Kreis: NYCFC can take four Man City players on loan

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Jason Kreis and New York City FC won’t only have the financial backing and scouting resources of Manchester City, but they’ll also be able to bring some Man City players to Major League Soccer as well.

Checking in for the first time since moving to England to immerse himself in all things Man City, Jason Kreis revealed to Man City TV that NYC FC will be able to take four players on loan from Man City. It’s not yet clear whether those players would come to MLS as Designated Players or not.

“We’ll have the ability to take four players on loan from the club here,” Kreis said. “So I’m looking a lot at the younger players, the U-21s and the U-18s at the moment, and also the players that are out on loan. We have a very big interest in bringing some city players over to join us in New York and I certainly think that there is the talent there and the ambition is there as well.

“We’ll have to get with some of those guys over the next six months to a year and see whether or not that would be something they would like as well.”

A longer version of Kreis’ interview is expected to be released later this week.

Watch the video after the jump (starting at :58):


What do you think of these comments? Do you like that Man City is willing to send players on loan to NYC FC? Think it stands in the face of the club’s goal of being a New York team?

Share your thoughts below.

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78 Responses to Kreis: NYCFC can take four Man City players on loan

  1. Matt S says:

    There has to be some kind of check and balance here that City is not then buying players for this team and loaning them off at some low value to get around the salary cap.

    • Bobert says:


      It would increase the quality on the field in MLS.

      Why would you want to hurt the quality all in the name of fairness? You already have playoffs which add a bit of randomness.

      • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

        “Why would you want to hurt quality in the name of fairness ?”

        Oh my word.

        It won’t increase quality of soccer when the league folds NASL style and there is no real American league.

        That would never happen again if you put all the talent on a NY team right ?….does 1984 ring a bell ?

        • just saying says:

          what are you talking about? usually the salary of players on loan is split between the lender and the recipient and i believe the league says that you can actually have up to 5 DPs as long as two of those DPs are youngsters. now NASL really? there is a salary cap within the league for a reason, i don’t think that the league will let the teams spend as they wish just yet. the ’70s are over brother is modern time soccer in the USA. can you dig it?

          • Javier says:

            Don’t mind him, he’s just some Sounder fan who’s mad his team Garber isn’t helping his team again.

        • Bobert says:

          the league would fold because NYFC takes four Man City guys on low wages? LOL They aren’t taking Aguero on loan lol

          You dopes need to stop playing “the NASL folded card so we have to have uber parity and a sucky league” card

  2. Travis says:

    The biggest issue I would see with this is if they somehow dont count as DPs, even the worst paid players at City make well over the DP number. If they somehow dont count as DPs that will be a joke and give them a massive advantage over the rest of the league.

    Also this makes them feel a whole lot like a minor league team for City which is what a lot of us were fearing from the start.

    • Snaves says:

      Let’s face it. Obviously they won’t count as DPs. Garber won’t let them count as DPs. And the advantage will just exist.

      • Ian says:

        And frankly we should be okay with that. No four U-18s or U-21s would give NYCFC such an advantage that they would run away with the MLS Cup every year. It takes a team to win, not four undeveloped Mancs.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      All due respect it sounds like Chivas’ egotism to me. City is not going to be sending this year’s first teamers, it’ll be retirement homers and people trying to establish themselves who haven’t impressed the coach yet. If the coach thinks they are headed first team they won’t leave Manchester. It sounds nice but you have to send players better than a MLS starter for it to matter.

      Another issue with this that Chivas USA had in their “up” period was if you staff the team with loan players on short term deals then maybe they yank back the ones who show well, you want to be rid of the ones who stink, and so you lack continuity for sporting and personnel purposes. Montreal’s Serie A fetish is causing a similar problem there, as they almost have to dismantle and rebuild the team annually. It’s hard work keeping that up and maybe next season’s recruits are no Nesta or di Vaio.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Based on his wording, Kreis gets to select who he wants to take from a pool of players that doesn’t include the 1st team. MCFC won’t be randomly assigning him 4 players.

        Even if there’s a promising youth player who might make the first team in the near future, it could be possible to get them on loan until they are called up to the 1st team.

  3. bryan says:

    sounds fantastic in theory. i’ll be curious to see how they work out the salary issues. i know, generally, on loan players have their salary covered by the team they are on loan at. but isn’t it relatively common for the loaner club to sometimes cover a portion of the salary if the loanee club can’t pay for it all? and if so, will NYCFC be allowed to have Man City cover enough of the salaries of these loaned players to ensure they aren’t DPs?

    • Jared says:

      That is fairly common. I’d argue that it is actually less likely a club pays the full percentage of wages for a loaned player, certainly not below the top flight. In some instances clubs may actually pay little or nothing towards wages if the parent club just wants the player to be playing games.

  4. Ted in MN says:

    Cause it has worked so well for Chivas…

    • JayAre says:

      Man City is a different kind of beast. Chivas is nothing compared to them, It takes real political and financial muscle to build a stadium in LA & NY Chivas can’t do that and NYCFC is going through the motions like a hot knife through butter.

    • Ian says:

      It’s a decent point, but the NYCFC ethos is completely different from Chivas’. Aside from Chivas USA being treated as a farm team for Guadalajara, Chivas has the whole Mexican-only thing which sullies the whole operation in the US. They tried, they failed. End of story.

    • Madden's Chin says:

      RIght, because Chivas and Manchester City are the same thing. Seriously?

  5. JayAre says:

    So hypothetically speaking if Man City come across another Daniel Sturridge they can loan him to NYCFC? WOW!!!

  6. Sebastian says:

    I almost guarantee that Marcos Lopes will join NYCFC for at least a year. He’s extremely young, I think 18, and has already proven that he could do very well. Plus he would be the poster boy for the club which will engage the Man City fans and hopefully get them to start watching the league.

    • Jesse says:

      Ridiculous… no way Pellegrini would send over someone who has already proved he can perform against Championship level opposition and played a bit-part role in cup games. He’s far too talented and important for the MLS.

  7. chuck says:

    John Guidetti please. He’d set MLS on fire.

  8. Norman says:

    Basically, NYC FC will be the minor league team for Man City. Major League Soccer is the most ironic name for a league in the history of sport. There is nothing “Major” about it.

    • drew11 says:

      Not really. This is nothing to worry about. The top prospects won’t want to come to MLS. Only guys on their way out the door at Man City might agree to be loaned. And those are the kind of players the rest of the league has access to.

      • Snaves says:

        I fail to see how one option is better than the other.

      • Oculus says:

        Top Prospects will be loaned out anywhere Man City sends them. Also I fail to see how loaning players to MLS makes the league look like a minor league. If that was the case, every club in the world who are not part of the elite teams, are minor league clubs.

      • JayAre says:

        You’re basically explaining the whole concept of a minor league system. You don’t make it on the farm team and you’re out the door.

    • 2tone says:

      Cool story.

    • froboy says:

      Ever heard of Everton, they are fighting for top 4 in the EPL basically with all loanees

  9. C C says:

    Overreactions HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    • Travis says:

      Not sure how its an overreaction, the idea of City being able to loan quality players and circumvent MLS rules by doing so is a major and legitimate concern.

      • choto says:

        All Kreiss said was City would loan 4 players…. he said nothing about circumventing MLS rules. That is all what is knowing up to know… silly to assume anything else at this point.

        • Travis says:

          As I mentioned earlier I believe even the lowest earning players at City clear the DP number, so it would be impossible to loan 4 unless for some reason they wont be counting as DPs.

          • TomG says:

            As Kreis said in the article, it would not be players from the full team, but players from the U18s and U21s.

            • Travis says:

              Those players still make serious money. Also some of the U21s in City are seriously talented players.

              • Jesse says:

                They all earn under 5k/wk excluding the exceptional talents like Lopes and Pozo. Wages for the most part are based on performances in the academy… nothing more than what a regular MLS player would earn.

          • Hogatroge says:

            I highly doubt youth team players without professional contracts are getting paid DP money.

            Put part of their salary on Man City’s books (if even necessary), and voila. Problem solved.

            • Ian says:

              I think that’s what freaks some people out: The idea that Man City could shoulder the bulk of an expensive player’s salary in order for NYCFC to keep him under the cap.

              Whatevs, I personally don’t think we need to be concerned about that stuff. Better players are good for the league. Period.

  10. Brain Guy says:

    You can be sure that MLS will start cranking out a whe set of new ad hoc rules to deal with this situation. Garber has admitted it – when new situations and new opportunities, the league makes up new procedures to take advantage of them. Need money to get Dempsey? Done. Need special rules to evade the cap and DP rules? Well, if you’re the new flagship franchise and the object of Garber’s most fervent dreams – done.

  11. Man City 'TIL I Die! says:

    Slew of young talent between 19-22 yrs. old, from out U-21’s, that have been loaned out like:

    Razak Nuku (Apollon Limassol – Cyprus)
    Luca Scapuzzi (Siena – Italy)
    Alex NImley (playing for U-21’s but has had previous loan stints)
    Karim Rekik (PSV – Holland)
    Albert Rusak (Birmingham City)
    George Evan (Crewe Alexandria)
    Dominic Oduro (the onther one!! — AGF Aarhus – Denmark)
    Bismark Boateng (Stromsgodset – Norway)
    Godsway Donyoh (Falkenberg – Sweden)

    Several of these guys would benefit greatly from the competiveness and development of MLS. It would give them an opportunity to shine (hopefully). I think Kries would be wise to explore any one of these players.

    • chuck says:


    • Lost in Space says:

      Since NYFC isn’t going to take the field until 2015….don’t expect any players currently on loan from Man City to other leagues to be targets for the NY club.
      What I really hope this to be is a pipeline for young american players (US U-17 & 18 players) to sign contracts with Man City…get loaned to NYFC for a year or 2, than be recalled to the Home club having a couple years as Pros under their belts.
      MC can sign them on relitively cheap contracts (200K), loan them out and pay 3/4ths their salary, and if they progress have a marketable player or one to integrate into their program. Best Win-Win scenario I can see for both clubs/leagues.

  12. Chris says:

    I’m sure MLS will come up with some rule to allow Man City players to come to NYC FC for a slice of pizza or maybe a pastrami sandwich in return. After all, they’ve had no problems changing the rules to help some teams while leaving others mired in mediocrity. Where are they when DC and NE still need a stadium? Or when Chivas is in a downward spiral? Oh that’s right. They’re busy sucking popsicles with Miami, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, and Man City. Or their out to dinner with Bradley, Dempsey, and their agents. Salary and roster rules? Who needs ’em! Just say it’s all buried in allocation money! Nobody knows how much allocation is out there anyway! May as well be monopoly money.

    Transparency in MLS is a big fat 0% and makes everyone (Don Garber, owners, players, fans) look foolish and 2nd rate.

    • choto says:

      Chris…. not sure how you feel about the MLS (sarcasm)

      Funny how many people who don’t think much of the MLS spend time reading (or trolling?) MLS info… if it 2nd rate why waste your time reading?

      • 2tone says:

        Well said choto!

      • Reid says:

        choto – I get the feeling Chris is a disgruntled MLS fan, and I don’t think he is the only one. The rules of MLS change when the wind changes direction, it used to be Galaxy and now is Seattle or against Union.
        I’m under the impression that MLS helped with the transfer money for Dempsey, but wouldn’t with Edu, and because of that Dempsey gets shoehorned into Seattle when he really should have either an allocation or a lottery for any team willing to pay his salary. And then the opposite happens with Edu, where philly was willing to pay the contract and transfer but they wanted a allocation order for him. Again this is based on information that I read in various websites.
        It just seems to me the rules of these 2 transfers should have been switched, but MLS rules strike again.

      • Chris says:

        I do NOT think we are 2nd rate in terms of talent, fandom, game day experience, you name it. However, it’s things like this on the business/league management side that make us appear that way. I love watching/attending MLS games. I hate the way the league is managed quite often.

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      Chris wins the whining of the day.

      DC needs a stadium bought by MLS….I didn’t realize that MLS bought Seattle Sounder’s stadium, seeing as they were playing in a completely different league at the time ? Thanks for the tidbit. Please update Wikipedia for us.

      Hopefully they do the same for San Antonio 10 year before they join MLS.

      • Reid says:

        If this is really a single entity then everyone should help each other for the betterment of the league. With all of the expansion fees as of late why can’t a portion of each go into a fund to help teams build stadiums and these can be in the form of loans paid back to the league. It would be interesting to see where all these fees go to, and not dollar for dollar, but a general plan would help with transparency

      • Chris says:

        MLS helps Seattle land Dempsey, helps Toronto land Bradley, and helps Golden Balls set up shop in Miami, but in the ~20 year history of the league they can’t step into the DC/NE stadium problems? Nice.

  13. Treytrey says:

    So basically all these comments are complaining…
    How can you guys not see that the rules changing and adding more room is only
    HELPING the league grow? Should we just stay with the same rules and stuff and never
    Grow? You guys sound uneducated about business

    • 2tone says:

      Well stated Treytrey.

    • D_RoyJenkins says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Most people who complain are just fans of unsuccessful MLS clubs. They’re jealous that NYCFC is doing everything right and is on track to hit the ground running in 2015

      • Travis says:

        NYCFC is doing everything right? Theyll be playing in a baseball stadium when they launch and stadiums arent exactly built fast in NYC. I would not be surprised if they arent in a SSS until like 2017 or 2018

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      Whiners gonna whine.

      Just enjoy the season and make fun of em once in a while.

    • Brain Guy says:

      The problem is that in MLS, there is no such thing as “the same rules.” They are a hodge-podge of shifting, ad hoc, result-oriented decisions made to address specific situations. And even the relatively constant “rules” are an indecipherable mess. I’m all for moving forward — but when it happens in fits and starts, in a scandalously non-transparent manner, then business interests have trumped fair play.

      • Treytrey says:

        How are you suppose to keep the same rules in a league that is growing like this? It’s not possible! It will maintain the rules once we are at a steady pace of growth… Not adding 4 or 5 teams by 2020 an growing at a huge rate. Look at it at a business stand point not as a fan of mls.

  14. JR says:

    biggest city in the world is gonna have a farm soccer team. great lol

  15. malkin says:

    Jason Kreis’ biggest problems in moving to England = driving on the other side of the road and getting the internet connected?


    • beto says:

      Lol is it really that bad Jason?!?

      I thought he was going to say something like “trying to stay alive eating this terrible food” or “not going crazy after not seeing sunlight for a couple weeks”

  16. Ben says:

    I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

  17. Devin says:

    Manchester City II

  18. 2tone says:

    Boom. And talented American teenage CB Danny Barbir will be one of them.

  19. shawn says:

    I would so abuse this.

    Man City buy a talented player (but actually for NYFC)
    Loan him to NYFC (NYFC doesnt Pay any salary) so its basically like nyfc paying his salary because same owners.

    lol i would love to be nyfc right now

  20. johnny 99 says:

    Totally consistent with NYCFC being MC’s farm team.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Who cares. MLS isn’t becoming the #1 league in the world ever. Clubs in every league in the world take players on loan.

      Taking EPL players on loan doesn’t diminish your status as a league… period.

  21. UclaBruinGreat says:

    Yes some of you guys complain too much! I am a Galaxy fan, and this still seems super cool to me. Like Shawn said above, I would definitely abuse this! Both teams are owned by the same owners, so it doesn’t matter to them how much salary is under which team’s books. Loan terms can be negotiated however both respective teams agree to. So in theory ManCity could say, “The EPL is out of season right now but MLS is still playing, so we will loan you Toure, Aguero, and Negredo; we will pay 95% of the salary and NYCity pay the remaining 5% while on loan”. So now all three players are on loan without having to be considered DPs. This would be insanely awesome…

    Of course the only thing that kills it is the whole single-entity thing. So Garber would probably face all kinds of pressure from the other teams to not allow it. ::Sigh::

  22. beto says:

    This is awesome! Im a supporter of another MLS team and it would be great to see more quality young players in the league.. And more players in the EPL with MLS history.

    This is what Chivas (Guadalajara) and Colorado (Arsenal) have promised and lied about for years! Instead we get marketing and bs. Finally a team that puts players on the field.

    And for those who knock the farm team mentality – soccer is like the food chain; you dont start out on the top. It takes years of actually earning your way up before you are actually internationally relevant. This will help.

    I strongly dislike NY teams, Yankees and ManCity but I think I am going to enjoy watching NYCFC in MLS.

  23. Cool Hand Luke says:

    I love this! Not going to support NYC, and certainly don’t support Man City, but this will raise the talent level.

  24. bob says:

    I hope to hear a similar deal announced between DC United and Inter Milan