Queretaro announce Camilo signing, but Whitecaps insist no deal is done yet

Camilo thumbs up Queretaro tweet


After plenty of speculation about Camilo Sanvezzo’s next move, it appears he is set to leave Major League Soccer for Liga MX.

Querétaro’s official Twitter account posted Monday a picture of Camilo in the club’s jersey giving a thumbs up sign with the caption, “And Camilo Sanvezzo greets our fans.”

The Twitter announcement comes as a surprise after the Vancouver Whitecaps adamantly denied last week that Camilo was leaving for Mexico.

“There is no truth to the rumour,” the Whitecaps said in an issued statement Wednesday. “Camilo is currently under contract and we look forward to seeing him and the rest of the team for the start of our preseason camp later this month.”

Of course, if the Whitecaps are right and Camilo is still locked into a contract with the MLS club, it wouldn’t be the first time Querétaro got an announcement wrong.

Querétaro had released a statement on Dec. 10 that DaMarcus Beasley had completed a transfer to the Gallos Blancos. But a week later, the club said the Beasley deal had fallen through. Meanwhile, Beasley’s agent had denied all along the U.S. National Team defender was headed to Querétaro.

The photo of Camilo in the Gallos kit lends itself to the announcement appearing legitimate, but the Whitecaps responded shortly afterward, also on Twitter, saying: “Camilo is under contract with VWFC. The club is working with MLS on this matter.”

It would be a huge loss for the Whitecaps – Camilo scored 22 times last season and also had six assists in 32 matches, leading the league and earning a Golden Boot.


What do think of this news? What will the Whitecaps do without Camilo leading their attack? Is it possible Querétaro got it wrong again?

Share your thoughts below.

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22 Responses to Queretaro announce Camilo signing, but Whitecaps insist no deal is done yet

  1. MLSfan says:

    Wow, his Whitecaps jersey looks similar to Querétaro’s 😉

  2. MLSsnob says:

    What an ugly uni

  3. Scott e Dio93 says:

    $2million is too low for Camilo, maybe $3.5million more of fair market price with some bonuses to White Caps for Camilo’s performance or future transfer.

  4. Azul says:

    The ‘caps are going to be surprised when they see this picture.

    • Ian says:

      No, they’re not. They’ll probably be pissed because Queretaro has failed to keep the cat in the bag until the details were nailed down. It’s pretty obvious the Caps and Queretaro have been trying to work out a transfer, but things tend to move slower on the MLS end with all its esoteric rules.

  5. FRANK says:


    • Ian says:

      Anchor from Family Guy: “What’s the weather report, Frank?”
      Frank: “IT’S GONN’ RAIN!”
      Anchor from Family Guy: “Thanks, Frank.”

    • Don Julio says:

      Clint Dempsey is right. Clint Dempsey is always right.

  6. Trolltossin says:

    How much was Camilo signed for and since he is South American how many teams have a tig on his rights for compensation (if any?) because that will tell you how much allocation they shall receive

  7. iggy says:

    couldn’t even wait until he got out of the medical exam room to take their picture and tweet it. That’s anxious!

  8. Mark says:

    On 11/28/2013, Vancouver posted a story that stated: Whitecaps FC picked up the options on defenders Jordan Harvey and Carlyle Mitchell, midfielders Aminu Abdallah, Bryce Alderson, Gershon Koffie, Erik Hurtado, Nigel Reo-Coker, Russell Teibert, and Matt Watson, as well as strikers Omar Salgado and Camilo Sanvezzo.

    Vancouver is 100% right that Sanvezzo is under contract for 2014 to them. Querétaro is 100% wrong that it’s a free transfer.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  9. SBI TroII says:

    Congrats to SBI for hiring what I believe is its first female writer.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Not our first female writer (Christa Mann was the first) but that was a long time ago.

  10. Allen says:

    Is anyone else pissed off about this news? MLS wants to be seen as 1 of the best leagues in the world by 2022 and we sell the Golden Boot winner to our rival league. If we can’t keep the players who are really worth it from leagues similar to our own (not countig the top 5) how will MLS ever be taken seriously?

  11. Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Well this is … AWKWARD!

  12. ex_sweeper says:

    This sounds eerily familiar to the story a few weeks ago about DaMarcus Beasley. Querataro announced he was theirs, DMB’s agent said no way – he’s still at Puebla. Some shady dealing going on in with the White Chickens?

  13. byob el paso tx says:

    Sooner or later, all MLS to.talent will.be in ligaMX, because they pay.better and play.better. I read querrratoro is loaded with lots of state money and on extra money.
    So MLS, raise your salary cap and your dp numbers.
    This is serious, mexico will steal all MLS top players and teach them spanish.

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  15. martin says:

    Liga mx continues to punk MLS.