Who should the USMNT start vs. Ukraine?

USMNT starting eleven


Now that Jurgen Klinsmann has chosen his roster for next week’s friendly against Ukraine, we can start  considering the possibilities for a starting lineup to help Klinsmann answer some questions about his player pool.

There are several regular starters in the squad, but also enough new faces to provide a different flavor to the group Klinsmann ultimately settles on to start. Red-hot forward Aron Johannsson looks a good bet to get the nod, while Oguchi Onyewu stands a good chance of making his first national team start in almost two years.

Klinsmann will have some tough decisions to make, including in central defense and central midfield. He will also have to decide whether to play more of a 4-2-3-1, or potentially putting three natural forwards on the field in a 4-3-3.

Here is the projected starting lineup we can see taking the field against Ukraine on Wednesday:


———————————-Jozy Altidore————————————

Alejandro Bedoya———–Clint Dempsey—————-Aron Johannsson

—————–Jermaine Jones———-Michael Bradley———————

Fabian Johnson——-Tim Ream—–Oguchi Onyewu——Geoff Cameron

———————————Tim Howard————————————–


——-Juan Agudelo———–Jozy Altidore——–Aron Johannsson——

———————————Clint Dempsey———————————–

—————–Jermaine Jones———-Michael Bradley———————

Fabian Johnson——-Tim Ream—–Oguchi Onyewu——Geoff Cameron

———————————Tim Howard————————————–


(As some have noted, Fabian Johnson is listed as a midfielder on the roster for this camp. That could mean nothing, or it could mean we see him on the left wing, with Edgar Castillo at left back.)

———————————–Jozy Altidore———————————–

Fabian Johnson————–Clint Dempsey—————-Aron Johannsson

—————–Jermaine Jones———-Michael Bradley———————

Edgar Castillo———-Tim Ream—–Oguchi Onyewu——Geoff Cameron

———————————Tim Howard————————————–



——Clint Dempsey———-Juan Agudelo——–Aron Johannsson——

———————————Mix Diskerud————————————

—————–Danny Williams———-Michael Bradley———————

Fabian Johnson—–John Brooks—–Oguchi Onyewu——Geoff Cameron

———————————Tim Howard————————————–


What do you think of our projected lineup? Which of the above lineups would you start vs. Ukraine? Like my proposed three-forward attack?

Share your thoughts below.

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142 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Ukraine?

  1. shawn says:

    replace onyewu with ream on fans and its perfect. Also i think he will use your projected lneup

    • ZZtoppppp says:

      Judging by the comments I have been reading, replace him with Packwood

      • PSV says:

        Is this game even going to happen with the Russian invasion of Ukraine? This, plus the bombing in Cyprus, lead me to think the game is not going to happen.

    • Josh D says:

      The CB pairing I want to see is Packwood and Brooks. Ream won’t get to the WC as a CB; he’s brought in as LB cover.

      Gooch is too slow to compete with any of the three teams we are playing in our group. All three are extremely fast. Maybe if we were playing any of the Asian teams or the slower European ones, he’d have a chance. But nope.

      Why toss two young, inexperienced CBs together? Because one of them is going to the World Cup as our third CB and let’s see what they’re made of. Klinsi is known to start players in an effort to help their club situation. Brooks isn’t getting time, but another solid internal appearance could earn him more. And this is the only game Klinsi can evaluate Packwood in before his 30-man roster, so he needs to see more from him than 5 minutes at the end.

      I’d start Jozy ahead of Agudelo because Jozy needs the confidence boost from a fine performance. Agudelo should get 15 mins at the end. I’d also start Aron behind Jozy, in the Dempsey-hole. Dempsey hasn’t done enough to lift himself out of his disastrous money-move to Seattle.

      I think a Mix/Bradley partnership also offers us more possession. Jones is just off an injury, so I’d like for us to experiment a bit. But I can understand why Jones starts.

      • bryan says:

        the only thing i will say is that JAB and Packwood would be fighting for that CB spot against Goodson, Orozco, and Gooch. and i don’t think it’s guaranteed either of them would beat out Goodson or Orozco at this moment in time.

  2. downintexas says:

    Ives I’d take your starting 11.

  3. malkin says:

    ——-Juan Agudelo———–Jozy Altidore——–Aron Johannsson——
    ———————————Clint Dempsey———————————–
    —————–Jermaine Jones———-Michael Bradley———————
    Fabian Johnson——-Tim Ream—–Oguchi Onyewu——Geoff Cameron
    ———————————Tim Howard————————————–

    Replace Juan with Landon and Ream/Onyewu with Besler/Omar and you got yourself a heck of a line up for Brazil (although Besler/Omar scares me).

    • THomas says:

      Agreed, that would be quite nice. But it would be more 4-2-3-1 than 4-3-3

      • Nick says:

        I agree, they are basically the same except a 4-3-3 presses higher up the field. I don’t think we can afford that against, Ghana, Portugal and Germany.

      • Dennis says:

        When the US is attacking it should look more like 4-2-4 and when the US is under pressure, it better look more like 4-5-1 no matter what the starting formation is!

  4. USMNT Fan says:



    Subs: Johannsson for Altidore, Williams for Jones, Diskerud for Dempsey

    • USMNT Fan says:

      You don’t bring in Castillo from Liga MX for a substitute role. Plus Klinsmann has identified Johnson as a midfielder for this friendly.

      • Ives Shawn says:

        but no fans want castillo at lb

      • OzilEyes says:

        And why not? Who is Castillo exactly? Klinsmann can call who he wants and he wants some left back cover. Castillo is younger than Beasley, so why not have him fly for some cover? I’d be willing to bet Klinsmann has worked out a deal with Tijuana’s coach and won’t call Castillo in for the Mexico friendly. Tijuana has Greg Garza for cover so it’s not a big deal.

        Also wouldn’t read too much into the positions in the roster list. That hasn’t always worked out perfectly either.

      • away goals says:

        He flew orozco out to scotland and austria and didn’t use him at all.

  5. Good Jeremy says:

    Maybe he can stop playing the same two formations that don’t work and instead go for the 2-3 that regularly get results.

  6. Ryan says:

    I wish Steve Clarke stayed in Europe.

  7. danny says:

    Ives- did you notice that F.Johnson was listed as a midfielder? Seems strange that Klinsman would do that if his plan was to start him in defense. Also, let’s see Ream/Brooks as the CB pair. Brooks has the biggest upside and Ream has done more at club level recently than Onyewu, and I really see no way that he makes the plane. I also really hope Klinsman plays Agudelo and Aron at their actual positions rather than sticking them on the wing.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      I noticed the Johnson lifting as a midfielder. That could mean he plays midfield, but it doesn’t mean he absolutely will. It’s not like guys haven’t been listed in spots they didn’t wind up playing in before, and it’s not like that roster binds them to play those guys in those spots. I do find it interesting that Klinsmann called in Castillo. You would think that means Castillo starts, but I don’t think Klinsmann is above calling him in and not starting him.

      • Josh D says:

        Agree with Ives. We’ve seen FJ listed as one position and played in another. Doubt it means much, especially if Castillo comes into camp and underperforms.

      • Bob says:

        Here’s the thing:
        -the Fabian-Altidore combo has been absolutely lethal (accounted for 3 of the 7 Jozy goals during his 5 game scoring streak). While we all recognize he’s our strongest LB, he’s perhaps too valuable to give up at LM.

        – Sure I don’t love Castillo in the back corner, but I think Klinsmann give him a run out to see how that left side fairs against serious competition (the Castillo/Fabian combo, that is). Then he bumps Fabian back in the second half and drops in Aguadelo to give him his shake

        Go back and watch that video, no one in the US has the combo of speed & left-foot as Fabian, wish it weren’t so but it is a fact.

        • GW says:

          “no one in the US has the combo of speed & left-foot as Fabian, wish it weren’t so but it is a fact.”


    • Nate says:

      But Ream has been AWFUL in internationals. At least we know Onyewu has an upside at that level. There is actually no comparison. Question is whether he can return to fitness.

      • Micah says:

        I have been critical of Ream in the past a lot. From what I am told he has improved (defending has gotten better) since last time we saw him in a USA jersey. It has been a while since he has been called up back in 2011.

  8. Vic says:

    I would rather see a Brooks Packwood partnership in central defense. I don’t expect either to start in Brazil but lets see what they could do.

  9. RealMenChewGum says:

    I think it’s very important than D. Williams sees the field for a good chunk of time, particularly paired with Bradley. We haven’t seen him with the U.S. for so long, and I’d really like to see what kind of statement he can make.

    Also, as Ives mentioned, I’d really like to see a 4-3-3 in this game. I think it will highlight more of the players that have a good shot at making the WC. And, as I’ve said on these boards before, I think the U.S. personnel might be better suited to this formation even when we have a full strength squad. There really isn’t a lot of dynamic talent at the wide positions in the U.S. player pool. Zusi, FabJo, and to a lesser extent Beasley/Castillo are the only players that are even noteworthy there.

    Obviously, the issue with a 4-3-3 formation is that, when you play a superior side (like Germany), you won’t have as much possession and you need defenders behind the ball. But, I think the 4-3-3 could do very well against Ghana/Portugal. Maybe it’s something to switch to in the second halves of these games after a more conservative 4-2-3-1 1st half. Unfortunately, Klinsmann hasn’t shown much of an affinity towards this formations, so I don’t hold high hopes for its implementation.

    Still, I’d love to see something like this during the WC at some point:


    Something to consider, at least, I think.

    • Justin El Matador says:

      I have mentioned this before, and it definitely is an interesting prospect. However, a true 4-3-3 must have 3 strong central midfielders. Deuce does not check that box. Ideally, this would be the spot for Stu Holden together with MB90 and JJ. The closest alternative would be Mix or Ale B. This would leave LD, Deuce, Ale B or Mix, Bacon, Jozy, and Agudelo competing for an interchanging front 3.

  10. Dinho says:

    While I agree that your projected starting XI is what we will see, this is what I would like to see.

    ———————————-Jozy Altidore————————————

    Alejandro Bedoya———– Aron Johannsson —————-Juan Agudelo

    —————–Danny Williams ———-Michael Bradley———————

    Fabian Johnson——- Brooks —– Packwood —— Geoff Cameron

    ———————————Brad Guzan ————————————–

    Yes, yes, I know, never gonna happen. But, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  11. soccerhorn says:

    We may need offense at some point. Jones cannot provide.




    F Johnson——Packwood—-Brooks——-Cameron


    • Samuel says:

      Guzan over Howard? Packwood over anybody? Antigoal over Johannsson? Shea over Dempsey? Thanks God Klinsy does not know you.

      • Don the Jewler says:

        Decent points except AJ has not proven he’s a better option than Jozy.

        • Jack says:

          He has in my book… He looks dangerous, can dribble, can create his own shot… all skills Altadore does not have

        • Vic says:

          You are assuming we will see the same Jozy of 2013 and not the Jozy of 2011 and 2012. Jozy isn’t scoring for his club. He should be given a chance in the upcoming friendlies to show that he can score, otherwise he should sit in Brazil. Same for Dempsey. Playing well in the past won’t help us in Brazil you have to play well in the present.

          • GW says:


            “Playing well in the past won’t help us in Brazil you have to play well in the present.”


            Then Johannsson’s form for AZ will be useless in Brazil since everything he does for AZ this season can be classed, at that point, as “playing well in the past”.

            More to the point, that “playing well in the past” will be for another team not the USMNT.

            It should be clear to even the most casual observer of soccer that playing well for your club team does not necessarily translate to your national team.

            Compare the last few games Jozy started for the USMNT to the last few games AJ played with the USMNT. It is not even close. AJ is very promising but to paraphrase JK, he hasn’t done S==T yet .

            Jozy is the best qualified target man the US has. He starts there more often than not (look it up) for an EPL team and, if you listen to his teammates, does a great job.

            link to express.co.uk

          • Nate says:

            There comes a point where you have to go with the option that gives you the best chance to win, even if he is not 100%. Jozy has scored against Spain (creating his own shot). Jozy was unlucky to not score against England after torching Carragher at the World Cup (again, creating his own shot and hitting the post). He hit 3 against Bosnia. He’s scored against Chelsea and Arsenal (although it was incorrectly ruled off). Why WOULDN’t you want a player like that in Brazil? What has Johannsson done that even compares?

    • Dinho says:

      Donovan is not in this camp.

  12. Samuel says:

    Anybody, they’re all the same.

  13. kev says:

    i love the return of GOOCH

    Best Yank defender to have played in Europe since Dooley

  14. Expat4455 says:

    The starting line-up in Brazil will include Julian Green.

  15. Don the Jewler says:

    Would be nice to see Ream at LB and FJ at LM.

  16. just saying says:

    i like the line up ives would start except that i dont know that clint can handle that number 10 role.

  17. UclaBruinGreat says:

    I would be shocked if Fabian Johnson plays as a left-back. Klinsmann prefers FJ as a left-wing, and named his as a midfielder in his roster.

    My line-up choice would be:

    Sacha K———-D. Williams———-Mix Disk
    Ream——Brooks——-Gooch——A Morales

    This line-up will never happen, but one of the points of this game is to asses the fringe players in the player pool for World Cup selection. You can’t do that without letting them play.

    • ZZtoppppp says:

      Your lineup is interesting, but why no Cameron? I take him at any back line position over anyone else in this camp.

      • UclaBruinGreat says:

        Well because Cameron is already a sure-bet to start for me (especially once T. Chandler got injured). Only question is if he starts at RB or CB.

    • away goals says:

      But then if this side gets blown out of the water you don’t learn anything at all. Was the backline really terrible or did they have no cover? Did sacha cause the lack of possession or was it williams’ poor spacing?

      Eleven fringe starters is a recipe for a meaningless game that’s low on entertainment value to boot.

      • Bob says:

        OOOOH, I was with you until your comment about “low on entertainment value”…..the PERFECT word to describe a backline of Ream, Brooks, Gooch & Morales is “entertaining”. I mean, c’mon!

        • UclaBruinGreat says:

          Exactly! I couldn’t agree more! Would be very interesting and we would learn a lot about those players. ‘Away Goals’, I don’t know why you immediately assume that those players would get blown out?

      • Jesse D says:

        Exactly. It would be a complete waste. You bring in Team A to build chemistry and find some pieces that fit in well. Playing all back of the plane, has beens and 2018 guys is pointless for our World Cup prep.

    • Jesse D says:

      so bring in a bunch of starters to play team B? I don’t think so. You play team A and give a couple team B guys a chance to improve their stock. Playing all team B players doesn’t establish chemistry for the real team. We can watch those guys play on their club teams if you just want to see how good they are. This would be a pointless starting 11.

  18. Expat4455 says:

    Ives, thank you for having this forum, you know your football

  19. ilikefreddyyesadu says:


    Sub in Juan and Boyd for Altidore & Dempsey at the half
    Sub in Bedoya for Johannsson or Shea at 60
    Sub in Williams and Sacha for Bradley & Mix at 60
    Assuming we are allowed that many subs…

  20. Aaron Citron says:

    Brooks has looked pretty awful in his few opportunities. Am I the only one who thinks it’s too late to expect anything from his this WC? He has the upside, but man does he make me nervous at this point in his career.

    • Nate says:

      True. I think JK is thinking more long term with Brooks. Same could be said for Ream tho.

  21. Expat4455 says:

    A question. Would there be time for Julian Green to make his one-time switch and be able to play in the Ukraine match?

    • Chicago Josh says:

      Green is only training with the team in Frankfurt. Part of Klinsi’s agreement with Bayern is that Green would not play.

      • Expat4455 says:

        What is the agreement that Klinsi has with Bayern Chi Joe? Does it also say that Julian can’t play for the USMNT in Brazil?

      • bryan says:

        not entirely true. Bayern and the USSF made no such agreement. the agreement is between Green and Klinsmann. Klinsmann asked him to come to the camp, Green said ok, but only for training purposes because he was not ready to file his one time switch.

        • Expat4455 says:

          Not sure that is correct bryan. When Andreas Herzog visited the Bayern training grounds in Munich Julian accepted the invitation to train with the USMNT in Frankfurt. Just afterwards in an interview with Bild Zeitung Julian was quoted: “I can play with the U.S. National team and maybe even go to the World Cup in Brazil. It doesn’t get any better than that”.

          • bryan says:

            how does that, in any way, shape, or form, make you think Bayern and USSF made a deal to not play Green.

            read the articles and Klinsmann’s comments, it’s very clear the deal is between Green and JK…no one else.

            “He would not be able to play for us until he completes a onetime switch with FIFA.”

            the deal was, he could come to camp without having to do that. Klinsmann said that was ok. the quote you are talking means nothing in regards to Bayern.

            if anything, that quote is more important when discussing Green’s chances of making the Brazil squad if he were to decide to file his switch. based on that quote from Green, it sounds like JK is willing to give him a spot on the plane if he chooses the US. he certainly won’t start though.

            • Expat4455 says:

              What I’m saying bryan is that I beleive it is a done deal, and Bayern München made it. Julian Green will play for the USMNT in Brazil.
              And I believe he will score 2 or more goals.

            • whoop-whoop says:

              The quotes I’ve seen in no way imply that Klinsman has guaranteed Green a spot on the roster for Brazil. What I’ve read from Green and Jurgen is that the roster has not been locked down and there would still be an opportunity to COMPETE for a spot which is a different thing entirely. Given the kids talent vs his competition, it’s not farfetched if he were to give it a go, but… there ain’t much time or opportunity to shine left is there..

              • bryan says:

                Green’s quote in Bild expressly stated he had a good chance to go to Brazil. unless he is lying, or Bild is making up a quote from thin air, there is no other way to read into that quote.

          • away goals says:

            It’s a fifa date. No agreement has to be made with clubs teams. They’re obligated to release players.

            • Expat4455 says:

              Bayern has everything to do with it bryan.

              Are you really saying that the USMNT’s asst. coach, Austrain Andreas Herzog went to the Bayern training grounds in Munich and talked with Julian Green without the express permission of Bayern’s management. I mean, did he sneak in, and when no one was looking pull Julian aside and make a deal?

              • bryan says:

                dude, you just don’t get it. Bayern HAS TO RELEASE him. it’s a FIFA date. there was no arrangement made between the USSF and Bayern to allow Green to come to the camp. get that through your head!

                i’m starting to think you have no idea what you are talking about. Herzog went to Bayern to scout Green and to see if he would be interested in coming into the US camp to train. Herzog let him know that JK is not pressuring him to file his switch, but just to come hang out and get to know the team.

                Bayern has no say in him accepting the call up! it’s really not a hard concept to understand. it’s a FIFA date. christ.

  22. Nik says:

    I don’t really see why you have Aron starting on the right wing/midfield in so many of your XIs… Every time I’ve seen him shine it’s been as a stand alone forward or in the hole – somewhere in the center of the park.

  23. Chicago Josh says:

    I would hope to see at least 20 minutes of Fabian Johnson at LB and Edgar Castillo at left mid or left wing. It’s not ideal defensively, but our left back position has ALWAYS been weak – our two best left backs in World Cups have been Jonathan Borenstien in 2010 and Frankie Hejduk in 2002 – so the bar is pretty low. This at least gives us some offensive firepower and speed on the left hand side and some decent service for Jozy.

  24. Birgit Calhoun says:

    I am really curious if the team can score any goals. Dempsey and Altidore are a huge question mark. Since there is no Landon in there and only Bradley can qualify as a playmaker I don’t see enough midfield to make up for the weaknesses up front.

  25. Steve says:

    This fan’s choice:


  26. bryan says:

    pretty much any option would be fine with me. i like Ives’ lineup the best. the one thing i will say about the 4-2-3-1 formations is that i doubt AJ plays at RM. doesn’t make sense to me.

  27. Matt says:

    Is Dempsey still a lock to start in Brazil even if he continues his poor form for Seattle in the spring?

    • Expat4455 says:

      The only lock would be Julian Green, if he does his one-time switch.

      • bryan says:

        how can you say that? JK has already said Jozy, Dempsey, Jones, Bradley, and Howard are all locks by referring to them as the spine of the team.

        i do agree that it sounds like JK has told Green he has a spot on the plane if he files his one time switch, but he is by no means the only lock even if he did file it.

  28. Expat4455 says:

    And what about Timothy Chandler for a spot on the team going to Brazil. He is probably the best defender on the USMNT.

  29. Joe A. says:

    I’d like to see


  30. swoopy says:

    The only Gooch I want to see is Gooch, Lynden, in Russia four years from now.

  31. J says:

    Actually your wrong Ives, this is the lineup fans want to see





    Subs: green, green, green, green, green, green, green

  32. Samuel says:

    I think that except for Howard, Donovan, Dempsey, and Bradley (the only real world class players we have albeit not top class), Klinsy should put everybody else’s name in a pot an draw from there the remaining 19 players for the WC roster. It won’t make much a difference.

  33. Madaoua05 says:

    Ives — the CB pairing your projected lineup makes me nervous.

    • Joamiq says:

      Yeah, I mean I want to see both of them, but that looks like a partnership doomed to fail against a pretty talented Ukraine attack. Not sure there’s a better solution on this roster though.

  34. Adam M. says:

    Don’t think JK will reinvent the wheel. Expect Altidore, F. Johnson, Dempsey, and Bedoya, backed by Jones and Bradley, and AJ and Agudelo as subs. Probably Castillo-Brooks-Gooch-Cameron in the back, but there are no regular starters there so who knows. As for what I’d like to see, I really want to know if Altidore has chemistry with Agudelo left over from their NY days, so I like the 1-3 up top idea with F. Johnson at back. But JK has shown little sign of drifting from the 3-1 to a 4-2, much less a 1-3.

  35. UclaBruinGreat says:

    via Grant Wahl’s twitter feed: “Hearing Jurgen Klinsmann is pushing harder to get Arsenal’s Gedion Zelalem & Mainz’s Shawn Parker to choose the USMNT. Hardly a slam dunk.”

    Go Klinsy Go!!

    • John says:

      If Klinsmann is spending half as much time scouting Ghana and Portugal as he is searching for any young prospect he can, we’ll win those matches for sure.

  36. Expat4455 says:

    I am a big Bayern and Bundesliga fan. However, I really hope my country, the USA, can become relevant in world football.

    Living in Munich I knew about Julian Green and how good he is and never, for a moment, did I ever consider that he would play for the U.S. He was too good, he would play for the Nationalmannschaft. But then, I did some research and now believe that soon, Julian will declare for the U.S. National Team.

    • Adi from Oregon says:

      Well, it will take some more years for the US to become relevant in the soccer world. But it sure would be noticed all over Germany if Green signs-up for the US. If this occurs, we would then have to give a big Danke Schoen to Herr Klinsi!!

      • Expat4455 says:

        Yes it would Adi, and it would be noticed in the USA too. I mean this kid, Julian Green, could rival Tiger Woods in endorsements. That would mean a lot for American football.

  37. John says:

    I understand wanting to bring in Bradley to see where he is at but when’s the last time he’s played an actual match? Jones only just today got in 60 minutes for the first time in ages. I’d rather see Williams and Kljestan start as they should be closer to midseason form.

  38. Good Jeremy says:

    Can we move the game back to Ukraine now?
    It sounds like the violence and instability will be crushed over the weekend.

  39. Tony says:

    I’m going to pack some wood in your gouch 😉

  40. Tony says:

    But on a serious note….


  41. Expat4455 says:

    This thing about Julian Green playing in this years world cup has me thrilled. I believe it will happen.

    To byran who says.”Bayern had nothing to do with it, it is a deal between Klinsmann and Green” I ask this. Do you, or anyone, believe for an instant that anyone, including Klinsi, could come in to the Bayern training center and speak with any player without the express permission of Bayern management, including the content of the discussions with the player? And do you think if they did have permission to come in and speak to a player that Bayern and that player had not already discussed the situation and come to agreement, before the visit, and the invitation.

    I mean this is Bayern München we are talking about, the best football team in the world and the best managed also.

    • bryan says:

      “could come in to the Bayern training center and speak with any player without the express permission of Bayern management”

      that is NOT the point. you said Bayern, JK and Green made a deal that Green would not file a one time switch. stop twisting my words! stop changing the point you originally made which claimed that Bayern struck a deal.

      Bayern allowing the assistant coach to come in and speak with Green is completely different than Bayern have any say in which national team Green plays for and when he can and cannot file a one time switch. it’s that simple.

      “I mean this is Bayern München we are talking about, the best football team in the world and the best managed also.”

      they have NO say in who Green chooses to represent.

      • Expat4455 says:

        LOL, you are so wrong bryan. It is just the opposite of what you said, Bayern has everything to say about what their young player does. As does every competitive club in the world.

        • bryan says:

          you honestly think a club has any say in who a player chooses to play for internationally?! they may give their opinion if asked, but they have no way to enforce it. im done here.

        • Jesse D says:

          I’m with Bryan on this one. Green gets to make this decision. It does not affect his status at Bayern at all. They may have a preference, they may not. It isn’t their decision to make.

  42. Travis in Miami says:


    Dempsey and AJ can also play wide to give width when needed. FJ goes forward as does Cameron with Jones and MB staying home to cover when backs go forward

  43. Expat4455 says:

    Okay, I am new here and I see that bryan has become agitated, so I will leave and come back tomorrow. Thank you Ives for a great forum.

    I stand by what I said, Bayern München made a deal with the U.S. to give them a young super-star. It was discussed with Julian Green beforehand. And there was an important reason Bayern did this. I maybe will get into that tomorrow.

    • Jesse D says:

      Interesting. So now your theory is that Bayern created an American superstar. They sent a German girl to the US, made her have a baby there, then began training that kid to be a soccer star. Well, that certainly is a conspiracy theory. This is just so they can make a few US marketing dollars?

  44. Matt says:

    I don’t dislike “your” lineup, but I am not sold on Aguedelo’s ability to cross to the center of the park. Without crossing (I believe Aaron can and will), Dempsey is normally pretty quiet. The “activity” in the box created by crosses are how Dempsey has scored ALOT of his goals (particularly at Fulham in the old days), other than just following shots or loitering in front of the goal.
    We can’t have a quiet Dempsey.

    • John says:

      No doubt, you can’t just throw all your best goal scorers out there . First worry about how are you going to win the midfield, then who can create chances. I think this means you need both Fabian and Bedoya in the midfield. Put your best team out there not your best 11 players.

    • Matt says:

      Sorry for the mis-spelling “Ives”….

  45. GinHumboldt says:

    Does anyony have an idea how the political struggle in the Ukraine will effect their team play? Highly motivated? Distracted? Divided loyalties?

  46. Expat4455 says:

    Sorry, have to make another comment.

    bryan, you stated above; “You (meaning me) said Bayern, JK and Green made a deal that Green would not file a one time switch”. Please bryan, point me to the post where I said that? I do not believe I said it, nor do I believe I even thought it.

    Then you added: “stop twisting my words”. It is clear to all that you are twisting my words but please, tell me which words of yours I twisted.

    • bryan says:

      my apologies, it was Chicago Josh that said that. it was your comment in response to mine at “February 28, 2014 at 5:12 PM” that disagreed with my comment that said Bayern had nothing to do with some “deal” Bayern made. that disagreement made me think you agreed with him.

      as i said, i thought my words were being twisted when you said:

      “could come in to the Bayern training center and speak with any player without the express permission of Bayern management”

      in my mind that had nothing to do with my original point, which was against Chicago Josh and not you (my mistake), that Bayern didn’t make any deal with anyone.

  47. SBI TroII says:

    4-3-3 is not ready for primetime. I would stick with a 4-2-3-1 that the players feel comfortable in:


    Bring in Swagudelo, Mixx, Brooks, Williams, Kljestan in the 2nd half.

    Also Ives i don’t see the fans choice lineup at all. I get the fans hate Jones, but the rest is questionable about the fanbase overall.

  48. Puffer says:

    link to change.org

    We need to create one for Fagundez as well

  49. Murray Braun says:

    Playing the numbers game at the WC, four strikers: Altidore, Johannson, Boyd, Green.
    In Cyprus: we will definitely see the first three vs Ukraine. Boyd as a sub.
    At the WC, eight midfielders: Bradley, Jones, Fabian or Shea, Bedoya, Dempsey, Donovan, Diskerud, Kljestan or Williams.
    In Cyprus: eight of ten potential players available. Williams, Kljestan and Shea have their last chance to impress.
    At the WC, eight defenders: Fabian, Gonzo, Besler, Cameron, Goodson or Gooch, Castillo or Beasley, Brooks or Orozco, Parkhurst or Chandler.
    In Cyprus: Last chance for Fabian and Cameron to pair at wingback. Gooch and Brooks must impress.

  50. Paul Miller says:

    Projected line-up (4-2-3-1) with Dempsey on the left and Diskerud in the center.

    If you want Dempsey in the center, don’t worry, because he’ll move there (and Johnson will slide up into the gap, on like every other extended possession). Lining him up in the center makes it less confusing for the defense.

    I’d also consider putting Johannson up top and sitting Altidore at the start. RW is going to be Donovan barring injury. Altidore has the starting spot now at striker for Brazil, but why not look at Johannson at the position for which he is competing?

    Another possibility is to see if Johannson can handle center attack mid because that is a position for which we don’t have an obvious starter (Diskerud is probably four years away from being the obvious choice; Dempsey can do it, but less effectively than floating from the left; Donovan can do it, but less effectively than when he has more space wide; Bradley can do it but we need him back in DM from where he’ll play box to box anyway).

  51. Matt says:

    Who else is quietly, silently, PARYING for the magical rise and rebirth like a Phoenix from the ashes of STUART HOLDEN……all while also praying that the continued “un-stable” career path of Jermaine Jones is FINALLY recognized by Klinsi ….and Holden is pared with Bradley for the WC?????????
    Our USMNT center midfield “options” are suddenly limited in talent. A lot of less than perfect options, but nothing that seems to be “perfect” as far as a pairing with Bradley:
    MixD is growing, but still get’s pushed off the ball at the international level.
    Danny Williams–needs playing time and really was a defensive center mid.
    Mo Edu — needs playing time, but was never better than Bradley. Really a D-mid due to poor ball skills.
    Sash K — Good but not great. Proves creative at the club level, has not shown it in USMNT games.
    J.Jones — We already know the story.
    OR…..why not Landon Donovan next to Bradley…….??? Arena played him there alooooong time ago an he did pretty well. back when Arena proposed that we needs our best player controlling the game and ball as much as possible. This is back pre-Dempsey…..just after the 2002 WC when Claudio Reyna had retired from the USMNT and we didn’t have a replacement for him.

  52. Bac says:

    Guess this post needs to be updated
    No Bradley, No Mix, No Ream