The SBI Show: Episode 124 (Talking Julian Green’s decision, MLS crashing out of CCL, and more)

Julian Green


Julian Green’s decision to play for the U.S. Men’s National Team was easily the biggest story of the month in American soccer and it’s the lead topic in the newest episode of The SBI Show.

Episode 124 digs into Green’s decision to play for the USA, and what it can mean for the national team going forward.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss Steve Cherundolo’s retirement, and how it will impact the USMNT. We then dig into the MLS teams crashing out of the CONCACAF Champions League, and then preview the MLS Week three matches.

We also discuss the impressive UEFA Champions League quarterfinal draw, and much more.

Give Episode 124 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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34 Responses to The SBI Show: Episode 124 (Talking Julian Green’s decision, MLS crashing out of CCL, and more)

  1. Brendan Murphy says:

    The secrets out, I am John Doe. No all jokes aside great show. Listen to all the shows, the podcast is an integral part of the week. Big Fan

  2. Ron Konkoma says:

    Just in time! I was just about to declare the internet completely boring!

  3. AcidBurn says:

    Listening to Ives go on about how US-Mexico is can’t miss…thanks for scheduling it at 11 PM eastern time on a weeknight.

    Seriously? Guess USSF doesn’t care about the entire eastern half of the country tuning in…

  4. USMNT Fan says:

    BOOK IT!

    Howard Guzan Rimando

    Cameron Parkhurst
    Gonzalez Goodson
    Johnson Beasley

    Bedoya Zusi
    Jones Williams
    Bradley Diskerud
    Donovan Green

    Dempsey Johannsson

    Altidore Boyd Johnson

    • user222 says:

      95% correct…
      -Parkhurt over Evans… but Chandler/Lichaj is not decided yet…
      -Williams over Beckerman but race is getting tight…
      -Brooks over Goodson
      -Brek over Bedoya… Brek still has a chance..

      I’d take

      • Drew11 says:

        Parkhurst needs to show more. He was awful in the Korea match.

        • Ronniet says:

          No Parkhurst wasn’t, i think you’re referring to Evans looking out right horrible against Korea! Parkhurst played LB and while he didn’t do a lot getting forward he was key defending per usual! I’m calling it now, Ream and Parkhurst make the team going to Brazil and we may even see one of them start at LB for a game or two! Gonzalez is still too inconsistent for me and willing to bet that Fabian Johnson will slide in at RB, Cameron moves to CB along side Besler, and either Parky or Ream plays LB. Now DMB still makes the team ofcourse but i think its time to see him at his best position (LM/LW) making them mazy runs down the flank, whipping crosses in and setting up scoring chances! Should be interesting nonetheless

          • Capitan says:

            It’s way too late for Ream. His last chance for this WC cycle was probably in last months friendly but he missed it.

      • QuakerOtis says:

        Chandler is an injury no-go. Won’t play for club again this year.

        Evans over Parkhurst… arguable, but I think JK rates “versatility”.

        Williams over Beckerman… with three months to go, perhaps. But…

        Brooks over Goodson? Brek over Bedoya? Go home, you’re drunk.

        • MisterJC says:

          Chandler not out yet. He’ll resume training in 2-3 weeks. It’ll be close if his recovery goes well, he gets a few games under his belt, and he’s able to perform well in the May camp. If he gets called in, of course…

        • Capitan says:

          He’s not really drunk. His only crazy one was brek over bedoya. The other ones are a possibility.

      • Capitan says:

        brek is not making the WC roster.

  5. Expat4455 says:

    I saw where Timothy Chandler may be back in time. Maybe even to play in Nurnberg’s last liga match.

  6. Relegate US says:

    Big Daddy Kane — Clev had outdone himself this week on the intro.

  7. Joe+G says:

    Didn’t the Toluca manager watch the videos????

  8. Brad says:

    I think Bedoya has not had playing time in the last 3-4 games. I still think he makes the team, and I tend to be a supporter anyway. Just wanted to take a shot at the champ.

  9. MisterJC says:

    Thanks for the show, guys…

  10. Jason B says:

    Great show! I hope Zusi is replaced. Not showing me much lately. Maybe he’ll do better later this season. I hope so at least.

  11. Dace says:


    As a guy who’s not seen anything from JGreen but a highlight reel or two, the thing that excites me about him is that people “in the know” are excited. Though they may be an excitable bunch, they’re usually not wrong about spotting young talent to watch.

    Totally agree with Ives on the cap, expecting teams to be able to compete with teams spending 3 or 4 times as much on salaries is just insanity. The cap was a great idea when the league was started, stopped the very few rich teams from running away with everything, but now every team can afford to spend more, and should.

  12. Capitan says:

    Isn’t Green already a pro since he just signed a pro contract with Bayern Munich late last year?

  13. Andre Wade says:

    I heard Ives and Garrett mention the SBI party in Downtown Phoenix on Apr 1st at the Crescent Ballroom but, what time does it start? I’m driving in from Vegas and definitely want to be there. Also, does anyone know if there is an American Outlaws party planned?