Altidore dropped from Sunderland squad for loss to Tottenham

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Sunderland faced a very difficult challenge on Monday in taking on Tottenham in a match the Black Cats needed to win to help boost their fading chances of avoiding relegation.

Jozy Altidore was nowhere to be found. He was dropped from the first team, and spent Monday playing with Sunderland’s Under-21 team.

While Altidore was kicking about in a glorified reserve game, Sunderland was being thrashed, 5-1, by Tottenham. Their awful attack looking just as toothless without Altidore as with him, with their lone goal coming courtesy of a shocking Tottenham turnover.

So what now for Altidore?

It’s hard to see Altidore’s exclusion from the first team as anything but the latest bit of evidence that his days at Sunderland are numbered.

This isn’t the first time Poyet has left Altidore out of a big match, the most memorable example being when he was left out of Sunderland’s Capital One Cup loss to Manchester City and an FA Cup quarterfinal loss to Hull City.

Altidore rebounded from those benchings to make a handful of starts, but the goals still didn’t come. He is stuck on two goals in all competitions for the Black Cats and it is looking more and more like he will be handed a one-way ticket out of Sunderland when the season ends.


What do you think of this development? See Altidore salvaging anything from the current Premier League season? Think he can regroup in time for the World Cup? Where would you like to see him wind up after this season?

Share your thoughts below.

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183 Responses to Altidore dropped from Sunderland squad for loss to Tottenham

  1. solles says:

    you know it could just be that everyone is reading too much into this, the U21’s are the reserve teams, theres nothing glorified about it; he didnt make the gameday 18, so he played with the U21’s to maintain fitness. If it happens again for a couple weeks in a row then sure, there’s cause for conscern.

    • Jack Del says:

      Wait, if a 10 million dollar star signing is relegated to the U-21 team…. it isn’t a big deal unless it happens multiple times?

      • blokhin says:

        come on… it’s not like Sunderland made Jozy work the ticket gate before the game and then clean up the stands afterward (THAT would have been real cause for concern) , he got to actually play soccer, which means the team still values him, albeit at the U-21 level

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          blokhin: “he got to actually play soccer, which means the team still values him”

          Maybe the team just knows that it’s easier to sell a fit player.

          The best case scenario for both parties: Jozy stays fit, plays well in the WC, attracts a $$$ offer from another team, leaves Sunderland forever.

          • NC Jeff says:

            I’m a big fan of Jozy’s, so I hate to say it, but I think I agree … though I wouldn’t say “forever”.

            • Drewbles says:

              Why would he ever want to go back? I definitely don’t think the fans want him back, since they’ve chosen to (somewhat irrationally) blame him for many of the club’s problems during the year.

      • Robbie says:

        Only the Brits would allow a 24 year old to play U21.

        All things considered, there’s 10 million reasons why it isn’t a big deal for Jozy… I think the way this season has played out will just make him better. Obviously he’s not scoring (or playing lately), but you can not honestly evaluate this season without accounting for the team and managers around him (look how they did today). I kinda hope he feels wronged and has a massive chip on his shoulder heading to brasil.

        If we’re playing in a 4-4-2, he’s one of the two. No one else in our pool has his presence.

        • Spencer says:

          Completely agree with you, people ignore the fact he has had no service all year and they have an awful defense and midfield. He is also forced to play as a lone striker most of the time. The games I watch it’s as if he is on an island. Don’t think any other striker in the premiership would be doing much better with that team.

          • CroCajun1003 says:

            The production of the other strikers on the team is telling. Jozy has not played well. True. Sunderland’s system is not a good situation for a striker. Also true.

            • Matt C says:

              CroCajun: Can’t believe i spent the time to do this, but i looked up Dunderland’s stats. The production of the “other strikers” is not THAT telling.The two other strikers with goals have a combined 6 goals (3 each to JA’s 1). And 2 of those six goals are PKs. so the other two strikers have scored two each from the run of play. The team has scored only 21 goals ..less than a goal a game. The bulk of the goals (18) came from Midfielders. The other 3 goals came from defenders. What’s it all mean. Partially means that service sucks…the other two strikers aren’t scoring either. Goals are being scored by MFs after the ball is lumped up front to single forwards hoping to control the ball and invite others to play.

              I’m not making the case for JA to play, just pointing out that Dunderland is hapless…with…or without JA.

          • Dirk McQuigley says:

            I never like the Sunderland deal. I cringed because I thought it was going to be another Hull debacle. In reality, this is much worse. He’s a better, more-experienced, and (hopefully) more mature player than he was in 2009-10. The problem w/ Sunderland has been a lethal combo of mediocrity both tactically and the kind of service he receives from his teammates. Jozy has also missed some makable scoring chances and had one famously disallowed against Arsenal.

            IMO he would have been better playing for Hull. Or signing w/ a decent League 1 team.

          • ATX_Colin says:

            I know Sunderland is crap, but Jozy is responsible for his current predicament. A good striker should create some goals out of nothing, not saying he should have banged in 11-12 goals but he has been embarrassingly awful at times. At this point the coach has no choice but to look elsewhere.

            • James says:

              He has definitely had some crappy games, but the notion that a striker should “create some goals out of nothing” really doesn’t resonate with his role there. 90% of the time he has his back to goal and is 25+ yards out, collecting a hopeful ball that’s been heaved from 30 yards away. If he’s lucky he’ll have one person in support, and 4 defenders to beat. There’s a difference between here creating opportunities and creating miracles (granted, he’s had some clear cut opportunities that he’s missed).

              Jozy is at his best with ground service turning defenders at the edge of the box. The role they have him in (sadly, in the USMNT to some extent too), reminds me an awful lot of youth tactics, of just putting a big forward up top so you can send hopeful balls and hope the defender(s) make a mistake.

        • NC Jeff says:

          Actually, it’s pretty common for teams (all teams even?) to use players > 23yo in the Olympics … and the Brtis don’t even play in the Olympics.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Oh silly Ms. Lincoln, there’s no need to worry about that Southern actor wandering around the theater with a gun and a horse waiting in the alley…..

      In theory, they could be saving him for some more winnable match, one game is not a career or a season, but he was dressed but not used for West Ham then dropped outright for Spurs. That is a big ol red flag flapping in the breeze in front of the Stadium of Light.

      • Sandtrout says:

        Yeah, I can’t believe the justifications on here. Poyet has declared Jozy a useless flop. “End of,” as the English would say. “Full stop” and all that. Too bad Jozy hasn’t made a really good case to the contrary.

        • Bitman says:

          Poyet is completely panicking (unrelated to the Jozy move). He;s put them in a 5-3-2 the last few games and they’ve been completely dire. The best they’ve looked recently was in the 2nd half against Liverpool with Jozy playing.

          He’ll play again for Sunderland because they have no one else remotely competent. And he should play.The team plays better with him on the pitch.

    • solles says:

      nothing quite like a little breathless panic

    • brad says:

      Poyet is in trouble… Sunderland looks awful, and Altidore has not been playing, so they can’t pin the blame on him. I would think if you step up and pay 10 million for a player, sink or swim you do it with that investment.

  2. Ryan says:

    Can anyone tell me how he played with the u21’s at least? It’d be nice to hear that he scored against youth squads at least.

  3. KD says:

    NYCFC anyone?

    • Anthony says:

      He’s not coming back to the MLS. He has proven he can play in Netherlands extremely well. Not to mention that he played for the worst EPL team this season. I was in favor of a move to challenge himself, but I was never in favor of Sunderland because I saw them play horribly last year. Given his performance, he may never get a chance to return to the EPL. That’s ok, his style doesn’t fit a lot of teams there (only a few and they they did not try to get him).

      • Troy in his apartment says:

        I think he would excel in Liga BBVA for one of the lesser squads to begin with

      • Yevgeniy says:

        So, once you proved you can play in “Netherlands” extremely well, you are not allowed to come to “the MLS”. Great logic!

        • Anthony says:

          Really! Stop with that condescending, self-righteous crap! Please take this insecure garbage elsewhere.

          Jozy has stated before that he wants to stay in Europe, and he has proven to be a top scorer in a top 6/7 league. He’ll find another place. And sorry, the quality of play in the MLS is not as high as where he could end up in Europe. It isn’t. It has improved a lot in the 19 years I have watched and attended games. This is coming from a guy who watches MLS games EVERY WEEK. Is MLS equal to or better than Denmark or Sweden – YES!. Is it currently on par with EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1? NO!

          MLS would have to add an average of 4/5 quality players to each team (in my opinion) to be even think of being on par talent-wise with lesser teams. I wish they would, but the salary cap would have to go from $3million to $8million.

          • Yevgeniy says:

            You know, other players such as Bradley, Dempsey, Edu etc. also stated that they wanted to be in Europe… I am not arguing with you that the quality of play in the Netherlands is higher than in MLS. However, that does not automatically mean that he should not come back to MLS and definitely does not mean that “he is not coming back”, which is what you stated. I think that if his choices are coming back to Eredivisie (or Ligue 1 or some lower Serie A team) vs. coming back to MLS where he will probably get paid twice as much, it’s actually pretty likely that he does come back. He is one of a few players that absolutely follows his team (RBNY) and is a fan to this day.

            • Anthony says:

              Altidore would command a 7 figure salary. Maybe not as high as he is getting now, but still 7 figures. Philly balked at Edu’s 1.3 million demand so took him on loan. The problem with that is that there are only a few teams that pay their DPs 7 figure salaries (LA, Seattle, NYRB, Toronto – and maybe Mon/Vancouver). None of the aforementioned teams have the cap space nor the room on field except maybe Mon/Vancouver.

            • DGH says:

              When Henry leaves, Jozy should enter.

      • Reed says:

        I would have said the same thing for Michael Bradley. MLS has changed.

      • smartestonthepitch says:

        Sitting the bench in Europe or playing the U21 team when he is U30 or playing in MLS. I would pick playing in MLS. It is funner to play.

        • Fair Observer says:

          did you really just say “funner”……..? wow

          • Sandtrout says:

            Saying “funner” is funner than saying “more fun.”

          • ajwhet says:

            Did you really just correct someone’s grammar on a soccer blog? Get off your high horse, language changes and funner and funnest are actually found in many dictionaries, e.g., link to

            Oh, and you didn’t capitalize the first letters of your sentences. Also, your punctuation is all kinds of wrong: there’s no such thing as an elipse made out of eight periods, and you didn’t even finish your comment with a punctuation mark.

            Na na na boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.

  4. Troy in his apartment says:

    Very concerning, we need him scoring and in some sort of decent form from the world cup. Poyet and him had a war of words a month ago and then he got a few games and nothing. I wouldnt be surprised to see him benched the rest of the year unless Borini gets injured again. Sunderland, realistically, need to take almost every single point to avoid relegation. They are 7 points off of the last safe place. Not good for them, Jozy, and the USMNT

    • Dirk McQuigley says:

      They deserve to be relegated. I watched the match in the second half and just saw them collapse after it was 3-1, The team completely quit. But the ease in which an out of form Tottenham side completely exposed the Black Cats defense made me realize it has always been Sunderland’s weak defense that has put them in the drop zone. Brown was terrible and the other players were nearly as bad. Letting go of Minoulet (sp.?) and not replacing him w/ equal quality was the first mistake.

      • pancholama says:

        Yeah – it was painful to watch.
        That team is really bad. Tottenham just shredded them.
        Do you think if Altidore played for a team with quality defenders and holding midfielders like Tottenham, Aston Villa or Everton, that he would only have 2 goals across all competitions?
        The stats noted by Matt C are telling (see above) – not one striker on “Dunderland” has more than 3 goals to their name. It’s not that Jozy can’t play, it’s that once again he let himself get set up with an inferior team.

  5. Jack Del says:

    Jozy didn’t even score against the U-21 team of Tottenham. He missed several shots and blazed a few close in the box wide of target.

    • Eurosnob says:

      Ok, let’s not jump to sweeping conclusions based on one aspect of a signle game. Jozy did not score in that particular game, but they still beat Tottenham’s U-21 with a 3-0 score. On the other hand, Poyet’s team lost to Tottenham 1-5. You wouldn’t argue that Sunderland’s first team completely fell apart without Jozy, right?

    • James says:

      I can only assume you were not privy to watching the U-21 Tottenham Sunderland match. If so, ignore this comment and sign me up for whatever your TV package is.

      But assuming you didn’t actually watch, you’re comfortable judging (and publicly stating, no less) his performance based on a single statistic: “0 goals”. This is so mindless I don’t even know where to begin.

  6. espada says:

    So that’s where he was. To be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted to be on the field with the first team either when Spurs scored 5 on them. Hopefully Poyet realizes that the problem is with the whole team than just the forwards.

  7. Justin says:

    This is what I found on the game:

    In the ninth minute Altidore judged a high ball well to turn the Spurs defence before his powerful shot flashed agonisingly past the base of the post.

  8. David JS says:

    I find it hard to read too much into this re:Jozy while Sunderland is looking so inept on every level. I’m not sure anybody could be looked at as having a successful season for them.

    • John says:

      Giaccherini has had just about as rough of a go. Coming from a club like Juventus for a similar fee as Jozy. Goes from playing for Italy in the Confederations Cup in the summer to whats been a train wreck of a season at Sunderland.

  9. Scott says:

    Look on the bright side. It could be worse…Sunderland could actually want to keep him! Run, Jozy, RUN!

    • Anthony says:

      one good thing is that a lot of contracts have releases or renegotiated release clauses if a team gets relegated.

      • Fair Observer says:

        personally I’d like him to go to Stoke, or some top half team in the Bundesliga. Stoke has the style of passing that suits Jozy, while the Bundesliga as a whole would suit his playing style as well.

        In a perfect world he could go to Arsenal or Everton and i believe would succeed, but for many reasons that wont happen.

        • Increase0 says:

          Ewww, Stoke. That would likely just be Sunderland part 2. Peter Crouch is still a big part of Stoke for a reason.

          Most any team in the Bundesliga would be good. Maybe Hertha Berlin. They are gunna lose their striker this summer. My dream place for Jozy is Hoffenheim. He would get soooo many chances to score there.

  10. James says:

    No doubt that his form is discouraging right now, but the fact is Sunderland is the worst team in the EPL and I can’t help feeling like they use Jozy as a scapegoat. Of course it’s reasonable to be frustrated with him for a lack of production, and I can’t blame them for benching him a few times. But a U21 reserve game? Seriously? It’s a public flogging, as if the season is his fault.

    • Freddie Footballer says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised in Sunderland is the worst team in the Championship next year. They are THAT bad.

      • Fair Observer says:

        agreed, i (sadly) watched about 90% of their games this year, not fun to watch, with or without Jozy, they are terrible.

        if you were to play a game next match and count the seconds they possess the ball in any single possession I’d be surprised if you got past 10, they’re that bad. middle school level bad…..

        • Joe Soccer says:

          A couple games ago one of the game announcers summed up Sunderland in one concise sentence. After one of the midfielders dribbled himself into trouble and took a wild shot from 30 yards out that missed the target by at least 10 yards, the announcer said “it’s almost as if the midfield players on this team don’t know that they are allowed to pass the ball to their teammates.”


  11. Fair Observer says:

    at least it shows that Sunderland ARE a terrible team, with or without Jozy. suspect defense, midfield that can’t hold possession for more than 10 seconds, and strikers who dont play well with the rest of the team. While i believe Jozy had a hard time adjusting to BPL style and didnt play his best this season, it’s now obvious that PART of the reason for his bad season WAS, in fact, due to Sunderland being so bad. at least all the Jozy haters should agree on this. Borini has done no better in Jozy’s place. while Borini is a very talented player, the midfield’s terrible play brings down their strikers and leaves them with no good chances created.

    • Increase0 says:

      Sunderland had 8 shots against a Tottenham team that frequently forgets to play defense. Borini had 3 shots all outside the Box.

      Sunderland had 1 shot in the box from a CB that was off target.

      They don’t create real goal scoring chances.

    • Bitman says:

      True what you say, but Borini has become pretty selfish of late. He was never one to pass much, but today was simply brutal. Picking up poor habits on a team circling the drain.

  12. SBI TroII says:

    The players appear to have quit on Sunderland. The last two, even three matches have lacked any type of urgency a team going down should have. Poyet has opted to go with a 5 man backline (a strange move for a team that cannot even provide service to forwards with a 5 man midfield), while benching Adam Johnson, Ki, and Jozy a few games ago. When Johnson and Ki came on against West Ham to breath a little life into a toothless attack, Poyet was questioned as to why he didn’t put on Johnson from the start in a must win game. Today, he benches captain John O’Shea as Sunderland give up 5 goals. Two expensive summer signings are nowhere to be found (Jozy, Giaccherini). It’s pretty obvious now that Sunderland is a mess and going down. Jozy will also be leaving in the summer.

    I think Poyet has given up on Jozy for good, but I still think their best lineup is something like this, similar to how the setup Jürgen has us in most of the time:


    Pickup an early goal and they can throw on a holding mid for Giaccherini or Jozy to bunker against their tough upcoming fixture list. They have nothing to lose right now, might as well go down fighting.

    • John says:

      Poyet is just throwing anything out there in hopes something might stick.

    • Fair Observer says:

      i couldn’t agree more with your proposed line up, although either Cattermole or Bridcutt would suffice for me in the CDM role. but their best players are Jozy, Borini, Giacc, Ki and Johnson; so why does Poyet refuse to play them all at once. Cattermole/Bridcutt and Ki would hold the midfield defensively with Ki pushing up slightly in attack, Johnson and Giacc are wingers that can slash in, Borini and Jozy (assuming Borini learns to pass to another ST) could link up and play off each other to provide more of an attacking threat instead of one ST to whom they just lob up crappy long balls to.

    • Jesse says:

      I totally agree why doesn’t potent see it. I also think that bardsley is a descent player but his selfish play from rb is a problem too often. I think a strategic benching would help him. Larson is awful I would never let him sniff the field over giaccarini.

    • Dirk McQuigley says:

      ITA. With tactics and lineups Poyet has been using since the Capital One Cup, Sunderland needs to fire him or it will cost them something like 60 million pounds (their share of the EPL revenue) when they get sent down to the Championship. It’s not too late to save their season, but I don’t see management making a move until they have been eliminated from staying in the EPL.

  13. beto says:

    How is he eligible for a u21 game? And couldnt even score there?!

    How about they just loan him to nyrb and sell at the next window this is just sad

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      U-21 is the rebranding of the old Reserve League. They are allowed 3 field and 1 GK overage.

  14. John says:

    I honestly think Poyet is doing Jozy a favor. We’ve all gone over it 100 times by now, but Sunderland doesn’t have a midfield that can move the ball or create chances. When they do get in the final third, someone takes a shot from 30 yards out that’s usually no where near target. For Jozy to get some matches where he might actually get some touches near a goal can only help at this point.

  15. Scott e Dio93 says:

    I knew it was a bad move going to Sunderland, Altidore could wait it after the World Cup, now Altidore scoring momentum is no more, and Altidore is more momentum player. Altidore should stay in Dutch league, maybe a club like Ajax or PSV, then transfer after the World Cup.

  16. Javier says:

    So Ives, where does Jozy go? Is there another Premier league club that he would fit into and they would be willing to take a chance with him? A comment above said Stoke or Everton. Stoke might be a good fit. Not sure if he fits Everton’s style.

    • MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

      everton will have $. they will want 2 buy lukaku

      • Fair Observer says:

        lukaku and Jozy COULD make a good duo with the type of midfield everton has: good at possesion and guys with motors (Barkley… assuming they keep him)

        • Dirk McQuigley says:

          I think Martinez is a damn good coach. He did a lot w/ very little to work w/ at Wigan. He’s got a talented team very close to making the UCL and probably Europa League for sure. Now Everton is going to have a lot of money to spend, especially if they make Champions League and win a qualifier. Jozy could fit into their plans. They have players to get him the ball and quality teammates to pass to. And if they sign Lukaku and Jozy they could be top 4 again.

          • Ben says:

            Everton are not going to sign a player a player like Jozy after the season he is having. Fair or not, Jozy’s fault or not, a club like Everton would hear outrage from fans if they did that.

          • Ali Dia says:

            Ben is right. Unless the guy has an insane world cup (right now he’s got to be worried about even playing there) he won’t be going to a better team. Everton may very well make the Champions League– their fans don’t want a Sunderland reject as a summer signing.

  17. Duke says:

    IK most here think Jozy is God’s gift but this has been his history at most clubs except when he was in Holland. They can’t all be wrong and he isn’t producing crap for Sunderland. What should they do?

    • Anthony says:

      He did well in Netherlands and Turkey (they wanted to keep him). Did do well at Villareal, but he was 18/19 and they were 3rd in the league. He can work in certain systems, but I think that his time in the EPL is done. I do not see another EPL paying for him (but I could be wrong).

    • Nate says:

      most importantly, he does well for the united states. He is the reigning USMNT player of the year for a reason. Bradley got drummed out of Gladbach AND Villa AND Roma, but no one holds that against him…

      • quozzel says:

        I think the lesson to be learned, especially if you’re an American player trying to make it in Europe…is you’d better find a good fit. And finding a good fit at the highest levels in Europe has proven tough for even the most talented American players. I watched how AVB marginalized Dempsey at Tottenham. The guy got key goals against the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea…but AVB never really liked him and ultimately dropped him. Seattle now features him, and seemingly is figuring out how to use him…and voila, hey, it’s Dempsey looking like the guy everybody was calling America’s best player no more than a year ago.

        While Bradley didn’t get “drummed out” of Roma, they were overly heavy on world-class C-mids and he wasn’t getting regular, guaranteed playing time…and while Bradley was too professional to say it, he’s too damn good to be anybody’s bench player. He couldn’t even get a game at Aston Villa, which was BS, as bad as they were then. When Toronto came at him with $35 million in hand and a guarantee he’d see every minute on the field he was healthy, it became a no-brainer for him. And as we’re seeing now with Dempsey – and as we’ve seen all along with Landon Donovan – it is far, far better for a player’s game to be the leader and #1 option on an MLS team than it is to ride the bench in Europe.

        There’s a reason that MLS players are increasingly becoming fixtures on the USMNT. They play more, they usually have better contract situations, they’re more settled…and their teams have a vested interest in featuring and promoting them. This is why, IMHO, it is so vital that MLS continues to progress as it has.

        We’re not going to have joy as a soccer nation by hoping our players make it in Europe. We’re going to be successful, ultimately, when our own domestic league becomes strong enough, and deep enough, that we can get the bulk of our players from our own league.

        Altidore needs to come home ASAP. There’s not going to be many teams that can afford him, though people have mentioned NYCFC, and others commented he is from Florida and would certainly be high up on Miami’s wish list if he’s still available then. And nobody will be able to convince me it’s worse for Altidore to make $20 million or so banging in 20+ a season in MLS – and playing every second – then it would be to get banished to the U21’s (and scapegoated) for the worst team in the EPL.

        • Anthony says:

          The problem is that you don’t realize that very few teams, VERY FEW, can afford to shell out those kinds of contracts. Tor/LA/NYRB/Sea are very rich teams with VERY rich owners.

          • CeezNYRB says:

            Add NYCFC, Orlando City, Miami, and Atlanta to that list and it becomes 8 teams with the pockets to afford Jozy (assuming Arthur Blank isn’t the next Robert Kraft).

            8 out of 23 teams is NOT “very few teams, VERY FEW”….that’s 35%. That’s “substantial”.

            Let’s not get crazy with your MLS hate.

            • Anthony says:

              Don’t be ignorant tell me I hate MLS when I have been an ardent supporter for 19 years!

              Last I checked, NYCFC, Orlando City, Miami and Atlanta are NOT CURRENTLY MLS teams. 4 out not 19 IS very few.

              NYCFC and Orlando are coming into the league in 2015. Miami and Atlanta have yet to decide, but not sooner than 2016/2017.

              What is Jozy supposed to due to during the interim? Wait for a Rich MLS owner. You are also being making a lot of assumptions that having Rich owners means the teams will spend (Stan Kroenke owns the Colorado Rapids and doesn’t spend). Houston and Dallas have right owners, but none of these teams pay their players 7 figure salaries.

    • James says:

      “At most clubs” You’d do well in politics. He’s been bad at two clubs – Sunderland and Hull. He was disappointing at both. He was inspired for NY, AZ. He was pretty good in Turkey. He didn’t do much at Villareal, but I think it’s fair to say that as he was quite young, and really wasn’t given much opportunity, it’s hard to judge either way.

      So, you take this as he’s been terrible most of his time at most of his clubs? He didn’t make the starting lineup as a teenager for the 3rd place team in Spain, he didn’t score much for two of the worst teams in the EPL, whom average less than a goal a game, and was great in 3 decent leagues.

      At least try and seem objective

    • Anthony says:

      No way! Without Henry and Cahill, they are atrocious.

    • Brain Guy says:

      This is not a crazy idea. Agree that RBNY suffer in quality when Henry and Cahill are absent, but I do think Altidore is worth considering — even as a DP — either as a replacement for Henry or to learn for a year at Henry’s side. Cahill will be around past this year.

      • Dirk McQuigley says:

        No it isn’t crazy at all. Not a NYRB fan, but Jozy would be going home. He would be comfortable in the area. He has family and friends. It might be exactly the kind of move that would help Altidore regain his confidence and scoring touch.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Jozy would be a great fit for RBNY as currently constituted. I think he’s staying in Europe though following Sunderland’s relegation.

  18. nasl to el.paso tx says:

    Am i a genius, or did nobody saw this coming. Like people, its not rocket science.
    Dont get me wrong, i give him props for risking his career and world cup hopes, but he knew better. He should have stayed with johansson and.gotten a better offer after brazil, even a fat check with nycfc but i guess he will be the first modern american striker, fighting for usa pride.and respect. God bless u jozy but remember,sometimes relegation money is not good and its better to fight for a spot in a bigger team, like everton, ajax, villarreal, napoli.

    • Lil' Zeke says:

      Following your logic is rocket science, genius

    • Leo says:

      Why do you assume he could have stayed at AZ? Isn’t it logical that Stewart brought in Johannsson as a replacement for Jozy? The first big offer for AJ will be accepted, just as it was for Altidore.

      All of the Dutch teams are the same. Buy low, groom player, sell high. Your assumption that he had another year with AZ is naive, at best.

  19. Shimmzy says:

    I think maybe he’s just not that good at soccer.

    • John says:

      Doesn’t he have the record for any US player scoring in the most consecutive matches? 8 goals for the national team last year.

      • Fair Observer says:

        And the record for most goals in a season (while playing in Europe no less)

      • Brain Guy says:

        At this rate he may end up holding the record for fewest goals (per game) by an American striker in Europe.

        • Fair Observer says:

          the dutch league is in europe so when you factor in his 31 last season there’s no way he has the worst pergame rate. you must’ve meant in the BPL………

  20. Peter says:

    Jozy should go to Everton.

    • Jack Del says:

      Why would Everton want Jozy?

    • Clyde Frog says:

      I’m sure the Everton fans would be thrilled.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      assuming martinez stays, and assuming the transfer fee is not too high, jozy is exactly the kind of signing everton would make: he’s got raw talent, he can excel in the right system, and he could be a good investment for a later transfer fee.

      that’s why everton *might* want jozy, especially if they’re looking for roster depth during a european competition.

      • Dirk McQuigley says:

        Unless the Man. U or Arsenal job opens up, or top tier elite continental job, Martinez is staying to complete the job he was hired to. The Man. U. job is filled w/ pressure to succeed Sir Alex. Arsenal would be nearly as challenging. I think those are kind of jobs that would interest Martinez.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          i agree that it would have to be a top team (from england or elsewhere) that recruits him.

          i also think it’s likely that a top team will, although maybe not before next year.

    • Ali Dia says:

      Everton already has Tim Howard, whose career EPL goals total matches Jozy’s.

  21. mia is god says:

    Jozy is an exceptional player, but judging from the picture he is just dealing with the frustration of not having breasts. Let’s just be patient and give him time

  22. Since 82 says:

    Sunderland is beyond awful. Today’s match was ridiculous. IDK his they even had close to
    40 percent possession. They suck.

    How many total goals have all the forwards scored?

    • John says:

      3 Fletcher
      3 Borini
      1 Altidore

      So 7 goals,
      even with Borini I think he scored mostly when on the left not as a center forward.

      • Bac says:

        THAT…. tells a bigger story than all of the wasted cumulative dialogue about Jozys AND Sunderlands pathetic season… at this point I could care less

        JK has a camp plus 3 games to assess if he’s got a shot at contributing. My guess is he goes into Ghana as the starter as of now..
        And my guess is JK will NOT hesitate to have him on a short leash..
        The time for tinkering and finding form is upon us, and I don’t think JK will eff around… it’s put up or shut up time

    • Nate Dollars says:

      all competitions:

      6 borini (1 while playing up front; all others from the wing)
      3 fletcher
      2 altidore
      2 wickham
      0 scocco (winter transfer)

      also worth noting that jozy is *still* tied (with johnson) for first in assists with 5.

  23. Hussman says:

    Antiscore wasn’t relegated to the U21 team. He’s being rested for the World Cup

  24. argh says:

    1 can flop in ENGLAND. it happens

    and be a star in Germany or Italy.

    I truly believe KARMA will get him to score in Brazil and he will get a switch to a better club in Germany or Italy and his career will go on

  25. ZZtoppppp says:

    I’ve been a big Altidore defender but at this point I think if were running a 4-2-3-1 it needs to look like this:


    Or a 4-4-2 like this:

  26. brent says:

    He’s just not tactical and technical enough for any top league. That’s just the way it goes.

    • Nate says:

      doesnt bode well for the us, because hes demonstrated over time to be the most talented striker in the US pool…

    • THomas says:

      I think that’s wrong. He just doesn’t get the service any striker needs on a lower level side. If he were leading the charge at Everton, he’d be showing the proper skill.

  27. Terrence Osbourne says:

    I said a few months ago that if Josmer didn’t start scoring he would be with the reserves, I was hoping I would be wrong, but I wasn’t. The problem here is that he has proven he can’t score at this level with this team; there are players in similar scenarios who find a way to score. Jozy has nothing else to offer; he’s a fairly one dimensional player. Based on this, with a team that has two games in hand that they must win, I don’t see him leaving the reserves the rest of the season. Hopefully this time I’ll be wrong…

    • Nate says:

      Like who? Ricky van Wolfswinkel?

    • Arthur says:

      You won’t find any at Sunderland. I think Jozy’s confidence has taken a big hit, but they have to get him going to have a chance to stay up- like, yesterday. Not using him against West Ham and Tottenham was just dumb. Poyet should get the sack for it.

  28. Herschel Skywalker says:

    Sunderland being relegated is the best thing for Jozy and that terrible team. Jozy will either be sold because he is too expensive for the Championship (which will give him a kind of do-over), or he will be playing in the Championship, which is more his speed right now. The Championship is a good league, and a slight step up from Holland. That would be a good way for him to transition into life in the English leagues or, if he is traded, go to thd team he should have gone to last year.

  29. the original jb says:

    Jozy will be fine in the long run, he’s simply too talented. The problem for the USMNT is that the timing is poor for the WC. If Jozy was mentally strong enough to shake off the doldrums of his terrible club team, it wouldn’t matter, but sadly that mental aspect is one of Jozy’s biggest weaknesses. Hard to see him regaining confidence soon enough for the world cup.

    Anyway when this summer is over and Jozy can be moved, please please please Jozy find a capable agent who will scout the potential teams and find a home with some decent players who are capable of sharing the ball.

  30. El Homer Simpson says:

    So safe to say bye bye Sunderland after this season.

  31. Techskillz416 says:

    Does anyone know if Jozy and Freddy Adu have the same agent? They seem to make the same bone headed choices. Jozy leaves AZ playing some of his best ball, and then goes to of all places… Sunderland??? Like seriously? Now he’s back to being a bum. Adu the same, keeps making these decisions to go to these teams that just don’t fit his skills and then rides the pine. If i were either of these guys I’d fire my agent ASAP and find someone who is truly in for the players best interest and not just a decent pay day. If I were JK (which i can’t stand btw) I’d sit Jozy for the entire WC and make him think about the choices he’s making…

    • Nate Dollars says:

      from what i understood, az had decided to sell jozy. sure, jozy could’ve refused to leave, but then he wouldn’t be getting minutes there either (especially with aron playing well). so i can’t blame jozy for leaving.

      re: potential destinations, we don’t really know who was interested in jozy. i’d like to believe that there was at least one club better than sunderland in the running, but without knowing, it’s hard to judge.

      • Anthony says:

        What are you talking about? Jozy not getting minutes with Aron Johannson being there? Aron was there the 2nd half of last season and Jozy started virtually EVERY time! When Jozy was there, they pushed Aron off to the wing.

        Jozy had interest from multiple places last year, but Sunderland came in with the highest and most concrete offer. AZ is a selling club. He would have been happy staying there. He said so during several interviews (including the one with Julie Foudy). However, if you are at a selling club and a teams comes with a $13/14 million offer to buy your rights (most if not all goes to the club), I think you would have a hard time telling your employer I don’t want to go there and make you money.

        Now, I am not delusional to say that Jozy is the best thing since sliced bread,but he is a talented striker that fits a passing team which plays with 2 forwards or offensive wings who provide service/support quite well. More teams in Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain play that way the UK. Seriously, just watch a mid tier battle in Italy or Germany vs England. There are 6 teams that play that way in the EPL, and those that I though that he had a chance with (Swansea [formerly] and Martinez’s Everton) didn’t approach him.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          i think we’re on the same page. my point about aron is that az clearly wanted him to be jozy’s replacement this season. if jozy had refused to leave, and aron had played poorly, then i can see them grudgingly giving jozy his spot back. but with aron playing this well, they wouldn’t have any need to put a persona non grata out there.

      • Techskillz416 says:

        He might as well lick his wounds and come back to the MLS… I think all US stars should eventually come home.

  32. Vic says:

    He should blame it on the coach’s tactics like he did with Klinnsmann.

  33. AcidBurn says:

    Jozy scores a brace against Ghana, after the second goal lifts up his shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the message “Suck it Poyet.”

    Poyet can take his striker-killing system to the Championship (or sit on a beach after getting sacked).
    S’land is going down (sportclub stats has it at 82% after yesterday’s thrashing).

  34. Chris says:

    “While Altidore was kicking about in a glorified reserve game, Sunderland was being thrashed, 5-1″

    That’s all I needed to read.

  35. Neil says:

    Jozy has three years left on his contract unless there is a relegation release clause or something similar. If he has no free transfer at the end of the season I see it hard for him to transfer anywhere. Unless, Jozy has an incredible World Cup. It depends on how much of a monetary loss Sunderland are willing to take. IMO he goes out on loan and perhaps Everton would be a good fit. He definitely needs to move to a team with a solid midfield.

    • Vic says:

      If they get relegated, there’s a good chance they will want to sell him to lower their wage bill.

  36. Joe Dirt says:

    The EPL in general is not a good fit for Jozy. Most managers see his size and strength and immediately want to use him as a target striker ala Andy Carrol, but Jozys better playing off another striker and facing goal and going at defenders rather than with his back to goal or winning route 1 balls all game.

    • jai_brooklyn says:


      He needs to get out of that pit called Sunderland. Horrible team, horrible fans.

      Hopefully he still has some confidence going into the world cup.

    • Ali Dia says:

      The EPL is not a particularly good destination for anybody, unless they are fully developed as a player. It’s a really bad place to “learn on the job” no matter who you are, or where you are from. Pressure is high and patience is very low, with somebody always available to replace a non-performer. Jozy actually got a much longer run in the side than usual for a player who isn’t scoring.

  37. Brett says:

    Poyet is honestly trying everything he can for Jozy beyond changing his tactics.

    Jozy was high on confidence coming off a stellar season and qualifying run. Di Canio was his little pet that was going to make an impact. Through that, Jozy showed very little to be excited about. Poyet came in and tried to change things. He put Jozy in an open competition and saw no clear separation. He gave him a long stretch in the first team that saw no production. He benched and re-elevated him hoping to spark some extra effort. Now he’s even trying to get Jozy some easy goals with the reserves.

    Jozy is simply not there. Not now and not at this level. Even on a good club with better passing out of the midfield, I still think the defenders of the EPL are too much for him. He doesn’t seem to lose defenders well on slicing runs and check for the ball in open spaces. He has one trick, a flick-on redirect, that can not substitute for hold-up play. At some point a great player makes something happen, and that player needs confidence in himself to know he can do it. Jozy has lost that confidence. If you don’t see it, it is simply because you don’t want to see it.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      it’s not exactly controversial to say that jozy has lost confidence.

      “Poyet is honestly trying everything he can for Jozy beyond changing his tactics.”

      that says it all, really. both dicanio and poyet saw jozy as some peter-crouch-like holdup forward, when it isn’t (and hasn’t ever been) his strength. poyet is notorious for being inflexible with his tactics–this new 3-5-1-1 shot-in-the-dark notwithstanding–but a tactical shake-up is the only thing that would’ve helped jozy. and honestly, with the players sunderland has, i can’t see an open attacking scheme working there anyway.

      • beachbum says:

        Jozy’s holdup play has been very good, but he doesn’t create his own shot and relies on others to serve him the ball which requires competency in midfield and the flanks. Sunderland does not have those at all. I realize this has been reviewed by all here every which way but loose

        Poyet actually changed tactics during the team’s cup runs beginning back in December to my knowledge, worked pretty well too, but then abandoned them

        this is the oldest discussion on this board this season

        • Nate Dollars says:

          yeah, i know you’ve been watching too (my condolences), but i disagree that his “holdup play has been very good”.

          i think it has improved, which is why i don’t believe his time at sunderland has been a complete waste, but he’s still not very good at it. hell, he can barely win a ball in the air, much less come down with it and distribute.

          and i know that holdup play isn’t just about aerial battles, but at sunderland–well, it pretty much is, because that’s the only way they know how to get it to a forward.

          i didn’t notice poyet changing tactics previously, but since there’s no way i’m going back and reviewing those games, i’ll take your word for it.

          • beachbum says:

            Hey Nate, changed tactics second half vs. Chelsea in Cup game back in December and went with 2 strikers with Jozy underneath. He became the linking player with simple passes, many of the one touch variety to hold the ball/link others into the play. he did it pretty well, surprised me actually, and it’s a huge reason why for a spell that Sunderland PoS team competed…not the only reason but a nice part of it. that went on for about 2 months or so, maybe more, with Jozy playing more underneath. When deployed up against the opposing backline looking for creases he has struggled to find service, the team has struggled period.

            anyway, playing with the USMNT will be a breath of fresh air for him, could be the unleashing of all that pent up frustration with a group who wants to get him off, wants to serve him the ball. we’ll see

  38. time4mls says:

    I think its time Jozy comes back to the MLS either that or go back to the Dutch league, but I think MLS is the better option.

  39. Jack Del says:

    The people saying Everton should grab Jozy need their heads examined. Zero objectivity.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      hm…i was one of those talking about everton (although i didn’t say they “should” take jozy–i said they “might”), and i think i was being pretty objective.

      1) jozy’s pretty much damaged goods right now, and i don’t think he’ll command much of a transfer fee (and might even take a pay cut if he likes the team).
      2) he’s shown that he can succeed in a certain system (and under martinez, everton have started playing more of an open, attacking system)
      3) everton is always on the lookout for projects/investments. if jozy succeeds in their system, they could make a few million off him.
      4) if they’re in europe next year (champions or europa), they’ll need depth, especially up top.

      so even though i wouldn’t bet on it (sorry, expat), i do think it could make sense.

    • Anthony says:

      I agree. Last year on a flyer. This year, no because they have Lukaku. However, they will not be able to sign Lukaku because Chelsea will want too much for him. Another forward that fits their style is Benteke (and he is too expensive as well).

  40. DC Josh says:

    Sunderland are a crap team. It’s best if he moves on.

  41. Birgit Calhoun says:

    The first thing that came to mind was: How is t possible for Altidore to play in an under 21game when he is over 21 years old? Second, it strikes me that this is a real insult to Altidore. It must make him feel horrible unless he provoked his being demoted. The whole thing must make Altidore feel depressed. I hope he can still see his way out of this, and I hope it doesn’t affect his USMNT playing.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      as others have said, it’s the old Reserve League. to encourage the growth of youth players, they changed the rules so that now you can only have 3 over-21 players in a gameday squad.

      and yes, it’s a demotion, and a clear sign that he does not have a future at sunderland (thank god).

  42. beachbum says:

    frankly, Sunderland is way worse without Jozy. I LOVE that they sucked it up sooooooo freakin bad yesterday. at least with Jozy they have some buildup play and linking when he drops underneath instead of either a shot into the stands or a cross that flies out of bounds, etc.

  43. Aguinaga says:

    SUNDERLAND – You have officially been removed from my Tivo’s Season Pass. Drop him again, if you DARE.

  44. Desmond Orosco says:

    I just want to say that I feel like if Jurgen wouldn’t have gotten into Jozy’s ear with all this nit-picking about the Dutch League isn’t a challenge anymore and Jozy stayed in The Netherlands, we’d have Jozy firing on all cylinders and ready for the World Cup. The moral of the story is: If your 1st choice striker is scoring don’t encourage him to move leagues in a World Cup year, wait til after the world cup!

    P.S. I’m still a Jurgen fan and going to stay positive about our scoring options in Brazil.

    • Josh says:

      I’m not sure that’s case. AZ had already sold Maher, the midfielder who had provided Altidore with some great service. AZ bought Johannsson with an eye towards selling Altidore, the writing was on the wall that Altidore was going to a bigger club somewhere.

      • Desmond Orosco says:

        Good points but maybe I’m just tripping because I feel like Jurgen really pushed him to England and England only.

  45. Joe Dirt says:

    Saw these stats off one of the Sunderland forum:

    Sunderland total vs. EPL opposition (league & cups) = 3660 minutes = 38 goals

    Altidore on the field:
    1969 minutes = 27 goals = 1 goal every 72.93 minutes (or 1.23 goals per 90 minutes)

    Altidore not on the field:
    1691 minutes = 11 goals = 1 goal every 153.72 minutes (or .56 goals per 90 minutes)

    And if you review the squad stats at ESPN here:
    link to

    You can see Jozy has the best shots on goal per shot ratio at 12/27. Borini is at 17/45. The entire rest of the team is similar to Borini in this ratio. In the games I’ve watched I’ve seen a lot of shots taken by midfielders from distance instead of trying to make that unlocking pass into the box to set up a higher percentage shot. The passing on this team is god awful. Another stat that stands out is only one player on the entire team has more than 2 assists and that’s Adam Johnson who in the games I’ve watched has been there best player going away but routinely has had to come off the bench too. It’s easy for Sunderland fans to blame Altidore but the truth is the entire team can’t score and truthfully has even a hard time getting a decent percentage of their shots on goal. This team needs to be blown up after the season and rebuild from scratch with a new manager and style of play. I wonder would they have been any worse off if they had stuck with Di Cano at least he was trying to build something.

  46. Garrett says:

    Can Jozy go to MLS for a few games before World Cup? Is he allowed to move anytime?

  47. Ian Woodville says:

    Sunderland is a really bad team. Messi would have a hard time scoring for them. Would Altidore have been better off staying in the Netherlands? Perhaps, but then everyone would complain that he was not ambitious. Some times it just doesn’t work out well.

  48. biff says:

    It’s interesting that Jozy playing for the U21 team is being interpreted by a many that he sux and might have to lose his starting position on the USMNT in Brazil, while at the same time they are touting 18-year-old reservist Julian Green as a potentially key USMNT player summer in Brazil. Seems to be a massive disconnect concerning Green and what he is capable of bringing to the table for Brazil, and a disconnect with Jozy also.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      biff: that’s an interesting observation. (Not that I’ve been keeping track to know that the people dismissing Jozy are the very same people touting Julian.)

      On the other hand, playing for Bayern’s reserves is certainly more impressive than playing for Sunderland’s. Plus, Julian would appear to be on the way up, whereas Jozy could appear to be on the way down.

      Nevertheless, I still agree with you about the overall irony of the arguments.

    • Dennis says:

      biff, I agree if I did not know better I would say those people are using hyperbole, but sadly, I think they actually believe what they say, they are wrong.

      No player, Altidore, Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Howard, etc. included is guaranteed a starting spot in Brazil, but those players would have to be injured or show terribly in the May camp to be replaced.

      No young player, Green, Agudelo, Yedlin, even Aron J. etc. will gain a starting spot based on a short run-out with the USMNT, it will require an outstanding May camp and probably some stumbles by guys in front of them.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      biff, if you can’t see the difference between sunderland’s reserves and bayern munich’s reserves, then there’s no reasoning with you.

      also, you’re sure that jozy ‘haters’ and julian ‘cheerleaders’ are the same people?

      • Jesse D says:

        way over simplified Nate. I’m sure there are a number of youth players in Bayern’s reserve squad that would also be relegated to the Sunderland reserve squad.

        • Nate Dollars says:

          maybe, but biff was the one over-simplifying, by saying that sunderland reserve=bayern reserve.

  49. THomas says:

    If Everton lose Lukaku he could be a good replacement. But if they make champions league they’ll likely be able to keep the Belgian or bring in a bigger name.

  50. Pat says:

    He hasn’t been great–probably not even good. But at this point Sunderland need wins. They have 6 all year. You know who has played in every win–Jozy, started 3, major sub (25 plus minutes) and 2 and a small (5 minute appearance) in one. I don’t care if he never touched the ball in those 6 games, the team won. For him to not even be on the bench is moronic.

    • Dennis says:

      No one ever said being a soccer coach was rocket science, but it seems some seem intent on proving that lack of any sense is a qualification. (They’re wrong.)

  51. Tim S. says:

    Maybe Jozy requested it. He saw that Green was being drooled over, even though almost all of his minutes for his club came as a reserve, so he wanted to see how that worked for his USMNT career.

  52. Joe A says:

    Honestly jozy should go back to holland where his reputation isn’t completely destroyed.

  53. Steve says:

    I have watched him match after match. He is slow to react, does not get into good positions, misses opportunities and is as slow as Christmas getting to the ball. Did I mention he is very poor in the air for a “big man?” I really hoped he would become a star but now I simply hope he does not make the cut to go to Brazil. If he is our best, we are truly screwed. The guy simply has no gut or heart.