Johannsson scores in AZ win, but leaves match with injury

AronJohannssonAZAlkmaar5 (Getty)


Aron Johannsson continued his goal-scoring exploits for AZ Alkmaar on Tuesday with his latest strike, but his 21st goal of the season in all competitions came at a price.

The U.S. Men’s National Team striker left Tuesday’s 2-0 victory against Vitesse Arnhem at halftime with an apparent upper leg injury. Johannsson had a hand in both AZ goals, including his own 42nd minute strike, before being forced to leave the match at halftime.

The severity of the injury is unknown at the moment, but he actually suffered the injury before scoring his goal so that would suggest it isn’t a serious injury. The fact it is an upper leg injury, rather than anything involving the knee is certainly a positive.

Here is Johannsson’s goal:


What do you think of Johannsson’s goal-scoring exploits? How nervous are you at the possibility of the U.S. being without him? See him starting at the World Cup given his form in the Netherlands?

Share your thoughts below.

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23 Responses to Johannsson scores in AZ win, but leaves match with injury

  1. Benny says:

    Hoping it’s just a bad knock.

  2. Ian says:

    Sounds like a minor injury*. We need our forwards at full strength. We’re probably going to have a few “oh sh_t” moments over these next four months, but we can’t bubble wrap our players, unfortunately.

    *Knock on wood

  3. bryan says:

    crossing my fingers.

  4. Madden's Chin says:

    Didn’t look serious, just a muscle strain.

  5. Dc says:

    Icelandic Bacon is KILLING IT.

  6. UclaBruinGreat says:

    Hopefully its not a groin injury. Those are very serious! I had a groin injury that sidelined me from the soccer field for 6 months. Granted that I am not a professional athlete, am 30 years old, and skipped out on physical therapy…. but still!!!

  7. Zeus says:

    First Falcao now this!!!!!

  8. Maykol says:

    Heard it was just a thigh strain. Anyways he deserves to start at the world cup

  9. TomG says:

    The most impressive thing about that goal is AJ having the calm to pop it over the keeper while resisting the urge to laugh at the center backs who are trying to distract him with their two stooges routine. Nice goal and absurd defending all in one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that outside of an 8-year-old league.

  10. Terrence Osbourne says:

    American.Many.Goals.Holland = Comedy.Defending

  11. Four Cents says:

    Let’s Go Footloose! Get back to 100% fit, and take it from there.

  12. Joamiq says:

    Hope he’s OK. Nice composed finish, though that’s one of them classic Eredivisie defending goals…

  13. Ryan from NC in NYC says:

    Sources are telling me it’s a minor injury; his foot got knocked loose.

  14. Dan says:

    If he is injured before the WC, I will literally scream at strangers.

  15. CplDaniel says:

    Somebody, get a DOCTOR to come and FIX Bacon!!

  16. Nate says:

    I’m confused, where are all the “these goals dont’t mean anything because anyone can score in the Eredivisie” posts???