Inter Milan agree to sell controlling stake to group led by D.C. United owner Thohir

Erick Thohir D.C. United (D.C. United)


Erick Thohir is about to have not one but two clubs to worry about.

Reports out of Italy on Tuesday morning claim that an Indonesian group led by Thohir, the majority owner of D.C. United and Indonesian businessman and media tycoon, has agreed to buy a 70 percent stake in Serie A club Inter Milan from owner Massimo Moratti. The reports claim that Thohir and his group would be willing to pay as much as $476 million for up to 75 percent ownership of the cash-strapped club, which finished in ninth place last season and hasn’t won a trophy since their treble-winning campaign in 2009-2010.

Last year, Thohir paid around $50 million for a majority stake in D.C. United. He also has purchased the Indonesian rights for the 2014 World Cup on TV, radio, internet and with complimentary coverage in print media for $61 million, according to Forbes.

D.C. United are currently in the process of trying to finalize negotiations for a long-awaited soccer-specific stadium. It is unclear what kind of impact Thohir and his group’s takeover of Inter has on that, if any.

Thohir will inherit a similar stadium situation with Inter. The Italian powerhouse shares the San Siro stadium with rivals AC Milan, but neither team owns the stadium. If Inter wants to recoup some of their debt they will need to look to building a stadium that they can draw more money from, like rivals Juventus have done in Turin with their new stadium.

Outside of soccer, Thohir’s sports portfolio also includes stake in the Philadelphia 76ers and co-ownership of Indonesian basketball teams, the Satria Muda and the Indonesia Warriors. He is also the chairman of the Indonesian Basketball Association and the president of the Southeast Asia Basketball Association.


What do you think about Thohir buying majority stake in Inter Milan? What does this mean for D.C. United?

Share your thoughts below.

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17 Responses to Inter Milan agree to sell controlling stake to group led by D.C. United owner Thohir

  1. patrick says:

    dude is spread pretty thin

  2. JP says:

    “…and he has purchased the rights to show the 2014 World Cup on TV, radio, internet and with complimentary coverage in print media for $61 million, according to Forbes.”

    What does this mean? in Indonesia?

  3. Tyler says:

    One thing Kevin didn’t mention is Thohir’s rumored plan to send loanees to DC United from Inter so they can get first team minutes and provide United with some top notch young players of a high caliber. I know SoccerByIves doesn’t care for links but this is the story for those interested:

    link to

  4. dude says:

    “Worry about?” If DC is any indication, concern for the club he owns is not something that troubles him.

  5. DC Josh says:

    So far he hasn’t shown any interest in spending money to help build DC United’s roster. I don’t know what he will do to improve Inter’s situation.

    Certainly, his bank account has given DC hope of a stadium, but getting past DC politics is huge hurdle that has yet to be cleared.

    • drew11 says:

      It’s daddy’s money. I have seen nothing that inspires me to have confidence in this guy.

    • Tyler says:

      DC is a financial black hole. The RFK lease is why no major squad investment has been made. As plans move forward for the stadium, we’ll see a big change in the caliber of the DC roster.

  6. Smith says:

    I would love to see Ben Olsen manage Inter

  7. DCUnitedWillRiseAgain says:

    Hopefully player sharing with Internazionale will work better for DC United than it did for Chivas USA and its parent club!

  8. dsgntd_plyr says:

    Wait, what, time-out! This guy’s sitting on $476M and he wants taxpayers to fund his stadium? He can go eff himself.

    I’ve been a DCU fan since day 1, but I’m out if they get any tax dollars……But I bet the dumb DC government gives it to them.

    • dsgntd_plyr says:

      Just looked it up. The proposed DCU stadium would cost about $300M: link to

    • JoeW says:

      Wrong! It doesn’t want the taxpayers to fund his the DCU stadium. He wants the city to give up land. He wants the city to pay for installation of water and sewer. But DCU would pay for the stadium itself. This isn’t an unrealistic demand–it’s actually pretty fair, especially since it’s on land that isn’t developed or had unused buildings on it for the most part and can’t currently be developed until the City puts in sewer and water and roads. Read your own article you linked–it says that DCU wants the city to provide the land and infrastructure, and DCU would build the stadium. No tax-payer funded stadium, no tax breaks.