Must-See Commercial: Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal (Getty Images)

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  1. Tommy says:

    Great spot! Honest question… If Nike took over for Addidas and put their marketing strength behind it, what could that do for MLS? I know Addidas has supported MLS a lot over the years, but marketing in the US, no one beats Nike.

    • Matt Rasmussen says:

      It would create a lot of new golf shirts to be used on the field. 😉

    • Kosh says:

      Meh, Addidas has done tons more for MLS than pretty commercials. They invested in the early stages of our youth development, which is morphing into something much, much better now. Addidas has been a powerful ally to MLS and believed in it from the get go.

  2. Mm says:

    Was that graham zusi in the ad???

    • solles says:

      hard to tell, the voice is muffled and it didnt really look like him though he was wearing #19

      • CroCajun1003 says:

        I think he said Gotze

      • reignman says:

        I thought it was Goetze

        • Increase0 says:

          It was Goetze but I have idea what jersey he was wearing. It did sorta like like our blue sash jersey.

          • EspinDOHla says:

            I think it was a random top because both Bayern and the German team are sponsored by Adidas.

            Also, the Spanish Barca players are wearing Barca jerseys because Spain has an Adidas sponsorship. Same with Zlatan (PSG=Nike but Sweden=Adidas)

            • EspinDOHla says:

              Also, Goetze wore a Nike shirt to his first Bayern press conference and some Adidas folks had a melt down about that.

  3. MemRook says:

    C’mon, Timmy! You gotta save that!!!

  4. reignman says:

    Why are half of them in club kits and half are in their national teams? Is it because certain national teams don’t have deal with nike?

    • wfrw07 says:

      Pretty much.

      Also explains why Gotze was in generic black, since both Germany and Bayern are Adidas.

      Great ad as usual by Nike. If they could only do kits that well.

    • SBI Mafia Original says:

      That and because conceptually the game is just a pick-up game from the streets.

  5. Del Griffin says:

    Guzan would have stopped it.

  6. Felix says:

    Best line – ‘Zlatan thinks Zlatan should take it” lol

  7. JayAre says:

    I expected better from Howard and good luck to Adidas and Puma if they’re trying to be this

  8. Shawn says:

    KOBE!! also dam you howard should’ve stopped it

    • KMac says:

      Timmy Howard was just keeping the penalty save for the real deal in Brazil later in June/July….Nike paid him well to miss in a fantasy!

  9. Joel J says:

    Everytime Timmy makes a key save I’m screamin’ HULK!!!!!!

  10. Erik says:

    Loved the Pirlo bit. That was genius.

  11. bodeguero says:

    My favorite line: “Neymar wouldn’t do that.” (Pass the ball back)

    Pique in a Catalan national team jersey.

    • Neal says:

      Could be wrong, but thought it was Barca’s away kit

    • Danny says:

      He’s wearing the Barça aways.

    • Brad C says:

      Neymar would have kicked the ball past the defender, run into him, then fall down clutching his face like he just got punched by Mike Tyson…

    • Dr. Varela says:

      Barca’s away jersey this year is essentially the Catalan flag turned into a jersey. Which is why a lot of Spaniards aren’t so keen on the away kit. So the answer is everyone is right. Except Nationalists everywhere. But that’s politics and has no place in a sports discussion. Unless you think your mes que un club. 😉 Or your a high ranking FIFA official.

  12. Danny says:

    Good spot. I still like nike’s pre-World Cup ad from the last cycle, though. And nothing will ever beat Nike’s ‘Deja Todo’.

  13. Brad C says:

    Prediction: “Iniesto” mail carrier outfit becomes the world’s best seller…

  14. Brian S. says:

    Isn’t Zlatan staying home this summer while the World Cup is happening? That had to be awkward for him to film this.

    • Brad C says:

      Correct, but Sweden lost out and Portugal went through. So we got Ronaldo but lost Zlatan.

      • EspinDOHla says:

        It’s too bad it the two teams were drawn against each other. It’s a shame that some unbelievable talent like Zlatan and Bale won’t be participating.

        • MLSsnob says:

          Not our fault that “countries” the size of Conneticut want to be independent. In the words of Jason Sudeikis, “How many countries in this country?”

    • SBI Mafia Original says:

      Why would that be awkward? They are all pros. A lot of great players never make it to the World Cup. Giggs comes to mind right away…plus i’m sure he got paid handsomely.

    • Fair Observer says:

      technically the ad was just for Nike Soccer, not the World Cup. it obviously alluded to the WC but its just a commercial for the sport and the jerseys of top pros, hence why they had some club jerseys on (namely, Zlatan)

  15. Brad C says:

    Ronaldo against Howard! I’ll be there in Manaus!

  16. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Hate that T-Ho got scored on but loved the spot. He’s gotta have final say when it comes to the narrative. LOL.

    • MLSsnob says:

      Do you think he would have been in the commercial if Nike wasn’t an American company and they’re trying to cater somewhat to an American crowd? No really, I’m asking?

  17. FRANK says:


    • thrill says:

      Frank, as you can tell by the high definition and high quality of the video, on-time delivery, and lack of inane “color commentary” (I’m looking at you, JP), this game was not broadcast on American television. It probably was sourced from a Russian hacker re-transmitting a feed from a bootleg satellite feed – i.e. available to all who love the game.

      The Hulk shot block was awesome.

  18. Chris says:

    Nice of them to throw Howard in there at the end just to have a couple goals scored on him…

    …really getting those USA fans hyped up.

  19. Lake says:

    A couple dumb things: that ad is clearly geared toward the World Cup as (most) all of the players were wearing their international uniforms. The one that wasn’t will not be playing in the WC this summer.

    Also, as an American company, pretty crappy that they had Timmy getting scored on to end the ad. Loved having him in there, but don’t have the one American getting scored on so the “other team” wins. Just thought it was silly.

    • Gdog says:

      yeeeeahhh, um Lake, lighten up.

      The uniform thing was explained above, it’s a sponsorship thing.

      And even though I bleed USMNT (is that a thing?), I thought the ending was fantastic because it brings everything back to “the common man” going out and being the best they can be. Love the cameo by Howard, great job by all the stars, can’t WAIT to send CR off the field with his head in his hands wondering “how the eff did Hulk stop me” in Brazil!

  20. Gus says:

    “Zlatan thinks that Zlatan should take” Hilarious

  21. Min says:

    “Panenka!” is what last last kid should have yelled before taking his penalty.

  22. Jack Del says:

    “Zlatant thinks that Zlatan should take it”


  23. Mike says:

    Tim Howard would never get scored on by a kid. This was staged, haha.

  24. argh says:

    I love this.

    favorite SOCCER commercial ever

  25. Good Jeremy says:


    But I love me some Zlatan.