Boyd nets another double, scoring two against Austrian champs Red Bull Salzburg

Terrence Boyd (Getty Images)


Terrence Boyd was already a safe bet to be called up to next month’s U.S. Men’s National Team pre-World Cup training camp, but he is building up some serious momentum to try and lock up a World Cup roster spot.

Boyd delivered his second straight two-goal game, include a late game-winning strike to help Rapid Vienna beat recently-crowned Austrian champions Red Bull Salzburg on Saturday. The 23-year-old striker bagged a brace in last week’s 2-2 draw vs. SV Grodig, ending a drought that dated back to March 2.

Boyd’s 84th-minute winner gives him 13 goals in Austrian League play and 18 in all competitions for Rapid Vienna, which now sits three points clear of Austria Vienna for second place in the Austrian Bundesliga.

What do you think of Boyd’s late surge? See him making the U.S. World Cup team?

Share your thoughts below.

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42 Responses to Boyd nets another double, scoring two against Austrian champs Red Bull Salzburg

  1. Lemmmmmmmmmy!!! says:

    Red Bull, ugh. Boycott Red Bull until they give their teams their identities back. Is a shirt sponsorship and stadium naming not enough?

    • USMNT Fan says:

      Boyd lifts his game when pressure is applied. That’s a quality you see in stars across all sports. He deserves a place on the plane to Brazil. I think that may be 18 goals this season.

      • Horsewhistle says:

        I have no problem with the Red Bull sponsorship since the owner is from there. You can see the presence in certain areas throughout the town and the locals are proud of the business success. The new stadium is great, right next to airport and Red Bull hangar. Not sure how long the MLS sporsorship will last though.
        Being a fan of FC Salzburg, hopefully they can find someone capable to guide them through UEFA now that Schmidt is leaving for Leverkusen. Good for them and good for the Boyd brace, can’t wait to see match highlights.

  2. Jake says:

    “Austria Vienna” That’s a team name? Is there something lost in translation there???

  3. Nate says:

    Where are all the “replace Jozy with Terrence” posts?

  4. Bac says:

    I’m curious if anyone has actually watched him play multiple times this year and how he looks, most importantly, does he pass the eye test.
    Whenever his name comes up on here the discussion is about his stats, the league he plays in, and how he may be perceived vs Wondo AJ EJ, and now Jozy…
    But I’d bet 99% of these discussions are from people who have barely seen him.. If at all.
    If anyone has seen him, I’d be curious to hear more about how his game looks.

    • John says:

      I watch the match today and I’ve probably seen him 6-8 times this year. He plays the target role well, wins lots of flick on headers. He’s very dangerous in the box on corners and crosses. Makes good runs in behind defenders and can a pretty calm finisher, as he showed today. He’s aggressive and willing to attack chances I feel other strikers would just let go. Work rate is solid. His passing, combining and feet work are probably where he could use the most work.

      • Bac says:

        Good reply John, would it be fair to say that he’s similar to where Jozy was several years ago in terms of skill set but with a little higher work rate? ( obviously not exactly, but somewhat similar)
        If so I would think he wouldn’t want to crush his progress by trying to move up too far without the right coaching and situation.

        More importantly, does he appear ready to contribute now in Brazil…
        Even though not everyone will play, we’ve only really got 5 or 6 locks to start, and I gotta think almost everyone with the exception of the backup keepers are in the mix to not just make the team, but to be ready to contribute.
        I think JK backs Jozy big time, I think he goes into camp and probably vs Ghana as the Man… but I also think privately he’s got a short leash

        • John says:

          Probably closer to EJ in just how good he is at set pieces, and crosses. He got on the end of 3 or 4 corners not counting the one he scored yesterday. For the most part he needs service but isn’t to picky about the quality. Makes an effort to get onto anything. However I think Boyd’s more of calm finisher then EJ where he’ll pick out a corner. Doesn’t really have the back to goal passing of Jozy though.

        • GW says:

          “If so I would think he wouldn’t want to crush his progress by trying to move up too far without the right coaching and situation.”

          You all seem to forget Jozy is one year and three months older than Boyd and Jozy has almost 100 pro games more than Boyd.

          It’s not as if Boyd is some young guy with lots of time to understudy Jozy.

          If Terrence doesn’t want to be a permanent USMNT sub he needs to raise his game a quantum leap or close to it , sometime very soon. The Austrian league is ranked 14th in Europe by UEFA, significantly below the Dutch league.

          Boyd needs to either completely dominate there or move to a tougher league. His senior USMNT appearances have been very average.

          • Bac says:

            Ok, I guess I should have been more specific and said I hope he moves up to a better league, but I hope he doesn’t go to the EPL where he may end up with zero playing time like Shea and take a step back in his development…

      • Louis Z says:

        Your summary is fairly accurate. I would like to add that Boyd, hasn’t seen a shot he didn’t like. Most of his shots are on frame but he doesn’t seem to look for the corners.

  5. argh says:

    it’s time for him to move to a bigger club. Maybe France or Italy? A lower half club?

  6. Since 82 says:

    USMNT forwards to Brazil. 1) Altidore, Boyd 2) Dempsey, AJ 3) Green?

    • solles says:

      Personally id go with Deuce and Johansson right now, Boyd might be my #3. Austria might not be a great league buit neither is MLS, and Boyd is at least scoring goals.

      • John says:

        Is the Eredivisie really that much better then the Austrian Bundesliga?

        • Increase says:

          The top teams in the Eredivisie as there are more of them. But Salzburg did good work in the Europa League this year.

          Ajax, PSV, Twente, Feynoord, AZ, Heereven all produce good players on a regular basis. They just can’t keep any of them.

      • John says:

        Not saying Boyd is better the Johannsson but I just don’t know if the perception that the Dutch is better should be the reason.

        • solles says:

          well if you think thats what i was saying im not, dempsey plays in MLS after all. I have no idea which league is better, though I suspect the eredivise is.

    • MiamiAl says:

      Green is more a winger than a striker.

      • GW says:

        Green was only recently moved to the wing. For most of his time he has played centrally.

        • John says:

          Klinsmann clearly plans to use him on the left wing and not as a striker, so i think he goes as a midfielder.

        • SingularityCup says:

          No. For most of his youth career he was a winger/wide forward. He moved centrally at the early part of this season because of injuries to other strikers..

          • GW says:

            I’m pretty sure it is the other way around. His goal totals have dropped but his assists have gone up as he moved wide.

            Regardless, he seems comfortable anywhere up front which is what they said about Landon.

  7. Tim F. says:

    Definitely deserves call up.

    • Citronomics says:

      Yup. He’s on form and would like to see him compete with EJ and Wondo for the 4th forward spot. Assuming Deuce, AJ and Jozy are the 3 locks up top for Brazil, though perhaps Klinsi views one or two of these players as hybrid forward-attacking mid/winger options creating room to take 2 from the EJ-Wondo-T Boyd group?

      And Ives – thanks for the write up.

  8. crparke says:

    Those are some ugly uniforms…