USMNT 2, South Korea 0: Match Highlights

Landon Donovan

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58 Responses to USMNT 2, South Korea 0: Match Highlights

  1. cps says:

    LD’s layoff to Wondo to set up the 2nd goal is sweet. And I like the thought of LD and Zusi starting together at the WC.

  2. downintexas says:

    Thought everyone played well. Except Evans.

  3. John says:

    Lets face it the January camp matches are never great and this one was alot better then the 0-0 tie against Canada of last year.

  4. SFTony says:

    The Germans and CR7 are going to finish all those crosses we’re allowing.

  5. MikeG says:

    2 or 3 times I saw Donovan near the top of the penalty area and pass it out wide instead of making a run into the penalty area or making a chip pass to Wondoloski in the penalty area…attacking the penalty area at EVERY given chance needs to be brainwashed into the US Federation. Otherwise, I saw decent off the ball movement and support from the entire team.

    • John says:

      Perhaps but didn’t a pass wide from Donovan to Zusi help set up the first goal?

    • Phil B says:

      That’s always been LD’s game… he never penetrates unless it’s a 1v1. He’s too unselfish of an attacking player. It’s frustrating.

      • Chris says:

        As a galaxy fan who watches ld play all the time completely agree. It’s like he does not know he’s the greatest player to ever put on a u.s. kit?? I feel like I’m more confident in his abilities than he is sometimes. He needs to be more selfish at times IMO

        • Todd says:

          He’s not as fast as he used to be. He used to be able to take over a game. Not anymore. He knows that.

  6. Wondolowski.Facts says:

    Wondolowski was raised by a pack of grizzly bears and acts as an ambassador for improved human-bear relations when he is not scoring goals.

  7. bb says:

    In that highlight I’m still impressed with the reaction & awareness of Rimando on his save.

  8. Increase says:

    Did anyone else see that Penalty Korea should have had in the last 10 minutes. I couldn’t tell who is was(maybe Yedlin) but someone body checked a Korean from behind in the box. I couldn’t figure out why that Korean didn’t go down. Were lucky he would rather play then give up. Most players would have just collapsed. As it was he barely kept his feet.

    • Shaggie96 says:

      I think it was Benny. He was body checking all over the field. I thought he was going to get a penalty as well.

  9. Goalscorer24 says:

    So Mike McGee got food poisoning. You think Wondo did it?

  10. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    I didn’t see the game. But it seems like our back line was getting beat regularly bases on these highlights. .true or not?

    • John says:

      I thought the outside backs struggled but Belser and Omar were fine. The passing out of the back is where they had trouble. Some people said Parkhurst had a good game but I thought he failed to close down guys too often. However when compared to Evans who got beat a number of times and failed to close down guys I guess he looked alright.

      • usaalltheway says:

        The passing out of the back was okay.

        However both Belser and Omar allow too much space for the South Koreans in the box. Omar was especially guilty of this mistake.

        If fact, there was one run in particular where a South Korean player made a decent run all the way from the ten yards out from the box of the box to the left and stormed into the box all while Omar just watched until it was to late.

        Against any team in our group, and we get scored on. FACT.

        Omar worries me BIG TIME.

        • John says:

          Are you talking about the run about one minute into the highlights?

          • John says:

            If so it like to me Omar is marking the runner in the box and Besler is kind of jogging in watching the player.

        • franzhistory says:

          Omar is a walking disaster. Anytime that he was given time to make a decision he was shaky. He drifts to much and is only good for winning balls in the air. I think the South Korea game showed that if he starts in the Wold Cup we are in a load of hurt in the back.

  11. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    I also want to say I hate these Blue White sleeve jerseys. Hope this is the last game we ever play with them. Centennial Jersey Forever.

    • John says:

      It is the last we’ll see of them but we’re also not going to see the Centennial

    • Dirk McQuigley says:

      Maybe if they were all blue, er, navy. But those are schwaggy unis. You need to represent. Nike, other than the centennial and the red USA jerseys has sucked. You would think an American company would make a decent USA kit. They never try this week assed stuff with the Brazil kits though.

  12. Chris says:

    Both outside backs didn’t play well specifically Evans. Hoping Cameron and fj or Chandler replace them. If not we are in trouble bc these k league players were giving them fits. Imagine in the wc.. Not good

    • Benny says:

      I doubt we will see Evens starting at RB.Chandler goes against great great players in the Bundesliga like Ribery and does well. He has good size and pace for a man his size. That size and pace will help immensely against Ghana, Portugal and germany. Cameron has also played great at RB but because of Chandler’s pace, I’d give him the start in the portugal game for sure; Also in the ghana game. We may see FB at LB but I like him on the wing. Let’s see where Klinsi puts Cameron come March and in the May and early June friendly. If Gonzo is shaky, we might see Cameron take his spot.

      • wandmdave says:

        I don’t see JK starting Chandler in the WC, let alone giving him a ticket if he hasn’t played with the rest of the squad at least a few times leading up to the tourney. If Chandler doesn’t play in March I think the door will be closed on him for this cycle barring being a injury replacement.

  13. MikeG says:

    I’m not a big fan of the British Premier League, but I did watch a lot of games and some highlight shows…Just wanted to point out that Everton routinely gets 3 or more people into the penalty area along with passes. A lot of the teams get numbers into the penalty area. Good sign to see…much better than a cross to one forward with 3 defenders around over and over.

    Back to my regular scheduled Bundesliga :-)

  14. usaalltheway says:

    Terrible. Allowing way too much room in our own box. The fullbacks getting beat at every chance. Allowing opportunity after opportunity for the opponent.

    Are you guys really impressed by this win?

    • David M says:

      I’m certainly not. It was a terrible performance all around. Against the Korean B team that played its third game in eight days.

    • Benny says:

      I was. They did fine. The full MNT in March will be another story. It’s not like these players were in midseason form.

  15. John says:

    Agudelo starting today against Ajax, has a flick on header that leads to a goal 1-1

  16. jayd says:

    Is anyone else concerned bout the defense? How many solid chances did we give up that a quality team would finish. Just look, even at the highlights at the disparity in offensive chances. Know its not the full squad, but is this our back 4?

    • jbird says:

      Definitely not our back four. I could see the two cb’s, but I’d prefer FJ and Cameron as backs. That being said, is interesting seeing Gooch getting playing time overseas. Wonder if it will be enough to bring to camp. He looked slooow last time he played for USMNT.

  17. Bryan says:

    Anyone else pretty damn sure that South Korea flick crossed the line?

    • Increase says:

      Hard to say. The only point it might have is went it Hit Rimando’s face. But I don’t think it cross the line completely. Impossible to tell without Hawkeye etc.

    • Joe C. says:

      When I watched it live, yes. When you see it in slow motion, it hits Rimando in the face and then he and the ball both fall straight down and his head and shoulders end up the right side of the line. So, I’m pretty sure the refs got that one right.

  18. David M says:

    Just watched the highlights and counted the number of Korean highlights vs US highlights. 11:3. Nothing to be happy about.

  19. Lost in Space says:

    Was not impressed with the outside backs (Evans, Parkhurst, Yedlin). All were bad. Hope this opens JK’s eyes to the fact that he needs to address this in March. Use Cameron as the RB and bring Chandler & Lichaj in as LBs.
    Regardless of Wondo’s 2 goals I hope he does not get a ticket to Brazil. We have to many quality strikers to waste a spot on him. Jozy, Johannsson, Donovan, Dempsey, Gomez, Boyd, Agudelo are all better options.

  20. Darwin says:

    We won 2-0, but I’m mad because we didn’t look like Barcelona.

  21. Dc says:

    did you guys see how many times donovan and zusi made a 60 yard sprint to stop their attack? that is just nice to see. something that dempsey and johnson rarely do (not counting when they are playing striker)

  22. bryan says:

    These highlights show how uninspiring we played. It’s all South Korea outside of the goals.

  23. beachbum says:

    the first half passing out of the back stuff

    where are the DMs? no where to be found. if we are going to tell the opposing team that we are going to insist on playing the ball on the ground out of the back then those DMs need to want the ball and show for it hard. they did not until 35 minutes in or so, then Mix starts to really drop and it changed everything