U-20 USMNT stay perfect at Dallas Cup with win over Tigres UANL


photo by John Dorton/ISIphotos.com


The perfect start continued for the Under-20 U.S. Men’s National Team on Wednesday.

The U.S. closed out the group stage of the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup by defeating Tigres UANL, 1-0, courtesy of a goal from Rubio Rubin. The victory improved the Americans to 3-0 after wins over River Plate and Eintracht Frankfurt in recent days, and saw the U.S reach the semifinals of the Super Group portion of the competition.

Rubin scored the game’s lone goal and his second of the competition off a feed from Shaquell Moore in the 45th minute to lift Tab Ramos’ side to a victory. The defense, meanwhile, posted its second straight shutout in the triumph.

The Americans are now set for a semifinals meeting with Brazilian side Fluminense on Friday, and the winner of that match will play River Plate or Coritiba in the championship match on Sunday.

What do you think of the Americans improving to 3-0? Believe this side can beat Fluminense and win the whole tournament?

Share your thoughts below.

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28 Responses to U-20 USMNT stay perfect at Dallas Cup with win over Tigres UANL

  1. A.S.A. says:


  2. That Old Guy says:

    This is a typical response from one of my entitled, moron students. You don’t happen to go to school at S.F. State?

    • fischy says:

      Wow. Whatever failings they have, your students deserve a teacher who respects them more.

      • Darwin says:

        I’ll be generous and say that I respect 50% of my students. That Old Guy is spot on, unfortunately. Most students should either grow up before attending college (gap year or 3) or just go into retail and forget about it. Instead they’re indebted and end up dropping out.

    • That Old Guy says:

      Sounds like the kind of self-righteousness of someone who has never had the pleasure of teaching college students these days. “Meh” is the COD-obsessed/frathead equivalent of “I don’t give a sh.” Most kids these days don’t want to spend a second to think enough to utter more than a sound a dog can make. In this case A.S.A. – “meh”.

      • Ted Tran says:

        Relax old man, Jesus…

      • Daniel in Chapel Hill says:

        But without these degrees, how are we supposed to pay for the absurd deficit you racked up while we were innocently eating our Dunkaroos. Smells like Greatest Generation exceptionalism to me.

        • bryan says:

          to be fair, the true Greatest Generation did not rack up the deficit. they fought in WWI and WWII. what would equate to my grandparents, essentially. the debt was a result of their children; my parents’ generation. i also blame them for truly awful fashion.

          but 80s movies were the sh!+, so there’s that…

          • Daniel in Chapel Hill says:

            Your right. I’m thinking of Medicare entitlements, which are just 22% of the current budget and definitely don’t explain the whole deficit/debt. I blame Mom and Pops too, but also forgive them somewhat for bringing me 80’s music..

    • QuakerOtis says:

      Two degress from SF State here, both within the last 6 years. That Old Guy nailed it.

  3. Ben C. says:

    Western hemisphere representing! Too bad the MLS squads couldn’t advance, but I am happy to see the U-20s playing some solid futbol.

  4. Webster says:

    Call me impressed when MLS teams win these kind of games. Until then…..

    • 2tone says:

      It’s hard for national teams to beat club teams in these type of tournaments. Mexico’s U-20’s crashed out of Dallas Cup tournament last year.

      It is very impressive that a US U-20 national team who get about 3 or 4 days of training together prior to these tournaments are not only beating some of these top youth clubs but controlling the flow of the game. These youth Club teams train and play with each other every day while the US U-20 team rarely trains and plays with each other.

  5. Reboot says:

    Sounds like Rubio Rubin has been impressive. Strange to me that he is unattached… perhaps he is auditioning for a team overseas?

  6. Dave says:

    Game being televised anywhere?

    • CplDaniel says:

      TWC sports south-west had it listed last night on my Dish channel guide. So if you have the right sport-pack in the right part of the country you might be able to see a game on Time-Warner or Dish.

    • Fredo says:

      It was on TWC Deportes tonight. That was a sweet left-footed finish by Rubio.