U-17 USMNT 5, U-17 England 1: Match Highlights

U.S. U17 MNT vs England

Photo by John Dorton/ISIphotos.com

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34 Responses to U-17 USMNT 5, U-17 England 1: Match Highlights

  1. TomG says:

    Choppy video or just my system? Late candidate for call of the year, “Gallardo finds another netter in the side netting, may have got a net.” Somebody’s a little too obsessed with soccer nets.

  2. Luke says:

    Joe Gallardo looks great. His 3rd goal with a fake shot and cut was sublime. It froze 2 defenders and the goalie. Clinical finisher. Will have to remember his name for the future.

  3. Shaggie96 says:

    Can’t believe the lack of defending on the fourth goal. We had them outnumbered 5-2 in the box and the guys outside the box didn’t look like they had any interest getting back.

  4. Raymon says:

    Yep, clearly we’re gonna win back-to-back World Cups in 2018 and 2022. Unless Portugal does.

  5. Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ says:

    Not trying to take anything away from the boys but this was actually England’s U16. I might be wrong since I’m trusting in wiki for this info.

  6. usaalltheway says:

    What does this really mean?

    I don’t have a clue about these youth teams. What should one take away from this win?

  7. Sam T says:

    England really knows how to train the development players to take PKs like their senior team

  8. XYZ says:

    Once again the best player is from the Mexican League, MLS has a ways to go.

  9. Lalas' red butt har says:

    does a cero, buddy…all night. LOL!!!!!

  10. Lalas' red butt har says:

    dos a cero

  11. Lalas' red butt har says:

    I mean ‘hair’ LLOLLL!! The butt hair went in the brain of Bobo the clown Lalas

  12. JB says:

    Wow. wright owned that kid on his second goal.