SBI MLS Save of the Week: Zac MacMath

Zac MacMath

Photo by Brad Smith/

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11 Responses to SBI MLS Save of the Week: Zac MacMath

  1. Dan says:

    seems more like a poor finish than a great save.

  2. Vik says:

    I thought Rimando’s save on Wondolowski’s header was pretty great.

  3. Birgit Calhoun says:

    Pure luck to save that one. There has to be some deliberateness to the goalie’s action. If hid had been up to the goalie, he shouldn’t have dived the way he did.

    • josh says:

      You are completely incorrect. MacMath tracked the cross and launched himself into as much of the space in front of Fagundez as he could. Fagundez’s shot hits MacMath because the keeper has filled the space intentionally. Just because he didn’t stop it with his hands doesn’t mean it wasn’t intentional.

      • Daniel in Chapel Hill says:

        I’d say you’re both partly correct. Fagundez’s shot hits MacMath because the keeper fills the space well AND because the shot isn’t very good. The middle road choice seems the most accurate here.

        • oldkeeper says:

          As a former keeper at a pretty high level, I can tell you that Daniel is right. Good job of MacMath to cover the angle correctly and make himself big. That’s really all a keeper can do in the situation. The piss poor finish certainly helps him.

  4. Bklyn says:

    Always cracks me up on these and other soccer boards the number of people who played soccer “at a pretty high level.” You just don’t hear that much with other sports for some reason.

    As an ice-hockey goalie who could have played for the Olympic team in an alternate universe, I have to say it was a terrible shot and a benefit of the weird compulsion for players sometimes to shoot directly at the big bright thing right in front of them.