Video: Landon Donovan talks Moyes’ firing, the World Cup, and more

Landon Donovan USA 04022014

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40 Responses to Video: Landon Donovan talks Moyes’ firing, the World Cup, and more

  1. Ali Dia says:

    Any guesses where Moyes lands next? I’d think he would stay in the EPL… probably none of the top clubs will gamble on him until he shows he can succeed somewhere besides Everton (Spurs are probably out, after the AVB experience) . But I’d imagine there are a few clubs who would be happy to have him, and I think he could do well in the right situation. Just can think where…

    • Ali Dia says:

      Newcastle perhaps? They can’t seem to get rid of the rot. Pardew has done ok but seems to have hit his plateau and I understand he may leave. I heard they were looking at Sherwood… certainly you’d think they’d prefer Moyes, although the price would be higher.

      • Increase0 says:

        Actually Newcastle would be perfect. Solid, never embarrassing, cheap, and if you ever care you can get a new manager and somehow move up the table.

      • Paul says:

        There’s a lot of talk that he’ll take some time off and eventually wind up at Celtic, where he played for several years.

      • Bumby Hemmingway says:

        Newcastle is the team many are pointing too. West Ham has been mentioned as well … but I am not too sure they would drop Allerdyce.

        Many fans I have seen online are saying that Moyes should head overseas for a couple of years to regain his confidence, head someplace like Holland or Greece.

    • milbo says:


  2. FRANK says:


  3. sir coble says:

    If you just listen it sounds as if Ferris Bueller is being interviewed.

  4. milbo says:

    After Brazil 2014 Donovan posts on this site will be rare

    • Ali Dia says:

      You planning on assassinating him there or something, bud? You are aware he still plays in MLS right? They cover that here,

      • Don the Jewler says:

        Donovan is such an introvert at times there could be somtehing to what mlibo is saying

        • Ali Dia says:

          I don’t disagree. I have a hard time seeing Donovan doing anything public after he retires. Not coaching. Not being a pundit. Who knows?

          But he does still have a day job for now. He isn’t turning into vapor after June (provided milbo allows him to live). He still seems to be enjoying his soccer, and I think he’ll play on for at least another 2 years.

          Of course, there is the possibility that milbo *is* Landon Donovan…. that would be pretty awesome

        • Vic says:

          I don’t think Donovan is introverted at all. However, even if he is, look at Tab Ramos, he’s much more introverted than Donovan and he’s coaching pretty well. The most important aspects of coaching is strategy and dealing with personalities. Being loud and talking constant propoganda make look important but its really not necessary.

  5. Don the Jewler says:

    The was no time ever that I even remotely liked the Where’s Waldo jersey but the new popsicle jersey isn’t good either

    • Ryan SATX says:

      You have bad taste.

    • Grant says:

      I agree with you Don. Annoying that the WNT have the same kits as well. I love the simplicity of the Centennial kit, and wish I could find the 2006 Send-off Series Don’t Tread On Me Red kits.

    • Mr_A says:

      Ha! I liked the Where’s Waldo, although the name was new to me … it looked so retro it made me think of 18th-century sailing vessel uniforms, but American and showing the flag.

      These new ones look like psychology experiments: …. when you see this uniform what do you feeeel? The best moniker so far is the Domino’s Pizza look. Some Nike intern deserves to get the boot for this.

  6. BeardedSoccer says:

    I always thought Everton achieved in spite of Moyes. I never understood his appointment to ManU. Look at what Martinez has done with Everton.

    • Ali Dia says:

      This is silly. If you did in fact believe this, you really are one of a very few. You must not have watched much EPL before he arrived…. Everton in the years before Moyes were consistently a bottom half side.

      • Dirk McQuigley says:

        That’s a straw man argument. He said they are better NOW under Martinez than they WERE under Moyes. I think Everton was 7th last year and in the top 10 the seasons before that. Now, they are still contending for a spot in UCL, and probably have at least a Europa League spot locked up. It’s a slight improvement but in no way does Everton have the talent that the most of the top players have. They were exposed due to injuries because they lack depth. It’s the tactics they are using under Martinez that make them look like a better side. But Moyes took over the EPL champs and has fizzled. Martinez would probably easily top five if he were coaching Man. U. instead.

        • Paul says:

          Moyes brought ‘stability’ to Everton in the sense that they were a consistently mediocre Top 10 side during his tenure. The idea that such ‘stability’ would translate into success at a club that demands trophies, like ManU, was always a flawed argument.

          In my opinion, Ferguson picked Moyes out of sentiment. He wanted to give the job to a guy he saw a part of himself in. Unfortunately, he either underestimated his own contribution to United’s success, or overestimated Moyes.

          Ferguson was always going to be an incredibly difficult act to follow, but I do believe that someone with fresh ideas and great motivational skills like Martinez, Guardiola or Mourinho would have done a better job.

          • k obrien says:

            Would you expect Everton to challenge for titles? They simply had no cash to purchase players. Much less than the majority of EPL teams during that time period, even the sorry ones, who frequently would purchase 10-15 million euro players that did nothing. The fact that Moyes maintained a pretty decent side that competed for euro spots on the shoe string budget available to him was impressive, regardless of what Martinez is doing now or Moyes’ failures at Man United.

        • Creige says:

          Moyes took over a declining EPL side with Van Persie and Rooney hurt most of the time. Everton’s success is in many ways attributable to Man U and Spurs lack of success. Martinez has done very well at Everton but their playing style is not markedly different and all the really good players are those who were brought in under Moyes.

          • Ryan SATX says:

            This. Well, everything except the part about Everton’s style of play. It’s completely different. Also, Lukaku wasn’t brought in by Moyes.

          • Tonkaroost says:

            The style they play now is DRASTICALLY different. Martinez’ Possession football vs. Moyes’ Hoofball.

        • Ali Dia says:

          Dirk “I always thought Everton achieved in spite of Moyes.”. This is what my comment is addressing– sounds like he is suggesting he “knew all along” that Moyes wasn’t really contributing much to the club’s success. Absured if you look at the league finishes before and after he joined.

          I am not getting into the Martinez/Moyes “allocation of credit” argument. Too early for this.

  7. SwicksGirl says:

    World Cup is not going to look like us playing Central America teams. We are not going to have tons of possession, it will most likely be the opposite. This means some of our biggest chances are likely to be on the break — no one does the break like LD. He has proven this skill time and time again, in BIG games and against BIG teams.

    • Murray Braun says:

      Well said.
      Counters and set-plays will save us from disaster, I bet.
      Not only does our back line do nothing to start the offense, they cannot defend.
      Jones is no help in that regard–so I think JK will bring our Rasta and start him against Ghana.
      LD will be the counterattacker as a sub probably.
      Dempsey’s a 90 minute guy for good reason, especially now he’s got the mojo back.
      See what a big payday can do?
      Cameron and Fabian can “distribute” at a high level and will be depended upon because our CB’s are hurting figuratively: Brooks, meh. Goodson, struggling. Gonzo,
      our space cadet. Besler, why so poor this season?
      Bradley is so key to our success, if any.
      Johannsson, Altidore and whoever, I hope will score goals, so we won’t depend on
      the MF’s to score for the USMNT.

    • k obrien says:

      One of my all-time favorite YouTube videos is Landon’s counter-attacking goal against Brazil with the German announcer.

  8. Leonardo Messi says:

    This is my starting XI


    Altidore and EJ ready as substitutes up front. Zusi ready to come in for Bedoya if needed. Fabian Johnson ready for Beasley or Landon.

    If we have the lead late like in the 70 minute I’ll bring in Omar and Beckerman, take out one forward and Landon and move Cameron just behind Bradley and Jones.

    I like Guzan over Howard, but that’s just me and maybe a few others. Just remember the many 3-goal-games-allowed he’s been part of and the fact that he is not likely to come out from beneath the cross bar in free kicks.

    In the end, no one really knows what Klinsi is going to do. I want this team to do well after all the accomplishments under Klinsmann, but I am afraid that this will be a very long world cup for this bunch. Also, I am glad they won against Panama as my team should always play to win, but regret the fact that it was Mexico who benefited. I am afraid Mexico will advance and the USA not and would look as a better team, which they are not. I am just being realistic.

    Also, I’d really like for the MNT to advance out of the group stage so that Klinsmann’s second term is more meaningful. That’s all.