Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

David Silva of Manchester City and Frank Lampard of Chelsea


Two of the biggest names in modern English soccer take to the field once again Sunday as Manchester City visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is unbeaten in his last 64 home matches in the English Premier League, but his second-place Blues have a considerable challenge ahead of them when Manuel Pellgrini’s Citizens visit West London. After struggling away from home to start the season, Man City and their high-powered offense recorded back-to-back away wins against West Ham United and CSKA Moscow.

Elsewhere in the EPL, Jozy Altidore and last-place Sunderland look for their first victory of the season when rivals Newcastle United visit the Stadium of Light. The Black Cats have only recorded one point ahead of Sunday’s Tyne-Wear Derby, but new manager Gus Poyet and his club know a victory against their hated rivals could be the spark needed to turn their season around.

In France, Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco continue their battle for the top spot in Ligue 1 on Sunday. New league leaders PSG, fresh off a 5-0 rout of Anderlecht earlier this week, visit seventh-place Saint Etienne. But before the Parisians take the field, Monaco have a chance to put pressure on their rivals with a home win over a surprisingly down Lyon club at Stade Louis II.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

7:30am – beIN Sport USA – Napoli vs Torino

9:30am – NBC Sports Network – Sunderland vs Newcastle 

10am – beIN Sport en Español – Juventus vs. Genoa

10am – beIN Sport USA – Udinese vs Roma

10am – beIN Sport Play – Parma vs. AC Milan

12pm – NBC Sports Network – Chelsea v. Manchester City

12pm – NBC Sports Live Extra – Swansea City vs West Ham United

12pm – NBC Sports Live Extra – Tottenham vs Hull City

12pm – beIN Sport USA – Monaco vs Lyon

12pm – beIN Sport en Español – Villarreal vs Valencia

12:30pm – GolTV – Borussia Monchengladbach vs Eintracht Frankfurt

1pm – ESPN Deportes – Corinthians vs Santos

1:30pm – NBC – D.C. United vs Houston Dynamo 

1:30pm – Univision – Pumas vs Veracruz

2pm – beIN Sport en Español – Real Sociedad vs Almeria

3pm – GolTV Cerro Porteño vs. Peñarol (Uruguay)

4pm – beIN Sport USA – Saint-Etienne vs Paris Saint-Germain

4pm – beIN Sport en Español- Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis

4pm – MLS Direct Kick- Columbus Crew vs. New England Revolution 

5pm – UniMas – New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire 

8pm – MLS Direct Kick – Vancouver Whitecaps vs Colorado Rapids

9pm – ESPN/ESPN Deportes- Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy

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233 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Adrian says:

    Higuain with two penalty goals!!

  2. Adrian says:

    Red Bulls vs Chicago will be exciting; big time playoff implications. A Chicagp win and Mike Magee is your 2013 MVP! Let`s go Galaxy finish strong!

    • Fredo says:


    • Rich says:

      A huge game for the Fire. After a terrible start to the season I love the pieces they’ve added to the attack. A few defensive lapses have really hurt them. They need to look for a couple of studs on D…Segares has slowed down and they need to find a replacement.

  3. Jon says:

    Jozt starts in the derby. C’mon, Jozy. Be a hero!

  4. Adrian says:

    Off topic ; is there a team more exciting than Liverpool this year.

  5. ACS says:

    Sunderland is going to play a 4-4-2 with Fletcher up top with Altidore, I like.

  6. manicmessiah says:

    I wish the away team in the derby would wear the away kit.

    They don’t clash, but the distinction between the two is not that great on tv.

    • Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ says:

      Sometimes I can’t tell who has the ball until I see what direction they’re running.

    • timmytwoshoezzz says:

      completely agree

      • Dirk McQuigley says:

        It’s amateur hour when they let two teams with stripes and black shorts wear kits that are too similar. They never make teams which both wear white todo this. Fulham wouldn’t wear their home white at Spurs, so why do they let the teams w/ the stripes do it?

  7. manicmessiah says:

    Ugh, behind after 6 minutes and it wasn’t even Altidore.

  8. manicmessiah says:

    I wish Cabaye would cut that out.

    Or change his name to Scholes.

  9. manicmessiah says:

    Not a good first half from Newcastle.

    Can they try to work through someone besides Ben Arfa? They are making him too closely to have an impact

  10. Tom_in_So_IL says:

    De Rossi got a yellow. I think that is his 2nd of the season.

  11. Increase says:

    I love these announcers someone skys a cross out for a goal kick and they say “if he had more pace” he could have gotten it. Oh cliches.

  12. Francois says:


  13. manicmessiah says:


  14. Francois says:

    it’s so frustrating to watch Jozy consistently make good plays with the ball, and then his teammates ruin the move with a bad pass after receiving the ball from him.

    • manicmessiah says:

      It’s is frustrating watching Altidore play for Sunderland knowing he would be perfect playing with Ben Arfa and Remy as part of a front 3.

    • Increase says:

      Some of these passes are comically bad.

    • Increase says:

      Johnson can’t even put a pass on target when he doesn’t even have someone pressuring him… I talking about just a 20 yard ball on the ground…. at someone who is open…

    • fischy says:

      Sunderland is craaap. They’d struggle in MLS. Jozy’s game will really suffer there — 5-6 touches a game and the return of Diving Jozy.

  15. MemRook says:

    NBC Sports Live is a great service and awesome how many ways it can be used to watch every BPL game … but Christ it’s glitchy! Every week a game cuts out online or on iPad or on tv and just inexplicably stops working for the rest of the match.

    • Drewbles says:

      Yeah, missed the Newcastle equalizer because the coverage cut out and went to commercials. So frustrating normally, but even worse when something important happens during when the coverage is screwed up.

  16. manicmessiah says:

    In case of local derby break glass. A Shola Ameobi sighting.

  17. manicmessiah says:

    A ball in the air goes five\six feet over Altidore`s head.

    The commentator`s take? “Altidore missed it.”


  18. Francois says:

    Jozy wins a freekick with a great bit of play, and then both Fletcher and Larrson won’t let him take it. Fletcher then puts it directly into the wall. Smh.

    • fischy says:

      If by “win” you mean he sold the ref on it by falling down, then, yes, he won the kick.

      • Kris says:

        It’s a smart play. The defender made contact with his feet and he gave his team a chance at goal. So, yes, he did WIN the freekick.

      • Francois says:

        You seem to be very pessimistic about everything Jozy. You can’t even give him a compliment. Like saying he’s “not bad” at holding the ball up top. He rarely loses the ball and frequently finds runners off of his hold-up play.

  19. Adrian says:


  20. Francois says:

    Jozy with the Assist!!!

  21. Shawn Wallace says:

    altidore is a beast nice assist

  22. Kris says:

    Great layoff pass from Jozy!

    • fischy says:

      If he meant to do so — then, the bit is not so much in the dink touch but in creating a screen and space. I’m not sure any of it was intentional, though. If you watch Jozy, he’s taking a step towards the loose ball. I think Jozy’s touch was a bit long and his teammate snapped up the ball before Jozy could recover it.

  23. MemRook says:

    Can we pretend Jozy meant to do that???

    • fischy says:

      Some definitely are. He’s not bad at hold-up play, but I fear that a long spell at Sunderland will leave him with just that part of his game.

      • MemRook says:

        Well he hasn’t played bad at all this game: doing a lot of things right. He’s not lighting it up (obviously); I think we all kind of expected Jozy to go all Lukaku on everyone when the season started lol. Regardless he hasn’t played poorly.

        That touch was not intentional tho. Still good to be in the right place to make that touch but better work by Borini to take advantage.

      • beachbum says:

        considering he gets hacker mercilessly and continually and the refs basically don’t protect him, I think he’s doing very well. how’d you all like how he helped kill off the game at the end?

        • ld says:

          I dont think its in the refs mandate to protect Jozy. Man what a stupid statement. Are you new to this sport?

          • Francois says:

            Are you new to the sport? The refs are supposed to protect the players by calling fouls when they are fouled. If they don’t call fouls, don’t you think the players could get the impression that they can start making rougher challenges, which can in turn hurt the players on the receiving in?

          • beachbum says:

            do better if you want to insult me rookie

            and you are wrong, it is the officials mandate to protect the players, rookie

            • ld says:

              The EPL is a very physical league. The refs dont call a foul every time theres contact. Go learn about the game before you post stupid comments, you amateur

              • Judging Amy says:

                beachbum is a vet. who are you child? know your place.

              • MemRook says:

                Beachbum, while not always right, has been around on this forum for a long long time, so hardly an amateur. And you know who ends up looking like the amateur? The one who results to name calling.

              • beachbum says:

                Ha! that’s your insightful comeback? do better please. it is the officials’ job to protect players and your original post still reeks of that which you accuse me. I’ll help you…stupidity

              • ld says:

                How dare these refs not protect my Jozy! Do they not realize he is American! And I am in love with him!

              • beachbum says:

                I’m not always right?

                cheers everyone :)

    • Increase says:

      The pass? He meant… to pass….

      • MemRook says:

        Agree to disagree? My view was he took a hard touch,thankfully in the direction of Borini.

        • TomG says:

          Disagree. Looked very much intentional to me. Also is very much a typical play for Jozy. We’ve seen him do that for Dempsey time and again.

          • MemRook says:

            Fair enough. I’ll watch replay again. But to me it appeared he miscontrolled a bit.

            Don’t mistake me for a Jozy hater. I’m not. I think he had a great game. I just think in this one instance he did a lot of things right like get into position, hold his man off and get a touch on the ball, which in my view wasn’t spectacular but obviously worked out great.

          • MemRook says:

            I did reply to you but it’s in moderation. Don’t know what I said to trigger it….

            • TomG says:

              Did you say pa$$? Sometimes that triggers it

            • TomG says:

              Oh well. It might be debatable, but I’ve seen him make that exact layoff so many times that I think it’s highly unlikely that it was done without intent.

  24. doug says:

    Jozy named Sky Sports Man Of The Match today. #PopBottles

    • Francois says:

      sounds right. He was the best player on the pitch for either team. Consistently held the ball up and brought his teammates into the game.

      • doug says:

        Classic center forward play from him today. Hold up play, winning free kicks, challenging every header and his assists. He was brilliant today. Prime example of how a players worth isnt always measured in goals

    • Turgid Jacobian says:

      Hey, nice!

  25. manicmessiah says:

    Ugh was right

  26. beachbum says:

    Sunderland killed off the last 3 minutes beautifully, with Jozy in the middle of it. Excellent stuff. the Sunderland fans are happier than kids on Christmas morning

  27. Boyd says:

    Altidore takes a dive and people say he “wins a free kick” then he fails to control the ball which happens to be recovered by a teammate who scores and people call it “an assist”
    It’s embarrassing

    • Francois says:

      It’s embarrassing when a person who has no knowledge of the game doesn’t give a player who works hard for his team, holds the ball up well, and got named Man of the Match his due. Just give it a rest, we can tell you probably don’t like Jozy, but you don’t know what he meant to do on his assist, and there was contact on the freekick he won.

      • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

        Except nothing he said is wrong. Jozy screwed up and a teammate bailed him out. That’s not really up for discussion. We like Jozy doing Jozy things. That was not a good play by him.

        And he did dive. Why celebrate that? The same people on here that filet Barcelona players take a blind eye when Jozy or Dempsey go Greg Louganis.

        • TomG says:

          Wrong. That was a very typical layoff. You will see that from Jozy almost every single match if you watch him play.

          • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

            Seriously. Take the homer glasses off.

            Jozy touches that trying to trap it and moves toward it as if he mishit the touch. He pulls back when he sees Borini coming in.

        • Francois says:

          How is that not up for discussion? You know for a fact he wasn’t trying to lay the ball off? He does that all the time. You must be really close to Jozy to know whether he meant to that this time or not. Some of the comments on here are unbelievable.

          • TomG says:

            So the fact that he does that all the time is simply coincidence to you. It is sheer coincidence that every time he does that, there happens to be a man making that run behind him for the ball to magically appear at his feet? When something happens over and again, I tend to think there is intent there. If you’re not a big believer in cause and effect, that’s fine but I don’t think I’m up enough on my Kant and Hegel to have that discussion, lol.

    • Kris says:

      You didn’t mention one good thing about Jozy’s play today. Open your eyes. Hopefully you’re not a US fan. That’d be embarrassing.

      • Boyd says:

        A dive is a dive regardless of what shirt the player is wearing. People went crazy when Campbell took a dive but celebrate Jozy, Donovan and Dempsey for “wining a free kick”
        Not only are they embarrassing but fans like yourself are an embarrassment for the rest of us.

        • Kris says:

          That wasn’t a dive. There was direct contact with Jozy’s feet. Could someone as strong Jozy have stayed up? Probably. But it’s not like he wasn’t touched.

          I’m not celebrating any diving. You’re just being an overly critical conceited prick.

          If only the rest of us could all be like you. So wise. So levelheaded.

        • EvertonBrian says:

          There was contact there. The defender’s foot made contact with Jozy’s, and got no piece of the ball. Was Jozy looking for the contact? Yes. Nothing wrong with that at all. And, whether you like it or not, he did indeed “win a free kick.” Sorry it’s spoiled your day.

        • TomG says:

          Personally, I define dives as going to ground with complete fabrication of contact, so it’s not a dive in my book. What Jozy did was to feel the contact and go down easily without fighting for his feet. That’s something you see 20 times a game. You can go all hunger strikey about it if you like. It’s your prerogative but I’m not sure how you watch a single match if it get that much under your skin. ha, I just saw Hazard do it in the Chelsea match.

          • Boyd says:

            Believe it or not your personal definition of a foul means absolutely nothing. Contact doesn’t necessarily equals a foul. That’s just ignorant.
            If Aguero went down every time he got touched he would have zero goals so far this season, Kind of like Altidore

            • TomG says:

              Since I said nothing about whether it’s a foul or not, you’re the one who’s being ignorant. Implying that Jozy goes down every time is the absolute HEIGHT of ignorance. The man takes a beating every single match. It’s debatable whether he went down too easily on that particular play but the absurdly overreactive, foaming at the mouth fervor you are showing over it is completely ridiculous.

            • Kevin H says:

              There’s also a difference between diving and drawing a foul. The latter is legal and not unsportsmanlike.

        • GW says:

          Comparing that to what Campbell did is like comparing a pin prick to being disemboweled with a Samurai sword.

  28. Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ says:

    bradley on

  29. Brad says:

    gooooooaaaalllllll bradley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ says:

    Goooooal Bradley

  31. Paul6 says:

    Beauty of a goal by MB90. Just passes it into the goal in full stride. I love this man!

    • Adrian says:

      Beautiful man.

    • TomG says:

      Classic smart long run from deep to join the play by MB. As you said, just side foots it first touch from the middle of the pitch, just outdid the top of the box with a nice, leftward curl spinning tantalizingly out of the keepers reach into the side netting. He makes everything look so easy.

  32. TomG says:

    Too early to tell for sure but it seems like Jozy will play the holding role and won’t get too many chances for glory this season. I think most goals will come from sending blind balls into the box and hoping someone wins a header or by Jozy running the channels and creating something the way he did for Borini. Unfortunately the only real gap in Jozy’s game is the ability to consistently win those contested headers and Fletcher is tremendous at that so I think we will see a lot of Jozy making dummy near post runs with Fletcher the target at the far post. It’s good experience, though. Perhaps he will learn to win those 50/50 headers more consistently. He has he size and athleticism to do so, just not the technique and body control yet.

    • GW says:

      You must not have seen Sunderland vs Liverpool.

      Jozy won almost everything sent his way either in the air or on the ground and managed to do something positive with most of it. The problem there was he did not have a Fletcher or Borini to take advantage of the good work.

      • TomG says:

        Once again, you make my point for me. Jozy will win many balls and set up Fletcher and Borini for goals but it may be that will mainly be his role, since they don’t seem to have the clever wing play that he likes to combine with for his goals. Black Cat wings seem to just want to lump the ball in blindly without much guile. The one thing Jozy doesn’t do much of yet is scoring on those contested headers the way we saw Fletcher do today. Fletcher is a monster on those, so I don’t think we will see many of those balls designed for Jozy’s head. I’d imagine Jozy will be mostly the dummy runner at the opposite post. Things may change with Giaccherini back in the mix, though. I’m not sure if Fletcher has the guile to combine with Jozy and set him up. He seems much more of a one touch target type though there were a couple decent passes back and forth between them today. It seems extremely apparent that Borini will not be laying the ball off for anyone. He has a cannon for a right foot and intends to use it at every occasion. I’ve yet to see him actually pa$$ the ball. I had a lengthy correspondence with a tactical writer at another site that felt Jozy exactly that when Jozy signed. That Jozy would run the channels and Fletcher would be the main target. I hoped he was wrong at the time but it does seem logical now. Look at today. Jozy played wonderfully, the team as a whole played well, but Ajozy didn’t get a single dangerous ball sent his way. It’s still early in Gus’ tenure certainly. We shall see.

        • GW says:

          Once again you misrepresent what you originally said and what I said:

          ” It’s good experience, though. Perhaps he will learn to win those 50/50 headers more consistently. He has he size and athleticism to do so, just not the technique and body control yet.”

          You are wrong. Jozy already knows how to win those 50/50 headers consistently.

          He already has the technique and the body control. In the Liverpool game he had little to work with in this game he had a bit more.

          You make it sound like he has been demoted to target man. The truth is he’s a better target man than Fletcher and Borini; that’s why he is in that role He’s their best all around forward.

          • TomG says:

            I totally disagree. I love Jozy,but I can quickly find 10-15 BPL goals of a fletcher rising up over a defender and scoring with his head. I’ve seen just about every goal Jozy ever scored and can’t think of a single one where he’s done the same. I remember one with AZ last year where he shoved the defender to create space but that’s a different technique since, by the time the ball arrived, he was open. As far as I can remember, almost every single one of Jozy’s headed goals are in open space. If you can find a YouTube clip of a few I would be shocked. Just google Fletcher highlights and you’ll see oodles of those sorts of goals. That’s his thing. He’s a beast in the air. Jozy is probably better in every other aspect, but I think you’re seriously uninformed about Steohen Fletcher if you think Jozy can match him in the air.

            • GW says:

              Mr. G.

              So you’re saying Jozy will never have an uncontested header on goal in the BPL? Are they banned in England?

              Fletcher may in fact be better in the air than Jozy when it comes to going for goal.

              That has nothing to do with what I wrote.

              What I wrote was ” You make it sound like he has been demoted to target man. The truth is he’s a better target man than Fletcher and Borini; that’s why he is in that role He’s their best all around forward.”

              Based on the games I’ve seen to date, Jozy is Sunderland’s best all around forward and may even be their best all round player. That is probably why he seems to be their primary target man.

              A target man is the outlet for your team, the guy who can be the next link in turning defense into offense. Being better in the air than Jozy does not necessarily make you a better target man than Jozy.

              This is what you wrote about Jozy:

              ” Perhaps he will learn to win those 50/50 headers more consistently. He has he size and athleticism to do so, just not the technique and body control yet.”

              You are wrong. He may not be as good in the air as Fletcher but he is more than useful. He is Sunderland’s most mobile and most intelligently physical forward. His movements and overall game get better every game.

  33. Paul6 says:

    The constant moaning and orgasming by Ray Hudson is very annoying.

    • Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ says:

      At first it was a bit annoying but then after a while I got use to it and like his analyzing. He’s just a fan of the game like all of us, how man of us don’t go “ohhhhh!” And “ufffffff!” after a shot or nice pass?

      • MemRook says:

        What a lot of people don’t realize about Ray Hudson is he was the coach of the Miami Fusion in their last season in MLS and took a crap team and in one season turned them around to reach the MLS cup final against San Jose …and by all accounts they played some of the most attractive and entertaining soccer MLS has ever seen. The only reason Fusion aren’t a team anymore is because MLS told the cup finalists whoever lost that game would not be in MLS next season and the fusion lost. Kinda sad huh???

        • Paul6 says:

          I did know that. And I don’t see what that has to do with his moaning….?

          • MemRook says:

            Nothing at all. I just think that’s a cool ass anecdote about one of the most famous voices in soccer.

          • MemRook says:

            Plus imagine if Ray was still an MLS coach, and how incredible sideline quotes and pre/post game presses would be! What a fun time that could have been.

        • Get Real says:

          “What a lot of people don’t realize about Ray Hudson is he was the coach of the Miami Fusion”. You mean all of us who didn’t watch the MLS insider episode? Haha. OR were actually there to watch one of the Fusion games. It wasn’t too long ago bro. Nice try.

          • MemRook says:

            Oooooook. Well I haven’t seen that MLS insider piece so I was not aware the general public knew about it. Plus let’s be honest not everyone that follows MLS were watching yet. I became a fan of soccer because of MLS in ’96 because I just loved the game; I watched that happen in real life and it always struck me as one of the more interesting stories regarding the history of MLS. So sue me for wanting to share it with anyone who didn’t know that.

            But nice try at being condescending….BRO.

            • Paul says:

              + 1,000,000

              Nice comeback! I can’t stand some of these snarky, condescending people who feel brave behind a computer monitor.

        • PSU says:

          He always was the first coach in the Freddy Adu disaster

  34. Kris says:

    Anyone have a link to the MB goal yet?

  35. Paul6 says:

    Haha did anyone else see the kid walking out with john Terry wink at the camera?? Haha

  36. vipero says:

    Welcome back Mr Bradley! A bunch of thanks.

  37. Ivan says:

    Great finish for Bradley to give Roma the 3 points…Roma: a legit title contender!

  38. Eric Johnson says:

    Who is the American providing color commentating for Chelsea man city?

    • MemRook says:


      • Paul6 says:

        He is pretty terrible. But it is his first time. I’ll cut him some slack.

        • MemRook says:

          I think he’s doing ok. I’m biased tho cuz he’s one of my favorite professional athletes, mainly cuz I’ve actually met him countless times (he works out at the gym I work at in Memphis when he’s in town). He’s a nice chill dude when not on the pitch so I think his personality isn’t quite used to having be on camera. He barely even looked at the lens when they were doing the pregame lol.

        • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:


          This has been great. He provides great insight as an active player and he isn’t critical. He’s very enjoyable.

          • TomG says:

            His voice s very soft. You have to really pay attention or he fades into the background. That’s unsurprising, though, for first timer.

  39. AC says:

    Bradley is King Midas!

  40. k says:

    well obviously Timmy can’t be too critical of Man City or Chelsea players as he plays against them at least twice in 1 season. Plus he’s a very reserved guy. But he’s saying some interesting things.

    Torres made the 1st goal for Chelsea, all on his own. DAMN

    • Kodi says:

      I agree. He does seem reluctant to speak negatively and I can’t blame him. Torres is looking confident.

  41. Paul6 says:

    Woah. Who is this Fernando Torres fellow that’s playing up top for Chelsea!?! Would have been a sick goal!

  42. Bean says:

    This match is really top shelf. Some of the best players in the game are involved.

    Torres is impressive today.

  43. MemRook says:

    There are A LOT of surly types on the message board today. Decent amount of rude name calling and snarky ass replies. I guess when someone doesn’t have meaningful to contribute, next best move is to belittle others. Fun times.

  44. Sampson says:

    Jozy is never going to score. He’s too fat.

  45. MemRook says:

    Sergio. Aguero. Incredible.

  46. MemRook says:

    Kljestan scores goal in first minute.

  47. Bac says:

    Holy Guacamole Batman!
    What a morning so far…..
    Jozy getting insults about diving and comparisons to Joel Campbell
    Jozy either with a great layoff or a horrible first touch
    Timmy the commentator vs. Timmy the goalkeeper
    And what’s a daily post without someone somehow finding a way to throw in a negative drive by jab at Dempsey and Donovan… and the Seattle/LA game isn’t till tonight…

    Geez…. somebody peed in somebody’s cornflakes

  48. Virgil says:

    Terrence Boyd has scored the winning goal in the Vienna Derby.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Must be a big one for him. Until today, I’m pretty sure Austria Wien’s had beaten or tied Rapid every time the two had met since Boyd moved there.

  49. Edmondo says:

    I like Chelsea’s signing of the Old Fernando Torres in the off-season…..I thought he had retired :)

  50. ThaDeuce says:

    Where is Perry Ktichen?

  51. Kris says:

    Dynamo make it by the skin of their teeth. Phew.

  52. Fredo says:

    The Curse lives… The Curse of Magee.

  53. ThaDeuce says:

    Let’s go Chicago!

  54. TomG says:

    Halftime thoughts:

    Chicago won the first 20 minutes. NY won the rest.
    Peguy can’t finish worth a dang but hes a recent revelation as a pa$$er. He can really pick out the through balls.
    Magee loves scoring big goals
    Henry looks motivated. Man what a goal! Even his diving looks crisper than usual. An in form Henry could spell trouble for the rest of the league.

  55. TomG says:


  56. TomG says:


  57. ed from houston says:

    I am kind of glad SKC did not win it either. Hold the result NYRB. Hold the result.

  58. TomG says:

    BULLS ON PARADE!! Alexander makes it 4-1!!!

  59. TomG says:

    Fans singing for Petke who visibly has tears in his eyes as Steele scores and Cahill leaps into Petke’s arms.

  60. TomG says:

    Henry sprinting from endline to endline. What’s going on!?

  61. RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

    Welp, there we go. Red Bulls the top team in MLS this season.

  62. John says:

    Got to feel a bit for Magee who did alot to turn Chicago’s season around but comes up short. I think if he could have lead them on a bit of a run perhaps Klinsmann would have given him a look in the January camp.

  63. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d rather have the U.S. CUP than the Shield.

    : )

    • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:


      That’s like saying you’d rather have the FA Cup than win the Premiership. -Nobody ever.

      • ThaDeuce says:

        No, I’d rather have the MLS Cup than the U.S. Cup, but I’d rather have the U.S. Cup than the Shield. Totally different. If Red Bulls win the MLS Cup, well, props to them. That’s a big deal.

        • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

          Shield is a bigger deal for me than the Cup. Year long worth of effort versus whose hot or not at the end of the year.

          • TomG says:

            Yes, totally agree. US Open Cup is not a big deal at this point as demonstrated by the teams playing their subs for all maches except for the final. Shield is the hard work and sweat of your best players playing the entire season.

        • John says:

          Ok but would you rather win Concacaf champions league or MLS Cup?

          • ThaDeuce says:

            That’s a great question. Ask me once we’ve won a champions league title :p

            Seriously, I think champions league.

    • Kris says:

      US Cup over the Shield? You’re insane haha.
      Not a NY fan, but at least the Shield is on par with what the rest of the soccer world calls the league title.

      Props NY

  64. RB says:

    Penultimate game of the season starts and the Rapids may be toast already, as apart from missing both Powers and Sanchez, they’re wearing those lousy blue kits…

  65. Bac says:

    Rosales starts on the bench. I could care less who wins tonight, but I do have a question.
    Does Sigi dislike Rosales or has he been watching a completely different midfield the last month?

  66. ThaDeuce says:

    Let’s go Deuce!

  67. Worst trade in MLS history says:

    I really want the Galaxy to win this game, but I’m concerned with rogers on the field. It’s his fault the highlander is gone!
    Freaking rogers needs to get on his unicorn and ride the rainbow to retirement. Baring another 2 camilo goals in the second half, we officially traded the 2013 golden boot winner for an injury plagued marketing has been.

  68. Colin in MT says:

    It’s going to be fun watching Yedlin and Zardes tonight.

  69. MemRook says:

    Deuce scores. No more when-will-the-highest-ever-paid-MLS-player-score jokes now. Dang. I don’t know how to feel.

    Celebrates with the CLASSIC “It’s about time” wrist tap though.

  70. RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

    F MLS and their joke of a game.

    Galaxy score a clear, clear goal. That was inside the goal by several feet.

  71. RB says:

    And Gonzalez scores. But…

  72. MemRook says:

    Camilo golden boot. Sorry Magee (I loved your effort man).

  73. MemRook says:

    Omar scored! I mean he literally scored but no one saw it. Errrrr just everyone but three refs.

  74. Jeff Fulton says:

    That should shut up all of the “The League cheats for the Galaxy” idiots and have them change to “The League cheats for the Sounders” idiots.

  75. USAmr says:

    Does the Galaxy rocking the rasta jerseys mean they are giving new meaning to the Herbal Life sponsorship?

  76. ed from houston says:

    YES!! KEANO!!! come on LA hold the result… those are some ugly kits though

  77. ed from houston says:

    well done HOU, LA, NE, and especially NY—

  78. RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

    Embarrassing for MLS. And the Galaxy almost pushed into the playoff game by that nonsense.

    And on ESPN in Sunday primetime. Well done!

    • John says:

      It was of coarse an awful call but it’s funny how people act like those things only happen in MLS

      • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

        That one really only happens in MLS–especially since the major leagues in Europe have goal-line tech.

        Even without it–that was CLEARLY a goal.

        • Travis says:

          it happened in the last WC….

        • Anthony says:


          Your ignorance completely weakens your argument. Goal line technology is only used in the Premier League. Not is France, Spain, Germany, Italy etc. FIFA just started using in their international competitions. Obvious goals, although unfortunate, are routinely missed (human error)

          If you are going to rude, snarky and condescending, at least be factually correct.

  79. Travis says:

    keane is one whiny dude. great player but he spends probably 10 minutes a game berating his own teammates and the officials. LA deserved that draw

    • RalphNadersPatioFurniture says:

      How did they deserve a draw when they scored more goals than the other team?

      • Travis says:

        on the balance of play it was even. they were clearly robbed of a goal but that was a very even game overall.