adidas releases new Argentina jersey for 2014 World Cup

ArgentinaWorldCupshirt2014 (Adidas)

Same classic look with a slight twist.

A day after unveiling the 2014 World Cup jerseys for Germany and Spain, adidas released an image of the new Argentina uniform for next summer’s tournament. The Argentina jersey has a unique gold trim on the right side, white sleeves, and some light wavy lines running from right to left.

The changes may be visible, but they do not take away from the recognizability that Argentina’s home jersey has.

What do you think of Argentina’s 2014 World Cup jersey? Like it?

Share your thoughts below.

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12 Responses to adidas releases new Argentina jersey for 2014 World Cup

  1. Jom says:


  2. Bean says:

    Very nice. The white sleeves with dark blue stripes stand out.

  3. arcadio marcuzzi says:

    Subtle changes? What about those horrid white shorts and socks!?
    Usually white (or blue) shorts are used for small tourneys, such as the Olympics or the U-xx’s.

    This is shameful.

    Time for La Selección to get a new kit maker…

    • Steve-O says:

      Adidas had their hands tied when it came down to the shorts and socks. FIFA now requires that all teams participating in FIFA-sponsored tournaments wear monochrome kits. I’m actually surprised that none of the SBI staff have commented on this change. This will be the first tournament where teams like Spain will be forced to wear non-traditional color schemes. Imagine how weird it will be watching a game between Spain and Brazil — Spain in all red versus Brazil in all yellow. I don’t know if I am for or against the change, but either way it will be a departure from the classic color combinations of tournament’s past. The jersey itself though is a beauty. Both Adidas and Puma are clearly pushing for a more retro-style look to their kits. I’m interested to see if Nike follows suit…but it doesn’t look like it:
      – Exhibit A: link to
      – Exhibit B: link to

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Nike can’t even come up with a new crest..It’s time for USA to get a new maker

  4. blokhin says:

    WOW, radical look with blue and white vertical stripes… who cares

    • Increase says:

      Ya… its an Argentina Jersy more or less the same. Stripes are a decent try for something new atleast.

  5. futbol in Miami says:

    i just hope SBI are as attentive with new kit releases to other top teams in the world. Colombia? oops that passed already. Italy, Chile, Belgium etc… nothing yet!

  6. fischy says:

    It is, without, question, the most awesome soccer jersey there has ever been.

  7. Juan Pablo says:

    Pure class…Wish the US had better kits

    • Bob says:

      I just wished that we’d pick a kit and stick with it so we’d have a recognizable brand associated with the team. As branding purposes go, the red and white hoops work fairly well.