England to face Ecuador, Honduras in World Cup tune-ups in Miami

England v Moldova - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier


England will be holding more than just their pre-World Cup camp in Miami, as they will be competing in a pair of friendlies against other teams bound for Brazil as well.

Relevent Sports announced on Thursday that England will take on both Ecuador and Honduras in World Cup tune-ups at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. The Three Lions will first do battle with Ecuador on June 4 before taking on Honduras three days later.

“We are excited to bring two more top-quality international matches to Miami,” said Relevent Sports CEO Charlie Stillitano.  “Miami continues to be a premier soccer market in this country and we have no doubt that the area’s fans will come out to watch England prepare for the 2014 World Cup against two teams that will also participate in Brazil.”

England open its 2014 World Cup campaign against Italy on June 14 in Manaus.

What do you think of England facing off against Ecuador and Honduras in Miami? Thinking about attending either match? Hoping more World Cup teams announce friendlies in the U.S.?

Share your thoughts below.

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35 Responses to England to face Ecuador, Honduras in World Cup tune-ups in Miami

  1. Alex says:

    Im sure Becks had something to do with this….

    • marymotherofjesus says:

      No doubt to showcase the interest of footie to the decision makers who will decide on Becks MLS stadium

      • Rory Miller says:

        Still wish the US was playing England before the World Cup!

      • Brain Guy says:

        Not an accurate way to demonstrate interest in MLS. International friendlies between decent teams and/or teams with significant immigrant support sell out almost anywhere in the country.

        • Phil B says:

          I like your use of “almost”.The Spain vs. Haiti friendly in Miami last year was nowhere near sold out, with only 36000 in attendance…

          And that was the reigning WC, and 2 time Euro champion facing a team that should have been considered the “home” team, considering the sizeable Haitian population in South Florida.

          I’d be shocked if either of these games sold out for England. Honduran fans might show up, which would lead to a decent attendance, but Miami is not the soccer hot-bed people think it is.

          For the record, I lived in Miami for a few years (post-Fusion.) The Hispanic population there is apathetic towards MLS and American soccer.

  2. MLS_Soccer_Talkerf says:

    I hope Honduras and Ecuador win!

  3. Raymon says:

    Nice! The Brits have a view of Florida as some sort of magical land, so. . . good for them. They should get lots of traveling fans to make the sacrificial trip to South Beach, all for pride in country.

    • William the Terror says:

      While those of us who live here know it for the stinking cesspool that it is.

    • Human says:

      There is nothing magical about Florida. Florida is a crazy place

    • Raymon says:

      In the London “high street” travel agencies, they almost always feature Florida as the face of America. If you go to Disney World in Orlando, you might even see Brit tourists in their 3d division football kits, such as the Huddleshire Huddlers or Kinghamptonborough Kings.

      • Rory Miller says:

        I saw Sheffield Wednesday and Luton Town on my last Disney trip. Then ran into some Liverpool fans cussing and carrying on with each other at Legoland… it was quite an impressive amount of cussing from a mother at her baby in a stroller.

      • Human says:

        People visiting and living in Florida are two completely different things. If the Brits lived in Florida they’d see the forest for the trees.

  4. beto says:

    idk why USSF is so slow to book friendlies here? We were one of the last teams to book their March game and now many teams already have their May/tune up/send off games booked.

    We are probably going to end up with three games vs. teams who didn’t qualify..

  5. a says:

    USA needs to have 3 home friendlies before they go to Brazil. Please play 1 in LOS ANGELES. please.a

    • William the Terror says:

      More likely they will play all three in conditions approximating Brazilian climate. Hot. Humid. Think Florida and Houston.

    • Uncle Grandpa says:

      Us vs South Korea is in LA

      Miami is the most ideal because its weather is similar to brazils

      • William the Terror says:

        Really? Thanks, I missed that announcement. I guess both the US and Korea want a game in LA just in case they get a nice 72 degree arid day in the Brazilian jungle. It could happen.

      • William the Terror says:

        Oh, but that is a January game. That is not part of the usual three game Summer prep.

  6. bryan says:

    was just asking someone the other day what dates the US “send off” series would be. early June looks to be when it would have to be. hoping we hear some news soon.

  7. Sargento says:

    The haters come out on Miami… Love that. Keep shoveling snow, bitches.

    • MLS_Soccer_Talkerf says:

      H8rz Gon H8 Yo

    • Drewbles says:

      Oh look, the one English-speaking representative of Miami is here to defend his city.

      • Aventura says:

        Are you unhappy you can’t speak more than one language, while most of us can manage two or three? Or is your comment an attempt at making fun of how multicultural miami is. Either way, bigotry even at its slightest is stupid and senseless, so relax with the hate… Or tell either one of your first-cousin parents to teach you some manners.

        • Todd says:

          Having been to Miami myself recently to visit Spanish-speaking relatives, I’m pretty sure that the most of the residents are probably as monolingual as the rest of the country is. Just not in English. (Or comprehensible Spanish for that matter–I know NYC gets heat for our Noo Yawker accent, but Miami takes the cake…)

          Also you kinda undercut your own point with your own bigotry right there.

    • blokhin says:

      easy with the weather-related trashtalk from where you’re at…you never know when you’re gonna need that FEMA trailer and some blankets and canned good from the good folks up north…

  8. David says:

    I saw something that said 3 home games between May 26 and June 7. England was ruled out because Klinsmann didn’t want to go to Florida, because the pre-World Cup camp is going to be in California (presumably so he can be closer to his home, but that’s just my reasoning). Who wants to go play on the West Coast? Probably not European teams who are in the World Cup due to the extended travel. Maybe an Asian opponent headed in that general direction on the way to Brazil like Japan? US Soccer really should have mapped this out immediately after the draw. Appearances are they sat on their hands too long, much like the March 5 date.

    • beto says:

      if Jurgen had his way we probably would have played all 5 qualifiers on the West Coast.. seeing that this is the last WC being played on this side of the Atlantic for a while maybe doing the Send Off games on the West Coast isnt a bad idea.

      maybe Seattle, LA and Houston?

    • GW says:

      Appearances can be deceiving .

  9. Tom says:

    Why are they playing their friendlies here of all places? Let the English play in Ecuador and Honduras! Give ’em the real CONCACAF experience.

    • Tom says:

      Drat. I forgot Ecuador was in CONMEBOL. (Confused it with El Salvador, because of E/dor.) Still, I stand by my point. If they haven’t played on a weedy, substandard field against opposition more than willing to maim them under the noon-day sun after being deprived of sleep the night before by drums and taunts outside their hotel, they don’t know how easy they have in Europe.

  10. haydenjo says:

    Does the us soccer federation get money for other national teams playing on our soil?
    Does anyone know how much?

    • beto says:

      haha, i doubt it, unless USSF actually owned the stadium! Stadiums are like private companies they make money off of their regular tenants, in this case the Miami Dolphins, and all of the other expositions they put on concerts, soccer games, etc.

      similar question i wonder if the FA would make revenue if two other teams played at Wembly?

      • Jon says:

        I believe they do, per FIFA regulations.
        With the # of times that Mexico has played in the US, Sunil must have a permanent draft on FMF’s bank account.

      • Joe+G says:

        Yes, the FA has to give permission for another federation to play on its territory. USSF shows a line item for $4.4M in its budget for “International Games Revenue” — that could very well be the money it receives from other federations for games in the US.

        But, for sure, Mexico can’t come into the US to play all those friendlies without paying the US for the privilege.