MLS MVP Magee headlines 26-man USMNT roster for January camp

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After winning MVP honors on the back of 21 goals in his 11th Major League Soccer season, Mike Magee has finally received a coveted USMNT call-up.

Three days into the World Cup year, U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has named an MLS-heavy squad of 26 players set to take part in the annual January camp. The camp will run from Jan. 6-Feb. 1, with a 23-man roster traveling to Sao Paulo from Jan. 13-25 to test the World Cup facilities. The camp will close with a friendly match against South Korea on Feb. 1 at the StubHub Center.

With Mexican- and European-based players left off the roster, plenty of chances have been awarded to youngsters on the way up (Shane O’Neill, Luis Gil, DeAndre Yedlin) and veterans who have put in their time in MLS (Magee, Michael Harrington, Chance Myers).

Defending MLS champion Sporting Kansas City lead the group with five players in the squad, including Graham Zusi, Matt Besler, Seth Sinovic, and Benny Feilhaber, in addition to Myers.

The only player on the roster playing outside of MLS is Mix Diskerud, who’s club Rosenborg is currently on its winter break.

In addition to O’Neill, Gil, and Yedlin, this camp represents the first call-ups for Harrington, Myers, Sinovic, Magee, and Chris Klute. Interestingly enough, of the six full backs called into the January camp, only Brad Evans has any previous USMNT experience.

Also of note, Benny Feilhaber parlayed his strong form in the MLS Cup playoffs into another call-up, while New York Red Bulls pair Dax McCarty and Eric Alexander make their return to the squad for the first time since Klinsmann became manager.

Here’s a closer look at the 2014 January camp USMNT roster:


GOALKEEPERS (4): Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo), Bill Hamid (D.C. United), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (10): Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy), Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes), Michael Harrington (Portland Timbers), Chris Klute (Colorado Rapids), Chance Myers (Sporting Kansas City), Shane O’Neill (Colorado Rapids), Seth Sinovic (Sporting Kansas City), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC)

MIDFIELDERS (8): Eric Alexander (New York Red Bulls), Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Benny Feilhaber (Sporting Kansas City), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Dax McCarty (New York Red Bulls), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

FORWARDS (4): Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Eddie Johnson (D.C. United), Mike Magee (Chicago Fire), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)


What do you think of this roster? Excited about the lineup possibilities with this group? Glad to see Magee earn a call-up? Who do you think missed out?

Share your thoughts below.

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321 Responses to MLS MVP Magee headlines 26-man USMNT roster for January camp

  1. Dc says:

    How could you possibly leave off Player X? Unbelievable!

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      What about Y!?!?! I mean, come on!

    • fifawitz1313 says:

      Player X is slow and I just don’t see his game translating well to the international game. I’m not hating on the guy, he plays great in the MLS, he just isn’t international material.

    • Snack Time says:

      Because he’s __________, __________ and __________ (pick any 3):
      A) Slow
      B) Lazy
      C) Not German enough
      D) Not receiving enough club PT
      E) Yet another defensive mid
      F) In Cambodia
      G) Afraid of flying
      H) Recovering from an injury
      I) In a temporary slump of form
      J) Drunk
      K) Jonathan Bornstein

      • beto says:

        L) the anonymous source that doesn’t like Jurgen.
        M) accepting a call up for another nation’s U21 side
        N) all of the above

      • usaalltheway says:


        Poor guy. Forever will he be the favorite go-to guy when a USMNT fan needs to take out some anger and frustration or looking to make an unfavorable comparison.

        He wasn’t that bad ladies and gentlemen!! (I am assuming there are SOME women who use and read this site) It’s it time to forgive and forget. 😀

        • betamale says:

          And for the older USMNT fans, Jeff Agoos. Man that guy sucked.

          • Sean C says:

            I think I may be in the minority (for whatever reason) but I HATED Frankie Hejduk. He was the worst player ever. And then right as he retired Edgar Castillo decided to play exactly like him.

        • GW says:

          Bornstein does not need anyone’s forgiveness.

          He played hard for the USMNT. He played well in the World Cup and the USMNT has a winning record in the games he played both in friendlies and in competitive games.

          He wasn’t the greatest but he was far from the worst and is the butt of so many jokes largely because many of the posters here are too lazy to look up some of the truly awful players who have played for the USMNT.

        • krazymunky says:

          Because he’s Jonathan Bornstein, Jonathan Bornstein, and Jonathan Bornstein

        • Gary Page says:

          Well, he will always have fans in Honduras, since it was his last minute goal in the 2010 qualifiers that sent Honduras into the WC and Costa Rica into a playoff with Uruguay.

    • Kosh says:

      +100 to all of you! :)

      Well in!!

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      I don’t need to read anymore comments. Covered.

    • TomG says:

      This was genius. Wish I had something to add. I think you’ve all got it covered.

  2. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Glad to see Yedlin. Surpised to see Meyers and Harrington. I have watched a great deal of all three, and Yedlin is, in my opinion, far stronger.

    Disappointed not to see Ream. But not surprised.

    • JayBoy says:

      Euro players left off… Ream is on the radar and better off playing for Bolton.

    • Dinho says:

      I don’t think we were expecting to see any Euro-based players that are not on “break”

    • TomG says:

      A bit surprised not to see Farrell, given the other 2 young fullbacks, but no complaints with this roster.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      The ones I dislike are Goodson, McCarty, and Wondo. Goodson has been burned too many times to even offer theoretical bench reliability. McCarty is just a bland connecting player. Wondo had a moment in the Gold Cup group but has generally shown on the true international level he’s not good enough. So much of the rest of this roster is churned, but I wish they churned some more.

      I like seeing Benny in there, I think he’s roughly at the level of a bunch of people who are routine callins, Sacha, etc., and I think he offers more.

      I am also pleased Bruin and Ashe didn’t get called into camp. Bruin needs motivation and Ashe is awful and overrated. That there was some churning on prior camp cuts like these two is a good sign to me that Klinsi is at least trying to pay attention to form and not just indulging a pecking order over and over.

      • Andrew says:

        You’d have to imagine that Klinnsman knows that about the veteran bench warmers. I believe he brought them in to provide stability to the younger ones he’s really scouting. It’s always good for the coaching staff to have old hands on board to help transition the newer ones into camp.

        • the unmistakeable Ronldinho says:

          Completed agreed. All reports have Wondo and Goodson as complete ‘professionals’ and great locker room guys.

          Also, Goodson has a great shot at making the 23. Klinsmann seems to like him and CB is wide open. He is right in the thick of things to claim one of the backup roles.

      • biff says:

        Early on in the WCQ games Goodson was generally bad and I would have been glad never to see him again. But he did pick up his game in the later stages of qualification, it seemed to me, and definitely earned a spot as a serious contender for a ticket to Brazil. His experience and leadership and good chemistry could come in handy. I definitely would choose him over John Anthony Brooks, who IMO would be a train wreck waiting to happen in Brazil.

        • Air Jordanz says:

          Agreed. People are too quick to look at distant form in favor of current form.

          The reality is, since recovering from injury, playing in the Gold Cup and moving to MLS, Goodson has been playing possibly the best soccer of his life (in spite of his age).

      • Hernandez says:

        I think Ashe would have been a good choice for the January camp. At every Dynamo game I have been to the guy gives 110%…he reminds me of Hejduk…non-stop hustle.

  3. Jeff Carter says:

    The fact that so many of the young guns were called in makes this camp exciting. Bummer that there is only the SK game lined up….any chance they’ll play a legit opponent in Brazil?

  4. Hayes says:

    Why would you expect to see Ream since he is in the middle of his club season?

  5. Ronniet says:

    Interesting roster to say the least, but I like it! Definitely wasn’t expecting Jurgen to call in so many uncapped guys 5 months before the WC. A lot of young players(and veterans)that people were itching to see are on this roster and now we’ll get to see if some of these guys can make an impression and a case to be on the WC roster. I’m looking forward to seeing what Klute, Sinovic can do at LB at this level bc like many US supporters, I don’t think Beasley is necessarily the answer back there. Excited to see Feilhaber play as well, as I think he can make some noise at that CAM roll behind the striker. Going to be real exciting to see what happens in this camp!

    • DR7_Liverpool_ says:

      Agreed, very excited to see how our fullback options pan out.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Defense in particular I’d say Klinsi called in some people with limited Brazil chances. Midfield to some extent with some of the new people. But GK and forward I think the calls are veteran and the sensibility is super serious. Barring injury this camp/game should go a ways to deciding who the bench options are at GK and F.

  6. lftwngr says:

    Zach Loyd would have been a nice call up maybe? He is extremely solid at fullback and gets overlooked all the time. But this should be a fun roster to watch and see what happens.

    • Stir Crazy says:

      Not after the year he had. Who knows, maybe Shane O’Neil could make a quality RB

      • Rees says:

        The year Zach had? I’ll give you that his 2012 wasn’t particularly solid, but I watched every FCD match and he was pretty damn good overall, especially over the first half of the season.

  7. PWR says:

    Why would Ream get called in? He is starting at Bolton in England?

  8. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:

    Glad to see Benny back!

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Mixx isn’t.

      • Tony in Quakeland says:

        Benny was great late int he season for KC. Personally, I think he was their most important offensive player. It was good to see hi, so determined and willing to work his butt off, eveni it the ‘stache was pure Village People.

        That said, I don’t think he’s costing Mixx and lost sleep.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          But just imagine the midfield sexiness of Benny “YMCA” Feilhaber and Sacha Kljestache!

      • Brain Guy says:

        Mix. One x. Mix. Mix.

      • DR7_Liverpool_ says:

        I doubt Mix is tripping, Benny has a lot of ground to make up being not called up the majority of 2013. Competition will be deserving and hungry to say the least.

      • biff says:

        Mix is better than Benny.

        • GW says:

          That remains to be seen.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          “Mix is better than Benny.” Maybe. But Benny seems more confident (to me anyway) and is of course more experienced. How do the other veterans on the team feel about him? (And would that make any difference?)

          • biff says:

            Hmmm. Disagree. Mix during the summer at the Gold Cup became must more self-assured and after ooozed confidence, at least in my eyes. That guy is fighter and was not being intimidated by anyone. But GW is right, this is Benny’s chance to put up or shut up. we shall see.

            • ZZtoppppp says:


              Every time Mix has been brought on, especially as a sub, the tempo rises. He constantly pressures and is very confident on the ball.

              I like Benny, but right now Mix is a couple of steps ahead of him.

          • GW says:

            Mr Eye,

            If Benny is at the very top of his game he is a sure fire starter.

            The trouble is Benny is only that way for about three minutes every other year or so. He scored an amazing golazo in the 2007 Gold Cup final and then lived off that goal for about three years.

            Having him start in Brazil would not be a big surprise. It also would not be a big surprise if they kicked him out of the January camp next week.

            That’s the Benny I’ve watched since 2007…

  9. Stir Crazy says:

    Harrington, Klute and Sinovic? Eric Alexander??

    Lee Nguyen should’ve been on this roster, easily. Biggest Snub

    • SIDENETTING says:

      Agree on Alexander & Harrington.. two basic MLS Players, just don’t see the international game from them. Sinovic maybe, Klute has massive potential, and if Klinsi has another four years after this, he’ll want to start working with him now.

    • BFBS says:

      I also thought Alexander is the biggest surprise, and that no Rev midfielder (Nguyen or Rowe, really) was selected the biggest disappointment. Harrington and Sinovic come from the “fullbacks with touch who are used to winning” camp so that’s explicable, although Zach Loyd would have also made sense.

      • SIDENETTING says:

        I could even see a Farrell call-up. Massive potential, quality season at a needy position… Couldn’t hurt to take a look.

      • Stir Crazy says:

        Right but Zach Loyd had a horrible season for Dallas

        Harrington, Sinovic and Klute? Pick two of the latter, but to have three?

        Between that and Alexander, I’m frustrated not to see Nguyen or Rowe

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Given that half of this roster has no chance of making WC 2014, there is no such thing as a “snub.” Half of these players are fighting for positions (e.g.. Mix, Zusi, Goodson), the other half are…something like “experimental filler.”

      • Stir Crazy says:

        There’s no such thing as a snub?

        MLS players who work their asses of all year in the hopes of getting called into these camps, taking the backseat to players in Europe.

        For most of these guys, wether it was in ’12, ’13 or this yr, January is the only period they have to showcase they have what it takes.

        Tell this to Magee and ask him if he’s ever felt snubbed

        • the original jb says:

          Reality check 1: USMNT is for the best players period. Doesnt matter what league. But guess what, the best leagues are in Europe and as of now only the very best Americans have broken into those leagues, so is it a surprise that the Europe-based players make up the majority of the squad?

          Reality check 2: If an MLS player dominates the league, they will get a shot. Magee is on the roster.

          • biff says:

            yeah, but: The door was opened to Europe for most of those players because they were gifted call-ups to the USMNT. Raised their profile, makes it easier to get the work permit, etc. As for Magee on the roster, Klinsmann should have called him in months ago and snubbed him every time, preferring instead to waste call-ups on others who do not come close to offering what Magee can. But finally, after Magee wins MVP and also pundits and fans poured scorn on Klinmann for not calling him, JK finally bows to pressure and calls him in.

            • GW says:

              “But finally, after Magee wins MVP and also pundits and fans poured scorn on Klinmann for not calling him, JK finally bows to pressure and calls him in.’

              I notice that JK has often proved susceptible to pressure from pundits and fans.
              I’m sure he is shaking in fear , hoping that his moves win the approval of gods like Taylor, Alexi and Eric

            • biff says:

              lol. good one, GW, but it appears you must have accidentally left out the last two words of your comment, as there is no period at the end. Either that, or you decided at the last second to delete those two words.

              “I’m sure he is shaking in fear, hoping that his moves win the approval of gods like Taylor, Alexi and Eric *and biff.*

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          Stir Crazy: You’re talking about guys who are waaaaay out on the USMNT radar. So let’s say that JK looked out on that horizon and picked a guy who was 5,000 miles out instead of the guy who was only 4,900. If that’s a snub then the term doesn’t mean anything.

          • Stir Crazy says:

            If you’ve read enough around the USMNT stories, I’d think you’d know that historically, ppl have landed on WC rosters this late if not later

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I think there are some people playing for spots at specific positions where the callins were veteran and are in the nature of a tryout among viable alternatives for bench spots (GK, F). I think there are some spots where MLS routine callups are being called in to work on form and fitness without competition (D, M). I think there are then some D and M callups that are a mix of experiment and filler. Yedlin, Klute, etc. They would have to look exceptional to do anything more than secure interest for after Brazil.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          Imperative: good analysis. Who on this list do you see as an experiment—if, by experiment, we mean “a last-minute but still serious stab at finding a better option than we currently have”?

          I’d say that any of the wingbacks fit that description. Maybe Feilhaber (vs Mixx). Maybe maybe Magee.

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            GK; Rimando is the favorite and Hall is the most experimental (no caps) but the premise seems to be 3rd GK tryouts with every single callup a camp veteran.

            D: Besler, Evans, Gonzo, and Goodson are your veterans. If everyone stays healthy the default setting would be Evans RB and 2 of the other 3 as starting CBs. I then think Harrington, Klute, Myers, O’Neill, Sinovic, and Yedlin are almost in a separate camp getting their experimental “look,” with a LB spot open for someone as their “cherry on top.” I think Beasley remains the incumbent but there have been enough LB issues with people like Castillo that a solid LB backup could sneak on the plane.

            M: Zusi, Beckerman, Davis, and Mix are the veterans who if healthy take spots. Feilhaber is a wild card with something to prove like Shea over the summer.
            Alexander, Gil, and McCarty are getting an experimental “look” and/or making numbers.

            F: Donovan, EJ, and Wondo are regulars playing for what I perceive as bench spots (fair or unfair to Landon, that’s where I think he stands with the boss). Magee has been called up before and is a little old to be called an experiment. I think he’s being brought in for being More Wondo than Wondo last season, and if he blew the doors off he’d get a look at a bench slot just the same.

            My two cents.

            • KingGoogleyEye says:

              Imperative: can I trouble you for one more cent?

              I see three types of call-ups here:
              1) contenders
              2) wild/crazy/desperate experiments
              3) making numbers/”why not”?

              Looking at the defenders you listed as experimental—Harrington, Klute, Myers, O’Neill, Sinovic, and Yedlin—do you see them all as equally experimental? For example, Yedlin has already played for JK and he’s vying for a spot where we know we need someone with more pace (i.e., exactly what Yedlin has). Does that make him more of an actual consideration—a contender—or still just a wild experiment (or worse, just “making numbers”)?

              Feilhaber, as another example, doesn’t seem to be an experiment, simply because of his history. JK probably has a good feel for his ability and just wants to test his chemistry. Would you group him with the contenders?

              • The Imperative Voice says:

                Feilhaber would probably be at the tail end of the veterans. I think if he played very well he has the history and pedigree to step right back into the team like Holden was on pace to do. But he has been sufficiently disfavored where a mediocre or bad performance ends his campaign. He has to be excellent. He has to shove his way into a talented, deep midfield. That’s why I say wild card.

                I don’t recall seeing Yedlin ever getting a cap, so I think he’s a pool guy like the rest. The way the callups are, wingbacks have a chance to start and make a case. Maybe that gets you called back to make another case. So while they are experimental, the callups provide a better stage for defenders to actually play. Look at M or F and most of the people who will start are regulars. But at least one LB we’ve not heard from will get to show something….

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            An interesting Magee issue is he had been recommended to Ireland by Keane. Would Klinsi be above capping someone just to ensure they are an available option and not lost to the Irish? Hmmm.

    • MLSsnob says:

      Agreed Lee “for the” Nguyen deserves a spot, if nothing else because of his technical ability. Though you can argue, we already have a Feiharber.

    • Helium-3 says:

      Agree about Lee Nguyen. Since almost everyone and their brother was called up I was surprised at the omission of Nguyen since he is one of the difference makers for the Revs, along with Rowe.

      Nguyen has ability to make things happen and he is playing regularly so what gives?

      You need guys who can make a difference to play on a national team, not just guys good
      enough to make the (NT) team (Harrington, Myers).

    • CorkSoccer says:

      no Jack Mac? He was on the Gold Cup roster. Must not have been very impressive in training.

      • bryan says:

        i specifically remember reports during the Gold Cup stating he didn’t look good in training. too bad.

  10. David says:

    There will always be a few guys who are snubs on any selection. I was surprised that as many as 26 players were called. I didn’t expect more than 22 or 23 in a World Cup year when it looks like most of the roster spots are claimed. I like that a number of younger players who have done really well in MLS are in the group: Gil, Klute, Yedlin, and O’Neill for example. There has been a great deal of push for Mike Magee, who has been a terrific player in MLS, but has never been capped by the national team before. So, I like that he finally has a shot. McCarty and Alexander are rewarded for playing roles in the Red Bulls winning the Supporters Shield. Feilhaber is acknowledged for his revitalization under Vermes in KC. All the guys who have been a part of qualifying are there. It’s a pretty good group. Are there other players who merited a call into this camp? Probably. I liked Andrew Farrell’s play for New England this year. I also thought that Kelyn Rowe showed enough to contribute in this camp. The four goalkeepers pretty much pick themselves, although if Clint Irwin has another good year he will get more mentions for Camp Cupcake/Strudel 2015.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Since it’s MLS offseason what is the harm in a broad callup? Err on the side of a bunch of people for injuries since people may be out of shape, cut to 23 one week in, cut to 18 for South Korea. Only some people are really playing for Brazil, many are getting their “look,” and since the intent is not so much an A team realism as a B/C tryout camp, and the club/country tug of war is less an issue, call up a bunch of people.

  11. Good Jeremy says:

    I know it’s been stated several times, but it took entirely too long for Magee to get called up.
    He doesn’t have amazing physical attributes, but he has a great nose for goal and comes up bi in clutch situations. He can easily compete with Johnson, Davis, and possibly Bedoya at wide mid/wing. Don’t think I am saying he is better than them, just that he can compete with them and deserves a chance since they are called in constantly and aren’t always impressive.

    I also like the focus on defense and using this as a legit audition for the fullbacks to go to more Brazil camps instead of simply giving winter practice and a game or two to MLS players like most years.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      We’ll see what he does, and I personally approve of “gamers.” But people who punch above their perceived weight in MLS like TT and Wondo often find their limits internationally. I think you really only need 1-2 hustle players on a World Cup 23 that are to be used to close a game by running around tackling people. Based on our draw I think you need proven producers.

    • biff says:

      Agreed on Magee. Will be interesting to see whether he can rise to the occasion and, actually, whether Klinsmann will give him a fair chance to show what he can do. Knowing Klinsmann the Tinkerer, he will pull Magee aside and tell him: “Mike, I got just the spot for you. You gonna luv it and you gonna be good as a central defender paired up with Omar.”

    • GW says:

      Mr. Jeremy

      “He can easily compete with Johnson, Davis, and possibly Bedoya at wide mid/wing.”

      Can Magee provide the kind of physical presence, aerial threat and clutch goal scoring that EJ did at the end of last year?
      Can Magee provide the kind of dead ball and crossing threat that Davis can?
      At the end of last year was Magee better than Bedoya? Is he better than an- in form Herculez?

      Is Magee more deadly than AJ?

      It seems to me all those guys were already competing for a few spots.

      I see no solid rationale for why Magee deserved to take time away from any one of them.
      Magee is a fine player but his primary competitors are Donovan and Dempsey. I take either one over him. And he’s 29 so AJ, who is at least as good a scorer as Magee, has the edge over him. Besides AJ looks like he just might be a star in the making.

      • Good Jeremy says:

        Is he better at each of those things than that list of players you just gave? No, but how many players in the world are fast, tall, physical, clutch goal scorers who can whip in a cross on the wing? No one in CONCACAF. Are any of the players you listed better in the clutch than he is? I am not saying he has the skill of Bale, but he does have Bale’s ability to turn on the jets in the final moments of important games.

        He doesn’t have to outperform every fringe player in every category to make the roster, he bags a lot of goals and does better in clutch situations than anyone in our player pool, so if any of that translates to the international game then the individual shortcomings he has compared to each of the other fringe players are irrelevant.

        • GW says:

          Mr. Jeremy

          “Is he better at each of those things than that list of players you just gave? No, but how many players in the world are fast, tall, physical, clutch goal scorers who can whip in a cross on the wing? No one in CONCACAF.”

          Shea maybe.

          “Are any of the players you listed better in the clutch than he is?”

          Yes. All of them.

          They have all proved it with the national team in qualifying with the USMNT
          Success in MLS does not necessarily translate directly and there are no more competitive games before the World Cup for Magee to prove his point. For example, you may not like EJ but he has come through in the clutch for the USMNT several times this year. At this point EJ deserves his place in the USMNT pecking order over Magee because he earned it
          Magee has never done anything like that.

          Unless he is absolutely incandescent, and maybe he will be, Magee is there to prove his suitability to replace people who come up injured.

  12. Dinho says:

    Potential Starting XI’s we will see?

    ——————– EJ —————————-

    LD ————– Mix ——————– Zusi

    ——— Feilhaber —— Beckerman —–

    Klute —— Besler —- Gonzalez —- Evans

    ——————— Rimando————————


    ——————– EJ —- LD ————————

    Davis ——– Mix —— Beckerman——— Zusi

    Klute —— Besler —- Gonzalez —- Evans

    ——————— Rimando————————


    ——————– EJ —- LD ————————

    Zusi ——– Mix —— Feilhaber ——— Magee

    Klute —— Besler —- Goodson —- Evans

    ——————— Rimando———————–

    • Falsify says:

      I like your last lineup.

    • beto says:

      the second one.

    • Zac says:

      Who is going to defend out of that second midfield group?

      • Dinho says:

        I assume you mean the last group…

        Well, we are playing Korea, not Germany. I think both Benny and Mix can put in work. Neither of them are afraid to get “stuck in.”

        For this game, I just don’t see the need to see what Beckerman can do… again.

    • MJC-DC says:

      I love me some AM’s, that said, that last lineup would only work in FIFA. You need some more bite/DM presence in that midfield.

      • Dinho says:

        see my response above.

        • Alex says:

          But the fact remains that you need a competent defender in the midfield, not just guys who will “get stuck in.” Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good quality, but you’re insane if you think that Benny and Mix have enough defensive competence between them for international soccer, vein if South Korea isn’t exactly Spain or Brazil.

          • Dinho says:

            I would like to see it happen first. Then, we can discuss their defensive “competence” as you so eloquently put it.

  13. Joekaef says:

    Sheanon Williams deserved a look. Especially over Harrington and (probably) Klute.

    • I have to agree. Harrington was pushed out of Kansas City because of Myers and Sinovic being a head above him, Williams may have been a more logical choice. Perhaps the overlapping style Vermes’ employs is why Harrington, too, was selected.

    • broadsthooligans says:

      Williams has really impressed. He’s got to get a call-up to something like this soon. Maybe a Gold Cup or January Camp in ’15. He’s one of the best in MLS at a position we’ve been having serious trouble with.

  14. MisterJC says:

    I just want to see the game against S. Korea. That will cause the real discussions of who might possibly make a last minute break through for a spot on the world cup squad…

  15. SIDENETTING says:

    Like all of the call-ups here except Harrington to be honest. After watching countless PTFC games last season I just don’t see international qualities but I could be wrong.

    *I’ll be the first to throw out a line up… not what I think Klinsi will do but..


    *Think that Beckerman/Besler/Gonzo will provide enough support for Yedlin and Klute to do what they do best & Get forward, Zusi and Davis also like to pinch in and then Diskerud can push higher up closer to Magee and Donovan

    • Stir Crazy says:

      You like Alexander?

      • SIDENETTING says:

        Missed him in my original post. Not International… Had trouble holding a spot on the Red Bulls this year until late, just don’t see it.

        • Stir Crazy says:

          Nobody but Klinsmann ever has apparently

        • slowleftarm says:

          Not saying Alexander belongs in the camp, but he played in every game for RBNY last year so holding down a spot was not a problem at all.

          • Stir Crazy says:

            Steele, McCarty, and Alexander were a big part of their turn around. Petke of course too, but it was because these guys a lot of those Pre-Madonnas on the RB starting playing like actual players with a purpose

            • slowleftarm says:

              Yeah I agree with all that but still not sure Eric is USMNT material. His best position in central midfield and the other options are better in my opinion. Love having him at RBNY though and glad he’s back next season.

    • TomA says:

      Very okay with this lineup – makes for some really good partnerships: Lando/Mike(BAMF), Mix/Beckerman, Beasler/Gonzo.

  16. Clyde Frog says:

    The large number of players called in might reflect that Klinsmann got that big extension, and is not against the idea of working with some guys that might figure more prominently after the WC.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Good point

    • slowleftarm says:

      Or it might reflect that JK needs to call in a full squad and given that it’s MLS only, these are the best players available.

    • GW says:

      Mr Frog,


      Fans are obsessed with previews for 2018.

      I doubt the USMNT can afford to be. They have plenty to look at for 2014. That’s why you have all these new fullbacks called in.

      There will be injuries and dropouts for whatever reason as well as other players getting called in. That is what usually happens.

      But I doubt when all is said and done ( it’s a long camp after all) that anyone who JK thinks has zero chance of being able to contribute in Brazil will remain in camp. 2018 is a long time away and every one of these players could be out of the picture or even the game by then.

      • go euro or go home says:

        It is actually very likely. For all of the talk of focusing on the next game or competition, good coaches are always looking ahead. especially jn a case like this where there are cycles of players involved.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        “2018 is a long time away and every one of these players could be out of the picture or even the game by then.”

        Just doesn’t seem JK’s m.o. though. He loves playing matchmaker, getting US players opportunities in Europe. That’s a long term mindset. And part of his extended contract was gaining more control over player development, right?

  17. Chicago Josh says:

    Anyone else surprised Jack Mac isn’t on the list? He certainly has more upside than Wondo…or even Wondow.

    • Kosh says:

      Jack Mac is a young player who has great upside but there is also a mental side to the game and sometimes rushing a young player can mess with that. I am not suggesting that he doesn’t have the mental fortitude but his drop in MLS after his brief time with the Nats suggests that he has some work to do on that side of the game. His time will surely come but right now he needs to get his mind and body right for the upcoming season.

      Say what you want about Wondo, and yes he has yet to prove his strengths against bigger teams but he’s been in the dance a few times before and has a bit more to offer in this scenario than Jack Mac – IMHO, of course.

    • beachbum says:

      the interesting thing to me about no JackMac is that he was on a tear when Klinnsman first called him up, then went back to Philly and struggled mightily. Thought Klinnsman would bring him in just to try and right that ship

  18. Alex C says:

    Nice to see some of the young players on this list. I was hoping to see Chris Schuler. Any thoughts? Are we already deep enough at that position? Maybe the fact that he was beaten by A Collin in the final adversely affected his chances? I also like how Lee Nguyen is developing.

  19. Falsify says:


    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      Good golly, Bornstein jokes never get old!

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      It isn’t just Bornstein, it is many, many more. Look down a few line, I am sure Adu will pop up, as will many other borderline Nat players.

      The fact that whining about very good American players still goes on is rediculous.

      • Tony in Quakeland says:

        as is the implication that Bradley was the only coach who ever had “his guys” who got more chances that others. Every coach in existence has had guys he grades on a mysterious curve.

    • Ian says:

      I wonder if Bornstein knows he’s an SBI anti-legend?

  20. Brain Guy says:

    Hooray for Dax. Nice recognition for a solid, hard-working and underrated player. He may not be deemed MNT-worthy, but it’s great to see the call-up.

  21. MMV says:

    Where’s Aurelien Collin??? All of Sporting’s backline are there minus Collin. Oh wait………. he;’ French!!!

    Seriously, it’s nice to see the defensive trio of SKC on the roster. They are work so well together and have had big-time success as a unit. It will be interesting it Myers and Sinovic are international quality.

    • user222 says:

      this Frenchie is a ‘beast’… hasnt been capped by France… at 27, he could still represent the US.

  22. 4now says:

    I’ve always been impressed with A.J. Soares but haven’t seen very much of him. Anyone that has have any opinion on him? Does he warrant a look?

    • Nick4235 says:

      As a revs fan who watched almost every game I’d say he’s not good enough. Basically the 3rd best CB on the Revs, he just seemed so horribly average for us whenever he played last season. I am however disappointed with no Rowe or Nguyen. I’m obviously biased so take this with a grain of salt but I personally would rather see Rowe and Nguyen than guys like Davis, Alexander and instead of the 3rd left back Harrington or maybe even Myers. Myers is good and Harrington is average but why do we need 6 fullbacks? Drop 2 fullbacks and bring in more attacking players.

      • 4now says:

        Thanks Nick.

      • go euro or go home says:

        Nick – what about Farrell? I am big on him and really surprised he was not included.

        • Nick4235 says:

          In my opinion Farrell had a good year. He’s more athletic than I expected and his defending was solid. His ball control and dribbling skills are pretty good especially for a defender but his passing seems sporadic. Id like to see some of his passing stats but it seemed to me he had too many giveaways sometimes and seeing as he was a center back is crossing was blah. If I were to compare him to Yedlin I’d say he’s a better defender but not as good in the attack. He has all the tools to be a national team player he just needs to keep working at right back and learn the position or be switched back to a center back where I think he’d also find success. I think next year could be the year he really turns into one of the best defenders in the league.

          • Nick4235 says:

            Sorry that was long but basically…

            -freakishly athletic
            -good tackling
            -ball control and dribbling

            -sometimes a bit over enthusiastic
            -crossing and occasionally passing

            Needs more time to learn the right back position before he’s ready to be a mnt player. Could be a real star next season if he works on the weaknesses

  23. Idaho Brian says:

    I expected to see Chris Shuler on the list. When he is healthy, (which hasn’t been often – admittedly), I think he has shown to be a dominant MLS central defender. Other than that one omission, I like the roster.

  24. wood chip zip says:

    would have called up Josh Williams over Harrington.

  25. Stir Crazy says:

    I wanna see the writer bold enough to defend Klinsmann’s selection of Alexander.

    Someone on MLS’ website I’m sure. But I look forward to having a good laugh

    • beto says:

      not defending him, but keep in mind that 3 players will be let go after 6 days in Carson. Maybe an extra RB, GK and CM were called just to add some pressure to those guys not to take any of the first few days lightly..

      • Stir Crazy says:

        I see your point, but given that Zusi and Davis are the only ones who can really play winger out there, it just irks me

  26. Brian Hall says:

    I think LD proved himself last year starting in the Gold Cup. I don’t think he should be forced to attend this camp. He prob doesn’t want to be there and will hurt the chemistry. LD has earned the time off, ideally he would be on loan somewhere in Europe right now but Brice Arena ruined that idea.

    • Kosh says:


      This isn’t about what you’ve earned it’s about fighting to earn a place on the plane. Like it or not LD has competition and all of them are either playing right now, looking for a loan or joining this camp. How much of a break do you want to give this guy in a WC year?

      Plus didn’t he have enough of a break last year? Hey he can do what he wants just don’t complain when JK takes his actions into consideration…in a WC year.

    • SilverRey says:

      I don’t see this as Donovan needing to prove anything, I think he has a spot on the plane. This is more about getting playing time with the other seat holders and potentials, and get his legs back from injury.

    • usaalltheway says:

      Hasn’t Jurgen make several past statements about having senior guys in at camp to help direct, mentor and acclimate the newer players?

      If so, my bet would be that is the reason LD is in this mix of players.

      Plus, he is Landon Donovan after all. 😉

    • biff says:

      guys, have you ever seen the user name Brian Hall before. Smells like a trohl-lah-lah :-)

      • Brian Hall says:

        I got nothing but respect for LD and JK and perhaps LD wants to be at this camp and the issue is moot. But LD strikes me as the introverted type who at this stage of his career doesn’t want to lead or mentor. This is our Freshman team and should be about the really young guys building comroderie and learning a new system so they can contribute in 2018. Expecting LD to gel with guys 10 years younger who earn 1/50 of what he does is unrealistic.

        • biff says:

          A thoughtful post like that, although I disagree with it, I can respond to. Landy-Cakes is arguably the greatest player ever for the USMNT, and it seems to me he aching for a leadership role in WC 2014, which will no doubt be his last. He was excellent last summer during the Gold Cup–a fantastic role model and leader for the younger guys on the team (although Klinsmann for whatever reasons refused him the captaincy). I think it is great that Donovan is coming into this camp with all the kids and I would be almost certain that Donovan is eager to be a part of it.

  27. AcidBurn says:

    Couple of thoughts on the roster:

    1) Yedlin fanboi’s are polishing their pencils, putting him in the starting XI for Ghana! Woooo!
    2) Can’t wait to see Wondo and Magee TEAR IT UP against that S. Korea C team, creating calls for them on the plane to Brazil
    3) Any chance we can get another friendly against Club America, seeing that Sporting KC is taking up half the bus to see which club reigns supreme…

    • I would pay to see SKC v America

      • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

        Yedlin started almost every game as a 19-20 year old. JK passing him up would be newsworthy…and not by fanboys only.

      • broadsthooligans says:

        Are you referring to South Korea’s C team or Sporting Kansas City, playing a match against Club America or the US national team? or some other combination I’ve missed.

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      If you want to call me, an obessive watcher of the US Men’s national team for 30+ years as well as a former club coach, a fanboy for championing Yedlin, I’m happy to have the label. I have a lof of company.

      • usaalltheway says:

        Given your record, can you tell me why Yendlin is such a great prospect.

        And just to be clear, I am being serious. I don’t watch much MLS and didn’t see any of the U-20 World Cup. I truly haven’t a clue with regards to him as a player, so I would like to know more.

        • Fredo says:

          I’m no expert, but from games I’ve watched, Yedlin bombs forward up the right well, overlaps, and gets involved in the buildup. That’s impressive. And, he has recovery speed. Because he’s young, he occasionally gets caught out of position. That one mistake can lose a game for you. Working with the defenders in this camp should be good for him.

          • usaalltheway says:

            So, he is

            1) Fast – both moving forward and back.
            2) Overlaps well
            3) Gets involved in attacks
            4) Is athletic
            5) young, therefore has time to improve

            Does that sum it up?

            Do you think he can complete against better opponents than what the MLS has to offer? (No diss on the MLS, okay, it’s just the reality thus far)

            • Trolltossin says:

              Yedlin starts over the USMNT starting RB Brad Evans. Yedlin is much better at defense and was arguably the best defender the last two months (not saying much and maybe Leo Gonzalez was better).

              The thing about Yedlin is that Tab Ramos loves him, guys like Donovan love him and thinks he is an incredible talent (gushed about him at the ASG) and has experience in a lineup with guys like Johnson, Dempsey, Evans etc.

              The fact that Yedlin is barely 20 years old and only has been a defender for ywo years says a lot. He was a midfielder before Caleb Porter switched him at Akron.

              If he continues to grow he will be exceptional. First MLS rookie All Star since 2005. One of the fastest guys in MLS and didnt hit a wall as a rookie. he broke though it. He imprved greatly through out the year. Evans is also an injury risk (he gets a yearly injury that has nagged him for years about August every year).

              Do I think yedlin makes the roster-no. Would I be surprised if he did-no.

  28. Beantown Strong says:

    What a difference a few playoff games make for Feilhaber, who was otherwise inconsistent and sometime struggled most of the MLS season. Nguyen was a lot more consistent performer and crucial to NE’s run to the playoffs. KRowe and AFarrell also deserve a look.

    • Helium-3 says:

      +1 for Nguyen, and I’m not even a Revs fan. Rowe is another excellent prospect but too young to be competing with much more experienced players on NT.

      • White Kix says:

        Disagree on Rowe. He can make an impact now. I see him as a step up from Zusi. Rowe seems willing to put in the work that Zusi does, but has a better shot (Zusi can’t put it on frame in big games, one shot on goal in his entire playoff career), is more skillful with the ball at his feet, appears to be faster, and has better vision. I don’t think Rowe would be a starter, but think he could be huge as a sub this summer in Brazil. unfortuanatley, since he isn’t in this camp, we won’t get to see it.

        I also would have liked to see Nguyen get a call. Him and Rowe, although they usually play somewhat centrally for for the Revs, are the two best MLS options to play on the wings who we haven’t already seen over and over again with the nats. The team called in for camp is thin on the wings, and Alexander is not the answer

  29. Jacknut says:

    No DC United field players once again. Thanks Kaspar.

    (and EJ doesn’t count, as he’s not yet suited up for the Black and Red)

    • SilverRey says:

      I would count him if I were you.

      Pontius may get his day again, but not right now…

      btw, if I were Hamid, I might be inclined to be mad at you for not noticing he’s in the camp.

  30. nate says:

    Clearly fishing for more fullbacks, a rather glaring need. Not sure any of these guys are the answer, at least not in time for 2014 (Yedlin will be there soon, but still makes a few too many mistakes in my book), but glad Klinsmann is leaving no stone unturned.

    • Dinho says:

      Agreed on Yedlin. Needs to the learn the position better. And, I’m not sure Evans is the one to teach him from a defensive standpoint. Dolo should come in and give him some tips.

      • Trolltossin says:

        Supposedly Yedlin is heading to Hannover this offseason (after camp cupcake?) Wonder if that is at Jurgen’s request. In fact I bet it is.

  31. Kosh says:

    I see Harrington and Alexander are getting the same kind of love Evans was getting on here. Well…until Evans went and played his way into the discussion.

    The thing is, JK sees something, something that we are not seeing, when he makes these call ups. I know we all have our favorites but to write guys off before they even prove themselves? Well like I said…Evans.

    • Stir Crazy says:

      Evans is a proven commodity. Cornerstone on a multiple winning season team who’d had previous national team experience.

      Alexander hustles, really, really well

      • Kosh says:

        True but how many screamed bloody murder when JK selected Evans? Heck how many right now still want Evans out?

        Proven commodity? How did he prove himself on the Nats level without having a shot?

        • Stir Crazy says:

          I should’ve phrased it, “Evans was a proven commodity on the MLS level; a cornerstone of a multiple winning season side who’d had previous nats experience”

      • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

        Evans has never played RB for the Sounders….I doubt in all of his career. I think he could have been moved there, but Zakuani never returned, Rosales fell off, and Yedlin happened.

        I agree though, there is never a reason to scream bloody murder, these are very good players, you may like another really good player over him, but these are VERY good players.

        It is the US Nat team for pete sake and they are in contention to make a WCup team….

        • Stir Crazy says:

          Alright. Alexander’s a very good player. I’ll back off. We’ll see how a very good player like Alexander does against S.K, if he’s even there.

          • Kosh says:

            We’re not strong arming you here, everyone has the right to their opinion. We’re just providing a counter point to your position – which came off as very absolute for me. I am not saying Alexander is a very good player, by any means…but how good is he? We’ll never be able to tell if he never gets a chance.

            JK saw something to give him a shot. There is no guarantee that he gets it but there’s something there, enough for JK to pick him, is all I am saying.

            • Stir Crazy says:

              Well i think most ppl feel absolute in their opinions

              But I see where your coming from and I should verse my opinions in a humbler way.

        • Air Jordanz says:

          Evans has definitely played RB for the Sounders many times. He’s played just about every position for them at least once. I don’t think he played at RB any this previous season, though.

          • White Kix says:

            Evans also played right back for Bradley in a Gold Cup (The 09 tournament I believe).

          • Trolltossin says:

            He did in the 2nd half against Colorado in the first round of the playoffs when Yedlin left the game with a rolled ankle. Sigi believes that Yedlin is as good of a RB and when Evans is better in teh midfield than his teammates then it makes sense to play Evans on the right or centrally.

  32. Its obvious JK wants to see fullbacks who actually know how to overlap, and do it well. Klute showed that this year, as did the champions, Myers and Sinovic. Yedlin, even.

    I like it, lets move on from Evans / Beasley.

  33. bbaltrus says:

    Very disappointed that Amobi Okugo didn’t make it. Far better centerback and midfielder than some of the other MLS picks.

  34. Birgit Calhoun says:

    I like the roster. However it would have been nice to see Kelyn Rowe in it. He is a great attacking midfielder. And I am not sure about Yedlin. He seems a bit immature.

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      Immature ? Personality wise or playing wise ?

      Playing wise he is 20 and has played one season. Personality wise, you have to be way off base on that.

      • Trolltossin says:

        Immature- he has played the position for two years. One as a professional where he was an all star as a rookie- the first since 2005. Ignorance is bliss. There are Sounders highlights and Yedlin ones-go watch them. He is better defensively that people think and is better at overlapping already than almost all MLS fullbacks

    • beachbum says:

      I like Yedlin but he tailed off as the season wore on seemed to me

      • Travis says:

        Not shocking for someone playing their first professional season, however I thought his crossing was vastly better late in the year. He did seem more tired at times though.

      • Trolltossin says:

        Well then it seemed wrong. He was much better at crossing at the end of the season. Probably was the best defender with a god awful CB pairing at the end. He was playing his best ball the last two months.

  35. Wichin says:

    Landon for captain!!!! Finally.

  36. Wichin says:

    Wasn’t wondo hurt? I thought jones might get called in as he is in limbo right now. Great way to keep I shape.

  37. John says:

    My prediction is, the only uncapped player that makes the team going to Brazil from this group is Yedlin. However Klinsmann will use him as a winger and not at fullback.

  38. AII says:

    Anyone know if the camp in Carson is open to the public?

    • Fredo says:

      Roll up to the team store between 10:00 – 12:00, you’ll probably see them on field directly across from stadium VIP entrance.

  39. Matt says:

    Where Agudelo at?

  40. Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

    Am I missing something about Fagundez ?
    I guess this is all about 2014 and finding something/someone and he is too young ?

    I still bring him into camp. I love all the guys selected, but many of them are very known commodities….and a few of them have to be known to be on the wrong side of the line, or at least very long shots.

    Or am I missing something else, like he is out on loan ?

  41. Ian says:

    I’m late to the comment party. Just wanted to chime in with “Magee! Magee! Magee is on fire!” and “Tits Magee! Tits Magee! Tits Magee!” (Hat tip: LARS).

  42. bryan says:


    i don’t see Evans not starting, but i would still like to see this. Gil coming in at halftime.

    • Chris Whyte says:

      Yep. I think this is the starting lineup Klinsi will go with, except Evans instead of Yedlin.

    • Air Jordanz says:

      Your 1-4-4-1 lineup is intriguing, and I know Rimando played in the field some in college, but I just don’t see him with the skills to play the lone striker, even with Klute and Yedlin giving him service.

      • Freddy Adu says:

        Oh c’mon people, that was a fantastic response! Air, bravo to you my friend, keep the fun alive!

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      bryan: I like that lineup and agree that it is likely, but I really only care about the wingback positions.

      Do you think Gil is likely to sub in? I would expect Feilhaber first. I also can’t imagine that Magee won’t get some minutes—maybe only 2 minutes and played as a withdrawn forward just to anger the fans! ha ha

      • bryan says:

        i would personally love to see Gil subbed in, but you could be right. it would not surprise me to see Benny subbed in first.

        as for Magee, i agree. he will absolutely get some minutes. i think it’ll be interesting to see which subs end up coming in.

  43. GW says:

    Portland and NY fans, could you give us more detail to help explain the inclusion of Harrington and Alexander?

    I am not familiar with them.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Alexander had a pretty good season at RBNY playing mostly on the right side of midfield. Lost his starting spot down the stretch in some games but I believe he played in every match. Best position is probably central midfield. Decent technique, not very fast.

      Picking a squad this big with just MLS players means digging down a bit and looks like EA made the cut due to his solid season last year and ability to play more than one spot.

    • RBNY says:

      Alexander is there because of his versatility. Can basically play any midfield position and is a reliable and controlled passer of the ball. He’s also shown flashes of attacking skill going forward from time to time. Scored a couple of pretty goals this season. He also gets back and defends his position well – he’s a safe and honest player, gives it 100% every time out. Very consistent.

      He’s not the quickest, most athletic guy on the planet though, and while safe, is sometimes too safe with the ball. Doesn’t appear to be a natural attacking player. All in all, he’s been a reliable platoon-level mid for us.

    • RBNY says:

      Easy-E is an honest, reliable midfielder. Will give you safe play and defends his position well. He’s versatile, can play anywhere in midfield, but he’s best in the middle. He’s becoming a better wing player, as he did make some nice slashing runs through the defense for goals last season.

      He’s not an athlete, and plays it too safe at times. He was a pretty consistent middie for us last season. Was a fixture for us in most games.

    • Timbers Fan says:

      As for Harrington, he was the most consistent player on the Timbers’ roster all season – and had the most minutes at 2951 out of a possible 3060 (he only missed one game and started the other 33). Not flashy, and he did make the occasional mistake, but he did his job – and that included overlapping and crossing, both of which he can do reasonably well. He’s not the fastest player, nor is he naturally a left-sided player, but at 28 in late January he’s at or near his peak in terms of a mix of physical and mental abilities. I think it’s a now-or-never moment for him.

  44. beto says:

    good roster, of course there are a few names left off that I would change but I am more interested in what their Brazil itinerary is..

    are they just training in Sao Paulo? are they visiting/training Reclife, Manaus and Natal? Playing any friendlies there?

  45. MLSsnob says:

    Would’ve like to see Luis Silva.

  46. Loud in PDX says:

    You know what I agree that Harrington isn’t the flashiest of players but I’m going to drop some numbers here that probably explain why Klinsman is taking a look. And no I did not think that Mikey would be the Timbers’ first call up (for the record) but I think you guys are selling him short.
    From @Ben_Jata:
    Michael Harrington MLS 2013

    1,529 Passes: 1st among DEF
    1,235 Passes completed: 2nd among DEF
    701 Passes completed opp. half: 1st among DEF

    • Timbers Fan says:

      I posted this above, but he also played 2951 out of a possible 3060 minutes, and played in and started 33 games.

  47. RBNY says:

    Alexander and McCarty, WE BUSSIN OFF MAD CAPS SON, FOREALZ.

  48. Andrew Bernstain says:

    attn turf haters:

    link to

    since there’s so many on this site.

  49. Travis says:

    Good for Yedlin to make this but people thinking he is going to be on the plane to Brazil are out of their minds. He still shuts off defensively occasionally and makes some mistakes which we can not have happen in the group we are in. This will be good experience for him and a cap isn’t out the question but thinking he will be in Brazil is a bit outlandish.

    • Trolltossin says:

      Not really Ramos gushes about him, Donovan loves the kid, and Jurgen has even called out his play (positively) more than once. Will he go-probably not. Would it be a shocker especially if there is an injury at RB-no

  50. HillbillyCharm says:

    I like this roster for the purpose it serves. Introduces or reacquaints all the youngsters to the program and provides a couple veteran leaders at each position for guidance, coaching, wisdom, etc. Some of the veteran fringe players can probably solidify their tickets to Brazil. Guys like Goodson, Brad Evans, or even Brad Davis and Kyle Beckerman can play their way on or off of the plane based on their January Camp performance…

    Main thing is to just stay healthy and I wish this squad would play more games…

  51. Shurls says:

    I may have missed something, but I was surprised to not see Juan Aguedelo on the roster. Any update on his transfer status.

    • RBNY says:

      I believe he was originally on the roster, but was later pulled. I guess that goes to show that he might be getting his move to Europe sooner rather than later.

  52. Curt Knudson says:

    Do the players get paid by US Soccer for the month of training?

    • Helium-3 says:

      You bet. I wouldn’t be flying and playing there on my own dime.

      I believe the USMNT players union (?) have some sort of basic pay agreement with the USSF. At the very least they get per diem, free USMNT gear, and also some sort of appearance fee.

  53. timothy says:

    I, like pretty much all soccer fans, didnt pay attention to chivas last season. Did bocanegra play poorly? Veteran presence is usually desired. Also, it would be kind of cool if klinsman could also bring in guys like Henry and Robbie Keane, just to train with the guys and fagundez just to make him feel like part of the team in case he is performing at a high level when he gets his citizenship. I’m not sure if those ideas would fly though

  54. Roman Lewandowski says:

    I think O’Neill ultimately will play for Ireland. He probably has a better chance to break into Ireland’s defense, and he will get European exposure.

    • user222 says:

      Agree… too bad because the kid has potential.

      At the moment there is too much competion in the US defense with Gonzo, Besler, Brooks, Cameron, Goodson, Orozco and possible Shuler… but I can see him being the solid #3 or #4 CD.

      • shawn says:

        sorry but if he has potential then he should easily beat goodson and orozco in the future

      • user222 says:

        he will beat Goodson and Orozco in the future, but not enough time to show Jurgen that he deserves a ticket to Brazil.

        I heard a rumor that Shane said if he doesnt go to Brazil with the US then he will pursue playing for Ireland in the Euro 2016.

        the problem is O’neill doesnt want to wait til 2018.

  55. biff says:

    Why would Ream get called in?

  56. user222 says:

    Is Pontius just unlucky? or he just doesnt want to play for the USMNT?

    he’s always got an excuse….

    and for Josh Gatt, if he’s on the field and playing in Denmark in April/May then he should be called up.

  57. Wispy says:

    I think it speaks volumes that JK brought in six FBs (seven if you count O’Neill). It’s obvious to me that these are positions that he is wary about, i.e., he likes Evans and Beasley but still feels that those are spots where he needs to get as much depth as possible. If (1) Dolo can’t stay healthy, (2) Cameron is needed at CB, (3) Fabian Johnson is needed further upfield, (4) Chandler can’t get his act together, and/or (5) Parkhurst can’t get some PT (all of which are real possibilities), JK may need to rely on some of these new FBs he’s bringing into Jan camp.

    • biff says:

      I think you might be right about Klinsmann seeing the light, that Evans is not capable of playing right back at a very high level in Brazil. That said, it is clear to me that Evans has great fighting spirit and chemistry and could be an asset for the Brazil roster. This January camp would be good opportunity for Evans the club midfielder to be tested in the USMNT midfield. I have a feeling Jurgen is going to do this.

      • Wispy says:

        I think Evans makes the Brazil 23, just not as a starter. He’s a great locker room guy, capable of cover at RB and any of four MF spots, and he’s now been (plenty) blooded at the international level. I still think Cherundolo ends up being the starter.

        • biff says:

          I would love to see dolo start if he can regain his absolute top form, because that is what it will take for him to move past Cameron, who is a very good right back, the first American ever to do so in the premier League. I am doubtful dolo will be able to bounce back to that high level.

          • biff says:

            yeah, i know he’s not the first.

          • KingGoogleyEye says:

            biff: Is Cameron currently the starting RB? Part of me hopes yes, part hopes no.

            • biff says:

              for Stoke he is and only Klinsmann knows for the USMNT. but I have felt for the past few months and posted on this board that I think Cameron and Fabian will be our starting fullbacks in Brazil. I think a lot of fans overrate Fabian’s attacking capabilities as a left winger. We have better left wingers, one of whom is DaMarcus Beasley but Klinsmann keeps playing Beez at LB. But when cunch time comes, Klinsmann will wise up.

              • KingGoogleyEye says:

                biff: I hope you’re right about FabJo. I do think he is a very good LW, but agree that we have better options (Landy, Zusi, Bedoya, DMB) and FabJo is our best LB.

                As for Cameron, I would be happy with him at RB except that I really liked how he played alongside MB as CM (i.e., instead of Jones). Not that JK is ever going to bench Jones, of course.

  58. dude says:

    Dillon powers maybe should have gotten a look. Without question one of the most impactful CM’s in MLS this year.

    • timothy says:

      Agree. His talent will transition very well in the international game. Though we may have to wait for a nice transfer to Europe before that happens

  59. Isaac says:

    Pretty good group. I hope Diskerud gets the start, personally. I really think that he could be something in that second forward role just off of Jozy. We tried him there against Bosnia-Herzegovina and he worked well with Jozy, and probably should have drawn a penalty. With support from guys like Donovan this time around (rather than Eddie Johnson and Alejandro Bedoya on the wings…), he should be more dangerous.

    I also hope Benny Feilhaber gets the start. The kid has been dynamite in just about every tournament we’ve used him in, even if it’s just off the bench. He’s got a knack for saving our ass, plain and simple.

    I’d want to see a Mix underneath EJ, flanked by Donovan and Feilhaber. That said, Feilhaber hasn’t really played on the left for SKC, even though he has for the U.S. plenty of times. We’re probably more likely to see Zusi and Donovan on the flanks, which wouldn’t cause me to riot.

    I’m a big fan of Dax McCarty as well. He and Beckerman through the center of midfield might be a real treat and a very balanced pairing.

    We could even add Benny Feilhaber into the middle and go 4-3-3, playing Donovan and Zusi out wide and, which is a lot like what Kansas City trotted out for most/all of their season (if i’m not mistaken).

    Wouldn’t be mad if we just saw Mike Magee starting underneath Eddie Johnson, either. I’m interested to see how the guy does at the international stage, personally. Guy’s got an interesting skill set, and is definitely an intelligent player. Congrats to him for finally getting this chance (he’s only had one other cap, right?)

    I dig the camp. Losing to South Korea wouldn’t be horrible, but we should put up a good fight, and learn a few things. That’s really what January camps (and friendlies in general) are all about

  60. shawn says:

    Am i the only who thinks ej isnt as good as he’s made out to be? Other than heading and decent finishing he cant do anything magee, agudelo etc cant do the same if not better. I much rather have agudelo than ej

    • GW says:

      when ej has been called upon in this qualifying campaign he has generally responded well.the typical response to that is so he scores against concacaf small fry.well he scored against mexico who are theoretically the best concacaf have to offer. and if you don’t beat the small fry you never get to the big boys agudelo may have more upside but he hasnt done anything yet in a competitive game for the usmnt.i dont know if ej is the player he, as you say, is made out to be but he has been good enough for the us.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        GW: I really don’t like EJ’s style of play so I have always wanted him to not be good enough. I’ve looked for any reason I can to drop the guy from the roster. Which is why I just hate that what you say is true: EJ often contributes crucial goals.

        I can objectively drop him from the starting lineup (he’s not better than Jozy and he’s not great as a winger), but he’s certainly the 2nd in line as forward.

    • curva sud says:

      not the only one

    • John says:

      It depends on how you want to use these players. EJ is best as a striker, holding the ball up, pressing the back line, and winning flick on headers. I think the match in Costa Rica showed how important having someone in that target forward role is to the US. He also showed he can combine well with Donovan during the Gold Cup.

      The problem I have with Magee is where do really play him? He isn’t really a forward and isn’t really a midfielder either. Like a number of US players he is somewhere in between. I think this is a good chance for Magee however because he’ll have an extended period to find his place.

    • Joamiq says:

      No, you are not the only one.

  61. user222 says:

    I’d take Marvell Wynne to Brazil…. just to shut down Ronaldo, Muller, Reuse, Gotze, and the speedy africans. Eventually, after group play, we gotta face Belgium and Argentina.

    Wynne can shadow and shut Messi down for 90 minutes; his physical attributes are suited for defending not so for entertaining the audience.

  62. rainORshine says:

    when there are better options and players with with more upside why does JK call guys who have such little chance of EVER contributing anything meaningful?

    — sheanon williams >> myers
    — rico clark >> mccarty
    — kelyn rowe >> alexander

    before going ape$@#! about clark, think about this… kyle beckerman and mix diskerud have never played outside of MLS and norway (not counting 6 apps on loan in belgium) respectively nor do either have WC experience. clark, still in his prime and coming off one of best seasons has bundesliga and WC experience. might be nice to have in your back pocket, at the very least. but yea, lets take beckerman-lite (dax) instead. im positive he can hang physically with the best players in the world in an emergency

    • PauseTheGameRealQuick says:

      Dax has earned this call up. You’re arguing for RICARDO CLARK? Seriously?? LOL

      • rainORshine says:

        you are arguing for DAX MCCARTY??? seriously??? LOL!!!

      • rainORshine says:

        NYRB results in 5 games DAX missed in 2013:


        sure looks like they missed him

        DAX will NEVER make the USMNT better. rico clark, a WC and bundesliga veteran could jump in and give you a better option than beckerman right now

        • rainORshine says:

          clark also missed 5 games for houston – a playoff team that finished 3 games over .500

          results: W-L-T-L-L

          clark on field – 1.04 goals against per 90
          clark not on field – 2.00 GA / 90

          • PauseTheGameRealQuick says:

            Clark plays on a crappier team than Dax. When McCarty was out, RBNY could still rely on Sekagaya, Cahill, even Alexander to step in. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove besides Dax playing for a better club.

            Clark is terrible and does nothing to improve our National Squad. He has actually historically killed us. Imagine Clark vs Ghana? Oh wait, I don’t have to… **giggles**

            • rainORshine says:

              hmm if only there was a recent home and home playoff series with everything on the line between NYRB and houston to put your theory to test

              wait DONT HAVE TO


  63. Joamiq says:

    I… I have no complaints. The first teamers who need to stay sharp during the break, the intriguiging longshots we wanted to see – they’re all there. Hopefully the guys take hold of the opportunity.

  64. Joe A. says:

    Aside from the obvious ones I feel like there’s disappointing choices on this squad.

    Wouldve liked to see okugo get a shot

  65. the elmo says:

    Please do not take Eddie Johnson to the World Cup!!!!!!!!!

    • John says:

      I don’t see anyway that EJ doesn’t go, if he is healthy. Not even worth talking about really. If he plays well in DC and Jozy continues to struggle I could even see Klinsmann starting EJ as he did before.

      • shawn says:

        If you think we can beat anybody in our group with eh starting then your dulusional

        • John says:

          I’m sure a number of people would say US fans are delusional for thinking we can beat anyone in our group either way. Honestly Jozy is the starter but I think EJ is the most likely to step in if anything happens to him. Then I don’t know who is next on the list, Boyd perhaps. AJ of coarse but the US would have to change to a more counter attacking style to get the best production out of him.

          • bryan says:

            AJ only fits a counter attack style???

            • John says:

              I just don’t think he provides as much with his back to goal in holding the ball up to bring the midfield into play like Jozy or EJ can. You wouldn’t have to change but I just think he is most deadly when you can get on an odd number break. Certainly the US is going to have less of ball then they did against Concacaf teams. So looking at players who are good on a counter could be important.

              • Swifty says:

                IMO, AJ brings more to the table than you give him credit for. Every player fairs better when they can get in an odd number situation. AJ seems capable and confident enough to function in any role asked of him. Not as good as JA or even EJ yet, but certainly capable.

  66. Joe A. says:

    Elmo has this strange idea they we are blessed with goal scorers.