Bruin’s goal enough as Dynamo edge Impact

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The last time the Montreal Impact visited the Houston Dynamo, they saw star forward Marco DiVaio issued a red card for an ugly incident late in a playoff loss to the Dynamo.

Four months later, the Impact found themselves sorely missing DiVaio as the suspended striker’s absence proved costly in a tightly-contested 1-0 Dynamo victory on Saturday.

Will Bruin’s deflected shot goal in the 40th minute was enough to give Houston the victory on a day when Montreal couldn’t finish its chances. Impact forward Andrew Wenger was the main culprit, missing a handful of clear chances throughout the match.

One of Wenger’s chances was saved well by Tally Hall just before Bruin’s goal, and a second Wenger chance was cleared off the line by Kofi Sarkodie in the 62nd minute.

Hall made four saves to post his second straight shutout.

Here are the match highlights:




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18 Responses to Bruin’s goal enough as Dynamo edge Impact

  1. argh says:

    call him up for the WORLD CUP

    some want to boot JOZY. bring Bruin as his replacement

    • Meh fine. Let's just do excuses. says:


      • Rex says:

        He has 3 goals, but his 2 bad misses this season is what people havent been talking about. That was more the norm last season. Glad things are going his way, but when the lucky deflections start to dry up, he will need to be able to convert real chances.

        • Devin Brown says:

          Which two bad mistakes are you referring to? The two shots on breakaways that were blocked by goalkeepers?

  2. argh says:

    seriously why are guys like Bruin and McInerney and Salgado still in MLS? They could be in Holland or Belgium. MLS let them go

    • CorkSoccer says:

      Really… Just stop it.

    • Spencer says:

      Not exactly, and the cry if anything should be to pay them more so they don’t leave. Every talented player that leaves drops the quality of play. And Belgium also isn’t that great other than the top teams.

  3. Darwin says:

    Props to Mapp for not shaving his head and rocking the comb-over.

  4. Darwin says:

    Props to Mapp for not shaving his head and rocking the comb-over.

  5. Hogatroge says:

    I hope Bruin can continue the good form. Complete 180 from last season (which was a 180 from 2 seasons ago).

    There’s a reason JK gave him some minutes last January against Canada after impressing in camp.

    Hopefully he can earn himself another look for the USMNT post-WC.

    • Meh fine. Let's just do excuses. says:

      JK has his “Will Bruin Team” working in shifts. Word on the street is Grant Holt has agreed to come on-board as an advisor to mediocrity. Wondo fans beware!

      • Hogatroge says:

        If you’re going to write avant-garde poetry, maybe the comments section of a soccer blog isn’t the best outlet for your work.

  6. sdflash says:

    Wait a minute. Is this the same Will Bruin who was trashed on soccer blogs all over the country for the last year for being a joke? Now he is the answer to all of the USMNT’s prayers? Go figure.

    • H-town says:

      I would say last season is the aberration. I think this season and 2012 are and will be more indicative of what Will Bruin is capable of.

      • Bean says:

        Bruin suffered from the same ailment that afflicted a few more of the players that went to the Gold Cup, such as Jack Mac.

    • Hogatroge says:

      The world is shades of gray, people. Not everything is black and white. Bruin’s neither the second coming nor is he the worst player ever.

      The fact is, if he starts scoring like 2012 Bruin (which I’d say he’s off to a good start), he can’t NOT be in the mix for the US team moving forward.

    • Devin Brown says:

      Just looking at the numbers, 2013 Will Bruin wasn’t that bad. It’s just that he blew so many big chances that it drove people insane, and as a Dynamo supporter, I was one of the ones pulling my hair out over it. Seriously, I’m practically bald now. It never grew back :(