Report: Chandler not expected to make Nurnberg return this season

Timmy Chandler Nurnberg 2 (Getty Images)


Timmy Chandler’s season might be over, and so too could his dreams of playing in the 2014 World Cup.

According to a German report, FC Nurnberg head coach Gertjan Verbeek has said it is likely Chandler will miss the remainder of the current campaign and not return in the near future as had previously been expected.

Chandler is recovering from a torn left meniscus suffered in early February and was expected to make a recovery before the end of the season. That apparently will not happen anymore, which dwindles Chandler’s chances of making a late push to earn a spot on the U.S. Men’s National Team that will head to Brazil for the World Cup this summer.

If Chandler’s season is indeed over, the soon-to-be 24-year-old right back finishes the campaign with 17 starts in 19 league appearances and a goal. His absence would also further deplete the U.S.’s right back pool just three months ahead of this summer’s marquee tournament.

Nurnberg are currently out of the Bundesliga relegation zone, but are clear by just a single point. The club hosts Eintracht Frankfurt this Sunday.


What do you think of Chandler likely being out for the rest of the season? Really worried about the USMNT’s right back situation right now? Who should start at right back at the World Cup for the U.S.?

Share your thoughts below.

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71 Responses to Report: Chandler not expected to make Nurnberg return this season

  1. Vic says:

    When is Lichaj coming back?

    • Razak Pinpong says:

      Was hoping Chandler or Lichaj would be fit in time for pre Brazil camp.Those two are better options than Beas at LB if JK is determined to play FJ at LM.Another option is Greg Garza, he could be one of those that come out of nowhere.

      • Eric W says:

        After watching Tijuana last night, I’m feeling the same thing about Garza. He’s a competitor.

        • Joamiq says:

          I like Garza, but starting a LB that inexperienced at the World Cup is just asking for trouble.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Better options than Beasley? As a former back Beasley is one of the few usual suspect backs who has speed to stay with his marks, positions well, and tackles hard.

        Chandler played well initially and just kind of disappeared off the call sheet for whatever reason. To the extent it was a commitment issue, let’s be real, the coach can say I know what x, y, and z can do, but you’ve neither played with us consistently nor had time to gel on and off the field. I think he’s out for both injury and locker room reasons. He’ll have another 4 years to show commitment to the next cycle. He’s blown this one.

        Lichaj looked a nervous wreck last callin and would be working back to fitness and form. I liked him years back but have not seen that form for us since.

        FWIW, I think the premise is off here, LB is the healthiest spot. CB is poor and RB is inconsistent. You don’t strengthen the side by playing with the most solid spot. Beasley is a good LB.

      • Gary Page says:

        I don’t think Chandler’s absence or presence would affect DMB one bit. I think what this definitely means is that Brad Evans can count on definitely going unless he gets hurt, too. Evans was pretty certain beforehand, now he would seem to be a lock.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Last night’s CCL match is the first I saw of Garza, but he looked solid.

        Additionally, he seems to have claimed the starting role at LB for Tijuana, which is also a good sign.

  2. Expat4455 says:

    As most of you know, I like Timothy Chandler a lot and thought if healthy he could greatly help the USMNT in Brazil. But it is important that he fully recovers from this serious injury. Good luck for next season in the Bundesliga Timothy.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      The shame of it all is this was gift wrapped. I felt at the time he was showing up that Chandler was misused on the left and needed to go back on his natural foot. That Dolo was falling apart and it was foolish to favor him over the upstart, moving the upstart. If you view the subsequent non-callups as stemming from cynical excuses he gave for not participating based on being used as a LB, he would have been about to have a RB opening if he’d just waited.

      But then maybe he doesn’t want to fly, etc. But here in Houston we are familiar with a hoopster Royce White who blew up his NBA career at the outset by refusing to fly.

      • Gary Page says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the last time Chandler played for the US was In Honduras at right back? He was awful in that game. I don’t know what you’re talking about when you are talking about him playing on the left.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Chandler had one bad showing for the US after several previous solid showings. This coincided with a dip in his club form.

          There were issues with his club releasing him and there were questions about his commitment, but LET’S NOT FORGET that he allowed himself to be CAP TIED to the US.

          Klinsmann even stated (unambiguously) that not calling Chandler up throughout the Hex was due to his form, NOT refusal to come to camp. During his freeze out from the USMNT, Chandler even stated to German media that he was hopeful he could work back into the USMNT setup.

          If he had been healthy a few weeks ago, he would have been starting at LB against Ukraine.

  3. JayAre says:

    He fakes injuries to get out playing for the usmnt then he gets hurt right before the main tournament he wanted to play in.

    • Increase0 says:

      Karma maaaann

    • Hogatroge says:

      Karma? The dude allowed himself to be cap tied in the 1st match of the Hex. Yeah, he played poorly, but he had previously shown well. I’m sure he expected more call ups, even though JK stated he wasn’t called up due to poor form. The guy explicitly stated near the end of the Hex (after he got off the bench at Nurnberg) that he wanted to be called back up, but the call didn’t come until he was injured.

      In retrospect, you can’t fault him too much for waiting until the Hex to commit. If the USMNT hadn’t managed to MAKE the Hex, do you really think he would feel great about committing to a team that wasn’t going to the WC in a relatively weak confederation?

  4. El Homer Simpson says:

    I wonder if Yedlin may get a look against Mexico. I know they are more looking at 2018 for him, but for some reason, I see him as a darkhorse with a good chance.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      I agree that this means Yedlin will get the call for the Mexico match (even if he stays on the bench). I still don’t think he goes to Brazil.

      • Vic says:

        Would rather have Cameron, Parkhurst or Evans start of Yedlin.

        • shawn says:

          sorry but other than lichaj (not including fj playing rb) yedlin is a better option at the moment

          • shawn says:

            Cameron is clear starter btw

          • Broadsthooligabs says:

            Sure Dolo and Chandler. But you have Lichaj ahead of Cameron?

          • Gary Page says:

            Based on what? Yedlin has one year in MLS, Parkhurst has played in Europe, in the Champions League and many times for the US national team.

            • jb says:

              Agreed. JK’s RB chart goes Cameron, Parkhurst, Evans, Fiscal. Those four have either played in games of the highest level, been through the WCQ grind, or both. Love Yedlin’s potential but he is not ready yet.

              • jb says:

                Fwiw, I’m not saying that’s a list that should inspire awe. And with possible exception of Cameron, I fully expect Portugal and Germany to badly and consistently abuse us on that flank. But they are the best we’ve got.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Cameron won’t make the trip since it’s not a FIFA date.

          Parkhurst > Evans

          Honestly, Kofi Sarkodie’s probably the best uncapped player who ought to get a look.

    • TBone says:

      God help us if Yedlin gets anywhere near the pitch in Brazil. His positional sense is poor as is his tackling which causes him to pick up senseless fouls. While he has above average pace, he isn’t as fast as people think. He’s not even the best American right back in MLS. The only people think that he should get a shot are delusional Seattle customers.

  5. MLSsnob says:

    No dolo no chandler, our right back situation is not great…

    • Madaoua05 says:

      Amazing how circumstances change so quickly. Just a year ago, we had a plethora of RB options. Now the pickings are slim.

    • Hogatroge says:

      Parkhurst is the backup for Brazil. He’s capable enough. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

  6. Arthur says:

    Until I read this, I would have bet money that he was still in the 23, based solely on our options.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      No way, just like Boca disappeared. The coach needed to be proactive because cutting him like Boca would have caused an uproar.

  7. Jay in Florida says:

    Cherundolo retires, Chandler out for the rest of the season and Lichaj out for the rest of the season. Maybe Jurgen knew something we didn’t as to why he continued to call up guys like Evans, Parkhurst and Cameron instead of the Chandler and Lichaj.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      you mean jurgen knew that chandler and lichaj would get injured right before the world cup? that’s a new one.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        Or maybe JK just knew that injuries happen so he experimented with a lot of players.

      • Jay in Florida says:

        I was joking of course, but the irony of all of whom most thought were the top right backs in our pool would be unavailable 3 months before the world cup and JK in the eyes of many continued to ignore Chandler and Lichaj and now they are both unavailable. Had they both been heavy contributors we’d all be freaking out at three guys (Cherundolo included) missing the world cup but JK has barely used any of them in the last year or so.

    • Vic says:

      Come to think of it Chandler and Lichaj are technically sound players that take people on and those type of players get injured alot more often. Cameron and Parkhurst are good defenders but don’t do much going forward. Evans goes forward but is ineffective so why would anyone want to tackle him.

    • BrianSD says:

      Lichaj isn’t out for the season. That hasn’t been determined yet.

  8. Vic says:

    Would like to see Chandler or Lichaj at RB, however Cameron and Evans are adequate.

  9. Tony says:

    With these injuries, I thnk this means we’d see more of Zusi and Bedoya (Green . . . . ?) on the wings, assuming we need FJ to start at one of the fullback spots. There’s a lineup that still has Cameron and Beasley in the back, with FJ and Landon on the wings, I suppose.

    I don’t know enough about matchups with the other teams (other than CR7 will torch whoever we have out there), so I’m not sure what’s really best.

    • Broadsthooligabs says:

      Schurrle and Gyan will also pretty much burn whoever we put out there. Johnson Dolo Chandler and Cameron could all defend them well enough on a good day but only one is left.

  10. Bac says:

    Well all today’s news on Chandler & Dolo does is remove the speculation of a late miracle addition, and with the news on Lichaj last week & Castillos recent outing.. the pool is now at the healthy players we’ve seen…
    Except for maybe one?
    Could Garza be the dark horse out of nowhere ? Dead serious
    The few times I’ve seen him play he passes the eye test, he looks the part- strong, fast, great touch and vision… and a lefty.. he looks the part
    Considering FabJo with his versatility can play either outside back spot, Cam playing well at RB, Green just got added to the mix….
    Does Garza warrant a call up vs Mexico and serious consideration?

    • Michael says:

      Garza will be unavailable for Mexico friendly as a result of the Xolos win over Galaxy in CONCACAF Champions League play.

      • away goals says:

        What’s the conflict there? And would it apply to skc (besler, zusi, benny) if they advance?

        • Eric says:

          It’s not an official FIFA international date, so Tijuana would be under no obligation to release him to the USMNT. Same for SKC and their USMNT trio.

    • Gary Page says:

      It’s only very recently that Garza has been a starter for Xolos. Last year , when he played, it usually was a substitute in the last 10 minutes. It amazes me how people want to push raw, untested players onto the national team without knowing anything about their experience or ability. Garza has very little experience, it would be a real gamble to take him to the WC. Remember how people were getting all excited about Brooks? Ukraine exposed his weaknesses and lack of experience at high levels.

      • Bac says:

        That’s why I asked if he was worth the look… wondering if he could get called in to the Mexico game. I haven’t seen him play much but he sure looks the part

  11. TJ says:

    That’s tragic. This guy was going to win us a World Cup
    No problem. We now have Julian Green, righ?….right?

  12. Eric says:

    Hi, I’ve got a delivery of three months worth of bubble wrap for a Mr. Cameron…

  13. The Resurgence says:

    The US has seen stranger things happen so im not giving up on this one. USMNT was born to rage!

  14. cj says:

    I think Garza gets a call and he plays in the game some how. Maybe they do not call up Castillo since he went to Cyprus

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Castillo is awful. How often does this need to be re-proven? The pecking order perception needs to be adjusted to manifest reality every time he puts on the shirt. As well as Kljestan.

    • Hogatroge says:

      It wouldn’t hurt to call up and look at Garza. Yeah, he’s untested, but untested is better than tested and failed (Evans, Castillo).

      I’d also look at Sarkodie against Mexico, even if only to consider him an absolute emergency option.

  15. Dennis says:

    Sounds like the US is still thin at RB. Cameron and Evans (out ~ 1 week due to injury) look to be the leading candidates. After that FJ (who is needed at LB), Maybe Yedlin? I suppose you could say at LB we have 3, FJ, Beasley and Castillo, maybe that makes the RB situation look good by comparison but the whole back line for the US is still a question mark. Of the back line players I’ve seen recently, only Cameron and Besler have really impressed, but Yedlin did look good for a young kid, I would not be surprised to see him in Brazil as a backup.

    • away goals says:

      Parkhurst is probably a coin toss with evans for the back up right back spot. Ream might be in the discussion for left back, but probably enough cover with fabian and beasley.

      • Hogatroge says:

        Outside of Seattle fans, I think it’s pretty well considered that Parkhurst is higher on the pecking order than Evans based on the last 6 months of form and total overall experience.

        Castillo has to be done after an abysmal performance against Ukraine AND loss of PT for Tijuana.

        Barring additional injuries, I’d put money on our FBs in Brazil being:

        LB: Fabian, Beasley
        RB: Cameron, Parkhurst

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      The catch 22 on RB is there are only so many capped and regularly called candidates, none of whom has seized the spot with strong play. It’s like forward in South Africa, no one’s earning it but you’d have to step outside the regular pool to alter the mix, with no guarantees still.

  16. blokhin says:

    so, the only healthy right back who is actually getting playing time at RB is?

    Yedlin-one Camp Strudel int’l cap
    FJ- plays LB


  17. chuck says:

    Oh no and we lost AJ DelaGarza to Guam!

  18. bryan says:

    such a bummer! i want him to recovery fully though, he’s still young and will be a major part of the Gold Cup, WC qualifying, 2017 Confeds Cup (crossing my fingers) and the 2018 WC.

    • user222 says:

      Copa America 2016 (Centennial celebration to be played in USA, 10 south American teams plus 6 from CONCACAF)

  19. Roundhead says:

    What if Gooch continues his recent good play (I mean after Ukraine)? Suppose he continues a good run? wouldnt rule it out

    • Hogatroge says:

      As scary as it is, I’d put Gooch as the #5 CB (i.e. 1st choice alternate) for Brazil right now behind Gonzalez, Besler, Goodson, Orozco.

      Lack of RB depth means Cameron has to be our starting RB, taking him out of the CB equation.

      Honestly, though, Gooch was mediocre against Ukraine but not abysmal. I can think of one moment of horror (standing around during the 2nd goal), but aside from that, he was OK. Brooks caused most of the issues, BUT I suppose that Onyweu is partially to blame for the communication breakdown.

      • user222 says:

        Gooch makes every other CB look bad…

        Castillo stop playing on the first Ukraine goal… any other true outside back would’ve covered for Brooks who got caught too high up the line.

  20. Joe A. says:

    The reality is Evans will likely make the roster. Instead of opposing it (which I’ve done) lets hope he can be at his best and play like he did against germany.

  21. Herschel Skywalker says:

    Spector is going to beat out Brad Evans for the backup RB spot. He is better at that position and has more and better experience.

  22. Joeb says:

    What about Zach Loyd? He starts for FC Dallas. He was called up for a couple games a couple years ago. I thought he did well. He was even man on the match on his first cap. But, I haven’t seen his name thrown out there any.

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  24. Dan says:

    He can still get healthy enought to play in May tune up games and be ready for WC in June. He is best at right back for USMNT and JK needs to include him in 23 man final roster!