The SBI Show: Episode 110 (Recapping USA-South Korea, Americans Abroad, and more)

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The U.S. Men’s National Team’s first match of the year, and first victory, gives us plenty to talk about on the latest episode of The SBI Show.

We break down the U.S. team’s 2-0 victory against South Korea, discussing which players impressed, and which players struggled on Saturday.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the latest exploits of Americans Abroad, as well as the U.S. Women’s National Team’s 1-0 victory against Canada. We also talk about the looming David Beckham MLS expansion announcement in Miami, and much more.

Give Episode 110 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

What did you think of the show? Agree with our takes on the USMNT victory? See Danny Williams playing his way back into the national team picture? See Beckham making MLS Miami a success?

Share your thoughts below.

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31 Responses to The SBI Show: Episode 110 (Recapping USA-South Korea, Americans Abroad, and more)

  1. Dc says:

    Take Ive’s cue, it’s “women’s soccer” and not “woman’s soccer.” Love the show, dudes!

  2. bryan says:

    beIN Sport now owns the rights to Championship games. which is great.

  3. bryan says:

    my 23 for Ukraine:

    G: Howard, Guzan, Cropper
    D: Chandler, Johnson, Lichaj, Cameron, Packwood, Ream, Gooch, Brooks, Dolo
    M: Bradley, Jones, Williams, Kljestan, Mix, Shea, Bedoya
    F: Boyd, Agudelo, Jozy, AJ

    unless Dolo is still not 100% (Hannover said he re-joined training with the 1st team), i say bring him in and take a look. yes, this is almost an entirely Euro-based squad but with the April friendly, I agree this camp should not include MLS or Liga MX players. since TFC doesn’t have a game, no reason to not include Bradley.

    for the April game, here is my 23:

    G: Rimando, Johnson, Hamid
    D: Yedlin, Omar, Besler, Evans, Beasley, Castillo, Orozco, Goodson
    M: Bradley, Dempsey, LD, Davis, Beckerman, Zusi, Edu, Gil
    F: Wondo, Arriola, Gomez, EJ

    Garza, Corona, and Torres could make their way into the team but as of right now i think all three are left off. Feilhaber was hard to leave off, but i think Gil gets another shot while Edu makes his way in.

    • Birgit Calhoun says:

      It would certainly be interesting to see how the all Euro squad would do.

    • ronniet says:

      No way Packwood makes that roster when he hasn’t sniffed the USMNT senior team to date….this is an opportunity to start building real chemistry with the guys who are first, second and maybe third options for the WC. Packwood is a good bet to make the 2018 WC for sure though. If ream doesn’t get back to the level he played at a month ago it’ll be hard to see him making the roster as well

      • bryan says:

        did you listen to the show? this is with the idea that only European based players will be there. what CB is left? who would you take? who is another outfield player you could take?

        you also seem to be assuming he would start. just because he is in camp does not mean he will start, or even make the game day roster. the dude is playing 90 minutes regularly and i doubt JK doesn’t bring him in for an evaluation. what is there to lose?

        as for Ream, again, who else is left to call? he continues to play 90 minutes. he had an iffy performance like 2-3 weeks ago but his performance last week was fine. given that JK has called up Ream in 2013 (Bosnia game), i don’t see him not doing it this time.

        JK’s comments make it clear these two friendlies (March & April) are to evaluate players for the final 23 man roster…not build chemistry. especially on defense when Omar and Besler aren’t likely to even be in that camp, yet will be our starting CBs at the World Cup barring injury or someone finding incredible form.

        • El Capitan says:

          I agree with ronniet that it’s highly unlikely Packwood gets called up next month. Maybe he will get a call up after the WC if he keeps improving. There’s little time left until the WC so JK is only going to call up players that have a real shot to make the WC.

          • bryan says:

            the lineup isn’t based on likelihood. it’s based on the assumption that only European based players will be called in as discussed in the show. if it is only European based players (except for the Bradley exception), there are only so many players to choose from. Packwood, in that scenario, would have to be one.

            • El Capitan says:

              He’s just too inexperienced tor a senior national team call up and he just came back from a big injury.

              • bryan says:

                again, it’s not like he’ll have a serious role in the camp. you bring him because he is 1 of 4 CBs in Europe. and after today’s injuries, JK doesn’t have a choice, IMO. brutal day.

                and yes, big injury but he’s played 90 minutes every week since December.

            • El Capitan says:

              Yeah, he might get called up now after a bunch of Americans are out with injuries which is unfortunate.

    • El Capitan says:

      I can see Corona getting called up for the friendly in April. Also as much as I like Arriola I don’t see him getting called up until after the WC. He hasn’t played a lot for Tijuana so far in the new season.

      • bryan says:

        you realize Corona has played exactly the same number of games as Arriola this season, right? that lineup is based on form as of right now. Corona is out injured and has been for the past two games. i would LOVE to have Corona in April but until he is back and playing, it’s hard to include him.

        out of Xolos’ 5 Liga MX games, Arriola has played in 3 of them, including his start last week against Pumas.

        i will say, after Klinsmann’s comments yesterday about Gil/Yedlin, as well as the praise Benny got for his work in camp, i think Feilhaber gets the call over Gil. i’d love to see both, but i don’t see that happening.

        • El Capitan says:

          You do know that Corona has been called up a lot by Klinsmann in the past, right? He will call up Corona over Arriola since he already knows the system. Corona is back from injury and is now playing so I see him getting called up in April if he can consistently get PT like he used to under Antonio Mohamed.

          Feilhaber didn’t impress at all when he came in as sub against South Korea so I don’t see him getting called up anymore.

          • bryan says:

            of course i know that. we are talking an April friendly with MLS and Liga MX players. when i wrote that, Corona was still injured. last night was his first game back and he only played like 25 minutes! at the time you wrote that, he was not back and playing. he is looking good to be a part of the camp now that he is back though.

            as a US and Xolos fan, i think it is funny you think i dislike Corona. i left him off SIMPLY because he was injured. this isn’t a Arriola v. Corona thing.

            agree about Feilhaber but it sounded like he had a really good camp.

            • El Capitan says:

              I didn’t say you dislike Corona I just think that he has a higher chance of getting called up than Arriola who I rate very highly.

  4. the unmistakeable Ronaldinho says:

    This is petty but its annoying how Garrett can only refer to us as ‘The US men’s national team or ‘United States men’s national team’ cant just say ‘us’ or ‘The US’ ‘the team’? we all know who you’re talking about. redundant to hear ‘US men’s national team’ 6-7 times a show.

  5. BrianK says:

    Couple of thoughts:

    1. Ives is spot on with respect to Jozy. Goals will come if he keeps working hard for the team. Couple of shows past, Ives made the astute point that in South Africa 2010,…he wasn’t scoring goals but was doing a lot of good things for the team and the team had success.

    2. Ives,..on.Carlos Vela,….check out Bernd Schuster.

    3. Ives,..rise above Twitter Trolls. Not worth your time.

    4. Garrett,…it’s coming together man! Good job.

  6. To me it makes sense to take the Europa base players for the game In Ucraine. Why make the state side players travel thousands of miles for a meaningless game?

    • El Capitan says:

      It’s not really a meaningless game since it’s one of the few friendlies left for the U.S. until the WC.

  7. matt little says:

    Please don’t tell me that Omar is our starting centerback. I’ll take Goodson anyday.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Omar is our starting centerback.

      • whoop-whoop says:

        I’m not saying that only to be a smartass, although admittedly that is part of the reason…. it’s true though…. Omar really IS our starting centerback.

        • Peter says:

          Matt Besler would be disappointed to know that Omar’s the only starting centerback.

          • whoop-whoop says:

            True. But he would also be pretty stoked that most consider him a lock to the point that alternatives are never even discussed.

    • El Capitan says:

      Omar has higher upside than Goodson.

      • GW says:

        Gonzo does have a higher ceiling than Goodson..

        But when he plays, Goodson gets closer to his ceiling than Gonzo gets to his.

        Coaches like consistent players because then they know what they are getting. And Goodson is better than you think he is.

        • El Capitan says:

          Goodson is an average CB. I would rather have Gonzalez who could have a higher upside and be a beast like he was in the 2 WCQs against Mexico.

  8. Ryan from NC in NYC says:

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…


  9. MisterJC says:

    Solid show, folks…