his AR is signaling.

    • Mason says:

      I can’t really blame the referee for that. His attention was elsewhere. That card was entirely the AR’s call, and the AR completely blew it.

  21. away goals says:

    I understand the determent/punitive angle of making costa rica play in an empty stadium, but man that would be a huge reward for mexico and a huge punishment for panama.

    • broadsthooligans says:

      A huge benefit to a reeling Mexican team and therefore a negative for Panama. A fair punishment to a Costa Rican team and no benefit at all to Matt Besler the USA team that lost that night.

  22. bryan says:

    good! and Pinto, sorry dude, it’s called “Field Level Highlights” and the USSF has been doing it for years. why shouldn’t we do it? because players can get caught for CHEATING?

    i lost all respect for the Costa Rican team.

  23. Mike R says:

    Campbell, no World Cup for you!!!!

    Campbell no paycheck for you!!!!! For a while!!!

  24. GJJ says:

    I should be forgiving and take the high road…………but screw it. They go on the war and famine is too good for them list with Ghana. Terrible of me, I know.

  25. SoundersOff says:

    Forget the high road.

    F that entire soccer community.

  26. SoundersOff says:

    “I am worried about Campbell,” Pinto said on Costa Rican TV, transcribed by in Honduras. “I hate the licit gesture from the United States for putting a camera behind the coach’s area. They’re not going to refute that, but we should not allow that. It’s a camera that confuses regulations.

    “It’s an aggressive act and it’s resentful of the United States.”


    Hell is coming your way the next time you enter our borders. Hell you hypocritical, arrogant piece of garbage.

  27. Jack Stark says:

    Azteca is crazy with laser pointers . Point a laser pointer at a professional game in the States and go strait to jail or worse

    • Gary Page says:

      I hate those pointers in sports events. They can actually damage a person’s eye if pointed long enough. In my area just the other day they arrested someone for pointing a laser at a police helicopter, for which I say hooray.

  28. paulwp says:

    If one of our players dove like that it would be plastered all over sportscenter, americans would be talking about how that’s why they hate soccer, and we would look down on that player for the rest of his career.

    • CSD says:

      Clint Dempsey was diving all over the place in that game grabbing his lower leg. Amazingly he got up every time just fine and was able to complain to the referee who was having done of it on most occasions.

      • Jom says:

        He was falling over from contact. Too easily? Sure. But you’re an idiot if you think its anywhere near what Campbell did.

      • Gary Page says:

        I have probably seen Dempsey play over 100 games and he has gotten a total of 1 yellow for diving. At Fulham he was constantly hacked. It happens because he was their best player and is one of the US best players. Because of the long range camera shots, I couldn’t see a lot of the close up action, but I didn’t see him dive once. Was his earned penalty a dive, too? You must be a hater.

      • peterprinciple says:

        None of us are proud of Clint. We would rather have him not dive to be honest, and many like him less because of it. AND what he does is 20% of this BS. So I think USA fans being consistent

      • Andy Zilis says:

        Dempsey does dive and he went down too easily a few times in the CR game, but he was getting kicked and hacked pretty much every time he had the ball, so I can’t blame him.

        He had a dive in the Mexico game that was pretty inexcusable, though. Dempsey and Eddie Johnson are the 2 worst offenders in this area on the current US team.

    • Dc says:

      You really don’t see the difference here? You think that people would be making such a big deal if Campbell actually had the ball and was trying to score when he simulated? Come on man, wake up. This is a completely different situation.

  29. LIl' Zeke says:

    Great photo! capturing the moment Matt Besler discovered people are not all nice. I hope someone in the locker room gave him a great big hug

  30. Mueller says:

    How can you punish the Costa Rica FA? Maybe you suspend Campbell a game. Maybe you suspend the Assistant Referee who made the call. But the FA can’t be punished for foul or penalty during the course of the game.

    • SoundersOff says:

      The FA is being punished for intentionally cutting Dempsey’s mic during his speech about fairplay (seriously costa rica?) and for the behavior of their fans.

    • Luke says:

      Re-read the article. Costa Rica FA would be punished lasers, booing of national anthem and the mic not working during Dempsey’s fair play statement. The Campbell incident is a separate investigation and most likely the player would be suspended. No mention of the referee’s being investigated.

  31. Jorge Chavez says:

    Future WCQ games against CR and Mexico should now be held in Columbus, Ohio. Let the terror begin.

  32. OSUExtemp says:

    If FIFA had any sense of humor, they’d make Costa Rica play Mexico in Colorado.

  33. Scott C says:

    FIFA should also investigate the AR who seem to talk the ref into a yellow card for something he could only have imagined

    • EspinDOHla says:


      There seems to be something quite off about this and it seems highly dubious. If the AR was able to see the play from his position, then he should have easily seen that it was such a blatant dive. Besler does absolutely nothing yet he calls it a penalty/yellow card. Gettin’ paid some pesos I would suspect!!

  34. Manny says:

    Am I the only one who finds the reversed chronological comments on SBI extremely annoying? Some people like to read comments in the order they were posted. At least give us the option to sort them.

  35. Carlo says:

    Why didn’t Besler’s yellow card get taken away before the Mexico game? Why is Fifa making such a big deal about this now. Why? Because Mexico is in a bad spot, and they need as much help as possible! They didn’t care about Besler’s card because it wasn’t in Mexico’s benefit than. A lot more Mexicans buy World Cup tickets than Panamanians or Hondurans. Fifa is sick!

  36. Eric K says:

    I agree completely that the laser show on the players needs to stop. It’s just stupid and possibly dangerous.

    But Coach Pinto complaining about cameras catching players and personell doing something stupid and blaming the Americans? Get real! He’s running out of things to complain about.

    There needs to be consistency if we’re going to punish and fine for “gamemanship” troubles the same way we punish and fine teams, players, coaches and fans for discrimination and racism. When Canadian hockey fans attended NHL matches featuring American clubs visiting their home stadiums when U.S. forces went to Iraq, they booed out the Star Spangled Banner and clubs were fined. It’s the kind of disrespect that the FIFA federation promotes against, and could even be considered a form of discrimination. Same with switching off a mic that an opposing player is given to promote something ethical to the crowd prior to a match.

    This is actually the kind of attitude that would cause most of CONCACAF to pay fines and play closed-door matches. The only sides that don’t follow this attitude (in my opinion) are the U.S. Canada and Trinidad(at least the sides that have the better potential to make a world cup).

  37. John says:

    I think everybody is missing a point: in soccer, only what the referees see during the game is official. Pretending to be fouled is shameful, but punishing the player based on a video (regardless of who recorded the video) is unfair, precisely because FIFA doesn’t allow refs to use video when calling plays. This rule is stupid, but if it’s a rule it should be the same for everybody.

    • Jom says:

      I don’t think anyone is missing the point. I think everyone is advocating for retroactive penalties for behavior like this.

    • Gary Page says:

      In club play it is common for league officials to review tape and issue retroactive cards and even suspensions. They also have rescinded cards given unfairly. In short, what you say may apply to FIFA, but not to other soccer competitions.

    • Increase says:

      I think if its truely bad, you have to something about it. Remember the goal for Shaktar vs Nordsjælland that Luiz Adriano got last year?

      He didn’t break any implicit rules but it was horrifically unsporting which oddly is a rule.
      He got banned for a game. Campbell should get the same.

      link to

  38. Ricky Cook says:

    Players dive all the time – it’s become part of the game. And what fan base hasn’t heckled the other team. Laser pointers are taking things too far and FIFA should work to ensure stadium security does a better job at protecting players against this (and other) potentially harmful practices.

    • SoundersOff says:

      As outlined below, there is a difference between diving/embellishment in the context of a game and play and what Campell did.

      He cheated so egregiously and shamelessly that they felt compelled to take action. He cheated outside the confines of the game. He cheated during a dead ball.

  39. Jom says:

    3 match ban for Campbell. This should be the norm for cheating. Exaggerating contact in the run of play is fine, whatever, but this type of behavior should not be acceptable and should be retroactively penalized. And lol at Pinto whining about extra cameras. Seriously?

  40. EspinDOHla says:

    This guy’s statements are beyond comical!!
    “Let’s not have cameras all over the field because it might catch us cheating!”

    What a dunce!

  41. Dan M says:

    How is it that from the cards, to the punishment, this helps Mexico in every possible way?

  42. Jom says:

    Also, this looks pretty much looks like FIFA trying to help Mexico qualify.

    • dman says:

      Is it unfair that mexico would get to play a game without some of the nonsensical crap that takes away from the contest? the cards didn’t help mexico much did they? Let the teams play the game without the bush league antics.

      • Jom says:

        No – taking away Costa Rica’s home field advantage for the upcoming Mexico match. The things cited in the investigation are nothing new for CONCACAF so why now? Mexico is on the verge of possibly not qualifying which is something FIFA does not want to happen. FIFA changes rules or does stuff like this all the time. They change how teams are seeded for the World Cup to help increase the odds of late stage WC TV ratings for example.

        • John says:

          Everything listed and worse happens in Azteca every time we play there. FIFA taking a stand now does seem kind of questionable.

  43. JVega says:

    Further proof that USA and Mexico have concacaf officials in their pockets.
    On the lasers and booing- that stuff happens in Azteca and Honduras frequently.
    On Campbell- players dive, it happens all the time as well. It’s not really Campbell’s fault that the ref ate it.

    This is the FMF looking for advantage against us ticos, which unfortunately won’t help them because Costa Rica will beat them regardless of how and where the game is played.

    Also, PLEASE stop crying about Bessler and not having Bradley for the game against CR. I know it’s difficult to accept you got dominated by a tiny country most US fans can’t find on a map. Bradley was there 4 years ago and the result was the same (3-1). And if you ask me, Campbell did USA a huge favor by taking Bessler out for the Mexico game. Or did you guys not see how bad Bessler got smoked by Campbell?!

    • dman says:

      Campbells dive does not happen all the time only bush-league losers with no self respect do what he did……I would not him representing the USA EVER, have fun rooting for your cheater-sissy-boy.

      • JVega says:

        I would love to have a discussion with someone who isn’t in the third grade please. Anyone??

        • RSetzer says:

          I’d never claim that the US was a better team last Friday night, or during the game back in 2009. But that dive by Campbell was pathetic, not only on a professional athlete level, but as a grown man.

        • Neruda says:

          Yes cr won the game. Nobody is arguing that they didnt deserve to win. What cr is in trouble for are the classless human decisions such as the lasers and Campbell’s horrific play acting. These are super bush league errors. So bush league in fact that fifas bushest league federation concocaf have taken notice. In other words it rises above past dives and use of lasers. How pathetic do u have to be to shine a laser in the eyes of a coach?!!! Coaches don’t even play so its pointless.

          Lets all pray we never see anymore cambelling on a soccer pitch again.

    • zztoppppp says:

      Yea, Besler did get torched on that one goal. But, have you happened to watch any of his other performances in a USMNT shirt? He’s hands down the best centerback in the pool right now.

    • gbott1999 says:

      Sounds like you are the one doing the crying. Maybe go play in some snow to ice your tears.

    • SoundersOff says:

      D*mnit, Ives.

      Stop writing for

      And we talk bad about Seattle fans. You’ll be lucky to qualify for the World Cup, let alone accomplish anything.

    • John says:

      I think most people on here would agree with you on that fact that the booing and lasers pointers happen all around Concacaf and in Azteca more then anywhere. It is rather questionable that FIFA all of a sudden what to make a stand on that now and in effect help Mexico. It doesn’t help the US in any way at all whatever FIFA decides. For all the US fans who’d like to see Mexico fall on there face it’s even worse.

      With Campbell’s dive I don’t see how you can really defend that. He’ll have to live with being on every worst dive compilation video for the rest of his life. I just don’t understand why he would even do it. You were up by 2 goals with 10 minutes. He had a great match, it was just totally unnecessary. I think everyone took all the gamesmanship in stride and really I would have liked to see Costa Rica do well next summer. However after that move I just don’t know.

    • bryan says:

      you are either trolling or just completely out of it.

      1. Don’t blame CONCACAF, the fans decided it would be ok to do it, setting themselves up for possible punishment. i agree CONCACAF needs to be consistent, but it has to start somewhere.

      2. It IS Campbell’s fault. HE decided to fake an injury. The ref is also at blame, but Campbell is the ONLY reason this is an issue. It was HIS decision. No on else.

      3. Besler WAS at the game for CR, so learn to read. The frustration was at the blatant cheating to get our CB suspended for the Mexico game.

      4. No denying we got smoked.

    • bryan says:

      you are either tr011ing or just completely out of it.

      1. Don’t blame CONCACAF, the fans decided it would be ok to do it, setting themselves up for possible punishment. i agree CONCACAF needs to be consistent, but it has to start somewhere.

      2. It IS Campbell’s fault. HE decided to fake an injury. The ref is also at blame, but Campbell is the ONLY reason this is an issue. It was HIS decision. No on else.

      3. Besler WAS at the game for CR, so learn to read. The frustration was at the blatant cheating to get our CB suspended for the Mexico game.

      4. No denying we got smoked.

    • Brashwinder says:

      JVega is too cool for school man. So cool. What’s with the Ticos being bu++ hurt as of late? They wanted to continue that snow game as much as us. Yet, they lose and cry home and build this grudge towards the USMNT. You guys did out class us in San Josen despite Campbell’s flop WHEN THE PLAY HAD STOPPED. It’s one thing to take a dive in the midst of a play and another to be a pansy when the ball is dead. Pathetic, you’ll be lucky to get one point during group stage next year in Brazil.

      • JVega says:

        Lets please burry the snow game talk. Yeah CR fans were upset over it, but we got our payback and I think that subject should be put to rest once and for all. I don’t think the snow benefited the USA as much as people think. It affected both teams equally.
        I’ve been following Ives for many years now and comment here sometimes. I’m not just looking to pick a dumb argument for no reason. And no I did not find this in or whatever.. I am just soccer fanatic and I truly enjoy the writing style SBI has. I feel that the level of passion for the game by both writers and readers of this site is on par with the level of passion seen in soccer loving countries in Latin America, therefore that is the reason I’ve been following the site for over 6 years now.
        If CR gets punished for this then that is fine but let’s please keep it consistent across all teams and venues.
        As far as Campbell- I’m not proud of what he did. I think he got a little too excited after toying around with Bessler all night long and took it too far. However, I am proud of his performance on the field that night and to say you wouldn’t want a guy like that on your team is just plain ignorant.

        • SwerveZ says:

          I’ve got no problem with your comments. You’re a passionate fan from CR. I’d be saying the same things. I guess it’s unfortunate for you to be punished for what’s been happening all over, for some time. but it’s gotta stop. I never saw the dive, was it that bad?

          • JVega says:

            Yeah, it was bad. My point is this type of things only happen to CR and smaller teams, never to US or Mexico. The Mexico-US rivalry is far too lucrative for concacaf for them to allow the smaller teams grab the attention away from it.
            If you look at the US goal that night- Dempsey takes a dive just as bad in midfield. Suzi then plays the ball quickly to take advantage. It’s fair to play the ball as soon as the ref allows, I have no problem with that. But at the end of the day, it’s still a BS goal. During actual game play no way the US scores on us at home.
            As far as the actual penalty kick- I really think Donovan should be taking the PKs when Bradley or Altidore aren’t available. Should be Bradley, Donovan, Altidore, Dempsey in that order.

            • BrianB says:

              A dive just as bad? I think the only dive I’ve seen worse than Campbell’s is Rivaldo in 2002. You cannot be serious.

              The thing about this stuff not happening to the United States or Mexico is BS too, at least on the part of the US. When has a US player ever pulled a stunt like the one Campbell did? Never, that’s when. The times the US has deserved to be punished for things (Reyna and Arena in San Jose) they have been. We just don’t pull the bush league crap that the Tico fans did on Friday night. We don’t bring lasers to games and we don’t boo National Anthems. Mexico may be a different story, but don’t group us into that.

              • JVega says:

                1. You should understand that a dive, whether is on or off the ball or not during game play, is still a dive. Essentially a dive it’s an unsportsmanlike act no matter how it happens. Unfortunately as players progress in their careers and move to bigger teams they are taught to fall down when they are touched. Every player from Ronaldo to Messi. And yes, even USA players take dives all the time. That’s what I meant by saying dempseys dive is just as bad- in the sense that he is trying to trick the ref into believing he got fouled when he wasn’t. Basically the same thing Campbell did, he felt he got touched and fell down. Again, I don’t like it but it is what it is.
                2. The lasers happen even in euro champion league games. I will say I have never seen it happen at a USA game.
                Dives and Heckling fans are part of the game and will continue to be as long as the game is played, we can’t do anything about that. It is unfair that only certain teams get punished for it though.

                Do you really think Mexico should benefit from this? How does this make sense to you all? The fact is BILLIONS are on the line if Mexico fails to qualify. It is very suspicious how this is going down, don’t you think?

              • Mason says:

                Find a video of an American or a Mexican diving like that 60 yards from play and we can talk, but until then, shut the fsk up, vega.

        • Guero says:

          But JVega, as a Hispanic American who has lived in CR, you have to understand that we would rather not have a guy like Campbell on our team, good though he may be, if those are his sporting values. It’s totally inconsistent with the American sporting mentality. And I know Latin countries think we’re ignorant for it, but it’s who we are and it won’t change. To us, it’s cheating. Bottom line.

        • John says:

          The US and Costa Rica are both going to Brazil and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. In the big picture we should want all Concacaf teams to represent the region well once there. Its not worth really getting bent out of shape from a US point of view because it didn’t effect the Costa Rica match and we still beat Mexico. I just don’t get why he even did it other then to maybe help Mexico.

        • Neruda says:

          What the world will remember about Campbell is his worlds best play acting against besler and not his goal. And after he is punished even cr fans will have a bad taste in their mouth. His one pointless act has cast a pall over a strong showing.

        • Jom says:

          Nope. I think most Americans would not want a player that did that on their team. Have some class.

    • Jom says:

      “It’s not really Campbell’s fault that the ref ate it.” – JVega

      Yeah….. I’ll just leave this right here:
      link to

      The best part (not in the GIF) was when comically put his arm over his forehead because the pain was just oh so too much to bear.

      But its not really Campbell’s fault. I mean, really – think about it. The ref is to blame here.

    • Dc says:

      Come on man, I love Costa Rica, the country and the team. I have been there many times. I totally respect how well they played that night. You have to hand it to them. But his dive was ridiculous. If that was a member of our team, I would be saying the same exact thing. Our fans are the first one to verbally assault a player on this forumn when we see one of our players dive, which is rare, but still. We got our a$$e$ handed to us, I have no problem with that. But play acting like that needs to be eliminated from the game as much as possible. He should, and probably is ashamed of himself.

      • JVega says:

        Cool man, I agree.. Dives are no good. All I’m saying is that unfortunately they are part of the game and will continue to be. And to my point above, a dive is an unsportsmanlike act no matter how it happens. It does not matter if its during game play or not, dives are not cool period. To say a USA player has never taken a dive would be lying to yourself. Clint Dempsey also took a huge dive that resulted in the US goal.. Do you not want Dempsey playing on your team? If so, please send him over to CR cuz we will gladly take him.
        A dive is cheating regardless of how it happens, yet you all believe suddenly it’s only acceptable when your guys do it??

        • Ben James says:

          Nobody disagrees with you that dives are bad. What you seem unable to comprehend is that one dive can be worse than another. A player with the ball who is already off balance getting bumped and going down too easily is different than a player walking behind an opposing player 50 yards from the ball and faking an injury with zero contact. That was a pathetic and blatant attempt to win a card, done in the most classless of ways. Just like there are crimes that are worse than others, there are dives that are worse than others. I agree with some of the other commenters that I wouldn’t want someone like Campbell on my team. Not because he isn’t talented, but because I could not root for a person who behaves with such a lack of integrity.

          In the end, yes we’re disappointed we lost the game, but don’t confuse that with us being a bunch of whiny fans. CR absolutely deserved to win the game. The only complaining from me is about the Campbell dive. Good luck in the future. I still hope you beat Mexico and knock them out of the WC.

    • beachbum says:

      the USA has CONCAF officials in their back pocket??? HaHaHaaaaaa

      oh man, now that is funny

      cheers man

    • peterprinciple says:

      We were dominated for 10 minutes that is true. Then had the better of it for the next 70, hitting the frame 3 times, requiring a few saves from your very good keeper. The third goal was only a result of countering against the first ten minutes. No though, good game- you got one. We got a Gold Cup, and first in the Hex with the bottom two left. You all played dirty and classless from the time the game ended in Denver. You won, but nothing to be too proud of.

      • JVega says:

        Your team got dominated the entire 1st half. As it happens EVERY SINGLE time USA plays in CR. Check your stats before talking please..
        10 minutes really? You have really proven to not know a single thing about this sport and you should refrain from saying anything here cuz you’re really just embarrassing all the real fans who really know what took place.
        Classless is the fan who calls other teams classless and dirty when they know they got outplayed in the field.

        • Boz says:

          A lot worse has happened than having our anthem booed and turning off our mic. Our anthem was booed/whistles when I was at Azteca and no FIFA investigation then. The throwing of batteries at our players in Sapprisa was a lot worse and FIFA never did anything about that. The fact was that our midfield looked lost with Bradley out and they couldn’t even complete a pass during the first 10 minutes. With our depth, we should have played better and CR deserved to be up early. We did have the better run of play in the second half and had a chance to at least tie, but we gave up the 3rd goal and CR deserved the victory.
          Now, you can’t even classify what Campbell did as a dive because it was much worse than that. A dive happens during the run of play while attempting to play the ball…Campbell walked behind Besler and lifts his leg into Besler’s calf and then falls like he’d just been shot in the leg, looks up at the ref and then goes back down. It was pathetic and can’t even be compared to a Dempsey dive (which I am not a fan of). If FIFA wanted to make a statement, they should have rescinded the Besler yellow card and suspended Cambell for a game. I hope the CR vs Mex game is not played behind closed doors and CR plays their best 11.

    • Hogatroge says:

      I love that you think the US is trying to help Mexico by contesting this situation. If I recall, Costa Rica tried the same thing about the March game, and the snow wasn’t even in our control. At least we know how to look up the proper challenge process. None of the technical staff in Denver knew how to pull up Google on their phone?

      Basically, the US is protesting the things that are officially against FIFA Fair Play, because the other unsportsmanlike stuff (training ground denial, etc.) is only that…bad sportsmanship.

      Again… nobody denies CR was the better team Friday, and even though I honestly think the US would have given a better contest if Bradley hadn’t suddenly gone down injured immediately before the match, I’m not being unreasonable and saying the US definitely would have won.

      And side note… it was very embarrassing to see Besler get smoked like that. He’s supposedly the fastest player on the US, but he certainly didn’t look like it. Maybe he’ll learn from the experience, though.

  44. Eric Sornoso says:

    Mexico could benefit from FIFA’s sanction.

  45. Dennis says:

    Campbell should be suspended for more than a couple games, enough that he cannot play in the opening round of the WC. There simply is no place for cheaters in the game and they should be punished severely.

    The coach should be censured for complaining that Campbell got caught, Really!? A couple games banned from the sidelines would not hurt him either.

    The other stuff happens all the time and now is an odd time to start enforcing fans’ bad behavior. I suspect fear that Mexico might not qualify is a motivation for this part.

    • Ricardo says:

      Your comments and all the other Americans that don’t understand soccer makes me laugh. How about every time a basketball player screams and throw his arms in the air looking for a foul call, get suspended for a whole season. You guys are upset just because for once you did not get special treatment you sissies

      • Mason says:

        Go fist yourself ricky.

      • Dennis says:

        No, the sissies are the players who go to ground screaming in anguish every time they are touched. In this case Campbell went to ground without the slightest reason except fwith cheating in mind. FIFAs attempts to clean up the game from this sort of cheating is half-hearted at best and that is not to FIFA’s credit. People like you who apparently believe cheating should be allowed are short-sighted, the ultimate outcomne of that would be the end of any semblance of skilled soccer.
        The coaches apology for it saying that it was unfair that evidence of the cheating was collected, is beyond stupid. It is like saying I didn’t know the quickie mart had survailance cameras when I robbed it, so I should not be punished.
        The other stuff is just pretty much normal poor fan behaviour.

      • Hogatroge says:

        While some people here are certainly delusional about what punishment should come, you’re kidding yourself if you think the US gets special treatment in CONCACAF… unless you mean especially bad treatment in past cycles (not so much this one).

      • Jason B says:

        I’ve played many Ricardo’s at my rec league. They all dive and think the ref is always against them. They also don’t respect an Americans game and lose 3-0 and try to start fights after the game. I’m sure many of you Americans have had the same experiences with Ricardo’s.

  46. Ac says:

    Simple. Do the proper procedure and timeframe of your complaint and FIFA will hear it. Reason why Costa Rica and others haven’t had their complaints heard is the just complain in the media and don’t go through the proper procedure. The coach’s camera comments are hilarious. Would be a great parody video.

  47. Jom says:

    “It’s not really Campbell’s fault that the ref ate it.” – JVega

    Yeah….. I’ll just leave this right here:
    link to

    The best part (not in the GIF) was when comically put his arm over his forehead because the pain was just oh so too much to bear.

    But its not really Campbell’s fault. I mean, really – think about it. The ref is to blame here.

  48. That’s great that they’re going to make costa rica play behind closed doors. But how does that help the USA? If the result for the Mexico game was different then I think thr complaints would be different.

    • Hogatroge says:

      I agree… the only thing I want to see is personal punishment for Campbell, even though it doesn’t matter at this point. a 1 or 2 match suspension where he’s forced to attend but can’t dress (because now that they’ve qualified, he could easily just not show).

      The FA should just get a warning about unsportsmanlike behavior (not so much the crowd, but the stuff leading up to the match). If they pull it again, make them play 2 or 3 matches in the next WCQ behind closed doors.

  49. Ron says:

    I hope Campbell gets suspended for multiple games. He may be a good player, but he’s an embarrassment to the CR Fed. I would never cheer for someone who did that, and would never want that little douchebag playing for the American team.

    I really hope FIFA throws the book at the CR fed for this. If they need to play Mexico in any empty stadium, then so be it. The little league mentality by CR was ridiculous. They should be better than that. I expect that kind of crap from El Salvador and Guatemala, but used to think CR had more class. Guess not.

  50. Scott says:

    All of this sort of thing, and more, has been going on for years. Perhaps the new CONCACAF head man is looking to change some things? Kinda funny…it looks like this didn’t hurt us at all and will come back to hurt CR. Hello? Karma. is that you?

  51. John says:

    At the end of the clip does Cameron walk up to Campbell and point back to the camera telling him its all on video?

    • Bernard says:

      Yeah, I think so. That’s how I saw it. Pretty awesome.

      • Jesse D says:

        totally awesome. I wonder if he pissed his pants. He personally should receive a match ban starting with the first official competition of 2014. Losing a game in the world cup might be a nice lesson.

  52. beachbum says:

    agree with those whose take is that this kind of BS has been seemingly happening forever, and the effect is actually helpful to Mexico, a fragile team who would not like playing in front of the crazy Costa Rican fans. Seems like a bunch of BS to me since Costa Rica has already qualified

    • John says:

      Seriously why would Costa Rica even show up to play in an empty stadium with nothing on the line. Why should Mexico get a reward for what our team had to deal with, when the same and worse happens in Azteca every time.

      • JVega says:

        CR will show up and play. To give any less effort to this match than our matches against panama, Jamaica, and USA would be a huge disrespect to those teams and the game itself.
        Trust me when I say this. Last qualifiers I remember USA clinched their qualification with a victory at Honduras. Following that match, Bob Bradley told the Honduras coach he would play Costa Rica just as tough as they played Honduras. It is a matter of professionalism and respect for all your opponents. Turns out the US did give us a good battle and ended up leaving us out of the world up with that last minute Bornstein header. If any team understands you shouldn’t hand out free games in a qualifier it is Costa Rica.
        Plus also we have to play good in the interest of better seeding for the World Cup. And then there is also the fact that ANY team in concacaf would absolutely LOVE to be the one identified as having left Mexico out of the World Cup. No doubt about it CR will show up and play and this is really adding fuel to the fire.

        • beachbum says:

          quite the effort to tie that game late it was my friend :)

          to be clear, my point is this punishment conveniently helps Mexico and their fragile state. I hope you all crush them and that all you are saying is true about how they will play, trust me, but still find the timing of the enforcement interesting to say the least for offenses we’ve all seen go down so often with no problem as just normal operating procedures and gamesmanship.

        • Artie says:

          “To give any less effort to this match than our matches against panama, Jamaica, and USA would be a huge disrespect to those teams and the game itself.”

          Yes, because Costa Rica’s actions clearly suggest a pattern of respect for the game of soccer.

        • Mason says:

          Please don’t talk about respect when your fed is doing everything in its power to piss ours away.

        • Hogatroge says:


          I really appreciate your level-headed comments in regards to this situation. It’s a nice change from the other commentary out there.

          That said… no CONCACAF sides have any shot at seeding in this WC, but CR should definitely play hard for pride, and knocking Mexico out of the tourney would be pretty impressive (even if it would be bad for CONCACAF potentially).

      • Mason says:

        Because not showing up to play invites extra punishment. They have to at least throw a team on the field.

  53. Chaca says:

    Is anybody going to investigate the five dives Dempsey takes per game?

    • John says:

      You seriously want to compare Dempsey taking contact and perhaps going a little too easy to what Campbell did?

      • Chaca says:

        A dive is a dive and Dempsey dives all the time.
        Somebody should investigate that.

        • JVega says:

          Couldn’t agree more. A dive is an unsportsmanlike act regardless of how it happens. Dempsey dives and to deny that is simply being biased.

          • peterprinciple says:

            Nah, the Campbell move was classless, as was a whole host of the CRFed moves leading up to the game. Laser pointers, booing is one thing- the Costa Ricans made things more difficult on the Americans at every turn in country. I guarantee the Costa Ricans were treated like princes in Denver outside of having to play in the snow which the USSF did not order up and had to play in also. The US has earned the right to point fingers by putting up with all that and obviously were justified in recording the game because stuff like this happens down there,

            And the Campbell thing was nothing at all other than either trying to delay the game or hurt the opponent for its next fixture by falsely eliminating a player. Just the worst. Dempsey dives and we mostly all HATE that too.

            Don’t know why I am complaining though, we have a Gold Cup and a Hex lead to be proud of anyway, we played an awful 10 minutes on a night where everythign was stacked against us.

        • Jesse D says:

          Seriously, dempsey only goes down after contact and in the run of play. A dive is not a dive. There are degrees. This was classes. There is no other way of looking at. Costa Rican’s are dirty, they set out to be dirty and now it is back firing.

          • JVega says:

            A dive is cheating, period. Some dives are more blatant than others, but they all have one thing in common; it’s cheating. Stop lying to yourself please.

            • Jesse D says:

              Cheating is what your wife does and Joel Campbell. Falling down easier than he needs to is what Dempsey does.

        • John says:

          What Campbell did isn’t even a dive. Its just straight play acting. You can search for the worst dives in history and almost none are as bad as what Campbell did. He is clearly a talented young player and I hope Costa Rica and Campbell go on to do good things next summer. However to try and justify it, like well everyone dives so its ok is silly.

          • John says:

            I just don’t even understand the point of it either. You are up by 2 goals with 10 minutes left what do you really even gain from it? If a line judge had actually seen it they could have just as easy given Campbell a yellow or red at that point. At this point it really doesn’t effect the US in any way so I don’t care but I just don’t get what the purpose was.

        • CplDaniel says:

          I miss the good-ol’-days when Dempsey dove, he would come back up with blood on his face.

    • Bernard says:

      Because falling over when you take contact is the same thing. You are an idiot.

    • Maykol says:

      Yeah the amount that dempseys been diving is actually ridiculous

      • John says:

        Well if that’s true I’m sure he’ll develop a reputation for diving and could start getting yellows even when he is actually taking a foul. That’s usually how things end up evening out.

    • louis z says:

      BIG difference, Dempsey is during run of play the other…well you know.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Some people just can’t accept when they (or their team) do something wrong. Campbell’s dive was completely different than Dempsey’s.

      Gaining an offensive advantage is a totally different intent than trying to get a player ejected from another game. Also, there’s a difference in exaggerating light, legal contact and inventing contact.

      For what it’s worth, I would have been fine with a YC to Dempsey because I’m getting sick of his useless dives, but the YC to Besler was completely ridiculous.

  54. Maykol says:

    People dive all the time, especially when people dont get touched, it happened in the world cup. I hear people saying “give him a ten game ban!”. A bunch of you are acting like whiny little girls.

    • John says:

      I don’t really care if he gets a ban at all, at this point it doesn’t really effect us. I just don’t understand what he thought he had to gain by diving in that moment. The only out come was to perhaps help Mexico. However they need a lot more help then that it turns out. It was a pretty over the top comical dive that I’m sure will show up on worst dive highlight reels but other then that who cares I guess.

  55. Jerry says:

    I’m so glad to see this action being taken. It’s a lot like when the punk from El Salvador cheap shotted Terrence Boyd in the Olympic qualifiers but no one saw it. FIFA retroactively punished him and hopefully they will do the same to Campbell. It’s hard to defend soccer as the “beautiful game” to my American friends when they can point to this chump’s video to support their trash talk about soccer being for sissies. FIFA should go the route of MLS and go back after all games to hand out fines and penalties for stuff the ref’s miss…it would go a long way towards making the sport more credible…

    • Hogatroge says:

      Agreed. Individual suspensions & fines to players, the crowd, and the FA are the way to go.

      The last people that should be punished are the players who did nothing wrong and would get screwed by the one guy who did. Still, situations like Henry’s handball that knocked Ireland out of the 2010 WC really suck.

  56. Joamiq says:

    LOL @ Pinto. The man is proving himself to be clueless.

  57. Leo says:

    The only justice I see is prohibiting Costa Rica from playing home games completely. Let their classless federation and fans rot.

    • JVega says:

      I would say the same thing if I got my a$$ handed to me everytime I played in costarrican soil.

      • Mason says:

        Hex Table!

      • Hogatroge says:

        JVega… don’t get me wrong, regarding the product on the field, we US fans are only upset with ourselves and our team.

        Anyone would be pissed off about the unnecessary dive by Campbell (he had just put the game out of reach).

        How do you think the Ticos would feel if the tables were turned on them when they came to the US? Add in a gamut of DEA and INS checkpoints, maybe some Homeland Security, denying the players even so much as a crappy high school football practice field to train on, etc.

        And as petty as it makes me… check the standings again! Will enjoy seeing Mexico use Costa Rica as a stepping stone to the play-in match with NZ.

      • Leo says:

        Nobody, let me be clear, NOBODY, would care if Costa Rica, their soccer program and their ignorant populace slid in the sea and were never heard from again.

        Seriously, nobody gives a $hit about them.

  58. Travis says:

    While I disliked a lot of what Costa Rica did, punishing them for any of it would be a worrying sign. I regularly see people dive and no retroactive punishment is taken. While this incident was bad I have seen much worse than this dive gotten away with. Also don’t a lot of nations regularly boo the opposing teams anthem (like England)? You simply can’t selectively punish a single nation for the acts that many commit. Would not shock me at all if FIFA was colluding to try and get Mexico into the WC with these punishments.

  59. peterprinciple says:

    Good, now let’s investigate these officials too, I don’t know how anyone could have seen anything they thought was wrong here as well.

    • user222 says:

      The mexican ref (known as Dracula by mexican fans because of his looks) came over to where the “alleged” infraction occurred.

      You can see clearly he received communication (via headset) from the line-judge (who was out of sight) that Besler had committed and infraction worth of a yellow card….

      What did the line-judge see to raise the flag? The evidence shows the line-judge made it up… He got paid!!!

      • peterprinciple says:

        The line judges were Mexican too correct and USA was the next opponent for Mexico right. BS, BUT all is well. 2-0, first in the hex

        • Paul Miller says:

          It does raise questions of whether campbell knew his farce would be supported by that line judge. We could be looking at collusion between a player and an official, as well as the worst display of lacking on-field integrity I can recall.

          Would all of the ‘let’s get over it and move on’ folks then agree this situation merits extraordinary responses?

      • Hogatroge says:

        Chiquidracula is actually a very good and fair ref (even if he’s pretty heavy-handed with cards). He was duped by the line judge… I doubt he intended to hurt the US, especially since he gives out cards like candy in the Liga MX, too.

        • Eurosnob says:

          I agree. I don’t think that he was biased against the US (I’ve seen much worse officiating in CONCACAF road games) and Besler’s yellow card is on the linesman, not the main ref.

  60. user222 says:

    it’d be another black eye to FIFA (they’re a joke as it is) who forces team captains to read a ‘fair-play’ statement before the game…. and does nothing when the evidence of UN-fair play is overwhelming.

  61. THomas says:

    I literally can’t even comprehend Pinto’s quote.

  62. user222 says:

    the punishment…. the next US-CR in costa rica should be played at closed doors.

    campbell should be banned the first competitive game in 2014… (a 2014 WC game)… and he should be the lead actor (no pun intended) on FIFA commercials about the integrity of the sport.

    • John says:

      I don’t know nothing they did was really anything we don’t already see everywhere else.

      • Paul Miller says:

        I’ve watched a lot of qualifiers and I don’t recall anything quite like campbelling before. I’ve seen players dive, I’ve seen injuries faked to waste time. But campbelling has taken on-field cheating to a new, malicious level I haven’t seen before.

        We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become desensitized to big-time low-life behavior just because we frequently see two-bit low-life behavior. That’s how things get progressively worse; how lack of integrity becomes even more deeply ingrained in the game itself.

        So, while I respect the notion that we should just move on and not worry about it, I don’t agree with that notion. Nothing less than a year suspension fits this offense, in my view. And while I wouldn’t execute the punishment, I don’t discussing a shorter suspension for the coach is out of the question, because his comments seem to indicate that he condones this integrity-devoid type of behavior.

        Diving is one thing; campbelling is far worse, in my view. Try to imagine the scorn that fans would have if someone in the NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA tried to pull that crap. Remember, this wasn’t during play. It would be akin to a hockey player during warm-ups skating behind an opponent and falling down, claiming he had been sucker-punched. That guy would get run out of the game, by the league and the fans (as well as probably getting his back-side kicked for real right there on the ice).

        I see this as an important moment for the game. Is world football going to allow the continued erosion of on-field integrity or is it going to say this is finally a step too far?

        • Seriously says:

          Well said.

          • Ricardo says:

            Your comments and all the other Americans that don’t understand soccer makes me laugh. How about every time a basketball player screams and throw his arms in the air looking for a foul call, get suspended for a whole season. You guys are upset just because for once you did not get special treatment you sissies

            • Ricardo says:

              Can you imagine the MLB…. Gaga hahaha

            • Jason B says:

              Nice generalization.

            • Paul Miller says:

              Basketball players looking for fouls is the same thing as diving.

              It’s not the same thing as campbelling. If you don’t see that, then I feel sorry for you.

            • Paul Miller says:

              Oh, and please educate this American with your far more advanced understanding of soccer. Why is it that CONCACAF is seen as the backwater trailer park of world football? I’ve been trying to figure that one out for a while, but as you noted, I don’t understand the game very much. It couldn’t have anything to do with little turds like Campbell, could it?

            • Mason says:

              You keep comparing Cambell to an IN PLAY dive.

              It doesn’t work, and it’s pathetic.

            • Andtrew says:

              Notice who the biggest offenders of diving in the NBA? It’s the internationals…like Ginobli (OMG he’s such a bitch) and now it has festered and spread throughout the league…I thought it was hilarious when Ray Allen simulated the foul during the finals and it was Ginobli who was called for the flagrant foul…karma.

        • Eurosnob says:

          I agree that what Campbell did is not a run of the mill diving. Unfortunately, this form of cheating is not a new thing in soccer. Remember, Abdul Kader Keïta getting Kaka sent off in the WC after faking that Kaka elbowed him in the face? Even though I despise Campbell for being such a scumbag, I think that the year-long suspension is excessive. However, because Besler had to miss a game after doing nothing wrong as result of Campbell’s shenanigans, Campbell should be also suspended for more than one game. Perhaps something like 3 games would be sufficient (2 remaining WC qualifiers and the first WC game, if Costa Rica makes it).

          • Jesse D says:

            This sounds just. In fact I’m okay with Campbell just missing the first game of the world cup along with his coach. That is fair. CR is already qualified so the final qualifiers don’t matter. Punish him in a game that meant something just like Besler was punished in a game that meant something.

  63. Brian says:

    Take 3 points from CR and make them earn their spot in Brazil again.

    • Hogatroge says:

      13 of the 14 Costa Rican players on Friday played fair enough. Punish the FA and the crowd, not the squad.

  64. biff says:

    I only a read a few of the comments below, but enough to know that I can say this: Come on, guys, move on, just like most of you were screaming to Costa Rica after the Snow Ball game in March that anyone with half a mind and an ounce of objectivity combined with fairness knows should have been postponed. The CR fans were pi$$ed off and rightfully so. That said, what they did last week was wrong and it appears they will pay a price, and rightfully so. It’s being dealt with. But the Costa Rica players, despite their disgusting theatrics, kicked our collective you-know-whats with a darn good brand of soccer. They whupped us bad. Better for the USMNT to look at ahead instead of spending time and energy worrying about the past. We will play them again and it will now be a huge rivalry to look forward to. Can’t wait. Let’s hope we meet again next summer in Brazil. Wouldn’t that be sweet.

    Onward! WC 2014.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      biff, most commenters are not denying that we deserved to lose; they’re expressing contempt for (1) campbell’s dive and (2) pinto’s quote. while also pointing out that this retroactive stuff will only help mexico.

      also, to all the commenters expressing incredulity about pinto’s comments, i think he actually has a pretty good case: protesting because you got caught doing something wrong is pretty much the most fifa thing ever.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Sorry biff, but regardless of what should have happened with the snow game, it was still a level playing field. Both teams played in the snow, and CR actually played better when the snow got heavy than the US did.

      Again… we played like crap in San Jose, so we didn’t deserve to win. But Costa Rica’s actions went too far on multiple counts, and if it stands it will only open the doors for more of our opponents to pull similar crap on more occasions.

      While I could have lived with the loss under other circumstances, it’s a shame our boys pulled out such a stinker because they now feel karmically justified in their actions.

      Still… complaining that you got cheating because you were caught red handed is pretty ridiculous. I don’t think the “illegal cameras” BS will fly even with FIFA.

      • Ricardo says:

        Let’s ask about the illegal cameras to The Patriots…. They agree with you guys…

        • Mason says:

          The Pat’s only sin was putting the camera in the wrong place. The NFL has rules on camera placement (only in the coaches booth, none on the sidelines or in the stands), but FIFA and CONCACAF have no such rules.

          Basically, your coach is a little female dog and so are you.

  65. GarVer says:

    Don’t you all see the real reasons behind all this? Worst things have happened in qualifying games and FIFA did nothing.

    Now that CR has to play the last game against Mexico to see if Mexico is going to the World Cup, then now FIFA is doing the “FAIR PLAY” move. This punishment is not because of Campbell, or the people doing something wrong.

    The real issue here is FIFA is trying to benefit the Mexican squad to have a little advantage in the last game. All of you who are trying to see if CR did it or not, are wrong.

    Look at the real reasons and not the smoke screen FIFA is trying to throw in the media. FIFA has never punished a team for the reason CR team would be if they finally decide to do it.

    PLEASE, all of you, use your common sense and see the real reasons.

  66. Scott A says:

    The weak resort to actions such as we saw. *shrug*

  67. Ricardo says:

    Tired of all the diving police saying which is worse, please…. Cheating is cheating going, in diving looking for a penalty that gives you a free score is as bad, I guess the double standards of the narrow minded americans is at is best… Thank God you guys don’t cheat., let’s just ask all the 90s and 2000 sports man of USA. Armstrong anyone… MLB anyone, Royse anyone I can go all night

    • Ricardo says:

      . Royce

      • Jason B says:

        Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to do it. Your argument is the same as lance armstrongs…..

        • Ricardo says:

          Not saying is right, but nothing haven’t seen before. Some of posts are in ooohhh the horror mode, this happens all the time in soccer and sports, and depending who did it it goes without major incident. There lies the problem….

        • Ricardo says:

          Not saying is right, but nothing haven’t seen before. And goes without major incident. There lies the problem….

    • Ricardo says:

      And take a look at the dive of your coach in 1990 WC since you are at YouTube

    • Gary says:

      I am an ex-pat living Costa Rica and a few years ago, for the last World Cup, basically the same thing happened. There was a threat against Costa Rica for throwing small batteries and 100 colon coins at the American players. The Americans walked onto the field just looking down and took this abuse like men. Plus the recording of the American National Anthem was garbled, played at a low column while the Ticos whistled and booed. The Costa Rican passive aggressive attitude is not only on the field, but in the stands and in my day to day life. It was noticeably worse leading up to the game on September 6th.

      • Daniel says:

        You should quit whinning and go back home to watch your national team play in hockey-like conditions.

        • Mike in Missouri says:

          We should have filed a protest for playing on that “Field” at Saprissa for all those years, but didn’t. A little snow and a whole nation whines and cries.

    • Mason says:

      I said find something like the Tico’s dive. You failed again ricky.

  68. José says:

    This is totally ridiculous and bs I knew FIFA will come out with this bs and the mexican media help a lot to pressure FIFA they’ve been talking a lot how FIFA will loose millions if Mexico doesn’t qualifie to the WC they are making the sport a business why they don’t disqualified Mexico for their fans throwing trash to players?!!! So stupid now we know who’s been behind this fixed matches right Fifa world you are trying to clean your own shit because of the favoritism..