Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

Manchester derby (Getty Images)


The upcoming weekend will not be the only time this week to view some worthwhile soccer.

Several interesting matches are on tap for a busy Tuesday slate of action, one that includes a highly-anticipated Manchester derby. Manchester United and Manchester City will square off at Old Trafford in a match that has serious implications for both. City, the favorites in this one, could use the full three points as they attempt to stay in the Premier League title picture while United need a victory to move closer to regaining a place in next season’s European competitions.

From an Americans Abroad perspective, there are plenty of games with intrigue. John Brook is set to start for Hertha Berlin again as they try to avoid becoming the side that Bayern Munich clinches the Bundesliga title against, and Tim Howard should also be in action as Everton try to further solidify their place in Europe.

If you will be watching any of today’s matches, please feel free to leave some play-by-play, analysis and thoughts in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Full TV schedule after the jump).

3pm – Hertha Berlin vs. Bayern Munich – GolTV

3pm – Malaga vs. Espanyol – BeIN Sports Espanol

3:45pm – Manchester United vs. Manchester City – NBCSN/NBC Sports Live Extra

3:45pm – Arsenal vs. Swansea City – DirecTV/NBC Sports Live Extra

3:45pm – Newcastle United vs. Everton – DirecTV

3:45pm – Roma vs. Torino – BeIN Sports

5pm – Elche vs. Atletico Bilbao – BeIN Sports Espanol

7:30pm – Zamora vs. Nacional Asuncion – Fox Deportes

10pm – Santos Laguna vs. Penarol – Fox Deportes

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32 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Nate Dollars says:

    ugh, can’t believe i’m rooting for a man u win. just really want them to be in the europa league, and for liverpool to win the league.

    • ARGH says:

      same here or at the very least

      they both draw 0-0

      want Liverpool to win the league and Everton in the Europa League. Screw United

      • Nate Dollars says:

        oh, hell yes, screw united. i want them in europa so that they have schedule congestion next year with little reward, and, more importantly, so they have a (poor) reason to keep moyes around for a long long time.

    • ARGH says:

      same here or at the very least

      they both draw 0-0. ok

      want Liverpool to win the league and Everton in the Europa League. Screw United

      • biff says:

        no. Not Europea league. Everton with Timmy Howard in Champions League. If Everton holds on to the lead against Newcastle, then will be in fifth place five points behind a rapidly faltering Arsenal.

  2. ryryry says:

    JAB starting for Hertha Berlin. Somewhat at fault for the goal. 1-0 Bayern.

  3. ManicMessiah says:

    I can’t believe Kagawa is on the bench again and Cleverly is starting. Oh, no that’s right, I absolutely can. Silly Moyes.

    Oh well, instead I’ll be watching Newcastle play another meaningless game in a string of meaningless games.

  4. ARGH says:

    Cherundolo has retired. 15 years at Hannover. 302 Bundesliga matches. I believe over 400 altogether.

    In today’s world, that’s pretty unexpected from a local/native player, almost impossible for a foreign player and yet Cherundolo has accomplished it.

    can we give the man some praise?

  5. if you asking says:

    I love Match of the Day on NBC SPORTS. They really are entertaining and so insightful. Much more than their equivalent on FOX SPORTS.

    Love to see McBride move to NBC SPORTS

  6. Ralph says:

    Haha that was terrible defense from United. One of the fastest goals ever for City.

  7. reignman says:

    Arsenal have to find a way to win this game, giving up an early goal against run of play won’t help matters.

  8. Ralph says:

    Straight thug behavior from Welbeck. He and Rooney specialize in it.

  9. John says:

    Wilfried Bony has transitioned out of the Eredivisie pretty well with his 20th for Swansea across all competitions

  10. reignman says:

    I really wonder what Rosicky’s career would have been like if not for injuries, he has been really good for Arsenal the last year or two. Crazy to think he’s 33 already

  11. biff says:

    I ran across a story today about Michael Bradley against DC United shoving a ref down flat on his you-know-what. A video of the event in this news article if you scroll down. Pretty funny.

    link to

  12. Ralph says:

    How does Fellaini stay on the pitch? Seriously? That was assault off the pitch.

    This entire Unites team is filled with cheap shot artists.

  13. xmen says:

    why do full internationals join Man City?

    I mean i understand the $$$ but you play like 25 matches a season and could lose your starting spot with your NT unless you’re Vincent Kompany

  14. Ralph says:

    Wayne Rooney magically escapes a yellow after a scissor tackle from behind missing the ball.

  15. Jack Del says:

    Have no idea how Fellaini is still on the field. That was criminal.

    Major bias on consistency of calls at the moment. No yellow for Rooney for his scissor tackle from behind either.

    City fans and players rightfully upset.

  16. John says:

    Well that’s it Bayern wins the league with 7 matches left in the season

  17. reignman says:

    Incredibly unlucky own goal costs Arsenal the win, although its hard to say a win was deserved, they were highly mediocre throughout. It would appear that the team has lost all steam, the injuries have finally caught up to them.

  18. ManicMessiah says:

    Well, after watching Everton thoroughly beat Newcastle, I can’t tell whether the bigger indictment against Moyes is how poorly Man United are playing under him, or how well Everton are doing without him.

    • John says:

      Everton only need 6 points with 8 left to reach last years total. I believe they are also just 8 points from there highest total in the Premier league era