Who should the USMNT start vs. Mexico?

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All it took was a handful of yellow cards, and Michael Bradley’s injured left ankle, to suddenly turn the U.S. Men’s National Team from “Is this the deepest USMNT ever” to “Just who is going to start vs. Mexico?”

Questions about U.S. starting lineups come with every match, but the circumstances of Tuesday’s crucial World  Cup qualifier against a struggling and desperate “El Tri” side are unique. As recently as Friday afternoon Klinsman would have hoped to count on Bradley, Matt Besler, Jozy Altidore and Geoff Cameron to be available against Mexico, and might have found himself resigned to losing one or two of them to yellow-card suspension on Friday.

Instead of one or two, all four will be missing from Crew Stadium, forcing Klinsmann to call in a quartet of reinforcements and consider what a team without Bradley, the team’s most indispensable player, will look like.

As if that isn’t enough, Klinsmann must also deal with the fact that his fullbacks played awfully against Costa Rica, and Mexico’s attack will most certainly look to exploit the wings as well. Michael Orozco did little to suggest he is really the answer at right back, while DaMarcus Beasley is coming off his worst game at left back since becoming the de facto starter there earlier this year.

So many questions, and just two days to go before a qualifier the Americans can’t afford to lose, and one Mexico will be desperate to win.

So who will Klinsmann turn to against Costa Rica? Here is the starting lineup we can see him going with against Mexico:


——————————Eddie Johnson——————————

Fabian Johnson———–Clint Dempsey———–Landon Donovan

——————Jermaine Jones—-Kyle Beckerman——————

DaMarcus Beasley———————————-Michael Parkhurst

————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

——————————–Tim Howard——————————-

Some thoughts:

Parkhurst hasn’t been playing for German side Augsburg, and is lacking match fitness, but  Klinsmann may have little choice but to turn to the right back who impressed at the Gold Cup. Michael Orozco struggled badly vs. Costa Rica, and Mexico won’t be an easy test.

There is plenty of clamoring for Aron Johannsson, but a healthy Eddie Johnson has to get the start as the target forward. It may not be his best position, but he is best suited to handle the role of the players in camp. He played that role in the Gold Cup semifinals and final, and his ability to partner with Clint Dempsey could make this lineup work well.

Landon Donovan slides to the right, and Graham Zusi goes to the bench after a relatively quiet match vs. Costa Rica.

Fabian Johnson looked sharp on the left wing vs. Costa Rica, but you have to wonder if Klinsmann is tempted to deploy him at left back for the struggling Beasley. With there being more quality wing options than left back options, Klinsmann could make the switch.

Here is the lineup I would start vs. Mexico:

——————————Eddie Johnson——————————–

Landon Donovan———Clint Dempsey———–Alejandro Bedoya

——————Jermaine Jones—-Kyle Beckerman——————

Fabian Johnson————————————–Michael Parkhurst

————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

——————————–Tim Howard——————————-

Fabian Johnson at left back, and Alejandro Bedoya on the right wing, is the move I would make. You could really cause problems for Mexico with a Fabian Johnson-Landon Donovan tandem attacking that side of the field, while Bedoya’s work rate could help provide support for Parkhurst.

What would fans like to see here? Here is a lineup I’m sure some USMNT fans would like to see against Mexico:

—————————-Aron Johannsson——————————-

Eddie Johnson————-Clint Dempsey———–Landon Donovan

——————Jermaine Jones—-Mix Diskerud———————–

Fabian Johnson————————————–Michael Parkhurst

————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

——————————-Brad Guzan———————————


What do you  think of our projected starting lineup? Which of the three lineups above would you use if you had to pick? Who do you definitely NOT want to see start vs. Mexico?

Share your thoughts below.


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316 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Mexico?

  1. Ness says:

    —————————-Aron Johannsson——————————-

    Landon Donovan————-Clint Dempsey———–Bedoya

    ——————Kyle Beckerman—-Mix Diskerud———————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Michael Parkhurst

    ————-Orozco———Omar Gonzalez—————-

    ——————————-Brad Guzan———————————

    • hi says:

      this or even better have Bedoya take dempsey’s spot and put zusi as RM. armband to LD

    • Kev says:

      Yes! this is very close to what I want too, Ness. I really want Aaron to start. I see the combination of him and Donovan being very, very dangerous.

      Jones is going to be out there though. I like Diskerud but I think having Beckerman out there is better because of the simplicity of his game. Him being a terrier is more beneficial against mexico than having a creative Diskerud. I am on the fence about Jones but it is what it is, he will be out there. Ives has an good article on Goal.com about Jones.

      I agree with you about Fabian Johnson. Reason mainly has to do with Donovan than anything else. I dont think Beasley deserves to be benched because of CR game but I do think LD’s best spot is what you have. FJ needs to be on the field too – he looked lost vs CR but he always creates at least one run that is game changing. The right side is going to be tough and our weak spot. Bedoya’s work rate is fantastic and he is the best in that spot at the moment. The right side will be bombarded and it will be key to have someone to reinforce that right side. Parkhurst has not been playing but I think he will be hungry to be out there and is a smart player. Ingredients for a good showing.

  2. Jon M says:

    Jermaine Jones is awful. German nepotism.

  3. Jj says:

    Ives what about FJ at RB demarcus at LB. and have donovan and bedoya on the wings. Parkhurt’s lack of playing time scares me

    • Dave from Charlotte says:

      That’s what I would like to see. Additionally, I would take out Jones and just leave Beckerman in the ‘6’ role, unless Jermaine can be disciplined enough to play it himself (don’t trust him right now). This would allow for a 4-1-3-2 with Aron Bacon up top with EJ.

  4. bob says:

    Klinsiman is a moron for not originally starting Cameron at RB or even Bedoya at RB. Also losing Bradley really hurts I’m not confident going into this next WCQ

    • MN Footie says:

      Yeah, one loss (in a tough environment) in 13 tries. Let’s burn this thing down, and bring back Steve Sampson! And Freddy Adu!

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        MN, that’s a rather over-the-top comment about what you perceive as bob’s over-the-topness.

  5. Kodi says:

    I like the second lineup.

  6. Alex says:

    Look. I know Jones bashing is cliche at this point. I know the guy is playing champion’s league and I know he has a ton of experience and I know he has that “nastiness” Jurgen likes from his players. And I’m certainly not saying the guy should be dropped entirely. But he has turned in so many poor performances for the USMNT – at some point, players should be held accountable for poor performances. He was atrocious against CR, and even when we were on that incredible streak in June, he was turning in subpar performances. Why is he a given to start? Why? Maybe we just want a guy against Mexico who can bruise up their creators, but I’m tired of Jones having a free pass on turnover- and awful first touch-laden performances.

    • Shark says:

      Could not agree more….

    • bryan says:

      he actually had a very solid game against Jamaica (www.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2013-06-07-JAM-v-USA/chalkboard). but was terrrrrrible against Honduras, especially getting forward. he is not consistent with the US team, i really hope that changes. he!!, he did so well in the snow game against the same team. i have no idea what the deal is with that since he’s been consistent with Schalke for so long.

  7. Thew says:

    Part of me wonders whether Orozco would be a better choice than Goodson at CB. I have bad visions of CG getting burned in an offside trap.

  8. Coco 10 says:

    Jones and Beckerman together would be a solid defense…BUT we’ve seen from past games that it doesn’t work that way for the U.S style of play under JK. We need a solid CM (Jones or Beckerman) paired with a more offensive/creative CM (Diskerud or Torres). Also, I’m not feeling comfortable with EJ up top by himself….

    • Jj says:

      Agreed we need one defensive mid and one attack minded mid. I think mix and jones might be the best option, ONLY IF jones doesn’t play like an idiot and turn the ball over. He needs to play as a destroyer. I really don’t care If he gets a yellow card. I pd rather not see him with possession but rather just be a defensive mid that disrupts counters

      • MN Footie says:

        But Jones gets forward. I don’t think he plays the #6 for the US, even if he could/should. I agree with your premise, but I don’t think you can rely on Jones to play the holding role. Which is why a guy like Beckerman (to me, and despite his shortcomings) makes the most sense with Jones.

        I don’t like it, though.

  9. Jj says:

    U need goodsons physicality. Plus this is gonna be an old fashioned usmnt game tht might be decided on a set piece so Goodson is a good aerial threat

  10. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Just wondering about EJ’s ability to partner with Dempsey. Dempsey wasn’t on the GC roster, right? I know they are best buds and all, but just haven’t seen any evidence of them working so well together. Donovan makes others better. Dempsey doesn’t Dempsey finds gaps and holes and makes those opportunities. I think Bedoya showed in the GC how he connects well with everyone. Different positions I know but just trying to connect the dots here. Thanks.

    • Yep says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing since EJ has been back. There have been lots of comments regarding the Dempsey and EJ chemistry, but not much has shown on the field. Put Dempsey out wide.

      I’d like to jones let of the leash a bit… Now that Bradley is off, slot beckerman in behind and give jones and donovan the middle of the pitch. Dempsey needs to be out wide with Fabian behind. This leaves a slow def with Goodson, Omar and parkhurst as an anchor, but we can give the the left side… At least we have some tall CBs to clear any crosses.

  11. Mat says:

    Parkurst – Orozco – Gonzales – johnson
    Beckerman – Mix
    Bedoya – Dempsey
    Bacon – Landon

    Unless I missed a suspension I’d go with this. Gonzo-Goodson is to slow. Parhurst was called so let’s use him. Jones seems off form as does howard.

  12. Frank says:

    I like Ives’ lineup. With Aron, Zusi, and Mix as bench options.

  13. 2tone says:

    Whoever Klinsmann decides to start. That will be the starting 11.

  14. FrantzMathieu fan says:

    I think JK still holds out hope for Torres. He plays in the Mexican league and will be familiar with many of the Mexican players. I would not be surprised if he starts.

  15. Kevin says:

    ——————————Eddie Johnson——————————

    Jose Torres————–Clint Dempsey———–Landon Donovan

    ——————Jermaine Jones—-Kyle Beckerman——————

    Fabian Johnson———————————-Michael Parkhurst

    ————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

    ——————————–Tim Howard——————————-

  16. Bac says:

    My prediction is: I have no idea what lineup JK will choose

  17. Jake says:

    With Gomez, Evans, and Cherundolo also out we weren’t as deep as we’d have liked to be going into that game. The suspensions of starters or clear fill-ins like Cameron make a big difference. Not a lot of teams in the world can lose 7 or 8 of their top players (including their clear #1 striker and #1 midfielder) and not have depth issues. Even at home, Mexico will be tough to beat on Tuesday.

  18. Shark says:

    When is the Jermaine Jones ‘experiment’ going to end? Why does this guy seem to get more lives than a cat? I see very little positive with him starting for the USMNT.

    • Mat says:

      He was pretty good until now. He just seems like in pre season form

      • Jj says:

        I think if he messes up in this game, he’s not gonna be a starter anymore.

      • jlm says:

        he has always been this type of player. fans have blinders on because he plays for shalke. he redeeming quality is that he is a seasoned pro and he knows the little things it takes to win — professional fouls, getting in the opponents head, diving when necessary, etc. count me in the camp that does not think it’s worth it to have him on the field even with the experience he brings.

    • keithbabs79 says:

      I love the German-Americans we’ve picked up, but he’s clearly become my least favorite.

  19. Marky Mark says:

    I wonder if a 4 1 3 2 would look. Howard or even give Guzan a shot. Beasley/ F Johnson and Parkhurst as fullbacks. Orozco teamed up with Goodson or Gonzalez. Jones or Beckerman as the CDM. F Johnson/Bedoya and Donvanon at the wings. Dempsey playing as an attack mid. And E. Johnson and Johanson as Forwards.

    • Marky Mark says:

      ———————–Johanson —————- E. Johnson————-
      F.Johnson/Bedoya———- Dempsey————- Donavon

  20. Branin says:

    I like the Jones Beckerman pairing. Helps shore up a shaky defense. And if it turns out that a creative mid is needed both have the ability, and have shown if with their clubs. Beckerman even had the opportunity to show it with the MNT a little during gold cup.

  21. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Let’s go crazy:

    Zusi—-Donovan ——-Dempsey——Bedoya

    Zusi & Bedoya cover flanks, Guzan comes up big. Mix or Beckerman join Jones. AJ scores brace, US 2-0 El Continental playoff

  22. Jj says:

    In a perfect wold, the lineup would look like this:






    Ugh how good of a lineup would this be. Maybe by 2014 brazil.

  23. Umlaut says:

    I’m surprised your fan lineup included EJ starting. I think the general sentiment is that EJ should sit.

  24. John says:

    ———————Tim Howard———————

    Donovan and Johnson worked well off each other during the Gold Cup and Donovan’s vision is needed in the middle. Dempsey can play that center left position we saw Torres at during the Gold Cup. That’ll also give Fabian space to come up the wing. Beckerman and Diskerud had a month to play together and build some chemistry. Parkhurst needs to just defend so Omar doesn’t get dragged wide. Cutting off crosses is key against Mexico. Zusi’s service could be useful with EJ and Dempsey crashing the box but I could also see going with Bedoya.

    • Jj says:

      I like his except I’d have bedoya over zusi

    • Alex says:

      I’d like to see this with Zusi or Bedoya over anything else we could put out.

    • myett says:

      I think you go with Bedoya over Zusi to provide Parkhurst with some defensive cover. Out of Donovan, Zusi and Bedoya; Bedoya is probably the best defensively. That can allow us to attack from the right with Fabian and Dempsey. Although I’d put AJ in for EJ, Donovan on the left and Demps at SS

  25. biff says:

    This is the line-up I would like to see.





    I don’t trust either Eddie Johnson or Bacon to start against Mexico, so gotta go with The Man up top, yep, Landy-Cakes. Beasley plays as an attacker in Mexico let’s give him a chance to play at his club position against Mexico. If not, I would be content with Corona at LW.

    Time for Jermaine Jones to sit. Unlike some USMNT fans, I like the guy, but he is in bad form. Nothing fancy with Gringo Torres and Beckerman, but solid and experienced. I don’t think Orozco was as bad defensively as he is being accused of, just needs to be reined in a bit. He’s now had his preparation for right back in Costa Rica and I think it would be a mistake to pull him for Parkhurst against Mexico.

    • jlm says:

      you always talk about playing players out of position — has donovan ever played up top without another player to run off of?

      • biff says:

        I personally prefer Donovan as an attacking midfielder. But he also can play forward quite well and as noted. So how is that playing him out of position? As I said, I don’t trust Bacon or EJ to start against Mexico. When the whistle blows to start the game, do you think Donovan is going to be standing motionless up at the point and the attackers frozen like statues remaining outside of the penalty box?

        • jlm says:

          when donovan plays up top, which is usually with the galaxy, he has a partner — usually keane — in a 4-4-2. as far as I know, he has never played as a point player up top. he needs a player to run off of and combine with. no big deal — just would be really surprised to see him play up top in any formation besides a 4-4-2

    • Adam says:

      Right on spot. Mine has a minor two changes with EJ up front, Donovan moves behind him with CD replacing Torres and Jones in for Beckerman. Jones will be faster to deal with Mexico’s speed. But, Torres and Kyle were in my mind as well.

  26. Josh D says:

    Not sure why you’d bench Mix. He’s the closest we have to a Bradley-type central midfielder. He offers vision, passing, and control – all three of which we are missing.

    Klinsi has made awful mistakes in the past. But I can’t imagine that he’s insane enough to start two DMs in a home game.

    I also think Aron starts. Klinsi looked frustrated with EJ, and I don’t think he’ll make the same mistake. Plus, “a EJ and Dempsey tandem might work” is what Seattle has said for the past month with nothing to show.

    I think Beasley keeps his role. He’s done it twice before against Mexico. While Fiscal was useless in the first half, he steadied in the second. And while we won’t use him as a RB again, I think he keeps his slot. I’m more worried about our CBs.

    • biff says:

      But he always starts two DMs, MB and JJ. Most teams do. I like Mix, but would be a huge risk to start him against Mexico. I don’t think Klinsmann will do it. Yeah, CBs are big, big question marks.

      • myett says:

        MB is a DM with Roma, however with JJ and the USMNT they operate in a pulley system – one drifts forward and one stays back. Usually its Bradley who drifts forward turning him into more of a CAM. Also, Mix’s defense has vastly improved from that Russia match – he was all over the place in the GC even in the 80th min. Also Mix has big match experience in playing big minutes in the GC but also against top 15 international sides in Bosnia and Russia (where he scored).

    • myett says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

      Aron + Mix just oozes creativity, distribution, and technique.

      If Beckermen stays back in the 8, do you really think Jones will be effective moving forward, more so then Mix? I don’t. In fact I’d probably even start Beckermen over Jones. Jones got a red in his latest CL match, had a poor performance vs. Bosnia, poor match vs. Costa Rica, held out of Schalke’s latest lineup, and has had some back-and-forth words with Keller, his coach, back in Germany. If he does start he NEEDS to register a good performance.

    • bryan says:

      we saw his weaknesses against Bosnia, a physical team, but you have to think against Mexico that issue won’t be nearly as much of a factor. i’d like to see Jones and Mix to be completely honest. that combo or Jones/Torres is probably the closest to Jones/Bradley.

  27. myett says:

    —————————-Aron Johannsson——————————-

    Donovan——————-Clint Dempsey——————–Bedoya

    ——————-—Jermaine Jones—-Mix Diskerud———————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Michael Parkhurst

    ————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

    ——————————-Brad Guzan———————————

    • myett says:

      Sorry* Beckermen for Jones

    • Amru says:

      This is the line up I would like to see. Except I wouldn’t bench Howard just yet

      • Oh No! says:

        Call me crazy but I would rather have Jones play at RB rather than Orozco/Parkhurst

        —————————-Aron Johannsson——————————-

        Donovan——————-Clint Dempsey——————–Bedoya

        ——————-—Joe Corona—-Mix Diskerud———————–

        Fabian Johnson————————————–Jermaine Jones

        ————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

        ——————————-Tim Howard———————————

  28. Amru says:

    To me the most natural replacement for MB is Klestjan and I don’t see how he doesn’t get called in. We need a more offensive minded midfielder because mark my words a Jones-Beckerman pairing is going to lead to some pretty ugly soccer and I don’t see the point of bringing in an offensive minded mid like Mix if you’re not going to play him.

    • MikeV says:

      have to agree with you on this one. If those two start together, I think we are in trouble.

    • Chris says:

      Beckerman has 4 goals and 5 assists in 21 matches so far for RSL this season…not saying he’s equal to Michael Bradley, but I think a lot of people are underestimating his creativity, distribution, and ability to maintain possession.

    • Poqui says:

      @Amru – you are forgetting that Beckerman plays for one of the most creative MLS teams and has his fingerprints in most plays that set up goals. Beckerman has an incredible vision of the field which makes up for his lack of speed. I bet if we shaved his head he’s be just as fast as the next guy.

  29. jlm says:

    Not a huge fan of Beckerman, but I would start him instead of Jones in a heartbeat

  30. Senord says:


  31. Bac says:

    1. Is the Gonzo Goodson central defense too slow against Mexico? Is it possible to see Orozco start in the middle….
    2. Even though Parkhurst played well in the Gold Cup, might we see Fabian start at RB, allowing Donovan and Bedoya to start on the wings?

    Crapola I got no idea….

  32. Chris says:

    how about

    Beasley—-Goodson-Gonzo-F. Johnson

    I wouldnt mind having parkhurst instead of dmb, but i think this lineup could work. Diskerud is the closest thing we have to bradley, and will give us possession. also wouldnt mind iceman up top but i think klinsi will go with ej.

  33. Chris H says:

    On defense my concern with Parkhurst, Goodson and Gonzalez is speed. Mexico is usually creative and quick on the flanks, that’s why I would really like to see beas stay at LB and Fabian play RB. They can cover speed wise when the twin towers get beat. They can also take turns plunging upfield and providing cover when needed. It is very likely that Mexico comes out with force and high pressure to try and duplicate Costa Rica’s strategy. Beasely may have had a bad game, but historically he has had Mexico’s number.
    I like Landon on the left and Bedoya on the right, Beckerman in front of the D and Mix to pull the strings in midfield. I’d like Clint and Bacon to start up top, bring in EJ in the 60th minute because that seems to be when he scores. Best thing about Landon, Bedoya and Iced Bacon starting is that when Mexico pressures hard we can devastate them on the old Bradley ball counter.

  34. What me worry? says:

    Would like to see JJones on the bench as he has been absolutely awful. Orozco is an experiment that failed. Caught too high and too pinched and ball watching too often. Couldn’t handle the attackers when directly in front of him. Still not sure why Cameron wasn’t kept at the right back spot and Beckerman inserted into the mid. Think Zusi earned a start at least for his attacking and crossing.

  35. sean says:

    Is Fabian Johnson capable of playing right back? I really don’t want to see Parkhurst/Orozco out there.

  36. Adi from Oregon says:

    SBI, I like your starting US line-up to start against Mexico with ONE exception. Klinsi should not play Dempsey and EJ at the same time because they both are not creative/technical enough. So, replace EJ and play Aron on top or next to Donavon. PLUS put in your 3 US substitutes as soon as anyone is having another off-game like the last one. Let’s play smart and pressure them the entire game for a big and very important US victory!!!

  37. Eric W says:

    I like the second option best. Solves the left back problem and I think Beckerman can play the role in a pinch. Although… I’d really rather see an in-shape Maurice Edu. And Johannson is not ready for a start vs Mexico. I’m sorry but you gotta prove yourself a little more in a USMNT jersey before you get a start against Mexico in a WCQ.

    • Original Aaron says:

      I would say the same, but then again I remember what happened at the Azteca when Besler was thrust into the lineup and looked like he’d been there 100 times before. Johannson is straight up better than EJ, and should get the start

  38. rainORshine says:

    wait, what?…

    Ives – I dont think anyone is wanting to see EJ at LM

    would say the same about parkhurst at RB, but i guess when the other option is orozco he suddenly looks pretty good. pretty clever of JK not to integrate lichaj and/or chandler into the team last few months

  39. Since 82 says:

    I would like to see:
    *Donovan, Jones, Mixx, Bedoya
    *F. Johnson, Goodson, Gonzo, Parkhurst

    I think we will see:
    *Donovan, Dempsey
    *F. Johnson, Jones, Beckerman, Zusi
    *Beasley, Goodson, Gonzo, Parkhurst

    If we play Beckerman and Jones together … I will be shocked if we get a result.

  40. 2tone says:

    Bradley with a grade 2 ankle sprain. It can take up to 6 weeks to get over that injury. He has partially torn ligaments. Which means he may even miss Octobers Qualifying games.

    • Jake says:

      Hopefully we won’t need him. If we win vs. Mexico we may be already qualified or may be able to qualify with a point vs. Jamaica at home. I know he’s important, but if we can’t get that point without him vs. Jamaica, that’s a problem.

  41. Beto says:

    -F. Johnson————–Parkhurst-
    Time for Don & Duece to Step UP! I dont think its ever been done but time for them bond and carry this team. FJ is better in the attack but is needed in defense as all know how crazy El Tri flys up and down the wings. Zusi and Bedoya can defend on the wings well too. Id start the game with Beckerman but keep Iceman and Mix ready to go.

    • matt says:

      Dempsey doesnt need to step up he needs to warm the bench and prove he deserves a starting spot because right now he doesnt. Donovan stepped up big time in the gold cup. Once bradley is healthy the rest of this cycle should be a 4-4-2 with donovan and altidore up top with johannson ready to come in as a spark. Right now I dont see a place for deuce on the field

    • myett says:

      Dempsey isn’t at 100%…talk from the US camp that he’s only 60% so I wouldn’t expect much. He has played poorly for the Sounders too.

  42. MikeV says:

    If I had my way, I would play a 4-4-2

    Two creative players who might be able to crack the Mexican D.

    speed to track back if needed
    Beckerman covers backline and allows Mix to link to forwards.

    Don’t like the way JJ has been playing lately and should sit. Don’t think EJ is up to this so he don’t start. Could bring him in at half and take advantage of tired legs. Now the one everyone will complain about, Dempsey. Why no start, my feeling is that we need to control the ball and the players I listed give us a good chance to do just that. We need to posses the ball and wear them down as we did to the better teams in the gold cup. We need to pass the rock until our feet hurt. Make Mex run around all game. Then take it to them in the 2nd half.

  43. matt says:

    Frankly I dont see any reason not to bench howard and dempsey. At all. Howard hasnt been making big saves nor has he been making saves he should. Rimando outperformed him by a large margin in the gold cup. Thats true for Howards club too he just isnt the keeper he was a few years ago.

    Dempsey is lazy and out of shape getting knocked off the ball and whining everytime he lost a physical battle. He is over rated at this point in time. Id rather a 4-4-2 with Donovan and johannson up top

  44. Adam M. says:

    They should play a 4-3-3 with Mixx sitting slightly higher than Beckerman and Jones, Donovan, EJ and Dempsey mixing it up up top, and FJ as a defender. Its not complicated. You can’t rely on crosses from wingers without a target forward and you can’t push wingers on wide runs and expect the backs and wide mids to make supporting runs when they are all too slow to track back (particularly against Dos Santos). Push Mexico towards the middle of the field and hit them with quick transitions on the counter.

  45. YO says:

    On your first line up, I would replace Dempsey for AJ and partner with EJ with more responsibilities, and perhaps BG for Howard, but could go either way…but defenetly Dempsey out!

  46. louis z says:

    The BEST 3 players at their position won’t be playing….Jozy at forward, Bradley at midfield and Besler on defense. Talk about playing with one “foot” tied behind your back. Is not only our better players not available but our “other starters” that aren’t performing to par will be starting….Dempsey and Jones, these two will be starting even tho they are nowhere to their usual performance self, thus preventing us from seeing what the young ones can do i.e. Mix and Johannsson. I think we should be lucky to come out with a draw. JK may still end up with “a first”… first time Mexico beat us in US soil on his watch :-(

    • Long Time Listener says:

      Besler was far from the best Thursday. Seriously folks, if Besler’s our best defender, we have big problems on the horizon.

      And JK: Stop calling in Goodson, it just makes this bad trip keep feeling weirder.

  47. downintexas says:

    wonder if Jozy’s silly yellow card will earn him a trip into Klinsman’s doghouse.

  48. bryan says:

    2nd lineup looks good to me although i’m not a fan of that CM combo.

    • Bumby Hemmingway says:

      The Jones – Cameron pairing was a disaster because there was no distribution they the midfield. A Jones – Beckerman pairing will suffer the same fate.

      Diskurd and Jones or Beckerman pairing is the appropriate pairing in central midfield, in my opinion.

  49. Excellency says:

    One fast good striker up top, 5 mids, 4 defenders.


    • Benjamin says:

      I would simply start the most talented guys called in:

      ………………..E. Johnson………….
      ……….. …….Johannsson…….
      .F. Johnson……………….Parkhurst
      ……….. ..Goodson..Gonzalez…..
      ……. … ….. ….Howard…………….

  50. jray11 says:


    Donovan ———— Dempsey ————– Bedoya

    ——————— Mix ————- Jones ——————-

    Beasely————Goodson———–Gonzalez ———Fabian

    ———————————- Howard —————————–

    This lineup gives us speed up and down both flanks and creativity and control with Mix in the center. Bring Eddie on in the second half for Dempsey or Aron depending on who’s least effective. I don’t see Jones being replaced despite the poor start on Friday. The same goes for Howard and Dempsey.

  51. dude says:

    I’d like to see a central pairing of Mix and Beckerman. They complimented each other quite well during the Gold Cup, and Jones doesn’t compliment anyone.

    To sum up the lineup, I want Orozco on the bench, Jones on the bench, Dempsey should not be our target forward again, and in fact needs to show that his move to Seattle has not hurt his form. Because if he becomes shiftless now that he’s locked down a major contract, he deserves to ride the pine.

  52. Oh No! says:

    Call me crazy but I would rather have Jones play at RB rather than Orozco/Parkhurst

    —————————-Aron Johannsson——————————-

    Donovan——————-Clint Dempsey——————–Bedoya

    ——————-—Joe Corona—-Mix Diskerud———————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Jermaine Jones

    ————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

    ——————————-Tim Howard———————————

    • TheFrenchOne says:

      Ok well Jones at RB is never gonna happen, and the rest of us know that. Either jones or beckerman will start, and most likely both. That’s based on the past 2 years of watching JK coach the USMNT

    • Jj says:

      Jones.. At RB… At this point, we should honestly give up. If we had to put jones at RB, then we don’t even deserve to be in the WC

    • YO says:

      That would work if only Dempsey could replicate Donovan’s work rate.

    • Beto says:

      Its not any crazier than others we have seen. I actually believe JJ could be a good RB…. That said, 0% chance!

  53. Tyler says:

    I say we start McBride, Hejduk, Friedel, and Reyna …

  54. Mwing09 says:

    Not sure why everyone wants a Mix-Jones tandem. It seems Jones biggest criticism from people on here is that he gets caught out of place and roaming too often. With Mix being much more of an attacking option than bradley’s box to box play, this will just exploit his problem even more, leaving a questionable backline even more exposed. Beckerman has to be in the IX IMO.

  55. Len says:

    Second lineup getting closer to the one I’d like to see but I’m still worried about 2 large slow central defenders against a team like Mexico. Even though Orozco played poorly as RB, I think he could still be in the mix at CB depending on how Parkhurst looks in practice at RB.

    I’d be surprised if Jones sat so I’d like to see Mix in the middle for some creativity and he is not as likely to be manhandled by Mexico as he was by Bosnia. However, I agree that a JJ/Beckerman tandem is more likely but you never know with JK.

    Would rather see FJ at LB (as in the second lineup) and Beas to the bench (love him but I think FJ is better and we still have Donovan for the wing who could do just as well or better than FJ at that spot and we still have FJ to overlap).

  56. mr coolio says:

    I’ll be in St.Louis during this game. Anyone have any suggestions of where I can watch the game?

  57. hartley says:

    Funny, you say Zusi has a quiet match. He made the best passes of the first half and his quick play got Fabian which got the PK that Clint put in for the only goal. Immediately after Zusi goes off the field, our defense started to suffer. Zusi was pinching in and helping defend. That went right out the window — along with any chance of even getting a draw.

    • Ummyouneedglasses says:

      Ok we all know you have a hard on for zusi. We get it! He’s garbage

      • John says:

        Is there anyone on the team that someone doesn’t think is awful? Maybe Bradley?

        • ThatKidnandez says:

          He’s right though zusi is terrible! Honduras proved it!

        • Bac says:

          Zusi isn’t awful and doesn’t deserve some of the hate, but he’s not that quick and his ceiling is limited…

          As far as the other night, yes he had 2 nice p@$$es but the rest of the game he was AWOL and left Orozco badly exposed

          Either Donovan starts on the right wing, or if Fabian starts then Bedoya gets his spot and Donovan slides over to the left side

    • Joamiq says:

      … not sure if you watched the game, but Zusi was part of the problem defensively in the first half. He was having a lot of trouble containing Costa Rica’s attack down their left flank.

    • Long Time Listener says:

      You are daft. Or blind. Or both…

  58. John says:

    I think you have to put Donovan in the middle because he can connect everything and create for others around him. Dempsey is just looking to take a shot or get on the end of something. That’s fine but I just think you loose more pushing Donovan out wide.

  59. ThatKidnandez says:

    Am I the only one hoping for a castillo/fj combo beasley hasnt been that good for puebla. Bedoya at rb is a maybe, don’t count on it. Expect orozco to start hopefully. TORRES showed well at Lm in the GC and a boss at set pieces! Donovan under EJ. Iceman needs the start!

  60. blokhin says:

    I don’t think “fans” want to see EJ out there up top or especially on the wings… a Fans’ line up would look like


  61. PD says:


    Fabian and Beasely work well off each other, and that was one of the few successes from the other night, so no sense in reinventing that flank. Bedoya and Parkhurst will be tidy on defense, though I think Zusi fits that role as well. As tempting as starting twin towers at CB might be, Mexico is fast; Orozco offers some speed at CB, so either Goodson or Omar with him. Beckerman is a tactical change–he will stay at home more than Jones will. EJ and Dempey and Donovan will have to get it done in terms of running off each other and tracking back, and they have years worth of experience playing with each other. I don’t see the same slump in form in Howard that others have, and I am not sure that switching out your keeper at this point serves to put folks on a higher state of alert or just serves to unsettle an already shaky back line. I think Diskerud and Johannson are great weapons to bring in off the bench, but starting them at the expense of the other players I listed seems pre-mature.

    It is worth remembering that Dempsy hit the post and Fabian Johnson was denied on a perfect one timer by an incredible reaction save the other night. On another night if those broke another way the US ties that match, even being thoroughly outplayed. It was a bad loss and we’re missing key players against Mexico, but it’s not time to hit a reset button at every position. That said, the US better be ready – Mexico is going to come at them like there is no tomorrow.

  62. Joamiq says:

    My preferred lineup for this game (no chance of happening):

    ———————————Clint Dempsey——————————

    Fabian Johnson—Landon Donovan—Joe Corona—Alejandro Bedoya

    ——————————Kyle Beckerman——————————

    DaMarcus Beasley———————————-Michael Parkhurst

    ————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-

    ———————————–Tim Howard———————————-

    Forget the dual holding mids. This is a game where we should be attacking from the start, and Jones hasn’t looked good on either side of the ball lately anyway. The four across the midfield are all mobile, high workrate players who can be effective both ways. The front five have to constantly be moving the ball, and moving off the ball. Dempsey is playing as a false 9 here. Rather than playing target striker per se, he should drop back to help create passing triangles. Beckerman is the dedicated #6, since that’s what he is. Hopefully we’d see some more Beasley-Johnson overlaps. You expect the other three defenders to stay home, of course.

    Aron Johannsson should be the 60-75th minute sub if we need a goal. Eddie Johnson shouldn’t see the pitch before the 85th minute, if at all. Mix can sub in in the 2nd half if we need more creativity from the midfield. Jones can come in in the 2nd half if we’re looking for a more defensive posture. Orozco can be a late game defensive sub if we want to go to five in the back.

    That’d be my broad gameplan, anyway.

    • biff says:

      I love the idea behind this line-up, Joamiq. Would be highly risky. But what the he!!. Go for it. But with a few adjustments. (I have been advocating sitting Jones, but if we are going with just one holding mid he is the man.)



      —————Jermaine Jones———–


  63. Nihal says:

    Why not put Zusi or Bedoya in the center, their original positions?

    • hi says:

      f johnson-orozco-gonzo-parkhurst
      castillo-orozco-gonzo-f johnson

  64. Dinho says:

    This is what I’d like to see:

    ———— AJ —- Deuce ————–

    LD —– Jones —- Mix ———- Bedoya

    DMB — Orozco — Omar —– F Johnson

    —————– Guzan ——————–

    What say you peeps?

    • jOE says:

      You left out Wondowlowski.

    • USfan123 says:

      @Deuce, technically, will fail – win only by luck.

    • hi says:

      f johnson-orozco-gonzo-parkhurst

      castillo-orozco-gonzo-f johnson

  65. chris_thebassplayer says:


    Torres tucked inside…Parkhurst would be the conservative call at RB, but Bedoya has played RB for his club, so it’s not such a stretch that he might be an option…Plus he can actually do something up field and probably has better quickness. I would also be fine with Johannsson in the tucked in LM role, but I feel we are going to have a lot of trouble keeping possession with JJ and Beckerman in the middle so Torres tucked in really helps.

  66. Trey says:

    I’d like to see:





    Anyway you slice it, our biggest concern is D. Two slow CBs, but adequate. FJ back in defense should do well. Him and LD working same side should show well. Bedoya, in my mind, has to start. His skillset will defo be needed, as is Mix. I hope Mix gets it. Can you imagine Becks AND Jones..? Just ew…anyways..Dempsey back in that withdrawn/CAM role he’s done well with in the past. We should get more out of him there than the lone striker spot. And hopefully AJ plays. Have a feeling he’ll have a big game for us. All that aside and despite the hard loss to CR, this is a totally winnable (word?) Game. Its going to be a good game

  67. Felix says:

    My lineup is below:


    Its not as punitive as other peoples lineup choices and still makes sense for team we’ll be facing on Tuesday.

  68. biff says:

    This German news article implies that Brooks was hoping to be cap-tied against Costa Rica. It also confirms that a pre-agreement had been reached between Klinsmann and Hertha Berlin to send Brooks back after the Costa Rica match. Goff reported yesterday he Brooks was going back with an “undisclosed minor ailment.” :-)


    • HoboMike says:

      I love the Google Translation of the story:

      The trip had Hertha John Brooks differently. The German-Americans wanted to make his first competitive international match in the World Cup Qualifiers in Costa Rica for the U.S.. But U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann was 1:3 in the blue and white 90 minutes on the bench.

      Brooks has so loud Fifa statutes not yet played (the DFB wooing him). This can now only on 11 Happen in October against Jamaica. Although the United States still plays Wednesday against Mexico. But Brooks occurs already at the home, although Klinsmann in the team has some injury concerns.

      Hertha had negotiated with Klinsmann that Brooks returns to the Costa Rica game to prepare for the Bundesliga home match against Stuttgart on Friday. Brooks consultant Maikel Stevens: “This agreement is in hand and the U.S. Association will stick to it.”

    • Kev says:

      Ah, thank you, thank you!! I should have scrolled through the comments more before posting my question about this.

      After we went down 3-1, wish we could have put him in there!

  69. BrianVT says:

    I bet once MB90 went down, Klinni told all of his card-holders to go get their seconds, to wipe their slates clean for the rest of WCQ.

    • Brian says:

      I had the same thought, specifically about Jozy. What if Klinnsman knew the most he could get out of Jozy was 10 or 15 minutes against Mexico, so he send him in to find a goal/ get a yellow.

      This gives Jozy a week to recover, and allows him to play both of our final two qualifiers. The only reason I give any credence to this thought is that Jozy’s yellow was SOOOOOOOO obvious. He is a smart enough guy not to push another player that aggressively RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF.

      Just a conspiracy theory that helps me deal with the absence of Jozy and MB90.

  70. Andy says:

    We’re playing Mexico in Columbus, OH for a WCQ. It doesn’t matter who we put out there. We may not play well, we may ride our luck, we may not deserve a draw, let alone three points, but we’ll win 2-0 nonetheless.

  71. David M says:

    Roma is reporting that Bradley’s MRI revealed some ligament damage and he could be out for up to a month, which will jeopardize his chances of playing against Jamaica and Panama as well.

  72. Brain Guy says:

    Just wondering — coming off the Costa Rica match, is it more accurate to designate Jones as a losing mid rather than a holding mid?

    • kennybabs says:

      i would love to know the statistics in regards to his pass completion % from the CR game. most of his turnovers were forced, and even if he connected with the player, provided little payoff. not sure if he was impatient or overestimated his abilities….prob both

  73. YO says:

    Sydney Leroux and Abby are avaialble!

  74. Brain Guy says:

    Has anyone seen any comments or coverage abiout the condition of the field in Costa Rica? I know there had been rain, but it was pretty awful for a brand-new stadium — perhaps not Saprissa-like, but quite poor. Anything about whether either team had to change shoes. And finally, did it have anything to do with Bradley’s injury?

    Just looking for things to get angry about, I guess.

    • Brain Guy says:

      NY Times says Bradley’s injury came during pre-game shooting practice, when “he rolled over his ankle as he planted his foot on the wet grass.”

      Thanks, Costa Rica. Next time you get a hurricane. And locusts.

  75. Palisades says:

    Will wait until after the Mexico game before I start suggesting Dempsey should go to Cambodia for a few months, but I guess I already have.

  76. the original jb says:

    I think the center of midfield will decide the game. If we can control that area without Bradley and build possession thru the centermids I like our chances. Yes Mexico is great at attacking the flanks, and surely they will have their chances, but in the past we’ve given them the flanks and stoutly defended their crosses and done well. It’s when they slip behind the centerbacks and then are attacking from everywhere we get into trouble. This game is going to be all about J Jones. This may be his most important game for the USMNT ever. He MUST dominate in the middle and be disciplined defensively. If he turns in a stretch of terribleness like he did in Costa Rica we are doomed. I considered the gold cup duo of Beckerman and Mix, but just don’t think Mix is ready for this kind of game where the stakes are so high. Beckerman is a must, both to cover a shaky backline and to begin possession. We need him at his best also, and he has done well against mexico in the past. Looking forward to this match!

  77. OC says:

    The line-up I would use


    When you watch Shalke play Jones has only one job and that is to win balls in the middle. That could be the only thing he has to do with a the technical passing ability of Zusi filling in for Bradley next to him. Also, Zusi has scored some fantastic goals from outside of the box in MLS so playing him here will get him in the center of the field where this is more possible. With the Mexican backline having to press to honor Zusi’s shots, we will have buckets of space for the 4 in front to move in to. Eddie is great in the air and is strong enough to be a target man. Despite how LD feels about himself at this stage in his career, he is not an international striker. LD was fantastic a little over a year ago playing for Everton on the right wing. Ale Bedoya is much more dangerous than Fabian. Bedoya is a threat to score as well as being a threat to set others up. Honestly outside of drawing the PK (which his angle to get to the ball was all wrong anyway) FJ didn’t do much outside of being someone who is fast. Duece will clean up any loose balls in the final third if he is allowed to roam freely. The backline is the backline and has to stay compact and organized. If we play this one right in the midfield we won’t need as many runs forward from our outside backs as we may need against a higher class team.

    Thats just my take on it.

  78. Sandtrout says:

    I like the ives Special lineup. Could well do the trick.

  79. rainORshine says:

    for me the tactics are all wrong. go with 3 in midfield and let both dempsey and donovan attack from “hybrid” attacking positions, where they both thrive.

    put jones at a 6 – limit his role.

    with bradley and kljestan not available id go with torres and diskerud


    offfensively drop jones onto back line, allow torres to serve as distibution hub with diskerud slightly advanced, have dempsey shade central while fabian pushes down flank


    • Hunt Daddy says:

      I think that looks good in theory, but my fear with a 4-3-3 is that it gives Mexico too much room on the flanks which is where they have done most of their damage historically. Also, Jones is a superior player to Beckerman, but Beckerman is better suited to the #6 role which is necessary to protect Goodson & Gonzo.

      • rainORshine says:

        does require work on the flanks from both torres and dempsey on left and diskerud and donovan on right

        could play beckerman as the 6 and take off diskerud (or torres)

        • Hunt Daddy says:

          That’s what I was thinking.

          There’s also the possibility that Torres starts at LM in 4-4-2 and pinches inside to make it look like a 4-3-3 in attack.

          All that assumes that Klinsmann will drop Beasley, though. Whether we like it or not it prob won’t happen.

          • rainORshine says:

            yes. that would essentially produce the same effect. out of realistic possibilities i would hope for that

    • Nick says:

      Your 4-3-3 will quickly turn into a 4-5-1 to contend with Mexico’s wings leaving AJ alone up top. I’d much prefer a 4-4-2 to put pressure on the back 4.

      • rainORshine says:

        as discussed above defensively you could essentially designate torres as an LM, donovan as an RM

        offensively, send torres central

  80. Jason B says:

    I am terrified of the Gonzalez/ Goodson pairing. Usually we have one tall slow guy and one fast physical guy. With the OG/CG pairing we have 2 tall slow guys. Not good news against a deperate Mexico team. This could get ugly. Our defense just got downgraded significantly without Beisler and Cameron. Please start Mixx in the midfield with Jermaine Jones, not Beckerman!

    • MN Footie says:

      I’d rather see Mixx in there as well, but your point about the Gonzo/Goodson pairing made me think that we might need a DM in front of them to help break the pressure and minimize the chances that our CBs make stupid decisions.

      Not saying Beckerman is the guy… But I don’t see anyone else who can do it either.

      Not feeling good about this game.

    • biff says:

      I basically agree, Jason B, that the Gonzalez/ Goodson does not inspire confidence and that losing Cameron contributes to a downgrade in defense. Unfortunately, Klinsmann does not appear to rate Cameron as highly as some of us. Klinsmann’s original line-up against Costa Rica before MB’s injury had Geoff Cameron on the bench. We will never know potential substitutes had MB remained healthy and played, but it is conceivable that Cameron, currently the best right back in the US pool, might have remained on the bench the whole game and might not have seen playing time against Mexico. So, actually, for Klinsmann, the loss of Cameron would not appear to be such a big loss as Cameron was not in his original game plan as a starter. In Klinsmann We Trust.

    • hi says:

      orozco gonzo pair

      • bryan says:

        could be a real possibility. would be slightly surprising though given Goodson started over him in the GC in the final couple of games.

  81. GJJ says:

    Paddy Power has us slightly favored, which as bad as Mexico currently is, still puzzles me.

    USA v Mexico US:11/8 draw:9/4 Mexico:7/4

  82. Nate Dollars says:

    ives, i don’t know who you think is clamoring for eddie to start at left mid; when people want him on the field at all, it’s up top.

    also, i know it’s unlikely, considering goodson was just called in, but i would like to see orozco at one of the CB slots. hopefully orozco doesn’t go the way of so many others who get scapegoated after looking poor in a slot that’s not their best position (see: s.kljestan; j.f.torres).

    don’t know if i’m just repeating what others have said, cause screw this reverse-order comment crap.

    • biff says:

      I don’t really get it either. There is some good easy-to-use software out now I have seen on other web sites that allow users to pick their starting 11 and it keeps a running tally of who leads at each position, the usesr can even choose preferred formation. Would be fun to have that on SBI.

      • Tex says:

        According to the stats and eligible to play:


        Not enough minutes yet for AJ.

    • bryan says:

      seriously. no one wants EJ to start.

    • MN Footie says:

      10/10 heart surgeons recommend not watching rainORshine’s clip. It will elevate your blood pressure levels dangerously.

    • Jason B says:

      Is there any way to have that rescinded? (Sp)

      • rainORshine says:

        sadly, no – i dont think so. linesman who recommended the card simply got duped and i dont think think there is any provision to, essentially, reverse a bad call.

        i think the best that can be hoped for is discipline for the linesman and possibly even the head ref, who really needed to go over to the linesman to be clear about what he tought he saw

        • HoboMike says:

          Yes they have that stupid rule where you can’t appeal if the ref sees it, although I’m not sure if that pertains to the ref only or his assistants as well.

          Obviously the ref did not see it, as his back was turned, and just as obviously his assistant was duped, but you have to be able to appeal clear video evidence.

          • Bac says:

            I can’t BELIEVE what I just saw…
            For anyone who was wondering why Besler was carded you have to watch this video. I didn’t know this was out there.
            I’m so freakin mad right now….
            I wonder if USSF can use this to appeal?
            If not I guess sanctions against the ref and his crew is a possibility…
            Uggghhhhh… in shock

            • Nick says:

              i personally would have socked that guy in the face after getting that yellow card.. gonna miss the next game anyways, may as well get your money’s worth

      • Autolycus says:

        There’s no advantage to having it rescinded at this point. We’ve already brought in another player and released Besler to return to Sporting KC. Best course of action for now is to let his suspension run against Mexico so he has no card accumulation moving forward into the final 2 qualifiers.

        I’d also ask for a suspension or retroactive card be issued to Campbell for simulation. We don’t play them again, but if him sitting a match due to accumulation means they lose points in the hex, that at least helps us out indirectly.

        And obviously let CONCACAF know that this quality of refereeing is unacceptable and that we expect some good make-up calls in the future.

        FIFA and CONCACAF obviously LIKE having controversy. If they didn’t, simulation and situations like this would be easy to solve. Review every match tape and suspend people retroactively for any obvious dives or other obvious shenanigans. If it means a player risks sitting for the next match every time he flops, he’s going to be a lot less inclined to taking the risk. With 1 head ref, 2 line assistants and a 4th official, there’s just not enough coverage to see everything clearly. Video provides that, even if in hindsight.

    • Dinho says:


      How did the USSF not appeal this!?!?!?

      • Adam says:

        It was a humiliating defeat; that’s why. You don’t want to be humiliated and then act like a sore loser.

  83. joshw says:


    looks a lot like some GC line-ups, with a few upgrades (in my opinion). don’t expect to see this. gonzo will start, although i wouldn’t mind seeing a backline that we’ve rolled out before, which is why i have goodson. i feel like we suffered without a striker in CR, and i thought it was weird that EJ played on the wing when he came on as a sub. he does okay on the wing in the early stages of games because (don’t laugh) he’s good at holding the ball, but with a relatively full squad he has to be a striker (probably a reserve striker when altidore is available). bedoya is a better defender than zusi, and it seems like we need a good defender on the RW after friday. switch dempsey for donovan, if you like, but if you switch him for anyone else, it weakens the line-up in my opinion.

  84. Brett Bates says:

    No way JK takes Zusi out of the starting lineup. He is a starter tomorrow guaranteed. This was the first game we have lost with Zusi in the starting lineup and with out his perfect passes USMNT would have been shutout against Costa Rica. Also, he is the best attacking mid at helping with defense. Zusi should be taking the corners also, currently he is more skilled at corners the LD.

    • joshw says:

      bedoya in front of either evans or parkhurst has looked a lot better on defense than zusi in front of orozco.

    • Bac says:

      If Fabian starts at left mid, Donovan will start at right mid…
      If JK moves Fabian to one of the outside back spots, then Bedoya and Donovan will start on the wings….
      Zusi had 2 nice deliveries, other than that he was AWOL and left Orozco badly exposed…
      He’s a good player, but he’s not very fast and his ceiling is limited

  85. blokhin says:

    US can win a BB/Arena/ early JK regime style game- bunker down, 10 behind the ball, forcing Mexico to dump crosses in as Beckerman and Jones sit in front of the tall CBs booting clearances. Then hoping for a set piece goal off a a rare but dangerous counter. If JK is relying on Jones and MF #2 to effectively distribute the ball, be composed in transition and get back in time after an inevitable turnover in Mexico’s half the game will get ugly in a hurry with MX slicing up the midfield and scoring a la Costa Rica’s 3rd goal over the slow footed CBs.

    • Francois says:

      Haha this is the dumbest comment I’ve seen lately. We’re playing a Mexico team that has 8 points after 7 games, in Columbus. You think we’re going to get destroyed just because we came out flat last game for the first 30 minutes? You’ve gotta be joking.

      • blokhin says:

        Right…. And first 30 minutes of a game, or for that matter any portion of any game that you don’t like doesn’t count- just cross it off and forget about it. And US should send it’s central mids into attack since JJ can deliver precise, accurate passes and won’t be caught out of position. And even if he loses the ball, there’s no way Dos Santos, Chicharito and Guardado have the speed to outrun Omar and Goodson. Is that what you’re saying? Because that’s what it looks like you’re saying.

        Or that the geographic location of the game is the only thing that matters and overwhelms everything else, including who is actually on the field for either team?

        Because when have Donovan, Demspey, Jones, Beckerman, Goodson, Howard ever been blown out on US soil playing versus the same Mexican players (except for GC 2009 and 2011) but that doesn’t count so let’s throw caution to the wind and attack away.

        Think before you post.

      • Mensrea says:

        Seriously? Those fullbacks are going to get ripped up. This MX team is going to come out spitting fire. You may want to see an aggressive game plan–and that’s fine–but his comment was completely reasonable.

    • Gene says:


      JK may try the attacking game in the first few minutes to see if we can score first. If that happens, we’d definitely play a more cautious defense-oriented game.

  86. Kev says:

    I am curious, has there been any details on why JA Brooks was sent back to Germany?
    I understand bringing in Goodson and he will most likely be the starter but why would they send Brooks home? especially since Cameron is out too. Wouldnt we want him available just in case?

    I am trying to understand the purpose of having him come in for one qualifier, not both, and why not keep him for the opportunity to cap-tie?

    I am thinking now that the reason why he was brought in was a) experience but mostly for b) if we won in CR, the mexico game would have less importance and we could possibly cap tie him then?

    Bottom line, I am confused by this move. I am hoping it is not about Brooks having second thoughts.

    • Bac says:

      It was an agreement before he was called in. He was only here for the first match, then released back to his club. Nothing to make an issue of, this was published and announced ahead of time.

  87. rainORshine says:

    results this year v top 4 in HEX and 3 friendlies against non-CONCACAF sides

    @ honduras 1-2
    v costa rica (snow game) 1-0
    @ mexico 0-0
    (v belgium 2-4)
    (v germany B 4-3)
    v honduras 1-0
    (@ bosnia 4-3 (down 0-2 at half, when bosnia made 4 changes))
    @ costa rica 1-3

    4-1-3, GF 14 GA 15
    * i would suggest 3 of the 4 wins are somewhat tainted
    – snow game
    – germanys B/C team
    – bosnia did not start 2 starting defenders, then made 4 changes at half (we were down 2 -nil)

    v top 4 in HEX
    2-1-2, GF 4 GA 5

    anything but a win tomorrow and ill be looking for the second part of brian straus’ series

  88. Joe A. says:

    The U.S team doesn’t operate well with two defensive midfielders. I think its time for Diskerud to step up in CM.

  89. Justin says:

    I like this lineup. JK will probably start EJ in place of Johannsson, but I feel like EJ has more of an impact when used as a super-sub.

    —————————-Aron Johannsson——————————-

    DeMarcus Beasley———Clint Dempsey———Landon Donovan

    ———————Mix Diskerud——Jermaine Jones—————–

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Alejandro Bedoya

    ————-Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez—————-


    Bedoya has been starting at right back for Nantes, he should get the nod for us. Good work rate has a little bit of pace will be able to push forward when needed.

    • Adam says:

      I like yours; What do you think about mine?

      ———————————–Eddy Johnson————————–

      ———————Clint Dempsey———Landon Donovan

      Beasley——————Jermaine Jones—————– Bedoya

      Fabian Johnson————————————–Orozco Fiscal

      —————–Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez

      ———————————–Brad Guzan——————————

  90. paulwp says:

    What I don’t understand about JK’s approach is whether he has a system he wants to stick to, or bring in the best players and fit the system to them. If we want to stick to the 4-2-3-1 then we should be stocked with 2 or 3 target forwards (altidore, boyd… wondo?). If we’re going to adjust the system to the personnel then we should definitely have changed it when we couldn’t start Altidore. It should have been a 4-4-2 with wingers with possession based games. Zusi should not have started (lobbing feeds in at a physically overmatched Dempsey is pointless). We should have played bedoya on the wing with LD and Clint together up top.

  91. Adam says:

    Even though I don’t like Dempsey and Donovan playing together, this is the perfect time for them to prove me wrong.

    This should be the winning line-up:

    Eddy Johnson

    Clint Dempsey———Landon Donovan

    Beasley——————Jermaine Jones—————– Bedoya

    Fabian Johnson————————————–Orozco Fiscal

    Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez

    Brad Guzan

    My first three subs, depending on the score:


    Interesting ahh; what do you think?

    • Adam says:

      Better view:

      ———————————–Eddy Johnson————————–

      ———————Clint Dempsey———Landon Donovan

      Beasley——————Jermaine Jones—————– Bedoya

      Fabian Johnson————————————–Orozco Fiscal

      —————–Clarence Goodson———Omar Gonzalez

      ———————————–Brad Guzan——————————

    • ThatKidnandez says:

      I love it no zusi! Castillo for Beas! He was a boss against bosnia

  92. Birgit Calhoun says:

    I think it’s a mistake to start Johannson. I wouldn’t play Germaine Jones at all considering his performance at the Costa Rica game. The combination Beckerman/Diskerud worked well during the Gold Cup. I also don’t understand this fetish with Eddie Johnson. He sometimes is flashy. But just as often he looks lost. And if you ask me, Clint Dempsey has not impressed me so far. I would not have him in until that second half especially when Beckerman is in.

    • louis z says:

      So….who is left?

      • Jacknut says:

        At this point, we may have to call up Reyna, McBride and Bornstein.

      • scweeb says:

        I agree with out Jozy are strikers we have are EJ who seems to be hot when coming off the bench in Gold Cup games, Bacon who is young has tallent but has yet to be in a Big game and untested, then you can go witha mix of LD and Dempsey.
        EJ for me seems to be the best for the states coming off the bench and just getting to run at them when they are on tired legs. I myself would start Bacon and give him good support with LD and dempsey, put badoya on the wing on are weak side, tell Kyle to sit back take out the passing lanes and try to hold up so JJ can do some cleaning,

    • hi says:

      f johnson-orozco-gonzo-parkhurst

  93. Frank says:

    Here’s what I like:


    • YO says:

      JK will line up Beasley and FJ as the last game…agree tha AJ need to be part of that and hope Dempsey comes ready to play and connect with Donovan and AJ.

  94. ThaDeuce says:

    I go with the first one.

  95. Mike R says:

    This R2 unit is broken, Aron Bacon Johansen your out only hope Aron Bacon Johansen your our only hope aron….

  96. Mike R says:

    Parkhurst=Bornstein 2.0

    It’s going to be a massacre. The one guy in team who doesn’t even play for his club team, a marginal club team at that

  97. Mike R says:

    And everyone clamoring for Parkhurst because he had a good gold cup…so did Wondolowski should we start him too?

    • Paul says:

      wondo did not have a good gold cup. he had a good two games at the goldcup. After that he didn’t do much of anything

  98. Scott e Dio93 says:

    No Eddie Johnson and Dempsey!!

  99. DGH says:




  100. AlexH says:

    Somebody should start some sort of Jurgen bracket game where we guess who will start and where. I am willing to put down some money that the starting lineup isn’t going to match any of the 3 that were listed in the article.

  101. dailyminefield says:

    I go 3-5-2…Just throw Mex a curveball initially…

    F. Johnson—-Torres——Beckerman——Zusi

    Please no Goodson or Jermaine Jones….

  102. zztoppppp says:

    I’d go with

    F. Johnson——Donovan———–Zusi

    I would be ok with Bedoya in for Zusi, though, it really doesn’t matter.

    • Mike R says:

      Zusi too slow he will get killed by Mexican wingers he will offer no help on defense either

      • zztoppppp says:

        I disagree. Yes, his speed may hurt him in this game, but he works harder defensively than any other winger. Watch the game in Azteca or any of the games in June and you will see that he is very good at tracking back and helping on defense.

  103. Ali Dia says:

    Danny Williams.

  104. 2 okc teams 1 cup says:

    Any combination of Bedoya, Johansson, Donovan & Dempsey is fine with me. Which means we’ll probably get a bitter spoonful of Brad Davis, Zusi, and Eddie Johnson. Yuck.

  105. Manny says:

    If this were FIFA…


  106. Hush says:

    That last starting lineup we could only wish for.. AJ up front and Bedoya instead of EJ on the wing with Disk in the middle would be perfect and would definitely cause problems for Mexico.That would be very offensive minded and could dominate ball possession as well.

    Here is my prediction. HATE to say it. I believe we will lose 3-1, but will win the next two to qualify. Mexico will start their hot streak as of today. For those that been following Futbol in the new world for a looooog time,.. story never changes. Mexico goes through hooorrible times, and just when you think they will not qualify for the W.C, other Concacaf teams manage to help them out by playing like crap themselves in the last 3 matches. :( I hope I’m wrong today

  107. Ah says:

    No preview podcast? For shame.

  108. junior says:

    I really hope diskerud starts in the midfield we need someone to get the ball forward.
    F.Johnson Donovan Dempsey
    Diskerud Jones
    Beasley Goodson Gonzo Parkhurst

  109. Manny says:

    As much as I cringe when GAM does his AYSO crossovers, Mexico’s defense has never been able to cope with this guy’s speed. The USMNT does not have anyone else who can get lose on a break.

  110. bryan says:

    hmmmm. Davis in the Road to Brazil episode is playing with the first team. could he get the start at LM with FJ moving back to LB and Beasley sitting?

    also, JK saying Orozco not at fault for any of the goals against CR. looks like he starts at RB again.

  111. Joe A. says:

    Beasley had his worst game in a while but I don’t think that’s any reason to drop him from the starting XI. Jones has put a number of sub-par performances in and he hasn’t been benched yet