Zusi, Klinsmann recap USMNT Brazil trip, preview South Korea friendly

Graham Zusi

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


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14 Responses to Zusi, Klinsmann recap USMNT Brazil trip, preview South Korea friendly

  1. Alex Rachubinski says:

    Graham Zusi………… such a dynamic public speaker!

    • zesta says:

      +…uh…what’s that word i’m looking for…uh…oh, +1

      • Jamie Z. says:

        He speaks at the same pace as Michael Bradley, but Bradley speaks the way he does because he chooses his words carefully; Zusi just doesn’t seem to know many words.

    • AcidBurn says:

      By the end of the camp, Zusi was speaking only in Portuguese, now he is struggling with the switch back to English, duh.

  2. Ethic says:

    Hope it was worth the time to fly to Brazil and get acclimated to the environment before the World cup begins. Whether or not the trip will ultimately better prepare them for what they’ll have to face in the group stage is anyone’s guess. Perhaps spending a few weeks getting conditioned in the sub-tropical weather of Brazil will give them an edge over their opponents. However, they’re going to have to play some of their best soccer to make it out of the group stages.

    • D says:

      Probably a better preparation would have been to play in a warm up tournament there last summer. If only there was a way for us to have been in that tournament………..

      Qualifying for the Confederation cup should be a high priority. Always.

  3. orgammi says:

    why isn’t Zusi playing in Europe? A solid WC performance should help him get a move to Italy

  4. Umlaut says:

    I saw on ESPN that Holden is back training with the team…


  5. Nihal says:

    Benchmark is Klinsmann’s favorite word.