Must-See Goal: Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo Juventus (Getty Images)

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14 Responses to Must-See Goal: Andrea Pirlo

  1. TADevil says:


  2. michael f. sbi Mafia Original says:

    How players like he and Giggs (see yesterday’s game vs. Olympiakos) keep it going and with such pure class is truly a joy to watch.

  3. Ali Dia says:

    Filthy, nasty, disgusting hit. Love it.

  4. Chris says:

    Damn it! Wanted Fio to win.

  5. Will-SBI says:

    Nothing special or “must-see” here. Hit the ball with a fairly straight trajectory. Oooo, it was in the upper corner. Big deal.

    • Bongwater says:

      Sorry if it didn’t have a knuckle or bobble. Hitting a ball so that it flutters and swerves and even you had no idea where it was really going is a pretty cool thing, and admittedly a very difficult technique that few are able to perform with any accuracy at all. Didn’t bend much either really, come to think of it.

      But you are missing the subtlety, and Pirlo is too close in and too central for that approach anyway. This is a cat-and-mouse game with the keeper, and what makes this goal is how well Pirlo disguises his intent… the keeper is clearly daring Pirlo to put it up-and-over at the left-hand post, as indicated by his positioning and his placement of his wall. And even as Pirlo hits it, the keeper’s balance shows that is clearly what he believes he is doing. But he reads it a split second late, and Pirlo hits it was such sting and accuracy that he beats him at the opposite post with some ease, even though he had barely left two yards to cover.

      An excellent strike from one of the best in the business, and all the better because it decided the tie, with Juve needing a goal or facing elimination late on in the match.

      • Will-SBI says:

        This is fair. Noted…!

      • Jayrod1111 says:

        Well said….Sublime from the legend….Forza Juve!!!!!

      • Todd T. says:

        Okay I wish there was another angle for this to see what kind of movement was on the ball. If the keeper was daring him to hit it to his(the keeper’s) left then he is an idiot. I appreciate the idea of cat and mouse and I do not deny that Pirlo is nothing but pure class…having said this the keeper made Pirlo’s mind up for him. You are right he(Pirlo) is too close and too central to bend a ball with significant pace up and over the wall. So he(the keeper) should have picked his line and covered the left post with the wall and force Pirlo to make a more difficult shot with a big bend to beat him…or move the wall more left and make Pirlo hit it with the outside of the right foot into the right corner….or force him to hit it with his left foot.

        That’s why I would want another angle. To me it looks more like Pavlov’s dog…Pirlo saw that the wall gave him and angle…he was drooling in anticipation then stroked a beautiful shot.

        • Bongwater says:

          No I meant he was daring him get it up-and-down to the left post from Pirlo’s perspective (keeper’s right) His mistake in my view was that this was also the position he intended to cover — He rightfully respected Pirlo’s ability but in so doing exposed the opposite post entirely. Pirlo sold him that he was going to do what he had expected, and by the time he realized he had misread it, it was far too late.

          I agree though, the keeper should have played the whole thing rather differently, but he’s hardly alone in being sliced open by Pirlo.

  6. argh says:

    Good goal by 1 of the best midfielders of the past 20 years but
    I’m spoiled by Lionel Messi.

    only he is truly capable of
    “must see goal”

  7. NASL to El Paso tx says:

    MLS just bring him to red bull or nycfc or should I say LA.
    Something needs to happen in LA, they look terrible and that’s not god for MLS.
    For example, ronaldinho is on deck, and MLS can’t bring him to red bull or galaxy or even Chicago.

  8. Horsewhistle says:

    I love the Dos XX man more every year.
    Stay classy.