Earthquakes, Crew settle for draw in physical battle

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11 Responses to Earthquakes, Crew settle for draw in physical battle

  1. EspinDOHla says:

    Cheap, cheap shot from Gonzalez. How’d the AR miss that???

  2. Birgit Calhoun says:

    Does the guy get suspended? Seems his infraction was worse than Dempsey’s.

  3. reignman says:

    How can this be considered a writeup of the game without making mention of what the Crew CB did? First he took a blatant cheapshot on Wondo and then faked being hit. Disgraceful.

    • iggy says:

      yep. The league should suspend him for 2 for the push/hit, and then for another 2 for faking it, and trying to draw a card on Wondo.


  4. TBone says:

    Gonzalez’s pathetic cheap shot, followed by his putrid attempt to get Wondolowski sent off is the most disgraceful behavior that I have seen in ages and likely the most egregious that I have observed in MLS. The stiffest sanction needs to be imposed on him as a clear indication by the league that this will not be tolerated. At the minimum, a 3 game suspension and a fine of 2 weeks wages (though a full month would be more appropriate).

    Tchani’s repeated low bridging of players jumping for balls must also be addressed. Clearly he’s tired of being out jumped by players 6″ shorter than he, so he chooses to dive underneath them while they’re in the air.

    Today was my first chance to see The Crew and Berhalter has made them a much better side. If he doesn’t address his players behavior, I doubt that I’ll be fan though.

  5. Bo says:

    Funny that nobody above calls out the SJ players for their cheap shots. That CB thug had his share of cheap shots.

    However, I agree that dive was pretty funny. I hope the sniper was found. I loved Wondo’s expression when he was on the ground.

    • reignman says:

      Most of us have spent plenty of time calling out SJ for their style of play, in particular Lenhart who is beyond dirty. Regardless of what they did it doesn’t excuse what the Crew CB did today.

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  7. TBone says:


    Please make a specific reference to anything that similar that another player in the MLS has done. You know that you can’t, so STFU.

    If you are making a lame attempt to equate how Bernardez plays with what everyone saw today, you’re way off base. He’s aggressive and I think he often takes it too far, but he goes straight at people and doesn’t try to hit them in the face off of the ball as we saw from that punk today.

    I’m fan of the game and was anticipating seeing The Crew for the first time under Berhalter. What the punk did diminishes his team.

    And for reference, I’m no fan of Lenhart, he broke the face of player who I know, but I’d love to see him go up against the punk.

  8. Josephnsantos says:

    I saw this game in person, both teams played dirty. The ref let a lot of stuff go by. The difference was
    Higuain. He is truly way above the rest.