Yedlin and Gil in, Feilhaber, Torres and Magee left out of USMNT squad to face Mexico

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Youngsters DeAndre Yedlin and Luis Gil were two of the few slight surprise inclusions in the U.S. Men’s National Team roster announced on Wednesday to take on Mexico on April 2.

A team consisting mainly of MLS-based players, as well as Liga MX teammates DaMarcus Beasley and Michael Orozco and new USMNT commit Julian Green was revealed on Wednesday and there were few true surprises.

Sporting Kansas City midfielder Benny Feilhaber and UANL Tigres midfielder Jose Torres were left out of the squad, as was Chicago Fire forward and reigning MLS MVP Mike Magee.

Mexico will also be fielding a domestic-based team for the friendly, but will be missing some key players due to CONCACAF Champions League commitments, which also kept Club Tijuana-based Americans like Joe Corona, Greg Garza and Herculez Gomez from being made available for this friendly (the match is not on a FIFA date, which means teams are not obligated to release players, though MLS and Liga MX has chosen to release players who don’t have matches during the week).

Here is the full squad:


GOALKEEPERS (3): Bill Hamid (D.C. United), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (8): DaMarcus Beasley (Puebla), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy), Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes), Michael Orozco (Puebla), Michael Parkhurst (Columbus Crew), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC)

MIDFIELDERS (7): Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Maurice Edu (Philadelphia Union), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

FORWARDS (4): Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC), Julian Green (Bayern Munich), Eddie Johnson (D.C. United), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)


What do you think of the team?

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365 Responses to Yedlin and Gil in, Feilhaber, Torres and Magee left out of USMNT squad to face Mexico

  1. downintexas says:

    Lets go EDU!!

    Looks like a few fringe players he wants to look at. And some guys getting looks for 2018.

    • Josh D says:

      I’d like to see:


      • tom says:

        My guess…For the start of the game we’ll see:

        The right backs will switch at halftime. Edu and Wondo will come in at the 60 minute mark. Maybe Gil comes in at 75. If anything Green gets 5-10 minutes, mostly he gets his first full camp experience.

        • NC Jeff says:

          Agree with you on everything but Green only getting 5-10 mins. of PT … really don’t think they would have asked him to leave his club and make a trans-oceanic flight, just to give him a cameo appearance. I think Klinsmann is going to offer him a chance to show he deserves a golden ticket to Brazil, but he will have to show he clearly merits it over whoever ends up as the last one cut.

        • Big Red says:

          Agree with everything except Parkhurst likely gets time.

    • tga says:

      Edu is a fringe player!!!! you rookie…

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I’d like to have seen the backs churned after how Ukraine and the qualis looked. It is a catch 22 situation within the usual suspects where they keep getting called but then no one steps up and they allow goals so a different subset of the same pool of doofi get called again. Yedlin is as close to outside the box as this gets and that feels more like a long term development call than a short term dark horse candidate. Little concerned we are just going to dance with who brung us, which is loser tactics to me.

      • adam tash says:


      • Gary Page says:

        So many times Klinsmann has been criticized for not playing the same starting lineup or formation and just recently some people are concerned because he hasn’t settled on a stable group to call from. Now you’re complaining because he calls in the same players. Same old story of how you can never please everyone. I would have preferred to see Feilhaber, Torres and Magee, but I don’t know all the variables involved in the decision.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Torres is injured

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          I don’t see the comparison. I generally find the offensive picks untroubling. The offense scored goals in quali and only requires tweaking for form, injuries, and whatever deal we might have hatched with Green. Magee is another Wondo and Torres and Feilhaber have had chances and done little. The only potential issue there is tactics and formation, not personnel itself.

          In contrast, we gave up 2 to Ukraine, 1 to Austria, 2 to Panama (necessitating the comeback), 3 to CR away, 3 to Bosnia (requiring 4 to win), 1 to Honduras, 1 to ES, 1 to Cuba, 1 to Belize, 1 to Jamaica, 3 to Germany (requiring 4 to win), 2 to Honduras, and 2 to Russia (requiring a comeback). Stability? What it sounds like we need is a rebuild. You can’t ship goals like this.

          • Paul Miller says:

            Absolutely right. We’re not as likely to score enough goals to compensate for porous defense in group play this summer.

            Besler and Gonzo are the best we have in the center. I like both, but I’d like ’em better with more international experience. Need F Johnson on the left and someone solid on the right – Chandler? Who do we have that won’t give away too many chances to Ronaldo? And Bradley/Jones will have to be at their best at DM to even think about squeaking out of group.

            • IndyElevenFan says:

              I’m beginning to think that JK wants Beckerman as the compliment to MB90. Beckerman – at this point – clearly has a ticket to Brasil and Jones continues to look like a yellow card waiting to happen. Simply put, I just don’t think JK trusts Jones in our group to hold it together for 270+ minutes without earning a red card at some point and completely screwing the team.

              • Jacknut says:

                Because Jones has a history of red cards?

              • RNG says:

                That may be what you think. But that is certainly not what JK thinks. For him Jones is a lock starter.

              • Paul Miller says:

                Listen to what JK says about Jones. Really listen – JK likes him because he sees Jones as a street fighter on an otherwise ‘soft,’ ‘suburban’ USMNT. You’ve heard that before I assume. Well, it isn’t hard to imagine that JK gives Jones different instructions than does his club team. ‘Be the enforcer, when someone challenges for a 50-50 ball in the middle of the park, make it painful…’

                That’s where I believe the cards come from.

      • dave-o says:

        I’m not really sure you’ve read Catch 22…

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Crazy to fly missions, sane not to, but being sane enough to not want to fly means you are not too nuts to fly. Tests like this bore me.

          The basic problem is that Klinsi has settled on a pool but no one in the pool performs so he keeps picking new people from the same set of flawed options. Having spent so much effort on the pool he seems loathe to take the risk of picking outside the pool, but in doing so he ensures we draw upon the same pool of mediocrity that has already shown its spots. It might not sound exactly like Heller’s book but it’s nuts enough of logic to rhyme to me.

          • truthiness says:

            Literary slam!

          • Paul Miller says:

            Who is outside the pool you’d like to see?

            His choices are mediocre because outside of a few exceptions – and just a few – mediocre is what we have. In fact for this final 32, you could even say we only have a few who are mediocre and the rest of slightly sub-par. There’s no one available to us who could be called exceptional for this level. Do we have a single player who could make this year’s World Cup roster even as a sub for Germany, Spain or Brazil? Maybe Howard, maybe F. Johnson, but both are stretches, and as much as I think our team revolves around Bradley, I don’t see him having a shot at those rosters.

          • away goals says:

            That’s some catch, that catch-22.

          • Dave-O says:

            Sorry man, I guess I’m just not seeing how that’s really a Catch 22. I see how it’s in the direction of it, but kind of skirting the edges of the concept. But on the bright side it does sound like you read the book!

      • Dave-O says:

        I guess to me what it sounds like you’re saying is that Klinsy has a lousy pool to pick from, so instead of trying out new worse players he picks from the same lousy pool again. That just sounds like he has a lousy pool of players to choose from period, which is a bummer for us USMNT fans, but not really with any catch attached.

        Anyhow man, not trying to give you a hard time. It sounds like you really liked the book and I did too. Absolutely a classic, and in the right context the concept is unfathomably brilliant…

    • Matt says:

      Great Edu and more inexperienced guys who can’t handle the ball VS a team who is great on the ball. Edu is no better than Beckerman and a poor man’s Bradley.

      No Feilhaber, Corona = guys with little ball skill who can’t see passing lanes.

      Chalk another loss up. A tie if we are lucky.
      Wondo over Magee……looks like we kept a guy (Wondo) who can only score vs. 4rth tier talent. Seeing Magee vs Mexico would have been a nice test of his true talent.

      • away goals says:

        Remember when a midfield of jones, williams and beckerman (with edu at center back) gave the usmnt it’s first ever victory in azteca?

        Let’s maybe wait a bit before conceding this result.

  2. JayAre says:

    Solid squad. Hopefully we start Edu and Bradley in the 4-2-3-1. Feilhabers days seem to be over too.
    Beasley is only starting because it’s Mexico not some European super power

    • USMNT Fan says:

      Substitute Edu for Beckerman and I think that’s what Klinsmann has in mind.

      • JayAre says:

        I hate his sideways backwards pass game with a passion.

        • Thurmanator says:

          Well I think Klinsi loves it with a passion so I’m betting he starts

          • Jesse D says:

            JK started Wondo over EJ in January. Not sure why we are convinced that would change.

            • wfrw07 says:

              EJ wasn’t 100% so he couldn’t go 90 that day.

              • bryan says:

                exactly. he had an issue as well as Magee…just not as bad.

              • Jesse D says:

                Well it certainly affected him. I was rooting for him in the stands that day and he looked way off his game. Wondo was opportunistic as always. I don’t think we are taking him to Brazil but he plays a better lone Striker than EJ

            • Birgit Calhoun says:

              EJ hasn’t done anything at DC United so far.

              • USMNT Fan says:

                Right, but Johnson’s pace can cause trouble for CBs at the international level, which would provide wingers and midfielders more room to operate. Wondolowski causes trouble for CONCACAF competition on his best days.

              • Gary Page says:

                All of two games.

        • user222 says:

          hahaha… 500 pointless passes a game… good for Edu but I think a healthy Williams has a stronger game than Mo…

        • Kosh says:

          For the record Beckerman has some really tastey over-the-top assists on his resume. Beckerman plays within himself, whihc while not super sexy is a huge attribute and something that JK holds high. I have no beef with it.

          • USMNT Fan says:

            Right, but is playing within himself enough for Beckerman to compete against the likes of Ghana, Portugal and Germany. Each of the above nations has strong and athletic midfielders that don’t lack in technical ability. At the very least Williams can match our opponents on the first two counts at multiple positions. You can’t say the same for Beckerman.

            • Kosh says:

              And yet somehow you say this with certainty about Beckerman. Let’s face it the reason why Beckerman’s abilities are so…weak…in your eyes are because of where he plays.

              But yet, somehow, JK, the dunce that he is, still keeps calling the guy in. Even you have to admit that there’s got to be something there that his competition – sexy as their leagues may be – are not giving JK to warrant their selection over the lowly, talentless Beckerman.

              How percisely does Williams match up better against the teams in our group?

              • JayAre says:

                Beckerman didn’t get a chance till Edu and Williams were injured and he had solid games nothing over the top. He made a mark in the gold cup with fringe players and January camp. When the big boys come out to play he’s no where to be found.

              • Kosh says:


                Yet he grabbed his chance and has a regional title for it…oh I forgot it was against scrubs, so I guess it doesn’t count.

                If the guys doesn’t play “it’s because he sucks”, if he does play “he has no right to because he sucks”.

                OK I hear you coach, but I’m gonna stick with your backup (JK) on this one, mmmkay?

              • Paul Miller says:

                JK all but admitted that Beckerman is limited. I saw an interview in which Klinsmann said Beckerman is good chemistry in the locker room and on the playing field, because he gives everything and looks to take nothing. That impresses JK, and can get Beckerman on a roster even when the coach has no intention of using him in a game – his words, not mine.

              • Paul Miller says:

                And JK believes in all that chemistry stuff, too. Remember which German keeper he didn’t take to the World Cup, because the chemistry of a team with so much attention paid to the keeper might be bad.

            • GW says:

              “is playing within himself enough for Beckerman to compete against the likes of Ghana, Portugal and Germany.”

              Of course it is.Those teams are really good but they are not superhuman or something.

              Unless JK is have a little joke on you USMNT fan,he obviously thinks Kyle can play against those guys or else he would not have invested all this time and effort in him..

          • tastey? really? …did he add A-1 sauce to that TASTEY over-the-top assists. I am hoping you are British and not some wannabe, who thinks that his soccer credibility goes higher if he uses British slang.

            • Kosh says:

              This is one of the most pathetic attacks yet. I am a wanna be for saying he has “tasty” assists? I am American, by way of a British ex-colony. Which part of America do you come from? Because where I’m from we say that for not just soccer but for many sports – northeast US by the way.

              Just because your frame of reference is from when you discovered the Prem 10 years ago does not mean everyone who uses the word is a poser.

              Please tell me you bring more to the table than this.

        • DCU Fan in Socal says:

          Klins has a hard on for Beckerman … beckerman = MLS caliber…period…

          • quozzel says:


            Beckerman could use a bit more pace and size. If he were just a hair bigger and faster, and looked just a LITTLE less like he just escaped the state pen, I think he’d have been playing in the EPL.

            The guy is money, defensively, and positions himself beautifully. He reads the game well, tackles well, has a great first touch…and more importantly, he holds possession. You do not have to worry about Beckerman mistakes, ever. Despite his outwards appearance, he’s actually one of the cleanest and most fundamentally sound players in the USA pool.

            Sometimes there’s situations where Beckerman is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. Like, if we’re getting overrun in the midfield and we need to drop a forward and slide another D-mid in, he’d be the first one I’d pop in.

            • Hogatroge says:

              While I disagree with the whole ‘not having to worry about Beckerman mistakes,’ KB has definitely won me over since the days in late 2011, early 2012 where he was a WTF call up.

              Unlike a lot of players in Klinsi’s rosters, KB has been continually improving for the Nats, despite the fact he’s “past his prime.”

      • dave-o says:

        I think there is room for both. What Edu additionally offers is another option on a thin back line.

  3. Shaggie96 says:

    Does anybody else think Gil might be a surprise CM pick in place of Mix?

    • JayAre says:

      Lol that’s funny but No.

      • Shaggie96 says:

        Yes, because playing in the Norwegian league demonstrates significant superiority to starting every game in CM for RSL, right? Don’t get me wrong, I like Mix a lot, but I watch Gil on a regular basis and he has similar attacking attributes, but he is tougher physically and much more of a two way player than Mix.

        • JayAre says:

          That battle is for 2018. As of now Mix has the chemistry and more experience

        • 2tone says:

          Gil plays RM for RSL not CM.

          • Rory Miller says:

            He’s played central lately with Jaime Moreno’s absence, right?

          • Shaggie96 says:

            You’re correct, Gil technically plays RM for RSL. He is also the first choice replacement for Morales at CAM. I consider the outside mid positions in RSL’s system to be more similar to CM positions in a 4-3-3 than outside mids in a 4-4-2, therefore I consider him a CM.

    • Smacking says:

      It looks like he is going to get his chance to prove it. I would have added Feilhaber to the that competition before this roster came out.

    • James says:

      I like Gil a lot, but I don’t seem him making it. I think him and Yedlin are on this list to lay foundation for the future, but without much hope of Brazil.

      If Klinsman is bringing a young wildcard, you have to think its Green at this point, and I don’t see him bringing 2 projects to Brazil.

      • beachbum says:

        also helps Green’s psyche and comfortability to have other youngsters in there imo

        we’ll see how they all do

      • just saying says:

        i think youre wrong on that one, if he brings two it will be yedlin and green. just the fact that yedlin has speed and decent skill he can swoop in and help if we get burn at right back specially with the speed in the other teams in our group

        • GW says:

          I don’t see a lot of Yedlin. Can he do anything other than run fast?

          Marvell Wynne was a burner as were Bornstein and Robbie Findley but they all had their issues with other aspects of their game.

          • Nate Dollars says:

            from watching him last season, he can be a dangerous attacker, but a liability on defense (so, like most of our fullbacks).

            i haven’t seen him this season, but i’ve heard he’s improved his defending. no word on whether that’s compromised his attacking threat.

            • beachbum says:

              so far in the short MLS season, he looks more mature in his game, not as reckless getting forward and out of position, my opinion. it’s early still tho

              • Big Red says:

                He really hasn’t changed much. Got beat in the first minute of the first match of the season and Defoe abused him in the second game (which he never got the blame for) and he made a big whiff of the ball in the box in the third game.

            • RNG says:

              He looked fast but out of his depth last time with the Nats. No doubt he will be good for the future, but a lot to learn right now….

    • M says:

      yea I could see Gil making a late push. H

    • Louis Z says:

      nope. next question.

  4. Dc says:

    I like the idea of bringing some youngins. A good investment for the future.

    • Shaggie96 says:

      I don’t think there’s a chance that anyone on this roster is not under consideration for a spot in this WC. Why would JK waste a spot on a future prospect when we still have open spots going into Brazil. I think Yedlin and Gil are on this roster because JK rates them higher than the players that were left out and there’s a chance, albeit small, that they make the final roster.

      • away goals says:

        He’d “waste” a spot because he needs a full roster for the match and half the squad is unable to come back from europe/miss CCL for a non-fifa friendly.

        • Shaggie96 says:

          Feilhaber has a CCL game?

          • malkin says:

            No, he’s just not under consideration for either Brazil or Russia.

          • away goals says:

            I’m saying gil and yedlin were brought in to fill out the roster because cameron, altidore, johannsson weren’t available. Neither gil nor yedlin is in the discussion for brazil.

            • Kosh says:

              I’m dying to read the email or text message in which JK told you this. Not saying you don’t have a point but your certainty makes me wonder where you get your mail from.

              Any combination of things can happen from here to roster announcement. In some tough scenarios you can imagine some guys who were never in contention making the cut. So while the data strongly suggests one set I’d like to see things play out before slamming the door shut on any player’s face.

              • away goals says:

                Fair enough, it would take a MASSIVE series of coincidences for gil to overtake the myriad alternatives that jk clearly prefers.

                Slightly fewer for yedlin, but still the odds are long.

            • Shaggie96 says:

              Clearly you missed my point. Most people would’ve considered Feilhaber at least an outside possibility to make the Brazil roster, yet he isn’t in the Mexico roster while Gil is. That indicates to me that JK rates Gil higher than Feilhaber.

              I’d like to hear the myriad options that JK has in front of Gil. Corona hasn’t been called in in months, neither has Torres. Edu and Williams aren’t in competition with Gil, they’re in competition with Beckerman. I thought the competition for the final CM spot was between Mix and Feilhaber, but I now believe it’s between Mix and Gil.

              I’m not saying Gil is likely to make the Brazil roster, but it’s nonsense to say he put Gil and Yedlin on the roster to fill spots.

              • Birgit Calhoun says:

                This is a team that was put together from available MLS and Mexican players who can win the game.

              • Hogatroge says:

                Corona wasn’t released. Torres is injured.

              • GW says:

                “would’ve considered Feilhaber at least an outside possibility to make the Brazil roster, yet he isn’t in the Mexico roster while Gil is. That indicates to me that JK rates Gil higher than Feilhaber.”

                It could mean that JK knows what he needs to know about Benny and wants to find out more about Gil.

                I don’t disagree that Benny is probably toast but I’m increasingly convinced that JK is truly keeping an open mind and is not shutting the door on anyone until he has to.

              • away goals says:

                I get what you’re saying, I just don’t think everyone on this roster is truly a candidate for brazil, even in jk’s eyes.

                Center mids ahead of gil based on jk’s selection history: bradley, jones, mix, beckerman, williams, probably sacha, maybe edu.

      • Jesse D says:

        Some of them only make the roster in case of injury. He knows that, but he has to prep for that.

        • another steveo says:

          Right. Remember, JK doesn’t need just a 23-man roster. he also needs a 30-man preliminary roster. He needs to know who those next 7 guys are and that they could step in if needed due to late injuries.

  5. michael f. sbi Mafia Original says:

    Sounds about right. I would drop Davis. He’s not a Nat player.

    • Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

      Who are you going to replace him with ?

      I agree I don’t think he makes the 23, but neither does his replacement….and if you are saying he isn’t close, we really disagree.

      • michael f. sbi Mafia Original says:

        He isn’t anywhere to be close to the 23. If you can’t see that, or accept than, I’m guessing you live in Houston.

        • Rory Miller says:

          Let’s just keep in mind that Klinsy needs about 32-35 players in his head in case of injuries to key positions. One extra player per position in his mind is not enough as it seems injuries can happen in spades at some key positions.

      • USMNT Fan says:

        Davis doesn’t appear to be close to earning a place in Brazil when you consider the versatility amongst the group. Let’s give the LM pool a look:


        These are just a few players that have played LM under Klinsmann. I would not consider Brad Davis to be at the top of the depth chart. SO his chances are slim.

    • Julio says:

      Agree, Davis does not belong. Guy hustles more then anyone else when he is playing because he knows he does not have the talent. But that can only take you so far. When you play against the talent at the WC in Brazil don’t won’t be enough. Those guys will also be hustling just as hard. This won’t be the CONCACAFF games that he is marginally good. Same on Wondo. I know the guy has scored goals, but come on man….dude is slow for the Int’l game. IF Wondo is in Brazil…..we have serious problems at FW position.

      • USMNT Fan says:

        +1 Some fans are delusional and go hard for their MLS favorites, but the gap in quality cannot be closed by hustle alone.

        • James says:

          It’s all well and good to say he’s not fit for Brazil, but this isn’t the Brazil roster. No one is saying he’s better than Johnson, but since this is only MLS/Mexico players, who takes his place?

          I’m not stoked about him being the best domestic option, but I think it’s “delusional” to think there’s a much stronger option available for this game.

          • Hogatroge says:

            I’m as big a Davis (and Houston) fan as anyone, but I’d say Davis is going to be edged out by Shea or Green for the 23rd spot on the plane.

            Things could even get tighter if Klinsi decides he wants Fabian Johnson in the MF (a big mistake in my opinion, since that leaves us with Brad Evans as a backup FB).

        • Chicagobanksy says:

          However there are some mls players that are better than some euro players. I don’t believe it makes anyone a fanboy to notice that. Matter of fact I’ll go out on a limb and say Luis Gil is better at his position than Juan Agudelo Terrance Boyd or Brek Shea are at theirs, respectively. I think the euro centric view point of our great coach is the only reason Luis hasn’t been called more.

          • Hogatroge says:

            Gonna have to disagree there.

            Gil’s only been a full time starter for RSL since last season. Whatever his deficiencies, Mix has been a full time starter for years in Norway where the quality of play is comparable to MLS.

            Consider last summer. You had the B team at the Gold Cup, and STILL had Corona, Mix, and Holden ahead of Gil in terms of attack-minded midfielders in a central role. While Holden’s unfortunately done, 2 of those players (both with more international and club experience) are still candidates (even though Corona wasn’t released for the friendly due to CCL duties).

          • GW says:

            Chicagobanksy ,
            “there are some mls players that are better than some euro players. I don’t believe it makes anyone a fanboy to notice that. Matter of fact I’ll go out on a limb and say Luis Gil is better at his position than Juan Agudelo Terrance Boyd or Brek Shea are at theirs, respectively.”

            Okay? So what?

            You could be the greatest lawyer in the state but if the person next to you is having a heart attack that law degree isn’t really helpful now is it? Juan, Brek and Terrance don’t play central midfield and they don’t boss it. Mikey does.

            “I think the euro centric view point of our great coach is the only reason Luis hasn’t been called more”

            Do you think Gil could boss the midfield better than Mikey? Does Gil take charge of RSL when it gets tough? Because if he doesn’t do those things now for RSL then I don’t see why he should be counted on to displace Mikey and do that for the USMNT. Let him take over RSL and make it his team. Then you can talk about the USMNT. And JK called Gil in didn’t he? I see that as a direct reaction to Sacha’s non showing in the Ukraine game. Because Sacha is Gil’s competition not the JBT trio.

            And you are wrong about JK being anti MLS. He has Evans, Gonzo, Besler, Deuce, Mikey and LD as possible starters which means the outfield players could have more MLS players than Euros as starters.

        • Birgit Calhoun says:

          Exactly. You also have to know how to score. When Wondo has to be fast he is fast, and his balance is what make him able to turn on a dime and score. He also has great endurance. He helps out whever he can and defends all the time.

      • Vic says:

        Davis is the 2nd best crosser of the ball the MLS has ever had (Beckham 1st). Davis is also one of the top assist makers in MLS every year. Davis has played on several championship teams and has been an All-Star many years. I never knew him to be a player that hustles too much. You must have him confused with someone else.

  6. Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

    I think there will be some surprises in the June 23 players. Guys like Edu and Yedlin are making it very tough.
    I wonder how Evans will feel if Yedlin passes him this quickly….I wouldn’t have gone anyway, or I should have played RB for someone.

    • JayAre says:

      Evans shouldn’t be surprised when you consider the fact that Yedlin actually plays the position

  7. Dennis says:

    Feilhaber, Corona, Magee, Torres not in, but Davis is? Also, not sure what the Parkhurst call-up is for. Corona is young enough he will get other chances, but the others maybe not so much.

    I always liked Magee, and am sorry he is going to miss this. Injuries suck!

    • Maykol says:

      Corona has that CCL semifinal vs cruz azul the day beforet the mexico game, so thats why there are no xolos players on the squad

    • JayAre says:

      Torres is hurt he left the last game early. Corona is probably good for the roster or at least the preliminary 30 already. Brad Davis needs to find lightning in a bottle to make the 30 man preliminary roster much less the 23

      • Hogatroge says:

        Unless he is downright awful against Mexico, Davis will almost certainly be on the 30 man roster. Dude has 3 assists in his last 2 appearances for the USMNT.

        He is, however, going to get edged out of Brazil by a less experienced but more talented youngster like Shea or Green, though.

        • JayAre says:

          I’m sure you don’t mean that. Get a pen and paper and write down all the players we have available when you’re done scab through the list and tell me again if Davis can make it. Klinsmann allows these fringe players to shine against the minnows and the internet gets carried away with it. Davis assist didn’t come against a solid Euro teams. Take a good look at the squad and competition do you really thing the January camp starting 11 would beat the Ukraine starting 11? Hell no

        • 1st Time Caller says:

          Wbhat?? Not bloody likely

    • James says:

      Feilhaber, Corona, Magee and Torres offer entirely different skills than Davis, not to mention different positions.

      It’s not a matter of most talent, its who fits in the system. You listed three CM, and Magee is a forward or could be right winger. Davis is a pure left winger.

    • Jesse D says:

      @Dennis You said “Not sure why Parkhurst was called”. Just to be clear the reason he is called is because he is the US RB option in the Western Hemisphere. Yedlin looks a lot like Edgar Castillo and Evans looks completely out of place at RB. Parkhurst does not offer much going forward and he isn’t the most athletic defender, but he is much more consistent than either of the Seattle options.

      • 2tone says:

        Did you seriously say Yedlin looks a lot like Castillo? Dude Yedlin is 20, and has been a beast for Seattle to start the season on both offense and defense.

        Yedlin haters are just going to hate.

        • Jesse D says:

          Absolutely. In a US jersey Yedlin who I was rooting for with everything I had, looked just like Edgar Castillo. He was beat over and over by an average domestic league Korean winger. That is just a fact. I grant you Yedlin has better hair.

      • John says:

        Yedlin will at least make the effort to get back and defend.

        • quozzel says:

          Yedlin also has legit pace.

          Other than maybe Gyasi Zardes, he’s one of the paciest, most athletic specimens in MLS. Actually, athletically, he’s world class.

          Physically, he’s right there with an Ashley Cole or a Glenn Johnson. Dunno if he’ll ever develop to that level, but he’s got that kind of raw talent. Kid is one of the best athletic specimens to ever put on a USMNT shirt.

          • Gary Page says:

            Just a reminder–Marvell Wynne is maybe the fastest player to ever wear a US shirt. Wasn’t he brought to the last Confed Cup? Anyway, he has been an international bust despite his sprinter’s speed. I like Yedlin, but he still is very inexperienced and think he is more likely to go in 2018 than in 2014.

            • Hogatroge says:

              Let’s be honest. Is Yedlin ready for the WC? Probably a stretch.

              Is Yedlin a much, much better player than Wynne… definitely.

              • Jesse D says:

                I hope and even believe that Yedlin will develop. Right now he is not ready. If Korean wingers make him look bad, image what Ronaldo will do to him. Cameron may not be what Cherundolo was for us, but at least he has experience and some limited success against top quality wingers like Eden Hazard.

    • Jesse D says:

      @Dennis You said “Not sure why Parkhurst was called”. Just to be clear the reason he is called is because he is the best US RB option in the Western Hemisphere. Yedlin looks a lot like Edgar Castillo and Evans looks completely out of place at RB. Parkhurst does not offer much going forward and he isn’t the most athletic defender, but he is much more consistent than either of the Seattle options.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Glad to see I’m not the only person that doesn’t see Evans in the 23 (barring injury).

        Parkhurst playing out of position at LB totally outshined Evans against Korea Republic, and that’s before he was even playing week-in-week-out.

        For Brazil:

        RB: Cameron, Parkhurst
        LB: Fabian, Beasley

        I could see JK trying to slot Fabian in at LM, but there are too many good permutations of players that would be left out if he took 4 FBs besides Fabian.

        • Jesse D says:

          I agree this is the 4 I would take today. I would still take a look at Chandler, I could be sold that he is worth a shot. Evans is the wrong choice for us though.

        • beto says:

          +1 those probably are the best 4 fullbacks available. Doesnt hurt that they are all versitile players as well.

          Still we are going to need career games from Cameron and Johnson (and Besler + Gonzo) to stay afloat in our group!

    • ronniet says:

      Why Parkhurst??? You clearly haven’t been watching him for the Crew this season or in Europe for his club(champions league to boot), he’s balling and let’s be honest, anybody that knows anything about this game can see that he’s better than Evans….hands down! Plus his versatility is something JK likes which is why I think Parky makes the WC roster(if he stays healthy) and guys like Castillo and Orozco and maybe Evans are left behind! This friendly is big for Evans and Parkhurst because if Evans plays the way he did against S. Korea it’s a wrap for him in my opinion!

  8. Clevelandfc says:

    What is the chance that Orozco breaks into a starting role?

  9. HoboMike says:

    Feilhaber was such dangerous spark coming off the bench in 2010 (as well as the 2009 Confederations Cup). Every time he stepped on the field we became a much more potent attack. It’s really too bad that he won’t be in Brazil.

    • TomG says:

      Surprised not to see Benny. His form is tremendous right now.

      • beachbum says:

        agree with both of you. frankly have always thought Benny’s game fits well with what Klinnsman wants to accomplish too. obviously Davis is not the same player but the role of supersub is and would like to have seen Benny given that chance. oh well

    • rainORshine says:

      2010 WC

      with benny: 4 scored; 1 conceded
      without benny: 1 scored; 4 conceded

      in great form with SKC.

      I guess the 0 goals US has scored in last 3 euro friendlies tells JK his intuition is spot on about how to get some offense going. brilliant!

      • Jim says:

        Benny 2011-current: 3 apps, 137 mins, 0 scored; 0 conceded

        Klinnsman brought him in for 3 January camps and didn’t like what he saw. Nobody in the world gets a ticket to Brazil solely based on what they did 4 years ago.

        • Ryan in NYC says:

          Are you serious? Mix has had one goal in JK’s tenure (a deflection vs. Russia) and what has Mo done? He’s just now getting consistent minutes, “day in, day out” as JK likes to put it. What about Gil? What in the world has he done w/ the Nats since JK’s taken over. I think it’s absurd to have a player of Benny’s talent level not with this side. This blows my mind.

          • Jim says:

            I’m saying Klinsmann has brought him into camp 3 times– and only given him those 3 caps total. And at no point did Benny provide some kind of instant offense as soon as he came on the pitch. Klinsmann has clearly made the decision that Benny isn’t in the running for Brazil.

            Could you argue that Benny’s form in MLS means Klinsmann is making a mistake? Sure, that’s fair. But results from 4 years ago are meaningless.

            • beachbum says:

              barely gotten any run at all, period. he looked good when he’s been out there imo tho

            • James says:

              I don’t think results from 4 years ago are meaningless. To me Feilhaber is a guy that can hold his own against top teams better than most in the player pool. That is what he showed in the world cup, in the 09 confederations cup and in the CCL loss he was the only offensive guy for SKC that looked like he belonged on the field. I rate him highly, I don’t understand why Klinsmann rates him so poorly. I see the US struggling mightily in the first round to maintain possession and generate offense.

          • Hogatroge says:

            Um… Gil went to the U-20 World Cup and was the only player on the US team that looked like he belonged there.

          • GW says:


            It doesn’t look good for Benny but I’m not convinced it’s over for him yet. JK called in Edu because he had not seen him play in a long time while he’s had Benny in camp recently a fair amount and the USMNT has SKC monitored pretty closely .

            I’m pretty sure JK knows all he needs to about Benny, this year’s Benny not the one 4 years ago.

            And there are guys like Edu and Gil that JK obviously wants to see more of which leaves little time to play Benny in Phoenix.

            JK made it clear that at this point the USMNT staff will be watching every MLS game closely so really it’s up to Benny to just play out of his mind for SKC. And you can always hope for injuries to players ahead of him.

            • beachbum says:

              “this year’s Benny not the one 4 years ago”

              so you’ve watched KC and Benny? I agree, not the same Benny as 4 years ago, he’s better now.

    • UclaBruinGreat says:

      My only explanation is that you have to look at the roster by position, in a depth chart. There are only two starting center mid positions. Those are likely to be Bradley and Jones.

      After that you have: Diskerud, Beckerman, Kljestan, Edu, D. Williams, Feilhaber.

      You only need 2 bench guys from that list. So how many of you would take Feilhaber as one of the top two from that list??

      That’s how JK is looking at it, and he decided Feilhaber doesn’t make the cut.

      • rainORshine says:

        take 2 of:
        – jones, edu, williams, beckerman – very similar players

        2 of:
        – kljestan, feilhaber, diskerud

        id take an extra MF – so 5 including MB. feilhaber has a completely unique skillset and has proven he can perform at highest level.

        not making this roster is a joke

        • Jb says:

          Also has a history of being a headcase. Wonder if chemistry issues is what keeping him off. Otherwise agree on his skills.

          • AngstChild says:

            I believe this is the most likely scenario. Whereas a guy like Wondo (regardless of what you think of him talent-wise) is a good guy to have on your team. The dude is fiery.

          • rainORshine says:

            isnt having room on the roster for 1 or 2 primadonnas part of moving this program to the “next level”

            why does EVERYONE have to be a 10/10 locker room guy for f’s sake?

            • GW says:

              Balotelli is a prima donna.

              He is also, when he is right, practically unstoppable.

              Everything is a matter of balance. Does Benny’s current talent level make up for his high maintenance personality the way Balotelli’s does?

              And for those of you saying he proved himself in 2010, that was 4 years ago. Is he the same player today?

              • beachbum says:

                how much have you seen him play lately to ask that question?

                not much clearly tho you still need to comment on it?

      • beachbum says:

        Benny’s played on the wings too for years, and that versatility is a strength actually.

        all moot tho. Klinsmann never appeared to rate him from jump

        • Bac says:

          Agree with all your points re Bennie.. I touched on it below. My guess is he only sees him in that attacking MF role and has too many others ahead of him.
          Too bad imho, I think he’s looked sharp to start this season, enough for one more look

    • Gary Page says:

      His passing can really open up a defense. I share your opinion.

  10. Since 82 says:

    It will be very interesting to see Beckerman play with Bradley. I am hoping Yedlin rates.

    • KJ says:

      You’re hoping Yedlin rates what?

    • Thurmanator says:

      This is the partnership I’ve been hoping to see for awhile. I think Beckerman’s positioning and skill set will allow Bradley to apply pressure all over the field, unlike when he is partnered with Jones as you never know where Jones is going to be.

      • jb says:

        I agree that they have promise together, and think it could work well also. However, the last time they partnered, Bradley didn’t seem to trust him, or tried to do too much and they ended up getting in each other’s way. For it to work, Bradley has to let Beckerman be the “#6″, and push higher up the field, in a more attacking role.

  11. Jack Del says:

    MLS based squad might beat the Euro-based squad now.

    • That_Guy says:

      Johnson vs Altidore –Altidore (Europe)
      Donovan vs Brek Shea –Donovan (MLS)
      Dempsey vs Johansson –Toss up
      Zusi vs Bedoya –Toss up
      Bradley vs Klejstan –Bradley (MLS)
      Beckermen vs Jones –Jones (Europe)
      Beasley vs Johnson –Johnson (Europe) *Assuming MLS based includes Mexico
      Gonzalez vs Onyewu –Toss up
      Besler vs Ream –Besler (MLS)
      Evans vs Cameron –Cameron (Europe)
      Rimando vs Howard –Howard (Europe)

      MLS – 3
      Europe – 5

      Seems pretty close but according to my rankings, Europe has the edge by player amount wise.

      • michael f. sbi Mafia Original says:

        Onyewu? Toss up? I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Onyewu is so far done it’s almost sad. He’s a shell of his top for. I loved the guy pre-injuries. But people have to learn when to let certain players go. It’s OK. really, it’s ok…

        • That_Guy says:

          Onyewu’s last 4 games as a CB:
          W 1-0 vs Brighton
          L 0-1 vs Doncaster
          W 3-0 vs QPR
          W 4-1 vs Birmingham City
          Goals given up – 2 (ESPN)

          Gonzalez’s last 4 games as a CB:
          D 1-1 vs Salt Lake
          L 4-2 vs Tijuana
          W 1-0 vs Tijuana
          L 1-0 vs Salt Lake
          Goals given up – 6 (ESPN)

          Facts > Opinions

          • The Garrincha says:

            Good facts from That Guy,
            I also had to reopen the book on Gooch,
            I honestly thought he was done.
            But pretty fair, with the toss up on Gonzo/Gooch, and throw in Goodsen for the three way.
            on another note,
            Gil’s play may be very complementary to Green, as well as a few others up front.
            Knock on wood, “Money’s” gonna be there.

            • Kosh says:

              Comparing two guys that play in completely different leagues and at different stages in thier leagues? Those are your facts?

              How about you rate them on a more standard basis – thier last plays in the spot they are vying for – CB for the Nats?

              I love Gooch too but your comparisons stack up more as an opinion than fact, and in that case well…what you said about facts and opionins.

              • GW says:

                Mr. kosh,

                The Gooch v Gonzo comparison is incomplete without factoring in the intangibles.

                In Gooch’s case that would be his great experience. He alone probably is more experienced than all the other CB candidates combined. And there is the intangible that he seems to be getting better; he seems healthier than he was at the Gold Cup and has been on quite a run lately. So he is trending upward. And his confidence seems to be growing. He seems determined to make up for his 2010 World Cup.

                Gonzo in contrast seems to be the same player he was before he signed his big contract. There does not seem to be any big improvement. I was expecting a very special center back, a dominant player. Instead you have an average CB who is not good with the ball at his feet, is not as consistently dominant in the air as he was advertised to be, has been timid at the set piece’s he was supposed terrorize, and is seemingly at perpetual risk of committing the occasional fatal blunder.

              • beachbum says:

                Ha! Gonzo not the same player at all! sometimes you really don’t know what you’re talking about, even with your know-it-all tone GW

                whatever dude.

          • Drewbles says:

            Wow, that means the US Centerbacks are all better than Arsenal’s! Never thought I’d see the day when that were true. Your “metrics” are so freaking advanced dude.

          • Bird says:

            Don’t forget Gooch’s assist a couple matches ago. Did anyone see that? He actually carried the ball into the attacking 3rd dribbled around a defender and played a perfectly weighted through ball to his teammate to finish. I didnt know he had that in him. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

      • Johnny says:

        Agree with your comparison, especially re Gonzo/Onyewu. Personally, I would like to see either Brooks or Orozco in place of Gonzo. He falls asleep too much and makes bad decisions IMHO.

        • Rory Miller says:

          When you start thinking of them in terms or units, does the Euro-based players really have anything that compares to Donovan/Dempsey/Bradley?
          I mean, I think Bradley/Beckerman easily tops Jones/Mix in terms of all around game in the middle of the park. Our forward crop probably tilts heavily towards our Euro players but I’m not sure what opportunities they get and I’m not convinced Jozy isn’t suffering from poor club form right now. Defensively yes, Europe is straight up better than our MLS crew right now.

        • the Resurgence says:

          Ream vs Gonzalaz and Oneywu vs Besler. Gonzo and Ream were compared alot during Bradleys tenure as coach. Idk if anyone remembers.

        • beto says:

          Omar certainly has bad games but his good games (often in Big games vs Brazil, MLS CUP, @Mex, vs Mex, others) are something that i cant see Orozco or Brooks (yet) providing.

          Gooch is interesting but i dont see it.

      • Dennis says:

        Probably Green rather than Shea, but MLS still gets nod there

      • USMNT Fan says:

        It would look more like this:

        MLS vs Americans Abroad

        BENCH: Johnson, Goodson, Edu, Davis, Wondolowski

        BENCH: Guzan, Beasley, Williams, Shea, Agudelo

        * Denotes best option at given position.

        Americans Abroad take this hands down. Plus we have more promising prospects abroad than in MLS.

        • Birgit Calhoun says:

          USMNT Fan! You need to focus on the game against Mexico. There are no European players in this game and Tijuana players are not in there because of a CONCACAF game Tijuana is playing.that week.

      • scott47a says:

        What’s with all the Bedoya over Zusi stuff in this discussion?

        • Alexandria says:

          Seconded, I’ve never seen Bedoya serve a ball like Zusi, they may play the same position but they play the position differently, putting them against eachother is crazy. But I’d take Zusi over Bedoya.

        • Louis Z says:

          I’ll let JK know that he has been making a mistaken choosing Bedoya over Zusi for the past few games.

    • Maykol says:

      Hmm the mls players vs
      Geoff-gooch-tim ream-FJ
      Looks like a good game, am i missing anyone?

      • Johnny says:

        Substitute Gooch for Brooks and I like it. I think that Euro-base squad would beat the MLS squad.

        • Jesse D says:

          MLS squad wins this matchup. Bradley is a huge difference between the two teams. If you had swapped the center mids it would have been Bradley vs Jones = Bradley
          Beckerman vs Klejstan = Beckerman

          That would tie the score.
          I trust that with Donovan and Dempsey on the field they would find a way to score. I’m not so sure Altidore would find the service from his midfield any better than he does at Sunderland. The Europe based team would lack cohesion.

          • Maykol says:

            Who says kljestan would start in this hypothetical match? Williams would definitely start over him. And its not a head to head match up so there isnt much point to saying bradley vs jones. Jones likes to run up and down the field, but williams is a more defensive player, so he would a lot of work/pressure off jones shoulders. Overall i give the game to europe, better fullbacks, solid players in mix and bedoya. And of course AJ

    • Louis Z says:

      not a chance. Euro will win.


      I’m probably missing someone.

  12. Adam M. says:

    The only way to know about Green now is to start him. Yes, he is young and untested. But if he is a 2014 game-changer, and maybe he is and maybe he isn’t, then 75 minutes against Mexico in a friendly should be enough to find out if he’s merely on the plane or should get substantial minutes:

    • James says:

      I’d be shocked if Green starts. Frankly, I don’t think it’d be fair to him, even in a “friendly”, to start against Mexico. Not an easy way to start a NT career against your fiercest rival. He’ll come on at half.

      • Tiny says:

        true, but if going to Brazil is his goal. Every player on the roster to Brazil should be comfortable starting and going 90 minutes no matter what.

        • James says:

          Yea, but there’s a big difference between starting and going 90 minutes in your first ever appearance (which almost never happens). Maybe if this was against Guam (even though I don’t think he’d start), but against Mexico that’s a ton of pressure to heap on a young guy just entering the squad

      • bryan says:

        i wouldn’t be. he flew from Germany to the US on a non-FIFA date. he’ll get solid minutes…if not start.

      • g-dub says:

        Klinsi’s fierce and nihilistic German tendency will be to throw the youngster in the pit to see if he survives.

    • Ross says:

      You want to start an 18 year old as the CAM/withdrawn forward in his very first appearance for us against our biggest rival? Talk about putting enormous pressure on the kid. That would be doomed to fail.

      • danny says:

        Klinsmann likes trial by Fire. Remember what he did with Besler in Azteca for a game that actually counted. And that worked out well.

      • solles says:

        maybe not start but theres just no way he doesnt see significant minutes, I’d say he’ll be a halftime sub.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      It’s not the ONLY way. Bring him off the bench at 70+ minutes, give him a run, but don’t put too much pressure on him with a start. Starting him after only two training sessions with two different groups of players is either sets him up for failure, or, sends the wrong message.

      • Nate Dollars says:


      • John says:

        In some way Klinsmann has to still sell the team on Green if he wants to take him to Brazil. The more minutes he has to show something the better. There aren’t many minutes left at this point. If he’s as good as everyone says it shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Ali Dia says:

        Agree. I think this is the right move from the group’s perspective as well as for the kid’s mentality. It offers little downside and good upside. If he come on w 20 minutes to go, he is unlikely to shoulder much blame in the case of a loss or a poor team performance, while a goal or assist would send him out of the gate with a massive boost of confidence. It would also be a headline-grabber that could help mitigate any criticism JK is still facing in the event he plan on taking Green to Brazil.

        Having said that, it’s possible I am way off base, and JK decides that throwing him in against el Tri as a starter is exactly the “Welcome to CONCACAF” introduction the kid needs.

    • Shaggie96 says:

      Yes, except for Green and Dempsey switch, and Beckerman for Edu.

    • JayAre says:

      If Green starts we’ll have to go to an all out 4-3-3 that will allow Donavan and Green to press the attack more

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Very few friendlies this year. We won’t be wasting them. Dempsey and EJ start, Green and Wondo sub second half. Starters have something to prove and Klinsi might even play Dempsey a fair amount to fight off ring rust from suspension (otherwise he’d be a hypocrite). Green vs. Wondo might be for the last spot on the plane….not unlike the 3rd GK competition also set up with the roster.

    • solles says:

      Personally I think Green is all but guaranteed at least a strong opportunity to claim a spot on the final 23 and this has probably been communicated to him. Why would he have decided on the USA now otherwise, he could have waited several more years before making that decisison. There’s no where Green is anywhere near the German team, in 2014 for sure, probably not for 2018 either. I think Green will probably see extended minutes v Mexico, I’d be really surprised if he didnt.

  13. Jesse D says:

    My starting XI
    Donovan Dempsey Zusi
    Beckerman Bradley
    Beasley Besler Omar Parkhurst

    Not thrilled with Evan’s I’d rather see Parkhurst. Beckerman is ahead of Edu right now, but that could change. EJ could take Wondo’s spot, but both might be on the outside looking in for the World Cup.

    • Birgit Calhoun says:

      That’s what I’d like to see. I would like to see Green come in to see how he plays with Wondo.

    • Cairo says:

      Nice to see a couple of positive mentions of Wondo here. Why folks rate Boyd, Agudelo, or even EJ above him makes no sense…unless we are planning for 2018 already… Wondo scores goals, passes well, and works his ass off. He would be on my plane to Brazil over Some guys who have not yet arrived…

    • beto says:

      +1 thats mine too

  14. Dan says:

    JK needs to include Timmy Chandler on US squad. He is out with injury now, but should be healthy by the time the final tune up games for WC begin in late May. He is miles ahead the best right back for USMNT. With the late May/early June tune up games, Chandler should be ready for WC in June/July. Klinsy needs to call him into the May taining camp!

    • John says:

      Is he really miles ahead of Cameron or Fabian?

      • Expat4455 says:

        Maybe not miles ahead, but I agree Chandler is our best back line player.

        • Freddy Adu says:

          I think Chandler/Cameron at RB is a bit of a tossup, they are a bit different. The value of Chandler in the team would be pushing Cameron to CB, which JK and Cameron (and me for what its worth) both believe is killa cam’s best position. Plus you bring in the raw physical attributes timmy can apply to defending a few select fast, strong wingers we will face in Brazil.
          I don’t have much faith that chandler will be in game shape by then, though. really ill timed injury, I don’t expect him to be involved this summer, though I would be pleasantly surprised.
          IMO a back line of:
          FJ – Besler – Cam – Chandler
          actually looks pretty solid, better than anything we’ve trotted out since the dolo-gooch-boca heyday

          • Expat4455 says:

            I agree Freddy, it is a little doubtful that Chandler can recover to his normal play in time. But I have my hopes.

      • MN Footie says:

        Fabian’s a left back.

        All things being equal, I’d say Timmy and Cameron are close, but Cameron has actually done something for the USMNT. I give him the edge.

        But re: Dan’s comments – what’s the point of bringing an injured right back into this match? Or did you just mean in general?

        • John says:

          Hopefully Fabian is at left back for the national team but has been at right back for Hoffenheim recently.

      • Jesse D says:

        I really don’t want to see Fabian on the right side of our team. So I would agree he is miles ahead of Fabian. Cameron is another matter, but man he looked really bad on the goal he gave up Sunday. Is stoppage time goal was fine and all, but he put his team in a hole last weekend.

    • Gary Page says:

      I just don’t see how anyone can make that definitive conclusion. Chandler has never distinguished himself playing for the US (and spurned us for much of a year), and this season has spent time of the bench, finally worked his way back to starting and is now injured.Meanwhile, Cameron continues to play 90 minutes for Stoke and plays well every week. Cameron has had a couple of below par performances for the US and some good performances, and he’s shown a lot more than Chandler.

  15. bryan says:

    brutal for Benny! don’t really care about Magee, but i would have put money on him being there simply since he got sick last go around. i’m pretty bummed out Corona won’t be there though, even though i do understand. my XI, assuming JK sticks to the 4-2-3-1:


    what i’d love to see (more of a 4-4-2):


  16. Pete says:

    Dream Line Up
    (False 9): With Edu and Beckerman, This allows Evans and Beasley to play their correct position, doesn’t limit their defensive responsibilities, but allows them to attack more.
    Donovon- Dempsey-Green
    Beasley-Besler-Gonzo- Evans

    Klinzy’s Line Up

    • Jovins says:

      I would love to see us play with a false nine, but in general with a false nine you need runners from midfield. It’s difficult to play a false nine with 2 holding midfielders; it’s far more common to see it with the triangle inverted (one holding mid, two more advance midfielders.

    • Vic says:

      So you want to play with 3 def midfielders. Thats what Klinnsmann did when he first started and that experiment failed miserably.

  17. Jess says:

    There must be some mistake. It says Eddie Johnson where Mike Magee’s name should be.

  18. USMNT Fan says:

    MLS vs Americans Abroad



    • Jesse D says:

      When I see it like that MLS wins offensively and Europe has the Edge defensively (but with Brooks and Cameron at CB you are likely to give up some goals)

  19. Vic says:

    Not alot of skill on this roster. Possession will be 35% I estimate, however, alot of workrate on this roster. I’m hoping we beat Mexico by couterattacking.

    • 2tone says:

      What? Please not a lot of skill. Uhm, Donovan, Dempsey, Zusi, Bradley, DMB, Besler not to mention every ones love affair Green. Your comment fails and may God have no mercy on your soul.

      • Vic says:

        My comments only fail with you and people who share your opinion. However, there’s been plenty of people on these boards and over in England that have criticized Dempsey’s first touch and passing. I don’t hear many complementing Beasley and Brad Evans on their skill. Same for Edu. Even some on these boards have criticized Bradley’s creativity. You don’t hear people critizing Torres, Corona, Feilhaber or Castillo for have poor touch or lack of creativity. I’m not saying some of these players I first mentioned aren’t very good players and don’t deserve to be on the team. I personally think Dempsey is our best finisher of all time. I just worry about having enough skilled players to keep possession.

        • Jesse D says:

          Um Corona and Castillo have been awful in US jersey’s. Torres as been bad more often than not. Only Feilhaber has had any success with the US. Corona is too slow and lacking in creativity to play against teams like Costa Rica. He is pointless to include in these conversations.

          • Vic says:

            Sometimes we play opponents and we only have 30% possession. Which players do you think are responsible for the lack of technical ability to hold possession? If you don’t think its any of the ones I mentioned?

        • Advocate says:

          Vic, whatever the merits of your remarks regarding the others, you owe it to yourself to learn something about Beasley before being so dismissive of his skills. He’s played more games for the USMNT than anyone other than Donovan. And Beasley is the all-time leader among Americans in UEFA Champions League games played (22) (which includes a semi-final). With PSV, he scored six goals in 13 Champions’ League appearances. If you think he did all that while lacking in skill, I’d have to say you are entitled to your opinion. But, really . . . .

          • Vic says:

            I thought Beasley was a lot better before his injuries. I was very impressed with him when he played for PSV. However, he isn’t at that level anymore. Don’t forget he failed while he was at Rangers. I actually think he defends pretty well for USMNT. As a LB I think he is much better than Castillo. As a LM, I’d rather have Castillo.

  20. DC Josh says:

    Mouth-watering MLS-based USMNT squad. Calling Green to score 10 goals…

  21. Joe A says:

    I’m actually content with this team.

  22. JC says:

    Why no Matt Hedges? His coach said he is good.

    • beto says:

      There are a good group of MLS defenders that never get a look; Hedges, John, Okugo just to name a few. Probably better than Orozco, Brooks or Gooch right now. Hopefully they get a shot after the WC

  23. Joamiq says:

    It’s a shame Corona and Garza won’t be getting a look

    • chuck says:

      And Yarbrough. I’m not convinced by Hamid and Johnson for the future.

      • Joamiq says:

        Yeah, neither am I. Gooze should hopefully be good for 2018, but I’m worried about after that…

    • UclaBruinGreat says:

      They are playing in the Concacaf Champions league, that’s why they won’t be there. It was either them missing or Donovan and O. Gonzalez.

    • solles says:

      Greg Garza, from what ive seen of him, has a HUGE upside. Not perhaps as sold on Corona.

      • Bac says:

        Agree, from what I can see, Garza has the most upside.. looks the complete package

      • Joamiq says:

        I think Garza’s got a lot of upside, though we’ll have to wait and see how he develops. Would like to bring him into the national team fold soon to start getting him comfortable.

        I think Corona has a lot of skill. I think he brings a bit of class to the midfield. Fewer stray passes and crosses than our other guys there, which is key to Klinsmann’s style – you can’t try to play possession oriented soccer with a team of guys who flub far too many simple passes.

  24. ex_sweeper says:

    Average age of this group: 28.1 years. Even older (30) if you assume that Yedlin, Gil and the two fill-in goal-keepers won’t be on the final squad. Adding in the likely Europe contingent will only increase that figure (except Jozy). I think we’re seeing a transition to what will hopefully be a more youthful bunch in 2018.

    • Shurls says:

      Well when you consider that Jozy, Fabian, Aron, Mixx, Boyd, and Bedoya are all under 28 that will def lower the average age. Only Cameron and Jones would increase that figure.

  25. Gordo Stretch says:

    Looking forward to seeing Parkhurst in this game. Dude has been solid in every aspect of the game each time he’s been called by USMNT. Versatility & consistency go a long way.

    He’s carrying a bit of a knock, as he played much better in his first MLS game than his 2nd. After Besler & Gonzalez, there is a ton of competition for the remaining defender spots, so this will be very interesting to watch.

    • solles says:

      Ive always liked Parkhurst all the way back to 05 when he broke out with the Revs. Im just not sure he’s really international caliber. He’ll get his shot to prove me wrong I’m sure.

  26. UclaBruinGreat says:

    Either you would have seen Donovan and Omar Gonzalez miss this game, or as we are seeing now, Corono, E Castillo/G Garza, Herc are missing the game.

    Considering that Donovan and Omar Gonzalez are much more important to the national team, I guess I can use that as a silver lining for the Galaxy crashing out of the Concacaf Champs League.

  27. Joseph says:

    Might not be the right thread but altidore is starting alongside Wickham today. Should be interesting to see how poyets latest experiment turns out.

    • John says:

      That’s Poyet pretty much saying, ” i have no midfield, lets just bunker in and hit some long balls to those guys”

      • Joseph says:

        I agree. It’s obvious in the first 15 minutes. They are basically playin an 8-0-2.

        • Increase0 says:

          At 64min, Wickham 1 shot. Jozy 0 shots.

          This strategy is so awesome.

          • Jesse D says:

            I watched the first half. Considering they are playing the best team in the Premier League, I thought they looked better than normal. I’m not sure why Altidore was rated so low. He had a few descent touches. Setup Wickham with a good opportunity.

  28. Expat4455 says:

    Please, does anyone know when the team begins training for next Wednesday’s match?

  29. Good Jeremy says:

    Who does Magee have to blow to be taken seriously?
    MVP of a STACKED Galaxy team.
    MVP of an average Chicago team.
    He’s as clutch as anyone else we have and is not a system player.

    • biff says:

      +1, makes you wonder whether some sort of bad chemistry event occurred at the January camp, because otherwise, Magee’s exclusion would not make sense.

      • Jesse D says:

        He was never the MVP of a stacked team. He was the leading scorer for the Galaxy when the rest of the team was sidelined. He is a fine MLS player, but there is the reason the Galaxy let him go. He just wasn’t that valuable.

        • Advocate says:

          Magee was a very valuable member of the Galaxy, very much appreciated by teammates, staff and fans alike, but he wanted to return to Chicago. He might have been persuaded to play out the rest of the season, but his leaving was only a matter of time. And when the Galaxy had the chance get what seemed to be a quality player in return, they made the best of things and took the opportunity. In no meaningful sense did the Galaxy just “let him go.”

    • Good Jeremy says:

      *League MVP playing for an average Chicago team.

    • Duke says:

      One never knows what JK sees. I personally dont think Magee is international caliber but then, I know Altadore isnt

    • beachbum says:

      +2 Robbie Keane agrees with you too

    • solles says:

      not saying I agree necessarily but Its always seemed like peeps think he’s too small to replicate what he does in MLS on the international level. thats the only thinking i can think of as hes always been a consistent MLS performer, but so have (or were) guys like Eddie Gaven and Brad Davis.

      • beachbum says:

        could be, but neither of the two players you mentioned have approached the level of success that Magee has imo

  30. UclaBruinGreat says:

    As I said above, I also like Feilhaber and am a bit disappointed not to see him on the roster. My only explanation is that you have to look at the roster by position, in a depth chart. There are only two starting center mid positions. Those are likely to be Bradley and Jones.

    After that you have: Diskerud, Beckerman, Kljestan, Edu, D. Williams, Feilhaber.

    You only need 2 bench guys from that list. So how many of you would take Feilhaber as one of the top two from that list??

    That’s how JK is looking at it, and he decided Feilhaber doesn’t make the cut. In his mind he already knows who his center-mids are, so he rather not even waste extra roster spots for this game. He is using them to gauge his unsettled spots: the wings and fullbacks. That’s why J Green, B Davis, L Gil, and Yedlin are on this roster.

  31. Raymon says:

    Is this the game where Mexico gives us a “Thank you for the ticket to Brazil” trophy, for our results that got them invited to the big dance? #dontletemforget

  32. biff says:

    Disappointed that Mike Magee, the MLS MVP and the man Robbie Keane has touted as a potential US international, did not get called up. This roster should be aimed directly at WC 2014 beginning in June in Brazil, not WC 2018 in Russia. Magee’s offensive capabilities and maturity and experience could be an asset this summer in Brazil. Why would Klinsmann not have called him in? Didn’t impress in training camp in January? Bad chemistry? Weak stomach?

    • Duke says:

      Maybe attitude? He strikes me as a player that is very full of himself but I really don’t know

    • quozzel says:

      He’s your prototypical “moneyball” player…all the production in the world on the field but doesn’t rate among the “elite” because it’s not obvious how he does it. He’s small, lacks speed, and doesn’t flash any kind of amazing technical ability, and he looks a bit…clumsy, at times on top of all that.

      But all he does is break scoreboards and you can play him on the wing or up top.

      Dunno if I’d take him to the World Cup either…but for durn sure he’d be one of the first guys I’d call if I was building an MLS team and had one eye on a tight salary cap. Billy Beane would love this guy.

  33. Duke says:

    Hmmm somehow I thought he would bring in Juan for this. I can’t see wasting a spot on Wondo who has no chance of going.

    My list of wasted picks …. from the back are

    Beasley, Evans, Orozco

    Davis, Edu (doing nothing)

    EJ, Wondo

    All of these guys are known entities and all are not good enough. Giving them more minutes won’t change anything

    I guess its a closed book for Torres, Benny, Corona and Herc

    • John says:

      Utrecht has a match that day

    • B says:

      Herc and Corona couldn’t be called in because TJ has a game that night.

    • Jesse D says:

      Once again, your feeling for personnel decisions is awful. Perhaps you could go work for the Packers? A little sabotage there could help.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Wow. So much fail in one post.

      Orozco is our #4 CB right now, as we have NOBODY with experience that can still cut it behind Besler, Gonzo and Goodson. We also need Cameron at RB.

      Beasley is the #2 LB behind Fabian. Maybe #1 if Klinsmann decides to play Johnson in the midfield.

      Agudelo is a Euro-based player and wouldn’t have been released for a NON-FIFA DATE friendly anyway.

      Edu is coming out of the gates for Philly hot, and he’s always been a talented player who happened to hit a career slump right around the time WCQ started. Putting pressure on Beckerman can only be good.

      Wondo’s got 6 goals for the USMNT in the last year. Don’t give me any of that “easy opponents” BS, because who else has scored 6 since last June?

      EJ’s not my favorite, but he’s one of the few pool FWDs with the pace to go at international defenders. He’s also probably the best FWD in the pool with his head.

      Torres is injured.

      Corona and Herc have a game that night for their club team, i.e. their employer.

  34. Ryan in NYC says:

    Absolutely criminal Benny was left off of this roster. He’s in tremendous form right now and one of the few creative midfield options we have in our pool. This is a head-scratcher. SMH

  35. jaime says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that Benny is there. He’s has demonstrated in the past weeks that he’s the best player in Kansas

  36. Colt says:

    I know JK won’t, but I would start:
    Gk: Rimando
    RB: Yedlin-If Evans starts at RB in Brazil, we are in trouble
    CB: Besler
    CB: Orozco-OG’s has too many lapses in concentration to depend on against GER and POR
    LB: Parkhurst-Need to see what he can do against a higher class of an opponent
    LM: Green-Opportunity to prove he deserves to go to Brazil
    CM: Bradley
    CM: Edu-we know what beck can do; Edu has too much quality not to be given a real chance
    RM: Zusi
    CAM: Donovan-Always thought he was better as a withdrawn forward than an out and out winger
    ST: Johnson-not a huge fan; think Boyd and agudelo are ahead of him. His chance to prove he deserves to go to Brazil. And let’s be honest, he’s better than Wondo.

    • Colt says:

      Would have liked to see Benny instead of edu and Magee instead of johnson or davis

    • Hogatroge says:

      All signs point to JK finally realizing Cameron is far and away our best RB.

      My big worry, though, is that JK shifts Fabian Johnson to LM and brings 3 other fullbacks in addition to Cameron. Mainly, that one of those 3 is Evans.

      Beasley can back up FJ @ LB. Parkhurst can back up Cameron (or FJ). No need for Evans, especially given his recent form for the Nats.

  37. Expat4455 says:

    Just did a little research. I really like this 20 yr. old DeAndre Yedlin. I think he will go to Brazil and might even be a starter. A small item about him caught my eye, At age 11 or 12 a coach said he is an offensive player, and so on……………….”and he can run all day” There is a player for Bayern, Philipp Lahm I think, that has the nick-name 4 lung.

    And I can tell you one thing, never before, in the history of U.S. soccer, have I ever seen this much interest.

    • John says:

      He’s great getting forward, and hits a nice cross. The worry about him is positioning, defending and reading the game. Hopefully he gets some minutes in this match though.

      • Expat4455 says:

        Oh yeah John, I do too. But I believe we are seeing the beginning of a new era in U.S./World Cup soccer. And no, I will not, can not, give all the credit to Klinsi.

    • Jesse D says:

      come on Expat, your sarcastic/bating comments are getting old. We know you don’t believe this stuff

      • Expat4455 says:

        u are so wrong Jesse. not sarcastic at all. I do like Yedlin a lot.

        Why u so upset? Is it because I predicted a month ago that Julian Green will declare for the U.S. in time for Brazil?

        Or is it something else.

    • solles says:

      far too raw for me

  38. Bac says:

    1. Disappointed at Bennies exclusion, tells me JK will stick with the 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2, and he’s just too far down the line behind: Deuce, Donovan, Mix, Green(?).. he’s not a DM
    2. Inclusion of Yedlin as a 3rd RB in camp tells me
    – JK is nervous about Evans (that’s good)
    – JK is nervous about the CBs and still may be considering Cam in the middle (that’s not good)
    3. Wish Garza could have gotten a chance for a camp
    4. Regarding Greens playing time, I bet he gets at least a half- I wouldn’t be surprised if he even starts. JK has a short window to evaluate him, he’s seen everyone else

    • Hogatroge says:

      I think simply due to the timing of his career, Garza won’t be in the mix until after the WC.

      He simply wasn’t getting significant minutes for TJ until the last Clausura season, and he still isn’t a full time starter for them. He looked good in CCL, though, and now that MLS teams are out we’ve gotta pull for the Yanks at Tijuana to win it all.

      • Bac says:

        Probably right, and most of us fans would probably be ok with that if we knew for sure that JK was committed to Fabian at LB.. but we don’t have his crystal ball… and other than Green, if there is a guy out there at least worth the risk of the 30 man roster.. I’d say it’s Garza
        I mean.. more than most- the guy just passes the eye test…

    • beachbum says:

      agree with all of this Bac. Saw Garza play live an was impressed, looking forward to finally seeing Green play

  39. Expat4455 says:

    With the way the stars overhead are aliening and from how my crystal ball is acting up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Klinsi play a false 9 in Brazil.

  40. Bac says:

    Just saw the twitter pic from ESPN- screenshot of JK interview
    Whiteboard in the backgroud
    Forward: Wondo/Eddie/Will (obviously Bruin didnt get called in)
    CAM: Clint/Landon
    LW: Julian………. Just Julian… no other names.. just Julian..

    Let the rumors begin

    • John says:


    • Increase0 says:

      But there also isn’t a RW. It’s clearly not finished or Klinsman is going with 3 strikers, 2 attacking mids, and 1 left wing. But he is totally gunna play him. Its a matter of how much and when.

      • Bac says:

        Just looked to me like the picture was cut off right there. I’m pretty sure he’s starting with the 4-2-3-1
        The question is, what does it say on the right wing…
        Just Zusi?
        Maybe it says Altidore since Poyet played him wide right in the first half today????? j/k

    • Hogatroge says:

      Well, to be fair, you can’t see if there’s a name ABOVE Julian since it’s cut off.

      I doubt he starts, but I bet he’ll see at least 30 minutes in the 2nd half.

  41. Expat4455 says:

    I really have a good feeling about our chances now. I believed Green would declare in time for the 3 send-offs, but for the Mexico one, it was a pleasant surprise. My only concern is Dempsey, he is acting like a petulant spoiled brat, but, as a poster here brought to my attention, we do have a very very good player with the courage and rep to take control. Tim Howard.

    Tim is just what we need at this point in time, he wants to win, he has Everton in the running to finish 4th, and he knows, as most good goal keepers know, what it takes to win. I believe, with Julian Green now in the mix, Tim Howard will do everything he can to get his team prepared. And that means taking care of deuce and Klinsi too, for that matter..

    • John says:

      If I’m Klinsmann I just go to Howard and ask him, who do you trust and want as the center backs in front of you. In all honesty we have a group of players with little difference between them. I think who he feels he can communicate with and organize best will end up being what’s most important.

      • Expat4455 says:

        I totally agree with you John, about the center backs. But I would go further, Tim also knows we need offense. And I believe he will help us there too.

  42. Shawn says:

    best lineup for Possession


    Green——– Donavon———Zusi



  43. beachbum says:

    Landon as the supersub possibly…saw the discussion up top but missed it just now scrolling thru.

    anyway, could be a great role if he can make the adjustment to coming off the bench and impacting the game immediately both with tactics from the bench and self-initiative on the field. I think he can do it, knew he would for the USMNT at some point. is that point now? we will see but I still think he starts and should

    let’s see if he can win that starting spot and keep the others back for one more cycle or not. I just hope to see him optimally utilized like the others, whatever that is (not a lone striker formation :))

  44. ZZtoppppp says:

    What I think we see:


    What I’d like to see:

  45. Chris says:

    not a huge problem with the side, would have brought in klute or sinovic instead of yedlin, and might have brought in someone else like dax mccarty, my 11


    I definately would like to see orozco, green and EJ off the bench. Also id like to see evans gets like 20 min playing as a natural cm.

    • Shawn says:

      the problem with this lineup(also mostly likely lineup to be used) is that there will be almost no chances created. You might see an occasional cross.

    • Fredo says:

      I’d like to see that lineup. Plus, see Green come in at half. This lineup will create chances. It should be good in quick transition with Beckerman getting balls up to Landon and Duece through the midfield.

  46. Tim F. says:

    I felt Torres deserved to be on the roster.

  47. ThatKidNandez says:

    I can totally see a Cameron- Gonzo pairing at the WC. Goodson has played better than Besler in for the USMNT. I can see Goodson challenging Gonzo for the starting spot. Also I can see yedlin beating out evans and parkhurst for the spot. If Chandler gets healthy in time I can see this as the backline at WC.

    Fab J———-Gonzalez/Goodson————Cameron—————–Chandler.

    • Dave80 says:

      What is it about Cameron’s partners in the back in his English team that makes him effective there that we don’t see in USMNT?

  48. beachbum says:

    350 posts! awesome

  49. Joe says:

    Does anyone think Danny Williams will make the 23 for Brazil over Kyle Beckerman?

    Also, does anyone think Feilhaber sneaks on the plane for Brazil somehow?

    • Bac says:

      I don’t think Danny makes it over Beckerman, but possibly in addition him. I think he brings 4 pure holding mids, MB, JJ, Beckerman, and a 4th. Mix might be in that group, I think he’s the only tweener and considering our group I think he wants 4 pure holding mids. The 4th could be Danny or Edu , Sasha may be out. I think Benny is out.

  50. Joe says:

    Chandler certainly has fallen off the wagon. What a difference a couple years makes.

  51. RBNY says:

    Why Wondo over Magee though??