Johannsson on target for 25th goal of season in Europa League win

Aron Johannsson AZ 2 (Getty Images)


Aron Johannsson has moved one step closer to making history, and AZ Alkmaar have benefitted as a result.

Coming off a two-goal performance over the weekend, Johannsson scored his 25th of the season across all competitions in a 1-0 victory over Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala in the opening leg of their Europa League Round of 16 series on Thursday.

The U.S. Men’s National Team striker knocked in the winner in somewhat fortuitous fashion, hitting a 29th-minute penalty kick that Anzhi goalkeeper Mikhail Kerzhakov got his hands on but couldn’t keep out of goal.

The tally gives AZ the advantage going into the decisive leg of the series in Russia on March 20 and puts Johannsson just six goals away from tying the foreign-based American scoring record set by Jozy Altidore last season.

Here is Johannsson’s goal:


What do you think of Johannsson’s latest goal? Do you see him breaking Altidore’s record from a season ago? Think Johannsson is deserving of a starting spot on the USMNT?

Share your thoughts below.

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34 Responses to Johannsson on target for 25th goal of season in Europa League win

  1. USMNT Fan says:

    I hope Donovan has the responsibility of taking free kicks in the World Cup.

  2. Hobo says:

    Has to be Donovan, even though hes missed a couple here and there, still our best choice. I wouldn’t trust Dempsey, Jozy or Johannsson.

  3. Who has most goals this seasom across all competions?
    Cearly Johannsson.

    • John says:

      What’s the top 5?
      Johannsson : 25
      Boyd: 14
      Kljestan: 9
      Bedoya: 3
      Altidore: 2
      Did I miss anyone?

      • frank from santiago says:

        and top 5 leagues with same players?
        2…Johannsson..3 steps lower..Eredivisie
        3…Bedoya…3 steps lower..Ligue 1
        4…Kljestan…6 steps lower..Pro League
        5…Boyd..7/8 stps lower..Austrian Football Bundesliga

        with all the troubles that altidore has been having, He’s still my #1 for the WC. No one else is playing/training in the same level. I understand that as long as you’re playing you have a chance, but nothing beats being in the highest level possible.

        • John says:

          Some of those league rankings might be up for debate but some of those totals are international competitions as well

          Kljestan, 1 Champions league goal
          Boyd 5 Europa league goals
          Johannsson 2 Europa league goals

        • John says:

          Also I wasn’t trying to make any kind of point of who should or shouldn’t start, just looking at the numbers

        • GW says:


          2014 UEFA rankings of the leagues by country
          1, Spain
          2, England
          3, Germany
          4, Italy
          5, Portugal
          6, France
          7, Russia
          8, Netherlands
          9, Ukraine
          10, Belgium
          11, Turkey
          12, Greece
          13, Switzerland
          14, Austria
          15, Czech Republic

        • Dirk McQuigley says:

          Ligue 1 is better than the Eredivisie. PSG is one of the top sides in Europe. French teams have done better in the UCL than Dutch teams in the past five years. There are weak teams in both leagues but the top five teams in Ligue 1 are better than the top five in the Eredivisie.

  4. Rory says:

    But could AJ score as many goals in the EPL as Jozy?

  5. Bac says:

    This headline is getting old….
    “Aron Johannsson scores ____ goal of the season for AZ”

    From now on it should be followed by…..
    “Aron Johannsson scores____ goal of the season for AZ, (SBI reader fill in the blank)”

    • MJ says:

      I don’t get it

      • AMPhibian says:

        you aren’t alone

      • Bac says:

        My bad guys, just trying to make a funny
        Since AJ is the only one scoring, hence the ” This headline is getting old” attempt at sarcasm
        Meant to see what people would write to fill in the blank & add to the headline.. such as:
        “Klinsmann now reviewing his youtube video” or
        “Jozy Altidore reaches out to AJ.. borrows lucky boots”

        Just some light humor on an otherwise scary topic ahead of Brazil…as in he’s the only one scoring…

        I’ll take my medicine like a man…..MY FAIL…..

        • GW says:

          “Just some light humor on an otherwise scary topic ahead of Brazil…as in he’s the only one scoring…”

          That just means when the US gets to Brazil they have nowhere to go but up.

  6. Ryan from NC in NYC says:

    The more and more this dude scores, the more he needs to be in the starting 11 in June. But the question is… who sits? Assuming MB90 and JJ are starting in the middle, it leaves Demps, Jozy, LD and Zusi (Bedoya).

    Ideally wouldn’t we wanna see AJ paired w/ Jozy up top? I would. But would JK wanna move Clint to the wing and replace Zusi (or Landon)? I don’t think so… but for AJ to start, either that’s got to happen or he replaces Jozy or Clint outright. Thoughts?

    • AcidBurn says:

      AJ is Klinsy’s rope a dope option. He’ll start in the 4-2-3-1 with Jozy up top, hope to keep the game scoreless, then bring on AJ and switch to 4-4-2 in the 75th minute or so to go for the win.

    • John says:

      I think a lot of thing will have to be figured out in the build up matches

  7. USfan123 says:

    Let Klinsmann do the math. I guess whatever discussion or criticize on Demps’ performances, he will be in JK formula. No doubt, with Demps USA will play 3 beautiful games then watch others.

  8. Rob Jones says:

    The Dutch league is terrible these days.

    • John says:

      Well he was actually playing a Russian team

      • Rob Jones says:

        Still, the Dutch league is terrible now.

        • RPH says:

          And the Russian team in question is actually at the bottom of the table in their league. They’re in the Europa on the strength of last year’s second place league finish . . . before Eto and everybody else abandoned ship.

        • Jamie Z. says:

          [Translation: I’m not here to be any kind of reasonable; I’m here to gripe.]

          • Nate says:

            Is it more difficult to score penalties against Russian as opposed to Dutch teams?

            • Gerard D. says:

              Who knows, but that’s kind of beside the point.

              The comment about the Dutch league being terrible in regards to Johannsson scoring against a Russian side was clearly ignorant and just trying to gripe.