Julian Green to train with USMNT prior to Ukraine friendly

JulianGreenBayernMunich6 (dpa)


Jurgen Klinsmann’s highly-publicized recruitment of Bayern Munich youngster Julian Green has kicked into a new gear, and appears to be gaining some traction.

U.S. Soccer confirmed to Goal.com on Friday evening that Green had agreed to train with the USMNT for two days in the run-up to the March 5 friendly at Ukraine. The development occurred after U.S. assistant coach Andi Herzog traveled to Munich to meet with Green in person to discuss the potential training stint.

While Green has agreed to train with the U.S. team, he is not yet in the process of filing for a one-time association switch, which he would need to play for the United States. At present, Green is tied to Germany after representing the Germans on the youth level, but if he filed a one-time switch he would be permanently tied to the United States.

Green isn’t ready to make that commitment just yet, but has opened up to the idea of spending time in a U.S. training camp, something he turned down in November, at least in part because he wouldn’t be able to play in the pending matches.

What do you think of this development? Excited at the possibility of the U.S. landing Green? Still not buying it until he files the one-time switch?

Share your thoughts below.

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248 Responses to Julian Green to train with USMNT prior to Ukraine friendly

  1. Tony says:

    Hopefully he joins the US. I’m not gonna be the one to say he is gonna be great though. The kid is 19? But he looks to have great potential.

    • Increase0 says:

      I bet he goes with the US. There’s a lot of competition in the German squad. Insane amounts. But that’s not the only reason. I personally think it would be way cooler to run around going to qualifiers in central america. Also he could be part of the 2016 Copa America team.(if it happens) Germany would never get invited to a Copa America. The US might even go to that weird super euros in 2020.

      • Shyam says:

        We might end up with Green but I doubt the Super Copa America is more of an inducement than the prospect of Euros on the reg.

      • Bryson says:

        Klinsy: “So Julian, what made you decide to choose the US?”
        Julian: “Well, I just really wanted to see more of Central America…”

    • alf says:

      His dad will want guarantees that he will be used in lineups. I would too. Julian Green is a really great talent but needs to managed properly. Greed SUCKS.

    • MLSsnob says:

      It’s obvious this kid is the next Ronaldo (fat one) and future savior of the USMNT. He’s probably going to score 30+ goals for Munich next season while sporting a US flag tattoo on his face ala Mike Tyson. After which he’ll lead us to two consecutive World Cup Finals victories and become the soccer equivalent of Michael Jordan. I didn’t want to make to many predicitions, thought I’d play it safe with the sure bets.

  2. Maykol says:

    Hmm i wonder if green did file the switch, would klinssman take him to the world cup

    • Freddie Footballer says:

      Bild is reporting Klinsmann has offered Green a WC roster spot. Can’t trust that publication completely, but interesting if true

      • Travis says:

        That sounds farfetched to me but Bild is generally considered to be a reliable news source in Germany, especially for Bayern related news

        • Gerard D. says:

          The kid is well on his way to being a star. He’s a once-in-a-generation talent for a team like us. You make exceptions when the stakes are high.

          He’s already made the perilous jump from youth team to playing with the senior team–and at Bayern none the less–under the eye of Guardiola who is famous for his work in La Masia with the Barcelona youth teams.

          He knows talent.

          • BKBOOGER says:


            If this kid is cracking the 18 at one of the best clubs in the world and is only 18? Compared to what, a bubble roster spot for Clarence Goodson/Chris Wondowloski? No brainer I’d give him a WC spot for making the one time switch. This WC is desperate for youth.

    • John says:

      If so Klinsmann might as well just take a U-20 team because he’ll loose this entire locker room.

      • Chris says:

        Let’s just say he’s an obvious improvement over Eddie Johnson, who probably will have a spot. I would be willing to make that swap.

        • John says:

          How many third division Bundesliga matches are you watching?

          • Gerard D. says:

            Might have caught him on the field in the UEFA Champions League for Bayern Munich where Pep Guardiola rewarded his outstanding play with an appearance for the senior team.

            • Kapper says:

              Lol I was just about to post the same thing.

            • John says:

              For the dying minutes of a match that was meaningless to Bayern to start with. Look he is a great prospect but he hasn’t really done anything yet. Ferguson was famous for the fact once he praised a young player it just meant he was looking to sell them.

          • Maykol says:

            I get what you are saying about the 3rd division, but how many 18 yearvolds get to train with bayerns first team? And i think someone is more willling to play in a lower division when there is a possibility to be eventually promoted to one of worlds top teams.

            • John says:

              True and Bayern is the club he grew up loving so I’m sure it’s a dream come true. However if he could only play for the US would there be such a push for him to be on the World Cup squad? People seem to kind of forget Boyd was in the same situation with Dortmund. He is a great prospect and I hope he decides to play for the US. I just don’t think we should bribe players with a World Cup spot.

              • GW says:

                My guess is JK would not put him on the WC roster if he wasn’t going to use him.

                The question is, needing a goal against Ghana, would you rather see Green, Boyd, Gomez or Wondo coming off the bench?

                You will only get one of them on the roster.

              • Maykol says:

                I have no problem with a fit gomez or boyd coming off the bench. And wondo is a bit of a long shot to make the world cup in the first place

              • user222 says:

                I think Boyd gets to stay as you need someone similar to Jozy… Green would actually bump someone in midfield… probably A. Bedoya… Zusi’s defensive work rate is higher than AB.

              • GW says:


                EJ is Jozy’s backup, not Boyd.

                EJ is proven clutch for the USMNT., Boyd has shown nothing in a US shirt

              • Louis Z says:

                Zusi defense work rate is nowhere near of Bedoya, at least not in this planet.

              • Jesse D says:

                Not sure I understand the “work rate comment” Bedoya has the highest motor on our team. Zusi has a good motor too and is a better crosser. If you say Zusi is better you should be looking at his passing and crossing not his work rate.

              • Birgit Calhoun says:

                It does seem like a bribe, and I think it makes Klinsmann look less and less a man who has faith in the people he has. What if his so-called “spine” doesn’t perform in the months just before the games in June? Is he going to keep seeking until he finds a team made up only of young guys who have so much promise and use them at the expense of those who are more mature? The term bribe is exactly the one that fits this situation. And I even think he is doing exactly what Bild is saying: He is stealing a promising player. I am disturbed by this promise. Is he actually going to keep it? Or is he going to pull the rug out from under other promising players?

              • Jesse D says:

                Bribe? We have no evidence that Klinnsman has promised Julian anything except and opportunity to compete for a spot. That is exactly what he deserves. To speculate that Jurgen promised him a spot is just conjecture. The type of guy he would be replacing on the squad is a guy like Brek Shea. Who is just as much a prospect and a gable to be honest.

            • RBP says:

              I have zero problem giving this kid a WC spot and the team wouldn’t either.

              If this kid is signed at Fulham right now, you thing he’s on the bench their last fixture?

      • Gerard D. says:

        They see me trolling, they laughing. Schtick is up bud.

      • Brad C says:

        John, you’re overreacting…

      • mj says:

        dude julian green has the talent, all he needs to do is develop some chemistry with the team. and do you really expect this team to win it all this year? why not bring on the youngsters feed them to the sharks to se what they are made of. plus dempsey might have one more world cup donovan would probably be gone, yedlin comes up hopefully luis gil as well. the next world cup the usa team should be much younger anyways, so why not play a youthful team?

        • John says:

          You could go into every single World Cup with that mindset. We’re not going to win it 4 years from now either.

          • mj says:

            so why not throw gil yedlin JAB and hopefully green into this wc squad see what they are made of

            • RNG says:

              One simple reason– did you see Yedlin against South Korea? He looked lost. Not to say he doesn’t have great potential, but he still has a lot to learn….

        • Birgit Calhoun says:

          What about Louis Gil and Yedlin being passed over for another European player jumping the queue?

          • The Garrincha says:

            Jumping the line?, Green has been working hard at Bayern for the past three years.

            Birgit, we are going to have a heart to heart because you sound like somebodies soccer mom.

          • riggity says:

            WELL! Birgit, Green plays for the Yankees and Gil and Yedlin play for tbe Durham Bulls. You do the math.

            Thats why they all go to Europe…to jump the queue…

      • riggity says:

        Lol, really well.thought out John. klinsmann will.lose the entire locker room if he takes Green, an 18 year old kid…kinda like how Bruce Arena totally lost the locker room in ’02 when he took a teenage Landon Donovan (and Demarcus Beasley)? ?..This is Klinsmann’s roster to choose, that’s his job. The players job is to play, not select the 23 that get a tickey ti Brazil. And honestly, these are grown men who are getting a chance to play in a tournament they have waited their who lives for, if any one of them is going to.have their performance level drop because Green is on the roster they don’tdeserve to go in the first place. It cracks me up, last cycle Connor Casey played a fairly significant role in the USA’s WCQ’S BUT when the final roster came out Robbie Findleh was on the roster and not Casey

        • riggity says:

          Point is- you take the 23 thatwill give your team that best chance moving forward ane Green is abetter choice for that last spot when you compare him to the list of 30″somethings that are on the bubble with Green.
          Green> Magee

    • alf says:

      That is the deal.

    • Bac says:

      I have never watched him play, so unlike many posters I can’t comment on his ability other than what I read about him…
      With that being said, if he did want to play for the usmnt in Brazil, and JK thinks he’s good enough to play, why would you even hesitate??

      There’s a misconception about the depth on the usmnt.
      Yes there are a lot more players in the pool who could make the 23, but how is our depth defined???
      I would define it as wide… but not deep.

      How many of our players are essentially “the same guy”? Yes we’ve had a great year but there hasn’t been anyone that has stepped up and grabbed the spotlight.. How many have separated themselves from the pack so well that everyone here can agree ” this guy has gotta play”…?????

      With that being said, how many attacking playmakers who can score do we have on our squad?

      I see no downside to suiting the kid up… I remember some 20 year old back in 2002…..

      • John says:

        Don’t worry no one else has seen him play either.

      • The Garrincha says:

        Well, El Garrincho has seen him play in more than just the last 3 minutes of a champions league match. Money got talent and skill on and off the ball. Green is a wing (predominantly left. also a need) or central attacking midfielder, wait!, he actually could be the first real number 10 the USMNT has ever truly had. Green is just the kind of talent and style of player the USMNT is in need of developing.

        “For me, it’s an honor and an unbelievable chance,” Green told Bild. “I could play for the U.S. and perhaps go with them to the World Cup. It can’t get any better than that, and I’m very thankful for the trust in me.”JG

        PS In pre-season friendlies with Bayerns 1st team.
        one could witness Green register no less than a goal and an assist.
        In other words he had a true impact on the game.

        • Bac says:

          Well you seem to make my point, which is good to hear from someone who has seen him play. We have so many guys that are just so close in their skill set we can afford to give him a spot, it’s worth it. MB hasn’t really got a true partner, LD can play wing but plays better as a withdrawn forward. When Deuce plays the 10 he’s more of a withdrawn forward, our best true winger is also our best LB….
          I say the kid gives us a need we don’t have….

          Book him..

        • Dikranovich says:

          It kind of reminds me of the Italian Fernando machieda , or whatever. He scores a game winner for Man U at 17 and now he is in the championship. You would think Americans would have. Little more appreciation for history and the process.

          David Regis was fast tracked onto the national team in 98 and that did not work to well. Let green be part of the process and join the team for next cycle.

          Listen, a young euro born phenom ain’t going to brasil this summer and making big noise. Keep that in mind when you are trying to think.

          • The Garrincha says:

            Hey Dik,
            I Think very well thank you, and I see as well or better. “Money” passes the eye test. If he’s in Brazil?, he has an impact. at least as much or more than the last 2 or 3 people picked. His ability and skill set is head and shoulders above well, almost everyone in consideration.
            Besides the USMNT, does not have the luxury to wait around and find out, strike when you can.

          • Joe+G says:

            Nitpick…Green is actually Florida-born, though certainly raised in Germany.

          • GW says:

            Macheda is still with Man U. but he’s on loan at Birmingham.

            A “process” for the World Cup? A process? We don’t need no stinking process.

            The US is on a four year cycle and the team has to be rebuilt after every World Cup.

            US fans are spoiled by Landon. His career, where he was arguably the most important US player for three World Cups is rare in World Cup history and is a testament to just how exceptional a player he really is.

            Of the 2010 outfield starters only Jozy and maybe MB 6.5m per year are likely to be as good or better than they were in South Africa. And it is far from clear that any replacements for the other 8-9 starters are as good or better.

            Oh and the manager is different.

            Each World Cup is a one shot deal. A manager would have to be mentally defective to take any player that could not contribute, especially on a team as limited as the USMNT.

            Green training with the USMNT is a two way street. It will be the first time that I am aware of that JK will be able to see Green training with what will likely be most of the US first team.

            If he does really well, it certainly should give JK much more data. And if JK thinks Green can be that something extra coming off the bench late, I’m fine with that.

            Macheda is just one of many new, young players who showed that young guys can have a nice run for a couple of games at a very high level. Green should be able to do the same. The World Cup is only seven games at most if you get to the final. And Green has a couple of months yet to maybe get some first team time at Bayern.

            And if Green does well for a few games at the World Cup and then proves to be a one hit wonder, so to speak, like Macheda, who cares?

            The US will have another four years to find a replacement.

            • Dikranovich says:

              Green coming into a US men’s team camp is a good thing. The fact that he declined the first time, for whatever reason, yet seems on board for this camp seems like a good sign. He is young, and he is developing.

              I don’t know, David Regis was probably one of the more talented Americans in 98, but his introduction to the team right before a World Cup messed with the chemistry. So did some other things which we are all aware of.

              It’s the coaches call, not some little birds chirping from the peanut gallery. But a year ago many fans would have said because Boyd is at Dortmund, he must be better than so and so, and all said and done, Gomez is probably a better fit than Boyd, and even ej might be a better fit than Boyd. Freaking EJ!!!

      • Birgit Calhoun says:

        Talk about Germany, they have depth. England has depth. Spain has depth. But none of those countries would put a young player like Julian Green into their National team until he has played quite a few league games. The league games show how a player acts under a very stressful pressure cooker experience that has people often play two games a week. One of the reasons why Klinsmann took the January camp to Brazil is to see if players could tolerate the stress of going abroad with long lay-overs and lack of sleep and eating unusual foods. Some people can take it others can’t. That’s why coaches are very careful before they invite people to actually be members of the national team. How are players playing not having had a good night’s sleep? If a young player has gone through that and can handle it over time he should play. And, yes, I have watched Julian Green play. He is a very good player. But Germany hasn’t chosen him for their national team, and that will tell you why you would not see a novice like him play against the Germany, Ghana, and Portugal this year.

    • SFTony says:

      He better bring him to the WC. We had a chance to get Rossi in 2006, and all we had to do was assure someone who would be the best player on the team a starting position prior to playing for us. Sometimes national teams should act more like club teams trying to sign a free agent. If you know the kid can play, you go out and you get him.

      • dikranovich says:

        that’s a bunch of BS. so you are saying a guy who had his heart set on playing for the azzurri, would have played for the USA if only he was given a starting role? please, don’t believe that!!!!

      • Anthony says:

        SF, that is absolutely nonsense. Rossi was NEVER going to suit up for US as long as Italy was an option. He has said repeatedly that he always wanted to play for Italy. If you have mentioned Subotic, I *might* have bought it.

    • Birgit Calhoun says:

      According to Bild he would be in Brazil.

  3. TomG says:

    that is pretty darn cool.

  4. D says:

    Does he have any “real” conviction for the U.S? I don’t know much about him, but I would prefer if he wanted to play for the U.S because he had some sort of loyalty for us. Does he visit every year? Did he live here for a spell? Like I said, I don’t know much about him, but I want people playing for US Soccer that have a passion for winning in a US kit.

    • HoboMike says:

      Well, he was born in Florida. I think I remember that he goes back once a year. And I may be mistaken, but I believe his father is pushing him to play for the U.S.

    • John says:

      He was born here, and his father lives here, that’s about it.

    • Robbie says:

      Do you have any real conviction for the US? I don’t know much about you, but…

      Kidding aside, international soccer is a major commitment. I don’t think its fair to question the allegiance of dual nationals who are in the process of making such a difficult decision.

      • Jimmy says:


        And I know a few dual nationals and they feel both. Not one nationality over the other, they identify as both. It must not be an ease decision especially for a kid!

    • GW says:

      Define “real” conviction.

      “Born in Tampa, Florida, on June 6, 1995, Green is the son of an American father and a German mother. When he was two years old, he moved to Munich with his mother and older brother. He would, however, maintain strong ties to the United States frequently returning to Florida to visit his father and extended family.
      “We did a lot of things sports-wise,” said Julian’s father, Jerry Green. “Even at the early ages, Julian always had a ball in his hand. From the time he could walk, he would stand with a ball—any kind of ball: football, basketball—it didn’t matter. He used to play hockey and was a great hockey player. He eventually chose soccer.”
      When Green began to focus on soccer it became sole focus and he began to develop very quickly. He was dominating local youth leagues in Munich and was drawing attention from local media. A scout from Bayern Munich attended one of his games and invited Green to tryout.
      Green’s initial trial at Bayern was a group affair, and he was one of several dozen young teenagers invited on a one-day tryout. Afterward it was a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” arrangement, with the club planning on calling very few, if any, players.
      After the tryout, Green didn’t immediately hear back from Bayern. He returned to his local youth team and months would pass. He eventually had a similar tryout with 1860 Munich who called Green back immediately. Eventually, however, Bayern Munich called and the 14-year-old Green would become a mainstay with its youth teams.
      “Ever since he concluded that soccer was his sport, he has concentrated on Bayern Munich,” Jerry Green continued. “That is his dream. I was looking at his room from 2005 and 2006 and he had all the posters of Bayern Munich. What he’s been able to do these past few weeks has been every kid’s dream. The players he’s playing with now are players in those posters. He’s really focused on doing well. He’s a humble kid. There is nothing better for a dad than see his kid realize his dreams and do something he loves.”
      “Sometimes I think we push our kids too fast,” Jerry Green added. “Obviously there are some kids that are ready for a high level of competition. But in his case, he’s a competitor. I think wherever he ends up playing this year at Bayern, he’ll be ready. He loves the competition and I think he’ll do well. He has a great coach.”

      • D says:

        Well, “real” conviction as I put it, isn’t necessarily definable. I used quotations marks because the word itself could have many different meanings.

        My thoughts, in response to the original question, are that if he wants to play for the U.S. because he has a love for this country, than I am excited. I don’t know how he feels, and neither do you. But from your post of his life, I can assess that he has far more history and blood/sweat/time/ties/family here in this country that could mean when he wears that shield, it means something. Just as I get goosebumps every time the National Anthem plays before a game.

        That is what I want from the men that play games for the U.S Soccer team, they represent me and you, and I want them to have the passion for our country that we have.

        It seems as though at 19 years of age, if he made that switch he would be making it for the right reasons, and not just for a chance to play international football, of which some of many a nation have done.

        • RB says:

          “Well, “real” conviction as I put it, isn’t necessarily definable…”

          Only one of the problems with this kind of argument every time it comes up. But in the end, as much as some people want to worry about all that stuff, it’s irrelevant. FIFA has rules about international play, people are eligible for one reason or another to play for this or that country, and when they have multiple options, they must ultimately choose and stick with only one. That’s what’s relevant in the international game and it’s just misguided to follow it but demand or expect something else.

      • Gary Page says:

        Thanks for the post. His father sounds like a stand up guy who is not a “stage” father, pushing his kid unnecessarily. It sounds like he raised a pretty level headed son and it makes me think that whatever he chooses, I hope he finds success. I think the fact that the US lacks any prima donnas may help in his recruiting. It seems to have worked with other dual nationals. Also, let’s not forget the positive effect Jurgen Klinsmann must have. He was a soccer legend in Germany and when he calls, I’m sure young players listen.

        • GW says:

          At the risk of being naïve about this, in observing the USMNT all these years you get the feeling this is a very tight locker room and that they are pretty together and welcoming. No Richie Incognitos there.

          This togetherness seems to be a great recruiting tool for these dual nationals and more to the point, seems to contribute to their willingness and desire to fight for one another.
          Hopefully, Green will be impressed with, as Jermaine Jones calls them, “my boys”.

        • Frank says:

          “It sounds like he raised a pretty level headed son”

          I`d say his mother, who doesn`t talk to the press, played a more important role in making Julian level headed.

      • AMPhibian says:

        i think conviction will come with choice. If he is showing signs of deliberation, that’s all I need. He obviously loves both countries, or could care less about them, somewhat equally. He will fully commit to whatever side he chooses. He can research and consider each country and cry at their anthem, or not even be able to name their three colors–that really doesn’t matter. If he will play for his choice, coach, teammates, and fans, and to disprove his doubters…I think great players want to win and gain accolades above all else, and that they could care less about what jersey they are wearing when they reach those goals. If he can help us, and chooses to, for the rest of his career, how crazy does it sound to question his motives? Also, what a help he could be in this World Cup. We could move FabJo back to LB/LWB, or acquire some true depth at the 9/10 positions. I have only seen highlights of the young man, but he seems like the creative, attacking, speedster we’ve been missing. We could get something like this:

        ———Beckerman/Killa Cam—

        you could change up the team/formation to take Mix and Beckerman out…


    • Nate says:

      How is this kid’s situation different from Johannson’s? Has anyone questioned AJ’s “conviction”?

      • Anthony says:

        You must have missed this blog this summer when some were arguing he is “not American” enough. That being said, Green has stronger connections to the US.

    • RP says:

      His Dad has enough conviction for two..
      Gotta think if he buys in he rides it all the way.. making dad proud..

  5. Chris says:


  6. HoboMike says:

    Well, he was born in Florida. I think I remember that he goes back once a year. And I may be mistaken, but I believe his father is pushing him to play for the U.S.

    • HoboMike says:

      That was in response to D.

    • Gerard D. says:

      His dad is fanatical about him playing for us.

    • Duke says:

      Mixed feelings. First, IDC how good he is, I want the US team to consist of Americans, not people that have some loose tie to the USA. Pretty soon, JK will be communicating to the team in German with the English speaking members in the minority.

      Getting by that, though Im not crazy about it… being born here carries more weight for me than the son of a stationed service man tie. I dont want to hear any of that “were a nation of immigrants stuff either. That was true in the 1700-1800s. Not so much anymore

      I want to get past this crap though. My biggest complaint with JK is that I don’t think he thinks native Americans are good enough. If he did, he wouldnt find it necessary to beat the German bushes for eligible people. I don’t want a NAT coach that has low faith in his team

      • HoboMike says:

        You do realize that of our projected World Cup starters, 10 of the 11 are native Americans, right? Altidore, Donovan, Dempsey, Zusi, Bradley, Beasley, Gonzalez, Besler, Cameron, and Howard, with the possibility that Fabian Johnson starts instead of Beasley. So, that’s 9 at worst (barring injury). And let’s not forget his repeated non-call-ups of Chandler or his complete omission of Danny Williams. And the bench? Goodson, Bedoya, Guzan, Parkhurst, Johnson are all natives, as well. Of the 23, you will probably have 4-5 non-natives, as you call them: Jones, FJohnson, Johannsson, Diskerud, and potentially Boyd. That’s only 3 German-Americans.

        JK is doing his job, which is strengthening the team by adding good players.

      • BrianK says:


        Check your bearings. Julian Green is American. Just like Tom Dooley, Earnie Stewart, Boris Bandov, Roy Wegerle, Mike Windischmann and many, many, many other players who have their own personal stories BUT ARE AMERICAN.

        You are stepping out onto a slippery slope. Next you will be saying that players from Texas are more American than players from New York.

      • JayAre says:

        So an American father that you visit every year is a loose tie? I think that’s as close as you get apart from living here and I say this all the time for the morons that don’t get it. KIDS CAN NOT DECIDE WHERE THEY LIVE THEIR PARENTS DO!!! He had no control over moving back to Germany with his mom.

        • Frank says:

          Well, if he had stayed in the US with his father, we wouldn`t talk about him being a potential USMNT player now…

          • JayAre says:

            And how do you know that? You must have some type of time machine or crystal ball that allows you to see an alternate universe where what you just said happened.

      • Dirk McQuigley says:

        If you are BORN IN THE USA, then you are automatically a US CITIZEN. Cut out the Tea Party rhetoric.

      • alf says:

        I would like to see a day when these players are recruiting the US team not the way it is now. The bottom line is they are legal US citizens. They have as much right as the kid from the suburbs to play in this US team. You have no point to make.

      • Joe C. says:

        I am extremely happy you have no input on who makes up our national team. Comments like this are ridiculous.

      • Anthony says:

        Duke, you have a right to your opinion (factual or not), just like I have a right to say how off-base, factually devoid and, frankly, foolish some of your statements are. First of all, citizenship is decided by the US government. As such, he IS an American by virtue of being born here to an American father. Having known people who have gotten divorced, sometimes one or both parties move to different places because their careers or circumstances take them there. He maintains a strong relationship with his father and visits him every year in Florida.

        As far as you ludicrous statement ” I dont want to hear any of that “were a nation of immigrants stuff either. That was true in the 1700-1800s. Not so much anymore” is concerned, I really don’t know where to begin. First of all, MOST Americans have at least one ancestor who immigrated to the US around the turn of the 20th century. Second, a significant portion (nowhere close to a majority, but still a significant number) of Americans either immigrated or are children or grand-children of people who immigrated to the US in the last 60 – 75 years from Latin America, Asia, Africa and parts of Europe.

        Lastly, I am glad your ill-informed opinion has absolutely no bearing on who represents the USMNT/USWNT.

  7. Bill Phillips says:

    Considering how much money a real american STAR could make on endorsements rossi cost himself millions and millions. If green could be better (IF) no brainer to join the stars and stripes. Upside bigger, sure probably harder to win a world cup, but there is big difference between being rich amd wealthy.

    • Increase0 says:

      Nike would love him to death. It would give them a guy to fight Adidas on their home soil.

    • Luis says:

      That’s what bugs me so much about people asking why duel nationals pick the USA over a top soccer nation since it would be better for their careers playing for someone like Germany/Brazil/etc.

      The common perception is that people are waiting for the American Messi/Ronaldo and soccer will really explode. I don’t think someone like that would cause soccer to magically become mainstream overnight but that player(s) could essentially do what Tiger Woods did for golf.

      Then comes the massive endorsements that a talent like that could generate in the USA?

    • Frank says:

      That`s what people said when Jones chose to represent the US.

      And only two weeks ago Ives said that Jones is not marketable enough in the US to offer him a DP contract.

      The German national team is one of the biggest sports brand in the world. It`s the most popular national team in China for instance.

  8. Gerard D. says:

    Also, as to the comments about “third division,” it’s a bit of an intentional deception. The youth teams have to play in lower divisions. They cannot be promoted–much like how Barcelona B would also compete in La Liga if allowed to.

    Saying he plays in the third division and should therefor be disregarded ignores the fact that he is part of the Bayern Munich team and their youth squad can only play in the lower division–regardless of talent. It is in no way indicative of the real talent on the squad or of any particular player.

    • John says:

      That’s great and I hope he wants to play for the US, he looks to be a great prospect. However I still don’t think he has done enough to earn a spot on the World Cup squad.

  9. dcpohl says:

    How does everyone know his dad wants him to represent the US? What’s that from?

  10. Goalscorer24 says:

    Bayren Munich will put a lot of pressure on him to play for Germany.

    • Gerard D. says:

      You would think so, right? Thought that myself until speaking with a few friends in Germany who told me Bayern is looking to push into the American market–a USMNT player on the squad is apparently something they discussed in regards to Green.

      Can you imagine how many jerseys that kid would sell… wow.

      • The Garrincha says:

        Ditto that’s “Money” Bayern, goes fully global with a captivated American Market.

      • GW says:

        Bayern are on record as preferring he stays with Germany.

        However, that is probably because playing for Germany would significantly reduce his travel wear and tear as opposed to playing for the USMNT. Their marketing people may feel otherwise.

        As your friends noted, Bayern have an interest in moving their brand into the US market (the next MLS All Star game features guess who?) so a Bayern regular who was also a star US international has obvious marketing advantages.

        • AMPhibian says:

          Regardless of what Bayern actually wants, of course they are going to publicly say they want him to play for the German side, anything less would be unacceptable to the biggest supporters of your club.

      • BrianK says:

        As if Bayern Munich care about whether ONE of their player plays for the USA vs. Germany. They would probably prefer that he represent the USA so as to broaden the appeal of the brand.

    • alf says:

      That will be the challenge. Bayern has a lot clout. I believe he wants to play for us though.

    • chuck says:

      Bayern uses the German national team as a shopping window. They’d either don’t care because the player is theirs already or would rather prefer him in the USMNT in order to sell the brand in the US

      • MLSsnob says:

        Ask Bayern’s manager if they would prefer him flying between sometimes the West Coast of the US and South America or to Ukraine or France on a consitent yearly basis and see which they’d prefer.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Eh, Pep’s not the entire FO, but he’s the manager.

      Pep likes Green.

      Pep likes the US (guess where he spent his sabbatical).

      Pep has no vested interest in Green’s playing for Germany (other than less travel for 1 of his players).

      If Green decides he wants to play for the US, I doubt he’ll face any real resistance.

  11. El Paso tx says:

    Interesting, but hey u never know, maybe USA wins World Cup 2018 in Qatar because Brazil looks like a total fail.

  12. Birgit Calhoun says:

    Why would it be so great to keep on looking for other players when it is really imperative to have a solid squad together that knows what’s going on. Or is Green training with the US team to scout out the US system and see how the German team can win against the US team. Klinsmann’s lack of “belief” in the players he has is more detrimental to the team than the players’ belief in their ability to succeed.

    • GW says:

      Most likely JK feels the US players themselves will serve as the best recruitment tool when it comes to Green.

      If you are going to play with a national team getting along with your teammates is a big deal. National team rosters often don’t change nearly as much as club team rosters do. If Green has a nice time in his two day stint it could go a long way to a favorable decision for the US.

      As for scouting the US I doubt that there is anything about the USMNT that Loew does not know and vice versa.

  13. Kaiser says:

    The USNT is quickly becoming The Whore Of Babylon.

  14. Birgit Calhoun says:

    Just the fact that he chose soccer as his main sport tells me that Julian Green is more German than American although I would like to believe that soccer is becoming as American as apple pie, it will be a while before soccer turns into a more popular sport than let’s say baseball or basketball. I can’t believe this hype. What do any of you know about his choices. Also, his mother probably has some influence on his decision. Where is this idea coming from that his dad is the driving force when he hasn’t actually lived with him?

    • The Garrincha says:

      Birgit, you are starting to spill all over yourself.
      Your angle is quite apparent, although not sure of your motive or your reasons?.

      I will post this JG, quote for you again.

      “For me, it’s an honor and an unbelievable chance,” Green told Bild. “I could play for the U.S. and perhaps go with them to the World Cup. It can’t get any better than that, and I’m very thankful for the trust in me.”

      • John says:

        Well then time is running out. He isn’t going to play in this friendly, and I doubt he comes for Mexico friendly. So then all that’s left are the World Cup warm up friendlies.

    • Javier says:

      By that logic Donovan is Canadian and Wondolowski is Polish.

      • chuck says:

        Absolutely! If Green was a True American ™ he’d be running for the Buccaneers or stealing bases for the Devil Rays!

      • Good Jeremy says:

        You pretty much beat me to it. We don’t have any American players.

      • Birgit Calhoun says:

        Germans are citizens as long as they have one parent who is German. They don’t need to be born there. And yes, Wondolowski would have had an option to play for Poland before he started playing for the United States. Beitashour is likely to play for Iran because that’s where he is more likely to get a chance to play in the World Cup..

        • whoop-whoop says:

          True that. US born bred Basketball pro Chris Kaman represented Germany in the Olympics and other international competition.

      • MLSsnob says:

        He was born in Ontario, CA (California)

        • Birgit Calhoun says:

          But his father is Polish and Wondo could have played for the Polish National team if they had asked him.

    • Good Jeremy says:

      If choosing soccer over another sport means you aren’t very American, do we even have eligible players for our national team?

    • RB says:

      “Just the fact that he chose soccer as his main sport tells me that Julian Green is more German than American…”

      Now that is some ridiculous (ahem) “logic”, right there…

    • Frank says:

      “Also, his mother probably has some influence on his decision. Where is this idea coming from that his dad is the driving force when he hasn’t actually lived with him?”

      His mother is not on twitter talking about JJ and doesn`t talk to the press (which is what you expect from a responsible parent).

      Hence, people focus on what his dad says and pretend that he is the most important person in JJ`s life, even though his mother actually raised him on her own.

  15. John says:

    Boyd probably should have stayed at Dortmund II and held out on committing to the US. Now he is most likely not going to the World Cup.

    • Goalscorer24 says:

      If Boyd held out for Germany he would definitely not be going to the World Cup.

      • SBI TroII says:

        Boyd is not that good. He’s very still very raw in his development. But he is as commited to the USA as anyone in your neighborhood.

    • GW says:

      “Now he is most likely not going to the World Cup.”
      If so, it is because he hasn’t given JK a real good reason to take him.

      • John says:

        My point is if you look at Boyd’s situation a couple years ago it’s pretty close to Green’s. Just swap Dortmund for Bayern.

        • GW says:


          Boyd was about 22 at the time in question. Green is 19. The three year difference is an eternity in soccer terms especially in Europe.

          Klopp was not anywhere near as high on Boyd as Pep appears to be on Green. .

          Klopp has an excellent reputation as a talent scout so his willingness to offload Boyd to Vienna tells you a lot. .If you are thinking Boyd should have stayed in the Dortmund setup and now he would be replacing Lewandoski, that seems like a stretch.

          What makes you think Klopp even wanted him to stay?

          Boyd is an immensely likable guy, has great potential and was great at the Under 23 level. I think US fans are blinded by that.

          At the senior level he seems to need to move to a more competitive league and find a manager who can tighten his game up. Right now he does not do enough for the US to be on the final 23.

          • John says:

            Boyd turns 23 tomorrow actually and he was at Dortmund II in 2011, that being 3 years ago making him 20 at the time. He was also called in Dortmund’s first team at one point. It just always seems we are always doing this. It’s always this next player that will be our saviour. He is a great prospect and I hope he wants to play for us but people are loosing there mind.

            Bayern have a 16 point lead in the league and Champions league coming up. If he can even just start making the bench for Bayern’s first team I’ll change my tune.

            • GW says:


              You’re right about that age thing.

              Still. Green appears to have a brighter future with Bayern than Boyd, as massive disappointment, ever did with Dortmund.
              More to the point Green will have a month or two to earn time with the first team.

              In my mind, this training session is as much for the USMNT as it is for Green.
              Green has never played with these guys before. What if he looks like he does not fit in? What if he is looks out of place? Maybe this kid is a jerk on the field..

              That is something it would be good to know at this point.

              JK has a responsibility to turn over every rock to find the best possible players he can for the USMNT and Green looks like he is worth the trouble.

  16. Dennis says:

    He is the only 19 year-old I know of that the US has any designs on who has played for any club of the stature of Bayern. Of course I am excited, but he is still so young lots of things could go wrong.

    The Ethiopian who played for Arsenal is another outstanding youth talent, but my understanding is that while he might have a longer, geographically closer connection to the USA, he is not a simple decision away from being eligible for the US since he does not have US citizenship.

    • John says:

      It would be very hard for Zelalem to play for the US because he has German citizenship giving him a European passport and to become a US citizen he would give that up. That would then complicate his work permit with the FA in England.

      Which is a great example of why we shouldn’t just be getting so caught up in a the name of club a player is attached to. Its all much more complicated then that.

      • Tom_in_So_IL says:

        Off topic anybody know how long before he has English eligibility?

        • Joe+G says:

          Takes 5 years to get British citizenship, so he has 4 years to go. But he’d have to *not* play for Germany (or Ethiopia) in a competitive youth match to be eligible to switch.

          Not likely.

  17. shawn says:


    if we can get zelalem we will have a squad come 2018!

  18. heathp says:

    Bottom line is this kid could be a world-class #10. Pep obviously is thinking so. That’s a rare thing for almost any country. Even if JK was trading a WC roster spot just for the potential I’d be ok with that. But who here has already started to list out a 23 man roster for the WC? I have several iterations already. Compare this kid and his potential to your #22 or #23 spot. Guess what? I’d make that trade if he’d commit. He’s only 19 and it’s a risk. I get it. America wasn’t built without taking risks. Why should the USMNT be any different.

    • John says:

      Alright who are you dropping?

      • heathp says:

        Shea or Boyd.
        Note – before I start a Shea tangent thread… I don’t rate him, but obviously JK does. And I think if he is getting minutes through his loan I think he’ll be on the plane.

        • John says:

          What if Shea and Boyd start playing really well can they push Green out? Or is everyone else now just fighting for 22 roster spots?

        • AcidBurn says:

          +1. Seriously, drop Wondo, Shea or even Eddie Johnson. Can’t believe people are thinking of giving a spot to Wondo or Shea instead of Green.

          • Nate says:

            EJ is 8th all time in US goals. Just scored the game winner in the US’s most consequential game in 2013 against its biggest rival. Proven results vs. Uncertain future potential.

            • John says:

              His goals per match ratio is actually right there with Wynalda and McBride at about a goal every 3.1 matches.

      • Lost in Space says:

        Who do you drop? There are a number of players who are fighting for that 22nd or 23rd spot on the US World Cup roster…..
        Boyd, Eddie Johnson, Gomez, Wondo, Brek Shea, Kljestan,
        If Green were to commit to the US I could see him knock any of these 6 out of contention.
        And least we forget there are always injuries that could knock a player out of the WC at any time. Having Green in the preliminary 30 could be cover for any number of players….including Donovan, Dempsey, AJ, etc….

    • The Garrincha says:

      HeathP, Ditto, plus 10 for Pele!

  19. El Hombre says:

    Idk if he has the ceiling of Brek Shea…

  20. mj says:

    gil, yedlin, hopefully green, JAB gonzalez fabian johnson bradley mix agudelo johnnsson 2018 with these players are not lookin so bad. but the now there should be a nice mixture of youth and experience.

  21. EspinDOHla says:

    ProSoccerTalk reporting that he has committed to USMNT, not just the training. (per a Bild report)

    • Joe+G says:

      But other reports (including his dad) are saying it’s just for training. Bild has been known to get the details wrong.

      But it is a step in the right direction.

  22. Bac says:

    Yep.. They are reporting that he has committed to the usmnt, hoping to be on the team in Brazil
    Fingers crossed for some confirmation when I wake up tomorrow

  23. usaalltheway says:

    If this kid really turns out to be great, he will go with Germany and Germany will give him a shot.

    Why wouldn’t he? His dad my be an American but he is culturally German through and through.

    I can’t be the only one out there who is sick of this dual national business.

    • RB says:

      Do you think there are more who feel that way or more who are sick of people complaining about “this dual national business”?

    • Todd Marsch says:

      For better or worse, the dual national thing is here to stay. The world is getting increasingly globalized with more people moving between countries. If it’s not already the case, I would bet that most national teams will have a handful of players who could have represented multiple countries in the next decade or so.

      I do recall the English announcers talking excitedly about the possibility of Janusaz (sp?) becoming eligible for England during the Man U game a couple weeks ago, if it makes people feel better to know it’s not just us rooting for promising, young dual nationals to swing our way.

      • usaalltheway says:

        Thanks man!! I see your point.

        The CBF in Brazil wanted to get Costa’s citizenship revoked for what he did.

        Can you believe that? They literally asked the Brazilian Congress to revoke his citizenship.

        I for one can’t stand this poaching of foreigner players. It’s an American team. I want Americans on the team. You know, people who are culturally American. Not some player whose dad he never knew was American.

        I know that bothers people greatly but that is the very nature of international soccer: it’s nation against nation. It’s jingoistic by it’s very nature.

        • RB says:

          “I for one can’t stand this poaching of foreigner players. It’s an American team. I want Americans on the team. You know, people who are culturally American.”

          I submit that those desires and expectations are misguided, but regardless, they are clearly at odds with what international soccer is, and international soccer is highly unlikely to change to suit you. You should probably limit yourself to the club side of the game, if you can’t temper or modify them and you are sick of the situation as it is. It’s really just that simple.

        • Edwin in LA says:

          Ummm Julian Green was BORN in the US. And he does know his dad, visited his family in Florida more than a few times. The only player who really didn’t see his father is Jermaine Jones. I think Chandler also didn’t have a strong connection but I don’t remember if he hardly knew his dad

        • Jesse D says:

          USAALLTHEWAY when you say “Not some player whose dad he never knew was American” You aren’t referring to Green with this comment are you? Maybe that comment applies to Chandler, but certainly not to Green. He knows his dad and his dad is extremely supportive of his soccer career.

      • John says:

        Yeah but Januzaj is actually starting for ManU

    • BrianK says:


      What are you missing about the fact that he is American? Do you have any idea how insulting you are?

      • usaalltheway says:

        Let me ask you a question: Are you yourself a dual nation?

        I am. I know what it is like. The reality is you are very much culturally one or the other. It’s almost impossible to be both, although it can and does happen.

        This kid is Germany. His dad is American but so what? His first language is German, he is culturally German, he has spent the vast majority of his life in Germany.

        It’s only insulting when you can’t learn to hear things that different from your point of view.

        I hope the kid plays for Germany.

        • MLSsnob says:

          What? So what? He’s a free agent. Why would you not take a chance to improve your team?

        • BrianK says:


          This may disapoint you but….I AM A DUAL NATIONAL. You have no idea what my personal experience has been and how I feel about my nationality. Nor do you know how Julian Green feels about his nationality.

          Give it up man,….your argument is beyond weak,…it is offensive and narrow minded.

          • RB says:

            Agreed, and I and all my children are dual nationals. This idea in particular —

            “I am. I know what it is like. The reality is you are very much culturally one or the other. It’s almost impossible to be both”

            — is whacked. It’s not only not impossible, it’s not difficult to be truly bicultural. It’s no more impossible or difficult than it is to be bilingual.

            But even if you disagree, why should you get to decide what others are, and dictate what they are eligible or appropriate for?!?

        • GW says:


          What are describing is called prejudice. You have as stereotype in your head as to what constitutes a real American.

          And Green does not fit that stereotype so you wish to exclude him from the USMNT even though, should he choose to, he will have every legal right to play for the US, including his US passport.

          In other words, you want to deny Green his legal right to play for the US.

          That is what is called discriminatory behavior and you may recall that FIFA itself has a flimsy and lame campaign against such behavior.

          In America there a lot of people who would find your behavior offensive. We also have a lot of people who would applaud you. Eventually the two sides will form up and kill each other.

          I’m sure you are secure in your beliefs but you might want to spare a thought for the other side.

        • Jesse D says:

          Since he was born in the US to an American father, I wonder, do you actually know that the first words he spoke were German and not English? If you’ve spoken to his mother and she confirms Green spoke German first, you still don’t have a point, but at least the facts are valid. I think you just made up that fact though.

    • MLSsnob says:

      Ahh yes, I’m sure Germany didn’t benefit from Ozil, France from Zidane. Your argument is pointless. It’s been around since way before the US started benefiting from it. Why not take advantage?

      • BrianK says:

        Euro snob,

        You provide good examples of other countries fielding players with dual nationalities,….but it is not a matter of taking advantage. These people ARE eligible because they ARE citizens of these countries.

      • Tom_in_So_IL says:

        Roy Lassiter * ( spelling) former USMNT player.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Really? There are multi millions of Americans who likely don’t fit YOUR profile of “culturally American”… whatever the heck that is. As a duel National born in the US, I am sick of the assertion that “duel nationals” are somehow less American. The US Constitution says otherwise and any other argument is ignorant, baseless personal opinion. There is no scale of Americaness… you are either a citizen, or you are not. Deal with it. If it sounds like I take it personal, it is because I do…. not too many things more important than personal rights and the assertion that someone has less based on nationality/ethnicity is both dangerous and quite fortunately, illegal.

  24. Adam M. says:

    His dad on Twitter called it “a step in the right direction.” Kid might be the best prospect since Donovan.

  25. Robbo says:

    What’s all the fuss and juvenile statements about? Can someone name me one USA Player who is good enough to named to the Bayern Munich Squad? None. This kid has played excellent for them during their Winter Break. Pep has been singing his praise. If he chooses the USA then he should be in the 11 for Brazil. He is great on the ball and fast. He has skills that none of the USA players have. A player in Bayern U 23 that has made their Game Day Squad is good enough to be in the USA 11. The USA needs a 2002 Landon Donovan. This kid is the real deal.

    • MLSsnob says:

      Landon Donovan, BOOM!

    • drew11 says:

      Jovan Kirovski. Sorry, making the bench at a big club doesn’t predict the future.

    • The Garrincha says:

      +1 RB, tell it like it is brother.

    • beto says:

      There are plenty of players on the US that have the ability for Bayern Munich. Very few if any that have the age & potential to be signed by Bayern.

      As of right now, not sure where he will place in the US squad.. Could be one of our better foward/wing options might not be ready right now. Glad he is willing to train with us for a couple of days.

      Realistically in the next 1-4 years he will be loaned out multiple times probably to bund2 teams. He wont be a Bayern Munich player in the way we think of that for a 1-4 years.

      Remember 3 years ago TBoyd was in a similar situation with Dortmont.. Ironic bc if Green is selected it would probably be at the cost of TBoyd. Still i think its worth the gamble and lets not take the risk of losing a potential star

  26. Robbo says:

    Did you forget that Mexico’s best player who is one of top players in Spain is from Brazil?

    • John says:

      When was the last time he was Mexico’s best player?

      • John says:

        i thought he was talking about Dos Santos , he isn’t from Brazil but his father is. I don’t know maybe he meant someone else

        • RB says:

          Yeah the Dos Santos bros were born in Monterrey to a Mexican woman. And Vela is from Cancun. Guardado is from Guadalajara, I believe (and is now on loan and playing in Germany). Can’t come up with anyone who fits…

          • Jesse D says:

            Actually the point about Mexico is relevant. Dos Santos born to one immigrant parent and one native parent in Mexico. Green was born to an immigrant parent and a native parent in the USA.

            • RB says:

              As far as I can see, the point was the claim

              “Mexico’s best player who is one of top players in Spain is from Brazil”

              and that point is pretty clearly erroneous.

    • Rob Jones says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  27. John says:

    So if Klinsmann thinks it just comes down to belief for US players then shouldn’t he give more of a chance to young players developed in MLS? The reason why Agudelo had to jump through hoops and isn’t on Stoke is because he didn’t have the caps required by the FA in England. With this in mind are English or other European clubs even scouting MLS players? Do they just wait until they are on the national team? Perhaps we should just take a squad of young MLS players to the World Cup to help them be seen. It might help them get a move to Europe if that’s what Klinsmann wants.

  28. Mr. O says:

    No offense, but no thanks. Kid wants to represent Germany. He’s grown up through their system and has already turned down 1 invitation. I’m sure something will come up before this in which he can’t train with us. He’s using the US to show off his international skills some more for that Germany senior team call up. I think he’s an awesome player and probably a pretty good guy, but I’d rather us roll with guys we intend on taking to Brazil. No offense JK but take off your German blinders.

    • BrianK says:

      German blinders? The kid is American and is cracking the first team of perhaps the top club in the world,…and you call that “German blinders”?

    • GW says:

      “but I’d rather us roll with guys we intend on taking to Brazil”

      So who do “we” intend to take?

      It sounds like “we” already have the list of 23 somewhere. Can we get a look at it?

    • Adams says:

      I agree with Mr. O

  29. Boyd says:

    Is this a good idea? He’s going to go from training with Bayern, which is half of the German NT to training with third rate players such as Altidore, EJ, Dempsey and Zusi.

  30. Scruff says:

    Sacrificing a bubble player is well worth the gamble.

  31. Carlos says:

    I’m pretty sure Germany is behind this. Once he realizes his American teammates can’t even make a proper pass he’ll run back to Germany and beg them to take him back.

  32. Neruda says:

    Great news. I wonder if pep guardiola is going to be involved in helping green to get more minutes with bayern Munich or a loan to another first division team in any league. He has to be fresh if he’s go to be on the WC team this summer. This makes my day though if he commits to the US.

  33. Adams says:

    Once he switches to American he’ll become another mediocre underachieving American “soccer” player.

  34. TDO says:

    If the USA wants to get Green to file his switch (IF the USA wants) we have some good recruiting assets:
    • JayZee can contact the young man and explain the business potential of being a transcendent American star. It would be much bigger in a market the size of the USA and less diluted.

    • Barak Obama could be asked to send a tweet or e-mail to the kid. He can comment on how a half-African American can be attain to the highest position in the world in the USA. The mixed race German Americans have implied at how they feel accepted culturally, not just as teammates. Could it be that the USA is a little ahead of Germany accepting a man of color?

    • Kobe and LeBron are global icons who I would guess would have no picking up the phone. They could recruit a future US Olympic teammate. Germany might counter with Nowitzky, but I doubt it’s the same.

    If any of you are with the USSF, I will send you the whole plan for a flat fee.

    • BrianK says:

      Yeah,….Jay Zee can tell Julian Green what it like to sell crack and Obama can tell him what a thrill it is to have a crack dealer at a Presidential inauguration.


      • user222 says:


      • Flagermunsen. says:

        I’m sure that is the first thing an 18 year old thinks of when they hear the name JayZee (sarcasm.) But let’s say an 18 yr old is that dialled into talk radio sound bites, then there may also be a chance that they are aware of Matthew 6:14-15.

        • BrianK says:


          Fact and fact,….not sound bites.

          Thanks for starting off my Sunday within a little spiritual verse. I can certainly forgive someone their sins,…but I don’t have to promote them to others.

          Anyway,…back to soccer,….

    • Frank says:

      “Could it be that the USA is a little ahead of Germany accepting a man of color?”

      Depends on how you look at it. There are certainly more famous black Americans than there are black Germans. But while black Americans are overrepresented in US jails, black Germans are far less likely to end up behind bars…

  35. Birgit Calhoun says:

    It seems to me that Klinsmann is stirring the pot again. There are again jealousies developing and it’s really a shame. The USMNT needs stability before it can become a real team. Just a few days ago Klinsmann talked about how the US players are unable to “believe” in their ability that they can successfully strive for the champions league, and now he again puts pressure on on some players by inviting someone that the Germans are building up to be a regular Bundesliga player. What is it with Klinsmann? Is his waffling about whom he wants in the US team because it is really he who doesn’t believe that his team’s players are good enough? Where is he going? Does he really believe that his team will come together when he constantly raises the benchmarks he sets? I find the fact that he continues to be uncertain about who is a good catch for the team very disturbing. The team needs an anchor and not constantly moving goal posts. It’s ok to look for good players; but to constantly keep everyone including the fans off balance is a really disruptive factor.

    • The Garrincha says:

      Birgit, You’re starting to babble now.
      I am sorry for your discombobulation.
      The fact and reality is, is that most certainly none,
      zero of the 32 teams qualified to participate
      in this 2014 edition of the FIFA world cup
      have set there 30 man invitations,
      let alone their final 23 man roster.
      To do so would be more than foolish and short sighted.
      Uncertainty and unpredictability is what makes sport.
      motivation takes many forms, the outcome always unknown,
      This is also why you play the game.
      Onward and upward.

    • GW says:


      The reality is probably 18 or so of the 23 spots are already set, barring unforeseen and sudden drops in form or injury.

      And that is the problem. The US is not like Brazil who conceivably could name three starting elevens and then cut that down in June with little drop in talent level.

      There are still about three months of games for everyone to play and I have yet to see a US World Cup team that did not suffer some unexpected injury or injuries just before the World Cup. Supposedly there are about 35-40 players who have a shot , however small, at making the team.

      Therefore at this time it behooves any sensible manager to have everyone in that group of 35-40 candidates trying their utmost to make the team since they actually might make the team even if it is only through injury to another player. They all need to be ready.

  36. Matt says:

    A fair to good chance that he goes with the US in my opinion……because he spent his formative teenage years within the US. This is a BIG deal to a kid as far as becoming who he is as a person.
    I bet there is a good chance that he has a lot of good memories and identifies with the US to a great degree.