Report: Onyewu set to leave Queens Park Rangers

Oguchi Onyewu


Could Oguchi Onyewu be on his way to Major League Soccer?

Onyewu, 31, is set to leave the Queens Park Rangers when his contract expires in the next couple weeks, team manager Harry Redknapp reportedly told media Monday.

“Oguchi’s still here and is fit, but I think he’s looking to move now,” Redknapp said. “His contract is up in a week or two.”

No word on where Onyewu may be heading, but if nothing changes before his contract expires, the door is open for the U.S. national team defender to find a new team, possibly at home in the States.


Where do you see Onyewu going now? Would you like to see him return to the U.S. to play soccer? What would it take for him to join MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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92 Responses to Report: Onyewu set to leave Queens Park Rangers

  1. Grant says:

    He’s never been the same since his injury a few years back. I think he’s lost two steps and his confidence is at an all time low. Perhaps regular playing time would be beneficial, but I can’t see him making the WC roster under any circumstances.

    • Matt says:

      And you judge that on what exactly? When was the last time you actually watched him play?

      • Beto says:

        Gold Cup he looked pretty iffy vs some not so great competition.

        • Matt says:

          Agreed, but that was six months ago…a lifetime in terms of fitness and sharpness.
          Look, I’m not saying he’s worth signing or not….just that there are a lot of people here making crazy assumptions that are impossible to back up. All we know for sure is that QPR was impressed enough to sign him, but not good enough to displace anyone on a back line playing very well.

          • Stir Crazy says:

            And according to NBC sports was offered an extension by Harry and QPR but they couldn’t come to terms

    • Stir Crazy says:

      He can still do it, he just needs playing time and quite frankly, the only reason he didn’t play at QPR is because the partnership of Clint Hill and Richard Dunne is extremely effective having only allowed 14 goals, best in the Championship. Why would a manager tamper with that?

    • solles says:

      thats one possible truth but according to HR at least, he’s fit and ready to play, QPR’s defense has just been too good for Gooch to crack into. Maybe the knee injury is part of that, but how would you know.

  2. Don Julio says:

    Those cheap seats in the QPR bench were starting to be very uncomfortable for somebody his age.

  3. Ryan says:

    It’s crazy that this guy was once a back line stalwart for not only the US but for some big clubs in Europe (i.e. Sporting Clube de Lisboa). Unless a club in Europe is desperate for a central defender right now I say come to MLS. If a European club does come calling with “promises” of starting then that would keep a glimmer of hope alive for Gooch making the roster for Brazil. He’s at a tough crossroads! Good luck Gooch!

    • slowleftarm says:

      He only one year for Sporting Lisbon, which is not exactly an enormous club anyway. Other than that, he’s basically done nothing in the four and a half years since his injury. Surely not an option for the USMNT in Brazil.

    • RK says:

      17 matches in one year is not a “stalwart”.

      • Stir Crazy says:

        28 appearances total and he struggled with minor ailments and always played when healthy.

        A person has to really hate Oguchi Onyewu, with such a verve and desperateness to disregard anything Klinsmann has said or what he has recently done on winning European teams to prove he’s “lost it”. He might have lost a step but he’s still a great defensive player and is better then Goodson.

        A real NATS fan wants Gooch to find his form. The more veteran NATS who are playing and who are legitimately as good a player we have as others at their respective positions, the better.

        No Bocanegra, no Demerit this WC. A person with his experience in two previous WCs would be invaluable when our starting CBs have no previous WC experience and only have 28 caps combined to Gooch’s 68.

        • slowleftarm says:

          Sure, I wish the guy well but I’m also realistic and can see that he’s barely played in the last four and a half years and isn’t likely to be a contributor to the USMNT going forward.

          • danny says:

            Oneywu has NO CHANCE of playing in Brazil. Stir Crazy- you kinda prove your own point. If Klinsman was willing to totally drop Boca and Demerit when they were in much better situations than Gooch now, why would he reverse things on Gooch.

  4. All Hail to the Drinking Man says:

    Anyone seen him play in QPR’s reserve matches? Was he that bad or ineffective that he didn’t even get (playing) time in the 1st team? I know he was on the bench but never played since signing there in October.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Who the hell would want to watch QPR Reserve matches?!?!?

    • ButlerBob says:

      I think the point that really hurt him was that the team has been playing really well and not a lot of injuries in the back. So regardless of how he may have been doing with the reserve team it was unlikely that Harry was going to change his lineup much.

    • solles says:

      pretty sure they just have a U21 team, no reserves

  5. Kirk says:

    Staebek potentially ?

    • Warren says:

      Gooch to Staebek! Spread the rumor! : )

      Seriously, Gooch is not going to enjoy a MLS DP payday given his knees and position.

      But Gooch could anchor Bob’s back line and help ensure Staebek stays first division.

      • Dennis says:

        Unless he is more mobile than the has been in the past 4 years, anchor is the right term, but I doubt Bradley would chose him unless he has a lot more mobility.

  6. Jake says:

    He’s from the DC area. We need a CB and are first in the allocation order. I feel like this is going to happen. I’m just not sure if its a good idea.

    • All Hail to the Drinking Man says:

      Gooch didn’t make the bench for QPR’s last 7 league matches (going back to end of November). The FA Cup bench appearance was an exception (probably Harry tried to appease Gooch to prolong his stay).

      So I guess he really is not part of Redknapp’s plans.

      • Mike in Missouri says:

        Sounds like he’d be perfect for DC.

        • Ron says:

          This DC fan doesn’t want him. He is too slow now even for MLS. We would be much better off spending our salary budget on younger players. Gooch is, for all intents and purposes, done as a soccer player.

          • Matt says:

            Right…can’t get into a packed line-up in the English Championship, so he’s done as a soccer player. Brilliant.

            • Ron says:

              Matt: No- I said he is done as a soccer player because he has lost his pace. Sorry that doesn’t fit your starry-eyed memory of Gooch prior to his injury.

              • Matt says:

                If he was as slow as you seem to think, QPR never would have signed him. What do you think they do at the physicals before signings?

          • Northzax says:

            He would be a bad fit in dc. We already have a slow, big defender in Boswell, you could never play the two together.

      • solles says:

        well he was originally just signed as cover as QPR really only had 3 central defenders, all three of which had injury issues. They’ve just never had 2 of those 3 hurt at once.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Imagine putting Boswell and Gooch together on a backline. Put together they would win a ton of headers but cover about 10 lateral yards defensively.

      If you’re a physical player, once your knees go in soccer you’re pretty well gone. Every injury cycle makes it harder to get fit without re-injury, and top end form requires fitness. And Gooch was never the calm and composed type to begin with, where you can get away with some mobility issues because of soccer IQ.

  7. John Lowe says:

    He needs to go anywhere they will give him playing time. Otherwise stick a fork in him he is done!

    • iggy says:

      he may as well sign for the highest bidder/longest term contract possible. Pad the bank account for a few more years.

  8. Matt C says:

    Tampa Bay Rowdies need a tall center back. And Gooch needs somewhere to re-start his career. Tampa Bay would be the perfect spot. (i’m half kidding).

    Don’t see anyone in MLS paying serious money for him and certainly not DP status.

  9. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am probably in the minority but I think Gooch is still a quality player and who he did not see the field for QPR at all is beyond me… I watched him with the US in his most recent stint and the hate was honestly misdirected… He can still compete at the Championship level and is a good lock room presence… I hope he comes to MLS and gets the minutes he deserves.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      wow… type much Andy…. yeesh…

    • Stir Crazy says:

      Your in the minority, but so am I. The reason he’s managed to land these contracts from Lisbon and Malaga and QPR is because he’s a proven commodity.

      He can still do it, he just needs playing time and quite frankly, the only reason he didn’t play at QPR is because the partnership of Clint Hill and Richard Dunne is extremely effective having only allowed 14 goals, best in the Championship. And both of whom haven’t had to bad careers at club and/or international level for themselves either.

      Jurgen to say that if he got playing time at the club level he’d be a lock for the WC is obviously saying a lot of how he rates him and what he thinks of Clarence Goodson being the alternate option if Gooch doesn’t start playing.

      He should join a middle of the pack championship team who need a quality defender

      Looking at the table Derby, Leeds, Reading and Blackburn all look like teams that could use him.

      • slowleftarm says:

        What exactly has he proven in the last four and a half years? None of the managers at any of the clubs he was at ever played him. I’m sorry, I just think he’s done.

        • Stir Crazy says:

          Hey was key to Twente’s UEFA League run to the Quarter-Finals and in their 2nd place finish in the Eredivisie in 2011

          In 2012 he helped Sporting finish 4th in the Premiera Liga and qualify for UEFA League, while also helping them to a Semi-Final.

          In 2013 with Malaga, while only making 2 league appearances, he was key to helping them in the Copa del Rey,making it to the Quater-Finals and in helped in Europe in their Semi-Final run in the Champions League.

          He’s since one year removed

          • RK says:

            I cannot believe that you used two games at Malaga as evidence.

            • All Hail to the Drinking Man says:

              I remember watching one of those games with Malaga. Wasn’t he burned for a few goals, thus never managed to make another appearance after that.

              • Stir Crazy says:

                He never managed to play effectively in La Liga because his passing and tactics to Spanish football weren’t the greatest.

                Defensively he was pretty damn solid he just wasn’t Pelligrini’s type of player really (smooth on the ball, great passing, technical)

            • Stir Crazy says:

              “While only”

              Idk know why some ppl here will go nit pick at whatever expense to try and discredit an argument they don’t agree with in the the stupidest, unimaginable ways possible.

              If you don’t agree with what I have to say, state your reason for it, let’s have a debate or get stfu, tbh

              • slowleftarm says:

                He played 8 games at Twente. Are you Gooch’s cousin or something? This guy never gets on the field and you act like he belongs in a world XI.

              • Stir Crazy says:

                And everyone else acts like there’s nothing in it that Klinsmann wants Gooch to be at the WC if he’s in form and fit. It’s fucking absurd that ppl would think he’s done on the premise of either he “hasn’t done anything in four yrs” or if he couldn’t get into the lineup at QPR then he’s officially done.

                14 appearances at Twente in all competitions in half a season. Started in all of them including all 5 in their Europa Cup run.

                Ppl have seen less time in Spain, Holland and Portugal and gotten more fanfare. He’s arguably the most experienced player of all time in Europe for us.

                He’s fit and healthy. The only thing that will keep him out of the WC is playing time between here and now.

              • Stir Crazy says:

                And everyone else acts like there’s nothing in it that Klinsmann wants Gooch to be at the WC if he’s in form and fit. It’s absurd that ppl would think he’s done on the premise of either he “hasn’t done anything in four yrs” or if he couldn’t get into the lineup at QPR then he’s officially done.

                14 appearances at Twente in all competitions in half a season. Started in all of them including all 5 in their Europa Cup run.

                Ppl have seen less time in Spain, Holland and Portugal and gotten more fanfare. He’s arguably the most experienced player of all time in Europe for us.

                He’s fit and healthy. The only thing that will keep him out of the WC is playing time between here and now.

              • solles says:

                get stfu? what does that mean

              • Stir Crazy says:

                It means gettin’ to shuttin’ the f**k up

              • Stir Crazy says:

                Lol, your ridiculous

                Why can’t you just admit you were wrong when you said he hadn’t done anything in 4 yrs and you were wrong when you said he hadn’t been played by any managers managers at any club he’s been.

                All based on what? This instinctual outburst of judgment based on fragmented memories you have of him that are wrong. And now after your failed attempts to justify your knee jerk reaction you start acting sore.

                Like I said, If you don’t agree with what I have to say, state your reason for it, let’s have a debate or stfu, tbh

  10. bryan says:

    will be interesting to see if DC use their spot in the allocation order on Gooch. Jones, who currently makes €4M/year, will likely be a DP so he won’t fall into the allocation. yes, Gooch made almost €6M per year at Malaga, but that number was much lower at QPR and i imagine it will drop once again.

    even if Gooch is a DP and makes over $370,000 (thus allowing DCU to not use their allocation spot), i could see him landing in DC anyway for obvious reasons. he’s certainly a gamble and it’ll be interesting to see what Gooch decides. will he accept sub-DP money to come home and have a better chance at playing time?

    • iggy says:

      Gooch made $6M the year at Malaga? Sorry , but that just doesnt seem right.

    • Matt C says:

      Bryan, good thoughts. Though i’d like nothing better than to see the guy resurrect his career I still don’t think anyone in MLS will be willing to shell out big money for Gooch.

      Aside from that, DC just re-acquired Bozwell. Won’t that recent acquisition affect any decisions on Gooch?

      • johnoronomon says:

        Yes, we can’t have a CB combo of Boswell AND Gooch. That would have been a dream pairing 5 years ago but now they are both basically big, imposing statues. Jermain Jones isn’t really an option for reentry either as he would command DP status and therefore not be subject to reentry rules. Plus he want’s to play in LA.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        Matt C: the good news for Gooch is that big money in the MLS is little money in Europe. My bet is that he stays in Europe.

        Or maybe he comes to Seattle: we have a strong tradition of paying waaaay too much for high profile underperformers.

  11. ark says:

    Gooch would require DP cash. like 350-400 K. Though with his injuries, he certaintly shouldn’t demand more than 150 K.

    I’d recommend him try for a club in Belgium or Turkey or relegation fodder club in France.

    Or simply go to DC UNITED since they want him, need him and it’s his hometown team. He has no chances to go to Brazil. Write a book on his journeys

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I agree, I could see it being like Adu or other players where historical salary demands are out of whack with present MLS value.

      That being said, I think people are overrating MLS to the extent they’re saying he can’t hack that. Houston started Brunner and Arena some this season, and just acquired Horst. I think he’d be an upgrade but am disinterested from a cost-benefit perspective considering my horse sense on his likely durability. If he can’t get healthy and in form enough to play for QPR I don’t think he’ll help us. But if Convey, Olsen, and others can have second or third acts in MLS after being spat out by Europe after injury, someone might buy in.

      • Stir Crazy says:

        Health and in form where not factors in why he didn’t play.

        QPR have allowed the fewest goals in the championship with the partnership of Climt Hill and Richard Dunne and if I’m Harry Redknap I wouldn’t have tampered with that either.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        Imperative: I just want to congratulate you on constructing the phrase, “disinterested from a cost-benefit perspective considering my horse sense on his likely durability.” That’s some magical prose.

  12. Jason B says:

    He sure would look good in dynamo orange!

  13. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    This is why MLS has the perception of being a low quality league to most Europeans. Can’t make the bench in the English Championship? Come to America!

    • Stir Crazy says:

      And they succeed a lot of the time too. Now what does that say.

      What do you care about the perception of Euro countries anyways?

      We’re going to continue to spend money on better and better players and grow our own and in five years time we should see NATS for other countries playing in MLS.

      • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

        I agree, I don’t really care about the perception of Euro counties. I really doubt they have a perception in the first place.

        I think when the deepness of the rosters in Europe is a factor, MLS is a big plus, good quality competition, but you start, even when struggling. Look at Brek Shea for a great example. He was really struggling at Dallas before he left in my opinion..still got time. England, with more money and deeper benches, not as much.

        • Stir Crazy says:

          Yeah, He was and I agree. Several teams, if they had the cap space, would bring guys over from abroad to strengthen their teams, especially those in the champions league.

  14. PD says:

    If he lands up in DC, NY, Chicago, Toronto or Montreal I’d call that a great move. For as much as we are writing this guy’s obit, he’d still make noise stateside, and any of those clubs are one seasoned center back away from becoming very dangerous.

  15. Dennis says:

    It is hard for me to see how Gooch can expect to make more in MLS than the $228,000 Bocanegra gets at Chivas. Gooch is not the smart defender Boca is and since his injury he is slower and less mobile than Boca as well (and speed is the worst part of Boca’s game). Gooch is still big, but…

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      100% agreed….and for me it is a risky $228k for whatever MLS team steps up. Look at the Sounders paying Zakuani ( the right thing to do ) similar to be injured.

      • Stir Crazy says:

        Well regardless I don’t think we and our clubs have to worry as long as he keeps getting those checks from Europe

        • GW says:

          This is a lot of speculation on a guy who it seems to me, few if any, of the posters here have seen play or even train lately.

          I haven’t seen Gooch train or play either. And we aren’t friends or anything so I can’t read his mind or know his mental state either.

          However, Harry Redknapp has seen him play and train and has spoken with him recently. And Harry for all his lovable flaws and con artist ways signed him. And Harry is known for his good eye for a bargain.

          I have to believe Harry would not risk possibly having to use him in the Championship if he did not think Gooch could put in a shift or two. Remember the World Cup is only seven games at most.

          In other words, if Gooch couldn’t play at all, which most of you seem to believe, why hasn’t Harry cut him loose before now?

          In addition JK has always been pretty clear about refusing to rule out Gooch.

          So I think it’s way premature to bury Gooch’s club and/or national team career.

          There is plenty of time left to bury Gooch and demean and insult him before the World Cup. Unlike you guys, I’m in no rush to do so..

          • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

            Furthermore Harry (Silent “H”) wants to extend “Gooch” because he seems him as someone who will contribute if/when injuries woes/poor form visit their back-line.

          • Stir Crazy says:

            ^Someone with sense

            Harry, “He’s fit and He’s ready to move on now”

            Agan, Gooch didn’t play because he was behind the best central defense tandem in the league that’s allowed the fewest points for all those who look to justify their nonsense remarks like, Gooch can’t hack it in the championship. Gooch has “hacked” Spain, Holland and Portugal since the injury

  16. Eric says:

    I do not feel confident that he plays regularly on an MLS team. There is a reason he hasn’t been a regular in recent history.

  17. Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

    OK, can DC United just “get the band back together” with a swoop for a trio of Nats. I’m thinking:

    a. Adu (DP)
    b. “Gooch” (DP)
    c. Jermaine Jones (Allocation Order)

    Each of these guys would be a solid contributor to a team who needs some help to get that 5th Spot in the East. Heck they might jump teams like Chi, Col, Phi, Mon and NE.

    Do It!

    • Reid says:

      I think you mean
      a. Adu (allocation)
      b. Gooch (allocation)
      c. Jermaine Jones (DP)

      Why would any team give 2 guys who can’t buy a minute of playing time dp money?

      • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

        Because DC is at the top of the Allocation. If you select any player, you then move to the bottom. Additionally DP does not mean million dollar

        Adu could come back for 400K
        “Gooch” could land at 375K
        And “Germany” Jones could be the allocation selection who would also land in the DP category but have his salary paid down to a much smaller cap hit pay wise.

        Furthermore JJ probably will not end up on the East Coast because he wants the beach life of SoCal. I wish Beckham wouldake a run at him and get him to be down in MIA

  18. Bob says:

    not good enough anymore for the English Championship. The MLS might be more at his level.

    Shame though, before the injury he was a very good player.

  19. jrm says:

    DC United is first in allocation order, no? Should United fans be more into the prospect of Onyewu or Jermaine Jones?

    • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

      They could get both. DP status trumps Allocation allowing them to transfer Jones and get “the Gooch” via allocation.

  20. KingGoogleyEye says:

    Just wondering out loud here…. How common is it for CBs to move to a new club and jump right into the starting spot? Forwards and midfielders do all the time. LB/RBs to a lesser extent. Goalies…almost never.

    I just don’t know how shocked/dismayed we should be when a CB like Gooch moves from team to team and doesn’t get starts.

  21. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Last I saw him play he was ineffective. Look, he did great for the US for a few years and I respect him for that. But it’s time to move on.

  22. ohmyachinback says:

    Well well well!
    To all the insulters just be nice!

    Gotta love gooch
    im amazed at how many people have to hate and put others down good kuck to gooch. If he makes the wc team great. If not fine. Anyone think klinsi brings someone who cant help ghe cause?
    Dough! My achin back