Bradley’s TFC debut moved to national TV broadcast

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Michael Bradley’s first match back in Major League Soccer will be aired on national television after all.

Bradley’s 2014 debut with Toronto FC, on March 15 in Seattle against the Sounders, will now air on NBC Sports Network after a schedule adjustment, Toronto FC announced on Monday.

TFC is on a bye for the opening week of the season, but will kick off the new season at CenturyLink Field on March 15.

The TV schedule change is the first of what could be several changes for TFC, which hadn’t been scheduled to appear on national television in the United States this season, but with the team adding stars Bradley and Jermain DeFoe, Toronto FC is looking more and more like a marketable team that could wind up on national television a few times this season.

What do you think of this development? Hoping TFC has more matches added to the national TV schedule?

Share your thoughts below.

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38 Responses to Bradley’s TFC debut moved to national TV broadcast

  1. bryan says:

    great news, that is going to be a great game…hopefully. big names involved.

    • Horsewhistle says:

      ‘Beware the Ides of March’

      • Matt C says:

        Beware of that crap surface they play on in Seattle. Kudos to the fans, but watching a match played in that stadium is really, really hard on the eyes.

        Those fans in Seattle deserve better.

      • Snozberry says:

        If Deuce and MB both go down with ACL tears, I will hold you and that d@mned soothsayer accountable.

  2. NASL to el paso tx says:

    The new galaxy of MLS, too bad red bull hasn’t done anything like this. Finally galaxy, sounders have competition for national attention.
    I also can’t wait what nycfc,miami and orlando do with their money magic, oh and maybe the seattle seahawks will pressure seattle to play attractive soccer and even promote mls with seattlr home national televised games.

  3. Jo says:


    De Rosario————————-Osorio

    That’s a tasty match-up if I’ve ever seen one!

  4. Curtis says:

    This will indeed be an interesting early-season match-up. Would really love to see it on a grass field as well, rather than the Ping-Pong effect on artificial turf — but will take what I can get at this point.

    Less than one month to opening day!

  5. DjKing says:

    I actually hope we hold Defoe back on the turf.

  6. NASL to el paso tx says:

    How about ABC televise a big game as well before college football starts :-)
    LA galaxy versus red bull

  7. drew11 says:

    Disappointing that MLS Live is not cranked up for preseason.

  8. yikes says:

    why did you leave Roma?

    You could have joined a club in Spain or France.

    you were THE CHOSEN 1. but u chased the $$$$$ and it will ultimately leave u lacking

  9. yikes says:

    whose the highest paid player in MLS?

    It’s ridiculous that Jermaine Defoe and Michael Bradley make more than Thierry Henry

  10. hartley says:

    Hmmm. I was under the impression that a national broadcast would cover the entire nation via a broadcast network. That means a broadcast over free TV. This is a cable broadcast, not a national broadcast. There are an estimated 44 percent of TV viewers in America that do not have cable.

    If NBC is so proud, why not make it a truly national broadcast?

  11. Clunk Dumpsey says:

    This will be awesome if Rob Ford can be the referee

    • Jimmy says:

      It would be better if he provided the half time refreshments and snacks. Booze, crack, or orange slices Mr. Bradley???

    • beto says:

      Drew Carey vs Rob Ford arm wrestling match officiated by Richard Sherman is the halftime entertainment.

  12. yikes says:

    why did you leave Roma?

    you were THE CHOSEN 1. but u chased the $$$$$ and it will ultimately leave u lacking

  13. ta da says:

    Rubbish.. the game was originally at 7 PST now it’s at 130 in the afternoon?

  14. 2tone says:

    NBCSN is not national television. NBC is.

  15. user222 says:

    the butchers who play for the Sounders will chop Junior’s leg…. there it goes Mickeys WC dreams.

  16. wood chip zip says:

    In that picture, one of them doesnt belong and will be gone before long.