Klinsmann shows off his flying skills

USMNT Training Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

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39 Responses to Klinsmann shows off his flying skills

  1. ryan says:

    I have a real feeling that the USMNT will catch some flak for this video.

    • Josh says:

      Why flak? I think its pretty cool.

      • Rich D says:

        Maybe because all it takes is one day of bad weather and low visibility and we are left with Martin Vasquez (sp) as our USMNT coach.

        But I guess you have to take the good with the bad when you are dealing with a coach who prefers to takes risks rather than keep the status quo.

        Needless to say I’m a huge fan.

        • bottlcaps says:

          The Helicopter is a Robinson R44 a four seat version of their real popular R22, one of the most popular helicopters in the world, sought for it’s economical cost and cost of ownership. It is also one of the most reliable. The factory that make them is right there in Torrance, where I think the helicopter Flite Center in the video is.

          The sell a lot of Robinson’s in South America and especially Brazil. The R22 and R44 are not real long distance helicopters and it’s out of range from Sao Paolo to the other USMNT venues so there will be little chance of him flying a heli around in Brazil.

      • Alex H says:

        Flak as in Flugabwehrkannone? Makes sense to me….Oh and for the record Alex Morgan looks way better wearing number 13.

  2. Matt Holihan says:

    Can’t wait til he busts this out for a friendly to get a better idea on our shape and formation.

  3. dude says:

    compton airport!!!

  4. Jay in Florida says:

    Klinsmann is so badass he shows up to practice in helicopter, only to be out done by Chuck Norris showing up in a jet.

  5. Brett Son of Stephen says:


  6. user222 says:


  7. Madden's Chin says:

    He can coach forever if he shows up to a game in Azteca and lands that beast on the field before kick off.

  8. AcidBurn says:

    They are practicing for the halftime show at the Ghana game, Klinsy is piloting the chopper and Kyle Beckerman is jumping out and parachuting into the center circle while holding two lit fireworks.

  9. Dainja says:

    wow. I love it but…PLEASE BE CAREFUL JUERGEN!!!! I hope USMNT can afford to stash a parachute in that chopper.

  10. Rakesh says:

    Cool vid! Cool coach! Nike’s supporting gear during the centennial year has been pretty eye-catching. Klinsmann always seems to have on a different styled golf-shirt or tee or jacket during interviews; and the USMNT players also look really sharp pre- and post-game, as well as during travel days.

  11. critic says:

    This guy can be a rocket scientist for all we know, but can he win in Brazil. No gimmicks just WIN.

    • MN Footie says:

      I mean, I don’t think Klinsmann took up flying chopper in order to convince people that he was the right man for the USMNT job.

      Apart from the all-important question of “can he win?” I have to say that I think Jurgen seems like an all-around cool guy.

  12. Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Ger-Merican Bad Azz!

  13. John Osborn says:

    Ah, the one percent: loud and proud.

    • Increase says:

      Ah yes, begrudge the man his success. Bakers sons get all the advantages. No body else in the village got bread but Jurgen.

      On a serious note, society should want social mobility.
      Both up and this is very very important Down.

      • 360 says:

        Talking in circles is not helping the cause. If you are not about the cause (“Win Baby”) then WTF?

  14. Tom Traubert says:

    I mean c’mon…Klinsi is a bad-ass. I want to be him in my next life.

  15. yea mon says:

    He can star in the remake of “Blue Thunder” when done coaching……or AirWolf