Projecting the USMNT January camp roster

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The USMNT January camp is less than a month away, meaning it’s time to start thinking about the players Jurgen Klinsmann will call up for a final look heading into the World Cup year.

There will be plenty of MLS-based USMNT regulars in camp, including Landon Donovan, Omar Gonzalez and Matt Besler. But there will also be new faces, as well as some familiar faces that haven’t been in the mix for a whole.

In my latest On American Soccer column for, I broke down what the roster could look like for the January camp, and the squad I came up with includes some members of the 2010 World Cup team who have fallen out of the national team picture, but could make their way back for another look.

There are also some new faces likely to be in the mix as well, as Klinsmann looks to make one last pass through the MLS talent pool as he formulates his depth chart heading into 2014.

Give my column a read and let me know what you think of the suggested call-ups? Excited to see some new faces? Not crazy about some of the 2010 World Cup veterans I included?

Share your thoughts below.

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142 Responses to Projecting the USMNT January camp roster

  1. David says:

    Looking quickly at the list, Eddie Johnson isn’t on it, but will most likely be called in. CJ Sapong and Robbie Findley have no chance unless all the big names go on loan and that’s not likely. Agudelo hasn’t been brought in by Klinsmann before and there isn’t any reason to think he will do so for this camp. Chance Myers is a stretch, too. But, Klinsmann could do KC a favor by calling in a few guys like Sapong, Feilhaber, Sinovic, and Myers to get them up and running ahead of their Champions League 1/4 final. Otherwise, their ability to contribute to the World Cup campaign is limited to practice fodder for guys who have a real chance at going to Brazil.

    • Scweeb says:

      Agudelo really should be brought in. Cause i believe his work permint is not being allowed cause of his caps. So bringing him in would help. Plus i don’t see how he could not be part of the next cycle picture.

    • Del Griffin says:

      Eddie Johnson fulfills the ” Multiple-step-overs-and-kick-it-off-the-defender-for-a-corner-kick” role.

    • Eric W says:

      Yeah, fully agree that Sapong and Findley don’t belong in camp. Just because they played in the MLS Cup does not mean they should play for our national team. Sapong may turn into something some day but, at the moment, he just doesn’t have the skills. He had 2-3 shots that should have been on frame in the final. And Feilhaber? No thanks.

      I know it’s fun to get excited about the final but I really don’t see the point in shaking up the whole national team picture just because RSL and SKC played a game last week.

      • Eric W says:

        Lol, also, sorry – I’m just in a bad mood today. Should have thought a bit more before that post.

    • Jim says:

      The past two seasons Sporting KC have given up the least amount of goals, largely because of Chance Meyers and Seth Sinovic. Thos two are the most underrated defenders in the league, mostly because they play alongside Besler and Aurellian Collin. They deserve call ups. Especially when in my opinion, the pool for backs isnt that great.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Agreed. Hopefully they both impress so that SKC can be down 3 defenders next time they play Houston!

    • Excellency says:

      The thing about Agudelo is that we dont really have a long ball hold up cf type behind Altidore in case we go 451. Boyd is more of a beast-in-the-box player which could come in handy when we play concacaf but against Ghana and Germany I dont see it and we have EJ there for that anyway.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Agudelo absolutely has been brought in before and was basically the spark that brought the US back against Russia. He probably won’t be there, though, as he will be sorting out his club situation.

      He’s more versatile than some of the other forwards in the mix, too, as he can play out wide. That said, he still probably won’t be there.

  2. LBC203 says:

    Robbie Findley? Really? The guy should take up being a track star for all his ‘fast’ running and give up soccer for his lack of ball control! I guess B. Bradley thought he would stretch opponent’s defense with Findley’s ‘fast’ pace in the 2010 WC. Too bad his 1st touch and ball control was so bad defenders easily closed in on him and nullified his attack while he was still trying to collect the ball each time he was passed to! Please never again . . . never call up Robbie Findley for the USMNT again!!! He just can’t play at that level. His failure in the English Championship indicated that they guy can’t succeed at a level of play a bit above the MLS!

    • Isaac says:

      People honestly forget how much of a genius Bob looked like against Turkey and Australia when Robbie Findley was basically doing a less technically efficient Charlie Davies impression.

      It crumbled at the ‘Cup, but really mostly because Ghana and Slovenia employed tactics that nobody was expecting (pressure high up the pitch, basically). He nearly drew a red card from Jamie Carragher though. Should have done, honestly.

      • Gary Page says:

        Against Australia, didn’t Buddle have two or three goals? I thought he looked far superior to Findlay off of that game.

        • GW says:

          Buddle and Findley are different types of plyers.

          Findley, who was scoring for RSL , was brought in to do a Charlie Davies imitation.

          Buddle was brought in because he and Gomez were on goalscoring tears and BB needed goal scorers.

          He missed wide open header against Algeria.

    • Drew says:

      If Robbie Findley had a left foot we would have beat Ghana. He is dead to me.

      • ThatKidNandez says:

        If Gomez had played against Ghana and Torres had started over Clark the US would have played Uruguay

  3. ronniet says:

    As long as Rico Clark is not on that list, I’m good with everyone else!!! This is a big camp coming up that will serve as the backdrop of what is to be expected of potential roster makers for Brazil! If we can stay healthy and come into the tourney in form we can can absolutely make the 16 and beyond come this summer!

    • Jesse D says:

      +1 Ricardo cost us 1 world cup. I think that is enough damage for one man.

      • Vinny Parmagiana says:

        Ricardo Clark was great this year if you had a chance to see him and fully deserving of a call up in Jan.
        Blaming one person for a loss just shows your lack of mental acuity and disregard for reality based thinking. Fear brain, there is a cure.

        • Gary Page says:

          Uh, Bornstein in the infamous Gold Cup loss to Mexico? Yes, sometimes it is one person’s fault and I think the title of goat is well put on Clark for the Ghana loss.

        • Jesse D says:

          That’s right Vinny it is never anybodies fault. We live in a land of puffy clouds and fairy-tales where every one wins, so no one is to blame!
          Sorry but Ricardo Clark was at clear fault for goal that prevent the US from winning that Ghana game in regulation. Ricardo Clark has been given his shot on more than one occasion. We just aren’t that desperate that we need to consider playing a guy of that caliber. There is too much talent in the National Team pool.

        • ronniet says:

          Vinny, you tried to make yourself sound more knowledgeable about the game by using alot of unnecessary words but the truth is your sound like a clown if you think rico is getting off the hook for having countless gaffes for the nats (in one world cup to be exact) for helping send us home in SA. Some players just aren’t international material and clark is just one those players! I’ve seen him play this year and yeah he looked pretty good overall but he’s not good enough to be on this team, especially the depth we have at that position!

      • Bean says:

        I’m not sure if you’re trolling, or really do believe that Rico Clark cost us the WC. Do you really believe that due to Rico having a single poor outing, that the USA didn’t bring home the cup?

        Typical sports fan hyperbole.

        • Jesse D says:

          Of course I don’t think we were going to win the whole world cup. Without Ricardo Clark we would have beat Ghana. He knocked us out. He cost us a chance to compete, to prove something to the international community. I don’t think we were going to beat Spain (again). I do believe we would have beat Ghana. Then we have played Uruguay for a chance at the semi-finals. I’d say we have a real chance to beat Uruguay. Ghana almost did. Just having the US in the semi-finals would have been huge for American soccer and RC and Bob Bradley’s decision to play him, cost us that.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Of all the players on that list not currently in the First 23, Clark’s the best player listed.

      YES, he did basically cost the US the game against Ghana in the last WC. It’s hard to get over those memories. If you know anything about the situation other than just mindlessly parroting what you’ve heard others say, you’ll know that BRADLEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED CLARK on the roster. Rico was completely out of form after a long injury and hadn’t been getting PT at Frankfurt. Bradley made an error in judgment bringing him to the WC at all. You can’t expect a healthy player (after all, he was recovered physically by that point) to turn down a WC call if his coach thinks he’s ready.

      If you aren’t one of those drones who repeat talking points without understanding the circumstances, you’ll know that Klinsmann has called Clark up before, multiple times!

      Also, since his return to MLS (after Eintracht Frankfurt moved on without him during his injury), Clark has been a monster. Easily Houston’s MVP this season. He covers a ridiculous amount of ground, passes well, provides an offensive threat, and is a more mature and complete player than 4 years ago despite playing in a lower league than the 1.Bundesliga.

      Still, I’d have a hard time speculating what Clark’s chances of ending up in this camp actually are.

      • Jesse D says:

        Thanks for the mindless parroting comment, why do you go straight to the insults? I actually don’t know who you think I’m copying with this comment. I do agree that playing him was Bradley’s fault. I’m begging Klinnsman to not make the same mistake. I said the same thing the last time Ricardo got a call up. I know he scored a goal in the Klinnsman era, but we are talking about who should be in camp this January. In my opinion, he should not be. I do not believe he has any chance of usurping a spot from the Central Mid’s we expect in Brazil. Do you really think he can beat out Bradley, Jones, Cameron, Mixx, Klejstan, Beckerman? That is not to mention that Bedoya and Zusi are better CM’s options than Clark. If a player can’t win a spot on the 23, then the spot should go to a player who might progress enough to be around in the 2018 cycle, again that is not Clark. He can play great in MLS, that is fine and well, but his time has passed. He will forever be synonymous with Bradley’s greatest failure.

    • Dennis says:

      Really!. If you look at the Confed cup the year before, it was Clark’s hustling defense that helped keep Spain from scoring after the US went up. Clark did have an awful outing against Ghana, but that was nearly 4 years ago, get over it. He is playing very well for Houston now. He, Magee and , Feilhaber have all had good seasons for their MLS teams (Benny was a reason KC managed to hang in and get the draw). There is no rational reason they are not deserving calls. I have mixed feelings about Eddie Johnson, but think he is a better choice than Sapong or Findley.

      • Jesse D says:

        Clark was on the field for that huge game against Spain. I think you vastly overrate his contribution to that game. He hustled, he always has. I’ve never held effort against him. It was a team effort to close down Spain all night long. Clark had an okay game, but it was the centerbacks and a couple of nice attacks led by Dempsey that won that game. Clark had zero to do with either US goal. For the record, Clark had an okay game against Spain, but had a second half to forget against Brazil with several classic RC style turnovers.

  4. biff says:

    Normally even when I disagree with the chief can still accept everyone has their own opinion and move on. But to not even mention MLS MVP Mike Magee in a Camp Cupcake roster projection for a USMNT in need of an additional winger/attacker. With all due respect, a major loss of credibility and cannot really take the piece seriously, especially when Agudelo is being touted. And Sapong and Findley and Wondow.

  5. Scweeb says:

    So what happens with Agedlo? He is in kind of limbo wouldn’t he be a perfect person to bring in so he can get a cap and maybe make a move?

    • John says:

      Reports are Stoke is asking him to wait as they’ll try to bring there case to the FA again in a couple of months. So coming into this camp and getting a couple caps could work out perfectly if thats true and he wants to go to Stoke.

    • GW says:

      Juan’s first priority would seem to be getting a club in Europe.

      He’s out of a job and needs the money. He has made it clear he is done with MLS for now.

      Most likely he won’t be at camp because he will be sorting out his club situation one way or another. Stoke seem to really want him and they certainly could using a young attacker so they may have one or two moves up their sleeves.

  6. Pause The Game Real Quick says:

    Where is Dax McCarty? A top 5 D-mid in MLS and isn’t on that list??

    • Nate Dollars says:

      you kind of said it right there. dax is one of the only redbulls i like, but it’s not like we’re short on d-mids, and he isn’t even the best in a 2nd-tier league.

    • Jesse D says:

      agreed. An undersized D-Mid, unless infused with talent probably isn’t good enough to challenge for a full US roster spot. Edu should be called in before Dax.

    • TomG says:

      Love Dax but he’s very small and pretty slow to boot.

    • Gary Page says:

      And to remind people, for most of his career Dax has played as a distributor, not defensive mid, so he can fill two different slots. He was always one of the better players on US youth squads.

  7. Dc says:

    would love to see benny back on the squad. at the last mls match i saw live (SJ v SKC), he was so clearly a step above everyone else on the field. have always loved the way that kid plays.

    • Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:


    • Eric W says:

      He can flop with the best of them. Gets himself in trouble with indignant shouting at refs though.

      • RB says:

        Yes and yes. As you said earlier, no thanks. Let’s all just say no to Feilhaber coming back to the MNT.

        • White Kix says:

          Look again at the 2010 World Cup. When Benny was on the bench, the US was out scored 1-4. When he was on the field, we outscored our oppents 4-1. Sure, his game isn’t perfect, but no one’s is. I would rather have some one on the field who losses the ball a few times, but creates a goal, than a guy who hardly losses the ball, but passes it backwards everytime.

  8. beto says:

    i don’t see Jurgen bring in too many new guys that are clearly not on the WC radar for this camp which should be a WC tune up focus. Jurgen seems like he would favor familiar faces like Ashe over Sinovic, McCarty over Powers, Beltran over Myers, etc.. also donde esta EJ, Magee, Davis and McInerney!? I’m intrigued by Shuler, def looks like a national teamer, but I could see more experienced CB’s like John or Okugo getting the call over him.

    ps. i don’t mind reading the other site but im going to continue bringing my comments here because 90% of the people on are either trolls, El Tri fans, idiots or Chinese Wholesalers. maybe a little bit of moderation over there would help…

    • beto says:

      and of course this comment gets held up for moderation..

    • Gary Page says:

      Agree, I am one of the 10% not in your other categories and often don’t bother to post there because of tr0lls and others like that who dominate that site. I have suggested they moderate comments, but they seem to like controversy.

    • mouf says:

      Ashe in no way shape or form is better than Sinovic

    • chris_thebassplayer says:

      Yep, hands down the most chaotic site in the soccer universe. It was the first and only site I ever posted at for a long while…I got fed up and left a long time ago after they repeatedly moderated my pointed but diplomatic response to a fellow Quakes fan. Well, that and the fact that it was far to easy for every single thread to be hijacked and ruined by morons.

      SBI is one of the top troll free soccer sites.

      I’d rather make a donation directly to Ives’ bank account than go back to that hell hole.

  9. chuck says:

    If we are calling in clark and findley it would be rude not to invite bornstein.

  10. John says:

    I know Yedlin is going to Hannover to train with Cherundolo at some point. Not really sure if the time frame over laps but I’d still like to see him in a camp at some point. He was one of the stand out players at the U20s for me with Gil.

    Do we have any wide midfeilders we can give a look? I’d rather even see Zardes then Clark or Feilhaber. Sure they had alright playoff runs but its just too little too late for me.

  11. Maykol says:

    I would definitely expect Davis and Magee to get the call. Can’t think of any reason to leave them off

    • Hogatroge says:


      I’m a Dynamo fan, and I personally DON’T think Davis contributes much to the USMNT. JK seems to disagree, though, and after a decent playoff run and 2 assists in his last USMNT appearance, I don’t see why he’s left off now.

      Plus, how do you not give the MLS MVP a shot after he had such a huge effect on the Fire? Surely JK wants to see if he can contribute.

  12. Troy says:

    If Yedlin isnt in Hannover training he should get called in. In my opinion he is a quick learner. He was talented at the beginning of the MLS season. By the end he was a different player. With the possible consequences of having a slow RB at the World Cup I would at least see if he is an option. he probably isnt but you dont lose anything by giving him a run for his money. Who knows

  13. Noah says:

    Unless they go on loan or are hurt, Brad Davis and Eddie Johnson will be there. Definite oversights by Ives. I do like the fullback selections, though I have no idea what Klinsmann will actually do.

    • KNPonder says:

      Yes, does seem odd that Ives left those guys off. I would think that both of those guys would be on the 23-man roster if JK had to put together a first-team competitive roster today. Davis is a bubble guy, but he could very well be that last or next to last choice because of his left foot and ability to cross.

  14. MLSsnob says:

    That forward pool looks extremely thin, even for domestic players only…

  15. Jesse D says:

    Always an interesting read Ives. I trust your MLS knowledge over mine and some of the deserving call-ups. That said, Ricardo Clark!?! That is like telling a Red Sox fan they should bring in Bill Buckner for a tryout. I don’t care how well Buckner is playing a Red Sox fan would never want him back. I actually was ready to fire Bob Bradley the moment I saw our starting lineup against Ghana last World Cup. Hard to believe he started R.C.over Edu or Holden on that day. Ricardo lived up to all the angry US fans expectations after he gave away that first goal. The only other truly awful call up Juergen could make would be Jonathon Bornstein. Clark is never going to challenge for starting time with the Nat’s so I really don’t want him called in. I have too many nightmares related to that guy.

    • John says:

      Didn’t Reyna have a pretty awful turnover againt Ghana in 2006 that cost us just as badly, and everyone still holds him in pretty high regards. Personally I think we have better options then Clark but I don’t see holding one mistake against him.

      • Jesse D says:

        Reyna did, but Reyna also had positive moments with the national team. Like the 2002 WC. Clark had no business being on the field in the first place, everyone and their dog knew that. He then failed in epic style. Not to mention Reyna’s failure was in a group stage game. Clark’s was in the Knockout RD where we had the easiest path we will ever get to a semi-final.

        • Vinny Parmagiana says:

          Fear brain, there is a cure.

        • GW says:

          Mr. D,

          Reyna gave the ball away in that Ghana game in great part because his knee blew up. I’m pretty sure that is why he gave that ball away.

          • Jesse D says:

            I’m on your side GW. Reyna and Clark don’t fit into the same category at all. Claudio is one of the great US soccer players. There is way more to him than that one play when “his knee exploded” as you put it.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Wow… that’s some revisionist history! Clark played a big role in WC2010 qualification, and played well enough for Houston to earn a transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt in the 1.Bundesliga where he was a starter before being injured. You might be right about the “no business on that field,” but not for the reason you think. Bob Bradley shouldn’t have called him up due to Clark being out of form, not because he’s a bad player.

          BTW… Reyna’s failure was in an equally as important game, since the loss directly eliminated the US just as much. Try logical points next time.

          • Jesse D says:

            Clark was bad for Frankfurt, was so bad in fact that even when they were relegated he still couldn’t make the field. There are no revisions to that history. Reyna was a solid player who offered skill to the US team and Manchester City. He was even voted best XI in the 2002 cup. Clark only best XI consideration was the 2006 MLS team. Try using logical arguments next time? That’s what you’ve got really? Your argument is that he got transferred to a small club in a big European league. He must be good. That my friend is a silly argument. Rather than trying to belittle people maybe you should just stick with the facts.

      • Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:

        He did, but he was also slightly injured at the time of the giveaway as well. Not to mention, Rico was also responsible for the early goal against England by ball watching and letting Gerrard slip in behind. We were clearly a better team with him on the bench and Benny or Mo playing, but for some reason, Bob felt a need to start him in an elimination game and it cost us dearly. I’ll never forget the feeling of impending doom we felt when that starting 11 was announced and seeing him paired w/ MB90. Everyone knew that wasn’t a good personnel move.

        • Vinny Parmagiana says:

          Balderdash imp.

        • GW says:

          20/20 hindsight.

          Clark wasn’t great but he wasn’t responsible for that first goal.
          Go over the replay and the fault starts with Mikey who gave Rico a crap pass at the half way circle. Demerit did a crap job jockeying Boateng and finally Howard , fell asleep, and let in a soft goal at the near post. Real first class, world class goal tending there.

          You want a scapegoat try Boca or Demerit who were too slow and failed to cut out that through ball over the top that Gyau scored the winning goal on. There is plenty of blame to go around for the Ghana loss.

          • Jesse D says:

            I can’t believe you just said that… Is this Ricardo Clark using a pseudonym on the message board? Why are you pointing the finger Ricardo? It is time to come to peace with what happened. Bob Bradley pulled you right after that awful turn over, when you tried to dribble through a player. There were plenty of people to pass the ball to Bradley was open for the return ball and so was Bornstein on the left. Go look at the replay. Hell when in doubt just send a pass forward up the wing. Stop pointing the fingers Ricardo, that was your mistake… time to own up to it! To be fair Jay Demerit had a bad game too.

          • Super says:

            Sorry dude, that is all Rico’s faul, Bradley’s pass was safe; the guy had plenty of time to make a safe pass and decided to dribble and got burned

            • GW says:

              Watch the replay.

              Whatever you think of Mikey’s botched pass to Rico it happened at the half way line, time enough for the defense and the keeper to react and they did not do a good job.

              In the 2011 Gold Cup final Lichaj cleared the ball in the penalty box directly to Guardado who scored the tying goal immediately from that a few seconds later. In that case no one had time to react to the giveaway.

              Howard gave up a shot from Boateng at the near post that a pro keeper should easily have blocked but he was poorly positioned.

              And Rico had nothing to do with how Boca and Howard made a mess of the winning goal.

              You want one guy to blame for Ghana?

              Try Howard our allegedly world class keeper.

              • Jesse D says:

                Difference being that Howard also had positive contributions to the game, and World Cup as a whole. It is a balance, all players make bad plays, but not all players make positive plays to make up for it. Ricardo had no redeeming factors in the 2010 World Cup. He consistently makes the same two mistakes. 1) he tries to dribble around players when just doesn’t have the skill to do so.
                2) he loses concentration and lets his mark get open in the box.
                There is nothing positive in his game to offset those glaring issues for a defensive mid. He is quick sure, he hustles fine. He doesn’t have great vision or passing touch, he doesn’t have a collected approach on the ball, he can’t remember his defensive responsibilities, and he doesn’t score goals to make up for any of it. He is just not a player worth bringing to the most important games the our nation plays.

              • Jesse D says:

                Thanks though. You’re argument is Howard doesn’t deserve a shot on the national team. Tells me alot about who I’m debating with.

              • GW says:


                “You’re argument is Howard doesn’t deserve a shot on the national team. Tells me alot about who I’m debating with”

                Clearly you see what you want to see.

                My argument is that Rico does not deserve all the blame for losing the Ghana game. Howard had a crap game and a crap tournament.

                All anyone could talk about going into the 2010 WC was how Howard was.He let the USMNT down.

                Howard can thank Guzan for pushing Timmy to play better and earn his spot in Brazil.

        • Jesse D says:

          @Ryan I remember the feeling. As soon as that starting lineup flashed on the screen, my heart sank. Literally everyone at the bar was yelling at Bob Bradley before the first ball was kicked.

      • Gary Page says:

        Reyna had 10 X the career that Clark has had. He helped the US far more than he ever hurt and was one of the best US players for at least a decade. An absurd comparison.

  16. Landon Klinsman says:

    Ives, you are gravitating too much to the MLS Cup finalists. RSL an KC certainly have talent that should be considered, but there are other options around MLS. I like your Klute pic. He is intriguing. Yedlin is raw and that might be risky if he is marking CR7, but he is as good as your other pics. As for Redcardo Clark, I agree that he has improved and would not likely have the same gaffe as he did against Ghana, but that said he just doesn’t do anyting that Jones, Bradley or even Cameron could do.

    • Vinny Parmagiana says:

      Ricardo had a great year. Every player has gaffes you stooge, unplug your laptop walk outside and get a friggin’ life. You’ll feel better.

  17. bryan says:

    like others have said, if Yedlin does not go to Hannover, he should be on this team without question. i’m sick of the “he’s still raw” crap. get him into the team.

    for mids, i’m still holding out hope LD ends up at Everton. i love the Gil inclusion, no doubt he should be there. as for Clark, i just don’t see the point but for this camp it’s fine. and like others have said, Magee deserves a look in the January camp.

    i also don’t see the point in bringing in Findley, but i’m not too worried about it either way. and of course, like LD, i’m hoping Dempsey will be on loan.

    • bryan says:

      i would bring in Villarreal too. yup, i truly would.

    • Landon Klinsman says:

      calling othe opinions “crap” only denigrates your own opinion. Yedlin still makes mistakes, period. You can rephrase that as you like and then call your own quote “crap.”

      • bryan says:

        no it doesn’t, it’s just a difference in opinion. yes, Yedlin still makes mistakes. who said otherwise? you’re telling me Myers, Sinovic, and Klute don’t make mistakes?!

        the point is, Yedlin is more than ready for a JANUARY camp and to say he is too raw to join that camp, is, in my opinion, crap.

        • GW says:

          What is the point of the camp? At this late date JK is probably using it to help sort out his MLS candidates for the final 23 AND get more data for an alternate list.

          There are still 7 months or so left before the rosters are turned in and it seems likely one or two of the top 23, as it sits right now, will get hurt at the last minute.

          This is JK’s last chance to get up close and personal with Yedlin or a Benny or whoever.

          In other words, unless there is a health issue, if a player isn’t ready now to help in Brazil they won’t get called into camp.

          • go euro or go home says:

            in all honesty, this roster should be made with one eye on the next cycle too. nobody needs to announce that because of the obvious importance on this summer, but almost all of the players coming in should be looking at 2018, not 2014

            • GW says:

              “this roster should be made with one eye on the next cycle too”

              No way. The US is about face the strongest three opponents in a row that they have ever had to.

              The attention will be and should be on 2014 and nothing else.

  18. Rory Miller says:

    SBI Crew– how about a link to the first 2014 roster predictions shortly after the 2010 WC. It will be fun to see how much we all had wrong! I remember most predicting neither Clint nor Landon would go to Brazil (I think I was in the minority as saying one of the two would go), and all the “oh look how good so and so will be” wonderkids that came and went.
    I realize I am basically asking for you to show us how wrong you were, but I think we all completely understand that there aren’t any chrystal balls and it would be fun to look at what the indicators were once pointing to!

    • Lost in Space says:

      Ask and you shall receive (Kind of):
      Dated 10/26/2012 SBI’s 23 for 2014
      GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Sean Johnson
      MIDFIELDERS- Michael Bradley, Danny Williams, Landon Donovan, Graham Zusi, Josh Gatt, Brek Shea, Maurice Edu
      FORWARDS- Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Eddie Johnson, Herculez Gomez, Terrence Boyd

    • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

      Booya, the goods: link to

      • Tom_in_So_IL says:

        Ohh, that lineup is scary!

      • Thebumswillalwayslose says:

        By my count it looks like Ives has 7 who will be there for sure (barring injury), 7 or 8 who have a shot (some better than others), and then 8 swings and misses. Not bad for 4 years out, if you ask me.

        Before you rail on Ives’ choices, go check the comments. Wow.

        Cliffnotes: 4 years is a long, long time

        • Sharkbait says:

          Man that is awesome. I’m just now getting to the comments section on it but I’m reading some of the names Ives has on there and I’ve never even heard of some of them. I didn’t start really getting into following soccer or the national team to the obsessive extent I do now until right around this time period but I’m a bit shocked there’s so many names I’m completely unfamiliar with. Who the heck is Yura Movsisyan???

          Oh and “Left back remains an area where depth isn’t a luxury. There are several quality right back prospects…”

          Bahaha! Well half of that turned out right anyway…

          • Chris says:

            Yura Movsisyan was a forward for Kansas City Wizards and RSL (with whom he won MLS Cup 2009) before he transferred to Randers FC in Denmark. He now plays for Spartak Moscow, and he is an Armenian national team player.

      • louisz says:

        wow. the defender list was way off.

  19. Lost in Space says:

    I’ve not issue with the defenders called up, but like many would’t mind seeing Yedlin and/or Ferrell in this camp. Only midfielder call that is questionable is the Clark inclusion. As for the forwards…there are too many better options. IMHO drop Wondo, Findley, & Sapong and bring EJ, Magee, & Agudelo….or others like Zardes, Bruin, Villarreal, MacInerny
    But overall a decent MLS/Scandinavian squad.

    • TomG says:

      Yes, I like Sinovic and Myers but not sure they really offer anything special that youre not already getting out of the current crop. Klute, Farrell and Yedlin give you a speed dimension, on the other hand that’s lacking with Evans so I’d like to see them get first chance and Farrell gives you that versatility that JK loves. He can play 3-4 positions in a pinch.

      • mouf says:

        Yedlin is a defensive liability at this stage, and thats fairly clear. Its amazing what a stupid hair cut will do for you in popularity

        • TomG says:

          He’s young and a little mistake prone but that can often be cleaned up pretty quickly. A training stint may do wonders for him. Kids develop quickly at that age. His defensive technique, tackling and strength are all excellent. He has good body control and can muscle attackers off the ball without fouling. He’s actually already better at that than Beasley. He has phenomenal potential. He may not be ready, but he might be worth a look. To suggest his hair cut has anything to do with it is pretty dumb.

    • Vinny Parmagiana says:

      You didn’t see Clark play this year, if you did, you couldn’t have that opinion. Unless you don’t think all players have ups and downs, in a game, in a season, etc. Don’t let reality cloud your opinion.

      • Hogatroge says:


        What’s hilarious is that people simply repeat these talking points they really know nothing about. “HURR HURR CLARK AND BORNSTEIN HURR!”

        While Clark has obviously salvaged his career and become a better player than he was (while Bornstein rots on the bench), nobody seems to realize that they were both set up to fail (Clark vs. Ghana, Bornstein vs. Mexico) by a coach that called in out-of-form players and put them in high-pressure situations.

  20. TomG says:

    I have to echo those folks questioning the inclusions of Findley, Clark, and Sapong. I don’t get that at all. Also disagree with Ives’ reasoning on Magee. He might not make it if JK simply doesn’t rate him but role problems certainly won’t be an issue. JK loves versatile players as he’s shown moving guys like Evans, Zusi, Davis, Beasley, and Cameron all over the pitch.

    • biff says:

      But what is the reasoning on Magee. He is not even mentioned in the article.

      I predict that Klinsmann will call in Magee, even if he doesn’t speak German or was not born abroad. Why would Klinsmann call up Agudelo, who has done absolutely nothing to merit a call-up, ahead of Magee, who Robbie Keane according to news articles is trying to talk into accepting a call up to Ireland.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        must’ve been an update after you read it. ives does have a paragraph on him now.

      • Hogatroge says:

        I think Magee gets a look, even if this is his only shot.

        That said, Agudelo was great for NE since recovering from his most recent injury. He was a game changer for them, and let’s not forget he was excellent against Russia in his last USMNT appearance. Strangely, his last call up came when he wasn’t playing (right after an injury at Chivas), and then he went to NE and played well and hasn’t gotten a sniff.

        Make no mistake… Klinsmann definitely rates Agudelo, even if Juan’s not in his plans for the 2014 cycle.

        Will he be in January camp? Probably not, since he’s gotta figure out his club situation.

        • TomG says:

          Mix plays slowly? I don’t see that at all. He moves the ball as quickly and surely as anyone except MB. Strength is his only big issue at this point. He’s too easy to knock off the ball. Klinsman definitely rates Agudelo? Unless you’re JK’s drinking buddy, you can’t say that. I think YOU rate Agudelo. That’s fine to say, but don’t put words in JK’s mouth.

    • GW says:

      Who is Magee going to replace?

      Donovan? Dempsey? AJ? Jozy? Fabian? EJ? Boyd? Bedoya? Mix?

      I don’t see Magee being better than any of those guys at what they do best. As far as I’m concerned it is AJ and Bedoya who are keeping him out.

      And if Gomez,Holden and Gatt were not injured Magee would be even further down the pecking order

      • Hogatroge says:

        I don’t disagree, but you’ve gotta think JK would at least see what Magee can do with the team. They need a practice squad in camp to play against the 1st team, and AJ won’t be available for January.

        It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Magee does awesome in camp AND 2 other players ahead of him are injured, freeing a spot on the bench for him.

        That said, Bedoya’s been playing centrally (and scoring) with Nantes, and we’ve seen that Mix and Johannsson can play there as well. Depending on formation, Dempsey and Donovan occupy the same spot. Bedoya and Johannsson (and maybe Mix) can slide out wide just as well as Magee.

      • Dennis says:

        I am not as sold as on Mix as a lot here seem to be. I think he plays too slowly and has too much trouble handling pressure. I would put Magee ahead of him and like it or not the list you gave is unlikely to all be injury-free by next summer. Magee can contribute in that case and getting him some time to learn what is expected of him and what his role might be would be essential if he does get called on. In fact a lot of the players in this camp are in that category, they are just a torn ACL or broken bone on one of the guys ahead of them from being in Brazil.

        • GW says:

          Injuries will happen and the USMNT has more depth than ever but realistically if they are down to the third string options which is about as good as I could see Magee getting to, assuming everyone is healthy and in form, they are in deep trouble anyway.

          The other thing is JK has not actually named the camp invitees yet so any distress over Magee’s exclusion real or imagined is PREMATURE. I happen to think JK will call him in.

          Finally, does anyone really think JK has no idea what Magee can do or how he plays?. Magee played for the Galaxy. He played with Donovan and Gonzo who the last I checked are likely to be in the final 23.
          Magee is not playing for Rubin Kazan or some team in the UAE. He played the better part of his career in LA where JK happens to live. I would think JK has a pretty good handle on the Galaxiy’s US eligible players.

  21. beto says:

    so is there just 1 game vs Korea after 3 weeks of training?

    is there any game in Brazil? I know Mexico is looking for another game in the US around this time..

    a friendly vs. either Brazil or Mexico would be cool.. i’d say vs. Brazil in Manaus and vs. Mexico in AZ, San Diego or Houston

  22. Chicago Josh says:

    Anyone for Michael Parkhurst?

  23. danny says:

    This is getting pretty obnoxious. Enough is enough.

  24. Jay says:

    Lee Nguyen?

  25. Samster says:

    Freddy Adu is going to finally get his call-up!!!!!

  26. Reg Chapman says:

    Add Davis, EJ, Magee

    Drop Findley, the 4th GK, and Powers/Clark

  27. the original jb says:

    Yeah I’m gonna disagree as well about the World cup 2010 retreads. I can appreciate that Clark and Findley had a nice year in MLS, but their day with the USMNT is done and I’m pretty sure Klinsy would agree. The only one of those that should get a look is Fielhaber, who simply has skills that are so lacking in our pool. Of course his attitude has always seemed to be the thing holding him back and I cant see JK having much patience with that.

    • Hogatroge says:

      JK has trusted Rico before (calling him up for his very first match as coach as well as the 2012 January camp), and that’s when Rico wasn’t playing at Eintracht Frankfurt AND was a lot closer to the infamous Ghana game.

      Clark was a beast this year…definitely Top 5 midfielders in MLS for the season and unquestionable Dynamo MVP. Even though the competition is lower than the Bundesliga, Clark is back in form (injury and lack of PT were the main reasons he stunk against Ghana), and he’s playing better than he was when he was starting in a top European league.

      I’m not saying he’s really needed in the squad, but don’ be so quick to proclaim what JK’s thinking.

    • GW says:

      JK scored 3 goals in the 1998 World Cup, his third WC.

      He was 34. Granted the US has never had a player as good as him, don’t be so sure he shares your attitude towards “retreads”.

      If he thinks you can do the job now I doubt he cares much about old mistakes.

  28. MiamiAl says:

    Nobody wants to see what Herculez Gomez looks like? The guy can be a game changer if fully fit.

  29. ThatKidNandez says:

    Everyone on the KC bandwagon get off. The US isn’t going to pull a mexico and call up the whole Kansas team so sorry to hurt ya’lls feelings.

    • GW says:

      You are the first person to mention that possibility.

      Does Sporting have seven players good enough to play for the USMNT?

      Herrera called up seven players from Club America for El Tri.

  30. ThatKidNandez says:

    GOALKEEPERS — Nick Rimando, Steve Clark, William Yarborough , Cody Cropper

    DEFENDERS —Deandre Yedlin, Zak Whitbread , Edgar Castillo, Omar Gonzalez, Chris Schuler, Clarence Goodson, Babjide Ogbuniyi, Chris Klute

    MIDFIELDERS — Landon Donovan, Joe Corona, Benny Feilhaber, Mix Diskerud, Paul Arriola , Luis Gil, Mike Magee, Conor O’Brien,(Gatt if he’s healthy)

    FORWARDS — Clint Dempsey, Gyasi Zardes,Jack Mcinerney , Herculez Gomez

    Camp Cupcake roster anyone?

  31. mouf says:

    Sinovic is a legit contender, just for the reason he is capable and the LB pool is laughable.

  32. White Kix says:

    I would like to see Sean Franklin get a look at right back. I think he would provide a good balance of speed and experience there that is missing.

    As far as the midfield goes, I would like a couple guys who could be real wingers. Lee Nguyen and and Kellen Rowe would a add a different dimension than the team has (Even if Rowe often plays more centrally, I think he has the speed and ability to make a difference on the wing).

    As far as forwards go, that projection is one of the worst I have ever seen for the US. Seems like EJ would be there in front of Sapong and Findley. You do mention Agudelo, if his club situation permits, he should be there.

  33. Birgit Calhoun says:

    I like your players for the January camp. When people say they want Magee, they may be right to say that he is a great player. But the deal is that the players chosen for this camp should have some USMNT experience. Magee would be a great choice for the team once the 2014 World Cup is over.