How do you feel about USMNT saving Mexico?

US Men's National team vs. Panama

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It was not meant to be a demonstration of heroism for the troubled southern neighbors nor was it done as a favor, but that is essentially how many around the world will view the U.S. Men’s National Team’s late World Cup qualifying win over Panama on Tuesday night.

The U.S.’s 3-2 victory inside of a wet Estadio Rommel Fernandez was the one of the finer examples of sports serving as theater. Trailing by a goal with only seconds remaining and Panamanian players and fans preparing to burst into ecstasy, the Americans managed an unlikely comeback with two goals in stoppage time.

First, Graham Zusi powerfully placed a header into the back of the net. Then, Aron Johansson blasted a low shot past a helpless Jaime Penedo. Just like that, heartbreak for an entire nation and group of players, with tears of joy transforming into ones of great pain, frustration and sadness.

The Canaleros were literally mere moments away from keeping their dreams of playing in their first World Cup alive, but that vanished seemingly in the blink of an eye as a group of second-string Americans demonstrated the resilient attitude that the U.S. team is known so well for in an attempt to improve their own chances of playing in Brazil in 2014.

In the process of picking up the victory that punctuated a successful qualifying campaign, the U.S. helped its biggest rivals, Mexico, avoid qualification elimination. At least, for the time being.

El Tri had faced Costa Rica in San Jose in a qualifier played simultaneously to the U.S.-Panama match, but Mexico’s game ended with an all too familiar bitter feeling. The Mexicans were defeated, 2-1, and surely were thinking of the laundry list of questions they would be grilled with about their country’s failure to reach Brazil. But the U.S.’s late heroics one country over changed all that, giving Mexico a chance to once again redeem its pitiful qualifying campaign in a two-legged playoff with New Zealand in November.

Mexico may currently be as gracious as one rival can be with another (Rafa Marquez had nothing to say when asked in a postgame interview if he had any comment for the U.S.). But feelings were clearly mixed among U.S. fans about seeing their team help El Tri climb out of such a dire situation. Some wanted to see the U.S. succumb to the Panamanians’ late 2-1 lead and bizarre decision to continue to attack and leave acres of space in behind the defense. Others were rooting Jurgen Klinsmann’s side on all the way.

That unusual predicament leaves the question as to which side of the debate you were on during the dramatic and unforgettable night in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying.

Were you rooting for Americans to pull out a victory? Or were you secretly/openly hoping to see Panama beat the U.S. so as to eliminate Mexico?

Cast your vote in the poll below and tell us why you feel that way, and if you think Mexico would have kept playing for a win if the roles had been reversed with the U.S., in the comments section.


How do you feel about the USMNT saving Mexico? free polls 
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192 Responses to How do you feel about USMNT saving Mexico?

  1. Paul6 says:

    I hate it. Bob takes care of business and wins 6 games to be placed in a brutal playoff whip Mexico fails continuously and wins two games to get to what should be a fairly simple playoff.

    • elgringorico says:

      Yes, Bob and Egypt got screwed, and African qualifying is not fair, but that isn’t really the point of this poll/post.

  2. V-8 says:

    Mexico: Whose your Daddy?

  3. atleticodemadridfan says:

    Ahhhh – Mexico has a wealth of riches in skilled players but can’t find the team spirit and cooperation to even win at home consistently, at altitude, in the Azteca.
    They don’t deserve to go to the world cup.
    I Hope New Zealand makes them suffer, so that the Mexican Soccer Federation, the players and fans, alike all WAKE UP!

  4. Modibo says:

    I was screaming at the Panama players at the end of the game to take the ball to the corner and waste time. Then Zusi’s goal was the killer for them, and I felt conflicted at that point. But when Johannsson scored, I was fired up. That’s the never-say-die attitude that is typical of the US – and for Klinsmann, of Germany as well.

    As much as I wanted to see Mexico fade away, the US sends a message – don’t mess around with us and above all don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Unfortunately I think it may also mean more flopping, diving, fake injuries, complaining to the ref, throwing the ball away, and chippy fouls in future games.

    Why Panama did not use these tactics against the US I do not know, but it did make the game wide open at the end and give the US a chance to show how deadly we can be. Johannsson in particular gets props not just for his successful strike, but for his near-miss minutes earlier where he put a vicious inswinger just wide of the far post. That should scare CONCACAF teams as much if not more than seeing Jozy bearing down on them in the box.

    • jones says:

      Their keeper did fake injury near the end – Boyd jumped over him without even a graze and he flailed around groping his face for a bit. Wasn’t anywhere near the worst injury fake, though.

      • Darwin says:

        …and those extra minutes gave us time to score two goals.

        • Dirk McQuigley says:

          Mexico fans have to be wondering whether they are just postponing the inevitable after we “saved” them. They should be thanking whomever refereed the game against Panama on Friday because that bicycle kick should have been whistled for dangerous play. One of the Panamanian defenders you could tell was holding back on his challenge during the bicycle kick. Klestjan tried one w/ no one near him and he got whistled for dangerous play. I’m not saying Mexico is going to lose, but they are going to have major problems w/ the Kiwis on set pieces and dealing w/ guys like Winston Reid. If the Mexicans can’t win at Azteca they’re finished.

    • Fred says:

      I think after Panama’s second goal they collectively went on autopilot and thought it was over. Boy were they wrong.

  5. Brit says:

    Pat of me was pulling for Panama at the very end of the game. The crowd was going nuts, you could feel it. After all the poor conduct from Mexico over the years it seemed fitting (does any other country like the Mexican football team?). Plus Mexico hasn’t played well enough to really deserve it. But now that the emotion has settled I am glad we won. The US played professionally. I wonder if more experienced US players who have dealt with Mexico in the past would have done the same. I have no doubt if the roles were reversed Mexico would have held up and taken the loss. I suspect that for a few days Mexico will not hate the US so much but it will be short lived. Lastly I just “know’ we will play Mexico in the world cup. It is going to happen. Beating Mexico in the World Cup will be the reward for winning last night.

  6. formerlyanonymous says:

    Who is this Mexico and why should I care? USA WINS!

  7. Tim F. says:

    Your three choices do not match the way I feel.

    I am glad the USMNT helped Mexico advance to play New Zealand in the hopes that Mexico can regain its form, beat the Kiwis in the two game series and perform well in the World Cup. A strong CONCACAF showing in the World Cup is important and I think Mexico is better positioned to do this than Panama.

    But Mexico must get Rafa out of the back; he can’t perform at this level anymore.

    • DanO says:

      +1. If CONCACAF lay an egg at the WC the region may lose a spot (or 1/2 a spot). Having Mexico at the WC is important for a number of competitive and financial reasons. Soccer is still growing in the US, and love em or hate em, we need Mexico as a rival to help keep that growth strong.

    • nick says:

      All options on poll are quite incendiary.
      The more CONCACAF teams in WC, the better for the development, image, and future seeding of CONCACAF…and Mexico has best chance to beat NZ.
      I realize we must take a US-centric view of everything, but Mexico earned their 4th place…they earned all the points they got…same with all the teams. Same with last World Cup…when Honduras qualified, they earned it…it was not given to them by us. We make an unnecessary vain attempt to diminish the accomplishments of others.

  8. Modibo says:

    One amazing thing: the Panama manager fell on his sword. He refused to talk about the game, did not blame the players at all, and said the loss was his fault. Brave man.

    link to

  9. jones says:

    So, do New Zealand have a chance? (I mean, assuming Mexico at least bring something…) I know nothing about them.

    • Gary Page says:

      Two weeks ago I would have said New Zealand has no chance, but Mexico has been so poor, it could be two 0-0 draws going to penalty kicks.

    • Eric says:

      Mexico is reeling right now, but even then, NZ probably has little chance. They have only one truly world-class player (Winston Reid), and he can’t mark the entire Mexican attack…not that it seems to take much these days.

      Still, I expect Mexico to advance.

  10. Darwin says:

    Let’s hear the Orozco hate now!

  11. Yevgeniy says:

    The sad thing is that a week will go buy and when you talk to a Mexican fan living in US, you will once again hear: “Americans don’t know futbol. MLS sucks. Donovan is old.”

    • Darwin says:

      Those are Mexicans, not Mexico fans. True fans see the beginning of USMNT dominance. And MLS does suck compared to LMX, so what does that say about American soccer? Also, Donovan is old. We’re not even sure if he will have a bench gig in Brazil…look at Zusi’s last couple games!

      • Yevgeniy says:

        1. Are there a lot of Mexico fans who are not Mexicans?!?!
        2. Just because it’s worse, doesn’t mean that it sucks. Do the Germans living in France tell the French that Ligue 1 sucks?
        3. I don’t know who “we” are, but I doubt you will find many people who don’t believe that Donovan will or should be in Brazil

      • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:


        Nice to have you back. What have you been doing since the book 150 years ago ?
        Not watching soccer here. Please catch up.

        Donovan won’t even make the bench….oh my word.

    • Gary Page says:

      Don ‘t forget, “Altidore is lazy.”

      • Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

        He is lazy. Only scores when balls are served on a platter. Look at how Aron Bacon scored, he creatd his own shot … it was not spoon fed to him.

  12. Mike Z says:

    I honestly don’t care whether Mexico goes to the finals or not. I will pull for the US to win whenever they take the field and last night was no different. The US played mostly a lack luster game, but just like last weekend, found a way to win it in the end. I’m glad they did….But if you think about it, what is worse being knocked out by your greatest rival or being saved by them?….

  13. JRP says:

    Why would US fans want Mexico to choke? That being said, watching the Sounders shrivel up and die is something the whole nation can get behind.

  14. Eric Johnson says:

    Hated it for a minute obviously wanting to see Mexico go out, however loved the team spirit and the fact that “you owe us” will replace the dos a cero meme.

  15. HoboMike says:

    At no point did I ever feel conflicted. I’m a USA fan and will never root for my team to lose. Those who we’re rooting against the US just to spite Mexico have to realize that you take care of your own business and don’t worry about anyone else’s. That’s it.

    That being said, it became much easier to root for a victory once panama started time wasting……I’m the 23rd minute.

  16. Josh says:

    I think the US handled this very professionally. After the second goal with given up to Panama, the US could have packed it in and settled for the loss. But they kept playing and not only managed to tie it, but they ended up stealing the 3 points. I’m glad the US won, but if they had to lose a game, I wouldn’t have minded it being this one. Also, how about the US playing the role of dream killer for the 2nd cycle in a row. 4 years ago they managed to tie Costa Rica late which knocked them out, now this year they knock out Panama. Soccer can be cruel sometimes. Btw, Mexico needs to get their stuff together because they won’t make it to Brazil playing like this. #YoureWelcomeMexico

  17. Josh D says:

    Beyond the welcomed jabs toward Mexico after years of hearing them babble, we didn’t save Mexico. We played a game and won – like we were supposed to. Saving makes it sound like we went out there to purposely rescue them, Captain America style.

    How do I feel about winning? I wish we hadn’t. Watching Panama play out of their skins, the crowd going crazy, and their coach beaming with pride five minutes before the final whistle then watch a hush fall over like a cemetery when Zusi scored was crushing. Panama deserved to go through more than Mexico. I’ll happily watch New Zealand beat Mexico.

    At the end of the day we did the right thing. Soccer is a sport and we played, and won, respectfully. It was obvious that our players knew the enormity of the game when we didn’t properly cheer the final two goals. Good on them.

    • Josh D says:

      I’d also note that I think Klinsi secretly wanted Panama to come through – just a little bit.

      Putting Bedoya at RB instead of Cameron, putting on Davis, tossing in Aron then making him play a midfield role, and then playing a lobbed game to Boyd were all negative tactics.

      He’ll never admit it, but he certainly didn’t play his strongest team in the second half. Just ironically they all came through for the win.

      • Justin says:

        Ok, well that means nothing. I would hate to think that our coach would actually take steps to hurt our team’s chances of winning under any circumstances. If you honestly feel this way about the secrets of Klinsi’s inner heart, then you probably are really upset with him, right?

        Brad Davis had a good game with two assists, and ’nuff said about Johannson. Jozy was harassed all game on a terrible pitch (and not scoring) so I think it made fine sense to put in Boyd to get our forwards actually moving. All of our goals came after the first two substitutions, but instead of saying “hey that worked”, your reaction is “he failed at trying to the throw the game”?

        As for Bedoya over Cameron at RB – Klinsi is obviously set on finding a different solution for the position as he has said over and over that he likes Cameron in a defensive midfield role.

        • Jacknut says:

          And you want to run Bedoya out in a right back role in case he has to play back there because of injuries or suspensions.

      • QuakerOtis says:

        I agreed up until you said Klinsman tried to lose. He took out our best available RB and put on two forwards and an offensive LM. Seems like he was trying to score.

      • MiamiAl says:

        Even when Klinsmann tries to lose, he WINS!!! Nice.

  18. hush says:

    I can care less for the Mexican NT! I was rooting for Panama in the last 15 minutes because I truly felt that they were the 4th best team in Concacaf. Would have been huge for the country and fans.

    Mexico is a decent team historically but the mexican federation and fans overrate their team like no other. When Mexico declines I’m not surprised because it happens every time Mexico goes through this high moments. Guardado, Gio, and Chicharo are good players but are not world class players. The MX is probably the best league in the Americas but it really never transfers to the fullest in the NT. I simply believe that Mexican fans are delusional when rating their team. Yes, MNT is a top 4 team in Concacaf, but to believe they were going to just cruise into the W.C was just plain stupid. Their egos caught up to them imo.. I would have love to have seen Rafa & Torrado’s face if they would have been eliminated from the W.C

    My question is. How is Mexico going to win next month without Captain America doing the work for them?

    • hush says:

      I was happy after AJ scored the wining goal by the way. We played great with our so-called B-team. Great job on both ends.. I’m happy that we are pretty deep in the pool

    • hush says:

      For those happy that the U.S won, good for us. No one is saying it was a bad thing. But Futbol has a strange way of acting up in your heart at times. I never wish the Packers, Pistons, Cardinals, Giants, and Redskins any luck… I don’t give a cra p what goes on with those clubs. This is a sport that evolves love and hate,.. and I hate the Mexican NT! We’re talking Futbol not a nation, but futbol. I hate their fans just as much as I hate Packers and Cardinal fans,.. simply hate them :) If we would have lost I truly believe it was more like winning!lol Especially to see Rafa’s face reaction on not being able to qualify would have been bitter sweet! Sanchez, Borgetti, and Temo’s face priceless! It would have been worth the loss imo!lol .. Sadly I knew that Panama would find a way to ruin their chances. So please stop the whole,. “why would anyone root against their own team”. Again, its different in Futbol. Sometimes losing is not such a bad thing especially when it evolves your bitter rival. I don’t care for Concacaf, I only care for our USMNT! The rest I have no love for

    • silent e says:

      “Mexico is a decent team historically but the mexican federation and fans overrate their team like no other.”

      Clearly you’ve never read the English press hype their team. Remember EASY?

      Historically Mexico is far more than a “decent” team. They have qualified for every tournament since 1986 (except 1990 when they were disqualified–ie not an indictment of their team’s performance), a longer streak than the US. Of the 17 times Mexico has tried to qualify in WC history, they have succeeded 14 of those times (bettering the US’s 9 out of 18). They have made it out of the group stage at each of those tournaments as well, much better than the US, and have advanced to the quarters once, as have the US. When eliminated they have been more likely to lose on penalties. Mexico also has more CONCACAF titles than any other nation with 9, almost twice as many as the US’s 5.

      While Mexico may often not take their opponents seriously enough, while Mexico certainly seem to have not adapted to the modern era and the increase in quality of all their opponents (at least in the hex), and while Mexico has been bafflingly bad this tournament, I don’t think it’s fair to say they are the most “overrated” team in the world.

      • Bob34 says:

        If we’re going to talk historically, the US made the semi’s in the first WC. Mexico has never done that….

        Regardless of anything else, I’m glad the US won. It’s been a very good cycle and goes a step further showing that we’re growing as a soccer nation since that big gap between 1930 & 94. Always play to win, the rest takes care of itself.

  19. Barrett says:

    Where’s the not-anti-Mexico option? I felt mixed about last night’s result because I was proud of our team for showing heart, yet disappointed at the way they played most of the night. I was happy for Mexico fans – some of my better soccer friends – and heart-wrenched to see the disappointment of Panamian fans that missed out on their first World Cup.

    One of the saddest trends I see here in America is the sports fan for whom supporting your own team isn’t enough, for whom berating the other team is part-and-parcel to the sports experience. As a long-time Cardinals fan, the biggest turn off to moving to Boston was the simple two word expression “Yankees Suck!” In St. Louis when I lived there, it was about how the home team did, how they played. There was never a need to tear the other guy down.

    What happened to “We’re number 1!” being good enough as a fan?

    • Brit says:

      I applaud your sentiment, but having lived in Chicago I have been witness to many, many Cardinal fans that did not have your level of sportsmanship.

    • Eric says:

      FWIW, wishing ill upon your biggest rivals is not a purely American phenomenon. Just ask Arsenal and Tottenham fans.

      • Jacknut says:

        You should see all the Celtic and Rangers fans sitting down to watch the game together in the spirit of “May the best side win!”

      • slowleftarm says:

        Wishing ill upon your rivals (in terms of results on the field at least) is part of being a fan. And that goes for any sport in any country.

  20. Darwin says:

    “Wey, wey, mira wey! Que wey?? DE NADA WEY!!”

  21. Justin says:

    The U.S. did exactly what they should have done – played the game from end-to-end with quality. That’s the kind of professionalism and sportsmanship everyone should bring to every match. It’s one thing to leave starters at home because you have already qualified, but it’s entirely something else for the players who do take the pitch to let the other team win. I think it would be the height of immaturity and disgrace if the USMNT had rolled over after the second Panama goal, and I would not have wanted most of those players to come to Brazil. Save the petty nonsense for the message boards, I’m proud to see the squad act like better men. Maybe Mexico would have rolled if the situation were reversed, but: 1) that’s not excuse to not act like the bigger man; and 2) that kind of mentality is part of what brought them this low.

    As for any who felt like Panama deserved the #4 spot at this point, let’s remember that they had exactly 1 win coming into last night’s game. They had drawn twice against Jamaica. Their real chance to put their stamp on this thing was to get a result in the Azteca game, which literally every other team in the Hex had already done. So while it’s sad for their fans, who showed true heart, that team is just not their yet.

    I can definitely see El Tri losing to New Zealand next month. Given the way they’ve crashed through this campaign, I think it would be a fitting end. CONCACAF is much better than it used to be, but not good enough to send 4 to Brazil.

  22. Gary Page says:

    As bad as Mexico has been, if they get past New Zealand, they will probably have a better chance of advancing in the WC than Panama. Thus, like Donovan and Klinsmann, I wanted Mexico to go instead of Panama. Generally, US fans should be pulling for CONCACAF teams whenever they aren’t playing the US. By collapsing at home, Panama showed they are not ready for prime time. However, Mexico has been so bad, they don’t look like they deserve to be in Brazil either.

    • slowleftarm says:

      How does Mexico doing better in the World Cup help the US? And why should I be rooting for them? I’m also a big Yankees fan. Should I be rooting for the Red Sox in the playoffs out of AL East solidarity? Were Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees when they missed the playoffs the past few seasons?

      • David M says:

        While I’m not going to be rooting for Mexico, it’s a little bit different here. It is indeed important for the US how CONCACAF is viewed around the world, and it might affect future seedings and the number of spots allocated to CONCACAF. Red Sox fans don’t have similar concerns.

        • Yankeedom says:


        • Love it or leave it says:

          It’s not different

          You must be mexican… Nobody that is not mexican will give a #$%% about mexico.

          Most the world hates the US, they will never want them to be good

          Get it through your stupid head that nobody gives a #$%%^ about the concacaf and never will

      • dude says:

        look at it from a college football point of view

        SEC fans vs Big 12 etc..

        If SEC teams dominate the conference get more exposure and TV Money compared to others.

      • Eurosnob says:

        If Concacaf teams have a bad showing at the WC, other confederations will surely make an argument to Fifa that some qualification spots from Concacaf should move to a stronger confederation.

  23. rex says:

    On another note, if a team can win 2 out of 10 games and not be eliminated at that point, maybe it’s time to rethink the format.

    • Darwin says:

      uh, parity.

    • Justin says:

      I’m not sure there’s a better way to split 3 1/2 bids, unless you did something like the AFC does, like take the top 8 teams (as opposed to just 6) from Round 3, split them into 2 groups. Then I guess you’d have the top 2 teams go through, and have the second place teams do a playoff with each other, with the winner going through and the loser progressing to the international playoff. I guess that doesn’t sound so bad.

      • Ben says:

        your system seems to imagine 4.5 bids instead of 3.5 and it would also hurt the US. If you are in a group of 4 and are only playing 6 games you are so much more vulnerable to one bad result. Even the hex format is pretty tight as mexico can now attest. If you wanted to make it easier for the US make the final round have 8 teams. At that point you get a few more minnows for the us and Mexico to clobber for 6 points. These minnows however have a decent chance of stealing some points at home from the second tier of Concacafe teams.

        • Justin says:

          2 group winners
          1 second place team
          1/2 bid for a second place team in an IC playoff

          = 3 1/2

          And what I suggested did involve 8 teams, just distributed into 2 groups instead of 1. Thanks for the post.

      • dude says:

        Concacaf was going to split the final round into two groups but everyone protested it the Hex is kinda becoming a big deal just look at the TV coverage.

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:


  24. TheFrenchOne says:

    “Rafa Marquez had nothing to say when asked in a postgame interview if he had any comment for the U.S.” That is my favorite line of the night. He knows…

    • AcidBurn says:

      Or could be that Rafa is a giant douche and can’t even say a positive word about his greatest rival when they just saved his bacon (and certainly his last chance at a WC).

      Hey Rafa, do you know that it is a player from that “mickey mouse league” that you trashed on your way out the door that just kept you alive for the WC? Guess he’s not at your level, he actually puts the ball in the net.

      • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

        LOL AcidBurn,

        Zusi still plays in MLS, whereas Rafa was cut.

        If anyone doesn’t agree with cut find a team that would pay him Zusi’s salary of $175,000. Good luck, not holding my breath.

  25. blokhin says:

    I feel like I ran over a litter of puppies, kittens and baby ducks and somehow that was the right thing to do even though it does not feel like it

  26. Fred says:

    I feel very bad for Panama.

  27. Michael V says:

    There is a part of me that so desperately wanted Panama to hold onto the 2-1 scoreline, win, and ultimately push Mexico out of the WC. I found myself actually wanting the US — not to tank it per se — but just be “comfortable” taking a loss. Then it hit me. I hit me hard. It hit me that my rationale, my thinking was completely ass backwards. Several guys on the US squad are fighting like Hell for last remaining spots. They needed to drive the game, to force it, and play with a winning mentality. These US players (Boyd, Kljestan, Orozco, Castillo, etc.) personally needed this game as mush as Panama. It was an opportunity they seized. The drama and the comeback were a huge boost to them individually. I hate that MX survived. I hate that Panama wasn’t able to progress as I really, really like the direction Panama is going. It’s just unfortunate they had to be the “fall guys” — if you will. Nonetheless, the US finished off an amazing Qualifying campaign — our best ever. It does give me more hope and optimism than I have ever had with the USMNT.

  28. AcidBurn says:

    Some fans are going to build a statue of Zusi in front of Azteca.

    The next day, Rafa Marquez is going to lead a riot and tear that MF’er down.

    Carry on.

  29. slowleftarm says:

    New Zealand can render this all moot. Remember this is a team whose fans chanted pro-Bin Laden chants in games against the US. Sorry if “CONCACAF solidarity” isn’t enough of a reason for me to overlook that.

    • Brett says:

      Do you believe that non-Americans should judge all Americans by the actions of a group like the Westboro Baptist Church or the Klu Klux Klan?

      • Justin says:

        What a ridiculous comparison. Judging a nation of 300+ people with a wide diversity of worldviews based on the actions of about 5,000 people is much, much different than judging a sporting fanbase that has shown consistent disrespect for the culture of their opponents and a disregard for their well-being. Based on the noise in the Azteca during the Star Spangled Banner, and the amount of projectiles on the field, it’s safe to say at least half the people in there support the ridiculous behavior of El Tri fans, and that is a fair representation of their overall fanbase.

    • Jacknut says:

      And booing our national anthem, and throwng LIT flares at American fans, and the coins, batteries and urine bags.

      Yeah, I wouldn’t have been upset to see the back of them.

      • Scott e Dio93 says:

        You forgot; “Osama” chants.

        mexico made enemies with all the Americas by their racist comments on the media (TV, radio, newpapers etc…) mexico has insulted all CONCACAF and also South America countries.

  30. cps says:

    What’s up with Chicharito? He’s been absolutely awful. Looks like he’s on ice skates.

    • Brett says:

      He’s a bit Dempsey-esque. He doesn’t just slot into a position that others are used to, he needs to be allowed to drift and use his vision and anticipation to score. He might disappear for long stretches but he will pop up in a dangerous spot at some point. It also doesn’t help him that Mexico has been in constant turmoil, in terms of player selections and coaching decisions, ever since the Hex began.

      His club situation has never quite settled after his move to Manchester either. That move was a big roadblock to his development, but Americans are fools if they don’t think he’s a talented player.

      The bigger mystery is why the FMF hasn’t mended fences with Carlos Vela, and to a lesser extent, Jonathan Dos Santos. A team struggling for creativity and goals can’t leave talented attackers and quality midfielders off the squad for purely personal reasons.

      • Original Aaron says:

        Chepo repeatedly flew to Europe to beg Vela to play and came home empty handed each time. I think at this point the responsibility for mending fences lies more with Carlos than the FMF

    • Ben says:

      The pressure has gotten to him. He used to be the talented young prospect (along with Dos Santos) with no pressure, now because he plays for Man U he is considered their best player and the key for Mexico’s success. Then add on more pressure because despite having defensive lapses every game Mexico usually bosses the midfield and it’s the last touch in the final 3rd where they have been lacking, which again is placed squarely on his shoulders.

    • RP says:

      He needs to move away from Man U. Get consistent playing time. Plain and simple.

  31. atletico man says:

    Great match, great win. Shows the difference in this team — fight up to the last second. The h@all with Mexico, they can stand or fall on their own and we can beat them in the WC if it comes to that.

    GO YANKS!!!

  32. Jay in Florida says:

    I feel horrible for panama and I have a Panamanian friend that was like wtf, but Panama was naive to try to go for more goals. They should of tried to either keep possession when they had the ball or played very defensive with 10 men behind the ball. That was horrible tactics right there to go for three and they payed dearly. For crying out loud Jurgen subbed in two strikers and a wide man who provides excellent service in the box, changing his formation and all, the Panamanian coach should of recognized this and adjusted after they scored.

  33. Wispy says:

    After Tejada scored, I thought maybe I would find myself hoping the scoreline would stay the same and that Mexico would stay home . . . but I didn’t. I kept hoping for a US win, and was super proud when the boys came through. I feel for Panama’s fans, but hard to sympathize with a team not qualifying when it won a single game in 10 during the Hex.

    And in the month of November, I will be the biggest NZ fan ever…

  34. Brad says:

    Panama would have played 3 games at the world cup, had less than 5 shots, and zero goals. Honduras might not fare any better. If Mexico finds their form, they may advance out of the group stage.

    I would also bet we lose the .5 spot to asia, if Mexico can’t get it done against the Kiwi’s.

    • Brad says:

      Oh, and Zusi now has a lifetime supply of Tijuana hookers and blow.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Why would we lose the .5 spot? There’s no logical reason for it. Sure, FIFA doesn’t follow logic but they could just take away the .5 spot for no reason regardless of the result of the playoff.

  35. Bearded Soccer says:

    At least we won. I would have been more disappointed if we tied and saved mexico. I was hoping for either a loss and mexico getting bounced or a win. We got the win.

  36. Brett says:

    I wonder how many people expressing compassion and grief for Panama were singing “You’re not going to Brazil!” when we beat them on our own soil…

    I’m happy we won, because we won. I’m a USA fan not a Mexico hater.

    I think the USA needs a strong Mexico. Failing that, we at least need Mexico to appear competitive with us. Every team needs regional rivalries and Mexico has the best domestic league in the region and the most passionate fanbase in terms of population percentage and travelling support (we are catching up, but not quite there yet because Mexicans, and even Hondurans and company, travel much better than we do because so many of them live in the US).

    Furthermore, Mexico has a better chance than Panama does to beat the Kiwis and do some damage in the World Cup. We do not want 3 of 4 CONCACAF teams to be rolled over as the world looks on. If Panama deserved to go, they would not have lost to Mexico.

    Besides, what better way to stoke the flames of the rivalry than to beat Mexico, again, in the knockout rounds of the World Cup. That is still the best moment in USSF history and we should want to repeat it as often as possible.

    • Brett says:

      And no logical USA supporter should be “rooting” for New Zealand. If New Zealand wins it makes CONCACAF look like even more of a minnow than it already is.

      The CONCACAF champion will never be seeded unless FIFA sees evidence that our region is stronger from top to bottom. That won’t happen if the 2nd most talented team in the region doesn’t qualify over Australia’s “special” cousin (I know Kiwis, a lot of them feel this way).

      By the way “rooting” in New Zealand is a euphemism for sexual intercourse. So be careful how many Kiwis you inform of your support using that word.

      • Brett says:

        And I guess don’t tell the Maori’s either.

      • Justin says:

        False. You think anyone from UEFA or CONMEBOL actually gives half of a crap about who wins the CONCACAF-OFC playoff? Who cares if it’s Mexico or Panama or even the USA? It’s already considered an expendable laughing-stock by the stronger confederations.

        The CONCACAF champion will start to be seeded when to consistently reach the quarters and semis of the World Cup and win a Confed Cup. No sooner. Having CONCACAF’s fourth-place team beat New Zealand and get crushed in the group stage has a negligible impact.

        I’m not anti-Mexico enough to root for the US to lose, but I am anti-Mexico enough to root for New Zealand to win.

        • slowleftarm says:

          At least this time around seeds are determined by FIFA ranking, not by what confederation a team comes from. The US can be seeded in future world cups if their performances merit being seeded – what other concacaf teams do isn’t relevant.

    • Michael says:


  37. Nate Dollars says:

    hell yes, i was cheering for panama to win (more just yelling at them for screwing up, but whatever). we’re already in, and we’re not getting seeded, so this was just an exhibition for us. i’m never happy when we lose, but if it means that mexico doesn’t make the cup, that makes it a net positive.

    that said, i don’t feel bad for panama. if they can’t beat our second-stringers, they don’t deserve to go.

  38. Alex G says:

    Mix feelings, I hated myself yesterday for rooting for Panama, for the first time in my life I did not want the US to win a game. But the US is the US and I love the spirit that our country has, never give up, never give in, go USA.

  39. If yo’re not going to play to win, why bother to play the game? How the outcome effects on other games is not really the concern. The US players were working to show they belong on the team when it goes to Brazil. Felt really bad for Panama (the thrill of victory followed in a few minutes by the agony of defeat). Mexico? They better get their act together if they want a trip to Brazil.

    If I remember correctly, the US got out of group play in 2002 because of the outcome of another game. But went on to the quarter finals. So you play the games you get, and play to win. Go USA!

  40. scott47a says:

    Our USMNT needs to grow a culture of winning at all costs against all comers.
    They should never lose on purpose for any reason and I was glad to see them come back and put down an inferior team.
    I frankly find all the angst about Mexico overblown. Mexico made it in based on their form over 10 games. Panama had nine other games to get more points than Mexico.
    None of that is an issue for the USA. Just win. Let the others sort themselves out.
    As far as New Zealand I’ll just say that I couldn’t care less about New Zealand. Don’t really care who wins.

    • beto says:

      i would not be a proud US fan if we tanked it last night.

      they way we finished the group was legendary.

    • Ian says:


      Per your last point, I’m also ambivalent. Part of me think the more CONCACAF representation, the better. Another part of me enjoys seeing Marquez’ face after a defeat.

    • dude says:

      Agreed panama blew it not getting points at home had they gotten a result against mexico at home. Also Dely Valdez for all the good hes done for panamanian soccer blew his subs. Once they were up he should of brought in more defenders and bunkered like a mad man. His inexperience cost him there.

      All in all the is has been the best hex in History

  41. Dc says:

    So confusing, every game I have seen where we are trailing a central american team, you can’t even get the goalie to stand on his feet. Every play there is an injury that take minutes off the clock. Where was that last night? I almost respect Panama for not spending the last 5 minutes just flopping all over the field. They kept playing.

    As far as the US goes, you have to play to win. It’s the only way to be fair to all of the teams. Still wishing Panama pulled it off!

    • Brett says:

      They tried a few of times. The ref was having none of it. He let basically every foul in the last 7 minutes of the game go to avoid the rolling and the writhing.

      Penedo did go down and stay down on a very soft contact in the 89th minute, and probably added a full minute of extra time by doing so, a minute that allowed us to put the final dagger in.

  42. beachbum says:

    of course play to win, duh, but it doesn’t mean I like how this all worked out, with the dramatic late goal, dashing all hope for Panama, and yes, saving Mexico. Yuck

    nice late win of course, good for the US team. Didn’t make me feel good. First time I can ever remember a US win producing this feeling in my life.

  43. Del Griffin says:

    I’m happy for Zusi, Davis and Johannson, who added a gold star to their chances of making the roster to Brazil. Besler, Howard and (unfortunately) Jones improved their stock without even playing.

    • Joe says:

      The fact that you qualified with (unfortunately) is just stupid. The World Cup rewards Bundesliga box to box players and that is the style we’ll see. It’s a shame true “fans” can’t see that but alas, some will always be contrarians.

    • RBNY says:

      Orozco-Fiscal did as well

  44. JoeL says:

    I also have mixed feelings because I’d have liked to see Panama advance and “possibly” qualify for their first WC appearance but let’s be honest… Panama yesterday could not beat the USA “B” or even “C” team in their own stadium, in a game that meant so much more to them then it did to us so I’ll accept the end result for what it is and not feel too bad for them.

    • beto says:

      a lot of respect for Panama. certainly a quality team but they didn’t make it .. and they wouldn’t have matched up with the world’s best yet. i hope they continue to get better.

      • AdamFromMich says:

        I’m not blaming the ref here, but I wonder if him calling some fouls would have changed the outcome. Even if the calls had been 50/50 for Panama, they would have slowed the game down and given them a chance to get organized.

        Plus, even as a US fan, I thought Panama should have received a PK when Bedoya ran over their man in the box.

        • MLSsnob says:

          That was weak that guy was going down as soon as he felt a stiff wind.

        • RP says:

          I forgot about that one.. that was a 50/50 one. But there were two stone cold fouls after this one, one on the edge of the box, that went uncalled. I think if the ref should have called those no doubt.

  45. M says:

    Based on the results of the HEX clearly the US, CR and Honduras deserve to go to Brazil. Whether or not Mexico eventually goes will be decided in November. Mexico is still in big trouble and I would not be surprised to see them lose out to NZ. If, they do eek their way in I wonder if there is enough time to fix whatever it is that is wrong with them.

  46. KHANNNNN says:

    Couldn’t care less.

    Our goal is to win the games and better the team. Period. We owe no team. This isn’t AYSO.

  47. M says:

    We fielded a team without LD, Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Howard, Beasley, Omar, Fabian J and Eddie J. What more could Panama ask for? To field a B team and not try and win would be truly disgraceful. I’m 100% ok with the way things turned out.

  48. beto says:

    “THE USA HAS SURPASSED US ..They are better than Mexico in SOCCER” – Aztecatv announcer.

    Read more: link to

    you don’t have to like or respect Mexico one bit, but you have to just be amazed with the situation that we have put ourselves in! This is a historical day for US Soccer and the USMNT-ElTri Rivalry.

  49. Ian says:

    I think it’s a win-win situation. First and foremost, it’s the USMNT’s job to compete and to win. There’s simply no debating whether or not USA should have won. Second, Mexico is our nearest competitor in CONCACAF. We shouldn’t view the current situation myopically. Up until relatively recently (2011), Mexico was whipping our butts regularly. The pendulum has swung our way in a big way, but CONCACAF is still a duopoly. When Mexico succeeds, it pushes the USMNT to do better too.

    • Iggy says:

      Ian – agree with you, aside from the “up until 2011 part. Are you forgetting the pieces of history that started dos a cero? Mexico had a stretch of the upper hand a few years ago, but that has diminished, and we are back in dos a cero mode, more so that ever.

    • beachbum says:

      your 2011 marker is off target as Mexico has not been whipping our butts regularly since our epic World Cup win over a decade ago

      • Neruda says:

        Generally speaking yes but there was a lull where Mexico seemed to takes its place at the top of concocaf when bob Bradley lost his last game in that GC final where the US bornstied it all up.

        Since then the US has showed superior depth and it’s a credit MLS and other factors.

        • beachbum says:

          however one spins it, in no way has Mexico been whipping our butts up until 2011, no way

        • CplDaniel says:

          A lot of that individual talent that was on display when the US Bornsteined it up under BB’s last GC looks to have disappeared. WTF happened to Chickpea, two-saints?? They had it. Talent, a nose for goal, but they done lost it. Maybe they need better man-managmment types to put knock em down a little and help them find it again.

    • Eurosnob says:

      Since 2000, our record against Mexico is 12 wins, 5 losses and 4 ties. Mexico had a nice three game stretch (one game against our B team) between 2009 and 2011, but otherwise we generally had their number in recent years.

  50. LM says:

    To be fair the US didn’t do it for Mexico. They did it to end in a good note a great round of qualification and they once again proved that they are the team to beat.

    • Neruda says:

      Correcto. The selfish thing for the US and the thing that shows Americans best interest at heart is for the US to win every game, even if it helps a rival as a byproduct. Kilnsis guys and our NT did us proud by the way they beat panama. Not to mention that clinical strike by iceman johansson.

      The US has become the anti Costa Rica when it comes to sporting class and compartment. CR is this round of hex games most bitter rivals for the US.

      • Umlaut says:

        I like the message it sends, too. With that clutch performance and win the US essentially told the region and world that we’re playing to be the best team we can be, and we’re gonna play our game regardless of what everyone else is up to. It’s a style and attitude I like, no doubt about that. With that said, Go Kiwis!

      • MLSsnob says:


    • beachbum says:

      of course we didn’t do it for Mexico but it sucks that they benefitted in epic manner. I just hope New Zealand beats them, and I don’t care what it means for CONCACAF

  51. silent e says:

    Tonight soccer won. There could have been so much gamesmanship–here in CONCACAF and in CONMEBOL too. Ecuador and Chile could have passed the ball around for 90 minutes, finished 0-0, and clapped each other on the back after the game and said “Congratulations on making it to the Finals, see you next year in Brazil.” Instead they came out to play and put their qualification at risk. Costa Rica had nothing but pride to play for, but that was enough. The US had nothing but pride to play for, and that was enough. The US also showed class in not celebrating their last two goals excessively and in comforting the devastated Panamanian players after the final whistle blew.

    And as my soccer-loving maid said when she came in this morning, “No voy con Mexico no mas. Ahora con los Estados Unidos.”

  52. matt says:

    link to

    this is how I feel. laughing. laughing at all of them.

  53. bodeguero says:

    Absolutely stoked to see these guys pull a victory out of the hat, first and foremost.

    As far as the whole Concacaf family / what’s good for the confederation is good for the US, I actually think it would be better for Mexico and C’CAF that they do NOT qualify. That way, they will be forced to deal with the shambles that their entire federation is in.

    They need a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and purge their program of arrogance, all the divas, the sense of entitlement, the misguided notion that Mexico has improved over the last 30 years due to globalization but nobody else has, etc.

    I just don’t think that this team regardless of who coaches it has what it takes to get over the hurdles that are affecting performance, and I don’t see it happening before next summer.

    But man, it was definitely a confusing feeling watching the games last. On that I believe we can all agree!

  54. Vic says:

    I was at Mulligans Bar in Hoboken, NJ. When Panama scored the second goal, the USA fans erupted in celebrations. Ecuadorean fans were staring in confusion. It was kinda weird.

  55. Pingunça says:

    Saved by Bacon

  56. OPMG says:

    What a cruel world it would be if we faced Mexico in a knockout game of the WC and lost.

  57. Joamiq says:

    Would have loved to have seen the breakdown without the “mixed” option…

  58. Jim says:

    I don’t feel the least bit bad for Panama. It is not the job of the USMNT to lose to anybody at anytime. You play the game to win. Period. And if Panama can’t beat a team of reserves on their home field when they absolutely needed to win, then they need to stay home.

    If Panama wants to ever go to a World Cup, then they need to play better. They need to learn that time wasting, especially in the first half, is a bad idea. Screwing around with a one goal lead is a sure fire way to lose. Flopping around acting injured like someone cut their legs off and then miraculously getting better adds to injury time that can and will be used to beat you.

    It is good for the US team to have a worthy competitor in CONCACAF and that team is generally Mexico. I’ll never pull for them because I’m not Mexican. And if the USA can’t do something like advance without Mexico’s help, then we don’t deserve it. But we need a good team to help us improve. Beating the blind sisters of the poor is not a way to make your team better at the international level.

    And the entire country of Costa Rica can sink into a volcano and I won’t shed a tear. The gamesmanship for our last game was ridiculous and uncalled for. And no one should ever have had to play in that hole known as Saprissa. Screw Costa Rica. That’s who I hate.

  59. Jim says:

    The best part was when the Mexican announcer, with both matches on screen and Mexico beaten by the Ticos, sees the U.S. winning goal, and gushes “We love you! We love you forever!!” Well, at least until our next corner kick at Azteca, with the inevitable showers of urine…

    • David JS says:

      I saw that video as well. The announcer followed it up by a diatribe in spanish saying something like “When it mattered, they (the USA) did it and you guys (Mexico) did nothing! You did nothing! You will have to live with that forever!” or at least that’s my best spanglish paraphrasing of it. Too bad the video was removed due to copyright stuff. It was definitely a classic rant that would be gold replaying the next time we play El Tri.

      • David JS says:

        Googled it and found a transcript of Christian Martinoli’s rant, and it’s just as great as I thought. Here it goes:

        “It is because of the USA that we are being placed in the playoff …BECAUSE OF THEM , NOT DUE TO YOU..NOT ANY OF YOU in the green shirts ….IT WAS THEM!!.NOT YOU!..THEY DID IT!!!!!NOT YOU! remember this forever….. KEEP THIS CLEARLY IN MIND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES! You do NOTHING for the shirt, you do NOT put the effort, you have NOT placed us in the playoffs , you HAVE NOT placed us in the WORLD CUP ..YOU WOULD NOT HAVE KEPT US ALIVE….IT WAS ESTADOS UNIDOS, NOT YOU! NOT YOU AND YOUR ARROGANCE/CONCEIT…..NOT YOU AND YOUR INFAMY….NOT YOU AND YOUR MORONS/PUNKS….
        “IT IS A FAILURE…..and UNDESERVED -to go through to the playoff- WE HAD NO ARGUMENTS to earn the playoffs, THE USA, WITH SUBS , WITH MANY SUBS as the visiting team shows us once again what the USA is all about ….how to play the game with dignity, how to approach the sport..MExico is a horror, just terrible….A FAILURE….
        THE USA HAS SURPASSED US ..They are better than Mexico in SOCCER ….THEY EVEN HAVE THE LUXURY OF PLAYING THEIR SUBS and KEEPING US LIVE…. I hope our coach wears the pants and resigns..He has failed as coach….”

  60. James says:

    The only thing more satisfying than seeing your rival fail, is to see them succeed in the most miserable way possible, and have to thank you for that small bit of success they have.

  61. Other Jim says:

    Two different Jims. Now I’m “Other Jim”. And I think Costa Rica deserves credit for beating Mexico, something that very few have mentioned. Also, please note Estadio Ricardo Saprissa is no longer the venue; now it’s the brand new Estadio Nacional.

  62. dantheblue says:

    Mexico’s federation should call FIFA and submit their withdrawal from the competition. Entering in through the back door is only good when Led Zeppelin is blasting it…

  63. DCUffda! says:

    We now own Mexico.

  64. Ted in MN says:

    Not uber pleased to be honest.

  65. USAmr says:

    I was ambivalent before the game about which result I wanted. When the USA went down 0-1 I realized that more than anything else, I wanted to see us play well, score some goals and win. I was content to leave other teams to handle their own fates. The Irish bartender in the pub where I was watching laughed at US fans cheering for their team to lose. I was happy to see Zusi and AJ make a strong case for their inclusion in Brazil.
    I will be strongly supporting New Zealand against Mexico as I lived there for a time and would love to see the All Whites in another WC. They were a bright spot in 2010 and brought additional excitement for me.

  66. Jake says:

    I feel proud to be an American!
    I think this is also the best result for CONCACAF.

  67. Jaime damian says:

    I feel indifferent. What I love about this U.S. team is that they have been resilient all through out the hex. They weren’t trying to save anyone, but rather prove that they’re always going to compete till the very last minute. Let’s focus more on this U.S. team rather than discussing a dysfunctional and sub-par Mexican team. What I hope comes from this, is a rivalry where fans can be respectful and leave out racism and be able to laugh about last nights craziness. Truth is its better to have Mexico in a playoff because it gives the CONCACAF a better chance of having 4 teams represented in the world cup.

  68. Maykol says:

    I hate you usa

  69. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Every player has something to prove and show the coaching that deserve a ticket to Brazil. There is only a handful of games until the plane to Brazil takes off. Im GLAD our players played to win. That tells me 2 things:
    1) They want a ticket to Brazil
    2) We have Depth and Competition for spots is fierce

    • RP says:

      Everyone has been saying this.. and its true.

      But if you watched that game, you can not tell me the US players were going full throttle.

      Watch mins 70-85. The US has no urgency. Either on the ball or defending. It just turned out that Panama completely left Davis alone out wide..

  70. Al_OC says:

    The $600 million bailout. US players that play in Mexico should get a 100% raise by their clubs, except for Bornstein; he already has a paid vacation in Honduras.

  71. ed from houston says:

    it’s all good, we can hate Mex all we want, i’m just proud of our boys and their Hex campaign capped off by an exciting finish….

  72. Love it or leave it says:

    Im pissed off we won

    Best case scenario

    Mexico lose to NZ

  73. Chris H says:

    Simply put. If Panama, while playing at home in front of a massive supportive crowd, cannot beat the USA’s B/C squad, then they do not deserve to play in the World Cup. I feel badly for their heartache, but they need to use this, keep their coach, and keep building. They can continue to improve and make a case for 2018 if they expand upon their talent. Mexico, likely will rebuild and at least do okay at representing the CONCACAF in the cup (if they make it). All in all, concacaf teams performing well in the world cup helps us keep our number of seeds and play off spot.

  74. Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

    I don’t wish any ill will on Mexico…at all. ok sort of.

    But man I feel for Panama. Close that game out, you already won it, inspite of a non-PK call that should have been a PK…..Dang.

    • RP says:

      Not sure it was PK, just outside the box. But damn that was a foul.
      Plus a second no call just a min or so b4 the goal.
      Both of those should have been fouls, who knows what happens if the whistle blows.

  75. Andy says:

    I had mixed feelings, but now, knowing that when I’m in Columbus 4 years from now, when I’m at the Gold Cup final in 2015 and 2017, facing a Mexico fan, I’ll know, and they’ll know, that they had to rely on their non-football playing noisy neighbors to bail them out of missing the world cup. They won’t admit it, except perhaps in their inner most thoughts, but they know that we have surpassed them to become the undisputed leaders of CONCACAF.

  76. Josh P says:

    I grew up paying soccer in Texas and Mexico. I have a special hate for the Mexican National Team and its fans. I’ve been spit on at the Mexico v. US games and watched little kids have trash thrown on them while watching. I am tired of the self entitlement of the Mexican players and fans. With all of that said, I am happy we won. I don’t care that Mexico gets a helping hand out of it. The best part is that they get to lose all over again when they play New Zealand. Soooo…..not only do we get to stick it to them that we saved their chances, but we can now revel in the fact that they will lose to New Zealand as well. I will never root for the US to lose no matter what our outcome does for someone else. A true winner, doesn’t care about those details.

  77. Green76 says:

    I’m glad we won. It showed our depth and determination.

  78. Joe A. says:

    I couldn’t care less to be honest.

  79. RP says:

    It’s time Mexico and their fans were brought down to earth. They’ve acted entitled for too long.

    Plus if you lived the 2002 Round of 16 Live. Then you’ll never forget the disrespect and garbage they pulled.

    Off with their heads. For the first time in my life (after the 80th minute), I was rooting for a USA loss.

    • MetroChris says:

      THIS!! AGREE 100%

    • JRP says:

      This!! Disagree with 100%.
      Petty. And Lame.
      How many of those players from 2002 are still on the team?
      Also, don’t forget Donovan brags about pissing on their national stadium. Maybe we deserved some of the treatment?
      Can’t we just see them as a formidable foe?
      I never ever will cheer against the USA.

      • RP says:

        JRP how old are you?

        If you did not go through the 90s and 2002 as a die hard USMNT fan, then I dare say your disposition is probably softer than us who felt it when there was true disrespect coming from that side.

        This rift runs much deeper than the 2009 and 2011 Gold Cups.

  80. sam says:

    If only mexico still had the team that beat the u.s. 4-0 during the gold cup :(

  81. Roman Lewandowski says:

    I have to wonder whether the recent resurgence of the US and struggles of Mexico will prompt more Mexican-Americans (particularly young ones) to support the US as their first team. I bet a Mexico loss to New Zealand really would do wonders in that department.

    • Jose says:

      This is why Mexico need to be out yesterday!!

    • RP says:

      In addition to what I said below, this would be a benefit of Mexico missing out. It greatly reduces the chance of (example: Sacramento born kid circa 2000+) from choosing Mexico over the US.

    • AristotleTimVickery says:

      We may hate each other, but you know Orozco will definately be the man when he returns to club play in Mexico.

  82. AlexH says:

    It was one of those cases where logic tells me that the USMNT should always play to win but nevertheless I still wanted to see the Mexicans sent home on their nalgas….

  83. Adam M. says:

    Its actually better that we saved them in the end after they have been flailing around for months and we taught them another 2-0 lesson. Its almost parental. We have their respect and gratitude now. Now they go off to college in New Zealand. We’ll see if they learned their lesson.

  84. Jose says:

    How do I feel? I feel like shit now!! Imagine Mexico goes to the WC and we meet them over there in the Knock out rounds and they take us out!!!

  85. Justin says:

    No bueno…

  86. Norniron says:

    New Zealand certainly won’t be any pushover for Mexico. They will be playing with a lot of pride, and generally are tough competitors, albeit with a lack of any really great players. Remember that they tied Italy in the last WC.