Dempsey and McBride discuss World Cup and road to Brazil

Clint Dempsey

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 Clint Dempsey and Brian McBride are two of the most legendary players in U.S. Men’s National Team history, and the two stars will collaborate on a fan Q&A discussing the USMNT’s preparations for the World Cup, and the road to Brazil today.

The Q&A will also feature a contest for fans to try and win a free trip to the World Cup, sponsored by Degree Men. Fans interested in entering the contest can sign up at during the one-hour Q&A, and the winner will be revealed at the end of the Q&A.

You can follow the Q&A with Dempsey and McBride live after the jump, starting at 1:30pm:

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38 Responses to Dempsey and McBride discuss World Cup and road to Brazil

  1. arghdsdssddd says:

    Brian McBride or Wynalda? which was the better striker for the NT or had the better club career?

    • DanO says:

      McBride’s club career was superior to Wynalda’s, but he also had more opportunities with MLS being a little bit older.

      It’s pretty close for country IMO.

      • paycheck now says:

        Wynalda was the 1st Yank to score in the Bundeliga and scored a bunch in 2 Bundesliga.

        McBride was the first Yank to score consistently in the PL. Has like 50 goals in england in under 200 appearances.

        • Sandtrout says:

          Wynalda’s numbers say he was good, but I never saw a game where he impressed me. I’d take McBride every time.

          • yikes says:

            does anyone know where we can find his stats or clips of his goals in Germany?

            btw why did Wynalda never go to England?

            • Anthony says:

              England (EPL or 1st Division [Championship at the time]) never came to him. It is not as easy as people make it seem.

              • yikes says:

                even after the goals he scored in Germany or his performance in the 1994 WC?

              • TomG says:

                Wyno scored a bunch of goals and was voted newcomer of the year in the Bundesliga his first half season, but his side was relegated and I don’t think he ever had the chance to play 1st division German football. It was very, very tough for an American striker to get picked up by a top division Euro club back then. I would have loved to have seen what he could do.

      • TomG says:

        McBride had more 1st division success and was a definitely more vital to USMNT than Wyno. Wyno was definitely a great guy to nick a goal on a free kick or bit of skill against the run of play, but BMac was, for many years, the whole of the offense for USA. Everything went through him. The entire US attack was based on lumping it up to BMac and hoping he won a duel and was able to hold the ball up, then hoping to win a free kick or get a cross onto his head. He was a great hold up player and a weapon a la EJ on free kicks and crosses. He was central to everything the USA did offensively.

        • Anthony says:

          Yeah…part of the reason he had success in the UK is that he is more of the typical English target/center forward type of player

        • Dennis says:

          Yes, it was clear that before the 2006 WC, the US had few/no scoring threats except McBride. In the WC, a single striker is not a recipe for success; in fact only Dempsey scored for the USA in the 2006 WC as the US attack failed pretty badly.

        • 2378 says:

          was McBride really that effective for the squad? I’d say Wynalda was more effective

          • TomG says:

            Wyno was def the best goal scorer on the club at the time he was playing for sure, but he was just that, a goal scorer.m he really didn’t do much others than that. He wasn’t a great passer or hold up player. He pretty much lurked off the back shoulder and made crafty runs and was a deadly finisher, had a great shot and was great n free kicks. BMac did everything for USA and there was a ton of concern over how the team would survive without him. He allowed the team to put ten men behind the ball and clear everything to him, letting him win the ball completely by himself and get everyone else involved. He was instrumental in the WC run to the quarters. He had a great knack of scoring huge goals against big teams. So many times we were completely outclassed as a side, but we would sit back, keep our shape, prevent the opponent from scoring and get BMac to win a free kick and nod in the finish. Wynalda actually never scored a WC goal I don’t think.

          • GW says:

            This is a difficult comparison to make since Eric did most of his work under Bora and Sampson.

            McBride was primarily an Arena player.

            Besides, they were different players stylistically and physically. It would have been great to have had them both at their peak at the same time but that did not happen.

        • McQ says:

          Are you seriously comparing Brian McBride to Eddie Johnson? or vice versa?

  2. arghdsdssddd says:

    why didn’t Dempsey stay at Spurs or just at Fulham? he could have ended up being their greatest ever player. sure they were only paying him 2.5 million a year, but it was worth it.

    • Gary Page says:

      Maybe it was for family reasons. Could be his wife wanted to return to the States to raise their kids. Plus he’s getting more money and he’s reached the stage of his career that he really has little to prove. With this year’s performance in the World Cup, his career is pretty much defined, whether he stayed in England or not.

    • Josh D says:

      Money talks and even Dempsey said they offered him a package he couldn’t resist.

    • Paul says:

      I like London a lot, but if I am married and some triples my salary …. I’d move to Seattle.

    • Joamiq says:

      He wouldn’t have played a minute at Spurs this year. Erik Lamela can barely even get on the pitch.

  3. QuakerOtis says:

    Agudelo with a nice goal for Utrecht.

  4. Shimmzy says:

    This is really weird.

  5. paycheck now says:

    always wanted t see Demsey in Spain or Italy

    does anyone remember that McBride played in Germany 20 years ago

  6. wandmdave says:

    I didn’t win the contest. It must be rigged.

  7. landon klinsmann says:

    Baffled. I can’t see the story. I didn’t watch it the first time, but it told me to watch it “again” on the sponsor’s site. When I went there, I couldn’t watch it either!

    this is b.s. Ives.

  8. 2378 says:

    MCBRIDE or Wynalda or Altidore

    why did they have more success than the rest?

    Moore, Mathis, Kreis, Twellman, Ching, EJ, Casey, Davies, Wondo?

  9. AMPhibian says:

    besides the comments, there was really no reason to click on this story. the headline is a little misleading.