Must-See Goal: Jonathan Soriano

JonathanSorianoRedBullSalzburg1-AjaxUEL2014 (AP)

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10 Responses to Must-See Goal: Jonathan Soriano

  1. A.S.A says:

    Thought it was New York Redbulls for a minute there

  2. Reboot says:

    I might be mistaken but isn’t Soriano a former Barcelona youth product?

  3. chuck says:

    This guy has to be RBNY next DP

  4. T says:

    WOW. Nuff said

  5. Samuel says:


    • fischy says:


      Is that a nickname of his? Otherwise, your comment is nonsensical. Perfectly chipped the ‘keeper. No more luck involved than any other goal.

  6. Toño says:

    I like those Red Bull jerseys over the ones here in MLS.

  7. mitchitized says:

    “Sorry, this video cannot be played from your current location.”