Tigres loan Bornstein to Atlante

Jonathan Bornstein Tigres (MedioTiempo)


Jonathan Bornstein’s search for playing time will see him stay in Mexico. Just not with Tigres UANL.

Tigres announced late on Wednesday that it has loaned Bornstein to C.F. Atlante in a deal that could lead to the veteran left back earning consistent minutes for the first time in years. Bornstein has seen just 368 minutes in league play since transferring to Tigres back in January 2011 and did not make a single appearance for the club during the recently-concluded Apertura campaign.

The 29-year-old Bornstein has also struggled to see time for Tigres in other competitions. He played in just three Copa MX games during the past half-season and started a CONCACAF Champions League match earlier this year against the Seattle Sounders.

Atlante finished in second-to-last place in the 18-team Liga MX table in the Apertura. The Iron Colts open their Clausura campaign against defending champions Club Leon on Jan. 5.


What do you think of Tigres sending Bornstein on loan to Atlante? Do you see him finding consistent minutes there? Wish he would have returned to MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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43 Responses to Tigres loan Bornstein to Atlante

  1. Vic says:

    He should write a nice check to Bob Bradley. If it wasn’t for Bradley drafting him, playing him for Chivas USA and calling him to the national team. I doubt he would have made over 100k per season anywhere.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Are you kidding? Bornstein was great for Chivas USA and the USMNT through the 2010 World Cup. Moving to Tigres has proven to be a bad move since he’s gotten practically no playing time in 3 years now.

      He was a good player before falling out of form. Remember… when he sucked it up at the 2011 Gold Cup, he had been riding pine for Tigres for months w/o a competitive match. He was out of form and was only put in because Bradley had failed to find adequate LB depth.

  2. Jake says:

    Who is Jonathan Bornstein?

    • Jacknut says:

      The last guy to shut Leo Messi down 1v1.

      • St. Addi says:

        Wow! That is some absurd selective memory Mrs. Bornstein. Six year old Adolf Hitler was such a sweet boy too.

        • Jacknut says:

          I have no idea what this comment means. Does anyone else?

          • ThatKidNandez says:

            Isn’t this the guy that cost us that one gold cup final?

            • Kevin_Amold says:

              He’s also the guy that played pretty lockdown in 2010 in South Africa when called upon.

            • Hogatroge says:

              While that’s true, you can’t really expect a player that’s been riding pine for months to come in against a team with great wingers and not get reamed.

              Bornstein was pretty good when he was getting PT at the club level in MLS. He made a bad move to Tigres and chose to fight for a spot. 3 years later…nothing to show for it.

          • St. Addi says:

            Now it all makes perfect sense to me.

          • Joamiq says:

            Nope, I’m lost too. It sounds like he’s implying that Jonathan Bornstein’s mother is a Nazi? But that’s just a guess.

  3. patrick says:

    At this point, regardless of whether he ever plays for the USMNT (most likely not), it’s just nice to see that he may actually get some minutes. Cant imagine how hard it is as a professional to play the equivalent of 4 league games in 3 years, regardless of the checks you’re cashing.

  4. biff says:

    Well, I guess that answers the big question on the minds of many. We now know Bob Bradley’s next job. Wonder when Atlante will officially announce it.

  5. TomM says:

    I still love hearing the Spanish commentators say his name on Univision: “Boooornsteen….”

    • Benny says:

      They are Mexican not Spanish, and they are terrible by the way.

      • Anthony says:

        they aren’t mexican either

        • Nick F says:

          Most are Argentinean, some Colombian as well.

        • RED says:

          Yes they are Mexican. The guy on Univision who said BOOOOORRRSTEIN is a 100% Mexican. One is Jesus Bracamontes, 100% Mexican, who was probably embarrassed, by his partner, Pablo Ramirez, who looks like a stuffed tamale by saying BORRRSTEIINN . Ramirez simply sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard anybody else saying BOOORRRnnnSTEIN. Give me a break. They both are 100% frijoles, unless there is a copycat out there.On another note, Moreno from Venezuela sucks to high heaven as well. He looks like a fat arepa anyway. he should not comment anything. My grandmother know more about soccer than that bum

        • Benny says:

          I’m talking about Jesus and Pablo. Pablo Ramirez would constantly say Boooorstein.

      • Kevin_Amold says:

        Spanish-speaking is clearly what was meant.

        • RED says:

          It doesn’t matter what you mean . It is what you say. Try telling your boss that when you are handing in your report. FIRED!!!!! And by the way Spanish speaking was not what was meant. You would probably say the same thing because you are ignorant as well.

      • Maykol says:

        They are the most entertaining commentators in the works haha

        • RED says:

          Ramirez suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are a native Spanish speaker, you would say he sucks as well. Every Mexican I know says he sucks the big burrito. Pochos don’t count. Pochos are the worst representatives of what a real Mexican is anyway. You guys are Americans with a frijol face and that’s it. Sorry but true.Then, you have the audacity to rout for Mexico against the country in which you were born.

    • Phil B says:

      That was the highlight of Copa America ’07!

      Yonatan Borrrrrrrrrrrnsteeeeein!

  6. BFBS says:

    “368 minutes in league play since transferring to Tigres back in January 2011″ – I wonder where that ranks in futility (while being available for selection) among veteran yanks abroad. I understand when youngsters like Jared Jeffrey can’t find their way onto the pitch, but I can’t recall anything like three whole years of barely playing among established professionals. Neither Heath Pearce nor Ricardo Clark, for example, had it that bad.

    • MVsoccerDad says:

      Michael Parkhurst is getting there…

      • BFBS says:

        I disagree. He only made the move to Augsburg last winter, no? And he’s likely gone this winter. One guy I just thought of is Kamani Hill; he really had some tough years in Germany and Portugal after initially getting some games.

  7. Boyd says:

    Clearly, Anti-American bias is the only reason he didn’t become a starter for Tigres.

  8. Techskillz416 says:

    Bornstein is one of those chaos theory guys…you wonder what if with with him, what if he never entered the that Gold Cup Final, where would the USMNT be right now… Even to this day, that 2011 Final, i believe was the most offensively dangerous USMNT lineup we have had in a long long long time…maybe ever.

    Starting XI, Tim Howard; Eric Lichaj, Carlos Bocanegra, Clarence Goodson, Steve Cherundolo; Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley; Landon Donovan, Freddy Adu, Alejandro Bedoya; Clint Dempsey. You make a few tweaks and I think we have a very strong future lineup if cherundolo never got hurt.

    Would have been nice to see this lineup in the future.

    Tim Howard; Timmy Chandler, Omar Gonzalez, J.A.B, Fabian Johnson; Geoff Cameron, Michael Bradley; Landon Donovan, Freddy Adu, Clint Dempsey; Jozy Altidore.

  9. Dennis says:

    There is so much hate on JB here.
    I always thought he was better going forward than he was as a back, he can attack passably well and score goals, ask Costa Rica! During his first season in MLS he was rookie of the year. He started the 2010 WC games against Algeria and Ghana at left back and did well enough in those games. It is just that he was victimized by Mexico in a Gold Cup final, it seems some can never forgive that.

  10. Joamiq says:

    Bornstein wasn’t great, but at a time when we were bereft of talent at LB, he turned in far, far more solid performances than he did poor ones. And let’s not forget, he’s Honduran royalty!

  11. michael f. sbi mafia original says:

    Bornstien had a few great games for the USMNT. And one or two of those came at the right place, right time. But the majority of his play was god awful. No one can argue with this right?

    • St. Addi says:

      You wouldn’t think so. Although, the more time goes by and people’s memories get murkier and murkier, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the revisionists here nominate him for player of the century. To be fair, every game he is not playing, I automatically give him MOTM.

  12. RED says:

    Why is this bum even being mentioned? He SUCKS with a capital “S”.