Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Javi Garcia of Manchester City and Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal


This Soccer Saturday will kick off in style with a highly anticipated Top-4 matchup in the English Premier League.

Fourth-place Manchester City have been unstoppable at the Ethiad Stadium this season, outscoring opponents 29-2 en route to a perfect 7-for-7 in home wins. But the league’s top offense will go toe-to-toe Saturday against the league’s top defense — first-place Arsenal. The Gunners will look to bounce back from a disappointing 2-0 road loss to Napoli in Champions League play with another hard-fought victory in league play.

A solid slate of EPL matches follows Man City-Arsenal on Saturday. Chelsea will try to rebound from last weekend’s shocking league loss to Stoke City with a home win against Crystal Palace, who are on a decent run of form at the moment. Meanwhile, Everton look to continue their unbeaten run against Fulham and new manager Rene Meulensteen.

Elsewhere around the world of soccer, Bayern Munich will also try to regroup from a surprising loss in continental play when they host Hamburg at the Allianz Arena. In France, Paris Saint-Germain visit Stade Rennes in hopes of maintaining their lead in Ligue 1.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

7:45am – Manchester City vs. Arsenal – NBC Sports Network

9:30am – Bayern Munich vs. Hamburg – GolTV USA

10am – Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace – NBC Sports Network

10am – Everton vs. Fulham – NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – West Ham United vs. Sunderland – NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Newcastle United vs. Southampton – NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Cardiff City vs. West Bromwich Albion – NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Osasuna vs. Real Madrid – beIN Sport USA/beIN Sport en Español

10am – Heart of Midlothian vs. Inverness CT – Fox Soccer Plus

11am – Rennes vs. Paris Saint-Germain – beIN Sport USA

12pm – Rayo Vallecano vs. Granada – beIN Sport en Español

12:30pm – Hull City vs. Stoke City – NBC Sports Network

12:30pm – Wolfsburg vs. Stuttgart – GolTV USA

2pm – Guingamp vs. AS Monaco – Univision Deportes

2:30pm – Raja Casablanca vs. Monterrey (Club World Cup) – Fox Sports 2/Fox Deportes

3pm – Cerro Largo vs. Peñarol – GolTV USA

4pm – Malaga vs. Getafe – beIN Sport en Español

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144 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. MidWest Ref says:

    Citeh have been rampant at home this season it willbe interesting to see if Arsenal can keep up

    • Increase says:

      Easy call for handling totally ignored by the ref. Zabaleta? stopped a ball that had the defense beaten with his lower arm.

      • Haydenjo says:

        Not handball
        Arm wasn’t in unnatural position
        The way handball is called has changed
        It is now based on intent and whether the arm was in an unnatural position.

        • Increase says:

          Yet, at the same time. I could argue he move his arm towards the path of the ball with intent to block it. Therefor intent.

          I can’t say your wrong because your aren’t. He did move his arm to balance. However he could have chosen to balance in another way.

    • Increase says:

      City were gunna win that no matter what but wow the linesman and ref were terrible.

      I mean city could just score with such ease….

  2. TomG says:

    City so quick on the counter, just running past the tired Gunners like they’re stuck in mud.

  3. usaalltheway says:

    Looks like Jozy is starting with Fletcher on the bench. 😀

  4. usaalltheway says:


    That was way too close to leading to a goal.

    Wake up Jozy!!!!!!!!!

    • usaalltheway says:

      Wow, just wow.

      How can you miss that Jozy?

      Looking terrible so far Jozy…letting me down BIG TIME.

  5. CroCajun1003 says:

    Jozy gets played through and misses his best opportunity of the season…

    • usaalltheway says:

      Tell me about it!

      It was the PERFECT opportunity and in typical goal-scoring fashion for him; running at the goal.

      Completely inexcusable. On top of those lead-footed one-touches that almost lead to a goal…not a good start for him.

  6. JS says:

    I’ve watched a lot of Sunderland football this year for Jozy and he hasn’t seen a better chance at goal. He’s got to finish there.

  7. usaalltheway says:

    Can Sunderland be any worse?

    Another perfectly great goal-scoring opportunity from Borini and Altidore and yet…nothing.

    I am not liking this one bit.

    Anyone else watching the other games today?

  8. Haydenjo says:

    Borini is very selfish.
    Had Jozy on goal

    • Dave says:

      Agree. Pathetically selfish.

    • usaalltheway says:

      Given Jozy’s performance today, I wonder if he actual would have put it into the goal. :(

      • Kingsly Alexander says:

        I don’t blame Borini for not wanting Jozy anywhere near the ball at goal again after that horrible miss he had.

        That ones going to stay in his head for a while and wouldn’t be surprised if his confidence just plummeted from here on

        • Vinny Parmagiana says:

          Take it easy. Everyone (all the greats included) has missed sitters…everyone. Confidence isn’t about everything going perfectly…it’s learning that when everything goes sixes and sevens, you can keep on truckin’ and believe anyway, with a big FU to the critics and judgmental fools.
          Try some belief and understanding instead of fear and judgment, you’ll see the world differently. imho, it’s a positive way to live for the short time we are on this earth.

          • Kingsly Alexander says:

            Your funny.

            “Imagine all the ppl…it’s easy if you try”

            Something like that?

            I’m happy you discovered whatever peace-love ideology your speaking of and I truly wish the world worked that way, but the football machine certainly does not.

            • go euro or go home says:

              yeah, surely altidore is crushed and his career will suffer because of that miss. you’re being way too dramatic here.

              it would be just as easy to say that miss is going to make him work harder this week and he will come back strong in his next outing.

              i hope your confidence isn’t as fragile as you are implying jozy’s is. bad miss sure, but it’s really not that big of a deal in the scheme of things.

              • Kingsly Alexander says:

                My previous comment didn’t elude to me implying that at all. Like, at all

              • Kingsly Alexander says:

                “Go euro or go home” what does that even mean? I think that’s a play on the term “win or go home”.

                So are you telling everyone to go home if they aren’t in Europe? Or like just football players right? They should all play in Europe or go home…like all the Brazilians to Brazil and Americans to the US? Anywhere else in the world would be completely inappropriate by your standards?

  9. usaalltheway says:

    Alright…I am saying it…

    Jozy is useless today. Bring in Fletcher.

    I am checking out soon. This is not what I was hoping to see from him today.

    • usaalltheway says:

      And yet ONE MORE screw up from Jozy!

      This is by far his worse performance since Crystal Palace.

      On the bright side, it’s only one game.

      • M says:

        I think you are over reacting a bit. Jozy has been very effective this game. He is creating all kinds of problems for WH. The blocked FK, a near PK call and per usual he is the calmest and most creative player on his team

  10. Jay says:

    Wow you guys acting like nobody ever has done that before. Everyone misses sitters or a gimme. It’s not about the miss but what you do after the miss.

  11. Dainja says:

    Folks, it’s not like Jozy shot wide or completely missed it…the West Ham keeper got his hand down in time to just steer it wide. I agree, Jozy could’ve done better but it was a good save.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      thanks for that. from the comments, i thought maybe he had swung-and-missed from two yards out or something.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        that said, he did have another chance off a corner where the ball went right past him. sure, it happens, but with a team like sunderland, you never know if you’ll get another chance.

      • M says:

        The sun comes up it goes down and people hate for the sake of hating. I don’t get it. While Jozy might not be having a great great game he still one of the best players on either team

        • Shawn Wallace says:

          if you havent noticed yet the people tend to hate on the best players or the ones with the most potential.

        • Kingsly Alexander says:

          Na, this game will cost him. If your the leading striker and you don’t put in goals, it doesn’t matter how much you do to create, hold up or back track; You’ll be on the bench eventually.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Fletcher start nxt week

          • go euro or go home says:

            that is really stupid to say that is does not matter how much you create as a striker.

            • Kingsly Alexander says:

              How much you help create to create, not solely create chances which would be different and which isn’t what Jozy does.

              So you wanna try with something original to say? It seems my comments are more entertaining for you then talking any games/players.

              I’d like to here your take, if you have any

              • Kingsly Alexander says:

                *How much you help to create

              • go euro or go home says:

                my take is that jozy altidore is a pretty damn good player and if he is not sunderland’s best player, he is not far from it. he will miss some chances. he will miss badly on some chances. so do all goal scorers. i am not going to let one poor shot change my perception of of a player who i have seen play for years. that is my take.

              • Kingsly Alexander says:

                Great. And good for you.

                Your going on this trip man, and it’s pretty ridiculous. All I’ve done is speculate Jozy is in danger of loosing his place.

                You should go bother the ppl who deserve it who go around Jozy is a crap player, something I’ve never said.

  12. CroCajun1003 says:

    Jozy playing with no confidence today

  13. Craig says:

    Jozy’s technical ability is really being exposed today. He’s having trouble controlling simple balls and bring them down to his feet… Needs to wake up and trust his skill when the ball comes his way. He really looks like he is thinking about every step he takes and not just playing to the flow of the game.

  14. Stantson says:

    Hahahahaa… Jozy is sooo bad. All you Jozy apologists are hilarious. Keep up on fighting the good fight!

    • Nate Dollars says:

      we should have a prize for the most dedicated troII.

    • Deno says:

      The man has a point. Jozy has been playing terribly.

      • Clyde Frog says:

        Maybe so, but that doesn’t explain the dude’s bitter hatred of the man. Maybe here’s some history there.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        jozy has been playing terribly…this game.

        he’s consistently been one of sunderland’s best players (for whatever it’s worth) this year, and has actually done pretty well with what they have.

        • Kingsly Alexander says:

          The sad unfortunate truth is when your competing for the starting role with someone who’s tried and true and been in relegation dog fights like Fletcher, you can’t afford to have a bad game when you’ve just been handed your biggest chance to claim your stake.

          If he would’ve put in a goal today, we probably would of seen him start the nxt three games or so. Now I fear he’ll be sitting in favor of Fletcher for the nxt one and more, if Fletcher scores.

          • go euro or go home says:

            if a coach flip-flops on players like that, it is a really bad sign and makes him look reactionary.

            sounds like you just want to see it happen so you can continue to proclaim the impending doom of jozy’s career.

            • Kingsly Alexander says:

              Surprise to see you’ve tried to challenge another comment of mine.

              I’ve never done that, but you talk like you chronicle my past comments on this site, lol.

              In fact I was one who was telling ppl to calm down when if first became apparent he was on a crap team.

              If coaches flip flopped….hmmm you mean like, when coaches rotate their strikers? Does you means this’?? Datta surely don’t happen in the whole world!

              • go euro or go home says:

                i am just referring to your comments here about jozy. you are not implying rotation. you are implying that jozy will lose his position because of one blown chance. if coaches did that to strikers, it would not be good coaching.

                if you have been telling people to calm down previously, why are you freaking out today. especially when the team was decent by most accounts and they got a point on the road. jozy is fine. he is still settling in at a new club. he is valued highly there and i bet he will help them get out of relegation. it is still early days…

              • Kingsly Alexander says:

                Loose his spot, in the starting eleven for the week. Rotated out for positive or negative reasons. it’s one in the same the same in my perspective, which is completely fair

                Because of the fact that Jozy had a few chances to score today and had a easy one for himself I think it’s very plausible to imagine a manager would sit him. This happens and wether you think it telling to a managers ability really doesn’t matter to me.

                And freaking out? I would say that you’ve freaked out on me really. I was harsh on Jozy in a comment because I want the best for him and the reality of what happens to a striker that doesn’t bury his chances, is that he sits, something USMNT fans can’t afford, or at least don’t want.

                And speaking to your small lecture at the end, again, all I’ve said is that when that a striker who doesn’t bury goals is liable to find himself on the bench and that’s a fact.

                Not too early anymore. Around this time is when fans and staff stop saying “give him time” and start questioning wether he’ll “give us goals”. This was his first opportunity as a player who’s been fully acclimated to his teammates and managers tactics. He scored last week now he had a real chance to stake his claim and instead of putting himself in managers auto. XI, he blew it, so I think it’s something to be see in a more serious light, being that this team is fighting relegation and his direct competition is Fletcher, someone who the board and staff might turn too because he’s put in goals on a standard basis for a relegation fighting clubs and is tried and true, something Jozy hasn’t proven himself to be in the EPL, which will mean a hell of a lot come time. But I’ve said all this and I shouldn’t have to say it all again, above all, to a obvious nitwit who doesn’t know football like you. I hope you find that “Jozy Basher”, the ying to your yang.

              • go euro or go home says:

                sunderland paid a lot of money for him. he has been performing pretty well this season. he will continue to get his chances.

                but sorry, i did kind of assume that you were a jozy-hating chump. i probably overreacted because i saw a few posts lamenting the same miss from jozy as some negative watershed moment in his career.

  15. Zimzo says:

    Jozy to TFC! Biggest signing ever!!

  16. Amru says:

    Kind of upset I’m braving this hangover to see this kind of performance from Jozy.

  17. Stantson says:

    And Jozy gives away the ball and falls over… again.

  18. Francois says:

    Good turn and strike by Jozy, showing signs of life currently.

  19. Stantson says:

    Jozy is embarrassing himself. Its starting to make me sad. I hope he scores before he gets subbed :(

    • Nate Dollars says:

      Stantson says:
      December 14, 2013 at 11:01 AM
      Hahahahaa… Jozy is sooo bad.

      yeah, nice try.

      • Stantson says:

        I changed my mind. It stopped being funny and starting making me sad:(. Its like an outclassed boxer that keeps going at it but keeps getting punched in the face.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          at least you graduated from hate-troIIing to pity-troIIing.

          • Brad says:

            Hating is such a juvenile way of looking at anyone who has a perfectly legitimate observation. What should everyone view the world from your scope. Stfu with that bull. Hating how asanine.

            • Nate Dollars says:

              you obviously haven’t been reading.

              this guy comments on one thing and one thing only: how “terrible” jozy is.

              the opinion isn’t the point, and, in general, i couldn’t care less what he thinks. it’s the fact that he’s posts lazy hyperbolic comments designed only to start arguments. you know, troIIing.

              • Brad says:

                Maybe he is depressed and needs help. Constructive criticism would help maybe. I apologize , I just say unless you have walked in a mans shoes. Obviously he isn’t a victim of any sort he should learn to empower himself rather than destroy. Maybe some Schopenhauer or Steinbeck is called for.

              • Brad says:

                Anyhow I am not his father so I am not responsible for anyones opinions either. I just hate that term hating it’s so trite.

              • Brad says:

                I apologize though Nate, I can see where you are coming from.

              • Nate Dollars says:

                cheers; it’s just that this same guy has been doing just this for a while now, and it gets old. don’t understand what type of person does that.

                and steinbeck is always called for.

    • M says:

      Why? He ‘s been their best player

    • M says:

      Jozy playing awful yet the best player, thus the EPL must really suck

  20. Dave says:

    And that’s that. On to Eve/Ful

  21. John says:

    Will a striker score a striker score a goal next summer? They haven’t in the last 2.

  22. Bean says:

    Jozy isn’t a terrible striker. Just unlucky to play for Sunderland. It’s hard to be confident while the team struggles.

  23. Nate Dollars says:

    lol, this is what one of the commentators said when fletcher came on:

    “and here’s fletcher, who always has a goal in him.
    […awkward silence…]
    not that there’s been many goals in him lately.”

    • Bill says:

      +1 noticed same thing

    • Citronomics says:

      Yeah. Guess with about 10 mins to go… shift to pumping the ball up the pitch hoping Fletcher can get a header on goal, which arguably he’s better than Jozy at creating havc in the box. That said, his 1 (maybe 2?) goals ths year in BPL play definitively (snarky face) prove he’s just full of goals.

      Appreciate you adding some balance to today’s “running Jozy commentary”.

  24. Redachi says:

    Jozy didn’t play horribly. He didn’t play great either. He had what, maybe 3 turnovers? 1 great chance to score? Other than that, he nearly drew a penalty and linked up well. Sunderland play better when he’s out there. His performance was like a 6/10. You can argue he needs to do better, but that wasn’t a horrible game… I bet he had a 70-80% passing rate. Hell, Borini crosses that ball and Jozy has a winning goal scored (which he created).

    People overreact like crazy. See it like it actually went.

    • John says:

      A draw on the road isn’t the worst result for them anyway. They are progressing there play a great deal from where they started. As long as Gus wants to play through the middle and keep it on the ground Altidore should start over Fletcher. Its just going to take alittle more work.

    • John says:

      Well with the constant chest pounding by some around here screaming that Jozy is Sunderland’s best players and the only reason he’s not shining is because his teammates don’t pass him the ball in good spots, it’s hard to see how they can justify this kind of performance by Jozy.

      Let’s just say he did himself no favors today. And yes, IMO, he was rather poor for most of the game.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      i get what you’re saying; i just think that, for what sunderland needs (an opportunistic striker), jozy did not do well. he did not put himself in dangerous spots often enough, he didn’t test the keeper all that much, and he occasionally did not release the ball quickly enough.

      he’s on a horrible team, and so he has to be that much better to balance it out. he usually is–just not today.

  25. biff says:

    Folks, Everton is now in fourth-place. Here’s hoping that Everton can be sitting in the Top Four at the end of the season and Timmy Howard next year will be playing in the Champions League team on one of the most exciting teams in the Premier League coached by one of the best coaches in the world. Got my fingers crossed. So happy Moyes is gone from Everton and hanging like a ton a bricks around the neck of Man U.

  26. Karl says:

    Altidore could’ve scored a couple of goals today if not for the ball showing anti-American bias by refusing to go into the net.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      it also showed anti-scot, -irish, -swedish, -italian, and -swedish bias (among others, i’m sure). i expect it will get a 10-match ban.

      and yeah, i think the anti-american claim for sunderland is pretty dumb. maybe they’re just selfish players in general? or, if you’re so convinced that everyone hates jozy, it could be he’s just an @sshole to them at practice.

    • Gary Page says:

      I missed the first half, but from what I saw, no one in Sunderland looked good on the attack and at least Jozy had a strike on goal, which is more than most Sunderland players can say today. A draw on the road is rarely a bad result unless it is a top team playing a bottom team.

  27. Bean says:

    C’mon you Potters

    • Kingsly Alexander says:

      Fck the potters. Their football is lame.

      • Bean says:

        run along boy, run along.

        • Kingsly Alexander says:

          S**t football. What sort of affiliation do you even have to Stoke?

          If your english, why would you be on an American site? I imagine there’s a Stoke City forum somewhere that’s preferable.

          If your American, you probably only started watching them a year or so ago when they signed Geoff Cameron and now what, your a “supporter”?

          No? You watched them before that? You enjoyed Tony Pulis’s interpretation of the beautiful game, did you?

          Lol, GTFOH…boy

          • Nate Dollars says:

            this came out of nowhere, i didn’t know anyone even cared enough to be anti-stoke.

            • Kingsly Alexander says:

              I’d never thought of it, but I guess I am Anti-Stoke

              Their football is so ugly and their games are always aired on NBC because Ppl like to watch Geoff Cameron. I love watching me some Americans in Europe too but I just can’t watch Stoke.

              I know it’s be a gradual process to move away from what Tony Pulis built, but still.

              • Nate Dollars says:

                to each their own, but i’ve gotta say, i think hughes’ stoke is a thousand miles away from what pulis’ stoke was.

                i’ve seen a couple of their games this year, and it really wasn’t that bad. of course, that may just be relative to what it was (which was horrid).

          • Bean says:

            Why do you worry about stupid stuff?

  28. CroCajun1003 says:

    Despite Jozy’s poor finishing today, it must be said that this was one of Sunderland’s better total offense performances. I’d say a lot of the credit is due to Giacc in the middle, but having Giacc, Borini, and Jozy on the field at the same time makes Sunderland much more dangerous. Hopefully the finishing will come. If not, adios premiere league.

  29. Bean says:

    Cameron just about had a goal.

    Nobody has ever accused Stoke of being too creative.

    • bryan says:

      caught the 2nd half of that game and Cameroon looked great at RB. constantly involved in the attack and did well on defense when required. close to grabbing an assist a few times.

  30. Dave says:

    the commentators for stoke-hull have gone from bad to humorously bad. Every other foul call is why would they call that.

  31. Dave says:

    JFG via Eurosport


    JOZY ALTIDORE: He missed two chances to score, but if you’re a striker for a team in the relegation places and your movement and power are good enough to make any chances for yourself, you’re doing alright.

  32. CroCajun1003 says:

    Cameron is just too good not to be out RB

    • John says:

      I agree, no question about it

      • KEEP says:

        If healthy, Dolo would be a perfect back up in Brazil to Cameron. At this point I just don’t see a more talented option as a starting RB in our system and Dolo would add that veteran intellect off the bench.

    • Kris says:

      I’m actually kind of shocked at how good he is at RB. I’m a Dynamo fan so I’ve been watching him for a while. He has always been good at defending, going forward from the center, and making some really great passes, especially those swerving, outside of the boot passes.

      But now? He’s got decent play down the flank as well. I think his strength and speed combine well since he’s really not a 1v1 guy. His crossing has also been a nice surprise.

      • Bac says:

        May be a blessing in disguise that he’s been unable to “push out one of the center backs and force himself into the starting role at CB”

        The more time he plays at RB at this level the better off the usmnt is

    • Gary Page says:

      He made a great cross on the goal that was disallowed. I think JK played Cameron at CB in order to give him experience at both positions. Cameron has shown he can also play in J Jones’ position, so he is guaranteed a trip to Brazil. Unless Cherundolo or Chandler make fantastic late pushes, I think we will see Cameron starting at RB.

      • John says:

        Apparently Chandler hasn’t heard from Klinsmann in a while

      • Kris says:

        I agree and it’s always good to test out his versatility, which he certainly has. Honestly, if we had better options at RB, I’d prefer Cameron over Jones, which probably isn’t a popular opinion. I just think the Bradley/Cameron combo is better because Cameron picks his chances to go forward a little better. Jones is physical and direct but often loses the ball and then Bradley has to cover.

        And that does a few things: it hinders our offense when Bradley can’t focus on pulling the strings, it usually means the other team now outnumbers our defense, and it starts the cycle of losing possession quickly and bracing for the opposition’s offense. Bradley shouldn’t be covering when he’s the more creative player moving forward.

    • bryan says:

      he was great today. he should be our starting RB for the US unless Dolo plays well on a consistent basis or Chandler proves he deserves it. sounds like he is starting to get his head straight and if he can do that, he could be a great option:

      “When you don’t play good and your team isn’t playing good, if there’s guys who are playing better, they’ll get a chance to play on the national team,” – Chandler on not being called up

      “No, not at all, I’m very happy with my decision. When I go to the national team, it’s like a family. I talk with everyone and hang with everyone. They are very friendly all the time.” – Chandler on playing for the US and his relationship with the team

      “The last few games, I’ve played very good, I think I’m back to the old Timmy Chandler from the past few years. I think I can bring a lot of things from Germany and the Bundesliga to the [U.S.] squad. I have 90 games [at Nuremberg] and I think I can help. Ultimately, it’s all about winning … I think when I play good, Klinsmann has to invite me.”

      maybe that last part, “has to,” will not sit right with some people, but i think it show confidence…and it’s true.

      • CroCajun1003 says:

        This is great news, but honestly, I think the Cameron we’re seeing at Stoke right now is better than the best Chandler we’ve seen. I would go as far as to say Cameron is having the best season of any American Abroad so far.

        • bryan says:

          it’s certainly hard to argue with that. but i think an in-form chandler would be better. i’d love to find out though.

      • fischy says:

        You want Geoff Cameron out on the wing trying to run with Cristiano Ronaldo????

        That would not be my first choice…

        • Kris says:

          I’d love to hear your first choice then.

        • CroCajun1003 says:

          Unless Dani Alves has a secret American father we don’t know about I don’t know who exactly we “want” running with Ronaldo.

        • bryan says:

          i’d prefer Chandler if he can get back into form or Dolo of course. but since that isn’t the reality right now, yes, i would rather have Cameron there over Evans.

        • go euro or go home says:

          that is an interesting thought.

          i don’t know. maybe cameron will match up with him okay. has ronaldo ever really had anyone on him with cameron’s size and athleticism. maybe with some close cover to be able to step in and double, cameron can be more physical than ronaldo is used to?

        • Good Jeremy says:

          Mine either, but choices 1-20 all play elsewhere and Chandler has been very inconsistent, plus he brings potential locker room problems. If he can straighten things out I would much rather see him out wide, then Cameron replace Gonzo on the inside. But he hasn’t straightened out yet.

    • Bean says:

      He is a tackling machine, and handles the ball liken he has glue on his cleats. I saw him have 2 tackles in a matter of moments, maybe three. I’d like him to get another team eventually.

  33. John says:

    Bedoya with a great header that hits the post, so close

  34. bryan says:

    just saw the highlights. i love Jozy, but he should do better there. would have loved to see him bury that. “having said that,” the sky is not falling. the highlights were short, so i can’t comment on the rest of his play.

    • CroCajun1003 says:

      After watching the majority of Sunderland’s games, Sunderland is a better team with Jozy on the field. He adds more to the buildup and is a creative spark on the ball. That being said, his confidence is on the floor at the moment. With Fletcher in, Sunderland becomes completely route 1 and can’t posses at all. That being said, Fletcher is damn good at knocking balls down.

      Today, Jozy moved the ball decently well, but finished his chances poorly. His holdup play wasn’t the best we’ve seen, but still better distribution than Fletcher on his best day.

      All-in-all, Sunderland played their most complete game today as a team, but poor finishing meant 1pt instead of 3.

  35. bryan says:

    reports toronto officially signed defoe for $10/year and a $150k a week. dammmmmnnnn

  36. Chicago Josh says:

    Not sure when this site became all about Jozy-hate, Clint-hate, Landon-hate…it actually makes me sad. Haters gotta hate…I just wish they’d do it somewhere else.