Chivas USA parts ways with Mejia, nine others

Edgar Mejia

Photo by Michael Janosz/


Let the offseason purge at Chivas USA begin.

Nearing the end of what has been a disastrous year, Chivas USA announced on Thursday afternoon that they have parted ways with 10 players. The club sent Edgar Mejia, Julio Morales, Mario de Luna, and Jaime Frias back to Liga MX outfit Club Deportivo Guadalajara. The team also declined options for Patrick McLain, Steven Purdy, Daniel Antunez, Marvin Iraheta, Josue Soto, and Jose Manuel Rivera.

Combined, the 10 players made 96 starts in 132 games for a Goats side that finished a dismal campaign last in the Western Conference with 6-20-8 record.

The 25-year-old de Luna had the most starts out of the departed players, getting the nod 30 times and providing one goal. Mejia was right behind de Luna, starting in 27 of the 28 matches he played, while adding one goal and four assists.


What do you think of Chivas USA’s decision to part ways with these 10 players? Surprised? Anticipating the club will struggle again in 2014 given that they will have a bit of turnover?

Share your thoughts below.

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25 Responses to Chivas USA parts ways with Mejia, nine others

  1. Petaluman says:

    Back to the drawing board I take it.

  2. Luetchy says:

    MLS should part ways with Chivas.

  3. Colin Kaepernick says:

    Bring em to Sacramento.

  4. Waterlewd says:

    A list of who?

  5. Maykol says:

    I hope cubo Torres stays with chivas usa, besides agudelo he was the best under 23 forward in the whole league

  6. Bean says:

    LOL Chivas

  7. Mike R says:

    send Chivas to Miami To be FC Beckham

  8. dino1er says:

    I’m glad we sent back all the Guadalajara rejects and kept Cubo the only one that matters. The club doesn’t need to be moved, we need a new owner and rebrand. at our own facility.

  9. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Its pathetic on D.C.’s behalf that a team ,who blatantly doesn’t care to win, actually had a BETTER season than you did!!!! Chivas USA fan(s) at least you have that….ROFL

  10. MrMaxican says:

    Chivas should go to Texas. El Paso, San Antonio, or Dallas they would make a better home than LA

    • Elber Galarga says:

      Vergara actually has a home in El Paso. His wife is from Juarez and their kid was born here in El Paso.

  11. Chris says:

    While it IS a lot of players to part with all at once, let’s be honest, it isn’t a real loss here. All of these players were mediocre to awful at best. I’ve been calling for De Luna’s head all season. Meija was good some times but out classed most of the rest of the time. They still have Cubo, for now, and that’s really all that matters. That and he continues to grow, as defenders were starting to figure him out towards the end of the season.

  12. Steve says:

    Unbelievably cheap and poorly run organziation. If they want to go with a Latino flavor, at least get GOOD Latino players. People have given up on this franchise and the way Vergera has run it into the ground. It’s the MLS version of Cleveland Indians from the movie Major League-but without Wesley Snipes or Tom Berenger to save the team.

  13. bottlcaps says:

    While Brand Beckham at the other end of the country is scouring the US for billionaires and plain ol’ sports millionaires to put together an MLS franchise that Miami can be proud of, on the West Coast Vergara is making a mockery of the whole MLS process. If the MLS continue to allow him to bring in cheap mediocre players to a fan base that is now really indifferent and growing smaller by the year, are they willing to put a stop to this! Should they now “contract” Chivas USA, or at least force a sale. Forbes has said that CUSA is worth 67M, that’s only 3.35 M per MLS owner to cut out this carbuncle on the ass of the MLS.

    Maybe AEG should , now that the agreement between the teams for use of the Stub Hub Center is set to expire, force Chivas to move and play at East LA Jr. College or elsewhere.

  14. rafavic says:

    Chivas is going to Miami to be the new Team Beckham. The Goats fans deserve a new rebranded MLS team in their own stadium. The question is would that team still play in LA?

  15. Smith says:

    They should merge Toronto , DC & Chivas, move to Las Vegas & call the team the Las Vegas Crap Shooters United.

  16. Chris says:

    … and Palencia is gone. link to

  17. Rudi says:

    Symptoms: racist organizational practices, poor on field performance, revolving door of coaches, lowest gate in the league, lowest franchise value in MLS (according to recent Forbes article) despite being in the second biggest market in the nation, huge roster turnover/inconsistency/constant rebuilding, teams place as the “minor league afiliate” of the Mexican side.

    Disease: Ownership.

    Time for Garber to start treating the disease instead of reacting to the symptoms.

    Who would have thought in 2005 that an expansion team from dinky Salt Lake City would become a league powerhouse while an expansion team from LA would flounder and become a league laughingstock?!

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  19. Victor says:

    relocate them to Miami, let Beckham run the show

    Having an all Mexican team just wont work MLS!! unless you playing in a recreational Mexican league on Sunday mornings in Brooklyn, NY :)