Cosmos, Senna to travel to Villarreal for postseason tribute match

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Marcos Senna spent 11 illustrious seasons with Villarreal before joining the New York Cosmos this past summer. Now, he will have a chance to make a brief return in front of many of the same fans that cheered him for so long.

The Cosmos announced on Wednesday that Senna and the Cosmos will travel to El Madrigal Stadium to take on Villarreal on Nov. 19 in a tribute match for the veteran who controlled the Villarreal midfield for more than 350 appearances. The match will come at the end of New York’s initial season in NASL.

“We’re delighted that we have the opportunity to visit Spain at the conclusion of our season,” Cosmos head coach Giovanni Savarese said in a statement released by the club. “It’s great that Marcos will be able to play in front of the Villarreal fans once again and for our squad it’s a chance to play one of the top teams in La Liga.”

During his time with Villarreal, Senna helped lead the Yellow Submarine to second in La Liga one season and to a Champions League semifinal.

Senna joined the Cosmos in June for their first year in the NASL and has helped lead the team to their first NASL Soccer Bowl. New York will take on the Atlanta Silverbacks in the championship game on Nov. 9.

Villarreal, currently fourth in La Liga, has made a resurgence this year after spending last year in Spain’s second devision.

The Cosmos also announced on Wednesday that their trip to Spain will last until Nov. 19 to get additional training before heading off for the winter break.


What do you think of the Cosmos heading to Spain to face Villarreal? Is there any chance that New York can win the friendly? Think Senna will score a goal in the tribute match?

Share your thoughts below.

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16 Responses to Cosmos, Senna to travel to Villarreal for postseason tribute match

  1. Chad Leddy says:

    I see Villarreal winning 10-0

  2. Beto says:

    NY Cosmos available for tribute matches, birthday parties and other get togethers..

    no mention of this weekend’s Soccerbowl?

  3. Cosmosfan says:

    Class move by a class organization.

  4. EXT says:

    Isn’t a tribute match what they do after you retire?

  5. Good Jeremy says:

    Unrelated, but I still can’t believe that Man City NY got an MLS team ahead of Cosmos. Man City NY and Red Bull can battle it out not just for NY, but for franchises with no tradition that are built more on marketing than results everywhere.

    • alocksley says:

      I would have to agree. A shortsighted decision by MLS. NY Cosmos still, after all these years, have a built-in name recognition around the world. MLS should have ponied up whatever extra cash it took to buy the brand.

      • Smurf040 says:

        Shortsighted? I think it was down right stupid! You don’t think there’s more than money involved here? I’am not a soccer expert! and i’am from N.Ny. And as soon as the Cosmos announced they were coming back, all the soccer enthusiast from my neighborhood were excited about the Cosmos going against the Redbulls. Then this clowns came up with “something called NYCfc” are you kidding me??? Write it down!! That team is going to fold within three years!!! You can have all the money in the world with the Yankees and Manchester city, But if you don’t have a following and/or fans to go to the stadium, You’re doomed to fail!!

  6. El Paso tx says:

    Wow, cosmos will get run over but sure they have the balls.
    The question is, will cosmos get more Sena type of players before they start us open cup play.
    Also what’s going on with their stadium plans, and nycfc as well.
    I think cosmos should go for adu and them let him go, once he wants to a bigger team.

  7. McQ says:

    And now I hear that Man/NY City wants to build thier stadium in the Bronx (not Queens).??? Good luck with that! I know thousands of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans who love soccer – NOT!!!

    Here’s a newsflash Don, you can’t get to the Bronx from Long Island or Queens by mass transit in less than 1 hour.

    I won’t step foot up there for a game. Just what MLS needs another 18k stadium with 7,500 in the seats on a cold April/October night- while they are at it, why not just put a stage at one end of the arena. LOL

    New York is Green and White!!!!

  8. McQ says:

    While I don’t believe it will happen, MLS’ worst nightmare is the Cosmos winning the US Open Cup. I think they will have to do damage control if the Cosmos take out more than one MLS team. I suspect that the word will informally come down from the league office in Manhattan (the same place as the Cosmos’ coincidentally) that MLS teams should start their best 11 as opposed to the glorified B sides they typically run out against NASL teams in the competition.

  9. alocksley says:

    I am rooting for the Cosmos to succeed because I believe having an upstart lower division team, with no cap restrictions and a solid, established brand will push MLS and the other NY teams to buy better players. Everyone’s level will raise. It’s a win-win for soccer fans in NY.

  10. dukeK says:

    I still say that US soccer fans are so starved for a great league that they too readily drink the MLS cool-aid. MLS is a great thing for US soccer don’t get me wrong. Still there is a difference between a great thing and blind worship. MLS business model is so hyper-restrictive and greedy (re: buying rights to supporters cups) that it is clownish in its own right.

    Quit spinning it and accept the facts. Lower division teams beat MLS teams in the US Open Cup because they were the better team that match! Some MLS bench warmers are paid so low that they basically are lower division players. Also accept the fact that the Cosmos might be better than some MLS teams right now!

  11. NRB says:

    I really don’t know how I feel about the Cosmos to be honest. I don’t wish them ill, I want soccer to grow in the U.S. and that requires strong teams at every level. Still, I feel a little embarrassed that this is their second testimonial/friendly in Europe. I know Senna has ties to Villarreal and all, but I still can’t help but feel the Cosmos name still carries more weight around the world than the entire MLS. It’s a little frustrating as an MLS supporter. Then again, having U.S. teams getting international attention can’t be a bad thing.