Scorpions sign former MLS DP forward Hassli

Eric Hassli FC Dallas (AP)


Eric Hassli will be staying in Texas, after all. He just will not be with an MLS club.

The San Antonio Scorpions announced Tuesday that they have signed Hassli, 32, for the 2014 NASL season. Hassli, who recently parted ways with FC Dallas, reported to San Antonio on Tuesday and practiced with the club.

“Hassli is a landmark signing for our club,” said head coach Alen Marcina.  “Hassli has been a Designated Player in MLS, has playing experience in French and Swiss top leagues in addition to Champions League. This is one more step to position ourselves to achieve our objective of competing for a NASL championship.”

The veteran French forward, who stands at 6-foot-4, joined MLS when he signed as a DP with the Vancouver Whitecaps ahead of the 2011 season. His debut campaign was a productive one, but he struggled in 2012 and was traded to Toronto FC midway through the season.

After a subpar few months with the Reds, Toronto traded Hassli to FC Dallas during the 2013 preseason. Hassli made just four starts in 15 appearances for an FC Dallas side that struggled last year, and failed to find the back of the net.

Prior to arriving in MLS, Hassli spent several years in Europe. He has played for Southampton, Valenciennes, Swiss outfit FC Zurich and other clubs on the continent.

“Eric is a tremendous talent and is obviously a major acquisition for the Scorpions; there is no question we will be expecting a lot out of him this season as the building of our 2014 team nears completion,” said Scorpions president and general manager Howard Cornfield.  “Alen has done an outstanding job with the reconstruction of this team.”


What do you think of Hassli signing with the Scorpions? Surprised he couldn’t find a suitor in MLS? How good is San Antonio after the Hassli addition?

Share your thoughts below.

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24 Responses to Scorpions sign former MLS DP forward Hassli

  1. Bean says:

    The Scorpions play against the Dynamo on Thursday in Houston. I wonder if Hassli will play in that match. The match will be at HSP, and is free.

  2. Nic says:

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…

    • Soro says:

      His wife is a professional rodeo (rider?) and is based on Texas. He probably could have gone back to Europe but wanted to stay close to his new home. Best of luck to him.

      • Rex says:

        Agreed. He probably has some cash from his other deals, still likes to play the game, and that work visa is always nice.

      • DCLee says:

        +1 Good player in his time in MLS and had one of the best goals I’ve ever seen vs Seattle to tie that game!

  3. MLSatlanta says:

    Love seeing things like this. I think a strong NASL will only make the state of soccer in America that much better.

    • Atlanta (Silverbacks) Til I Die says:

      Yeah. We’ll enjoy beating your MLS club in the Open Cup in a few years.

      • MLSatlanta says:

        Dude.. I’m a huge Silverbacks fan but lets be real for a second.. When MLS inevitably comes to Atlanta, unless Arthur Blank buys the Silverbacks which and transforms them into his MLS team which is HIGHLY unlikely, the Silverbacks will lose most of their support outside of the absolute die hard fans.

        Its sad but true. I believe MLS in Atlanta is going to be something very special and its unfortunate that the Silverbacks will consequently suffer due to the arrival of an MLS team because they have, especially as of the past few years, done a tremendous amount for the benefit of soccer in Atlanta.

        • Atlanta (Silverbacks) Til I Die says:

          Nope. Fierce ATL rivalry on the way. Downtown club vs northside club. And you guys should knock off all this “we support ALL Atlanta soccer teams” stuff. Pick a side, it’s a lot more fun.

  4. Flagermunsen. says:

    Hassli is a good with the fans. He was one of the more accessible players when he was in Vancouver and the Whitecaps fans appreciated him. Hopefully he makes a strong connection with the SA area fans.

    • choch2727 says:

      Wow, that’s great to hear. We are big on players being accessible here in San Antonio. Our team has done a great job of getting to know our fans in the past, and they are looking to do an even better job of that this year. In that regard, Hassli will fit in well. Hopefully, he will fit in on the field too!

  5. Wood chip zip says:

    Hassli is awesome! Good for San Antonio. Well done Alamo city

  6. argh says:

    From DP to 3rd division US soccer in 3 years? WOW

  7. C C says:

    He has to be healthy enough to stay on the field. I wish he was for FCD… but he wasn’t.

  8. Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

    I Like HASSLI! I wish He could have stayed in Big D