Beckham’s publicist shoots down “Miami Vice” report

DavidBeckhamSuit1 (Getty)


When a Palm Beach Post report claiming David Beckham was considering “Miami Vice” as a team name for his MLS expansion franchise made the rounds on Tuesday, the reaction was mixed among soccer fans.

According to Beckham’s publicist, the story isn’t true.

Simon Oliveira, Beckham’s publicist, took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to shoot down the “Miami Vice” report, calling it “trash, nonsense, fantasy.”

The reporter who wrote the story in question, Matt Porter, responded to Oliveira’s denial by defending his story.


This led to a pretty authoritative smack down from Oliveira, calling the entire story fiction:


So who should we believe? Stay tuned.

What do you think of these developments? Still hoping “Miami Vice” is an actual option? Glad to hear that there’s a possibility it was never a realistic option? What would you call the new Miami team?

Share your thoughts below.

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82 Responses to Beckham’s publicist shoots down “Miami Vice” report

  1. HoboMike says:

    Thank God.

    • MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

      Phew…. Please let’s stay away from corny names for pro teams like “EarthQuakes” and “Revolution”.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Earthquakes is historical (back to the 70s), so it should get a pass (along with Sounders, Timbers, Whitecaps).

        Is Revolultion really that bad? I mean, their logo is horrendous, but the name could be a lot worse. The name fits the notion of ‘team’ pretty well IMO (though not as well as Crew, Galaxy, Union, Dynamo).

      • KillerInstinct says:

        you are right we should add: FC, Sporting, United, Real to all of the MLS teams names so we can be just like daddy Europe….and then probably we can be considered a legitimate league, right? :)

        • Ali Dia says:

          There will always be a reason to complain– either the team name will be contrived and strange (Wiz, Metrostars, etc..), semi-pandering (Sporting, Real, United, etc…) or contain an obnoxious brand tie-in (New York Red Bulls).

          I say let’s embrace all of the above. Sporting KC Masterpiece FC seems like a decent name to me.

      • Cuckold says:

        I tend to agree with you — Earthquakes is definitely corny. Rapids is also bad to me, as is Impact. And Revolution I’m not huge on either.

        Then there’s the whole category of Euro-spoof names — Sporting KC, DC United, Real Salt Lake. I get that they’re paying homage to some of the great teams, but it just sounds too derivative somehow.

        The ones that really work, IMHO, are the Sounders, the Timbers, and the Crew. I also kinda like Galaxy.

    • BK says:

      Thank GOD!! I thought we were back in 1996 and was starting to look around for my Burn, Clash, and Wiz jerseys.

  2. EBFG says:

    Beckhams PR team is copying Seattle’s campaign, by where a horrible name is floated and the ensuing backlash brings about gobs of -free- media attention.

    • Neruda says:

      What was the leveled name for Seattle? I missed that one. The Miami Vice logo that was floating around was very weak and didn’t looked polished at all. It’s a horrible idea to release a rough concept to the public. It was a give away for being a kind of hoax but was it a planned hoax by Beckhams cronies or some third party? I’m going to say it was a third party.

      • Neruda says:

        Leaked name not leveled.

      • Rod says:

        Seattle’s ownership put the team’s name up for a vote with the 3 choices were:
        – Seattle Republic
        – Seattle Alliance
        – Seattle FC

        The name “Sounders” was a write-in choice that won by an overwhelming margin. It can be argued that ownership may have expected that response, but in any case, they succeeded in engaging the fan base.

        • KillerInstinct says:

          How about: “oye chico” or ” Cono que Calol” club?

        • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

          Oh my word, I voted ( multiple times ) and I completely forgot how horrendous the alternatives to writing in Sounders were.

          Seattle FC. exciting.

  3. formerlyanonymous says:

    Thank god. I’m hoping its something like “Port Miami FC”. “Vice” was too much cheese.

  4. AC says:

    And I was looking so forward to the Don Johnson look

  5. A.S. says:

    I commented on the original story that somebody was getting pranked here (my comment is still caught in moderation, natch). I even more believe that’s the case now. Is somebody catfishing the reporter?

    • White Kix says:

      That, or Beckham United used the names and logos, that were never intended to be the actual name of the team, in presentations for illustrative purposes only.

  6. MLSsnob says:

    How about the Miami Dolphins?

  7. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Poor Ives caught right in the middle of Twitter Smack Down!!! Hahah

  8. Joe Dirt says:

    The Kit and Crest looked DOPE. Like the aquamarine and pink, but not sure about the name.

  9. bob says:

    Miami Fission

  10. Dale says:

    They’ll forever be Miami Vice to me.
    Tweet that Simon

  11. fifawitz1313 says:

    I thought it was interesting that on ESPN’s homepage they were doing a vote to see how many people liked the name Miami Vice. It was overwhelmingly positive. Most people really like the name. Of the 50,000 people across the country who voted, 70% either loved or liked the name, while only 30% didn’t like or hated the name.

    • Strider257 says:

      This is probably pretty moot as I’m sure Miami Vice is copyrighted and would only be available for $$. Hopefully they can do better anyway.

  12. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Thank God. Miami Vice for a team name needs to be as dead as the tv show. I like A.C. Miami and in Athletic Club Miami. It play of the “club” scene night life and ties to proper footballing tradition.

    • Weston John says:

      AC Miami sounds great…I like it. I also like International Miami (going by the nickname Inter or Inter Miami. Derivative of Serie A, but some of the more successful rebrandings in MLS were influenced by Europe…Sporting KC, for example. We’ve got Sporting, Real, United and a handful of FC “insert city name before or after”. AC or Inter haven’t been done in MLS and if a city is “international” in the U.S., it’s Miami.

      Miami Vice would have been horrible and difficult to take seriously. I hoped it was a prank or just meant to solicit a laugh during a presentation to investors.

    • IndyElevenFan says:

      As much as I don’t like the idea of Miami having a team…I do like A.C. Miami. Not too shabby. All pink roadies (ala Juventus)….hmmmmm…

    • A.S. says:

      I prefer Tottenham Hot Miami. Because, you know, Miami is hot.

      Or, MiamiPool. Because Miami has a lot of pools.

    • chuck says:

      Also, makes a lot of sense since most people in Miami have the AC on all day.

  13. Adam M. says:

    Brazil has Flamengo. Miami should have Flamingo. Club Flamingo Miami. Interlocking CFM in aqua with a pink flamingo head in the crest. I’m not a graphic designer, but someone can run with that.

  14. John says:

    At least Porter is his own man and is not is not some modern day vassal of Lord Underpants.

  15. Prettypenguin says:

    I like Club Deportivo Miami, or FC Miami.

  16. Mike says:

    I dig the 80s color scheme and feel.

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      Agreed. I hope they come up with a better name the ones that people copy from other teams ( or TV shows )…but the colors would be pretty cool.

  17. Chuck says:

    Stop putting soccer balls in logos.

    • Ace says:

      This + a billion. Wake up graphic designers. Nobody wants to see another flying soccer ball in another club logo EVER AGAIN.

      • 407 says:

        + 1,000,000,001.

      • Neruda says:

        I agree logos don’t need balls but as a designer myself I can only imagine that the balls are in there because owners ask for them to be in there. You’d think Beckham would be more savvy than that. We shall see soon enough.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      But how will I know which sport I am watching if I can’t see the ball on the jerseys?

  18. ex_sweeper says:

    My vote is for the Miami Briefs. Mascot? – you guessed it. Guaranteed largest female fan group in MLS.

  19. The Dude says:

    Lol. Swift damage control and a quick retreat. (Sure, ya weren’t considering it. We believe you…)

  20. eboe says:

    I actually was a fan of the Miami Vice idea. thought it was a nice nod to a decent slice of Miami lore… I mean they didn’t name the video game “Vice City” and make it 80’s themed for no reason. And the Eurythmics CD didn’t lead away from the idea either haha. I just don’t want to see a Eurotrash name. America cannot build it’s own Soccer/Football tradition if we keep trying to conform to the rest of the world’s naming conventions, which are really all based on Europe anyway. No Athletico, no Sporting, no FC, no SC, no Real please. I appreciate Football tradition but everyone has to have their own niche.

  21. Enos says:

    I can only hope that the Palm Beach Post and Ives were participants in squashing a massive mistake. All of those ideas were terrible.

  22. Smith says:

    Miami Vice was funny. They could have worn muted pastel green & pink uniforms with stiff collars in honor of the shoe. Opportunity lost.

  23. AcidBurn says:

    So it’s not going to be called Beckham FC? Surprised David isn’t all over that branding potential.

    • Ace says:

      Nah, if they go that route (which entirely likely in this Idiocracy league) they’ll sell it to the highest bidder. Maybe “Google Miami” or “Miami Facebook United” or “Sporting Viagra”.

  24. Joamiq says:

    There are other directions they can go if they want to be true to the city.

    Miami Crazy Cover Charges
    Miami Ropa Vieja
    Miami Paparazzi

  25. Aquaman says:

    I’m really hoping the fake Club Sporting International Miami (CSI Miami) idea I saw on the internet pulls through. YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael says:

      Yes of all the potential names CSI Miami is the best one I’ve seen being

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

      kicked around….

      Terrible. Horrible. I should feel bad for even thinking that one up, and yet I don’t…


  26. George says:

    I like the “MV” logo so I hope they stick with that — Miami Velocity. You can’t spell Velocity without V-I-C-E.

  27. Jo says:

    FC Miami will do

  28. david c says:

    It looks like Beckham associates are parking trademarks and domain names for Miami Fusion…
    link to

  29. Bellus Ludas says:

    Brilliant PreMarketing Marketing Plan:
    1. Leak info on RIDICULOUS idea
    2. Press jumps all over it
    3. Public eat it up
    4. Deny everything
    5. Public eat it up
    6. Reporter with ruffled feathers Tweets to protect his honor
    7. Public eat it up
    8. Respond to Tweet that “someone” (insert black helicopters, JFK conspiracies and UFO’s here) is misleading him
    9. Yep, public….
    10. Public posts on – everybody wins – Oh the Drama!

  30. Pele says:

    South Beach Football Club

  31. Herb says:

    Miami Beaches. Get it – latinos pronounce it bitches

  32. El Paso tx says:

    Am I the only one who thinks, that the name of this Miami team can a nice long name since it rhymes with anything. For example inter Miami huracan, inter club Miami, Miami vice city, Miami inter flamingo, metro Miami, Cosmo Miami.
    Just stay away from cheesy names and logos. No fire, revolution, earthquakes, crew, rapids type of names.
    I actually like the name dc united, la galaxy, Seattle sounders, Philadelphia union since they make sense but you the earthquake name which is so awkward but I guess people like it, just like Chicago fire.